Black Religion and Red Politics

The Rapid Decision of Supreme court on pended Case of Asia Bibi can be discussed through different aspects.Every body even fundamentalists have full right to criticize such verdicts and can even go to courts to challenge its credibility . SCA
Some economists  say pressure from IMF/ EU like organisations and present Government was in hurry to solve this matter before arrival of IMF team on 7th Nov are basic reason of this verdict .Another conspiracy theory hints that when weak government needs distraction they activate religious card to misguide the general public. Some groups are confirmed that home grown monsters now want to run state matters under their control so each year they will come out to harass public in same manner.

On the other hands if we evaluate performance of ruling groups in last many years we can easily sum up that our professors and politicians are summoned by NAB. Journalists and newspaper owners are being threatened for covering weak political and security issues of state.Bloggers are harassed even kidnapped by agencies and then labelled by blasphemous charges on them. Mashal khan Case who was brutally murdered not in war ground but in higher educational institute was still in shadow and his family going from court to court for seek justice.In between this grave situation Khadim Hussain Rizvi (Gallion walee sarkar )successfully launched his Abuse Ballistic missiles technology to all ruling / liberal class and poor Pakistanis too SC.After his twice successful launching undoubtedly hitting to all targets he has become the strongest Anti establishment force apparently .He could even threat /abuse warn/ to our honorable COAS ,CJ and poor PM too who had left this violent protest cum shut down legacy for his team.According to him Gen Bajwa is Qadayani and should be murdered Naooz Billah CJP Saqib Nisar is son of Pig Asthakhfurrallah and PM is Yoahaddee Baccha Shit.

We should have no objection of his personal choices or comments but the way he successfully challenged Government’s Writ and made hostage to all Pakistan, Media, LEA is unexplained in our civilized way of living. Shairf government took a month to counter his shut down campaign but Imran /Bajwa Alliance handled his Nammos Rassolat movement with in few days.SCB

Bravo! The Big heart of establishment is commendable.The way Judgement of CJP and warning of PM were sidelined should be praise worthy in this deadly situation.The group of few thousands continuous abused them all ,killed few people on roads burnt hundreds of vehicles ,300 billion rupees damages  done to national exchequer were not matter of concerned by high dignitaries. Respect and credibility of  Ashiqan e Rassool  and their  line of actions have got an edge on all voices of Pakistan including journalists, Non muslims , Missing persons relatives, Bloggers ,Professors etc.

At the end we should bow down to our Establishment that we are creating new kind of space station where no Murphy Law “”Anything that can go wrong will go wrong “, No Newton law “Action and reactions are equal and opposite ,no first world civilized way of living. no human rights moralities  could dare to breach black religious walls of space station nut shell and only Red politics of Namoos Rissalat would determine our future path ways.SCFForeign powers should keep this in mind  that after Qazi Hussain and Samiul Haq  that we still have new breed of Mullahs who can destroy  world or even Pakistan if Jewish, Qadaayni, Christians would try to overcome our rulers(Chinese Atheist brothers are exceptional and out  of context)”.It has become 2nd line defence when matters of security  would be shaken. Long live Pakistan And Save your Souls Pakistanis.

Forced Urbanization a manmade disaster that price will be paid by next generations

Agriculture history of Subcontinent was based on 9000 BC due to its naturally high fertility index and unique double monsoon rain cycle that further led to harvest almost all kind of local and foreign crops. It is known that ancient people of region  practiced rainfall harvesting, a powerful technology that was brought to fruition by classical Indian civilization but nearly forgotten in the 20th century.In middle ages sophisticated networks of water and irrigation were developed to improve the quality of agriculture products which were then popularly demanded in the other parts of world due to high nutrients and medicated contents.In late middle ages (1200-1526)The construction of water works and aspects of water technology in Medieval India is found in both Arabic and Persian works . The diffusion of Indian and Persian irrigation technologies gave rise to an irrigation systems which brought about economic growth and growth of material culture. Agricultural ‘zones’ were broadly divided into those producing rice, wheat or millet.Along with major crops this area of earth had attractive repute of cultivatimg  finest fruits, precious nuts and dry fruits which were exported to euorope and North Africa too.Indian crops its spices and its fertile plans created attractions in the global market.It was said that it was greed of Indian spices and jewels that planned the foreign minds who were striving in harsh weathers for last many centuries planned  political and military intrusions in the subcontinent to take control of such food assets.

