Sinutis can be managed by activating natural immune system

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses(hollow air-filled sacks) and nasal passages. A sinus infection can cause  pressure in the eyes, nose, cheek area, or on one side of the head. The location of pain and tenderness may depend on which sinus is affected.The sinuses consist of four pairs of distinct spaces in the bones of the face.

  • Maxillary sinusitis – can cause pain or pressure in the cheek area toward teeth.
  • Frontal sinusitis – can cause pain or pressure in the cavity located behind/above eyes.
  • Ethmoid sinusitis – can cause pain or pressure pain between/behind the eyes .
  • Sphenoid  sinusitis – can cause pain or pressure behind the eyes but often refers to the forehead side.

Inflammation of all kind  of  sinus lead to continuous and intermittent headaches as long as discharge of fluid is continued.

The most common reason for sinusitis is caused by some blockage of the ostia(small openings) which impedes the flow of mucus.The reasons different reasons of blockage  can be an infection in the upper respiratory region  as  cold or any kind of allergy.

Severe form of sinusitis may appear due to some kind of tumor growing on respiratory track but is rare.Hereditary is another reason of passing this abnormality to next generations.

Through personal observation it is seen that people  who are affected by this irritating sickness are usually

– Hyper people who are used to of handling multiple jobs at a time without managing rest and nap times in their busy schedules.

– Talkative people who use loud tones during routine conversations.

– People fond of chilly foods.The white seeds of green chilly are strong irritant for affected person.

-Ladies  and Gentlemen too who are fond of face treatments quite often in routine lives .It includes, face waxing, threading, bleaching, laser treatment.Some hair dyes can trigger sinusitis but people don’t care of it and subsides is affected by using anti allergies instead of avoiding such chemical treatment near to sinus areas.

– Extremly sensitive person who can’t express their  sentiments to his/her near people.

– Smokers are also likely to suffer some sort of sinus infection..

– People highly exposed to dust particles  or living open areas of strong allergens.

On overall basis other than hereditary this sickness is strongly related to   certain types of  deficiencies in natural immune system of human body.

This deficiency can be reason of unbalance diet plans as per requirement of individuals or living under  social insecurities creating invisible pressure on human nerves.

So one can say that our body reacts against abnormality of surroundings which is not matching with natural resistance of few  individuals.

It can be transformed into acute sinusitis where  discharge is displaced with green mucus with severe pain around sinus areas or headaches. Such patient needs an antibiotic other wise as it can transfer infections to near organs like ear, nose and eyes.

Precautions that can minimize effects of Sinus attacks:

The best precaution against sinusitis is  prevention and opting medicine free attitude as long as possible.

Like smokers can quit smoking or women should avoid excessive facial treatment with some adequate  gap between each visit.

Small rest and nap times in case of frequent attacks can give a very soothing feelings to patients.

It is very important to ensure one should not become dehydrated during an attack of sinusitis  and drinking lot of mild hot fluids like green and black tea  brings a lot of comfort during working hours.No doubt if attack is sever one should take  non seductive anti allergy during critical jobs as this attack in  the form of heavy discharge and frequent sneezes can affect the quality of job and memory of patient also shows disorderly trend during this attack.

Massaging  on certain pressure points  near sinus areas can  reduce intensity of   facial pain.This can be magnified with deep breathing in fresh air or using salty water to rinse nasal areas sure provide clear passage for any kind of accumulated blockages.

Sleep and good nutrition  contributes a  lot to strengthen immune system. A healthy immune system allows you to fight off or avoid acute sinus infections.

One should always spare time on weekly basis for good and relaxed company of fair and  friendly people where least formalities are required.This meeting was part of our old cultural tradition that we have lost due to our busy schedule or our love for TV and internet has become stronger on natural human passions as amiable community.

When any individual is confirmed that he/she is now regular attacker of this disease than he/she  should organize his/her life setup to counter this deficiency with balance in work and sleep timings..One should also avoid exercising, eating heavy meals, and doing stressful activities less than three hours before bedtime.

Foods which enhance Natural Immunization for sinusitis.

