State of Fools, Rule by Greedy Foxes

 Pakistan surely comes in circle of Banana republic where scared monkeys are clinging to top seats and when something starts happening to this country and its people these monkeys start jumping and crying  like that as they are in more pain ,After  creating dust of chaos and confusions they  go back  to their jobs for eating more bananas.shar2Ruling group of Pakistan equally shares the  responsibility of attack on poor unarmed students as they are on those seats which are meant to provide security to their land and people .This school was not near to Indian border but in heart of cantonment n a city which is far away from borders of Pakistan and has 24/24 hrs vigilance of army only.No body on top seats are willing to own this massacre,All top officials of Pakistan regarding internal security of Pakistan are on highly paid privileges n which are not even available to first world prime minister but they are living here like royals i.e 24/24hrs having cover of human shield, bomb proof cars, world-class travelling etc but no doubt without any responsibility  other than their own deeds and greed and without accountability.shar4Obstinacy of ruling group is so much obvious after seeing the reaction of state  that none of them  come forward to yield his  duty , Furthermore along with this they all are in mission of shedding more pearls of stupidity in front of nation by ordering the resuming  death penalty of few criminals. Is this the solution of our grave problems?? This way they are proving that duffer always takes such decisions at the end  which should have been  taken at initial stage of policy making toward any particular issue.sharif
Seeing the wrong propaganda through major media channels on this Peshwar massacre a  crime against humanity, it should be  clear to literate class of Pakistan that its army is again in process of exploiting this internal security problems just to draw international intention that if this is going to fail the state  ultimately couldn’t provide security arrangement to international forces of world in Afghanistan..More tragic situation is that all so-called  political representatives or you can say cartoons are fully covering them shield of false statements of rhetoric dialog instead of pointing grave errors of law enforcing agencies. After seeing confuse orders of actions it seems that all are in mission of creating camouflage like situation by scratching the backs of each othersshar.More the ruling class tries  to justify that Pakistan is tending towards failed state ,more rapidly that Pakistan is becoming too dangerous for its working class and peace-loving citizens. So by cultivating this kind of fake clouds of  insecurity, the military and political groups would again be able to ensure a near-incessant lifeline, and  funds  from the international community will keep the rest of the state and its inhabitants literally on life support.
No doubt that the whole political and military scenario of Pakistan is deplorable and quite obvious that in the absence of fundamental changes toward past policies of failure ,there is little hope that Pakistan can emerge from the category  as failing state and its  working class(from civilian and military circle) would remain be used as disposable entity for state and its state actors.. f