When Pakistan came into being with 70% inhabitants settled in Rural areas.Pakistan independence  movement was strongly backed by strong feudal characters of Punjab Sindh  Kpk etc .The feudal system was initially established in India by the Mughals however it were the British colonial rulers who expanded and systematized it on a large scale.  In a nutshell the landed aristocracy practiced executive, judicial and revenue duties for the colonial government in exchange for land grants and the right to rule the people.It  has had a number of large landholding families having typical feudal mindset neither interested in paying  tax on agricultural income  nor showed interest in setting high goals of Agriculture reforms  for giving support to  crippled economy of Pakistan but no doubt fully dominated and influenced national politics  for maintaining family control.Think tanks of Pakistan strongly believe that this feudalism and corrupt bureaucracy is the most important cause for our backwardness in implementing  rural development programs.

Most of Agriculture lands were provided to influential personals of subcontinent by British rulers for providing them services of obedience in political and agri-businesses matters so no concern was observed in feudal structure to contribute on national scale other than maintaining their family hierarchy .

Along with this pessimistic approach we had an exemp;ry legacy of Sir Ganga Ram who in one side developed a modern city of Lahore and in parallel he successfully developed upgraded agriculture reforms in infertile lands and turned it into green productive units still giving yields to new generation of this era.agri

Past 20 years of economic reforms has brought growth in  irrigation services and manufacturing sectors but contribution of  Agriculture in national has been coming down.During FY 2016, the performance of agriculture sector as a whole remained dismal as it  witnessed a negative growth of 0.19 percent against 2.53 percent growth during the same period last year.The growth of crops declined by 6.25 percent,while the other subcontinent of Agriculture sector like Livestock, Forestry and Fishing posted positive growth of 3.63 percent, 8.84 percent and 3.25 percent, respectively.

Pakistan has a vast natural resource base, which includes 22.04 million hectares of land under cultivation. Agriculture accounts for around 19.6% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employs 42.3% of the population but the tragic part is still Pakistan does not have a formal ‘Agriculture Policy’ at the Federal level. Over the years, the Federal and Provincial governments have formulated and agreed upon goals, to try and improve the sector and raise the standard of living in country side but even no long term sustainable research program synchronized with local agricultural needs has been developed.

After reviewing the negative growth of agriculture based economy it is not difficult  to summarize the  consequential sequences which are also high indicators of forced urbanisation on highly fertile lands of Pakistan .These are

  1. Shrinking of green areas of Pakistan due to over migration of rural population  toward unplanned and poorly designed urban cities of Pakistan.
  2. Mushroom and unchecked growth of residential schemes due to high return rates on land business has totally diverged the public interests toward expansion of food producing areas of Pakistan.The tragic part is that no trend or data is being collected of transforming of cultivated land into urban business ventures along the main highways which is being done in faster rate in last 20 years.
  3. Pakistan has demonstrated extremely low irrigation efficiencies, creating problems related to water conservation andwaterlogging and salinity.That is why  crop yield in Pakistan is on the lower side. The current estimated irrigation efficiency in Pakistan is 35.5%. This means that only 35.5% of the water that reaches the fields is actually used by the crops.
  4. Recharging Ground water is never a priority for policy makers and big landlords nor Farmers are being  properly communicated  how to improve fertility level of land with shortages of water .On the other side  no check and balance on industrial wastes are  polluting  river waters  and when  these pollutants enter ground water system they impact agriculture output also.
  5. Negligence in  construction of new water reservoirs  due to political instability and absences of enough funding for such huge projects are clear indicators that now our priority is not agricultural growth as fertile giant


