“Paris Attack” is reflection of corrupt politics in French system of governance

13 Nov 2015 :  A series of coordinated terror attacks of at least 129 people in Paris on Friday night. Six different sites, including a soccer stadium and concert hall, were targeted.French President  was viewing this friendly match secured immediately and escorted to his residence while others were left on the disposal of highly aggressive terrorists on the busy streets of Paris.No doubt Parisian were facing worst kind of situation which no peaceful citizen can think of in his dreams but that was not sole incident of its kind.Muslim world are facing such scenes on daily or weekly basis. Interesting  situation appeared after 24 hours when  Speaking from the Elysee presidential palace the French President François Hollande accused the Islamic State (IS) group for series of the attacks were an act of war committed by the Islamic State group’s “terrorist army”.He not a single time acknowledged failure of intelligence actions against terrorism in major city of France under his team .Even having clues of something wrong going on ,they completely failed to take to counter terrorism.  war1 http://thefreethoughtproject.com/breaking-french-german-intelligence-services-knew-paris-attack-coming-month-prior/


What is unmistakable at this point is that the French authorities had forewarning of an impending attack on Paris and were completely impotent to avert catastrophe.

“We were expecting something. We knew it was coming,” one western diplomat told BuzzFeed News on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the subject. “The fact that we failed to stop it is definitely a failure. But you can’t imagine the number of attacks we have stopped. This was the nightmare scenario. The targets were all soft targets. How can you protect against people determined to attack a bar or concert?”

With the current global spying apparatus in place, it would seem virtually impossible to coordinate such a large-scale attack, with so many individuals involved, without alerting intelligence authorities. If all the domestic spying taking place is actually meant to keep people safe from terrorism, as governments across the globe claim, then why can’t states stop these types of attacks?

The public is constantly being propagandized by the government to believe that mass surveillance is necessary to thwart terrorist attacks, yet the track record seems to indicate otherwise. If that’s the case, then perhaps we must then consider the possibility that these surveillance programs are not meant to keep us safe, but are simply another means of control.

French people should revise their  memory that corruption have already been penetrated in french political structure long time ago and their politicians have been involved and indicted to corruption that has serious connections with terrorist networks of the world.Their politicians always preferred to made deals of corrupt and so called extremist characters of Pakistan and Libya for getting money through wrong deals and then used in their elections campaign, giving gateway to germs of terrorism in their own land.


One can easily link the situation of past with the present ruling group who are overwhelmingly joining hands with Saudi royals on the name of war on terror. In one side they called such attacks from Islamic state and just in May 2015 they are having billion euros defence deals with Saudis who have extraordinary share in spreading terrorism in the muslim world.   http://www.english.rfi.fr/economy/20150505-saudi-eager-sign-tens-billions-deals-france-says-french-foreign-minister?ns_campaign=reseaux_sociaux&ns_source=twitter&ns_mchannel=social&ns_linkname=editorial&aef_campaign_ref=partage_user&aef_campaign_date=2015-05-05

This was acknowledged by French channel not by any so called Islamist state   http://m.france24.com/en/20140821-france-arms-syria-rebels-hollande

Within 48 hours of  Paris Attack ,French government has started fierce aerial attacks on Syrian land just  might be on the basis of passport found from suicidal bombers’s blasted parts.This lucky bombproof passport given  them clear green signal to civilized government of France to directly jump into status of war which is already being played on Syrian land for last year and ensuing serious human crisis in  form of excessive human migration from this area..paris

Some modern updates from France news networks can also clear the situation that how corrupt governance can provide gateway of terrorism in the region

The False Flag Link: Syrian Passport “Found” Next To Suicide Bomber Was “Definitely A Forgery”

