Ridiculous scenes of justice in Pakistan

Dr Shakil Afridi, a government surgeon who helped the CIA uncover Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts, was sentenced to 33 years for treason..Afridi was sacked as a government doctor  and then guilty under the tribal justice system in Khyber district, part of Pakistan’s semi-autonomous tribal belt. The doctor had worked for years as a surgeon in lawless Khyber, part of the Taliban and al Qaeda infested tribal belt.In this historical case Afridi was not present in the court and not given a chance to defend himself,  and he was not placed to any civil court  so under the tribal system, he would not have had access to a lawyer.He was sentenced under the Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) clauses related to offenses against the state, conspiracy, or attempt to wage war against Pakistan, concealing with intent designs to wage war against the state and on charges of working against the country’s sovereignty, a Khyber administration official said.

If  some person has little bit of common sense the first thing comes in mind is that at one hand shakeel afridi is sentenced but those who were  aiding,hiding ,securing or feeding Osama , his three wives and dozen children( few of them were born in Pakistan ) while living in territory of Pakistan army  and those who had  done joint  air and land operations with navy seals  are still unknown to public .

If we just recall our history then we found chain of long names of Generals and bureaucrats who have a  clean working alliance with CIA and US interests . From General Ayub , general fazal haq, Hammed gul, General Zia, Gn Akhthtar ,Ghulum Ishaq,, Sikander mirza atc ……. Along with long  list is there where  all so-called Pakistani elites did unconditional and  indispensable services to CIA game plans in Pakistani soil  but had never come under this FCR or any  national security laws.Some worked closely with the CIA during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, some were active when Taliban turned against US as aids has been stopped to them, some facilitated military deals in favor of USA and some by passed all national Laws to secure even day light killer like Raymond Davis .

In 1980s  to early 1990 Pakistani ISI supported Mujahedeen rebels  who were engaged heavily in drug trafficking while fighting against the Soviet-supported government. The Agency’s principal client was Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, one of the leading drug lords and a leading heroin refiner. CIA  incorporation-supplied trucks and mules, which had carried arms into Afghanistan, were used to transport opium to laboratories along the Afghan/Pakistan border. The output provided up to one half of the heroin used annually in the United States and three-quarters of that used in Western Europe.jihad cartoons, jihad cartoon, jihad picture, jihad pictures, jihad image, jihad images, jihad illustration, jihad illustrations

U.S. officials admitted in 1990 that they had failed to investigate or take action against the drug operation because of a desire not to offend  Pakistani and Afghan allies. In 1993 Afghanistan was top rate country of supply of drugs to international market and it was all done under the nose of CIA and ISI.

Think to Ponder:

Why this law the Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR)  that is related to offenses against the state, conspiracy, or attempt to wage war against Pakistan, concealing with intent designs to wage war against the state and on charges of working against the country’s sovereignty” never applied to sons of soil who run this business on the name of Islam and national security??

Pakistani establishment always seems working in US interests and  it is hard to deny that its relationship with the CIA is not aligned  but  on the other side it is always  hidden and nor publicly acknowledged. It is internationally accepted that the enormous amounts of money/resources the U.S. and NATO countries  had to spend on security and wars, in Afghanistan ,Iraq and Pakistan .General Musharraf always proudly declared that he shaken hand with US in this operation clean up against Osama group.Under the Nose of the PakistanisSince Musharraf era the Pakistan military  agencies work altogether on the CIA’s drone-strike program and other anti terrorism operations. It’s a relationship born, in part, of necessity—the U.S. transfers $400 million annually to Pakistan’s military, which nevertheless remains mired in a budget crisis. The ISI tacit support for the drone strikes itself justifies its dependability on CIA and  weaknesses too in its own territory and all actions like that are supported on the name of eradication of Osama and his team.

Had the military generals Kayani and Pasha  a single honorable blood in their veins, they should  have resigned to  after the bin Laden raid instead of targeting the civilian government and poor civilians in the way they are doing and holding Pakistan’s democracy hostage at gunpoint. But as they are blue boys of US they were awarded extensions.

Think to Ponder:

Why this law the Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR)  that is related to offenses against the state, conspiracy, or attempt to wage war against Pakistan, concealing with intent designs to wage war against the state and on charges of working against the country’s sovereignty never applied to  Musharf and his team who run this business on the  national security??