Restoration of Green culture and Ceasing process of Forced Urbanization

We have to accept whole heartily  that our next generations are succumbing to the pollution, congestion, and the social tensions linked to rapid but abnormal urban development .Absence of strong agricultural environment is producing catastrophic effects i,e deforestation, environmental changes, extinction of local organic species etc,This undisguised Urbanization  is reshaping the demographics and economies of inhabitants. Urban glittery attractions are forcing people to move to the major cities, leaving the rural areas empty without any prospects for the future.The government policies usually evolve in focusing its investment only around cities. Even the small resources spent on villages are lost in microeconomics  and not the macro economy of the village as a whole. While the government invests in the macro economy of cities it is at the microeconomics level in rural areas. Most of the employment in rural areas is agricultural or dependent on agriculture. This often tends to be seasonal and therefore unreliable.Village houses are unsalable, and  culture and traditions of rural communities slowly dying out, leaving behind only the oldsters and the outcasts. In parallel lack of investment plans and  technical  opportunities pushing people to come to real state business which ultimately  exploding  prices for housing  in the cities, forcing people to work longer and longer hours in order to make a decent living.

Growing As Agrarian Giant.

Stressful ways of working even living with modern technologies  and the harshness of urban life styles  in dense traffic jams, power failures, polluted environment,clean water scarcity , weak law and order situation of  mega-city life  are  forcing people to start thinking of  returning to the open skies and the quiet life of the countryside again

In view of our glorifying past history of agriculture we should start raising voices against unplanned urbanization  destroying the beauty of rural lives of citizens.Along with this strong platform of Agricultural institutes local landlords and national ventures and our related universities should be made active for creating  a unanimous verdict for govt higher offices .Turkey and India like models can be followed where Governments are take controls of local cultivation.They maintained a highly controlled regime for core crops, controlling prices of more than 24 crops and imposed high tariff rates to support the farming sector. Since the beginning  of journey of development in 1950s they have  been focused towards food security for their citizens. They subsidies, diversification and price support have led to price corrections and most of these crops are now competing for export demand.  In this era their food chains  are well managed and controlled by Government level instead of   handing over to one direction mindset of  cooperate sectors which is profit and profit at all cost. recommendations  in favor or ruralization are based on such points .

  1.  The government as a long term measure should promote economic prospects and required infrastructure development in rural areas. It should also cover the creation of market for supporting the agricultural economic activities and also development of sustainable agricultural practices in the rural sector. The bureaucracy  should focus to start allocating substantial resources for developing villages
  2.  For the villagers to overcome poverty, villages should provide economic opportunities throughout the year other than in the agricultural areas i,e in food processing factories, model farms
  3. A large percentage of the rural population should be able to make decent living through non-agricultural occupations. The government strategy and investment should be directed towards this goal. Small scale industries that can be linked with agricultural operations spread over rural areas and smaller towns nearby may be the answer.
  4. Villagers from rural areas should find that it is possible to make affordable life styles  without migrating to big cities. The false lure of the cities as an attractive place for better living should be removed by making living in villages in modern styles.
  5. The government as a long term measure should promote economic prospects and required infrastructure development in rural areas. It should also cover the creation of market for supporting the agricultural economic activities and also development of sustainable agricultural practices in the rural sector.
  6. Rural poverty and high fertility are closely linked. Overpopulation without resources yield unproductive  manpower  .Undeveloped program can be successful only if the underprivileged population growth is curbed.  The limited health services, the negligible primary education facilities, sparse housing are further strained keeping the poor always in poverty. Economic growth would be seriously hampered if the population growth is not checked. . Population control is the immediate imperative with two child norm and sterilization through incentives and brainwashing techniques by utilizing the influence of local clerics.


