Let’s find terrorists in Karachi airport attack.

Last week Karachi international Airport’s security was challenged by Tehrik e Taliban who hired the services of some uzbek warriors and they were equipped with special Indian arms(Declared by our security agencies who carried out operation against them)  .Some dare devils like flying companies still showing courage to enter its domain and taken businesses from this city which has considered as top ranked  disturbed city regarding it law and order conditions for last 25  years .This  attack on Cargo section has presented the same scene of horror and terror which Pakistan and people of Pakistani  have been quite used to and considering it normal as it  had come under control of our brave security men in one day resistance.After this, all ruling cocks have started  crowing on this incident that again proved to hit a common working men of Pakistan.The killers know their target but killed ones have no clue why they were being targeted and how much political and military gains would be made on their dead bodies.

Pakistanis are being forced to know  that highly trained attackers from Islamic group TTP having Indian arms.It surely  bringing Sharif govt in state of trouble  which  is trying to open businesses channels with  India.Now they are in out of frying pan into fire like situation as remaining airlines and air cargo services are revising their schedules  for Pakistan after this attacks.If we believe that these are Duffer Indian trained terrorists daring to enter with” Made in India” weapons then who are the officials , ordered obsolete security check apparatus and scanners for  these airports for last many years.

Those who know the surrounding of Karachi  international airport and have some experience of international traveling must know that this airport like other airports of Pakistan are the easiest targets for all kind of  attacks depending upon the caliber of terrorist team.The planners of such attacks even  can use local gangsters to breach any airport of Pakistan.No body has given slight trace of vision to these Indian arm laden terrorists that Pakistan has now filled with all kind of NATO supplies arms/US Arms/Home made FATA arms as they seem to taken lot of pain bringing them with their home made arsenals  with them  from our  cordon off borders.Why they were not stopped by this force know as ASF( which has been over hired for last many years by personals of retired armed forces and from all political parties  and most of time it is headed by retired army officers) is still unsolved mystery for people of Pakistan.As all these question come in circle of Blasphemy in Islamic republic of Pakistan so lets move to another discussion.

We try to  discuss the  surroundings of Karachi airports from all sides and we can find who can think of planning such attacks other than Indian or Jewish lobby.

Karachi international airport ‘s  almost more than half of its periphery is linked with Malir cantt which is considered as Mars Cantt or no go territory for Pakis.Pakis have to think many time and must be given two or three identity proofs before entering in this zone to become real Pakistani. .In last 15 years no body heard a single attack or terrorist activity in this side of Karachi just like we find  in Abbotabad as long as  US forces raided there to pick the most wanted terrorist of world .Furthermore highly expensive and luxurious housing schemes are being  introduced there  in same period of time when all Karachi and millions of karachitties are facing death and terror threats there on daily basis.KAR1

Then comes to other side of airport moving toward Gulistan Johar thru old airport and hanger sections. Nearby to these roads just  to ASF club, school and  hostel setup ,by the  ill wills of senior officials of CAA these official places are being used for marriages hall purposes for last 10 years.These marriage halls are not only providing security threats for aviation units but here accumulation of  eatable  wastes overs near landing /take off areas of airplanes are creating birds havoc for all kinds of planes.No body from high authorities nor any security agency has any courage to highlight this deadly threat for people as few influential are earning millions from these marriage halls made on govt property.

After crossing these marriage halls one can move toward blocks of Gulistan Johar after crossing a huge rain drain.Under  era of so called “honest ” and “dedicated” Mayor Mustafa Kamal, this rain drain land was  occupied by private university management and huge complex is now working here in full capacity just few meters away from runaway points of Karachi international airport.Thanks to God these terrorist are not very intelligent as they could have used wild bushes or top of roof of this campus to hit any flight with any cheap kind of Indian missiles to create more worst terror scenes.These terrorist were  surely following the legacy of warriors where they were  providing  plenty of opportunities to our brave army men to exercise their skills in such lengthy combats.Before paying homage to bravery of our army men we shouldn’t forget to weep on stupidities of terrorist group  who preferred to opt deadly option for themselves by leaving many easy options of terrorism.The Brave army men were doing full operation in this area of airport section where  unarmed civilians were also present in their working territory and later on their charred body were found in cold storage.

After passing through this University campus the two roads are seen  from roundabout on going to Rabia city apartments and other other to  Sindh Baolch society.Before crossing the round about there is curved road which is going to Phelwan goth .These unsettled areas  are known for all kind of  extreme criminal activities including arms, drug, land grabbing, human kidnapping are seen among different groups affiliated with all political parties are abundantly found in surrounding of this international airport.People might forgotten that young  journalist Wali babar was also murdered after he given coverage to few drug and arms groups fully working in  all this vicinity.Here all kind of langra, kana, pappu gangs are found tickling each other with heavy arms twice or thrice a week without any interference from local police or highly trained rangers working under long live governor of Karachi.karachi

If we dare to enter Sindh baloch society just a  Km away from this cargo sections one can found modern and  huge Medresshs setup by  Mualaana Ashrafi group.They  have made  multistory buildings for their  activities where recruits from all over Pakistan and other Muslim countries on the name of Islamic brother hood are living for last 20 years.The basements of these buildings are filled with all kind of modern weapons and high tech communication equipments .This maulana Ashraf group with the help of Saudi tycoons and funding are expanding his network there for last 20 years without any check from govt side.When ever the guards of these medressahs feel any kind of insecurity they feel no hesitation  to showoff of use of these weapons to nearby community so that no one can dare to speak against them.

The purpose of  highlighting of such dark areas of near vicinity of Karachi airport is just meant to inform people what is real ground situation of our airports specially at a time when Pakistan is in state of war.Whenever  we would be able to eradicate such above mentioned real security threats from surroundings of our international airport then our government would be justified to blame  Indian, uzbeks or TTP from Wazirastan.