Reasons of Unnecessary wars in Pakistan .

Since the creation of Pakistan different kind of  Wars taken among years 1948, 1965, 1971, 1999 and then war on terror initiated  on 2001 in  our northern border and still going on  in different patches of North Waziristan.

Standard ISPR Press Release.

As usual our ISP taken task of raising the moral of countrymen and soldiers high , surely keeping national interests in mind .The over summary of success issued after the wars are same whatever the real ground realities are ”

The victory of Pakistan taken place in three wars with India.  Pakistan defeated India in war of Azad Kashmir in 1948, indo-Pak war 1965 and kargil war 1999.
Pakistan won against India in Azad Kashmir War 1948 with freed of one-third Kashmir. The Indo-Pak war in 1965 Pakistan army successfully defend their country. Although India claim that 1965 war was a war on level i-e 50-50 no one wins nor lose but still Pakistan got victory in this war. Finally the major success was taken place by Pakistan in Kargil war 1999. In kargil war Pakistan army destroyed Indian army. Pakistan army was in minority with respect to Indian army, the ration of Pakistan army with Indian army war 1:30 but Pakistan mujaheddin fight with India and finally got victory.”

If situation would have limited to ISPR statement  then surely one should have no objections as it is matter of security concern but such lies of Pandora box has been fixed as part of our history without considering that distortion of real historical  facts can be reason of break down of any nation .Covering failures with false lies  can ensue the inefficiency of any work performance and institutes.

Lets start one by one

First Kashmir War 1947

It was fought between  Pakistan and India  over the region of Kashmir from 1947 to 1948

The objective of the invasion was to capture control of the Kashmir valley including its principal city, Srinagar, the summer capital of the state. The  Operation is named as Gulmarg under Maj gen Akbar khan.File:Kashmir map.jpg

A  UN cease-fire was arranged for the 31 December 1948. A few days before the cease-fire the Pakistanis launched a counter attack, which cut the road between Uri and Poonch. After protracted negotiations a cease-fire was agreed to by both countries, which came into effect. of August 13, 1948,under UN on January 5, 1949. This required Pakistan to withdraw its forces, both regular and irregular, while allowing India to maintain minimum strength of its forces in the state to preserve law and order.

In all, 1,500 soldiers died on each side during the war and Pakistan was able to acquire roughly two-fifths of Kashmir, including five of the  peaks of the world, while India maintained the remaining three fifths of Kashmir, including the most populous and fertile regions.

Second Kashmir war in 1965

The Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 was fought in duration of  April 1965 and September 1965 between two claimers of Kashmir. . The  following Pakistan’s operation Gibralatar was designed to infiltrate forces into J&K to  provided aide to rising insurgency  against  India.The five-week war caused thousands of casualties on both sides.

it was interesting feature of this war which was deleted in our history pages that Major General Akhtar Hussain Malik Qadiayni General of Pak army)  who was commander of that operation made a successful strike across Chamb-Jaurian sector. He captured Akhnoor and was approaching Tawai river. The enemy was dislodged and Indians were planning further withdrawal  but surprrised  moves was  done by General Ayub who was present of Pakistan made a surprised move he called Gen Akthar back from field by giving charge to Gen yahya.It was said that Gen Akthar handed over the command in utter disgust.

Gen Sarfraz Khan who commanded Lahore sector in 1965 in an article in Daily Jang Lahore September 6, 1984 said about this military victory snatched out of the hands of Gen Malik.

Again UN mandated cease firs was announced  with subsequent  Tashkent Declaration.

It was said that war was planned on the orders of US people who have equipped Pak army with one of modern war weaponsand assured victory to our political military leaders against giant India who that period  didnt proceed toward modern technology of war fare.

The another reason of partial failure was poor intelligence that also assured Pak army planners before commencement that discontented  Kashmir people would revolt against Indian rulers. The Kashmiri people, however, did not revolt and Pakistan hardly achieved her goals of vast military operations.

The balance of victory is almost equal on both the side however both declared victory on each other.

As  rough estimate India  gained 1,840 square kilometers of Pakistani territory: 640 square kilometers in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan’s portion of the state; 460 square kilometers of the Sailkot sector; 380 square kilometers far to the south of Sindh; and most critical, 360 square kilometers on the Lahore front. Pakistan took 540 square kilometers of Indian territory: 490 square kilometers in the Chhamb sector and 50 square kilometers around Khem Karan.

Partiton of Pakistan in 1971 war

The autocratic rulers in the western wing  throughout kept dominance on the basis of economic and politician empowerment  on r weak Bengali community in east Pakistan .It had started  developing  huge kind of polarization in east Pakistan since 1948.The established west wing  rulers  were in favor of  a  centralized govt which with a passage of time  proved to be incapable of harmonizing the political and  social repulsive forces emerging from eastern wing of nation.

Under Yayah khan leadership as President and supreme commander of armed forces the whole infrastructure of govt was highly centralised and dominated by army.Although pakistan has deployed 40,000 troops after start of guerilla wars and preceding terrorist activities there but over moral of army and public servants who were imported from west Pakistan was very weakened due to hostility of local.At the beginning of December, Islamabad had realized that the Indians were massing to attack into East Pakistan and they were  being unable to secure  strong  areas  near major roads and railway racks of  larger towns .Indian on the other side moved forces through sodden terrain of Bengal where Bengali local community supported their intervention as Pak army has gained repute of genocide of Bengali group and raping  women folk to demoralize the general public.