Political gravity of She-politics in power games

In last days World was watching the maiden visit of  USA President Trump to King of Saudia for signing heavy weight arms and business deals between two countries.The technology sharing USA and spend thrift Saudia  displaying high gestures of brotherhood  which should be taken exemplary for those fanatic groups who are sponsored by  both countries  for killing people on the name of faith.Interestingly  both countries are known for their opposite methodology of state affairs.trumpUSA is known as champion of democracy,world leader of human rights,strong vocal of equal gender matters while Saudia owns typical backward patriarch cum monarchy culture since recognized by these so called democratic powers .While both countries are sharing nicest friendly gestures there are strong critics who are raising weak pinpoints to sling mud on high rated rendezvous.i.e Melinda and Ivanka were not wearing hijab, A preparation of new war against Iran Syria and their allied super powers etc but interestingly they all are ignoring the presence of she politics behind these vicious circle of deadly games of future wars specifically in Muslims areas .trump4Presence of two sensual ladies from USA at the holy land of Muslims where medieval treatment of women is common practice .Warm shake hands  and dine with elite Arabs of  western Senoritas  in a country where females cannot drive cars  and their every move, from travel to shopping, is overseen by male family members should be at least criticized by their local women groups.

Contrary to typical orthodox culture every norm of this society was thrown on back stage while welcoming  first ladies of Unites states of America.The only females seen among them welcome retinue were a pair of small girls presenting flowers and an African-American woman, who turned out to be a U.S. Secret Service agent.

Presenting back door commissions and sensual ladies of higher office to rulers of  other countries is a typical game of trump for elite powers and this time Mr Trump  used his home cards to extract desired results for his  nation and surly for his businesses too.The power elite is quite snug in such position where their counterparts are addicted to such bullshit and  by using such trumps would activate  emotional buttons of front men subsequently shutting down the logic and remaining common sense  of leaders sitting on the table.In this regard this research is quite interesting    Its extract is

Men-lose-their-minds-speaking-to-pretty-women.html .It clearly tells that ”   Men who spend even a few minutes in the company of an attractive woman perform less well in tests designed to measure brain function than those who chat to someone they do not find attractive.Researchers who carried out the study, published in the Journal of Experimental and Social Psychology, think the reason may be that men use up so much of their brain function or ‘cognitive resources’ trying to impress beautiful women, they have little left for other tasks.This may be simply because men are programmed by evolution to think more about mating opportunities.

Women, however, were not affected by chatting to a handsome man.

This was not happened first time but since modern politics started recording itself on pages  it was seen many times that powerful elites of 20th century felt no shame of using their beautiful women as twisting actors for turning the table toward their sides.Hardly history pages compiled by male authors  revealed this ugly truth of super powers of past and present because most of time first ladies or so called honorable ladies declared by state are used for such political and personal interests.trump1

In ancient  centuries wars were usually focused on grabbing land ,  capturing beautiful women and treasures.Capturing each other beautiful women and kept them as sex slaves were considered the highest medal of bravery and as insignia of  strong masculinity which is now considered as  obsolete peculiarity of coward conquerors.Mohammed bin Qasim who given pathway to Arab culture towards Indian side had also such repute.Abducting emperor’s Dahar ‘s daughters was also in his task list after desolating the developed state of Raja Dahir.

Any how here the point of role of she-politics is main focus so we dig out some recent examples of using she-politics to turn the table of politics of Sub continent.

trump3The  popular scandal in our history pages is a between Nehru and Edwina Mountbatten.We can found many write ups throwing light on their suspicion relationship  of Nehru and Edwina. The love affair between Nehru and Edwina may seem outrageous, though there are many who claim otherwise. Many historians are affirmative that the British are the astute masterminds who have various methods to get things done. With the Edwina episode in India, they probably sealed their idea of getting India divided neither with the usage of the army nor the politburo. The literary confirmation cannot be obtained but, the depth in the logic with the behavior of the spouse and the turn of events suggested by many historians clearly indicate the architecture of a great agenda, in someone’s desire, existed and apparently, worked.Their intimacy scenes were quite recorded at that  period in national and  international pages .–wife-Prince-Charles-mentor–took-heartbreaking-toll-children.html#ixzz4iO2W3J3S.

