Imran, Talibans and NATO supplies to Afghanistan

In 2004  the Bush Administration  designated Pakistan as a Major Non-NATO Ally (MNNA) of the US. In short  through this contract made under supervision of COAS Gen Musharraf , all restrictions had been removed which was imposed on Pakistan during Sharif  regime on activating Nuclear blasts.Free and concessional supply of new equipment was also resumed, the Bush administration projected it as equipment meant to strengthen Pakistan’s counter-terrorism and counter-infiltration capabilities on the border with Afghanistan.The only purpose at that moment seems to be meant merely to bolster the image of Musharraf in the eyes of his subordinates and public without any qualitative upgradation of the military supplies.These were the moments when contracts of war on terror were being signed and in many deals between two military forces,  this  huge transit deal of NATO supply was signed , naming it as big favor from Pakistan to NATO forces as major allay of war on terror.

Pakistan’s Route

NATO’s major supply chain for its forces in Afghanistan stretches from the Pakistani port city of Karachi to Peshawar, then through the Khyber Pass to Kabul. More than 70 percent of NATO supplies and 40 percent of its fuel moves through Peshawar.The route is crucial to supplying the nine-year campaign by U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan against the Taliban insurgency.

Pakistan is the major supply route for equipment destined for 141,000 troops of  Nato forces deputed in Afghanistan, with some 5000 lorries a month traveling through the Khyber pass on their way to the border and Kabul beyond NATO stuff is   being supplied either by trains or NLC or transporters allowed by NLC officials.

The normal supply consists  between 200 and 300 fuel tankers and supply trucks usually cross the border daily.Much of the non-lethal supplies for foreign troops in landlocked Afghanistan come through Pakistan after arriving at the port of Karachi.

One can judge the extent of huge influx of  transfer of NATO supply via Pakistan route that in the past two years, over 60,000 heavy vehicles of NATO have entered Afghanistan through the Chaman border – with an average of 100 vehicles a day.During last year flood the supply to the Nato forces via the border at Torkham was decreased by 80% due to the flood water but sooner restored  on urgent basis by the efforts of Pakistan officials.

A second route, through Baluchistan, to Kandahar Air Base in southern Afghanistan .

The bridge in Jamrud after the Taliban

Last year Pakistan shut the main Khyber Pass border crossing on Sep 30 2010 after a cross-border assault by a NATO helicopter based in Afghanistan killed the Pakistani soldiers.During the closure thousands of oil tankers and supply vehicles became stranded at different points between the port city of Karachi and Peshawar.

Scores of NATO vehicles were destroyed in gun and arson attacks in last two years while the border crossing was shut, as Taliban militants stepped up efforts to disrupt the route and avenge U.S. drone strikes.The Jamrud region ,a Taliban hot spot  where the  NATO military  launched an operation to clear the Taliban from Jamrud but this didn’t work effectively too.

Beneficiaries of NATO Supply:

Regular supply through this lane was initially planned between Pak military and US officials and  many tribal leaders from both side of borders were bribed or facilitated by CIA , including the brother of Afghan president to resume this supply in smooth manner.In Pakistan only 7 billion Rs fraud in NATO containers has come to surface.The investigation into the NATO containers scam has confirmed the smuggling of liquor and arms in the containers supposed to carry goods for the forces based in Afghanistan.The report also divulged the embezzlement of billions of rupees worth of customs money besides the disappearance of NATO lorries.In a major development in the ISAF, NATO containers’ scandal, the federal government  suspended 22 officials of the Pakistan Customs Service, including six officials of Grade-18, for their involvement in the mega scandal. This is not a trivial thing that smuggling is being done in the name of NLC National Logistics Cell.

So in short few made billions through such  mismanaged  deals, making Pakistan and Afghanistan in the list of  few dangerous and corrupt countries of the world  where all kind of officers, including military and civilians , along with tribal leaders were involved in facilitating the NATO forces in the region .

Recent move of Imran khan ‘effort to gather and sit  on Peshawar with fair looking angry  crowd from all over Pakistan at least produced some kind of impression( although too late) that Pakistani people have been really fed up of this mice- cat games and both allies should think of some other option to fool the nation with new  emotional military games.

