Few motivation thoughts to increase inner strength.

It  happens many time in life of any person who even born with silver spoon  that  he or she  can stand alone in  hour of adversity and need.Not all the time but is not unusual that in such crucial time  no-one is willing to stand beside him when the battles within    life is  on the verge of defeat and ruin. So it is not surprise that out of track  abnormality comes when agonized or anguished mind lose its sense of rethinking  or rehabilitation from repetitive setbacks and incidents.

In such phase one can only see  pain and grief  as their  constant companions, losing vision, good companion, sincere relations like  moral boosters to raise their lost confidence on luck, humans and humanity.

There are some tips  that can be  tried to practice and  improve the  lost self-confidence of any person occurring due  to unlucky timing or through bad experiences.

Through Appreciation.

The most important thing is to  learn how to appreciate the way he/she is surviving in unbearable conditions.This quality of appreciation  make one to experience and learn the effort and ability of needed to work with others or oneself to get things done in an array.This way one can learn to compose himself in odd hours of life. One  should also value, appreciate what the parents or other personalities  have done and love them for  helping them to show their talent who they are now.Seeing always deficiency of life and relations keep a person in miserable and complex state.

It is said By Ibrahim Lincoln

People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

By seeing the sufferings of others:

At the hard times if one compare her failures  with success of others then it would bring more depression in  thought of self survival so best way to motivate yourself is to pass time with those who are living in more deprived state .God or system always tests the resistance of a person by creating social pressures around him.This is the best way to develop the enduring power of each individual.It  is rule of nature ,stronger mind would survive and  weaker will lose its nerves at early stage of pressure building tasks.

Through support of trustworthy relations.

Having good relations or  always keep on searching for sincere people is strong  instinct of reviving your motivation force.Good people are like fresh breeze in life, refreshed your all tired muscle and give you enlightenment in dark hours of life.They are like open door to you by passing through their friendship and sincere advice you can be conqueror of your limited or unlimited world of desires. So one should preserve its good relations who might be bitter in mood but their bitterness might give you potion of survival in this brittle world.

Through using common sense

No one can go back and make a brand new start. Anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending by using its natural skills of practicing common sense.This sense is even found in animals to find best and safe  living option by using their self-protection natural instincts.

Through  analyzing philosophy of death

The concept of death itself gives force of motivation to live like real human being as long as death angel would  come to take soul  from his body.A person or any living being has natural capacity of fighting against odds that is trying to harm his life.The discovery of fire of primitive men and exploring outer space by modern generation,  all ideas bring motivation spirit to live in safe and organized pattern of passing life.

A popular quote explains this philosophy of death

Life is not lost by dying; life is lost minute by minute, day by dragging day, in all the thousand small uncaring ways.

Through socialization with different civilization

The man who does things makes many mistakes, but he never makes the biggest mistake of all -- doing nothing. -Benjamin Franklin

Living with problems of surroundings  gives you a better understanding of life. Social life and wider travels  considerably provide  greater insight of motivation to survive in different phases and life styles. This observation surely emphasizes the use of reasons to scrutinize previously accepted doctrines and traditions and that can  bring many humanitarian reforms other than typical orthodox living.Exposures to different culture and faith through public meeting is natural way of raising motivation level that is why even in ancient time where traveling was  considered as one of toughest human activity ,  couldn’t stop men to move to far distant areas of world to explore new experiences.Narrow mindedness develop in enclosed periphery where only typical  shallow mind people share their thoughts and  always prefer to criticize weakness of others and other system by living in encircled  surrounding .

Through countering personal fears and complexes

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, and success achieved. -Helen Keller

Bitter experiences, facing rough people, childhood trauma through family conflicts or any unusual incidents are big hurdles to enhance the motivation energy  of any individual and it can lower the life quality  after facing repetitive failures.

This trick of self-control   will curb  fear and complexes to grow further and  might  inspire you to build, love, follow your own dream, and arrange your own  saga.


Pakistan’s Barbie like anchors of morning shows.

Taking part in non political   TV shows is all about fame and glamor and with the increase in the number of TV channels the new trend of  presenting morning shows has increased tremendously  .Such programs are getting popularity in  some typical  audience who are quite free and relaxed  from routine or professional  activities linked with  morning working hours.After seeing the large influx of young females  toward this  field, it is obvious that there are some attracting features  for audiences mostly include ladies and youngsters. Becoming a TV anchor may seem very easy for  those who still not enter in this field but t there is a lot of hard work and effort required in it to get  profound positions in this media . This  is some kind of public job in which trendy men and ladies also take live calls from common people.Along with new get-up sponsored by running  boutiques they have to ensure the  impeccable presentation. There are a lot of complexities involved here apart from just reading the scripts. They have to invite popular people of society and be ready to  respond spontaneously to all kinds of live phone calls. So it is not an easy job to ensure that a show is smooth flowing with public because these    anchors are expected to entertain the audience with their spontaneous wit and active team work is required to air it  on live with lively and fresh intakes ,all mostly  depend on the physical and verbal display of female anchors.

