Barley A discarded food from Pakistani cuisine

Wheat and barley are important food items of Pakistani cuisine for last many centuries but with the passage of time its uses have been drastically reduced on the name of  fast life trends.People are relinquishing  natural forms  of wheat ,barley and oats and switching over to its processed and unhealthy compositions.Induction of processing food on the name of promoting food industries and then wrong promotions of these products have changed the concept of healthy food and now people are being attracted by brands and their descriptions for picking their foods.Swapping of Pakistani traditional drinks like  fresh lime, Satto or yogurt drinks or milk shakes over to extremely unhealthy carbonated and energy drinks are creating havoc in healthy growth of young kids as their tendency of  addicting to artificial drinks are badly effecting their immune system.

Women as primary nutrition guide of family so they should make barley part of routine diet of their family in the form of food or in drinks.Pure barley in whole of ground forms is available in market and can be used in different meals.In breakfast it is used to made porridge with dry fruits and dates, in regular meals it can be added in Pakistani dishes like haleem ,Nihari or soups for thickening purpose.Barely drinks in the form of nonalcoholic Beersare available in market but as its taste is  unacceptable to children so barley water can easily be made at home and children should encourage it to take it with lime and honey in all seasons or it can be mixed with fruit cocktails for developing the taste of children for this ignored item of food.

Barley Water Health Benefits

One can prepare barley water by boiling pearl barley, straining it, and then pouring the hot water over the rind. This is a popular traditional British soft drink. Some of the nutritional information and facts about barley water are as follows:

Barley water is a good source of dietary fiber and adding it to your daily diet will help you get the recommended daily dosage of fiber.
It is a rich source of phosphorous that is required for cell production and repair in the body.
It contains a good amount of copper and is therefore beneficial to people suffering from arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.
Ancient civilizations believed that barley water was a good remedy for improving complexion and reducing the signs of aging.
It is a rich source of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, and vitamin E.
It is also a good source of minerals like selenium, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and zinc.

There are a number of nutritional benefits of barley water that help treat and prevent a variety of diseases and disorders.Barley water helps lower cholesterol levels in the body because of its high fiber content. By maintaining low cholesterol levels, it in turn helps maintain better cardiovascular health and prevents a number of cardiovascular disorders.
Its rich fiber content also makes it beneficial for maintaining good bowel function. High fiber intake keeps the bowels healthy and regulates metabolism. Barley water helps restore fluid and electrolyte balance in the body, which is very helpful to those suffering from diarrhea. It is also helpful in treating constipation as high fiber helps in softening stools and allows easy excretion.
It is beneficial in treating coughs, cold, and other inflammations of the throat.
It helps prevent gastric inflammations by expelling harmful toxins from the body.
Regular intake of barley water lowers the risk of hemorrhoids and colon cancer. It also helps fight various bacterial infections in the intestinal tract.
Barley water reduces the risk of developing type-2 diabetes. It is a good source of magnesium that reacts with various enzymes involving glucose levels in the body.
It also lowers the risk of atherosclerosis and other cardiac diseases.

Side Effects:

Barley water being a natural drink, rarely has any major side effects on health. Experts consider it a safe natural drink for both adults as well as children. Only in some case there may be a few negative effects on health as follows:

Over consumption may cause stomach irritation and loose bowels in some sensitive individuals.
People who are gluten intolerant should avoid drinking barley water as it contains gluten.


Celebrities promote extremly harmful products in the society

Advertisements and then advertisements with top celebrities are 20th century’s  tools to sell of fool  man-made  products.Most advertisement helps in producing psychological effects and can help in changing only mental states of audiences and predispose them towards the purchase of  the  advertised product or service.Theoretically it is taught” in business that  Advertising is essentially a form of communication and its basic responsibility is to deliver desired information to the target audience” But in actual practice advertisers  often do bend and curve the truth for their own benefit and in order to promote and advertise  new but extremely unhealthy and environmental unfriendly  products”.

