Ablees(Satan) was dancing while Pakistan observing Youma Ashiq- e-Rasool (SAW)

Yesterday whole Pakistan observed yoma Ashiq- e -Rasool  a public  holiday was announced  to allow tens of thousands to protest in defense of Islam and the Prophet, security forces fanned out across major cities, sealing off Western and government targets.The whole  world is watching Islam at its best  of actions against  Terry Jones, Sam Bacile, Steve Klein who should be decapitated within 24 hours was the highest demand of angry mob  moving in Pakistan areas.

The violence on Friday in Pakistan began with a television station employee dying from gunshot wounds during a protest in  Peshawar, and  uncontrollable riots / protests in  Karachi, left between 30 people dead. More than 150 injured.

A church at Mardan was burnt by lovers of Prophet and warned the poor Christians of Pakistan that more can be attacked if their demands are not fulfilled by US govt.

Several police and private vehicles and cinema houses torched to inflame the burning hearts of these Muslims who were furious on  movie maker.

An insurance company ,4 Banks and many  shops were  looted and vandalized. Infrastructure worth millions of rupees damaged along with billion rupees loss to Pakistani economy for one day holiday.

I am neither word maker or some kind of scholar but can easily perceive through basic human values that what  we are witnessing in Islamic state and its framework  by so-called  mad lovers of Allah and  Rasool(saw) is highly, inhumane , inappropriate or disgusting.They and their acts on the name of protest are real pacts of  ex- chief of angels  who has taken command of this army of violent mob just   activated to secure the  fake castle of Islam.These highly charred followers of Ablees whom are secretly and securely gathered through some phenomenal process of evil human minds   behave like Jini of Alladin come and do their job when there is special call for them .

Yesterday’s actions were unique reaction that  whatever happened in outer world relating to their inner politics but reaction would be shown here.These followers of Ablees was justifying that surely the Islam preaches peace and tolerance and shuns violence but as some miscreants/ non believers living in other part of world  didn’t listen to their demands, leaving the only option of violent reaction for Pakistanis to observe Youm-e-Ishq-e-Rasool (saw). In Islam, the punishment for intentional and planned blasphemy against any prophet  is death sentence, by decapitation to whom still not clear as those have been  killed in mob violence wouldn’t have nay idea of this movie and its related objections .

It is clear that from yesterday’s  bloody protest that like in past , agitated  groups are  always kept behind screen in  Pakistan and are brought out to create  uncontrolled violence on the name of religion while state would give them little resistance.Switching off mobile phones, announcing public holiday and providing poorly equipped weak security force for protecting unarmed public against extremely dangerous goons itself explains  that our so-called greedy establishment have some vested interests to escalate this violence at a time when our puppet President and foreign minister are  on trip to US.

It is interesting that  US Obama is making electronic appeal to Pakistanis(  perhaps considering Pakistan as US 51st  but departed state) but  here our political leadership was absent from scene while such shows were on air for whole world. This kind of dis reputed  level it self speaks that Pakistan is most unreliable nation where no security force, no civil or military group can put reign on these fanatics  which are neither caught nor afraid of anyone while breaking law in daylight.This is truly the show of establishment for backing the visits of President and Foreign minster that Pakistan is still under control of fanatics that can turn table of liberals any time so never ever think of divorcing this  relationship nor stop its alimony that has been decided long years ago since Musharraf rule.

Any how what ever the dirty politics but on overall basis Pakistan is degraded as  lower as possible to listed in any civilized group .This day made it  clear that any one can use our illiterate masses in the name of religion…how unfortunate for its literate and liberal class who are fighting hard to come out of this ditch of backwardness but salute to  victory of our rulers who are fooling the nation and their masters with same card of fanaticism.


Religion as business and ruling tool in Islamic world

It is  difficult  to comprehend the wide field of Religions of world and its philosophies but in very summarized way  this term is  derived from the Latin religio (respect for what is sacred) and religare (to bind, in the sense of an obligation). The term religion describes various systems of belief and practice concerning what people determine to be sacred or spiritual.

Karl Marx viewed  in his opinion that religion as a tool used by capitalist societies to perpetuate inequality.