ayubIn 1960s  when two countries Pakistan and India were moving with snail speed to makeup their  low  human development index  J.F, Kennedy former US president and his gorgeous wife Jacqueline  had planned trip for Pakistan under the rule of Gen Ayub. .Gen Ayub khan closeness with Jacqueline was closely observed by all national and international pages which was surly more than normal protocol and  no doubt was against the eastern and Islamic norms.ayub1

The similar coincidence of influence of she politics was seen during 1960s era where glamour of Jacqueline Kennedy was highly utilized  for creating political tides in Pakistan and India’s  military and political platform respectively .Behind the scene deadly politics of  overpowering of US and  letting down communism  on both countries were the basic themes.From Pakistan side these charismatic meetings  in Pakistan and USA were in reward of Pakistan’s willingness to stand against Communism.These meetings given high tech military technology to Pakistan army which given superiority to  Pakistan in 1965 war and then both nation plunged into race of  war games with each other and neighbors  too.

Nehru sought US assistance during 1962 Indo-China war

Whatever  foul play created by Donald Trump and his ladies  in recent Saudi Arabia has  already been  witnessed many times in cinema screens of past .It highlights the culture of  opposite sex intimacy ,double standards and wild promiscuity among power elites that lead a nation, a country or world peace towards disastrous situation  leading  to war like situations.In such alluring and gratifying moments leaders  stay focus at the outside world sweeping domestic issues under the carpet. Result is simply emerge as political chaos that sweep away all the good work related to public sector and individuals games are imposed on mind of general public through different brain washing techniques .The phenomena of distraction through  charismatic  first ladies of counterparts is an old technique where inbuilt beastly character of  male leadership is  tamed or tuned as per monetary desire of super powers.

Solo Flight of Mashal Khan Ends.

mashal1.jpgMardan  is the 19th largest city of Pakistan .It is called as defacto headquarter of yousafzai tribe and also  known for its sophistication and literate touch in some how orthodox environment of  KPK. Awami National party is all time political dominating party of that area since the creation of Pakistan.

Just few days back a shocking news of brutal killing in Mashal Khan has started covering the headlines of major media channels. It was heard that Hundreds of students beat to death a classmate known for his liberal views on a university campus in the country’s conservative northwest Mashal Khan, a journalism student, was stripped, beaten, shot, and thrown from the second floor of his hostel at the Abdul Wali Khan university in Mardan.
Graphic video footage from the scene shows dozens of men outside the hostel kicking and hurling projectiles at a body sprawled on the ground.
Excessive discussions have been seen heard in this regard in electronic and social media. Different perceptions are being created to  rectifying or twisting the crime scene.Lets discuss this crime scene from other angle too.Lets discuss those people  who were his friends his supporters or trying to pose as supporter of rising star of Pukhtoon belt.Now people are emerging from all corners to his support and demanding justice.Struggle , viewpoint and Pukhtoon social media like e-magazines are giving him maximum coverage and  like them all are emerging from all corners as his staunch supporters.mashalWhere were all of them when he was humbly and decently grooming among beasts?

No mature thought as preemptive action was available to him for securing his lone soul while living in such a deadly hostile environment.His mentors,his friends and his mourners who were backing his thoughts of socialism in social media or in field never ever alarmed him to secure his life first and then take progressive actions towards system .

