Pakistani, an emotional nation without believing in logic and ground realities

Cricket fever in Pakistan has  engulfed whole Pakistan and its real grave problems.Go any where and people are indulging themselves in flukes of Pakistani cricket team which  are  luckily  getting victory stairs  on favorable home ground conditions.

Where ever I went these days I heard such comments.

We are real champions!

It is our would cup!

Afridi is great and patriotic!.

Pakistani team is  our real dream team.

Please please pray for Pakistan’s victory!

(I am sure every  word of praise would be turned antonyms if we would unluckily lose this match against our old rival India)

Even in emergencies area like hospitals I am seeing that people are not interested in recovery of their relatives but watching matches and passing comments on performance of teams.

So if students and young people  behaved like that but majority of Pakistanis including, old, educated, literate, illiterate, semi educated class or even ladies, completely unaware of technicality of cricket are looking anxious of Pakistan’s  matches.

Some are arranging  milad in their homes and having fast for today’s match of Pakistan with India.

Big screens are being installed in houses and public places to watch this event.

Pakistan all time free  Prime minister and his team comprising of more than hundred along with their families are moving to Mohali for live scenes of Matches.

As a student time cricket fan and ex player  of my college time I am enjoying the  emotional moods and attachment  of Pakistanis more than performance of  our team which I am sure is more relying on bookies and betting masters  now.

I have completely lost my interest in cricket after its involvement in gambling business.Actually it were few people of my family who confirmed this gambling deals since the time of Saleem malik and Ijaz started from streets of Ichara and Mozang and then spread in all cities of Pakistan. Later on this is acknowledged by whole world and repeatedly our so called top players were trapped and punished on different charges of Match fixing.

The total degradation of BCCI under Musharraf and now chief pattern Zardaris is obvious to all that how this popualr game of south Asia is losing its beauty once  known as  game of gentlemen.

Uneven and unpredictable  performance and cheap scandals of top players are few reason of up and downs of cricket.

Attack on Srilanka team was a terrible shock for real cricket fans as they knew that it is like putting nail on coffin of real spirit of playing and watching cricket in Pakistan’s stadiums.This event of terrorism had actually shifted world class cricket events from Pakistan and ICC was ready to shift to world cup matches to countries like Bangladesh and Srilanka which had also history of terrorism but nothing like that was happened there as it was done in Pakistan where bunch of terrorist  successfully completed their mission in front of CCTV cameras(for complete international coverage to our live terrorism activities) and hundreds of policemen of Lahore police.

So knowing well about the real spirit of our notorious players and corrupt officials, I am really enjoying the emotional attachments of cricket which is other than real game of cricket.

Really we are weak emotional nation who is mostly relying on short term, illogical and unreal happening to satisfy our dying self respect,momentarily enjoyment or short lived success without maintaining  quality in our management and performance.


Amaan is no more in this world for my virtual protection!

Last week  my mother  passed away  and I still can’t think of her without a single moment that she is no more in this world for me.My  entire life was so far surrounded near to , my  bed ridden mother and she had been an important part of my daily life. . During her long years of sickness ,I have no guilt to  say that it was her sickness that becomes the real bonding force between mother and a daughter which was quite absent before when she had an extraordinary  active and healthy social living.Her way of over-confident and independent living never  allowed   me  to even serve her a glass of water But through her illness , God has permitted and some how developed the  true sentiments of  caring, attitude, loving behavior  and real spirit of daughter-hood deep inside my lethargic  conscious.Death may have ended my  mother’s life, but it has not weakened  my attached emotions with her as part of my virtual protection.She was and is still my source of inspiration, blessing and what ever like  a lonely child can think in absence of her mother. She will always be my source of virtual  motherly protection ,now peeping me though some invisible screen and praying all times for my good future. She will always be a part of me, and the relationship I have with her will go on forever.

White Angel Feathers Layout

Loss of Mother Poem 

Now that I am gone,
remember me with smiles and laughter.
And if you need to cry,
cry with your brother or sister
who walks in grief beside you.
And when you need me,
put your arms around anyone
and give to them what you need to give to me.
There are so many who need so much.
I want to leave you something —
something much better than words or sounds.
Look for me in the people I’ve known
or helped in some special way.
Let me live in your heart
as well as in your mind.
You can love me most
by letting your love reach out to our loved ones,
by embracing them and living in their love.
Love does not die, people do.
So, when all that’s left of me is love,
give me away as best you can.