From ancient to still conservative nations one can easily conclude that religious society of the world are considered as societies those can be spread along a spectrum of how tight their social control or we can say that tight nations are more likely to have autocratic governing systems that suppress dissent, to have media institutions (broadcast, paper, Internet) with restricted content and more laws and controls, and to have criminal justice systems with higher monitoring, more severe punishment (e.g., the death penalty), and greater deterrence and control of crime.

A team led by psychologist Michele Gelfand (University of Maryland) surveyed people from 30 countries to assess how tight each country was. They were asked to rate statements like:

  • “There are many social norms that people are supposed to abide by in this country”
  • “In this country, if someone acts in an inappropriate way, others will strongly disapprove,”
  • “People in this country almost always comply with social norms.”

What they found fully  supported their theory in Islamic world too  that tight societies develop in response to either securing personal interests of rulers and external threats  which are broadly defined and include  both environmental and artificial threats. Here  Tighter societies usually  means those  have higher population density, fewer natural resources or if rich in natural resources these are controlled of specific ruling groups, lower food supply, more pollution, more natural disasters, more disease, and more threatening neighbors.

History reveals that rulers wanted people to believe in religion so the focus of population will  deviate from their performance and reliance of God’s action will be more  them and onto religion.The statistics shows that less religious  people are the more they  will ask questions and try to find out information, the more religious groups are means that society believes that things are the way that they are because God made it like that.In history “God” was used for a lot of reasoning, and it was believed that  people would not question it and that helped building the ruling high-class in untouchable status.So in tight societies usually under control of family or religious groups, rulers want people to be more religious because then they would not get questioned by anyone especially when they themselves brought God into the matter.

Like Islam all religions  strongly convince people to accept and endure the suffering and injustices in this life because heaven awaits them after death where they will be awarded with comfortable like and justice.It was crystal clear that Islam and other religion highly prohibited family rule etc. but majority of Muslims states strictly following  this supremacy and convince people through all means that they are superior human beings considered by God so they all have to accept them spiritual leaders.

This is completely contrary to orders of Allah and  teaching of Prophet . So Islamic countries are recognized by their  autocratic  or monarch governments and less press freedom, fewer political rights and civil liberties, more police and fewer crimes reported on official papers.

Generally Religion could act as a sedative for the people it makes them feel better, it calms them down, it essentially dumb  them in low profile of aggression toward state so they stop asking questions and just accept whatever they are fed to them by some state sponsored clerics. Religion can be seen as just a means of social organization to set a direction of any nation just in favor of ruling groups. Basically the following quote by Seneca goes hand in hand with these ideas

“Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.”

After Seeing such kind of dominant phenomenon the public living under such religious autocracy  also tries to copy this hypocrite living, having camouflage of religious themes ,disguise differently to show their affiliation with religion and its norms.In Pakistan more criminals would turn to be hajji, charity lover, and projected to be big social worker.Here business on the name of Allah and  Mohammed ‘s name, Quranic words are very popular theme to show their affinity with Islam but no one can deny that under these names lots of frauds and cheating plans were/ are executed to get profit by all hook and crook ways.

In today’s urban  society rulers and governments cannot really do that because people are all more intellectually advanced, and not as gullible, but creating such conditions under strict religious laws and blasphemy constraints, it is noted that the whole nation is  wasting their productive time to such discussions  i.e  who does and who doesn’t deserve to live, while conveniently ignoring the sheer hypocrisy of  rulers and scholars whose only qualification is  blame games to others.

The religion’s   real  purpose is about to develop an individual’s personality  , his  community and its life style presentation.Its main objective is to  bind people together by some kind of social cohesion force, promotes behavior consistency  for controlling social  changes in random manner, and offers strength for people during life’s transitions and tragedies.The source of religion and  social morality should be the collective mind-set of society  to maintain the social stability  where people should be inclined to peace and love sharing responses irrespective of their faith, social status and their family values.