For audience it might seem that these Barbie dolls of Pakistan are ready-made  females for such morning shows but actually this is a high stress profession and there are times when they can have to work for continuous  long hours . These fashionably looking  anchors are expected to look extra ordinary even in disturbed time for nations  formally dressed up at the morning hours. The focus of professional expertise would be evident in the way she presents show . Having good presence of mind is essential to handle minor errors or any similar kinds of obstructions during the live  shows.So it covers to have a glamorous and exciting career, which can also mean  hectic working even go on air during the holidays.

Barbie® I Can Be...™ Computer Engineer* Doll - Shop.Mattel.com

Nobody can  deny  the  talent and sharp wit of these ladies who try to amuse the typical TV watch bugs of Pakistani culture in all week days.If one side   over majority  cooking programs are trying to develop new kind of cooking variety in our domestic culture but on the others side it is creating artificial environment that are developing   inferiority complex  to large majority who neither can afford such kind of  modern kitchen setups and dressing too like our  hosts and anchors .Maintaining  kitchen for 3 meals a day  in normal way has  already been  considered as  one of  difficult task for our housewives belonging  to middle, lower middle or lower class due to  careless attitude of our government.

So such glamorous presentation of painted lady cooks  do  produce negative  effects of distress and deprivation in our tensed society.The influx of such programs might be  designed to counter the strong impact of cheap and fake Indian dramas,and our female viewers stick to TV sets by deeply involving  them in its confused  stories  and unrealistic themes.The people of Pakistani media should understand it that  two wrong and fake presentations can’t produce a positive influence on declining moral  values of any system.It can be said like tha taking cigarette for avoiding drugs is not a reasonable choice.,same like here glamorous  Indian dramas can’t be replaced by abundant morning shows for typical class.

Aaj Subh

TV anchors who present the morning shows their devotion work for prolonged hours specially  in which they have to reach to typical set in early hours of day and in this regard they have to ignore more important  morning jobs as wife and mothers of young kids.Single women  or men can surely perform this job in better way due to less responsibility toward necessary domestic jobs.As these jobs are highly paid by top media houses so our ladies take no longer time to pick this profession after selection.

On the other hand  too much live exposures in such updated and highly expensive  get up don’t match with  highly disturbed  Pakistani community due to continuous terrorism like situation or extreme financial crunch .In phases of national setbacks  it was so awkward to see the repetitive  crying pleas of  these decorative Barbies even on the period of   national crisis like recent flood or IDPs of swat.Those days without judging the grave seriousness of natural disasters these fully painted ladies in designer outfits  were forcing people to help  victims.Their  one day full dressed up  expensive arrangements were creating some kind of irritating impressions for the people who were either busy in flood rescue arrangement or for those too who are seeking for help through media projections.

Such styles of  factitious exhibitions  simply reflect that  weak areas of producers or directors  who plan and conduct such showing ups.We as nation are blind followers of western trends but in presenting our lady hosts we have different perceptions and we present them as we are one of ,modern, well established nation of the world that are enjoying harmony and peace situation more than developed nations of the world.

John Kerry and his protocol in Pakistan

Mr Kerry who got popularity in media via Kerry Lugar Bill related to Pakistan aid package was immediately sent to  Pakistan for some under cover deals with Pakistan establishment on Raymond case. Surely he is the senior  Senator from US and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He became the senior Senator from Massachusetts after the 2009 death of  Senator Edward Kennedy.In US  he is considered as most senior and richest senator who once run for President position .

The meeting of a senator to high protocols of Pakistan is just indicating the lower profile of Pakistani government in front of their master like allies where our COAS,PM,President  are  all time spared and available to US officials belonging to foreign secretory and a senator who is trying to bully the Pakistan and Pakistani nation on day light murders of Pakistani civilians in their home ground.

These were same Americans who were least bothered about US ambassador and his colleagues killed in mysterious air crash with Zia but for the last days the  24 hrs follow-up of senior US officials and even comments of Obama in his favor is serious indication of his importance for CIA and US officials.

Why US is putting unreasonable pressure in front of international world and media for favoring this killer.?

If our Ambassador Haqqani would kill two US citizens through his vehicle or in frustration that he is facing for last months on many issues then US would give me same immunity??

These are worth questions one should think and there is no harm if we request to our all ambassadors to try to use this blanket immunity which is surely equivalent to license to kill  to their respective  deputed countries under diplomatic power through Vienna convention.

Present Scenario:

Upon arriving in Pakistan late Tuesday, Kerry, a Democrat from political background,he reached out to Pakistan’s government and people. He expressed regret over the loss of Pakistani lives and promised that the U.S. will conduct a criminal investigation into the shooting if Davis is released.

John Kerry assures Pakistan that the US contractor will face justice
On Wednesday, Kerry also met with President, army chief Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani.
Pakistan’s former foreign minister after fired from latest ministry shake up took a U turn against his pet govt and overwhelmingly declared  that legal advisers told him Davis did not qualify for “blanket” diplomatic immunity, without elaborating. This came after a government official told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the government would tell the court that most of its legal experts had decided that Davis is immune from prosecution.