Due to lack of strategic reserves available Pakistan couldn’t back the Indian’s advancement and history has recorded on e of shameful  defeat in Pakistan’s account .

On December 15, the Pakistanis requested  cease fire and General Niazi, commander of Pakistan’s forces in Decca, signed an unconditional surrender. The war ended and Bangladesh was a reality.
So this defeat is put in accounts of not only military failures but discredit to political groups who tried to disown a class on the basis of difference of race, language, culture and geography.

Both military repression and political oppression was implemented without a serious  attempt to rectify the causes of grievances’.

Jihad war in 1979

General mohd Ziaulhaq who toppled the govt of Bhutto  had become reason of hanging a poltical icon of Pakistan.That miltiary coup had backed of US who wer intersted of creaitng hurdles in front of Red Army and as usually Pakistani generals were the first who offered their man power as un limited force to all kind of super powers attack.

Zia now found himself in a position to demand billions of dollars in aid for the Mujahideen from the Western states, famously dismissing a United States proposed $325 million aid package as “peanuts”. Pakistan’s ISI andSSG now became actively involved in the conflict, and in cooperation with the Central Intelligence Agency as supported the armed struggle against the Soviets.

The war left deep scars to the Pakistani society with the menace of Kalashnikov culture spreading all over the country.It is estimated that there are currently 20 million firearms in Pakistan, which has a population of about 175 million(as of July 2010) i.e., almost every ninth person has a firearm, most likely an automatic one.The rise of the drug trade and its spread through Pakistan to the rest of the world increased tremendously during the Soviet-Afghan war. Afghanistan’s drug industry began to take off after the Soviet invasion in 1979. Desperate for cash with which to buy weapons, various elements in the anti-Communist resistance turned to the drug trade.

kargil war 1999

Kargil  and siachen borders are considered one of world’ toughest border areas where casualties, injuries  and running cost of maintaining that border due to extreme weather is more than  any expected combat.Kargil before war was considered as  unoccupied  military position. Here each piece of bread for a soldier costs between Rs 50 0 in the high snow-bound mountains. Deaths from frostbite and cold exceed those in actual combat by a ratio of five to one.

It was April 6 in 1999 when the Pakistan army  under the leadership of Gen Musharraf and the Kashmiri insurgents had captured Kargil heights. About 2,000 of them had infiltrated themselves in Drass mountains from where they could direct accurate artillery fire up to 20km of the national highway and cripple the Indian posts.

Pakistan army under the COAS  General Musharraf  had gone to another adventure as an attempt to reach Srinagar after declaration of  Pakistan nuclear test In May 1998.

The Kargil war was an armed conflict that took place between India and Pakistan in year 1999, in district of Kashmir. The reason for this war was due to the infiltration of Pakistani soldiers and Kashmiri militants into Indian Line of control.

Pakistani claims gave two figures. The figure of 357 soldiers dead was challenged by some Pakistani officials, who claimed that 4,000 Pakistani soldiers were killed in the conflict. Pakistan also confirmed that more than 665 Pakistani troops were wounded and 8 were captured.On the other side  527 Indian soldiers, mostly young cadres and officers lost their lives and over 1,000 were injured.Kargil highlighted the gross inadequacies in the surveillance capability, particularly through satellite imagery. There was a complete intelligence failure. The army had no knowledge when actually the Pakistani troops captured the glacial heights of Kargil.

The Indian army launched its final attacks in the last week of July on the Drass sub sector had been cleared of Pakistani forces, the fighting ceased on July 26. The day has since been marked as Kargil Vijay Diwas (Kargil Victory Day) in India. By the end of the war, India had resumed control of all territory south and east of the Line of Control, as was established in Simla Agreement.

It was also said by international media that Pakistan was preparing to use nuclear missiles against India during the Kargil war but refrained after receiving serious warning from Clinton.So this war can be considered as near miss of triggering nuclear arms which are now in range of two rivals of subcontinent where more than 60 % people are living on poverty line.

War on terror started  year 200 1

Following the September 11, 2001 attacks in cities of US  conducted by Saudis nationals were shifted to Pakistani side under the obligatory intelligence reports prepared by CIA and our adventuress commando again missed  no  chance of throwing whole nation into this war which is absolutely taking us toward stone age  patterns.Nobody knows that  whether it was solely Musharraf decision to participate in this war game by expecting all charges of CIA or either this military coup  was encouraged by CIA which followed the incident of 911.

911 incident was complete failure of US military intelligence  , and  break down of airport  security procedures and involvement of Saudi participants were obvious but how it was escalated in thickly populated Muslims areas on the basis of such reports which even can’t foresee the disaster of 911 in heart of superpower.

At initial stage Pak forces along with NATO forces launched different operation to kill or arrest top leadership of Taliban and so-called Al qaeda leadership who were hiding in Pakistan and forming war groups on the basis of religious ideology imported from Wahabi and Deobandi groups.These were almost same men who were once blue boys of establishment and  trained to such an extent that they had launched successful combats against USSR.They all were expert of guerrilla war tactics, suicidal bombing and using all kind of modern weapons.

On February 18, 2010, the Pakistani military confirmed that since September 11, 2001, 2,351 soldiers have been killed in the war and another 6,512 have been wounded. Also, there have been 21,672 civilian casualties (at least 7,598 of these were killed). The military stated that 17,742 militants have been killed or captured Among these, by November 2007, were 488 foreign extremists killed, 24 others arrested and 324 injured. An additional 220 policemen were killed in fighting in 2007 and 2008.