His killers or planners of his killing had more sense of evaluating ahead of his future and they successfully planned his exemplary murder on the basis of nip the evil into is so sorry  to say actually his all hostel mates,his social media mates, his foes in friend’s skin, guards of universities ,his class fellows, his teachers some how facilitated his murder plan.It was obvious after analyzing videos that he was killed with extreme hate and anger and not a single glimpse of friendship, bravery and loyalty was seen there which are always declared as mile stones’of Pukhtoon culture.The most prominent human trait seen in whole scenario is Jealousy .Jealousy because of his innate talent and  his capability of taking solo flights in different fields of engineering.Secret resentments would have been dominating his friends circle when he was planning for  civil services exams while belonging to mediocre class of KPK belt which were lateron spit by making such hostile circumstancesmashal2These hidden grudges of his fellows were some how supported his murdered plans later on camouflaged by creating fake scene of blasphemy.

It was matter of shame.insult and humiliation for all of us that in our soil ,in our people  among mob of millions we can find thousands of criminals, killers, eyewitnesses of killings and brutalities, mourners, claimed supporters but no life saving species are available in this monstrous part of earth planet.

Power of Friendship has an edge on costly enmity

“”Former Cold War-era rivals Pakistan and Russia are due to hold their first ever military exercise this month, Pakistan’s military said on Friday, in another sign of shifting alliances in South Asia.
During the Cold War, Pakistan spent a decade helping the United States funnel arms and fighters into neighboring Afghanistan to help insurgent groups fight Soviet soldiers following their 1979 invasion of Afghanistan.
At the time, the communist Soviet Union was closely aligned with Pakistan’s arch-enemy India, while the United States was a staunch supporter of Pakistan.
Pakistan’s top military spokesman, Lieutenant General Asim Bajwa, said a “contingent of Russian ground forces” arrived in Pakistan for a two-week exercise beginning on Saturday
About 200 military personnel from both sides would be involved in the exercises, Pakistan’s Tribune Express newspaper said, citing military sources”.

Once upon a time , just to withhold Russian army away from our borders was prime task of Pakistani establishment .They successfully brainwashed orthodox groups and narrow minded public of Pakistan that infidel Red army was major threat to Pakistan’s islamic ideology .For countering Reds in Afghanistan, they established joint ventures with christian military groups,(american army, CIA,MI etc.) collected unaccountable jihadis from Pukhtoon belts,mesmerized thousands of soldiers of Pakistan army with tunes of islamic jiahdi bells,used human brains and bodies from the Afghan refugees camps settled in Pakistani areas .All these above mentioned ingredients this cocktail was made and successfully poured on  Pak afghan border to halt this red force which is now being fully honored and welcomed in Pakistani soil with full military backup.afghan1People are now watching joint military exercises of reds and greens in Pakistani soil .This was same army that was once thoroughly explained and acclaimed as extreme danger to Pakistan in our history pages. Millions who died or suffered because of this Afghan war should have been thinking while living in dead or live state that Friendship has always an edge on deadly enmity.WARS of Pakistan had raised the financial status of war industry in western and american soil, Made few hundreds people richest in our side ,turned zero caliber political or religious workers into national scale leaders but put our country in lowest rank of human development.Greens have been put in queue of international terrorists. Green passports have lost its reputation in international community and now we are thinking to welcome Reds in our house whole heartily. afghan
…..Ameer khusrroo explains this magic

Ek guni nay yeh gun keena,
Hariyal pinjray mein dedeena;
Dekho jadoogar ka kamaal,
Daalay hara, nikaalay laal.

One trickster performed this trick,
Inserted a (green) parrot into the cage;
Oh, what an act the sorcerer shows,
Puts in green, takes out red !