Interestingly  he reiterated this stance after meeting with Kerry — an indication that the American politician may have a hard time convincing Pakistan to free the  free killer Davis..The Pakistani government is also under intense public pressure; crowds of protesters have urged the government in recent weeks to try Davis.
The US administration insists obstinately that  Davis was part of the embassy’s “administrative and technical staff,” which means he might have been involved with security, but conversely Pakistani media with aid of” intelligence agencies leaks ” have focused on him being a former Special Forces soldier who runs an American “protective services” company with his wife.

Although the U.S. says he’s an embassy employee, he apparently had been attached for a while to the consulate in Lahore, further adding to the confusion about his status since consulate employees do not always get the same level of diplomatic protection as embassy staffers.

But Kerry’s upbeat attitude contrasted with a sense of internal divisions within Pakistan’s government over how to handle the case.

The  obtained  photocopy of an ID and a salary document that Davis apparently gave Pakistani authorities, showing that he was scheduled to be paid $200,000 from Sept. 21, 2010, until Sept. 20, 2011, for “overseas protective  secret services.,” training, administration work and insurance and travel expenses.

Davis is identified as a contractor of Defence department on his ID card.

On the other side religious groups who are the main targets as a part of elimination process under theme of War on terror have got an opportunity to further instigate the frustration of Pakistanis increasing day by day owing to worst managerial and economic conditions of state actors.Photos of protesters hoisting banners that read “Hang Raymond Davis!” appear every few days in Pakistani newspapers. Islamic parties capable of mobilizing thousands of demonstrators have vowed to rally against the government if Davis is freed.

In Pakistan, rumbles of a revolution over Raymond Davis
In a nation fractured along ethnic, sectarian and political fault lines, the case has congealed Pakistani society into a single, cohesive front against what many perceive to be an ideal illustration of American recklessness continuous in our environment for last 9 years.
People are surprised that why drone attacks have been seized and no  suicidal attack is happening in our land as Mr Raymond is a Satanic leader of this bloody game playing in our soil.The revolutionary fever sweeping through the Middle East could give demonstrators in Pakistan momentum that Zardari and his government would struggle to withstand. 

There are bright chances that Raymond would get freedom  after deals between US and victims of shooting who might accept heavy blood money under the Law of Qisas and court will have no option left except to sign his liberty cheque. But on overall basis the  credits of this misadventure would be cashed by Shairf brothers, Punjab govt strong stance and judiciary.All situation is controlled by their seemingly strict stance and PPP ex foreign minister  also joined them against his party wishes .

Unlucky Zardari group is  on his routine remedy of 100 onions and 100 shoes by the grace of intelligence agencies who had put them in such high offices they also think “Democracy is best revenge for People of Pakistan.”

Shortsighted national approach of management of fertilizer sector of Pakistan

Pakistan Fertilizer Industry

The major fertilizer production units in Pakistan  are (Hazara Phosphate Fertilizer (Pvt) Limited, Lyallpur Chemical & Fertilizer Limited, Pak Arab Fertilizer Limited, and Pak American Fertilizers Limited) while 6 are in the private sector (EngroFertilizer  Chemicals Pakistan Limited, Dawood Hercules Chemicals Limited, Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited and Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Company Limited, Pak China Fertilizer and Pak Saudihttps://i0.wp.com/www.ffbl.com.pk/images/plant-night.jpg

Fertilizer requirements in the country are met from both domestic production and imports.. The annual production capacities are as follows: urea 4.3 million tonnes, DAP 450 thousand tonnes, CAN 450 thousand tonnes, NP compounds 305 thousand tonnes, SSP 180 thousand tonnes and for NPK compounds 100 thousand tonnes(total 5.78 million tonnes). The overall capacity utilization varies, but it is always more than 100 percent in the case of urea.

Fertilizer policy

The government has privatized and deregulated fertilizer imports and prices. In 1986, all subsidies on nitrogenous fertilizers were abolished followed by phosphates in 1993 and potash in 1997. Provincial quotas were abolished, provincial supply organizations in the public sector abandoned and import controls were lifted. All imports are effected by the private sector. In 2001, the government imposed a 15 percent general sales tax on all fertilizer products. Farmers have to pay international prices for imported products, apart from urea.

The share of the private sector in fertilizer marketing is 89 percent, compared to 11 percent for the public sector. The private sector handles about 90 percent of the urea and 100 percent of the DAP, the two major fertilizer products consumed in the country. A dealer network of about 8 000 retailers exists in the country.
Fertilizer companies select and train the dealers. There is no government intervention. However, under ‘Fertilizer Acts’ promulgated by provinces, fertilizer quality is monitored by the provincial governments.

Fertilizer consumption by-product (percentages)

Importance of fertilizer in Pakistan

The total cropped area in Pakistan is about 22.2 million ha. The share of food grain crops is 54 percent, followed by cotton and sugar cane 20 percent; pulses 6 percent; oilseed crops 3 percent; fruit/vegetables 4 percent and other crops about 13 percent.wheat is the main food crop. It occupies about 36.3 percent of the total cropped area, followed by cotton with 14 percent, paddy with 9.5 percent, sugar cane with 4.5 percent, maize with 4.5 percent and other crops with 20.8 percent.