Photo: Request Your Wallet Sized Boycott Guide: can’t say it often enough. If companies like General Mills, Kellogg’s, Pepsi, Coca-Cola and other giant multinational junk-food peddlers hadn’t dumped more than $20 million into the NO on 37 campaign, Prop 37, the California Right to Know GMO labeling initiative, would have passed.If we want to pass GMO labeling laws in Washington, Vermont and other states, we’ve got to keep these Big Companies – and their Big Money – out of the fight. Our best shot at doing that is to send them a clear message: We won’t buy your organic and natural brands unless you keep your hands off, and your money out, of our GMO labeling campaigns.Request Your Wallet Sized Boycott Guide: More About The Boycott in This Weeks Edition Of Organic Bytes:

Cigarettes was one of dangerous health hazard which was promoted to general public via media campaign and using attractive skills to addict people such a deadly usage as part of routine life. The teens were so much attracted by such advertisement that was getting the message  that taking this thing in your mouth, no matter what your age is, will make you look  healthy sexier. All that had the effect of pushing the consumer to take  in the hopes of becoming like those virile men and turning the heads of every female towards them : a perception that had no link to reality and health science has proved that  quickly turns to disappointment in the form of serious health disorders that can only keep females away from them.

Hormonal and processed meats have become demand of so-called modern world where advertisements are encouraging people to adopt this way of extremely dangerous cooked  products as normal dietary habit.Smoked and processed meats are nasty contributors to stroke risk in many ways: The preserving processes leave them packed with sodium, but even worse are the preservatives used to keep processed meats from going bad. Sodium nitrate and nitrite have been shown by researchers to directly damage blood vessels, causing arteries to harden and narrow. Stroke is not the only concern for salami fans; cancer journals have reported numerous studies in the past few years showing that consumption of cured and smoked meats is linked with increased risk of diabetes and higher incidences of numerous types of cancer, including leukemia.The abnormal hormone dosing to broiler animal products has created havoc in young lives and badly effecting their reproductive growths and leading them toward hormones imbalance disease at their  young ages.

Almost all the ads  specially related to processed and artificial flavoring food products put forth false claims of the targeted product. The creators try their best to point to the product’s unique features, but in a  very much exaggerated way.  They resort to this kind of deceiving for just  increasing the sales and thereby the profit. As for sure, they would never disclose any of its negative factors to us. Since all the ads are done perfectly,  people would never sense any fault either. Moreover, the companies on no account feel guilty of lying to its faithful an ignored customers.

As in the case of promotions of  Energy carbonated drinks like business giants of  Pepsi Coke and Red Bull like  throughout promoted their extremely unhealthy drink for last many decades.How slowly these groups have addicted the coming generations toward this bone decaying and diabetic promoted drink.In massive and influenced promotions  even supporters of healthy diets couldn’t stand against their strong campaign where top class international celebrities are forerunners  of their promoting campaigns.
Other Companies specially linked with synthetic food and home products  can exaggerate certain features of their products up to level of false claims about its safety issues or they can make vague and ambiguous claims that sound good to weak  people who are impressed by  participation of top class models, actors players for such unnatural products for human.

Advertisements focus on materialism and consumption and what are long-term effects of their products on human lives don’t matters for them. Ideally, advertisements are meant to create demand for goods that may not be of any value  to the consumer. Fast food advertisements do not show any obese characters in their advertisement, but show young children having fun while eating as much fast food as they can. Childhood obesity and other diet related complications are on the rise due to this.
Advertisements can be deceitful, especially for younger population who spends days in front of TV screen and watch aggressive and false advertising in between popular shows.Once a trend and its image for advertising purposes have been created, conditioning can begin. Customers become addicted to products that they usually don’t need, and then this become the  real image of our society of over consumerism.


Today, because of ad conditioning and trendsetting, judgments are made on what kind of  food people should take according to their class , what clothes people must  wear, what shampoo and kitchen cleaner they ought  use, and not on who we really they  are.Consumers get a wrong image of social dignity and acceptance. They proliferate that without using  a certain product the people start thinking that they we would be considered substandard in the society and  when consumers feel that certain products can make them more dignified they would naturally go for it.

This leads to a certain degree of social discrimination and project weakness of human minds  who only need outer driven forces to control their personal choices. False claiming advertisements are made in spirit of blind over consumerism without a soul.