During this 10 years Pakistan army conducted many military operations within soil of Pakistan  for searching top terrorist  including swat operation, FATA, Waziristan, Lal mosque in Islamabad and in response Pakistani public faced hundreds of suicidal attack s  on their lives , property and even GHQ building which is a  symbol of Pakistan security  and it was badly hit by trained terrorists and some handful of terrorists had kept his building and its people  under siege for more than 24 hours.


  • All wars in Pakistan except 1948 were planned when Commander and chief  had all kind of executive powers and control on federation.
  • Almost in all wars Americans backed Pakistani army and only withdrawal its support in 1971 defeat.
  • All Generals under whom these wars are planned and executed  have become richest man of Pakistan and there business ventures are not popualr in Pakistan but they have unlimited assets in all over the world and on the other hand Pakistan and Pakistani public are tending toward worst financial conditions in which even minimal arrangement of living  are not left in their control.
  • Most of wars are executed from Pakistan side on the basis of occupying  part of Kashmir which is under control of Indian govt.No doubt peace is necessary for the Kashmiris, and the people of South Asia and  but both  India and Pakistan still are in   difficult situation to  give benefit  to their citizens and keep busy them in  war like situation.instead of providing them sense of security through stability and  promise of a better future  both parties put them in state of troubles via implementing war strategies.
  • India and Pakistan  both  are paying for their policy mistakes. Obsessed with each other military strength,  and irrationally  engaged in an unwinnable arms race and nuclear posturing, they have neglected internal security and the social development of their people, and  placed this part of  the subcontinent  as one of the most dangerous regions in the world.
  • Super powers and many western countries exploiting  this psychology by selling arms to both. In the first six months of the 2002 conflict, Britain issued 148 military exports licenses to India and 18 to Pakistan. The US signed defense deals with both the countries during the same period. China, Russia, Israel and France are also in the fray to make money out of  madness of our leadership. These are the same countries that publicly termed South Asia as the nuclear flash point of the world, but continue to quietly sell arms to the two rivals.
  • The Pakistani army is now stretched fighting against those elements once they  had nurtured as strategic assets. Terrorist violence in Pakistan claimed nearly 4,000 civilian casualties from January 2009 to September 2010. With the country polarized along religious, ethnic and sectarian grounds, and devastating floods impacting over 20 million people this year, it will take a mammoth effort on part of the Pakistani establishment to bring the country out of its  financial whirlpool.We are left on the mercy of these terrorists and fighting the terrorist groups selectively will be hugely detrimental to Pakistan’s own cause. It is high time to get rid of policy compulsions based on enmity have left us to deal with fragmented nations on the basis of religious and ethnic differences,, tools of terror and weapons of mass destruction.
  • It is ironic that after a six decade-long rivalry India and Pakistan have no option other than to opt  long-term peace plans  if they want to focus on suppressing the violence within their respective borders. Houses should be in order by accepting all past mistakes.We need to be highlighted the human development  costs spared for civilians so that frustration of living beings of Pak India might dissipate and nothing like Tunisia or Egypt  would be seen on our roads.


Dilemma of Childless couples

Couples’  necessary  requirement after developing  new relations between twos to have a baby . In Pakistan it is not even control of newly wed couple to plan  a baby and they have  accidental unplanned  pregnancy within a year of marriage which is quite normal for  majority couples and their families. It is some kind of  social taboo too that if after one year couples don’t have a kid ,strange and sometime times stingy murmuring starts arising  near close family circles.So  in eastern cultures having children is fundamental and compulsory part of a  strong marriage.

Sometimes the married life  is unfulfilled with demand of children and couples have to pass life without having kids,In west  this trend is not considered like that  as Asian people take it mandatory part of their married lives .Modern couples of west  think that having a child is not  right of any couple and can be taken as choice and privileged that can be delayed or even avoided for peaceful life.They plan child or children if they found themselves  capable of handling this responsibility on the basis of economic stability   and emotional needs.

Infertility  of any partner can be a  reason of  not having kid at proper age but in our eastern societies this issue can be  a reason of major family conflict .

It can be considered as genuine reason of breaking of relation or 2nd  marriage of husbands. One in ten people of childbearing age have or will experience problems with infertility. This is a very sensitive and personal issue and  there are unusual circumstances  beyond a couple’s control, regardless of the treatment they choose  .

Infertility  can cause obvious   strain  to normal relation of any  coupler. Momentarily or  emotional attachment that couples  frequently enjoy before discovery of any such kind of weakness, may not attract them any longer.

Lengthy and expensive treatment  for having child contributes additional stress  between  two people  who are interested in having kids like others.

Some of  childless couples  even having mutual understanding on this childless state have to deal with the onslaught of irate relatives and friends . So delaying a child for a couple means that sooner a  stingy kind of psychological pressure  is tried to  develop on spouses to have baby as soon as possible and sometimes very dangerous  tips are given to couples people  who cant afford heavy expenses of proper treatment.Image of a human fetus.

Some of  abnormal  ways of domestic treatment are.

  • Trying  unhealthy and unethical methods to restore the fertility of woman.
  • Going to magicians and fake religious clerics who again practice evil kind of acts to people specially women.
  • Midwives are allowed to make different experiment on ladies, resulting more complications in female parts which directly play an important role in conceiving and bearing baby.
  • Male partners are encouraged  to go for 2nd wife without investigating that who between them have the real  problem of infertility.

There are proper ways and reasonable reproductive medical procedures  those  are available in our big cities .Here proper plan and guidance is available to any affected couple who are in demand of having child.