Mango  and guava are best fruits that can be  been used by sinusitis sufferers to increase their resistance. The mango is linked with helping the body form epithelium, which helps the body fight off infection. This fruit also contains plenty of the infection fighting vitamin A. The mango is one of the greatest ways to prevent sinus infection and could be consider one of the cures for sinusitis.Guava rich in vitamins reduce the attacks of throat infections that ensue sinusitis.

One of  a super natural way to cure sinus problems,  is adding some onion or garlic to each meal. Both onions and garlic have been linked to boosting the immune system and aiding in healing.

Sweet fresh juices like carrot, apple and sweet oranges(moosammmi) are best tonics to boost resistance against sinusitis attacks without effecting  infected throat.

Drinking herbal teas specially with  fenugreek  seeds or reglisse(dar cheeni) wood to make the tea. Fenugreek(meethi seeds in local language) is known to help get rid of toxins from the body. It also is a fever reducer. It is recommended to drink the tea four times and day and as your infection goes away to reduce the times of day you have the tea.

Inhalants are often used in treating sinus infections and are common cures for sinusitis. A natural inhalant can be made using black cumin seed wrapped in a thin cloth.

A vegetable juice cocktail can be quite useful in fighting a sinus infection. Make a juice using carrots, beets, cucumber and spinach or any combination of those. These vegetables contain natural antioxidants which work hard to fight infections in the body.

Just changing to a healthier diet is another way to fight sinus infections in a better way.This kind of eating habits overall provide strong energy barrier for other kind of bacterial and viral attacks too.


A girl child,blessing in disguise

Pakistani culture  grew  under influence of two strong legacy of history.Being a Muslim it is our first and last choice of living to obey and copy paste  the sayings and examples of life of Holy Prophet(pbuh) respectively.One of fine example he set was highly disregarded the infanticide of girl child and implemented the  obligatory inheritance share to females as strong representatives of an Islamic society.Both decrees were against the traditions and norms of Arab culture.Furthermore Allah had certified this stance by only surviving his daughters and Prophet ‘s next generation was recognized from the family chain of her beloved daughter Bibi Fatima(as).Prophet(pbuh)’s  immortal saying   for those blessed fathers about raising and educating three daughters left no option in the weak minds to even think of devaluing the female child in any Islamic society.As per His saying  Muslim men  would  get place near to Prophet in Heaven if he would  raise his three daughters with love and care.

Another strong legacy  imprinted  in our conservative society was by  British monarchy .That  kingship  was custodian of such land of world where sun was never  set. India was ruled by British monarchy George VI(Albert Frederick Arthur George  .  He was the last “Emperor of India” until 22 June 1948), and the first Head  of common Wealth. He set fine example of marrying to   a prospective wife Elizabeth Lyon,They  had two girl children ,Elizabeth and Margaret.Like other royals he could have been run for multiple marriages and demand for male heir of crown.Instead of this he followed the true legacy of Islamic ideology by placing thorn of British Empire to his responsible and mature daughter who is still  leading   as Queen of British Empire.

So we inherited two strong legacies regarding importance of Girl child in our history pages .Such fine examples relating to importance of female child  has serious in-depth strong messages for coming generations.Like  all traditional societies Muslims and  Pakistanis too proved that such  important  practical messages couldn’t change their narrow-mindedness toward dominance of male heir and its preference on girl child.They showed a marked preference for sons over daughters and stick to old superstitious in which the family line passes through the son and in which he is supposed to look after his parents in old age so a son is worth more than a daughter.  Having a girl is usually considered as deprived assets of parents who would be handed over to other family  on her marriage. This Hindu proverb has significant importance in our orthodox setup  ‘Raising a daughter is like watering your neighbors’ garden.’s. Polls carried out in different developing countries  show the trends of Mothers  that  they  95% want sons, not daughters.So such a negative attitude among communities  has become reason of serious  life-threatening practices that impact the lives of millions of girl children  in a patriarch societies like Arabs and sub continent too.These are:

–   female infanticide

–   female genital cutting

–   honor killing

-over birth rate of unwanted females for getting a male heir.

