How humans are bombarding the natural chemistry of human body

earthHumans are strange natural entity of this universe who are unique in their creation in this regard that they always struggle to create  a system that would take them against cycle of nature.They call it modernization,  development or what ever name this  change but visible  effect is common in all major development that it gives life style against natural setups.Animals, plants all follow the timings and  resources of nature for their survival but credit goes to human mind that by interring in ecosystem and by creating abnormal human activities are becoming reason of destroyer of natural atmosphere of habitats of these living beings. There are few areas where excessive dependency of man-made creation has created havoc on Eco system and health of  human beings.

A: Dependency on electronic living.

Basic  reasons of electronic living is lied to make human life more productive, time-saving etc.For achieving this human creates more modern e- products which comes in circle of doing business but it is  camouflages under statement of  development for mankind .On the contrary health scientist  find that almost all modern gadgets produce electromagnetic fields or EMFs because these are powered by electric, electronic or battery sources.

All modern gadgets produce electromagnetic fields or EMFs, be they powered by electric, electronic or battery sources.

These producers of electronic a gadget hardly reveal that  EMR (electromagnetic radiation) from EMFs, can be disruptive to the human body’s own natural energy fields. Like x-rays, these waves are not blocked or weakened by objects in their way. They pass into our bodies upsetting normal cellular function and biological processes. EMR can cause headaches, tiredness and even immune system disorders. Even appliances such as electric hair dryers, shavers and bedside digital alarms are more dangerous due to their proximity to the human brain signals.People are kept ignorant about electronic Smog term.This e- smog is created by electricity and called as fastest growing environmental health hazard.This electric pollution is giving rise to cancer, birth defects,fibromyalgia,Alzheimer, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression and natural learning human abilities.In addition, a Swedish study has found that brain cells could be destroyed by mobile phone radiation, which means that the present generation of teenagers run the risk of going senile before their middle-age!earth2

Hours of computer work, spending maximum time with mobile phones, watching TV in free or working hours not only badly affecting the human health through eyes and ears but hold serious social repercussions like isolation and lazy life style.These electronic gadgets along with  creating havoc in human life are becoming  eco- burden.On the name of innovations, old ones are expired in small time  and have to junk.The dumping of used, obsolete devices itself is producing serious environmental threat as majority contains lead, platinum and heavy metals which directly hits human and agriculture products if dumped in under ground.

B) Dependency on  man-made artificial and processed food.

In the name of advancement of food technology, human body and its chemistry is being influencing by processed and genetically modified products which have now been stormed in our kitchen and stomach ,Businesses makers are swapping it with natural organic foods.

GMOs undergo a form of gene therapy under lab conditions whereby segments of DNA are spliced, rearranged or removed altogether. We have been eating genetically modified food products for years and not even know it.From cereal and crackers to baking mixes, veggie burgers, and even milk and cheese, GMOs have infiltrated our grocery demands largely without much study into their long-term health effects on our bodies.Spread of fried- outlets all over the world are forefront leaders of  completely changing the eating habits of locals as they start relying on global food products instead of focusing on natural food chains of that particular area.These foods are termed as strongest addictive foods with acute  health hazards. With the blessing of genetic engineering we are seeing the increase  levels of a naturally occurring allergen already present in a food or insert allergic properties into food that did not previously contain them. It can also result in brand new allergens we’ve never before known.Obesity and stress related diseases are production of this modern world where humans love to adopt modern e living and being addicted to unhealthy food habits.

C:Dosing  synthetic Drugs in Natural human body

Well with modern e- living and fake food products, the latest human body has been prone to sicknesses more than what our primitives faced.Before the expansion of Pharmaceutical industry human ailments were treated with natural local grown products that mostly emphasized not on treatments but on increasing human resistance toward sick germs and weakness on body possess.Drugs were made to heal people.They were  actually created to stop systems in the body from working that signal that something is wrong (i.e. anti-inflammatory). These drug companies are all time follow this myth that we are now living longer than before because of the advent of drugs. Hundreds of years ago people routinely lived into their hundreds.  Just over the last seven decades since the advent of antibiotics the lifespan appear to be lower side.Even Holy Books of different religion certified this fact of life too. The discovery of penicillin which was purely from organic sources had given clue to human minds to bombard the natural resistance of human body through medicinal analogs they called it as anti biotic. Anti-biotics simply means “against” your own “biology.”  So these medicines actually make the body work against itself.

How the body heals itself is all about individual’s body chemistry. Its all how molecules interact with this divine system of ours.For example when one get a cold  or any kind of allergy in form of mucous or a fever these are symptoms showing that the body is trying to react against some odds going with it. No Pharmacist and doctor ever tells his patient that mucous is a good thing because it is a protective mechanism that allows the body to protect itself against pathogens, which are disease-causing agents.Same like that a fever raises the body’s response to an assault so we want to encourage these symptoms not knock them out by changing our diet and environmental conditions.  When one  understand  body’s response to sickness it makes it easier for  him to understand how it works and the is less likely to try to modify or change anything during the healing process.

One the other hand searching for prompt or immediate relief given rise to artificial medicinal analogs.Synthetic Drugs are the way that man has decided our bodies should heal which has already based on  very intelligent system.  A simpler yet more efficient system would be through nutrition. In oriental medicines before giving treatment it was focused on the proper functioning  of stomach that will  purify blood and  it would ultimately bring cure to all diseases. But with the expansion of drug industry ,the abnormal analogs  flooded the market which have enormous side effects (i.e. vomiting, nausea, headaches, nosebleed, liver problems , etc)  directly effecting the stomach.The ancient art of pharmacy involved making medicine specifically to fit a person’s ailment and termed as  medicinal chemistry. The western world’s first noted physician Hippocrates said, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be they food.”  This nearly means that we should be healing any ailment through nutrients. These don’t work like magic bullets and It is a gradual process when the body rebuilds itself through nutrition.  The fourth leading cause of death in the world  after cancer, heart disease and diabetes is prescription medicine.

pharmacy1 With drugs we get one benefit and perhaps a long list of side effects.  With nutrition you get one benefit and perhaps a whole list of side benefits. 

These are major contributory factors of human life those are now controlling human mind , its body ailments and its artificial ways of treatment leading people toward more stressful life.Simple rules like “excess of every thing is bad” and “prevention is  better than cure ” still rule of thumb for those who are interested to lead natural way of living in this modern world .