The first important factor that becomes serious reason of in conceiving in proper time is strain on female partner which also have multiple dimensions i.e difficulty of adjustment in new married life with different kind of relation, lack of understanding between a couple on marital relations, some kind of reproductive  health problems which are not properly treated in the juvenile period due to intentional or unintentional ignorance of parents and guardians  etc.
The different  modes of treatmentcommonly  available to childless couples of Pakistan are
  • Hormonal therapy:  These drugs can be used to encourage and regulate ovulation. Because the drugs stimulate the ovaries a woman can produce and mature one or more ova in each cycle. In men, fertility drugs can help increase sperm production.
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF): IVF is used to treat infertility blockages of the fallopian tubes, endometriosis, abnormal sperm, and some cases of unexplained infertility. If the fallopian tubes are damaged and can’t be repaired or there is a problem with sperm transportation, I.V.F may be recommended.The process of I.V.F. treatment is commonly known as a ‘test tube baby’.
  • Artificial Insemination (AI) – Artificial insemination is used in cases where the male has a low sperm count or a high number of abnormal sperm, or the woman has sperm antibodies present in her cervical mucus.insemination is sometimes used. In this situation, the sperm and eggs are physically placed together in the woman’s womb and then left for nature to run its course.
  • Surgery – if a woman’s fallopian tubes are blocked she will be offered surgery to unblock them. If the surgery is a success the couple may then be able to go on and have a natural conception. If the man’s sperm ducts are blocked and it’s interfering with sperm production or movement, he will also be offered surgery.

Guide lines to pass healthy and happy life for childless couple:

  • They should try their  best to eliminate  the stress factor in their lives as much as possible that plays a major role to harm their fertility.Although this is accurately not applied in south Asian culture where  over  population  is  abundantly found in poor class who are all time victims of natural and man-made disasters.At all  means moral and virtual support for each other shouldn’t be withdrawal on the basis of social pressures.
  • They should adopt  those measures which are recommended by trained gynecologists. In this regard some anomaly is observed that high doses of hormones are injected to male and female for unlimited period until the pregnancy is not confirmed. Such kind of forced pregnancy  through synthetic drugs can be reason of twins and triplets among them there are chances that might be weak babies or have any kind of birth abnormality.This kind of chemical dosing without proper check and balance and without proper tests  create long time side effects on health of patient.Mood disorders, sleep deprivation, early symptoms of osteoporosis, and impulsive behaviors.
  • They should  adopt health measures for passing happy married  life. Regular physical exercise, avoiding lazy life styles and  taking proper nutritional food with higher contents of minerals , calcium, fresh fruits and vegetables. can increase chances of  normal pregnancy if nothing is found in medical examination.
  • If the desire of child is unbearable then instead of  chasing  random painful and stress increasing methods ,one should take a decisions of adopting a child .This can bring great emotional changes in mood and relation of couples and sometimes  bringing new-born child at home  sharply reduces  the stress-strain factor  in the life of any individuals which helps to improve reproductive help specially  in cases of unfit females.

Pakistani Generals Vs Baloch Sardars in burning Pakistan

The British colonial in  1876  divided the  Eastern part of Balochistan  into British Balochistan, Balochistan States, while a part of Seistan was given to Afghanistan. The areas of Derajat and Jacobabad (Khan Garh) was demarcated and given to British India.

British imperialists used Balochistan as a military base to check the extension policy of  Russia against India.It was an administrative unit headed by the Agent to Governor General under which any kind of reforms introduced in the recognized provinces of British India were not introduced in Balochistan.

After the finalization of division 1947 plan the Jinnah’s interest of making Baluchistan  a part of Pakistan on the basis of its geographic importance and with the support of few  Khans who were not happy under British monarchy and both political and feudal sentiments gained momentum  in this political activity.

Quaid-e-Azam With Jamali Sardars in Balochistan

With the lapse of the British era in 1947, the Khanate of Baluchistan(groups of Sardars and Nawabs of  local tribes) became an independent sovereign state. The Khan, Mir Ahmad Yar Khan, announced independence in a public speech on 15 August 1947.

Soon after partition Jinnah  negotiating other political leaders of Pakistan had tried to convince khans of Baluchistan to have some accord of accession between govt of Pakistan and Baluchistan province. but the house of Baluchistan after a debate adopted the following resolution unanimously on December 14, 1947 that relations with Pakistan should be established as between two sovereign states through a treaty based upon friendship and not by accessions.


The popular insurgencies started soon after creation of Pakistan which was continuation of  last  British regime too .

Jinnah was disappointed by the behavior of Khan and his parliament. On March 9, 1948, it was communicated to the Khan that “His Excellency had decided to cease to deal personally with Kalat state negotiations, to decide the future relations of Pakistan and Kalat.”

Same  year 1948 Prince Abdul Karim Khan had initiated a separatist movement against the Pakistani government. He conducted guerrilla warfare based in Afghanistan against the Pakistan army.Prince Abdul Karim Khan was throughout  upset by Pakistan’s recognition of Sardar Bay khan Gicki as Makran’s ruler.

With Afghan aid, Abdul Karim entered Baluchistan and organized a rebellion against Pakistan. He received assistance from influential tribal leaders of the Baloch clan.At that time Pak army under Maj General Akbar Khan, who was in charge of the Pakistani army’s Seventh Regiment, was ordered to attack the insurgents and force them to surrender. Prince Karim and his 142 followers were arrested and imprisoned in the  different  jails.