So all society, community or any home if grows with complex of possessing male child as insignia of valor and longevity of family chain actually  enforces any such above  mentioned discriminatory attitude toward females.Oppressed, neglected,mutilated  and unwanted girls sometime react more lethally and violently to their family and society that throughout prefer them on  aggressive  men folk.Instead of this if any family or society take care of limited numbers of girl child as per saying of Allah’s Prophet produce more strong women on which moral and ethical strength of any society depends. The girls grown up in protected and caring environments are proved to be more sincere and devotee sibling of their parents.Unwanted and discarded girls  are as such taken by orthodox societies  and even  their life partners and other people around that girls keep them in same scale of rejection and humiliation  that is expressed by their nearest guardians. Girls importance is strongly felt in western culture so here adoption rate of girl child is more than picking boys .Few popular proverbs of girl child clearly indicate that those who treat this  blessing in disguise as real pleasure of life get the desire result at their late ages.e.g

-A son is a son till he takes him a wife, a daughter is a daughter all of her life.

-A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future.

-If you would have a good wife, marry one who has been a good daughter.

In Islamic  societies shite(ahle tasheeh) sect being follower of children of Hazrat Fatima highly regard girl child equal to level of their sons.This sect has modified the discretionary Islamic laws specially on inheritance and marital  issues which enhance the motivation of male heirs in an Islamic  family setup.So other sects should revive their laws which are being highly misused by morally weak folks of society.Oppressing the girls can produce variety of negative impact  on  moral values of  any society that is reaction of neglected girls to overcome their insecurities which have been implanted in their minds since their young ages.They need same kind of love, care and protection which is usually given to boys of backward families.Denying the birth of girls is just as  someone is meddling in God affairs who has unlimited approach of solving human problems in His ways.So by placing girl child in a right place is somehow part of strong faith of human mind on God’s right choice for them.

A paranoiac scene of Juma prayers in DHA mosque

Pakistan and Pakistanis are facing the worst  conditions as far as security of citizens are concerned.Since the creation of Pakistan we have restricted our all  financial resources toward buying modern arms and setting strong army to stand against giant army of India. We neither conquered Kashmir nor improve internal security problems relating to common people .For last many years we are seeing successful acts of local terrorists in our all public ,religious and official areas.In this uncontrollable volatile period President,Prime ministers ,corps commander, Police officials, religious leaders were attacked too but high casualty rate restricted towards helpless public and lower rank soldiers and police men.VIPs of state in the start of this phase protected them under high-tech security measures and left common citizens on the mercy of these highly trained terrorist any time any where in their homeland.


The scenes of strict security measures in the metropolis during Juma or Eid prayers in the form of deployment of  heavy contingents of police, and Anti terrorists squad near  mosques and Imam Bargahs .All this situation sometime gives irritating and sometime embarrassing situation specially in front of foreign media. The interesting scene is seen in DHA or cantonment  mosques where whole brigade of MP, local security guards, para medical staff, fire truck are called on all  Juma and Eid prayers to give 100%security to real  guards of nation.Walk through gates have been installed and after checking thorough it people are allowed entry into the VIPs mosque where large numbers of serving and retired army officers come to say such kind terrified prayer  . Roads leading to such places are also closed during juma prayers and open when these officers reach to home safely.

Such scenes are arising lot of questions in minds of civilian that what is purpose of such   prayers where life of hundreds of security men are put on stake for  arranging  pray of few senior officers.

Extreme security measures for VIPs  special prayer only give paranoid impression for outsiders and first thing comes in  mind is that if these people are so scared in front of Allah  then how could we expect them to perform in line of duty in which they are strictly  bound to defend People of Pakistan . Such disgusting pictures of highly cordoned  prayers only give   solid impression  that it is poor Pakistanis who are actually securing our highly paid guards, an extra financial burden on real working class and tax payers of this  country.

Long time ago our army men  had been  known for their unlimited courage and fearless characters which were real proud   of our nation and that is why in all wars against India army had received  full support of general public  just like dynamic moral boosters for front line soldiers.Now all such  ventures of patriotism have  gone under the sentiments of anger, deprivation and insecurity as common citizens are judging extreme unprofessional attitude of  officers cadres due to mingling of military culture with civilian setup.

Such scenes of VIP security might give  superiority complex to few tin gods but it is igniting hatred sentiments in heart of public who are 24/24 hrs have been exposed to fear of terrorism .