So  try to get personal  data of advertised products  found in our society One  will find that advertising today indeed has become very showy, shadowy and false and your would see that advertisements set false trends in the society.Human minds most of time used this attractive and active tool to negatively triggers the mind toward highly artificial synthetic products including instant foods,  plastic products, etc.

Next time you go shopping, or see an advertisement, ask yourself if you really need that product. Also, ask yourself what it all really costs.
And is it worth?

Thoroughly use the free light of Sun for making life more convenient

If we say that humans are the top class rebellion of nature’s cycle and its forces then partially it can be considered true for vast population.In other words we can say that human after using his intelligence  and creative skills prefers to opt for life which is either against nature or out of equation with the standards  rules of nature.Nearly all living creatures, including human beings, have been designed to function and thrive in natural light.Scientifically it is also proved that perfect design structure of  living creatures has strong dependency on solar rays  Therefore, it should be no surprise that powerful biological and psychological effects  on growth of living beings that are strongly dependent on the presence of natural light.

Studies have estimated that 5-20% of the  population of developed countries  now suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD), a serious disorder that can cause  symptoms of depression that occur during the winter season and reduces during the spring and summer months.  Depending on the severity of the disorder, SAD sufferers may display one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Sleep DisordersBrain
  • Overeating
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Family/Social Problems
  • Lethargy
  • Joint/Stomach Pain

The cause of this disorder is  linked to less exposures  in the natural light  that humans experience with the changing seasons.  By spending a significant amount of the day under artificial lighting, a resident  can become disconnected from the seasonal and daily variations in natural lighting levels that regulate the body’s functions.  This eventually results in a disruption in the production of melatonin hormone levels from the pineal gland.

For it treatment “Bright light” therapy is the recommended and involves exposure to intense lights for a prescribed period of time each day (to stimulate or reset the production of the pineal gland.One of the major benefits of sunlight is that it  soothes  tense nerves and boost  mood leaving with a fresh sense of well-being. Sunlight increases the production of endorphins and serotonin in brain cells which definitely changes one’s mood well.

God has made this powerful energy cell as life-giving energy  for all  organs and the way it helps to strengthen and vitalize  body of living objects  . So absence of sunlight and adopting artificial measures  in the name of human development has brought major set back in physical and mental health of human and quality life of other living beings of earth. It is that  help  fruits, vegetables, and grains to grow and be healthy. It also  protects  animals and humans to grow infection free  and develop as well.

Along with this sun light surely improves the life of exposed humans in many ways like

  • Benefits-of-Sunlight-for-Our-HealthSunlight improves the function of  liver and helps it to break down toxins and wastes that could lead to cancer and other diseases.
  • It provides remedy to swollen arthritic joints and  may help lower its pain levels.
  • Sunlight is an effective treatment for jaundice.
  • According to some studies on the benefits of sunlight, exposure to the sun may decrease risk of breast, colon, and prostate cancers.
  • Sunlight helps  body convert a form of cholesterol that is present in skin into vitamin D.

Sun has supported life on our planet since ages and also venerated in multiple cultures due to its myriad curative and restorative properties.In old civilization and religious themes  the sun had significant effects on the  nature’s  ability to reach goals in life.

Its powerful and bright effects were considered  vital  for the strength and  health of humans and rulers.Like other religions Islam also focuses on importance of sun through implementing mandatory  Fajar prayer to its followers.This prayer is basic wake up call for humans to start their daily life with first ray of sun and reduce human activities in Mughreb prayer when sun  end its journey in the typical areas

However, in recent times modern development and  majority of the individuals  have to change their life styles in artificial lighting .Invention of beauty products arisen and   fearful  apprehensions of sun exposure due to reasons like being causal to skin cancer and untimely aging.The artificially created  impact of exposure to the sun’s rays being overly projected by physicians, beauty specialists and those involve in businesses of vending sunscreen & age-defying products has resulted in sun, the innate potent life-giver being wrongly reputing  as nature’s detrimental force affecting the life of human beings.Along with man-made fears still  figures reveal that nearly a million individuals face death and develop grave ailments yearly due to dearth of sunlight exposure.

