Pakistani housewives or house knives

The image of house wife in Pakistani society is throughout  kept in different level of modesty, devotion and sincerity of a life partner.Although the standard of women as wives varies by the demand of family and husband but on other side it is  strong reality that successful family life  regardless of materialistic demands mostly rely on the nature and training of our to be wives and future mothers.

Our old house wives were recognized as in charge of all household activities including feeding of all home mates, upbringing of next kins and taking care of husband and his domestic responsibilities in the form of his blood relations and his all  needs as single  bread earner of a family.

Those HW were almost expert in household activities including  cooking, sewing knitting, and other cost saving activities mostly dependent on  financial income of male members of family.Along with house hold chores those ladies were efficient  in home-made remedies and handling contingencies related to simple  family living.Nobody could have courage of denying their  dedication and hardworking skills as true leader of a simple family.

Now just compare these old traditional housewives with our modern  and  educated ladies  opting to remain stick to upgraded version of house wives .Their main characteristics are late risers, hardly any kind of expertise relating to  normal family lives,even lack of spirit of acquiring some skills  to improve the living standard of middle class families.For such ladies technology like mobiles and internet have created more havoc in their lazy nature as such breed of females spend hours and hours by involving them negative activities  like back biting and useless talking with a people living in distant areas.

Disinterest of such ladies on cooking matters is another set back over the quality of family health as such families are always on call status to junk food outlets.These junk foods are some kind of sweet poison like addictions which kids can’t leave  because kids develop junk taste of such foods since their childhood.It is almost impossible to switch them on nourishing and healthy diets after developing diseseas related to such quality of food.

Family having such idle lady always look chasing the maids, cooks and workers for domestic and important family jobs as these ladies are hardly willing to  even arrange proper breakfast for husbands and school going kids.

Such category of wives are extremely obsessive or up to some level of sick minded in their dress choices.They spent hours and hours on commercial areas in search of unique clothing ,by criminally ignoring the responsibility of  young kids  whom are spared on the custody of illiterate maid or old granny during their shopping hours.

So  those wives are some sort of  liabilities for  men who can jeopardize moral and professional standard of men by keeping them in high demand modes all the time and men whom are more vulnerable toward crimes and sins take no time to adopt such life patterns which can be reason of corruption in the system  .At this degraded status house wives can be symbolized as knives of house budget .This knife becomes very sharp if  husbands or fathers belong to working class or having less source of income.Business community sometime demands such easy-going wives for their cosmetic life styles  but no one can put them in category of devoted mothers or caring wives which are surety of happy married lives irrespective of financial status of male members.

Woman’s role no matter she is professional  or choice as  housewife should  always  act like a backbone of any family, society and culture.If one  disc of this  natural support of male members , slips from its stable position it takes no longer time to shatter the confidence and efficiency of other family members.Married life requires  hardworking and sense of responsibility of both partners especially in early stage of marriage by adopting all means of good disposition and workable plans as per range of source of income.

So modern ladies should be more productive,active  and  organized than our past legends as they posses more technology and knowledge as compare to our primitives.They should plan more time efficient and quality techniques in household matters.They must know that children always follow the footsteps of parents and between two relations, mothers strongly influence on personality making of a young mind. Lazy and idle mothers are basic reason of incompetent and unskilled generations under whom feet one can find the  branded heels but the concept of heaven is diminished under their training, a primary and imperative duty of mothers.


Drunk President,Drugged opposition and Foxy Army Chief

We are citizens of a country which is called a land of pure but all her majority sons and daughters miss no chance of making  it as much impure as possible under their innate capacity.

Goof presidents and prime ministers  are always prime  requisition of   military men who are actually playing games with interests of  majority of Pakistan.This time again Zardari and his team has been secured by Kiyani and Co as they are doing since the time of creation of NRO.It is obvious  through  current status that this guilt less and corrupt team of politicians are being projected,preserved and placed on forward block of apparent governance to absorb all kind of charges from public on the name of extreme mismanagement in state affairs .

Not a single step has been taken in this tenure of so called democracy toward productive growth of economic channels  from huge ministerial network of government and on the other hand the opposition which always p lay a  vital role on maintaining  check an d balance on true performance of any government  looks more under tranquilizers  most of  the time specially in the time of calling sessions of all assemblies.