After viewing such funny situation on weekly basis one can only give humble advice to these insignia of bravery  that if they prefer to offer  prayers at home or in posh lawns of their allotted bungalows then it could be better option .Such moves on the name of security would not only reduce financial liability  and  can be safest idea without disturbing hundreds of other civilians and guards who are unable to perform their prayers so that these VIPs can show  safe attendance in front of Allah. By saying these prays at home along with wearing bangles,it would reveal their real intentions of cowardice professional attitude at least  in front of God .

One can simply read the introduction of Pakistan’s guide to international community that what should outsiders do before entering in a country that possess 5th largest army of the world.

Pakistan Travel guide

Weak heart and contaminated blood of new generation of Pakistan

Poor management in public health services and ignorance even in literate class of Pakistan are the basic reasons of  decline of quality life of Pakistanis.To provide  some standard on maintaining quality of health, education and food chains are  jobs of  any civilian government and if some how the government is financially weak to set up public sector development projects then  she can facilitate other private sectors and international sources  to establish these facilities for all citizens under effective cost management .

New  generation of Pakistan has been exposed to more technology and awareness with latest trends  still lacks in many skills and valuable knowledge as compared to their forefathers.Actually  adoption to sedentary   life styles on the name of technology is indirect reason of declining health standard between two generation.As per latest data from Health department the death rate due to cardiac failures is almost 50 % where 60%victims are in the range of 40 to 50 years of age.So the clear reason of  ignoring  or failing to understand advice  about the risks of smoking or benefits of good diet and exercise for heart health is  poor approach of modern generation.This generation always claims to be more informative and aware of latest trends.

After viewing situation in different cardiac centers it can be concluded that health  professional are failed in tackling health inequalities  and  health promotion campaigns and   to reach everyone in the community is not successful in so-called modern world.

Few reasons found in life styles of new generation can be reason of having weak hearts as compared to their ancestors.
  1. an inactive life style.
  2. inclination toward tobacco in the form of cigarettes and popularity of shisha culture in our urban areas.
  3. Avoiding natural foods and having more taste for deep-fried and ready-made food.
  4. Out of range  food prices and non availability of adequate food  due to over estimated export of food commodities under govt policy by completely ignoring the demand and quality for locals of Pakistan.
  5. Food shortages and restrains in economical and social setups are making new generation more vulnerable to mental disorders like anxiety, depression and  young minds indulge themselves in continuous mode of depression.

Heart’s strength and purity of blood are mutually interlinked in health science.Thick and infectious blood can lead to degenerate the heart’s life  earlier than its natural decay.

Like many developing countries Pakistan too has inadequate  setup that couldn’t  prevent the spread of blood borne infections and number of people with contaminated blood is increasing in each coming years..

Basic reasons of increase of victims of  blood transmitted diseases  in our systems  are:

– medical Instruments may not be sterilized handling multiple kind of patients and re-use of medical supplies, including needles and syringes.

– Supply of screened blood to recipients specially in case of urgency.

– Intravenous drug abuse and use of unsterilized tools for cosmetic  purpose like figuring tattoos,  pricking ears, nose and other body parts.

– Casual and unprotected sexual intercourse and having multiple sex partners.

– Poverty and less economical sources take people toward cheap options of treatment through quacks.

– Common use of a razor in  street barber shops.

So all above mentioned factors have multiplied  the side effects of illiteracy  and ignorance which are dominant characteristics in our living style.Govt poor concern and least allocation of budget for health services have further exposed  neglected citizens to  uncured blood diseases  and data from transfusion centers clearly indicate that now we have unlimited number of healthy looking patients who are living as carrier of blood diseases.

There is dire need of  organizing health campaigns on all  levels to educate people on basic health issues.People and industries related to health services should come forward to boost such awareness program on basis of continuation.University student should be trained and can be used as motivators to educate the illiterate class of our society.