According to the fertilizer use survey five major crops: wheat, cotton, sugar cane, rice and maize account for about 87 percent of fertilizer consumption. Wheat accounts for about 45 percent followed by cotton with a share of 23 percent. Sugar cane is the third crop; nutrient use per ha is highest on this crop. The share of fruit and vegetables is 5.6 percent

The yields of the major crops are below their agronomic and genetic potential. There is a consensus among researchers and  policy planners that, given the necessary resources and inputs, yields could be increased by 30 to 40 percent by fertilizer and pesticides inputs.

Less than two percent of the farmers apply potash whereas 92 percent apply nitrogen and 83 percent apply phosphate.. Almost five percent apply micro nutrients. The use of green manures, crop residues and bio-fertilizers is negligible

Almost all farmers having access to canal or tube well irrigation water use fertilizers. In rained areas scarcely 50 percent of the farmers use fertilizers. About 92 percent of small-scale farmers  use fertilizers. Application rates decrease with an increase in farm size (rain fed and irrigated). In rain fed areas the difference between application rates for small and large farms is very wide.

During the introductory stage in the 1950s, the focus was on introducing and encouraging the use of fertilizers through simple fertilizer trials and demonstrations on farmers’ fields and by subsidizing fertilizer prices. Retail prices were fixed by the Government and were kept uniform throughout the country. With the increase in the level of fertilizer use, the emphasis changed to a more balanced use of fertilizer nutrients. However, as the subsidy burden increased, the Government started to phase out the subsidy under the Structural Adjustment Programme and economic reforms. In 1986, all subsidies on nitrogenous fertilizers were removed followed by phosphate fertilizers in 1995 and potassium fertilizers in 1997. Import controls were lifted, the government stopped importing and the private sector took over. The Government imposed a 15 percent general sales tax on all fertilizers since 2001, thus increasing the prices depending on off and on supply of Gas .

Fertilizer prices

Pakistan is self-sufficient in urea; hence no urea is imported. Today the farm gate price of domestically produced urea is about Rs.1000 per bag of 50 kg whereas the farm gate price of imported urea  is Rs.1300Rsr bag of 50 kg. The price of DAP, the second largest fertilizer product used after urea, is very volatile(almost 4000 to 5000 Rs/bag) and depends on international trends.These prices of fertilizer  have been doubled in last 4 years directly raising the crop prices in the same pace and   badly effecting the  food consumption of  low income groups which are almost 80% of population. Price disparities lead to high use of urea, and thus to imbalanced fertilizer use at farm level.The unprecedented rise in the prices more than 200% in the past year is creating a fertilizer crisis for poor farmer. They desperately need fertilizer to replenish the nutrient depleted  soils.

Farmers’ decisions  on quantity of  fertilizer for a specific crop, are linked with commodity prices. Higher fertilizer prices combined with lower crop prices can cause farmers to use low rates of fertilizers. The economics of fertilizer use have always been the over-riding consideration in the demand for fertilizers by farmers, especially the relationship between the commodity price and the input price. Support prices of the major crops have  been revised during the past three years and after seeing the difference  between local and foreign markets , farmers or retailers are preferring to export or smuggle the major crops causing shortages of basic food chains to common people.

A sharp increase in the cost of fertilizers and pesticides is being noted, but  production of fertilizer has not risen to the required level. This has resulted in large-scale shortages of wheat, sugar and edible oil. The fertilizer industry is capital-intensive( need huge investment)  therefore, in the initial years, due to high financial costs, new projects become unviable. Initially to develop the fertilizer industry the government gave liberal incentives including reduced gas tariff and a subsidy on production. A mechanism was evolved through which an infant fertilizer unit was financial supported in its initial stages by providing a subsidy to of load its financial liabilities.

Being an agriculture country  all state actors   should focus its concentration to  enhance productivity in agriculture sector as prior  future plans.It  can be  simply achieved by improved and efficient crop husbandry. Applying fertilizers in required quantity and quality at appropriate times with the using of other inputs can improve yield per ha of agriculture crops.

Profitability of fertilizer use

Agriculture sector occupies the dominant position in Pakistan’s economy but failed to give due attention to improve our  Economic Development via agriculture products. The yield per hectare is low in our country due to various reasons. Using Fertilizer in required quantity and quality at appropriate time is best hope to improve per hectare yield if irrigation water and certified seeds are provided according to requirement and weather conditions are favorable, because fertilizer provides essential nutrients which are required for the smooth growth of a plant.

Farmers have become so dependent on fertilizers for their crop production that they have been left with no option but to increase fertilizer use. Despite this, fertilizer use is still profitable. Recently the market prices of cotton and sugar cane have been higher than the support price.