They neither playing any kind of constitutional role as genuine oppositions in houses, nor looking active in street politics other than hollow rhetoric slogans just to get people sentiments on anti government propaganda.More than it nothing is visible on political burden that is called as true opposition of our sitting governments.

Now come to  role of  country’s most powerful institution regarding its political and financial claims  on ruling and monetary matters .Gen.Kayani in a  latest meeting with two state’s heads, reportedly took the president and Prime Minister Gilani to task for  melting down corruption scandals ,and even suggested  to fire some of the most corrupt ministers in the 60-member cabinet.

So COAS who is a top man of an institute in which total numbers of service men are almost 5 lakh , 5% among them are on officer cadre.Among this 5%  officers force the army has 2 full generals, 28 lieutenant generals and around 170 major generals.

There are thousands of retired general whose sumptuous retired living expenses  are being extracted from federal govt expenditures.

Our latest budget of Pakistan army is almost reaching 65% of GDP and it is almost 600 billion rupees and it has been  increased many folds in this tenure of political government claiming  come into powers from vote of people.

The pensions of retired officers of army and thousands of army men come under pay roll of interior ministry and other civilian departments are  another kind of financial seepage labeled under  civilian expenditures.

Pakistan’s military  concern about the perilous state of the government’s finances is  giving us impression as a big thief of state is trying to bully the smaller thief on the basis of some  conditional deals issued to these weak and corrupt politicians which were done before their successful entry on top positions.  The United States under the cover of IMF and world bank has been pushing Pakistan, where only an estimated 2 million out of a population of 170 million pay more and more  income tax,.US interestingly ignoring all the lavish expenditures of  of its wealthiest citizens who are in direct contact with them regarding their deals related to Aid related matters.

Would our COAS has any moral and professional courage to tell the  suppressed nation that how much amount from 600 billion rupees(provided defense budget this year)have been spent on generals’ accounts.?

These generals are not living only on payroll status but privileges provided to them are double than their official salaries including luxurious cars, servants allowances, foreign trips along with foreign currency TA/DA, recreation allowances, plots including commercial, residential and agriculture along with at least 2 villas on different cantonments are given to them  on account of their unseen services.

Should COAS of Pakistan  go for high defense deals  for purchasing and over hauling of  F16s, nuclear submarines, missiles programs and even nuclear arms too in this  time of extreme chaos and anarchy other than cantonment and defense areas?

Last days such images are being created on local media and affected areas in the time of extreme flood rescue and rehabilitation  that only savior of Pakistan and Pakistanis are its army.

Have our army chief, corps commanders, jCOAS have given up their luxurious way of living like uniform shaikhs of Pakistan in this devastated time of flood?

The 80%  work force of soldiers are on the ground services of people, even their foxy bosses have  donated the fixed  food rations of these orderly species of Pak army and labeling as big sacrifice of army.

Who would dare to tell them that such acts  are called as forced act of submission under rules of army.If you want to show least   sacrificial strength just give up over privileged perks which are going into accounts of superior ranks of army and it is almost equal level which is mentioning in 80 inactive member of parliament.

This above mentioned   sluggish running system of Govt  is the strongest reason of selection of  a drunk President, coward Prime minister and drugged opposition in our land of pure .Then ways  are   planned and executed  before any elections through ISI cells where all kind of rigging procedures are developed to get the desired results,.Here only desires of army management are placed on priority in our pseudo political setup and latest corrupt system of governance is another big example of such foxy planning.

Dr Afia an opportunist or a potential terrorist

Dr Afia was part of such family which was once considered favorite of establishment and CIA lobby.Her parents were  part of  jihadistan movement in Pakistan during General zia period.They were awarded by good privileges to initiate concept of jihad among disturb youth in Karachi and nearby areas.Her mother while living in posh setup of Karachi promoted extremism in secular culture of Karachi through Dars like gatherings where main theme was to go for jihad against non Muslims.

No doubt her own kids were studying in modern schools and then all were granted US scholarship in prestigious universities.Further more all   followed the procedure of  getting US citizenship on available opportunity.