~ Author unknown

Passing through this process of transition of ,terrible loss, recovery, restoration and renewal  I am still behaving with  childish attitude that why God has taken away my mother from my sight and my right as dutiful daughter?.

As with all emotions, feelings of grief are charged with energy,these are also charged the only way to cope with them for rest of life that now I am unprotected being who has no shelter of mother’s blessings.

Her  loss from this selfish and materialistic world deserves a place of honor for her in heaven and I strongly pray to God to keep her departed soul under His protection because she  had  suffered by unbearable sickness and its long  time period in this world under care of her weak love ones.I am waiting for little clue,  a small certification from  Almighty that she has attained a highest award of divine in His world that might bring calmness and peace in my lost and disturb sentiments for her.

Healing of soul after this great virtual and physical loss, would start happen when I would transform energy of emotions generated by grief, sorrow and confused  thoughts  towards  some feelings that although she is no more here but her presence in my life would remain instinctual, unconditional and forever.


The wonder of bogus votes in Pakistan’s politics

Pakistan is very unusual country where minority is ruling and controlling  all  major governing areas and  resources.This  minority as rulers and controllers of state  matters  has hardly any instinct of association and patriotism with national interests while they plan and execute their planning on real deserving citizens of Pakistan
One of major political artificial force which  is designed and fabricated  in our officials barrack is  production of    fake votes which has become mandatory part of all electoral process of Pakistan.
The interesting thing is production of fake votes are underdone by ruling political  groups  or agencies  who feel no hesitation of using  all kind of state authority and machinery to generate fake number of voters implanted in the areas where  politically weak and morally handpicked people are backed by agencies  and this way fixed in houses.So we Pakistanis have been expert of fixing our fake man, voters, matches and races by all means of hook and crook.

Recently NADRA declaration  that  3crore 72lakhs votes  are fake in electoral roll of 2007 provided proof that how MMA like unpopular groups got positions in our most disturbed province which was further destabilized under MMA religious clerics giving way to worst kind of military operation in swat and waziristan .
NADRA  confirms  only voters list of 4crore 40lakhs however 3crore 72lakhs votes have no authenticity   (almost 44% of total voted) and are not confirmed.
Nadra this declaration 100 % matches with Gen Ithisham Zameer  confession of corruption while he was known as ISI chief who was the main wheeler of the ISI during the 2002 elections,  now retired and admitted his guilt of manipulating the 2002 elections. Now he was blaming  Gen Musharraf for ordering so(Poor old man had no sense of consciousness while he was obeying order of his boss).As  admitted by him  the ISI’s political cell in 2002, manipulating the last elections at the behest of President Musharraf and his political Alliance Q league.He further added salt to wounds of inflicted nation  by accepting that  Chaudry and his all lotas were outcome of his planning.Now the 2007 defeat of the King’s party,he said was a reaction of the unnatural dispensation which was installed in 2002 through ISI under his leadership.
Zamir straight confession  like that the ISI together with the NAB was instrumental in pressing the lawmakers to join the pro-Musharraf camp to form the government to support his stay in power and it was interesting feature of military politics that all statement of retried general was  highly ignored by all  GHQ which  have already trialed   may of junior officers under court-martial for denying taking arms against Pakistanis in tribal areas.
So one can easily judge the double standard of  GHQ that his open confession of building fake political structure l is taken as normal practice of Pak army and its senior officers.

His appeal of guilt was  ignored by  GHQ   in which  he admitted, had pushed the country back instead of taking it forward and he felt  ashamed of his role and conduct.

Gen (r)Ehtesham Zamir couldnt avoid his buttering attitude toward working COAS Kiaynai (as once  he paid homage to Musharraf when he was his crony of dirty military politics) termed the 2008 elections ‘fairer than 2002. He said the reason behind their fairness is that there was relatively less interference of intelligence agencies this time as compared to the last time(his time). But he stopped short of saying that there was zero interference in the 2008 polls.

What was purpose of ISI interference in elections and Where these votes are cast?


Since political and military failure of 1971 army management had decided to spoil and broil  the political process in favor of military so that no political team would get any kind majority or try to  show supremacy on parties and army management as done by leaders of west Pakistan. So keeping Pakistan political infrastructure in the hands of hung parliament suits to military leadership. This idea of creation of unstable political govt is the genuine reason of ISI interference in creating bogus vote culutre that is accurately acting   as hidden driven force to induct ISI planted men in political fields and pull back when they are not required.