As more fertilizer is applied, the additional quantity of crop yield produced with each successive unit of fertilizer becomes smaller, until a maximum yield is obtained. This is a result of the law of diminishing returns.  A farmer is interested in profitable returns rather than maximum returns. This implies that the maximum yield per hectare does not always mean the highest profit because of greater cost of fertilizers.

Our farmers are not trained for adopting optimism in sowing and reaping process thus fail to maintain proportion a consumption of fertilizers.The government spends a high amount every year on importing fertilizers, every year, usually do not arrive in time due to poorly maintained network and farmers are unable to get the required quantity and quality of fertilizers for using on their crops.

There are frequent complaints about the black marketing,  less weighed of bags, artificial shortage during peak fertilizer demand period particularly during winter season when farmers require huge fertilizer for using on their wheat crop,farmers can not get required quantity and quality of fertilizers even at a black market prices and there is no any check and balance and punishment in this regard.

Future Outlook

The fertilizer sector remains a crucial support to the Pakistani economy, both in terms of its direct contribution as a facilitator to agriculture (22% of GDP) and its indirect assistance to other strategic sectors of the economy but due to recent crises of flood 2010 has turned down the GDP growth of 4%  to -2% to -5% of GDP.Furthermore, the loss of over 10 million heads of livestock’s along with the loss of other crops will bring down the total agricultural production by more than 15%.Its recurrence is possible through crash and long-term planning both by govt and private sectors linked with agro industries.

As contingency plans to provide adequate support to our Agro groups,  government can keep input costs low  relating to agricultural supply for some period because local manufacturers are all time determined to pass on all such increases to consumers. This will preserve the  farmer’s trust and   they would  move towards self-sufficiency and they would concentrate more to restore damaged agriculture network.In view of this crisis situation fertilizer industry should revise their policy of achieving  high profitability rate, over marketing costs or  high prices of  cosmetic projections as these all factors can deduce the farmers productions on our fields which ultimately create food shortages for common people .

They should emphasize on development of our deprived rural sides which are real users of  fertilizers and can facilitate the concept of green revolution through their modern ways of organizational techniques hardly found in other public sectors of Pakistan.The lack of fertilizers  in our agriculture  can accentuate hunger and poverty to large population resulting unhealthy features in  the environment . To stimulate adequate fertilizer use, the purchasing power of the poorest of the poor must be enhanced through market-friendly safety nets/forums of these  fertilizers companies.

This concept of development from stable industries can save the shaky future of Pakistan which have been stuck in whirl pool of flood and  war and terrorism like situation  around its real working class.

Punjab regiment slogan” House of Punjabis”in Mardan could be a reason of suicidal killing.

Once again hate sentiments on the basis of  abnormal faith and uneven attitude has killed 35 young men of Pakistan and leaving 50 injured.Young boy dressed in a  uniform of the local Aziz Bhatti College has carried out a suicide bomb attack in North-West Pakistan killing dozens of soldiers in one of the worst attacks in recent months.The young suicide bomber attacked soldiers conducting morning exercises at a Pakistani army training camp in the town of Mardan,  where its entry slogan is marked as House of Punjabi

Attacks by Taliban militants in the region had been going through a relative low side before this strike which happened at around 8am local time.An increase in the use of teenage bombers across Pakistan, the country’s army has been  still in tracing the  training  camps in the North-West where children as young as 10 or 12 were being trained to become suicide bombers.

In one side if we consider this event as failure of our govt and military planning to end this kind of horrible killing in which only local dutiful sons  face dreadful consequences for each other and other side such scene  of  projecting the dominance of one community in affected areas of KPK is inflicting wounds of prenatally and physically hurt people.We sown seeds of militarism there and now reaping in more contagious state  which treatment procedures are still on way to give positive results on shattered society of Pakistan.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack at the Punjab Regiment Centre

One can see the wide and clear slogan on the main gate  of attacked cantonment of Murdan where first  prominent entry  words are “Home of Punjabis”. it is nothing more than unprecedented attitude of management who selected such logos in the vicinity of community who are forefront victims of war continuing there  for last 7 years. In last  year many times the soldiers and officers belong to pukhtoon background have given up  assigned duty  and many are facing court-martial for  denial  to join combat   mission  against their community  even knowing the consequences  in strict military discipline.Such reaction of soldiers and officers  has forced higher management to push  more Punjabi background officers into disturbed territory.Such polarization of ethnicity is second time being seen in Pakistan’s history, first in 1971  and now in 2000 era.

Repetitive mistake of projecting Punjabi dominance in army  and bureaucracy circles is some kind of big blunder our policy makers of military politics has done  again and again  without considering its long-term effects on  affected and  deprived community of Murdan and suburb areas.After seeing such scenes of mass killing in the house of Punjabis, one can easily conclude that why such deadly scene is being  created and it is only  to harm the integral approach of nationalism which is sharply toward decline side due to military adventures of Pak army and Americans on our soil.

