Who was Afraid of men in Black

Deriving facts and myths from past if we some how conclude from the experts of political science in Pakistan that Lawyers movement against Musharraf was right show of personal interests of few groups also from our powerful Establishment even then we cant overrule its long lasting impact on civil society and working class of urban areas who are still in search of real change in rackets of power houses of Pakistan .http://www.thefridaytimes.com/beta2/tft/article.php?issue=20120323&page=3
No matter that  Ch Iftikhar and his few friends successfully gained short term popularity and personal interests from this national movement but it has been imprinted in history of Pakistan that lawyers with the help of media and civil society led a successful movement against the most powerful dictator of that time.lawyersThey surely can bear the pressure test of state atrocities while taking unified stance in public favor.Here political   teams who came into power after this movement also shared this burden that they didnt streamline public motive of rule of law in favor of public and tried their best to dismantle the idea of unity of people’s opinion by creating different confused religious and political ambiguities in the weak system i.e false propaganda of .murder of Salman Taseer , ignoring the mass murders of shia community by this whaabi favored political and military team, ,hatching and  patching the  false investigations regarding  abnormal massacres of civilians, and all these  factors were enough to scattered the unified concept of nation among fragmented groups of Pakistan who were once united in the forefronts of that movement.
Latest heinous but well planned killing of lawyers in Quetta strongly strengthens this point  that still some entities either from state or non state actors have apprehensions in their minds about the political strength of this working group of Pakistan.They are intentionally and potentially  wiped out from political scene  for some vested interests  .
Lawyers and media are usually considered anti state entities in any developed or under developed countries so involvement of agencies cant be ruled out but real investigations can only exclude fear of common civilians .
Blaming foreign agencies for such deadly mess can be considered as routine excuse of dormant establishment but it is right time for civil society to highlight this incident as  failure of our intelligence networks which almost include two dozens of number created on the name of providing fool proof security to poor Pakistanis. Time of  supporting the strong stance of Mahmood khan Achakzi is also required to strengthen the dutiful response of irresponsible state towards its people. Instead of repeating RIP and condolences messages we should move to accountability sessions of ruling groups whom are all time together to justify straight killings prevailing  in non stop acts of terrorism in our system.lawyer2No body can expect termination of security chiefs from weak Sharif but one can dare to demand the accountability of those people who were responsible of providing intelligence and security measures to unarmed civilians of Pakistan.

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2 Responses to Who was Afraid of men in Black

  1. When the chief of JUD/LET Prof hafeez Saeed blames Indian RAW, I was wondering about his motive. Your post gives the answer.Who gives orders for the attack on lahore park, Quetta school etc etc seems to me that TTP./IS etc take orders from these elements who in turn get support in name of Jihad from intrested politicinas or other powerful elements in Pakistani society. I am always worried about your personal safety because the steadfast approach you do to find truth.

    • Nazia says:

      Blaming Indian RAW can give short lived excuses to personals sitting in security offices but it would provide ample opportunities to real terrorist groups actively working in all areas of Pakistan.Sooner they accept this reality better would be situation but repeated acts of terrorism clearly indicate that terrorism factor is as active as we prefer to live in state of self denial,We at this moment cant apprehend that Raheel sharif might face reaction from his own department like that as now becoming COAS of Pakistan has become game of billion dollar at this time of war on terror.so his probable extension might deprive his any collaeague of this lucrative opportunity comes once in time of our four stars.http://defence.pk/threads/parvez-musharraf-ashfaq-pervez-kayani-too-have-swiss-bank-accounts-report.437435/

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