Flag For children of forced Martyrs

dutyA heart touching scene was being played on all major Pakistani channels in which a  senior officer was being shown  offering his uniform flag to unlucky daughter of a slain cameraman whom he visited for paying condolence to his grieved family.Through media hype  his media team  has been able to create soft scene of sympathies from public side but no body is  daring to ask officials like him that this was enough service these children needed. Does it suit him and other officials who are deputed on security of these people to come and mourn like other people.Like him all couldn’t foresee this disaster nor able to save the lives of these unarmed literate class of Pakistan.I am sure this cameraman regularly paid all kind of taxes which ultimately come to officials like him in form of pays,perks,plots , houses,foreign trips.All are granted to them for securing the life and property .of common man.This cameraman before murdering surely worked  almost worked 12 to sixteen hours on daily basis without any kind of perks and facilities which are available to even lower officers in government scale and forcibly his life was taken without his intention.His orphan daughters now whole life would face the  fatherless status .We pray  whole heartily that their mother would be able to protect them from  insecurities which usually written in the fate of orphans in our senseless society but reality is quite different from all this.

Any how now nothing can be done to return these sons of soils to their family but instead of creating such fake scenes of nationalism on dead bodies of forced martyrs we should taken such scenes in other aspects too.Security personals are not recruited here for condolences visits . We have political clowns here to fill this cosmetic gaps on incidents of national mourning. Uniform guys sign a pact of protecting and dying for nation and  in return gets all from state which is even not imagined to people like this cameraman but sadly we see reverse situation on ground level .Men on security are paying condolence messages to those who had no intentions of dying like that and even not hint of killers in their minds.This attached flag  might be bought from the tax paid by her father and fitted on his uniform and by default returned to daughter of forced martyrs.But gentlemen sorry to say this is not enough for men in uniform but it is enough for us we cant bear more dead bodies. If this security team doesn’t accept its weaknesses and owns its blunder then nation has to take courage to raise questions on highly insecure living conditions prevailing around families of working class of Pakistan.Such distracting scenes cant hide the real bitterness which has been imprinted to our next generation growing up in fear of terrorism all the time in their surrounding.

Who was Afraid of men in Black

Deriving facts and myths from past if we some how conclude from the experts of political science in Pakistan that Lawyers movement against Musharraf was right show of personal interests of few groups also from our powerful Establishment even then we cant overrule its long lasting impact on civil society and working class of urban areas who are still in search of real change in rackets of power houses of Pakistan .
No matter that  Ch Iftikhar and his few friends successfully gained short term popularity and personal interests from this national movement but it has been imprinted in history of Pakistan that lawyers with the help of media and civil society led a successful movement against the most powerful dictator of that time.lawyersThey surely can bear the pressure test of state atrocities while taking unified stance in public favor.Here political   teams who came into power after this movement also shared this burden that they didnt streamline public motive of rule of law in favor of public and tried their best to dismantle the idea of unity of people’s opinion by creating different confused religious and political ambiguities in the weak system i.e false propaganda of .murder of Salman Taseer , ignoring the mass murders of shia community by this whaabi favored political and military team, ,hatching and  patching the  false investigations regarding  abnormal massacres of civilians, and all these  factors were enough to scattered the unified concept of nation among fragmented groups of Pakistan who were once united in the forefronts of that movement.
Latest heinous but well planned killing of lawyers in Quetta strongly strengthens this point  that still some entities either from state or non state actors have apprehensions in their minds about the political strength of this working group of Pakistan.They are intentionally and potentially  wiped out from political scene  for some vested interests  .
Lawyers and media are usually considered anti state entities in any developed or under developed countries so involvement of agencies cant be ruled out but real investigations can only exclude fear of common civilians .
Blaming foreign agencies for such deadly mess can be considered as routine excuse of dormant establishment but it is right time for civil society to highlight this incident as  failure of our intelligence networks which almost include two dozens of number created on the name of providing fool proof security to poor Pakistanis. Time of  supporting the strong stance of Mahmood khan Achakzi is also required to strengthen the dutiful response of irresponsible state towards its people. Instead of repeating RIP and condolences messages we should move to accountability sessions of ruling groups whom are all time together to justify straight killings prevailing  in non stop acts of terrorism in our system.lawyer2No body can expect termination of security chiefs from weak Sharif but one can dare to demand the accountability of those people who were responsible of providing intelligence and security measures to unarmed civilians of Pakistan.