Present situation is quite tense and it looks that it is becoming    out of control of NATO commanders and CIA operatives as too much attacks  on convoys have been recorded. The alliance has been thinking of  opening new routes into Afghanistan from the north in recent years to try to reduce its dependency on the Pakistan route, which gives Islamabad leverage when negotiating with the West

NATO has  come to an agreement  to allow supplies to pass through the Central Asian republics, and NATO officials  started declaring that they could use Iranian routes to  resupply its forces.So lets see how snake like officials who are real beneficiary of this deal would come forward to save this illegal contract that only created havoc in Pakistan dying economy.


Obsecenity is not an alternative of Modesty

In  Islamic or any  religious  setup the standard of  femininity is   restricted under  the idea of a woman’s role  as daughter, wife and mother, while in the cultural  sphere it is portrayed with images of mystical, deadly and sexually enticing female.Ideal  women  are usually  as moral and spiritual guardians, fighting against the immoral influence their evil counterparts posed, not only to their household but also to the entire society or national  moral health.West label these images concerning female respectability  in their Victorian  style culture and Eastern  cultures   under strong religious norms try best to keep the modesty level of woman has high as possible by reviving  positive propaganda in social circles  .Respectable woman is claimed, not be part of the public  sector  of city life therefor demand of separate working and enjoying areas for females only  is  still high in eastern setups.Arab Woman Buys an Islamic Head Dress in Preparation for the Muslim Holy Fasting Month of Ramadan

If women leave the periphery  of the home life  and come  on the streets, it is claimed, they  become vulnerable to  corrupt or immodest   values of the society.Outside life from home is always considered a male dominating area where mostly men have to decide her limits, working allowances and laws of morality.

That is why peeing in public areas by male are quite normal acceptable  unethical act and on the other hand  hardly any woman is   seen following this practice even  in very liberal societies too.

Prostitutes and prostitution is complete an erotic service provided to men and red light areas are made by men of any orthodox  society  but it is placed in the category of moral corruption of females in city life, however in tribal areas both genders are charged of found guilty of trespassing legal limits pertaining to legitimate relation.

Female dress codes are quite strict  and  particular in  so-called conservative  or man dominating societies where most of immoral and prohibitive acts for woman are normal  ways of living  of men of same community. Like extra marital relations,polygamy without proper reason,  smoking and drinking in public areas etc are quite ignored sins of man  in man-made society  irrespective of their ages.Contrary to this same acts if adopted by woman of same community , then it surely comes in circle of immorality and honor of family comes in stake . Even the man’s dubious body language or his dirty staring like looks   are not considered as  violation  of ethical values and usually woman are blamed for all these acts of men for their liberal way of  public presentation .

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Islamic or western Victorian culture,usually emphasizes  on  upper-class woman’s modesty at the expense of lower-class woman’s disgraced way of living which sometime forces majority to go for prostitution to raise their financial income for large families.The concept of  allowable sex to  female slaves in Muslim society via some Koranic verses  also favors  that influential elements of our society   has  different standard of morality .

However no body denies  the rule of thumb that conservatives  need more public modesty and hypocritical kind of living  in order to protect young people of same community where many kind of standards are set by all ruling authority . An obscene representation or display, particularly body  by females is considered as a sensual disturbance  for men  who feel easy to attract those ladies on the basis of their sexual attraction by lowering their criteria of judging their true ability as better human being.

These days  the idea of  modern women portrayed  in sexy looks  has come in our society through many ways.It is inducted  via fake Indian movie culture and through western demands where body  gestures of females are considered as powerful impact to market ideas and arts. Sometimes it is demand of man of society to  have a company of smarter woman  in his life or professional field rather than typical old-fashioned looks.

In present era the female identity  is seemingly popularize through  gestures of female sexuality  while at the same time condemning women too who fell into a life of moral desuetude.The idea is very simple the woman more attractive in public can withdraw attraction of many males and can be reason of creating  jealousy  among  females working in the same vicinity.Modesty and unselfishness like virtues are highly praised by all  and then pass by for chasing more attractive looking woman  of trendy looks.

So this trend is contributing a lot to   early and  extra marital affairs, increasing divorce rate in search of  better females and more access to adultery due to all time appealing  attractions around. Double triple standards of patriarch societies also increase the frustration  level of girl child who is  still being considered as serious liability of any family or less qualify for affection of love ones specially parents.These neglected and love hungry girls opt all choices of attracting partner  for their assumed  secure life.