  • Strengthen your heart and cardiovascular system by adopting physically active life styles.
  • Park culture should be promoted where all ages can cleanse their blood and make heart to pump fresh blood to other organs .
  • Increase energy levels  with  taking fresh and natural foods in raw form  along with daily exercise as per ages.
  • Strengthen bones by taking regular calcium intake through natural products..
  • Adopt simple and genuine way of living to  reduce stress, tension, anxiety and depression
  • Secure self-image and self-esteem through hard work.
  • Improve sleep timings by organizing daily jobs.
  • Get rid of negativity and tension creating people as soon as possible.Be explicit in expressing wrong notions and deeds of others so that no one become permanent tension.
  • Preserve good relations and people in good caring ways and spent quality time with them  to relax tense nerves.

Ban on pillion riding,First and Last choice of Pakistani officals to counter terrorism.

Pakistan is forefront ally of ISAF,NATO, and US forces to fight against one of dangerous terrorist groups.In this prolong war, Pakistan and other armies are using high-tech devices to detect highly trained terrorist of region who can be the future threat for first world countries.

We see modern drones , low flying helicopters, modern communication and sensing devices etc effectively using in this war on terror.Modern equipments of security, jammers, explosive sensing devices ,bullet and explosion proof vehicles  for active political and military people those are being  arranged to secure our VIPs since the start of this war.

From the last many years the public is witnessing that government’s top priority effort to curb rising street crimes or prompt strategy  against terrorism in affected areas usually emerges in the form of a ban on pillion riding.It is sole foremost option to handle  desperate situation of worst law and order which our law-enforcement agencies find  in their skilled and experience books.The first order that is usually passed after any high-profile meeting is the ban on  two to take bike as ride.

This is same  state management which is issuing the license of all kind of arms and explosives to its residents .In last years even prohibited arms have been licensed on the self-defense purpose.

Compare the two amendments and judge that it is government ‘s intention to  arm the groups with official support.On the other side  lower and middle class  is hit by attacking their pocket  as they would either use other means of transport or would become best source of indirect income of  police .This way at least police would find some lawbreakers to fill their empty record against terrorism.

The hypocrisy of Government is also showing double standards for VIPS and CP( common people) who are real victims of all kind of insecurity due to poor  performance of law enforcing agencies in this period of terrorism.For VIPs, govt is using  imported security measures from the money of tax payer and for CP miserable choices like this ban has been forcefully imposed.Such impotent decision might give benefits to transport mafia in urban areas but CP have no doubts in minds that this section 144 neither affecting the performance of miscreants nor lowering  the execution plans of terrorists.In fact we have no courage to say about our military skills inside or on the border  but we can confess that terrorists are almost successful at least with in civilian setup.

After viewing the whole scenario we can see that terrorists and government have common interests and targets and this is to harass the public and working class.Hardly any VIPs belong to ruling class  were picked by these cold-blooded terrorists but give ample opportunities to govt officials to earn on the name of security measures.Police are just left free on roads to irritate the poor bike riders who use this transport as only economical option for earning their daily earning.

IPB Image

In this year number of the victims of terrorism were almost 1208  from all over Pakistan and with this ban in the city of Karachi the figure of target killings is almost 1233.The rate of crimes like mobile snatching, armed robbery on vehicles and bikes or any kind of street crimes are almost doubled than previous year so it is not a big scientific mystery to assume that what impact can be derived by implying such useless and ineffective ban on general public.This is very interesting the party MQM that always proudly claims  possession of 80% vote bank of Karachi but couldn’t foresee the misery of working class , their true identity too.They are forgetting that CD70 is also proud status symbol of their leader too.Perhaps they  want to use it as  single ride too because MQM leader is still single after a failed marriage so they want to enforce this legacy of single ride to their voters too.This tact can solve population explosion problems  but what they would do to Pukhtoon and Punjabi community living there .Heavy vehicles are in control of Puktoons so they can afford as much as possible children and in Punjabi rural areas common scenes of bike riding,one can easily see 4 to 6 riders on this two wheelers transport .So there is no harm in giving free advice to Karachi administration that they should ban pillion ride but give permission to tri-llion(three riders), quad illion (four riders)or penta illion(5 riders).It is assured that two riders can do indiscriminate firing or street crimes but 3 or 4 or 5 riders are  symbols of safe drives for general public as they would only think of their personal safety while sitting in capacity of two seat drive.