Celebrities promote extremly harmful products in the society Part II

The havoc of advertisements in so called modern world costs nation more than estimated thoughts.It changes the lifestyles, eating habits and  etiquette of any living being specially the immature minds.The dream merchants of advertising are blindly  weaving a web of false and deceptive mirage of prosperity in Pakistan where millions of people are living in  below  poverty line. Here one can use  the term puffery advertisement which is an American slang for false and deceptive advertising .This slang can  mislead the consumer through over ideas which can a actually create hazardous or imaginary  effects on society and its living beings.

Pakistan is probably the only country in South Asia where products which are recognized health hazards are being advertised unchecked through “puffery” and false and misleading claims. There is no agency, official or otherwise to check and control such harmful advertising, nor are there any pressure groups in society to provide protection to the unsuspecting consumers.

Shahrukh Khan in advertisement

The biggest example one can quote her is the product of the skin-lightening industry is worth at least billions in south Asia and the Fair-and-lovely creams are  the latest products from one of the market’s big players.Shahrukh Khan and Katrina kaif like superstars whom people adores  more than their religious belief in subcontinent  and their  endorsements on such products will no doubt raise the profile of this product..One can thoroughly perceive by drastic social changes in the society that the cult of media personality, especially cricket or top models  movie stars, is a much bigger phenomena in  and so brands are much more partial to celebrity endorsements.

Just  for earning money these crowd puller stars are  essentially doing, is confirming and promoting the condescending attitude that many  south Asians  have towards dark-colored skin. Their endorsements are completely immoral and serious creating the negative effects on psychology and skin of  dark color  youth who are  blind followers  of stars of the time.

The Mobile phone companies are acting the same. They are just making youth addicted to such things such as romantic sms, prank calling, opposite sex friendships and ultimately to phone sex.You might can not see the impact it has made to our society but everyone else can see it.It has become status symbol or what people say updated fashion statement– It is a way that people have their phone in a style, color, cost and features and feel that a phone can enhance their looks. Although mobile phones have long been a part of the business community, they are quietly becoming entrenched in personal lives. Cell phones play a crucial role in relationships among a group of young people. Mobile phones also influence the trend toward relaxing the traditional amount of contact permitted before marriage. Cell phone is also in the use of people who are working 24/7 environment and always remain on the go.The immature generation has become addicted to avail these kind  of night  packages.Whole night they spent in useless, ungraceful conversation it’s all beyond morals. These kind portable platform providers are taking away our youth from family/Cultural/Traditional/Religious values, they don’t even care about their health though they know how these RF radiation would be harmful as for as continuous use is concerned.

So it all comes in some kind of social crimes where producers, promoters and celebrates contribute equally to misguide the people toward serious wrong trends.Grabbing our new generation  towards attractive but  serious threat on long-term basis are  some kind of services provided by  different Companies.It seems they  get silvery cover for their weak products to spoil the future and health of  our youth.So one should  just give it a thought which kind of  people provide and promote  these services and what is their only purpose of doing this??

Celebrities promote extremly harmful products in the society

Advertisements and then advertisements with top celebrities are 20th century’s  tools to sell of fool  man-made  products.Most advertisement helps in producing psychological effects and can help in changing only mental states of audiences and predispose them towards the purchase of  the  advertised product or service.Theoretically it is taught” in business that  Advertising is essentially a form of communication and its basic responsibility is to deliver desired information to the target audience” But in actual practice advertisers  often do bend and curve the truth for their own benefit and in order to promote and advertise  new but extremely unhealthy and environmental unfriendly  products”.

Photo: Request Your Wallet Sized Boycott Guide: can’t say it often enough. If companies like General Mills, Kellogg’s, Pepsi, Coca-Cola and other giant multinational junk-food peddlers hadn’t dumped more than $20 million into the NO on 37 campaign, Prop 37, the California Right to Know GMO labeling initiative, would have passed.If we want to pass GMO labeling laws in Washington, Vermont and other states, we’ve got to keep these Big Companies – and their Big Money – out of the fight. Our best shot at doing that is to send them a clear message: We won’t buy your organic and natural brands unless you keep your hands off, and your money out, of our GMO labeling campaigns.Request Your Wallet Sized Boycott Guide: More About The Boycott in This Weeks Edition Of Organic Bytes:

Cigarettes was one of dangerous health hazard which was promoted to general public via media campaign and using attractive skills to addict people such a deadly usage as part of routine life. The teens were so much attracted by such advertisement that was getting the message  that taking this thing in your mouth, no matter what your age is, will make you look  healthy sexier. All that had the effect of pushing the consumer to take  in the hopes of becoming like those virile men and turning the heads of every female towards them : a perception that had no link to reality and health science has proved that  quickly turns to disappointment in the form of serious health disorders that can only keep females away from them.