Such patterns of religious congregation  exaggerated in Zia’s regime under some handful of opportunist in army , political and social circles.They  were highly benefited , awarded funds and privileges to project the war of Afghanistan  in Pakistani society as call of jihad to Pakistani youth.Interestingly none of their sons and daughters had come forward to become freedom fighters but no doubt they used this fund to study in western universities and then enjoyed settled business ventures  which were gifted to them by their jihad promoter parents.

This network of promoting extremism  had  got its roots in youth circle of urban areas and deprived rural suburbs under ISI manpower and influence of some religious political parties.Young people especially rebellious boys of our in frustrated society were successfully brainwashed for such kind of war and establishments along its cronies  transferred them in war areas.Their status were just like illegitimate soldiers of Pakistan whom were never acknowledged on any official papers.Thousands of families have lost their boys in this bloody game and still waiting to hear any news that where those misguided boys have gone a long time ago.

So in such environment and typical time Dr afia’s  parents played active role in religious politics and moved their kids in safe environments of US.One can easily see the glimpses of modern getup of dr Afia when she was graduated from US universities.I mean no head covering , updated dress code so nothing was wrong since she got married with doctor from Karachi whom she met in USA.

As per her biography read and heard from different sources she created mess in her married life due to her participation in fund raising activities for typical Arabic group on the name of jihad for oppressed Muslim community.One can say that during her stay she was trapped by a group who had same approach which her parents were adopted in Karachi to set a snare of young minds to work under some religious themes.

Tit for tat or process of retribution had been started in her family too  but this time in the land where she was sent to get all opportunities to excel like successful person.

So in my view she was very over charged daughter of her mother who long time ago was in mission of recruiting jihadis from Paksitani soil through her emotional and rhetorical lectures.At that moment she never thought that her own daughter could have been trapped like that in one of liberal areas of the world where she was sent to get high status of modern world.

It was not surprise that lady Afia never ever supported any movement against women crimes in Pakistan but actively worked for Bosnian and Afghanistan groups.She many times irritated her husband on domestic issues specially her negligence regarding giving time to her young siblings and husband.

Her regular contacts with Arab men were basic reason of her serious martial breakdown with her husband who finally decided to end his married life.So can one can justify her role as  Muslim wife in this regard?

Does Islam encourage women to rebel against humble Muslim husband for continuing their personal desires on the name of mission of Islam?

But she crossed all limits which a married  women should have never thought in any case if she is bearing young kids as her utmost responsibility.Kid are not in need of any rebellious movement or high careers of parents but always in need of protection and love of their parents specially in their young ages.

Soon after getting divorce she took no time to marry an Arab who had come in the list of most wanted terrorist in US books.So I am still in search of any kind of Pakistaniat in her acts.

So in one way she was getting all benefits from US govts and on the other side she was irritating the US security services whom were already bugging her on many cases including her  links with   people  involved in insurgency in Kashmir and Afghanistan, her diamond smuggling effort to Liberia for her groups.She was doing all by carrying US passport.

So events showed that her marriage to an Arab provoked her ex husband to give solid proof of her involvement in forbidding activities in US soil.That made her arrest where? nobody knows but probably in Afghanistan.

Those who are crying that she is daughter of Pakistan, must know she had taken US citizenship long time ago and her all kids are US nationals too.It is not her but her other sibling included his brother has a successful professional and social  life in Houston having American passport.No Agency perturbed him a single time except for routine investigations as part of family who played active role with civilian Taliban of Pakistan.

As per her last email to her friend while she was in Pakistan and she was eagerly trying to return back to USA for up bring and education of her kids.So who are claiming that she is true daughter of Pakistan is just wrongly  politicizing the whole issue toward religious extremism and her veil covering transformation stature in front of US court and international media at this middle age is also showing  same kind of trend in her attitude.One should consider her and her family as top beneficiary of last regime when trademark of talibainsation was considered as insignia of strong religious association  .

The case was in American court and land as they are handling an active member of alqaida movement who is also US citizen too.US govt given her full fledged scholarships programs and citizenship to serve US community.But her attachment to  Arabs invloved in under ground activities placed her under the list of most wanted terrorist in this high time of anti taliban era.