A detailed and interesting statement comes from Gen Khan, in his article published in the daily Dawn, dated August 14, 1960, under the title

Early reminiscences of a soldier.” In this article, General Akbar confirms that there was a plan to invade the Khanate and describes the clash between the Pakistani army and the separatist force headed by Prince Karim. Akbar claims that Jinnah had issued instructions that this news should not be published in the Pakistani press.Jinnah was dead by then.

In 1969 Nawab Khair Baksh Marri appointed an unknown group shero marri to lead like-minded militants in guerrilla warfare by creating their own insurgent bases spread out over 45,000 miles from the Mengal tribal area in the south to the Marri and Bugti tribal areas in the north. Their goal was to force Pakistan to share revenue generated from the Sui gas fields with the tribal leaders. The insurgents bombed railway tracks and ambushed convoys.

-In 1973 Khair Bakhsh Marri formed the Balochistan People’s Liberation Front (BPLF), which led large numbers of Marri and Mengal tribesmen into guerrilla warfare against the central government.
Khair Bakhsh Marri formed People’s Liberation Front, also known as Baluch Awami Azadi Mahaiz or BPLF, was founded in the 1973 and supported by Iraq and the Soviet Union and its aim was the independence of Balochistan.Jan Muhammad Sarparah was commander of the group and trained the group for many attacks.

In 1979, thousands of Balochis were trained in Afghanistan for attacks, while it was under Soviet occupation. BPLF is still active but most of its members are underground. Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine trained some of BPLF men in Beirut. Baluch People’s Liberation Front also received support from the Afghan and Indian authorities.

It was interesting feature of Baluchistan history that during Afghan Russia war, there was no serious kind of insurgency was noted at this belt.

-In 2001 according to an account carried by the “Newsline”, “hundreds of Marri Baloch tribesmen, armed to the teeth, have taken up position on the Kohlu mountains, one of Pakistan’s most backward, but oil and gas rich areas, to challenge the Government’s policies in Baluchistan. The tribesmen, who call themselves “guerrillas” waging a war for the rights of the Baloch population, are armed with Russian KKs, heavy machine and anti-aircraft guns and RPGs (rocket-propelled grenades), picked up in Afghanistan during their 14 years in self-exile. Most of them are educated with military/guerrilla training received in Afghanistan.

In 2006 the battle near his mountain hideout in south-west Pakistan again Nawab Akbar khan Bugti  has started which ended  as  caused heavy casualties on both sides, and killing of Nawab bugti. The main reason of conflict  was to challenge Musharraf regime n to win political autonomy and a greater share of revenue from Baluchistan  gas reserves.

In November 2007, Balach Marri, a key militant separatist leader, was killed in Afghanistan, according to some news reports at the time, due to a NATO air strike that mistook him and his men for Taliban.

Baloch Generals of Pak Army  and  Five Military operations in Baluchistan.

In 1948 Pak army under Maj General Akbar Khan, was ordered to attack the insurgents and force them to surrender. Prince Karim and his 142 followers were arrested and imprisoned in the  different  jails.

In 1968 Nawab Nowroz Khan, commonly known by Balochs as Babu Nowroz,  started an armed struggle against the occupation by Pakistan of Baloch lands (Balochistan). He was later arrested by the Pakistani army while he came for negotiations to the army. He and his followers, including his sons and nephews, were taken to Hyderabad Jail, where his sons and nephews were hanged (executed), while due to his old age he was held in prison, where he later passed away.

The 1970s revolt of the Baloch, was an  armed struggle against the Pakistan army in Balochistan, was provoked by federal impatience, high handedness and undemocratic constitutional deviation. Mir Hazar Khan Marri led the Baluch libration movement under the nick named organization [BPLF] .They inflicted heavy casualties to Pakistani army.Then BPLF was froced to move to Afghanistan along with thousands of his supporters today Baluch fighters are fighting under the nick name BLA, BLM,BLO,.

Point to Ponder:

At that period it was that Nawab Bugti who served to help the federal government when he was appointed as Governor of Baluchistan by Bhutto throughout the time of the insurgency and spoke not a word in favor of Baloch rights or provincial autonomy.The greater irony was that the insurgency came to an end following the army coup of General Zia against the civilian government of Mr Bhutto.

In 1973 Pakistani occupied Balochistan went through a phase of genocide with a loss of 5000 civilians including women and children. During this particular military operation, that lasted four years – 1973 – 1977, Iranian fighter jets and pilots were used to bomb the villages inside the Pakistani Balochistan territory.

In  2005 General  Musharrraf started the 5th military operation in Balochistan against the Baloch nation and the Pakistani generals used US military aid, which was clearly meant to be used against “war on terror”, but instead they were used against the Baloch people. and killed  Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, former governor  of Balochistan.

It is claimed by Baloch rebellions that since 2005 till today more than 7000 political, social, and human rights activist have disappeared, been kidnapped, tortured and are being killed.

In June 2008 Pakistani intelligences arrested 70 Bugti tribesmen in Chaman, Balochistan and 200 more Bugti tribesmen have disappeared since the 18 February 2008 general elections in Pakistan.

There are numbers of Baloch Senior officers who  served Pak army in different Military operation at the time of different revolts in Baluchistan.

Few of them are:

General Muhammad Musa, was from the Sardar family of the Hazara tribe in Balochistan.He got commission from Indian Military Academy in Dehradun on 1st Feb 1935. He was posted to the 6th Royal Battalion, the 13th Frontier Force Rifles as a Platoon Commander in 1936. He served with distinction in the Pakistani Army and rose to the rank of the commander-in-chief of Pakistan Armed Forces on 1st April 1957 and held the office till 17 Sept 1966.

