Mother Lies But her Child understands its depth when it is too late!

mother1It was a Jewish proverb “God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers”.

One can not understand the depth of motherhood until he or she gets the maturity of reaching to stage of  real parenting. It surly or in some cases often happens when it is too late to act or react in according to what mother actual deserves from her child/children without asking a single word.Mother is a child first seen god and if one gets away from his/her this protection , no other replacement can overcome this shortage of a child.On the other hand if we say like that all women can’t play the role of  mothers but all mothers are surely belong to women community then it would be enough to understand the real passionate strength of motherhood and its importance in child’s life and grooming.Retaining a  baby for 9 months and bearing delivery pains is natural phenomenon even animals bear it but the way a women negate her own, ignores her desires for raising her child and keeping family in high spirits make her real mother and here makes the difference between a woman and a mother.mother 2

Today read a heart touching story of a son about her  mother’s lies. As I have witnessed in my surrounding quite often this phenomena of continuous acts of negation of her own for keeping comfort of her children on priority specially for her sons,  so I think it is better to share it.It might touch the hearts of some careless sons /daughters who although some way accept the sacrifices of their mother and father but forget to give them some little gestures of love and comfort which they usually want to share their kids and spouses only.

A son tells his story

This story of mother’s lies started after my birth.I was the only son of  a poor family and often faced hunger situation.Sometimes if we got something little to eat my mother given up her share  and do say I’m not hungry, you eat it … it was my mother’s first lie.

when I grew up I had seen  that my mother was gone for fishing.One day she was able to caught two fish,she returned back and quickly cooked it and placed in front of me.When I ate first one she started eating leftover attached with skeleton of fish … I was very sad to see this .. I put the fish in front of the mother. returned to. but she said I fished for, you Son, you’ve .. I don’t like this .It was my mother’s second lie.
When I grew little older she started to work for a garment factory.She had to go door to door for selling her products.One day when she was late , not yet comeso I went around to find her. I left  for seeing her in the streets  and found her selling goods  while standing in the front doors… I said mama! Come on now .. cold .. must have been tired a lot of the time is enough .. Dear mother! But she said ” not at all I am not tired … it was my mother’s third lie
One day when I had my final exam she insisted to accompany me for school and then waited near to my school for hours in hot weather by continuing praying for my success.When I come out she hugged me and offered me cold juice pack which she had already bought for me.I took one sip and then offered her to share with me but again she said “Son you have it … I’m not thirsty .. It was my Mother’s Fourth Lie.

It was my father’s death my mother had to live life alone .. alone .. life was difficult and had to run the household expenses.. My uncle was a good man and he tried his best to support us as much as possible.Seeing our weak position, our neighbor asked my mother to remarry a person who can support her in this difficult time But she confidently said:I don’t need of any kind of support…..It was my mother fifth Lie.

When I graduated, I got a good job completed. I thought I should take a mother should rest now, and the cost of the House–they are very old. “I have sent them from their pay to work for them in the allocated, she refused and said to keep you…” I don’t need money—It was her sixth lie

I have also completed their studies with jobs and increased my salary and I went to work in Germany .Later on offered her to join me but considering my distress, and prohibited me by saying I do not have the habit of staying out. “it’s my mother’s seventh lie.

My mother was too old–she was diagnosed with cancer;  she was in  need of extra care for–I have to give up everything . ” she was on the bed–my heart was crying tears of blood on her condition.” I came out with tears. “she said.” I’m fine. son weep not; I have no pain .This is  my mother was lying eighth time and then my mother had his eyes closed forever.