Zero Hedge
“We Were Prepared”: Counter-Terrorism Emergency Exercise on “Multi-Site Attacks” Took Place On Same Day As Paris Terrorist Attacks
– YourNewsWire
Before Paris Terrorist Attacks, CIA Director Brennan Met With French Intelligence DGSE Chief Bernard Bajolet: Report
– Global Research
French Security Left Blind During Paris Attacks
– Paul Craig Roberts
The Matrix Extends Its Reach
– Paul Craig Roberts
Food For Thought: The Found Passport
– Paul Craig war2
After 911 a  fashion has been made by leaders of first world to declare full scale war on suspected region and tag  it as counter act of terrorism .They not apply this law on themselves but also force countries like Pakistan , Saudia and Turkey to handle terrorism with full scale war .Armour combats, fierce aerial attacks, drone attacks on so called suspected areas and targeted citizens are creating new kind of havoc on ground and becoming reason of mass destruction and migration crisis in all areas  which are pointed by intelligence networks of first world. First Iraq, then Afghanistan , next Pakistan and now Syria.Nobody has courage to ask them that how they accurately obeying the clues of intelligence on others’ lands when these agencies couldn’t foresee or counter terrorism in their own space and world  seen chaotic scenes of 911 and Paris attacks. In this cocktail of war plus terrorism and fake intelligence revelations, no one can win on the army theater and by brainless displays of force and killing other countries’ civilians. It’s a war of getting business by creating horrible terrorism scenes.The way to win it is by being cleverer and cunning, political and propagandist scheming, development efforts to eradicate frustration of energetic youth.Along with this ,by creating an alliance of antiwar political groups,major reforms of different religious groups creationists/hard liners who at this time are acting as trump card of a game being played by leaders of first world.They are playing their game and creating martyrs and set examples of mass destruction on different  weak political areas of the world.

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2 Responses to “Paris Attack” is reflection of corrupt politics in French system of governance

  1. captainjohann says:

    Our English news channels were full of paris attack as if it is the attack on India itself. Now India is being warned about attack from ISIS while ISIS itslef very clearly said it is defending itslef against attacks by western air attacks inside Syria and Iraq..We all free sorry for the horrific attack on Paris but when typical attack of same Modus operandi was carried out in Bombay none of the western channels or media showed the same sympathy or coverage.Same is the case with Beirut bombing two days before Paris attack or Iraq bombing. Putin was forethright in G20 summit when he said 50 nations are giving money to ISIS in which G20 nations are included. He was openly targetting turkey which allows ISIS to sell oil through its ports.. As long ISIS or its clones kidnap girls in nigeria, or attack russians in chechenya or Moscow, everything is honky dory but when they attack Paris or lLondon all hell breaks loose. When Iraq and Syrian leaders very soecifically warned about Paris attack and knowing there is going to be climate conference coming into Paris shows utter inefficiency of French intelligence.Arms are smuggled in, one of the mastermind has escaped with a car in which 3 AK 47s were recovered shows the inefficiency of the system. Destroying Syrian history and ancient monumnets etc had no meaning or for that Yzdi girls being enslaved. Now that Paris has been attacked, the French President calls it an act of war. the same guys will talk about human rights only to seal arms deal with saudies or UAE.

  2. Nazia says:

    Nodoubt extreme brutality was followed in Paris attack but Pakistan, Iraq ,Afghanistan and Syrian people watching such scenes of extremism on weekly or monthly basis for last 15 years.World has been come under control of man eaters leaders and they need Paris like attack to get severe international coverage for planning next wars.The strange phenomena of negligence of intelligence failures is all time neglected in all such matters and full scale war is announced on” to be enemy” of superpower of this world.At this time I can give you examples of two countries where they are managing and controlling this wave of terrorism through stronger network of local intelligence. Morocco and China are doing wonderful jobs regarding matters of internal security.They have full control of gun control laws and after a years one hear any crime related to illegal arms handling in both countries.Both countries have biggest borders with sea desert and land and facing immigration crisis too but hardly a terrorist scene is seen there.So I have no doubt left in my mind that huge terrorist attack scenes are created with the help of local forces and then used for integrated mass destruction.World is now strongly need of strong anti war political groups to slow down the pace of these war loving mongers and Putin also mentioned them in recent meeting to world.But as world media is in in control of war lords so no body is bothering to highlight Putin strong words.

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