Lt Gen (R) Abdul Qadir Baloch was a  Baloch general of Pakistan army. He commanded an infantry brigade in Muzaffarabad and in those days collaborated with Mr Amanullah Khan of JKLF and agencies in the much publicized Line of Control crossing (LOC) attempt.

He also remained General Officer Commanding (GOC) at Murree, while commanding troops deployed on LOC in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. He was prematurely retired as Corps Commander Quetta, so as to be appointed as Governor Balochistan. He was also prematurely removed from Governorship of Balochistan; just after six months because a bureaucrat (secretary) in the ministry of petroleum and natural resources refused to upgrade about 100 poor employees of Nawab Akbar Bugti’s tribesmen in Sui gas fields from temporary to permanent salaried status on the recommendation of Governor.

General Gul Hassan was Pukhtoon from  Quetta.  He commanded 1 Armed Division and remained CGS before he was appointed acting C-in-C on 20 December 1971. He was appointed C-in-C on 22 January 1972 till his retirement on 3rd March 1972.
General Abdul Wahid Kakar was a Pakhtun of Balochistan province  and got commission on 18 October 1959. General Wahid Kakar is remembered for starting the Shaheen Nuclear Missile Project. He was made Chief of Army Staff on 12 January 1993 and held the office till 12 January 1996.

General Kiyani’s latest developing  interest of setting  military colleges and recruiting large numbers of Baloch people in Pak army can be be good signs of friendship with baolch people who was neglected in past seeing the rebellion attitude of local leadership but as per past history is not good  in this context.It was seen that our army usually gives position to locals where they have planning of future  insurgency for neighboring  countries.They hired  local in areas of Kashmir, Pohtawar areas, Pukhtoon belts and recruits from Gilgit Balitistan to be thrown in front of Indian and Russian army as first human shield.

Role of Foreign powers:
In this war like region US, Russia, India and even Iran are either directly or indirectly widening the ethnic and sectarian schisms in Balochistan and FATA.It is strongly quoted by many news groups the US and UK are also supporting the centrifugal forces and insurgents.Russian after facing defeat via talibans  surly looked for soft and weak areas of Pakistan to develop same strategy which was adopted by US and ISI in Pak-Afghan borders.For this purpose these frustrated Baolchi Sardars were best options who were all time seen visiting to Russian state during their  movements against state and Pak army.


Since 1947 this province  is facing  insurgencies with internal unrest and unjustified military actions. The insurgencies of 1948, 1956, 1973-75 and the present unrest in Marri-Bugti and Mekran areas since 2005 where military operations resulted in huge human and property losses are the ultimate result of many factors.
The Baloch nationalist movement is not only one component of the deteriorating internal security situation there but surely  there  are  open and hidden  factors too.

Balochistan is Pakistan’s largest province area-wise. and even more than 60 years a, large parts of the territory remain unopened up, not administered and undeveloped.
Baloch sardars throughout have grievances on the question of payment of royalty for the gas taken out of the province.

Some Baloch sardars were responsible for continuous confrontation and crisis in Balochistan. They always denied that the people of Balochistan have the first right over minerals and other natural resources of Balochistan.They  lived like royals in all Pakistan and in western countries too  but  majority still showing scene of stone age living  having modern weapons of war fare provided to them by same Sardars.

Major part of the income from  assets of these sardars  should be spent on the welfare of the local Baloch sardars should also be given their share in income if accrues from the land they own.

It is unfortunate that some sardars are not willing to accept less than independence. Akhtar Mengal, Shahzain Bugti and Mir Byar Marri do not hide their ambitions of having an independent Balochistan. So it is natural reaction of  state  to curb any efforts aimed at disintegrating the country . Those who insist that the government should have talks with them, t should first ask these leaders to wean off from  extremely aggressive  tendencies.
If Sardars  let the system to take turn toward a free and democratic society and  they must be ready and willing to demonstrate  an unequal boldness as well as  encourage  electoral supremacy then at least peace process can be started in highly disturb areas  .

It is the job of  political representatives from all Pakistan  to convince  rebellions  Sardars  to some  conciliatory path  that would avoid  hatred culture which  is growing in youth of Baluchistan .The popular  slogans like” death to Pakistan or Pakistan Murdabad on streets of Baluchistan is very favorite theme of instigating young blood .

Military operation  in past and in present too has  increased sense of frustration and alienation which was ultimately responsible for feeling of  distrust on federation.All forceful operations of past  was surely  triggered by its corrupt Sardars and parliamentary representatives.So all action of infuriating baloch people  under Frontier constabulary and Pakistan agencies  should be immediately stopped.

The serious steps for giving  basic  facilities of health and sanitation, education, clean water, power supply, employment opportunities should be expedited to lessen the anger of general public.Military colleges are not long term solution of any grave problems of burning Baluchistan but proper civil infrastructure is need of time  to break the orthodox taboo of  aggressive tribal culture there.

Secret Health tip of PPP govt! 100 shoes and 100 onions.

PPP govt since come to power under  leadership of Zardari and his  NRO members,is  following this secret health tip that while taking any step of democratic revenge they have to accept  100 shoes along with eating 100 onions  from general public . The unstable  tenure  of PPP is proof of this  suitable remedy that highly gives  favor to  military establishment who are presumably looking much better  in shape in front of confused nation specially after  downfall of Musharraf  .

 PPP has maintained  its last repute and standing for her personal financial gains of its so-called democratic leaders,.