Modesty in attitudes of people  is  flourished through  squarely  and evenly expanding its worth to  both  genders as chastity of both male and female characters   altogether can raise the moral values and improved behavior of  present and next generation.In case of imbalance of moral fulcrum  toward more strong gender on the basis of power control, the dictatorial attitude  and  the obscenity( a short-lived but very strong attraction) can produce abnormal  reaction/demands of  people,those would  surely collide with prescribed and mandatory rules of  an Islamic society.

Unexplainable pleasures of silent rain

Rain presumably imprints different  impressions and expressions in eastern and western cultures.It  represent any kind of change in life. It can be felt as gloomy or having soothing expressions ,peaceful or it can be powerfully expressive as  destructive ,can  produce high kind of  flooding by destroying  all comes its way. It can conjure up reflection of renewal and joy or depression and sadness.
So rain is  actually giving us ways of living  to different nature people and their  life style. In my area rain is considered as symbol of life, joy,refreshment and filing of thirsty voids of  dried patches of people.It facilitates the fresh green color of surrounding making life less gloomy .

What ever it is but marvelous effects of silent rain  bring unique kind of responding pleasure to  sad and depressing moods:


This natural way of dripping quietly enhances the  beauty of a soft spring.A brief shower certainly  captures the  feeling of renewal and refreshment in dull lives.

Silent rain projects a sense of calm and quietness  in our tough  surroundings.

Rather than the dark and powerful side of a storm, it  allows the  living beings  to experience the delicate beauty of each droplet and the relationship between earth , sky and their living creatures.

Droplets of  silent rain  gently falling  on dry or crack ground return back its greenness as God is reviving the  emotions  of  unemotional  and dull  attitudes .

It give us  senses of natural  cleansing of all dirtiness around us without  making fuss   .It spreads its wings to all creation whether they deserve it or not so  one can say like a strong message of  divine conferring to all comes under its cover irrespective of their need.

wishing  a life-like silent rain that bring  consistent  sense of blessings and pleasure with a soft silence and  light soaking for all beneficiaries  into the depth of their conscious souls.

A poem by Rumi

Tender words
we spoke to one another
are sealed
in the secret vaults of heaven.
One day like rain,
they will fall to earth
and grow green all over the world.

The politics of Devaluing Pakistanis and Pakistan’s national interests

Raymond Davis has left Pakistan as proud American leaving us in state of humiliation that how much we  are rating in lowest ranking as degraded and discarded community of this global world.While he was in Pakistan,.he could have done all kind of  wrong and right activity in Pakistan as he and his operational team  known well how to get favor from sharia law, support from our agencies and full diplomat immunity was available to him from our impotent system for all kind of trespassing in cities of Pakistan .

It is clear that Pakistanis who were chasing him on some assigned task of local spy agencies.This was going on for several days because the entire drama was written, produced and enacted by the ISI/Pakistani military. The missing piece of unsolved puzzle is certainly that the ISI chief, Lt. Gen. Shuja Pasha, will not be on trial in New York.If Americans like, the American families who are suing the ISI over the Mumbai terrorist attacks will be made to accept our equivalent of blood money(part of sharia law) to drop  suit  in NY court, just like the Pakistani relatives of the killed ISI operatives were made  by Pakistani agencies within few days . It is  excellently dramatized on  tit for tat and a win-win for all who are key players of war and terror.

Before such deal of national shame these were same Americans  talking  against brutal sharia laws but how swiftly they acted using sharia laws, unexplained  diplomat immunity and  ransom money paid to heirs of two young Pakistani men who were just used like bait in dirty games of SPY vs SPY.The three young boys in their twenties who died in the prime of their lives because of our Americans  best-friends-forever and unexplained strategic policy of DEVALUING PAKISTANIS  for giving advantages to few Pakistani officials.

The another clue  Pakistanis have about the dirty games of CIA vs ISI are the  attacks against U.S.-NATO supply lines through Pakistan, which have included the torching of scores of tanker trucks.Every body is confirmed that these are  not the work of Taliban guerrillas; they all were the work of the ISI made to look like Taliban. The objective was to demonstrate the extent to which the United States is dependent on Pakistani security.

Marriott hotel blast

In our society life of common Pakistanis  in recent years is becoming  more and more cheap. The killings on suicidal bombing,frequent attacks of UAVs have become mandatory part of Pakistani culture .

For what purpose in fuel deficient Pakistan is spending more than 70% budget on managing 5th largest army of world?

On which power basis Pakistan claims the first nuclear Islamic power of the world?

On which solids  grounds annually high-profile defense deals are being made in defense ministry?