Karachi,A city of Ghost voters and Real deadbodies

Karachi the economical hub  of Pakistan has lost state of  peace and tranquility long time ago .Politics on the basis of ethnicity and wrong policy of  government for providing adequate living setup to residents and migrated people from other part of country are the basic reasons of its down fall as  provider city.

It is said that military govt with the help of agencies raised ethnic and sectarian  issues in educational institutes of Karachi to weaken the power politics of PPP under Bhutto and few religious political parties . Karachi known as golden sparrow from trade and business point of view first time observed the growth and strengthening of political groups on” live or leave” basis.All political groups came in front of each other not the basis of political ideology but by harassing each other even showing the piles  of dead bodies of each group.

The kids of Karachi born during  the era of 198os hardly sensed any kind of  normal peace and harmony situation which are still underlying in the sweet memories of their elders.

Those who opted to move there in 1960s for economic gains from other provinces never thought of going back to their backward areas after getting  financial gains as per capability and capacity of their skills hey were very content  living in secular, educated and liberal culture of Karachi.

But all went wrong when MQM has taken its control on power politics of Karachi through arms and harassment strategy.At that moment army establishment realized that their design missile has hit the wrong target so process of  eradication of over growth political shoots  were started under the tag of interior ministry.

Military actions under a Pukhtun general at that period   might be considered as short span victory in official pages of army but it can be reason of start of target killing process  of same community and others in the same manner in  which once MQM or Urdu speaking  were  targeted. It was by chance or by default that after this operation cleanup it was MQM runaway leadership that had taken control of same city in which they were declared absconded and criminals.

After taking control of city and state  matters they couldn’t have done anything regarding the probe against extrajudicial killing of  their hundreds of follower nor showed any kind of practical  interested to put charge sheet on them who actually ordered and executed this illegal operation.

On the other hand  no doubt they got the repute of handling their opponent through target killing, harassment, and bullying as routine pattern of city politics.

So Karachi after that military operation has been recognized as area of living beings of billions where rule of thumb for driving state matter  is either political violence ,creating sectarianism or  target killings of opponents.Such culture of harassment strongly developed along with extreme lawlessness situation where snatching, robbery, car theft and kidnapping are in highest  side as compare to other affected areas of Pakistan.

With the passage of time other groups like puktoon, balochis, Punjabis also organized their armed terror gangs for showing their resistance for minimum survival against ruling groups.

So all such dangerous trends have contributed  enough to  destroy the peace and harmony of the country’s commercial-cum-industrial hub, making the life of its common citizens highly vulnerable to all kind of risks regarding life,property, business and other normal activities of life .

Karachi has been ruled by the PPP and the MQM jointly for many years .Even during the martial law regimes, the two parties dominated the city. Apparently it look s that victims of violence are not linked with any political or religious factions, it gives the political leaders an excuse to claim that the Taliban are carrying out these target killings.

But who so ever is behind such massive kind of lawlessness, this city is  being  controlled by PPP and MQM alliance,.In this scenario of understanding  it is their job to maintain law and order situation at least minimum level.But both failed to do so and trying to put blame on each other and other mafias persisting in Karachi culture under the rule of same groups.

Interesting situation appears in election period in which millions of voters appear in Karachi polling station where hardly any public is seen coming to cast its vote.

If  somehow the heavy mandate of MQM is accepted heavy heartily then why  MQM with millions of voters couldn’t restore the peace  of same city just like in 1970s.This city hadn’t recorded a single riot at the time partition but now hardly any one can predict a single day when target killing is not reported in this city.

Many times suggestion like to  deweaponisation a society was tried to implement but this demand  become unrealistic as no  consensus of all political parties and major urban stakeholders, including land mafias and traffickers showed a little interest toward such option for maintaining peace in the city which is nerve center of  millions living under the protection of this city.

The another reason of failure of such concept is attributed by the bullying unlawful attitude of ruling groups including MQM , PPP and Pakistan army too which is another stake holder of Karachi  having 17 working cantonments in all major areas.They are also responsible of inviting  all international arms dealer and supplier to project their modern weapons in an event under the name of  International Defense Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS) almost organized each year in this city of violence. Under the guise of ‘arms for peace’ this arms fair provides a platform for domestic and international manufacturers in an attempt to make Pakistan a major regional trading zone for small arms and military hardware.