History is again being repeated in our soil with new innovations and  democracy was imposed on people of Pakistan and PPP  on the sliver covering of people’s power.

So democracy through Bhutto’s dead body is making people  to curse the word Democracy!.The corrupt politicians assigned on important ministries via NRO  are showing the immaturity and profound mishandling of the greatest opportunity they are given to prove that Democracy is much better  system of governance.

During this process of self-destruction,  the first injury was made to PPP  by delaying   restoration of  senior   judges who denied Musharraf ‘s PCO.

Even the deaf and dumb knows that restoration of Judiciary is a vital issue to sustain long-term democracy but surely leaders of deals had no interest or vision for its importance.Zardari’s  lame excuses in front of  open media  further aggravated PPP  sickness and ultimately long march had provided last  shot to cure it . Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry’s restoration though looked hard choice for the Government but it had  placed a symbolic impact on the minds of people who  who was real controller of Pakistan ‘s politics  since the era of Mr. Ayub Khan.

So at the end of this march people of Pakistan had to bear the idiotic smile  of our ever smile president which usually comes on the faces  of obstinate people after having 100 shoes and eating 100 onions as punishment from all side.

This process of humiliation was not stopped there but repetition of political blunders were made to show the  world that  what kind of political cream is available to Pakistan.The  PPP groups had tried best  to take control of ISI under civilian setup, then get fame on hiring of incompetent people on  lucrative posts by bypassing all rules of merit,  by showing reluctance   in NRO case, trying to irritate the judiciary etc

 The stability of PPP is so obvious to all public  that even MQM or JUI like parties those  have few numbers  are in position to easily fumble  the seat of prime minister .In  recent example  it was  seen in the case of  petrol price hike where none of parliamentarian bothered about the misery of public but when MQM just pulled her troops aside by giving humble threat to our confused PM, the order of price hike was immediately taken back by giving ointment that for public’s  interest and  that order was cancelled.

So PPP kept alive her health by taking shoes and onions without any kind of hesitation

Latest updates of 10 point agenda from PMLN is now put on the neck of PM who had not other choice left except to put it for negotiating without bothering what is the real situation of Pakistan and its citizens in this game of power sharing of political idiots.

This  impossible to achieve  agenda proposed by the PML-N  is  based on demand of  accountability of those involved in the sugar scam, Punjab Bank scandal, Pak Steel Mills scam, elimination of corrupt ministers from the cabinet and the imposition of court orders regarding the NRO.Other points include investigation into Akbar Bugti’s murder, accountability of Musharraf, the formation of an independent accountability commission and to curb the corruption in the country.


After three years  it is obvious to all that in public’s interest PPP  has shown negative improvement and government failures to handle fiscal reform, corruption and inflation has making other parties to blackmail this weak govt who has been addicted of 100 shoes and onion therapy .The other reasonable democratic options don’t suit to mental growth and physical existence of Zardari party.The helpless  nation and media should all time ready to  supply shoes and onion to ruling group to bear them for   more 2 years.

Sometimes I Don’t Say I Love You

Sometimes I Don’t Say I Love You.

Veena Malik crisis in Pakistan

Veena Malik is again on hit list of cheap popularity after her on-air frank scene in some Indian program with a male  Indian actress.

Before this she gained  national popularity for revealing her intensity of  love affair with one of controversial cricketers Asif. What ever they  have said about  each other is not worthy to discuss but it surely revealed to us what is mental approach and grooming of our stars of entertaining and sports industry.Both are considered as cream of Pakistan and represent Pakistan on different national and international levels.

We can see the level of living in Pakistan that with all kinds of charges and scandals, cricketer Asif   faced no problem of getting married with lady of his choice and  nobody bothered to curse him but all loved  and  come to forefront to give punches of honor slap to a  poor lady of our dying  film industry.

It was not unusual and big surprise that  all know from where our most of film heroine had come in file industry.No proper  education, no upbringing in any proper family ,no exposures to  field of arts .These femmes des  l’art of Pakistan are trained as  per requirement of   attractions of  local   buyers who can think of investing their huge money on  beauty, youth and sexual attractions of these ladies .So expecting high level moral,national  and ethical values  from these ladies is nothing more than a  desire  of an  insane person.

Due to failure of Pakistani film industry our artists are trying hard to regain their social and financial positions which is not possible in war driven country where terrorism is destroying working areas  of artist of film and stage industry.Last years success of different Pakistani artists in Indian showbiz industry, including,Shakeel khan, Rahat fateh ali khan, Adnan Samme, and many more has been clicked by  trying their luck in neighboring India .

So what ever has come in mind of  our less educated and more English-speaking  heroine to expose themselves in international world they are trying to do to run their business.Our  heroins of past  some how  were successful of having  better husbands and socially acceptably family lives  so they didn’t think of such kind of projection which are considered cheap, low profile  and below standard of expression in our hypocritical society.

Our such kind of stars become popular through major investments of people in their back  who have full rights to use them as they want.Public wrong criticism on Veena’s act can be considered as their love for their few heroine but in realistic view she and like her many  are  doing for their survival in the way they are trained since their child hood time and it is to attract public through all ways of seductions.So Veena at her age of 32 is trying hard to keep her existence in this field to stay fresh and alive so that people would further use her skills in their film making projects.

She and other like her  are always in  need of  scandals, affairs with popular characters, exposures in media through all means for increasing their market rate and then cash it for passing their lives .

So cursing them for nothing shocking by those people, clerics who themselves are reason of conflict and disturbance have no right to instigate people on their personal accounts.