Pakistan’s  present situation where severe kind of load shedding of power due to disaster mismanagement of power managers have made havoc in life styles of average person who have been used to of  misusing human inventions under the tag of their  updated need of time.Late night necessary or unnecessary shopping, night roaming and outings in working days,and late night functions specially marriage events have become normal practices of Pakistani nation and it  all is  showing  ignorance of Pakistani nation toward importance of sunlight.

Avoidance of sun light for normal routine activities also contributed more of aggravating our problems of increasing load shedding in underdeveloped areas where life patterns are representing more decline form of living which are still more depending on sunlight for giving agricultural products to whole nation.So unrealized civic sense of Pakistan urban population indirectly  affecting the life of rural work force who still are following the rule of nature to feed the one of thickly populated region of world.

Sun light is one of precious asset of this mother nature along with water and air and all are symbols of life so one should enjoy and utilize it as much as possible and remain intact with free gifts of nature  while working or resting hours as much as possible by applying modern techniques.

Torture of ventilator

Before passing through  personal experience of seeing ventilators’ patients in last months, I had thought it was any ordinary life supporting machine which can provide comfortable way of respiratory provisions or treatment to patients in critical state of shock and trauma conditions.But after experiencing dear ones in  ventilators and seeing the pierced conditions of patients with different invasive tubes including nasotacheal (a tube  inserted into the trachea through the nose and pharynx; used to deliver oxygen), orotracheal(that passes through the mouth. and tracheotomy tube(to be inserted; this tube allows a person to breathe without the use of  nose or mouth) ,I have come to conclusion it is one of painstaking scenario for caregivers to see the helplessness of love ones on the mercy of so-called modern medical life saving equipment.

Like normal practice before putting into ventilator and all its mandatory accessories  paramedics strongly justify the importance of ventilation that by creating negative or positive pressures this machine can overcome the respiratory resistance of person and would improve patients declining conditions but what ever data I had collected while staying in ICU this rarely happens and 80 to 85% patients can’t recover or if able to recovered pass miserable life than before  using this life saving device.

The illustration shows a standard setup for a ventilator in a hospital room. The ventilator pushes warm, moist air (or air with increased oxygen) to the patient. Exhaled air flows away from the patient.

In medical practice it can be considered the cornerstone of today’s treatment for  cardiac, respiratory failures but the day it is decided that patient is now being placed in ventilator, some kind of nightmare is started for attendants of patient who are strongly attached with him/ her.Along with seeing the continuous torture of insertion tubes into affected patient, the hectic demands of ICU staff for medicines. labs investigations, platelets, special diets all are started at once  adding more miseries to  already highly disturbed family members. So such kind of mechanical ventilation  can be considered an immediate mixed blessing but one can not deny the fact that it’s potential good is not always good enough.

While offering hope of prolonged life, mechanical ventilation along with high chemical dosing of life saving drugs has drastic implications for the quality of life. Whether a particular individual will get benefit from mechanical ventilation is initially based on medical judgement. Often, however no clear diagnosis is established, and even when one has, the individual’s prognosis may remain highly uncertain.

The patient, family members, physicians, nurses, and other professional caregivers may not agree with each other on the prognosis and thus,the decision-making reverts from the medical expertise to the realms of psychology, ethics, religion, economics, and law. Furthermore, the costs associated with this technology is enormous. So, for severely ill patients, their families, and those required to make healthcare decisions, the long-term use of this technology can be the source of considerable anguish and pain.

In country like Pakistan where disorganized medical services are available putting patient on ventilator for unpredictable time itself is some kind of disaster for whole family.Non availability of proper labs  which should be synchronized with requirement of this modern medical equipment or absence of life saving drugs in nearby pharmacy create more havoc in life of patients family and chances of other mishaps increases if patients life hangs on this machine for longer period.

Assigned and mandatory task of caregivers

Taking care of my bedridden mother for more than five years was one of blessed opportunity God  bestowed me, a challenging job to qualify little as  real kith and kin of my  high rated human relation of this world.My throughout involvement in improving her health and living condition is some kind of my virtual training and as  order of Almighty to handle the most precious relation  with love and care.