This hate culture  based on the basis of faith, ethnic background and as privileged class  has gotten its deep-rooted growth in our national ground  and parting people of Pakistan more than last decades.All are signs of backwardness, fragmentation of national unity and confined political  approach of ruling groups.On the basis of persisting scenario of killing it wouldn’t be wrong to sense  that through such ethnic   labels ethnic differences are  more projected in affected areas and could be reason of fatal attack like that  on men who are just doing their jobs to  have some career and financial income for their large families.

So this is crucial time to provide ethnic and racial free  remedy to injured people   who are facing threats of joblessness, terrorism and economical upsets due to unjustified and   conservative approach of our corrupt policy makers .Equal distribution of funds, opportunities and basic facilities of life are right of all people of Pakistan without segregating  them in classes on the basis of their  areas, religious and family backgrounds.

Oh my Lord , god father is angry!!

A call from GHQ to Prime minister(PM) house.

COAS: PM what the hell is going on in Lahore bloody court??Telephone_cartoon_2

Who dared to arrest those Americans who are aiding us to detect  terrorism  in our dangerous cities.

PM:My lord what are talking it is impossible no one is allowed in our state who even think of  creating hurdle for our friends in need you might be mistaken.

COAS: I should expect same kind of response of ignorance from you as this is the most attractive quality that had made you qualified to become PM of Pakistan via our consent and approved by US ambassador.

COAS:(holding his breadth and anger) if you have spare time after  your political juggling and delivering nuisance comments on importance of democracy  please contact big wigs and mustache of Punjab govt that who allowed them to interfere in high-profile actions of US man in Lahore.

PM:I would  surely sir, my lord , give me some time and I will take up this matter  as per your expectation. please don’t take unnecessary pressure I am here for your service.

PM calling to Chief minister(CM) of Punjab while thinking Alas if Suleman Taseer was there  no such incidents couldn’t  have happened in our state coming under Punjab govt.

Operator: Sir CM is on other side.

PM : Oh my God  what happened in your jurisdictions who are culprits  injured our team members working on secret projects of National interests.

CM: Oh so tragedy  you can’t imagine how poor American and his dedicated team was trapped by  culprit and criminal Pakistanis.Thanks a lot no one from US side was injured and all have come to safe custody of state protections.Think my lord if mob had become violent  like Sialkot people then lynch could have been started but again thanks to Allah and people of my city that they didn’t cross the limit of decency and handled it  with care.

PM: who killed these bloody thieves??

CM:it was all done on self-defense the poor US man had left no choice by  these Paki attackers who were trying to rob the excellency.Really whole nation is ashamed of this local act of poor Pakistanis.

PM: But what media is trying to pose or exposed is not matching with your words!

give me details.

CM:Actually sir jee I’m relying on feed backs of our big mustache I mean our all time cursed law minister my Sounu………..

PM: You have hired Sonu nigham on this post after sad demise of our  dear salman.

CM:No sir it is pet name of our genuine pet I mean sunnah allah.

PM:ohhh Ok I was busy in thinking something serious on other matters.

CM:Sir jee  it  looks that  Angelin jolie  has just  hit your  good recall !!!

PM: oh shut up I am now realizing  that why Qureshi was calling me from US again and again as surely he would have  disturbed too by this horrible incident.If he would have been in state of shock then what happened to secretary of states I mean our Hillary and if she would have been hurt then it surely disturbing  Angeline jolie that how we are treating her fellow-man in our state. so painful for me , you can’t imagine.

CM: sir calm down we are here to protect the sovereignty of Americans.Dont be panic it is matter of few days as if we try to do some hurry the uncivilized people of Lahore may create problems as media is trying to create self-pity for cashing public sentiments.Sir jee they have to do their marketing too and this time they got cash reward due to expertise and skills of our American friend .

PM:What should I tell to big boss of GHQ. He is very worried, it is not matter of Sasata tandoor project but matter of billion dollars.

Have you seen billion dollar in your  life.

CM:Yes  yes sure  I have seen  once  before regime of Musharraf but now it only comes in dreams as now I can’t think of touching it as media and spy men are critically watching my momentarily movements.No problem good days would come( taking long and cold sigh……………..

PM:Anyhow as this tragic incident was happened in your jurisdiction so all eyes from GHQ and President house and from my windows are looking at you for good ending of this unexpected trouble.

ahhhhh uuf you know how much I am in trouble these days , my last attempts to save my ship.It is not easy for me to whom  I should be thrown out of my titanic ministry and negligence of you people has  put me more on pressure like that.

CM: We are trying our best to resolve the issue and our Dollar man in very good conditions  only for  few moments we  make him trouble while moving it to court as filling the formality , other wise he is  in good health.

CM:By the way when US plane would come to take him as no green signal is coming to us from ISI offices.

PM: I don’t know but all things should be sort out before April when President Sian have to land on US soil. I  will advise  him to take this dollar man  with his  convoy which would surely certified our friendly and committed faithful  gestures to our god father.

CM:sure , why not good idea I  agree with you. I am passing all necessary instructions in this regard to Sana ullah who is now very relaxed after Khosa’s entry in governor house.They both are living like twin brothers and they would surely give us safe exit from this crisis.That is why it is an old saying that :Unity is our political strength.

