Barley A discarded food from Pakistani cuisine

Wheat and barley are important food items of Pakistani cuisine for last many centuries but with the passage of time its uses have been drastically reduced on the name of  fast life trends.People are relinquishing  natural forms  of wheat ,barley and oats and switching over to its processed and unhealthy compositions.Induction of processing food on the name of promoting food industries and then wrong promotions of these products have changed the concept of healthy food and now people are being attracted by brands and their descriptions for picking their foods.Swapping of Pakistani traditional drinks like  fresh lime, Satto or yogurt drinks or milk shakes over to extremely unhealthy carbonated and energy drinks are creating havoc in healthy growth of young kids as their tendency of  addicting to artificial drinks are badly effecting their immune system.

Women as primary nutrition guide of family so they should make barley part of routine diet of their family in the form of food or in drinks.Pure barley in whole of ground forms is available in market and can be used in different meals.In breakfast it is used to made porridge with dry fruits and dates, in regular meals it can be added in Pakistani dishes like haleem ,Nihari or soups for thickening purpose.Barely drinks in the form of nonalcoholic Beersare available in market but as its taste is  unacceptable to children so barley water can easily be made at home and children should encourage it to take it with lime and honey in all seasons or it can be mixed with fruit cocktails for developing the taste of children for this ignored item of food.

Barley Water Health Benefits

One can prepare barley water by boiling pearl barley, straining it, and then pouring the hot water over the rind. This is a popular traditional British soft drink. Some of the nutritional information and facts about barley water are as follows:

Barley water is a good source of dietary fiber and adding it to your daily diet will help you get the recommended daily dosage of fiber.
It is a rich source of phosphorous that is required for cell production and repair in the body.
It contains a good amount of copper and is therefore beneficial to people suffering from arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.
Ancient civilizations believed that barley water was a good remedy for improving complexion and reducing the signs of aging.
It is a rich source of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, and vitamin E.
It is also a good source of minerals like selenium, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and zinc.

There are a number of nutritional benefits of barley water that help treat and prevent a variety of diseases and disorders.Barley water helps lower cholesterol levels in the body because of its high fiber content. By maintaining low cholesterol levels, it in turn helps maintain better cardiovascular health and prevents a number of cardiovascular disorders.
Its rich fiber content also makes it beneficial for maintaining good bowel function. High fiber intake keeps the bowels healthy and regulates metabolism. Barley water helps restore fluid and electrolyte balance in the body, which is very helpful to those suffering from diarrhea. It is also helpful in treating constipation as high fiber helps in softening stools and allows easy excretion.
It is beneficial in treating coughs, cold, and other inflammations of the throat.
It helps prevent gastric inflammations by expelling harmful toxins from the body.
Regular intake of barley water lowers the risk of hemorrhoids and colon cancer. It also helps fight various bacterial infections in the intestinal tract.
Barley water reduces the risk of developing type-2 diabetes. It is a good source of magnesium that reacts with various enzymes involving glucose levels in the body.
It also lowers the risk of atherosclerosis and other cardiac diseases.

Side Effects:

Barley water being a natural drink, rarely has any major side effects on health. Experts consider it a safe natural drink for both adults as well as children. Only in some case there may be a few negative effects on health as follows:

Over consumption may cause stomach irritation and loose bowels in some sensitive individuals.
People who are gluten intolerant should avoid drinking barley water as it contains gluten.