CIA could have killed her in Afghanistan or Guantanamo jails but they had full documentary proof of her involvement so they put her in front of judiciary which has a popular repute of  unbiased and strong decisions even against strong US personalities.So norms of justice have been fulfilled in US soil on US citizen so nothing to make hue and cry.

That is real time that her mother should realized the pain of  loss of misguided child who was under alien’s control .She lost her daughter who was brainwashed in the same manner as she once did as strong worker of Jamat Islami so seeing her age one can say she has lost everything just to gain nothing being part of  representative of wrong faith.

Now she can feel the hollowness and insecurity of  old mothers whom children were driven to war and tense areas as soldiers of Islam leaving them alone in time of need and desperation.She was lucky or  perhaps more torturous for her that at least she know the whereabouts of her child who is living although in confinement but in good living conditions.Some mothers might never heard a single reply from their lost souls.

So one should learn strong lesson through her example that this is ultimate fate of majority of opportunists who follow the trends of international politics .Before chasing any dreams , followers should first see the practical approach/ actions of their preachers too.If  such dream sellers never bring their kids and sibling in such  world of fantasy then one should quit them without giving the second thought or at least argue with them who floated abnormal ideas in prevailing  cultures.Dream makers like family of Afia try to create fake world in a normal system where ignorance and weakness of masses are streamlined to get even anti state effects.This might give them monetary and hidden opportunities to raise their worldly status but can create chaos in a system where their wrong notions become reason of polarization among communities living there for long times.

So we all are reaping by  getting identity of a terrorist state under the concept that was  sown by her family like groups  in our soils.Now this fire has  been reached to their homes too.

Pakistan’s unique speciality”Runaway leaders”

Pakistan politics is now filling with the names of runaway or absconded people whom are once handpicked to lead the people with out following the standards of merit and experience. There is long list of such characters but few are discussed for getting some facts and conclusions behind such strategy of runaways

Mustafa khar like opportunist politicians were among the first who took  flight after Zia’s coup, giving little resistance to military men with all necessary funding and sources revealed he stayed in UK with all funds were borne by suspicious personalities like seth abid .

Then came the turn of Altaf hussain who opted this runaway status after military operation leaving behind his hundreds of workers on the mercy or cruelty of forces  which were particularly targeting his party when he fled to UK under a political government.

He preferred to stay there and his proud  happy photo with British passport is self-explanatory of his internal intentions by  picking comfortable option of doing politics in Pakistan while living out.Nobody knows who is funding him and his complete office layout established there for last 18 years.He is considered as one of scared politician in the history of Pakistan who even didn’t take risk to come to his city where his party is taking control of mainstream politics  for last 15 years.

Then  came the name of Benazir who always claimed as champion of democracy in Pakistan but it is a fact that she left country along with her movable assets to safe heavens along with her happy family.

She spent all years in exile, expanding her business and  utilizing her hidden money which she earned through kick backs as prime minster twice in Pakistan.

She made high bargain deals with Musharraf for power sharing by pressuring him through a typical lobby of US.she adopted same policy of deals with Zia  for her resistance free come back and in return she never went in her trow tenures for  legal procedures to  prove that her father was a victim of judicial murder in his country where  he was very popular political leader .This is the way she had given full opportunity to military establishment to spread their foxy networks along with typical political characters to remain stick to country mainstream matters.`

Another expatriate a kidney specialist was appointed as chairman cricket board  by to get favor of elites Pakistanis settled in US.After contributing the disaster mismanagement in board issues he took direct flight to USA.

A banker and ex employee of world bank was hired under military government for premiership ignoring his status of dual citizenship which is prohibited in most of national offices.He lured the majority working class to raise standard of living through credit or high interest rate loans.

When he couldn’t give further benefits to military regime and a dictator he took no time to runaway in his lavish UK residence where he is enjoying conscienceless life under British citizenship.

The latest departure is  in account of General  Musharraf.He spend billion of rupees from national treasures on his personal security as president and COAS but the day two protocols taken away from him he rejected to live in his land which raised him to such status that hardly comes in lives of few in the world.

