Solo Flight of Mashal Khan Ends.

mashal1.jpgMardan  is the 19th largest city of Pakistan .It is called as defacto headquarter of yousafzai tribe and also  known for its sophistication and literate touch in some how orthodox environment of  KPK. Awami National party is all time political dominating party of that area since the creation of Pakistan.

Just few days back a shocking news of brutal killing in Mashal Khan has started covering the headlines of major media channels. It was heard that Hundreds of students beat to death a classmate known for his liberal views on a university campus in the country’s conservative northwest Mashal Khan, a journalism student, was stripped, beaten, shot, and thrown from the second floor of his hostel at the Abdul Wali Khan university in Mardan.
Graphic video footage from the scene shows dozens of men outside the hostel kicking and hurling projectiles at a body sprawled on the ground.
Excessive discussions have been seen heard in this regard in electronic and social media. Different perceptions are being created to  rectifying or twisting the crime scene.Lets discuss this crime scene from other angle too.Lets discuss those people  who were his friends his supporters or trying to pose as supporter of rising star of Pukhtoon belt.Now people are emerging from all corners to his support and demanding justice.Struggle , viewpoint and Pukhtoon social media like e-magazines are giving him maximum coverage and  like them all are emerging from all corners as his staunch supporters.mashalWhere were all of them when he was humbly and decently grooming among beasts?

No mature thought as preemptive action was available to him for securing his lone soul while living in such a deadly hostile environment.His mentors,his friends and his mourners who were backing his thoughts of socialism in social media or in field never ever alarmed him to secure his life first and then take progressive actions towards system .

His killers or planners of his killing had more sense of evaluating ahead of his future and they successfully planned his exemplary murder on the basis of nip the evil into is so sorry  to say actually his all hostel mates,his social media mates, his foes in friend’s skin, guards of universities ,his class fellows, his teachers some how facilitated his murder plan.It was obvious after analyzing videos that he was killed with extreme hate and anger and not a single glimpse of friendship, bravery and loyalty was seen there which are always declared as mile stones’of Pukhtoon culture.The most prominent human trait seen in whole scenario is Jealousy .Jealousy because of his innate talent and  his capability of taking solo flights in different fields of engineering.Secret resentments would have been dominating his friends circle when he was planning for  civil services exams while belonging to mediocre class of KPK belt which were lateron spit by making such hostile circumstancesmashal2These hidden grudges of his fellows were some how supported his murdered plans later on camouflaged by creating fake scene of blasphemy.

It was matter of shame.insult and humiliation for all of us that in our soil ,in our people  among mob of millions we can find thousands of criminals, killers, eyewitnesses of killings and brutalities, mourners, claimed supporters but no life saving species are available in this monstrous part of earth planet.

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I am in search of facts and truth.

2 Responses to Solo Flight of Mashal Khan Ends.

  1. The root cause is the belief these socalled students hold which was dinned into their mind from childhood.They kill their fellow student, Christians on easter day, Ahmediyas or Shias and all for those 70 in heaven.

    • Nazia says:

      So it means one’s belief is actually lethal weapon easily practices in strong religious area by eliminating probobalities of using common sense.

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