We Muslims are least bothered on golden sayings of Prophet’s Essa(as)

Let he/she who is without sin cast the first stone

This principle of prophecy perhaps not valid on common people but should be strictly  followed by popular leaders and public representatives whose words matter or influenced on sentiments of  common people.

If in coming days  some fanatic would throw acid on her or try to take her life  in declaration of keeping honor of country then  blame should be  put on shoulders of these mischievous popular  people who actually instigate the public sentiments by wrong norms.

If state, its institutions  and its people are unable to provide moral support, financial opportunity, ways of honest and honorable living as per caliber of individuals and sense of security to citizens then people have no rights to use derogatory national remarks on action of others.

Let her to live on her way of living  if we are not in position of giving her any kind of respectable status in her country.

She did all  as per  her innate grooming and fulfilling requirement of her field.

Strange traditions of Pakistani culture

In Pakistan  we have very  interesting  local traditions and superstitious norms . Sometimes they make us laugh, sometimes they make us uneasy but we usually  bound to follow  at least, most of the time. These are attached parts of our daily life and our beliefs. Because different traditions have  meaning that symbolizes something happened in past or attached to us through  generation to generation.

We absorb cultural and traditional  values, ideas, and attitudes primarily from our families,  through the educational process and religious background.Cosmopolitan cultures give innovations to old values and here new generation modify their traditions with socialization process.

These  strange traditions can be defined as a complex of values, ideas, attitudes, and other meaningful symbols cre­ated by human beings to shape human behavior and the artifacts of that behavior as they are transmitted from one generation to the next. These symbols of any civilizations are   the basic determinants of much of our ,thinking approach,decision-making and inherent behavior.

Lets discuss few just for knowing the exact reasons of our copy acts .

A son cant smoke in front of his/her parents.

It is very interesting that no matter son is  chain smoker but he would nt do this in front of parents or specially  in front of his father.It comes in the category of  respect for parents.So such kind of hollow respect is quite unreasonable and  if sons really love and respect his parents he shouldn’t puff it in their absence too.

Start Reciting Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Raheem when some person or child slips or drops

Bismillah is said as a blessing before eating food, starting new job and other actions that are worthy of giving thanks to Allah or asking of His support.

Where this  pray is fit when someone is falling or tripped.

Covering the head by ladies after hearing Azzan or recitation of Quran.

Head covering is part of Islamic culture and mandatory part during  praying but in our culture ladies who usually drop  shawl or duppatta on their shoulders or waist take no time to put  it on their heads while this  recitation is going on and as soon as it ended they again drop this  piece on their shoulders.

A male partner with ladies before departing home

Girls  should fulfill the presence of  masculine touch while going to market or traveling and  even a little boy can fulfill this traditional way of accompanying grown up ladies.Some elders are psychological very comfortable when  girls follow this norms.

Calling  flirtatious boy as phoond(yellow wasp) and girl as Taxi.

This is very interesting feature of young life when boys are recognised as phoond who are roaming near girls colleges and shopping areas.Not clear that how these two are linked but these  are very popular terms for recognizing them in their real character.Same thing in boys side who by just seeing the body language and getup of any girl, take no time to name her taxi of city  not cab.

Use of public places, nearby roads ,walls as  public toilet.

Pakistan is known as Islamic state in which manners and modesty are its top qualities for  both men and women.
But a very common  seen that on daily basis  creates embarrassing situation  for  female passerby, is use of open  spaces as toilet by Muslim men of Pakistan.
It is so common scene as part of our real culture  where hardly any shame like sense is  viewed in our social animals .It gives an impression of obscenity,  ill mannerism and  lack of hygienic sense.


Tieing black cloth on silencer of car or long wigs on back side of public transport.

It is part of our superstitious way of living  where people think that they might be hurt due to jealous sentiments of others so they put black cloth or long black wig in the back side of their vehicles to protect them from evil intentions of friends and foes .

pakistan milk supply (click to view)

Poetry  written on back side of  vehicles.

Traveling on high ways of Pakistan provide many hilarious moments when some vehicle , truck or bus crosses us and very interesting  poetry  , miniature painting  and funny quotes are printed on back side of our public and private transport.This surely reveal the hidden talent of our natural  artists who are not acknowledged in any level.

Sales Men’s full dress rehearsal  in  showrooms of ladies bridal dresses.

It is very common practice that in male dominating and orthodox  Pakistan , there is complete dominance of men in typical ladies shopping areas where they are busy in all kind of funny gestures to attrac There are also parlours where male beauticians are giving beauty tips to their females clients even in typical womanish matters.

All kind  of secret medical tips and treatment details via wall chalking

This is very cheap and  way of advertising and attracting patients via wall chalking in Pakistani culture. Al kind of secret diseases including  hemorrhoids, men and woman sex related problems, infertility for both men and women  can be cured by chasing such kind of tips and addresses.Parents or elders sometime face embarrassment situation when their young kids who just started reading  Urdu and English phrases, start asking questions after reading these wall chalking.

Using Local Canals as public Swimming pool.

This traditional scene is very common in our summers where boys, men and even our eastern ladies feel easy to enjoy this public bath in nearby canals.It doesnt matter that drain of city is flowing in this canal or in near waters, our domestic animals including buffalo, donkeys, horses also enjoy same level of bathing as do our human beings.

it is one of oldest traditions which is now become necessity of people as  these canals are only source of surplus water to our people so they never miss this chance  of enjoying canal swimming in s in one of  filthy waters of our surroundings.

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