If my mother has  left me without any kind of prolong sickness and helplessness state as she had , I never realized how strongly we were  attached together in natural bond of affection.She and my God had given me and her other children best opportunity to prove  that we  are her real care-givers.

Taking care of  bedridden love ones is not an easy task but once you realize that by happening this to your love one should immediately change life patterns of patient and themselves too for handling this difficult situation. What I felt at that moment was that actually God was starting  testing  our will power, level of affection and intensity of dutiful nature in our conscience through  physical  and mental exertion .

This is  best time to show the credibility of blood relations which is strong natural  bonding force between human relations along-with  genuine practical demonstration for  our next generation  to carry on this legacy of care givers for us too.

Through personal experience I strongly feel that such kind of  naturally assigned duty helps a lot to transform an immature, irresponsible and care free person into most mature intimate relation of the world.

Modern development in health science has given lot of privileges to give as much comfort to your dearest patients.It is a thoroughly  planned activity for keeping alive their self dignity, self-respect and hope of good living by not highly disturbing the life of other family members attached to bedridden patient.

In case of my mother the one thing that was preferred and it was constantly  maintained her state of Independence so that she  ever not think her self as burden for other family members  because before her sickness all family of healthy people were dependent on her in all household and social matters.

In her first  four and half-year of sickness she had  taken  charge of her house where she manged her home activity’s as such with the help of her attendants.We always preferred to arrange her arrangement as backups and she enjoyed her life in this dependent state that her family was still relying on her and she was important part of family as such. Physiotherapy many  times a day helped a lot to keep her in active state and this is best  procedure to avoid bed sores for patient like her having very lengthy span of bedridden state.Avoidance of high doses of medicines were also preferred as such kind of chemical dosing even under prescription of experienced neuro physicians sometimes produced adverse effects in her fragile body.

Last year of her sickness was not as successful as her diseases were showing last signs  of sickness like random memory loss, difficult to sit for longer periods, no control on excretory matters , difficulty in swallowing food of her choices, recurrence of bed sores  etc.

But in this stage we adopted different strategy of for her medicines, weaning styles and changing her life patterns against her normal living.But this year death angel didn’t allow us to keep her in our care any more(May Allah bless her soul and keep her in better way than this world).

Dilemma of Childless couples

Couples’  necessary  requirement after developing  new relations between twos to have a baby . In Pakistan it is not even control of newly wed couple to plan  a baby and they have  accidental unplanned  pregnancy within a year of marriage which is quite normal for  majority couples and their families. It is some kind of  social taboo too that if after one year couples don’t have a kid ,strange and sometime times stingy murmuring starts arising  near close family circles.So  in eastern cultures having children is fundamental and compulsory part of a  strong marriage.

Sometimes the married life  is unfulfilled with demand of children and couples have to pass life without having kids,In west  this trend is not considered like that  as Asian people take it mandatory part of their married lives .Modern couples of west  think that having a child is not  right of any couple and can be taken as choice and privileged that can be delayed or even avoided for peaceful life.They plan child or children if they found themselves  capable of handling this responsibility on the basis of economic stability   and emotional needs.

Infertility  of any partner can be a  reason of  not having kid at proper age but in our eastern societies this issue can be  a reason of major family conflict .

It can be considered as genuine reason of breaking of relation or 2nd  marriage of husbands. One in ten people of childbearing age have or will experience problems with infertility. This is a very sensitive and personal issue and  there are unusual circumstances  beyond a couple’s control, regardless of the treatment they choose  .

Infertility  can cause obvious   strain  to normal relation of any  coupler. Momentarily or  emotional attachment that couples  frequently enjoy before discovery of any such kind of weakness, may not attract them any longer.

Lengthy and expensive treatment  for having child contributes additional stress  between  two people  who are interested in having kids like others.

Some of  childless couples  even having mutual understanding on this childless state have to deal with the onslaught of irate relatives and friends . So delaying a child for a couple means that sooner a  stingy kind of psychological pressure  is tried to  develop on spouses to have baby as soon as possible and sometimes very dangerous  tips are given to couples people  who cant afford heavy expenses of proper treatment.Image of a human fetus.