His lavish expenditures while living in UK and now spend thrift attitude while starting his campaign for presidency is obvious to all but  neither army establishment think of hiding his real character nor PPP govt is daring to  pass any resolution in parliament regarding article 6 against him.

So satanic characters of Pakistan’s politics  favor each other for sharing cheese cake of governance .Those migratory birds never hesitate to adopt some bully tactics to harass others who have some kind of national approach in their assigned duties.This way  illegitimate setup of misuse of powers and resources gets its strength in the corrupt system.

Lets first get the right definition of runaways and it is like  that

The runaway, , absconder,disloyal are almost synonymous words and used for those people who depart secretly and hide himself and abandon followers, love ones and  utmost responsibilities.

Now something about qualities of  leadership or leader which must be found  personalities of those people who claimed them as leaders.

Leadership Conditions are defined in the Ideal leadership model as the elements that give a leader the opportunity to lead. Basically, a person must be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things, with the right people. The conditions are what determine who gets to be a leader in the first place.

Individuals may have tremendous skills and abilities but they will be unsuccessful as leaders if they do not fulfill such conditions:
(1)  a place where they can hold sway,
(2)  at crucial moments that calls for their physical and verbal leadership qualities
(3)  a position that conveys leadership authority,
(4)  people who are ready for their volunteer leadership.

Leadership-metrics this is a term used in the Ideal leadership model to describe the theory and technique of measurement of leadership
.It is defined as the six competencies that constitute the leader’s ability to direct an organization forward in a positive direction. These competencies are: , courage, trust, voice, vision and values,wisdom.Such indicators of competency have lost its credibility when so called leaders adopt status of runaway in foreign lands along with unknown sources of financial supply.The only visible quality which is common is all is their coward attitude owing to their huge corruption and crime  scandals.

So the followers who consider them ideals or idol of leadership must realize VIPs  of state can never be leaders of any nation .VIPs can’t give resistance to dictatorial or anarchical regimes but actually part of this system.Actual leaders always take  the same level of  risks  which are written on the fate of common people under poor leadership.

Contrary to this Pakistani displaced politicians and Generals so called leaders always in search of safe  destinations as confinements.They are in mood of return to motherland if guarantee of allotting top positions are given to them by our real controllers like army and America.After that they use the name of Allah to fool poor Pakistanis by selling dreams of good fortune under their fictitious programs of crook politics.

So it is actually people ,public, followers and admirers who  senselessly accept their runaway stance as some kind of heroic effort  but they are actually no more than fake comical character of our mainstream politics secured by hidden internal  forces  for further utilizing them as per requirement of foreign interests in our region.

Rigged Conscious of Pakistani people

Consciousness is state of mature minds that start exhibiting with awareness and exposures  of human experiences to practical approach or one can say  transformation of childish attitude toward prime adulthood.The development of conscious mind varies from quality of  human life and capability of  and it depends on experience of internal sensations,sentiments, genetically and acquired attitude and frequency of waves of awareness  emerge from surroundings and absorbing in human minds.

In my observation  Pakistani as a nation  seriously lacks in such type of god gifted human instinct  that always place Allah best’s creation near to Him .So having fear of God in man’s heart is actually revival of his state of conscious which marks clear line  between good and bad morals in his life patterns.

There is another human mental approach  that become dominant on human conscious is intentions of human minds .If intentions are positive and creative then both conscious and intentions act as strong parallel forces and play important role in converting folk of people into a strong nation.These human sentiments are not necessarily required to found on bulk of population but if leadership has strong and positive intentions of preserving the strong values of society, they lead the people toward nation building path.

Pakistan is  an unlucky country which is throughout deficit in such kind of rich conscious leadership since its creation  but contrary to this people and leaders  of negative intentions and rigged conscious take control of this nation as drivers .Rigged conscious is actually swapping of pure conscious  under effects of  negative intentions .Rigged conscious grooms under feasible environment of excessive materialistic desires, corrupt minds and weak personalities.

This uneven trend of human nature forces  leadership/citizens toward  intense avoidance of  awareness and  own responsibilities , which one should hold before taking any kind of duties on national or social level.