In the end the mean result of all this with broken economy, shattered public confidence, destroyed businesses/trades/commerce, crippled resources, daily civilian bloodbath, defeated armed forces and  corrupt  political leadership what else is there that Pakistani masses could look for to acquire sense of security and survival in coming years?  The Generals and NRO laden political  gang see no  wrong doings anywhere in burning Pakistan .  Neglected and deprived of any consideration, practically discarded as human beings and viewed as digits and numbers only for taking aids and casualties ransoms, 180 million Pakistanis live under the virtual occupation and slavery of the few  US sponsored human figures.

So after seeing all this why only Dr afridi looked criminal in land which has a long list of name of those personals who   made conspiracies, or officially  attempted to wage war against Pakistan, concealed with intent designs to wage war against the state and  had enormous charges of working against the country’s sovereignty.


Merchants of GHQ /Islamabad and price of Pakistani flesh

The  US and its NATO allies  are giving  their  silvery and spicy ultimatum to the Pakistan government and it looks successful. Almost daily the country’s top political and military leadership have meetings to discuss the conditions of reopen blocked NATO supply routes in the immediate future . Initially, the president and the prime minister were set aside but  later the two leaders were joined by the top military commander, select ministers and other senior government functionaries to pose in front of nation that they are doing  all in favor of Pakistan. Sabir

For People of Pakistan is there  any controversy left in their minds about reopening the NATO supply routes?

which I think is never closed and intermittent supply is going on for cooling the high moods of masters.

When the Pakistani Foreign Minister said that it is time to move beyond the Salala incident!

It means such killing scenes are normal practice  or exercise on Pakistani soil sometimes on Uniform men and sometimes on  common Pakistanis.

When PM of Pakistan accepted the supremacy of 48 county over our sovereignty!

It means he gets a deal of give and take .Here give means certify smooth supply and take  another term.

So we have celebrated” youma shouda” as high national  regrets on the loss of lives on Salala incidents.It is enough to fill the emotional hunger of Pakistanis.

Financial compensation is an ultimate solution of our all crisis  or one can say real bonus  of our  land  and life  atrocities .This has  been surly granted to families of  26 Pakistani soldiers who were bombed  for 2 and half hours and none of F16 and high-tech helicopters of Pakistan army come to rescue them.

Pakistan air force chief was immediately  rewarded  with applauded retirement packages along with  lucrative job  as MD  of PIA   for  his high performance including closing his eyes and ears on Salala and Osama raid like  incidents.

W e are always consoled on the name of humanity and Islam that   it is time to move on and the first step in this regard to reestablish our relationship with killers of Pakistanis and give them favors what they want in the name of bilateral relationships .

Why because this is our real past history .Our establishment since creation of Pakistan always exposed common people in front of war like situation and then take over government control with same kind of diplomatic excuses.

Some Pakistanis  read “The Merchant of Venice  “comedy about a bitter and detested Jewish moneylender (Shylock) who seeks revenge against a Christian merchant who has defaulted on a loan.There the Shakespeare showed his hatred as Christian for Jewish people and that was common trend of that era.

But in Pakistan since creation same theme was adopted by so-called Muslim leaders to offer the Muslim flesh to Christians masters to make  their merry-go-round and earn  or lend money from their masters.From Quaid i Azam to zardari it  is seemed that it is game of power backed by foreign hands to create divide and war like situation in Pakistani territory and for their back up plans military coupe de etait is always ready to kill the germs of political grooming in Pakistani soil.

The fates of  people of Afghanistan and Pakistan are very clear if we see the history since 1980s.Genocide of liberal and progressive groups and in short common citizens have suffered enough due to  war and terrorism in the region. US here played the role of sweet step mother who one-sided  posed to support the working government with their military aids and under cover they supply arms to militants groups. It clearly means nourishment of civil war and disturbance in the region that is all time threat to future super powers like India and china.

The name of  US aid is just a joke from civilized nation to illiterate people of Pakistan. It’s some kind of high interest loan an investment that  aimed at bribing the corrupt elite in return for promoting their defense deals and  allowing control of  country’s key positions and resources. About 90% of this much  aid goes back to USA as payment to their contractors.When US plant touts create all kind of destruction in the region then UN and its sister agencies are activated to rehabilitate the affected areas and people  for their future plans and this way they make their business run.

With all bitterness it is true that  Pakistan not only lost billions , suffered economic collapse , it also ended up compromising its sovereignty, inviting terrorism, destroying infrastructure, incurring instability, sacrificing more than 50,000 innocent people and soldiers but in return received  drones, and salala like  attacks on our  real people . Along with this , the 3.5 billion we regularly  pay to USA every year in debt servicing mission designed by our imported finance minster. US friendship under corrupt generals and political leadership  is complete a  deadly trap for Pakistan, where educated groups migration has started on faster rate and rest are picked to rule and run the US business deals here.