Some of  abnormal  ways of domestic treatment are.

  • Trying  unhealthy and unethical methods to restore the fertility of woman.
  • Going to magicians and fake religious clerics who again practice evil kind of acts to people specially women.
  • Midwives are allowed to make different experiment on ladies, resulting more complications in female parts which directly play an important role in conceiving and bearing baby.
  • Male partners are encouraged  to go for 2nd wife without investigating that who between them have the real  problem of infertility.

There are proper ways and reasonable reproductive medical procedures  those  are available in our big cities .Here proper plan and guidance is available to any affected couple who are in demand of having child.


The first important factor that becomes serious reason of in conceiving in proper time is strain on female partner which also have multiple dimensions i.e difficulty of adjustment in new married life with different kind of relation, lack of understanding between a couple on marital relations, some kind of reproductive  health problems which are not properly treated in the juvenile period due to intentional or unintentional ignorance of parents and guardians  etc.
The different  modes of treatmentcommonly  available to childless couples of Pakistan are
  • Hormonal therapy:  These drugs can be used to encourage and regulate ovulation. Because the drugs stimulate the ovaries a woman can produce and mature one or more ova in each cycle. In men, fertility drugs can help increase sperm production.
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF): IVF is used to treat infertility blockages of the fallopian tubes, endometriosis, abnormal sperm, and some cases of unexplained infertility. If the fallopian tubes are damaged and can’t be repaired or there is a problem with sperm transportation, I.V.F may be recommended.The process of I.V.F. treatment is commonly known as a ‘test tube baby’.
  • Artificial Insemination (AI) – Artificial insemination is used in cases where the male has a low sperm count or a high number of abnormal sperm, or the woman has sperm antibodies present in her cervical mucus.insemination is sometimes used. In this situation, the sperm and eggs are physically placed together in the woman’s womb and then left for nature to run its course.
  • Surgery – if a woman’s fallopian tubes are blocked she will be offered surgery to unblock them. If the surgery is a success the couple may then be able to go on and have a natural conception. If the man’s sperm ducts are blocked and it’s interfering with sperm production or movement, he will also be offered surgery.

Guide lines to pass healthy and happy life for childless couple:

  • They should try their  best to eliminate  the stress factor in their lives as much as possible that plays a major role to harm their fertility.Although this is accurately not applied in south Asian culture where  over  population  is  abundantly found in poor class who are all time victims of natural and man-made disasters.At all  means moral and virtual support for each other shouldn’t be withdrawal on the basis of social pressures.
  • They should adopt  those measures which are recommended by trained gynecologists. In this regard some anomaly is observed that high doses of hormones are injected to male and female for unlimited period until the pregnancy is not confirmed. Such kind of forced pregnancy  through synthetic drugs can be reason of twins and triplets among them there are chances that might be weak babies or have any kind of birth abnormality.This kind of chemical dosing without proper check and balance and without proper tests  create long time side effects on health of patient.Mood disorders, sleep deprivation, early symptoms of osteoporosis, and impulsive behaviors.
  • They should  adopt health measures for passing happy married  life. Regular physical exercise, avoiding lazy life styles and  taking proper nutritional food with higher contents of minerals , calcium, fresh fruits and vegetables. can increase chances of  normal pregnancy if nothing is found in medical examination.
  • If the desire of child is unbearable then instead of  chasing  random painful and stress increasing methods ,one should take a decisions of adopting a child .This can bring great emotional changes in mood and relation of couples and sometimes  bringing new-born child at home  sharply reduces  the stress-strain factor  in the life of any individuals which helps to improve reproductive help specially  in cases of unfit females.