So Pakistani nations seems to be under influence of such mediocre class of people who have no ideas of national spirit, goals and duties in their lives.Their life modalities revolve around personal gains including holding strong positions in society through feudalistic approach,malpractice, family links  and by stealing national money through frauds and cheating.

This above  explained breed of managers  have gradually weakened or bypassed the system of accountability and check and balance .The absence of such hurdles actually  transferred the  viral corruption from people to people or system to system ensued situation of disaster mismanagement in our public and government sectors .This viral infection  making people senseless or  unaware of  any pinching feelings which   come under the category of alert and honest conscious .

So satanic nature is being projected, praised and secured in our system by rigged conscious administrators and people as ordinary citizens become followers of such legacy placing Pakistanis  as one of dishonest, unfaithful, untrustworthy and incompetent living beings on  international standard of morality and quality work.

The open secret of economic mismanagement in Pakistan

Pakistan has a federal structure based on centralized control on provincial and FATA matters. Under a federal financial structure, the central government transfers resources to the provinces, with a view to supporting economic provincial based programs. When these transfers are frozen as  on orders of the IMF, military intervention or state bank the federal fiscal structure is strongly observed in countries where military, IMF and foreign intervention control the federal budget, that country and its country men are all time vulnerable to more inflation,unmanageable natural and man-made disasters, economic crunch in form of high inflation and volatile ethnic differences.

Those who think or pose that military government and its planted prime ministers coming from IMF, world bank  bring economic revolution in the state fiscal matters are either part of US paid lobby or live in fool’s world.It is  accidental or by chance that after every military regime  balloon like economy in which air is supplied by US channels for some kind of war and insurgency  games within or on our boundaries, takes no time to collapse under planned pseudo democratic set up.In our history this setup  always come into being as deal between Army and corrupt politicians.Army always gets its share in the form of rise in defense budget and downfall of political concepts within the declining civil structure in Pakistan.

So Pakistan economic mismanagement always works under two kinds of military chiefs.One kind usually works as an  inactive and under cover ruler prefers to work under false system of democracy i.e General Aslam Beig and Kiyani .Gen Ayub, Zia and Musharraf  were kind of presentable generals whom  were politically picked and  bypassed under the US influence to expedite war games in the region.

So what ever the period of docile or reactive generals, our ISI major block, finance, foreign and defense ministries maneuver the direction of funds and these all are always under restrain of US polices .It should not be  surprise if it  takes  only few days or a  month in any newly created govt( after any dictatorial regimes )  curtail down unsustainable and short-term economic measures which can give benefit to public of Pakistan.When military men are on facebook of political scenario, international forces support them financially and morally to continue   illegitimate way of ruling as long as western interests get some shape in our soil.

Economic mismanagement in Pakistan is strongly related on aid related packages in which corrupt rulers were supported and funded by strong international financial groups like wold bank and IMF  and chaos comes in public circles  in the shape of hyperinflation and high interest rate debits , tending a country into extreme poverty.One of dark aspect of economic mismanagement  is always hidden from general public   that when ever some kind of crisis is  generated , first cut is made on crucial public services like education and health services.These are the top responsibilities of any state on which the development index of any country depends.On the other hand military related expenses and perks of serving governments are always put on high side.This process of camouflaged economic disaster is going on since the  creation of Pakistan ,limiting  our financial gains  to strengthen one group and one institute only.

That is why litterbugs of our system  eagerly tried hard to join this group of incompetent folks  and  becoming part of this  institute just for secure personal gains .

In this race of greed all standards of quality,qualification and merit are openly bypassed and  unqualified personals on the basis of favoritism, nepotism and friends in greed are being preferred.

Pakistan has been influenced again and again by deadly IMF economic cures by providing different silvery or gold-plated cover to pitted system  .Latest example of projection of   balloon like  economic  growth of  Musharraf’s  military government.It was gifted with an IMF economic package, which ensued currency devaluation and drastic austerity measures in government for typical  particular class of Pakistan.  The debit reduction package of IMF was strictly conditional upon the sell-off to foreign capital of the most profitable State owned enterprises like oil and gas, steel mill like valuable national companies were tried to sell off   at the lowest prices.