The aftereffects  of this trade policy will no doubt tending toward more weaponisation of Pakistan.So one can judge  the violent situation here that either it is killing of  Razahaider or election campaign people of Karachi are ready to receive the dead bodies and gunfire as part of normal culture of Karachi politics.

After seeing such a terrible situation one can only pray that Leaders like Altaf Hussain and Shahi  Sayed would  leave the world through natural death otherwise,in case of unusual happening of their fate, could have generate the  replica scenes of 12May or 27Dec or might be more worst.It can be revived by the cannibals living in this city in disguise form any time any where in Karachi.

God protect our one of fine city from such devils and evil acts of power control.

Pakistani NRO ,A revenge to Democracy

Nobody is owning this Pakistani made NRO(National reconciliation ordnance).Nobody is coming forward to acknowledge that who floated  this idea of reconciliation between the most corrupt icons of Pakistan.

It is unofficially said that our icon of democracy  Benazir Bhutto  has brought former military Head Musharraf to some kind of deal table under US lobby and during such meetings, great mind produced this gem of intellectuality for convincing the illiterate nation.Here forgiveness was  not granted  on personal account but on national matters and wealth.So army men beholders of GHQ given the green signal to runaway politicians  by giving them NRO card.

What kind of  new concept of forgiveness equivalent to an idea of Nelson Mandela ‘s Truth and Reconciliation  commission was developed under mentality of Pakistani ruling elites.If Mandela has some spare time then he would be very disheartening to see the complete distortion of his political  ideas through the hands of our military heads and runaway politicians.

Musharraf and his team first spent billion of money from national treasures in the name of accountability and when he thought he was in need of Bhutto indeed , he  and his GHQ team brought out this master piece of revenge to people of Pakistan from military Pandora box.

It is very interesting in all  process of scratching each other backs  all stake holders  of this ordinance only tried to create a protection shield for themselves and no one can found traces of national interest or spirit in whole process of reconciliation.It was not matter of hundred or thousands but billion rupees corruption under the  nose of past and working Governments.

This way  of designing  new future government by using power of  NRO military establishment  took  good revenge from Pakistanis  who just demanded removal of a military rule over to democratic setup.

Musharraf and his team used all their innate mental approach and military training to fully bounce this democratic punch on the faces of who were thinking of some kind democratic change in the country under movement of free judiciary.They developed more worst options for creating democratic setup so that people of Pakistan would take this democracy and politics in terms of  abuses and corruption respectively and take no time to call army to take over this country again with new concept of serving the nation.

In confuse state of mind  military king didn’t realize he was ordering such ordinance or dress cover that would have taken away last piece of protection from his false image as fearless commando in coming days.Here advisers of this NRO taken exactly same position which is given  to impostors of a story of “The  King and his magic clothes”.

Here our courts did the role of little child by telling a dictator that he was wrong about his novice idea that neither can be placed in any standard of morality nor can be placed in state laws due to its biased inclination toward few individuals.

It is this NRO or illegitimate cover that had become reason of safe exit Musharraf and replacing it with another king of jungle.Musharraf took his nation like soldiers  under his command and new naked king is considering people of Pakistan like tenants of his land whom he left dipping in Indus flood water he flown away to freshen her heart and soul in Chateau de France.

He is not fool politician like Chili president who spent 22 million dollar on rescue operation of common miners and delayed his Europe tour and remained in a country until all miners had come out and reached to their homes

One can judge the blessings of this NRO that brought Musharraf out, taken Benazir under ground and given Zardari a new life as an ideal king with magical power of NRO. A special kind of immunity has already been granted to our president which is even not in the fate book of US and UK head of states. It is only our specialty in the field of forgiveness that a robber, killer, rapist, convicted can be our President and all state force and law would be there to protect him from hands of justice.

Recent acknowledgment of US ambassador on their active role in implementing this NRO is making it heavenly idea and aid from US  for resuming  our democratic process. We  should wish and pray for same in their homeland where they would pardon all  hunted terrorist in the charge of participating in 911.Lets see how their citizens would react on such sumptuous way of reconciliation which cost them death of 4 to 5000 soldiers with huge war budget extracting from pure tax payers of US.