Beauty Parlour Mania in Pakistan

Beauty salons all over the world  provide different  services related to skin health, facial aesthetic, foot care, aromatherapy, — even meditation, oxygen therapy, mud baths, and innumerable other services.
The term Spa salon, beauty parlor , health clinics, massage centers  all refers to a beauty center where professional skin care treatments like facials are offered by a licensed and trained beauticians.Along with traditional face make overs different kind of treatments may include holistic therapy such as massage during the facials by utilizing natural massage and for increasing mental well-being and relaxation.Manicures and pedicures are included in its services.Beauty salons offer treatments such as waxing  and threading and  laser treatments for hair removal.
Few years back these parlous mean for hair cutting and bridal makeups but in new life styles, girls ages 5 to 18 and ladies up to  80 years are regular visitors of such beauty maintenance places .
In last 15 years Pakistani culture has been sharply turned toward beauty conscious complexes even odd situation has been developed toward our economical growth.The affinity of beauty trends can be reason of  fake media exposures  on appearance grooming, wrong projection of love life via Indian films and dramas and  weak personalities to take cover up of artificial makeovers.
There is no harm of going to such places for its real purpose but it should nt become weakness of people as it is being observed in our culture. People are diverting their huge money in such kind of self decorating purpose just  to satisfy their complex and might be to impress a  typical group.It is seen that class has been addicted of such spa and saloon culture which hardly pay taxes, come forward in donation and least bothered in passing charity to need class around them.Even they are least bothered about the basic requirement of their blood relation who are  their utmost responsibilities in Islamic society.
Mushroom growth of beauty parlor is showing different  kind of trends in our system. it might be due to
  • High rise of  unemployment  that forces house ladies to convert small areas of house for such easy business.
  • More demand of female citizens toward personal projection via makeovers  so  demand of women folk is fulfilled by setting more centers.
  • More  beauty and health conscious generation.
  • Insecure Ladies are acting more like copy cats and Barbie dolls without seeing the harsh circumstances of surroundings.
  • Our ladies are unable to set priorities in life.
  • Demand of men of society to keep their ladies maintained and updated instead of accepting them in simple and natural way.

The beauty business is not without its perils. Now many  sexual pleasures being offered under such business tags but here focus of attraction for male and female visitors are provided illicit sex activity on the name of body massage.The trend appears to be a popular one, even in tough economic times.

Due to ignorance of hygienic standards ladies are not observing that what kind of chemicals, equipments and clothes are  being used in  providing these services that can even transmit  HIV and hepatitis infections to its frequent visitors.

Chinese  beauty salons   in urban areas of Pakistan are in forefront  locations such as the Afghan capital Kabul. Chinese in the sex industry have developed wide setup of such massage centers using their  cunning ability to recognize areas where the demand for sex far outstrips the supply.

Lal masjid clerics had gain popularity of attacking on such centers where all kind of state VIPS regularly visit there to get prostitution services on the name of health services.It is interesting they were behind the owners of these health spas but never attacked its real customers who are our top politicians, military officers, businessmen and bureaucrats of Islamabad.
The virus of beauty clinics is not only restricted to female population of Pakistan only but male beauty trade is booming in Pakistan and urban professional men, are following  the services of  waxing, highlighting, facial, groom makeups,plucking and primping like never before.
Such saloons fully advertised their services through projecting  popular  male actors and models  to attract their male customers and now men saloons are showing high business  in our big cities .In this race of facial improvement our  political leaders didn’t left behind in this beauty race .They demonstrate  this affinity on regular basis for looking their best in front of media and public. Not surprising  that men are now in search of  about the latest anti-wrinkle creams and pore-reduction potions.

President Zardari, , has  completely changed his physical appearance by  stopped dyeing his pointed harsh black  mustache a, letting it grow in silver-gray.

Our Chief of army staff Kiyani who is in his retiring age feel no hesitation of giving jet black tone to his few hairs somewhere in army VIP saloon on regular basis.

Sharif, Brothers  had receding hairlines when they left Pakistan in 2000 but sported luxuriant locks on their return, leading to reports of hair transplants.
Majority of our ministers and parliamentarians use eye  irritating hair , mustache and beard dyes and hair transplant  to look more younger than their ages.Even our ex religious minister Saeed kazmi has red beard  and mustache.
Who is his beauty expert , not clear but it  is obvious that even Mullahs of Pakistan have  strong interest of taking services of  such parlors.
I don’t think so that such kind of large numbers of  parlors per sq km  area  are available in any developed countries or we can see the simple get up of leadership of first world who ever bother to behave like young as do our  top leadership.