These major industries are considered as backbone of any national economical policy.Here in our system all junks of professionals on political basis were and are being inducted to further destabilize the snail like fiscal growth of Pakistan.

That is why in the end of each dictatorial period, contributors or administrators are the first to runaway from the positions by taking away huge lumps of national wealth on the name of commission and kickbacks  either by selling national assets or introducing western companies in local market without considered its long term services and products viability on the economical and political scenario of politically weak country.

So the day when we would  first realize and then acknowledge our serious criminal negligence  and managerial inadequacy on the line of  national duty, then something can be  thought to bring  changes in prevailing corroded system.

Competent and talented people of country have been overpowered and controlled by strong groups and mafias(byproduct of militarism and poor governance) forcing them either to give up real professionalism or leave the mother land  so that sour cream is left to further bitter the situation by activating corrupt bacterial culture in our system.

Mobiles, mobility and motherhood

A mobile phone and its related  services are mean to make and receive calls which includes other mobiles and line phones across the world.A key feature of the cellular network is that it enables telephonic discussions even when the user is moving around wide areas  or busy in other activities. So practically this modern invention is meant to achieve more outputs of human minds and energy via timely and accurate communications.In addition to being a telephone, modern mobile phones also support many additional  services such as SMS or text messages, email,internet access, gaming, ,camera MP3,GPS etc.

So such kind of revolutionary invention has brought innovative change in working of professional people but people are ignoring its negative effects on the life and life patterns of nonprofessionals, idle people and illiterate class.As this cheap technology is now in use and range  of all classes so it is imperative to  make observation that how it is drastically changing the life patterns of those people who are taking it as part time free activity or as luxury.

There is no doubt that mobiles are making human more mobile and responsive but on other side it is bringing negativity and unsocial attitude among youth, idle people, students of all groups and up to some extent in older people too.

This invention has become a cheap availability, an extra expenses on low-income class which is becoming use to of excessive using of this technology due to its cheap accessibility as necessity or  piece of fun taking.This  fact can be actually seen that  mobiles are available to laborers, domestic servants, chauffeurs, sweepers etc who comfortably use this service in working hours by reducing their concentrations on their job quality.

Another worst aspect of usage of mobiles are seen among young boys and girls which are passing wasteful hours on useless chatting.The girls and ladies who in our culture have  less approach to social life are being found badly indulged in abnormal activity of using mobiles and internet facilities by neglecting their routine responsibilities.Hardly 1 to 2% among women folk are able to manage it with some kind of discipline for using telecoms services but  majority  are found wasting their useful time and ignoring utmost   nearest responsibilities which should be managed on priority basis before passing time with far away people.

Worst kind of usage and  after effects of telecoms industries are showing dangerous trends on mothers of infants and kids.It is strongly being observed that Girls use to of chatting up to level of addiction can’t avoid this approachable communication even after having the most delicate and tough assignment of upbringing a child.In urban culture such scenes are quite common where mothers while moving ,driving,shopping. visiting schools are looked more vigilant on the tones of mobiles and SMS than their kids who are fully dependent on mothers as  his/her first training camp that gives basic  foundation of his/ her personality. So one can imagine that how a child would grow under the security of mobile or net addicted mothers.

This excessive dependability of mobiles and internet services on routine matters can be a reason of unprofessional and unethical attitude among professionals too.

While discussing with one group and attending phones for solving problems of others are sign of ill mannerism and lack of focus to particular problems.In critical jobs such kinds of multiple contacts can produce negative or dangerous solution to people who are dependent on professionals for problem solving management.So in one way people are becoming more discourteous by using this facility in the name of technology.

Before spread of this way of communication ladies, students and other people love to gather on parks, restaurants, or in public places to share the joy of real human gestures,friendship and even sentiments of sorrows and pains.

Such way of sharing passions are natural and need of human life to make it balance and practical.This sharing world of passions places humans near to humanity and civility and we have to adopt it as first and last choice of living.

Human minds should balance the use of technology in  social and family lives with natural human skills.When human traits become more dependent on inventions and stop using their innate skills, it is start of degradation of human qualities  and lead it toward insensate and materialistic attitude .