PM :Yes, yes that is what I want as I can’t afford  too much brows of General Kiayni and US officials any more.We are bound to  abide them as you know it is not our govt but last govt of Musharraf who made this deal and we are just showing our hospitality to our foreign guests as per our political traditions.

Go and get the report and send to all including  US Ambassador, no no sorry don’t do   it is my job to tell him about this.  you would only mail me okkay

CM:Yes boss   in few hour  our future plans of securing this dollar man from  wrath of uncivilized Pakistanis will be on your table .Enjoy your juice of pomegranate and remember good time spent  with Joile.

The Beginning of fall of Arab kingdom

Arab countries are  normally ruled by  despotic characters  may it be a king, a president, a general or a religious cleric  depending on faith of majority population. Most of the  population living under Arab dictatorships are in a very poor economic situation, due to various degrees of international  economic sanctions, local corruption and tyrannical reign which  not only suppresses the right of common citizens but make restriction even on freedom of  basic rights of citizens. The human rights conditions under Arab dictatorships are often poor. Massacres and arbitrary executions are still common there which hardly follows any kind of legal norms of system but depend on final decree of ruling  family of kingdom .

There is no doubt after seeing many adventures  in the name of wars that some of the filthy rich  Arab dictatorships are fully involved  in supporting  terrorism by supplying money, people and weapons to  religious organizations by   taking  the responsibility  of  producing Islamic jihadis who are poured to neighboring territory as  illegitimate supportive force of particular faith or have hidden political interests  .Many among  Arab dictatorships are  popular for their pro-western and pro-American policies , although most of them are seen  encouraging following Anti  Americanism as a way to divert people’s rage away from their mismanagement and autocratic rule.

We can take the example of strong Wahhabi group which is fully responsible of  spreading fanaticism and terrorism in non-Muslim states where concentration pockets of Muslim majority are available and  considered as part of less privileged community of that state .This phenomena of exporting terrorism   is widely seen in countries  Chechnya, Georgia, Afghanistan and Pakistan where hidden characters like of Osama Bin Laden was projected as heroic character of Muslim world.Actually this is same name which has now become reason of massacre of  thousands of common Muslims in Islamic world and thousands are being victimized as part of his network which can’t be eradicated with modern equipped army of NATO and US for last 10 years .

Popular Dictators of Muslim World

Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia had  begun with a surge of reformers seeking to reclaim orthodox Islam from innovation by various sects of Sunni Muslims. In the 18th century, it spread in Najd along with the expansion of the First Saudi State under  Mohamed bin Saud  and his successors.Family rule has taken full control of  all natural wealth of oil and religious matters of all areas where billion of people  have to come as part of mandatory rituals of Islam including Ummrah, Ziarat and Hajj.

Other popular and long tenure dictator ship of Muslim world are:

  • Egypt president: Hosni Mubarak who is ruling there for last 30 years.
  • Iraq where dictatorship until 2003 When Saddam Hussein was overthrown by the US
  • Jordan king: AbdullahII  who inherited this throne via his father Hussein bin Talal.
  • Libya Moyammer Qadaffi ruling in the country for last 40 years.
  • Sudan Lt. Gen. Omar Hasan Ahmad al Bashir
  • Syria  president: Bashar Asad
  • Morocco King Mohamed VI  got king ship via father after getting Independence from French government
  • Mauritania President . Walad Taya
  • Tunisia President Zein al-Abideen controlling state authority for last 30 years
  • UAE and Gulf states strictly following the family dynasties  since the time of  creation.

Recent unrest in Tunisia and Egypt has shown positive signs of political awareness in Arab people who  was absent  for last many decades  .Islam basic philosophy of governance are not in favor of  particular dynasty and Muslims are very  clear that Holy Prophet and his companion highly discouraged typical  family rule in an Islamic  society.

Rulers  or caliphs in Islamic society should be  chosen on the basis of his caliber, devotions and his faithfulness to Allah and His  decree. but  in reality converse  actions  have been seen in  almost all Muslim world or in Arab majority where advent of Islam was started.

Dictators ruling in Arab world under different tags  have good reason to be afraid in light of the ouster of Tunisian President Zein al-Abideen, who is still known as liberal reformist of Tunisia but  his unjustified and over ruled lengthy period and his family corruption details  have become reason of producing turbulent in agitated youth of Tunisia who are not getting positive  state response from  govt on their basic problems of livings.

The volcano of  anger of affected citizens for throwing the thrones  of kings has first  erupted in Tunisia  and  now moving toward Egypt  and very bright chances that it would spread to the rest of the Arab countries, signaling the beginning of a new and more promising era for the Arab world.This  approach of revolt in  young minds is surely  awakened by  electronic media who are giving directions of actions to  rebellion attitude for their genuine rights of living as normal citizen of state.

The reaction of the Tunisian people against unlawful regime is panicking  many Arab leaders and what  happened to Bin Ali was an unprecedented humiliation for other  Arab leaders who are ruling in their respective countries  after exploiting the ignorance of simple people.