There in no moral code, intelligence network or any kind of apprehension seems workable in Pakistan to secure the life of common Pakistanis who are being used  like laboratory rats in Pakistan soil.The only difference is that lab rats can’t come on headlines but these Local targets get some place in channels and newspaper for short while in the shape of dead bodies and injured victims of blasts.

Pakistan Bomb Blast

Allowing of drone attacks and free movements of CIA  armed operatives like Raymond by intelligence and law enforcing agencies   are signs of failure of state writ and all are indicators  of losing self-respect and sovereignty which are top most priorities  of any nation for raising its stature  from the lowest rating of civilized world.

This  process of devaluation of common Pakistanis  is going on  since the creation of Pakistan where millions suffered due to division and few got privileges of dividing the land on the basis of two nation theory.Transfer of state powers to military regimes and military Chiefs have further complicated this devaluation process and  Complex societal forces ensuing from ethic and religious platforms is now acting liked social control in Pakistani society.

While living here we Pakistanis have modern F16s for our northern attacks, modern submarines which can protect under seas activities of Talibans, updated defense systems , that surely facilitate drone attacks in Pakistani soil but where are  our educational and health facilities?

Why  cuts are not  made on  defence deals but basic subsidy on food and fuel is first to hit  by all governments, producing  extremely dangerous consequences on life patterns and health of  poor Pakistanis?

Top professionals of Pakistan including doctors, engineers,professors,IT expert, nurses, technicians are still being paid on lowest scale  and the justification is given to them that  it is due to hyperinflation mode  in our war zone.On the other hand each year has brought increments and facilities to army men/bureaucrats and parliamentarians.All such financial luxuries for few and economical restrains for millions are the reasons of lower performance of public sectors service  where majority are suffering or being pushed to  state of deprivation on the name of strengthening  Pakistan internal and external security through management of Pak army.

Assigned and mandatory task of caregivers

Taking care of my bedridden mother for more than five years was one of blessed opportunity God  bestowed me, a challenging job to qualify little as  real kith and kin of my  high rated human relation of this world.My throughout involvement in improving her health and living condition is some kind of my virtual training and as  order of Almighty to handle the most precious relation  with love and care.

If my mother has  left me without any kind of prolong sickness and helplessness state as she had , I never realized how strongly we were  attached together in natural bond of affection.She and my God had given me and her other children best opportunity to prove  that we  are her real care-givers.

Taking care of  bedridden love ones is not an easy task but once you realize that by happening this to your love one should immediately change life patterns of patient and themselves too for handling this difficult situation. What I felt at that moment was that actually God was starting  testing  our will power, level of affection and intensity of dutiful nature in our conscience through  physical  and mental exertion .

This is  best time to show the credibility of blood relations which is strong natural  bonding force between human relations along-with  genuine practical demonstration for  our next generation  to carry on this legacy of care givers for us too.

Through personal experience I strongly feel that such kind of  naturally assigned duty helps a lot to transform an immature, irresponsible and care free person into most mature intimate relation of the world.

Modern development in health science has given lot of privileges to give as much comfort to your dearest patients.It is a thoroughly  planned activity for keeping alive their self dignity, self-respect and hope of good living by not highly disturbing the life of other family members attached to bedridden patient.

In case of my mother the one thing that was preferred and it was constantly  maintained her state of Independence so that she  ever not think her self as burden for other family members  because before her sickness all family of healthy people were dependent on her in all household and social matters.

In her first  four and half-year of sickness she had  taken  charge of her house where she manged her home activity’s as such with the help of her attendants.We always preferred to arrange her arrangement as backups and she enjoyed her life in this dependent state that her family was still relying on her and she was important part of family as such. Physiotherapy many  times a day helped a lot to keep her in active state and this is best  procedure to avoid bed sores for patient like her having very lengthy span of bedridden state.Avoidance of high doses of medicines were also preferred as such kind of chemical dosing even under prescription of experienced neuro physicians sometimes produced adverse effects in her fragile body.

Last year of her sickness was not as successful as her diseases were showing last signs  of sickness like random memory loss, difficult to sit for longer periods, no control on excretory matters , difficulty in swallowing food of her choices, recurrence of bed sores  etc.

But in this stage we adopted different strategy of for her medicines, weaning styles and changing her life patterns against her normal living.But this year death angel didn’t allow us to keep her in our care any more(May Allah bless her soul and keep her in better way than this world).