Hormonal and processed meats have become demand of so-called modern world where advertisements are encouraging people to adopt this way of extremely dangerous cooked  products as normal dietary habit.Smoked and processed meats are nasty contributors to stroke risk in many ways: The preserving processes leave them packed with sodium, but even worse are the preservatives used to keep processed meats from going bad. Sodium nitrate and nitrite have been shown by researchers to directly damage blood vessels, causing arteries to harden and narrow. Stroke is not the only concern for salami fans; cancer journals have reported numerous studies in the past few years showing that consumption of cured and smoked meats is linked with increased risk of diabetes and higher incidences of numerous types of cancer, including leukemia.The abnormal hormone dosing to broiler animal products has created havoc in young lives and badly effecting their reproductive growths and leading them toward hormones imbalance disease at their  young ages.

Almost all the ads  specially related to processed and artificial flavoring food products put forth false claims of the targeted product. The creators try their best to point to the product’s unique features, but in a  very much exaggerated way.  They resort to this kind of deceiving for just  increasing the sales and thereby the profit. As for sure, they would never disclose any of its negative factors to us. Since all the ads are done perfectly,  people would never sense any fault either. Moreover, the companies on no account feel guilty of lying to its faithful an ignored customers.

As in the case of promotions of  Energy carbonated drinks like business giants of  Pepsi Coke and Red Bull like  throughout promoted their extremely unhealthy drink for last many decades.How slowly these groups have addicted the coming generations toward this bone decaying and diabetic promoted drink.In massive and influenced promotions  even supporters of healthy diets couldn’t stand against their strong campaign where top class international celebrities are forerunners  of their promoting campaigns.
Other Companies specially linked with synthetic food and home products  can exaggerate certain features of their products up to level of false claims about its safety issues or they can make vague and ambiguous claims that sound good to weak  people who are impressed by  participation of top class models, actors players for such unnatural products for human.

Advertisements focus on materialism and consumption and what are long-term effects of their products on human lives don’t matters for them. Ideally, advertisements are meant to create demand for goods that may not be of any value  to the consumer. Fast food advertisements do not show any obese characters in their advertisement, but show young children having fun while eating as much fast food as they can. Childhood obesity and other diet related complications are on the rise due to this.
Advertisements can be deceitful, especially for younger population who spends days in front of TV screen and watch aggressive and false advertising in between popular shows.Once a trend and its image for advertising purposes have been created, conditioning can begin. Customers become addicted to products that they usually don’t need, and then this become the  real image of our society of over consumerism.


Today, because of ad conditioning and trendsetting, judgments are made on what kind of  food people should take according to their class , what clothes people must  wear, what shampoo and kitchen cleaner they ought  use, and not on who we really they  are.Consumers get a wrong image of social dignity and acceptance. They proliferate that without using  a certain product the people start thinking that they we would be considered substandard in the society and  when consumers feel that certain products can make them more dignified they would naturally go for it.

This leads to a certain degree of social discrimination and project weakness of human minds  who only need outer driven forces to control their personal choices. False claiming advertisements are made in spirit of blind over consumerism without a soul.

So  try to get personal  data of advertised products  found in our society One  will find that advertising today indeed has become very showy, shadowy and false and your would see that advertisements set false trends in the society.Human minds most of time used this attractive and active tool to negatively triggers the mind toward highly artificial synthetic products including instant foods,  plastic products, etc.

Next time you go shopping, or see an advertisement, ask yourself if you really need that product. Also, ask yourself what it all really costs.
And is it worth?