Initiated from Tunisia  moving towards  Egypt and now same wave of change is being noted in Algeria  and it could also result in regime change.The common thing in all such countries is strong influence of  unsuitable US policies  on ruling teams of respective countries by making few people richest and letting majority to live under the line of poverty.

So present surge of people’s anger  might suggest  that the US Administration  can think of making an isolated treasure  island in the Pacific Ocean to gather her   long time  rich Arab friends and dictators .

Arab dictatorships Vs Israel parliament

If we   make comparison of Muslims living under  dictators and Jewish  living under parliamentary system then one can easily declare that Jewish are living in more comfortable manners under their leadership.Although the  average life span of an Israeli government is  not more than 22 months but it is fully based on public interests. The turmoil situation in surrounding , peace process, the role of religion in the state, and political scandals have caused coalitions to break apart or produce early elections but the process of  democracy is moving in better pace than fixed rule of dictators of Arab world.

That is the reason that Palestinian authority which had strong ties with the last Tunisian regime, did not comment on the dramatic developments.  Tunisia once   was  host to the PLO after the organization was expelled from Lebanon in the early 1980’s. Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas had their offices and homes in Tunisia for nearly a decade before they moved to the Palestinian territories after the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993.

It is strongly believed in oppressed community of Palestinians that Mahmoud Abbas and his sons are among the wealthiest Palestinians same perceptions were about Fatah leaders in the West Bank who are very corrupt too. All indications of failed strategy of leadership  are that the residents of the West Bank, who live under a tyrannical regime, are close to toppling the regime there too.

The strong survival of small state like Israel  surrounded  by more strong and rich Arab countries and and its supremacy in international world  are  quite  visible features of  failure of Muslim leadership in the region.All Muslim countries  handled Arab Israel conflict on their own basis and never ever thought of creating a united force  like NATO to give  military support  to poor Palestinians who are the real inhabitants of the land , occupying by small authority of Israel.

Following the 1967 war  Israel  had occupied large swaths of  Palestinian land, and the conflict today still  largely revolves around Israel and the  Palestinians ignoring that poor Palestinians who are living  close to  few long tenure rule of Arab leaders.There were few peace treaties  existed between Israel and Egypt and Israel and  Jordan but if we deeply observed the  massacre and oppression of poor Palestinians were occurred on the borderline of these countries and here Pakistan general Zia ul haq also contributed his service  for genocide of  poor immigrants from Palestine.

The stance of Iran and Turkey on Palestinian issues are valid and strong and that is why  leadership of both the Islamic country are not in good books of heads of developed countries.One can simply judge that Muslim democratic countries are not acceptable to leaders of countries who always  declare  that they are flag bearers  of human rights and custodian of national interests.So why democratic setup of Iran and Turkey don’t come to standard of UK,USA and other western countries who are all time supporters of Arab dictators and kings  with  whole year supplies of modern war equipment to same countries.


The long history of suppression of Arabs by few leaders  is  now showing resentments and extreme disorder in public circles who are pouring out on streets of countries and king’s armies are trying best to push them to the walls.The time has come that  forced leaders of Arab world must draw the conclusions from the Tunisia  and Egypt that  why  Arabs  leadership  falls in love with their seats and insist on staying in power forever?.

At this stage of awakening no one can rule out the possibility that the entire Arab world would be engulfed in chaos  like revolution as still vacuum of political leadership is  existing in Arab territory  where public  rely on religious  faith for passing their life patterns other than thinking  of demand of rights from state authority. It is seen on small-scale  that anti-government demonstrations have already taken place in Algeria,Morocco and Jordan.

The  coming  days could be critical for most of the Arab dictatorships as it was started in Tunisia where   living conditions  are still better than most of the Arab countries. Moreover, the Tunisian dictatorship was less repressive than its sister dictatorships in the Arab world.

So credit goes to Tunisian people who deserve to be thanked  for proving that the Arab culture  is not insensitive and  as many had expected .Tunisian fury has proved to be  capable of waging an intifada and are ready to make sacrifices for good  change toward public’s interest.This explicit move is  exposing the real picture of  Arab regimes that claimed to care about human rights and the values of justice and democracy but nothing is actually applied  for the people by unaccountable rulers.

An overview of the central downtown Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, on 30 January 2011, where protesters were gathering again on Sunday morning. EPA/Hannibal Hanschke

Now it is turn of other Arab nation that how they come out after successful public move of  the Tunisian ,  as it is  surely affecting the future of the Arab dictatorships  which are now in shaky state.This unique kind of revolt clearly showing  the entire world that the western fear of radical Islam was unjustified and baseless and nothing more than negative propaganda of super powers. .  The rulers of Morocco, Libya, Algeria,Saudis,Gulf   and Egypt could be next in line. It is also very interesting and as usual disgusting scene that the West was continuing to support runaway  Arab dictators, while ignoring the plight of the Arab masses.These richest men are inviting by many countries so that their assets can be transferred into their economy.In this regard one can see the  live example of disastrous  collapse of Shah Iran whose  heirs are in row of suicidal deaths after facing realities and hatred of their people.