The creation of million of  ghost voters of MMA in KPK and MQM in Karachi were made under the supervision of ISI local cells ,providing back up covers by FC and ranger where  ballot boxes were  filled  in last hours by  these groups by condoning off areas through security agencies.

So these bogus voter act like magic wand for  wrong parties,planted characters to  rule the majority through power of gun and wrong means .That is why nobody sitting in law making houses are interested in independence of judiciary and election commission as both first would catch this open fraud.The latest update of 2011  under official parameters can be   seen when few days back the NADRA’s mobile registration unit were caught by Punjab police  which were  registering “bogus” identity cards to people of Rawalpindi.

Here neither NADRA is accepting its game of creating bogus vote for  Rawalpindi for coming election nor Punjab police is in mood of releasing them.The mobile van which was caught  by Punjab police surely got clue of something fishy as this process of making votes of this typical area was going on for last many weeks.The mission of van  was the plan by some big wigs of areas  and confirmed by official  notices  issued by owners of Bharia town , Gulrez and Chaklala  housing schemes (comes under cantonment board)to its residents, local guards  and daily wagers which are in thousands in number.There were advised to change their last address into these mentioned areas.So this way they were holding IDs of thousands of poor worker working in this important constituency.

It is more interesting to see that as soon as NADRA van was caught ,an emergency plan of setting an office of NADRA in  Bahria town was initiated.Now they are working round the clock to show the court that every thing is done under the official limitations of NADRA office now being  established in building of Bahria town.

Bahria town under the command of Malik Riaz, in last years has prominently raised its status as  top social helper of Pakistan.Where ever one  go in  his  housing scheme he  would find palaces of all generals who worked with Musharraf  for spreading his enlightened culture .

Gen Ithisham Zamer is among one of them.He  got lands in Bharia town RWP   and different DHAs where he is enjoying life of royals in lush green golf courses and sitting around beautiful lakes while discussing future of Pakistan’s politics with other generals of Musharraf era .The cronies of generals are now working under the leadership of CEO of Bahria town  so one can easily judge that why NADRA van and now its quick set office got its place in this town.

Here all  facts support this observation that under agencies network the process of creating bogus votes are successfully preformed  but secretly launch by giving it cover of govt signatories. It looks quite obvious  in future Bahria town and NADRA joint venture would show us wonders of fake votes for  either  bringing  Musharraf back to power or Malik riaz as new chief executive of Pakistan who is getting his publicity even through CNN(an American news network.


Majority of the Pakistanis are  considering that  holding free, fair and transparent elections is not possible in the  presence of such crook maneuvering by ruling groups and it cannot come in  the absence of effective electoral laws.Formation of independent election commission  and punishing people having fake votes, fake degree, dual nationalities,  many foreign accounts and unlimited property,are  urgent needs of time to counter this white-collar crime in Pakistan as it is  giving strong platform to its corrupt minority to rule the poor and misguided majority

Clearly can be  seen , the battle for democracy in Pakistan has not been won and we are passing the stage of pseudo democracy for US interests under control by military establishment. It will take all the resources of survival of the Pakistani people  and depriving them  political sense of understanding to overcome the foxy maneuvering and  crafty machinations of Pakistan’s military and  clerical political  elites or idiots who  feel no ashamed of   lowering national and personal  stature behind  policy of US-backed  Musharraf.

For bringing real democracy to take hold in Pakistan,  people of Pakistan will  have to fight the internal enemies of democracy.They will have to overcome the crushing power of the US Pentagon and State Department officials, who are real supplier of this democracy drama under military cap in Pakistan

Pakistan, a death valley for Pakistanis!

Pakistan  is heading toward stone age like barbarous culture where homegrown frustration is first reason of killing of each other through terrorism or target killing.Pakistan was rocked by 1842  incidents of terrorism in last 14 months of 2008 to 2009. The highest number of 1,122 terrorist incidents took place in Baluchistan.KPK was rocked by 692 terrorist incidents, followed by 12 in Punjab, 09 in Sindh and 7 in Islamabad.These  facts were  also revealed by interior ministry in our parliament but our  senseless representatives only focused on their personal security ignoring the insecure living conditions of common citizens since the time of start of this unprecedented war..The latest glimpses of killing are

10 March 2010

At least 38 people were killed and 100 injured when the Taliban bombed a funeral procession for the wife of a tribal elder.Dilawar Khan accused the government of failing to provide enough support.

9th March 2011

Terrorists struck Punjab’s industrial hub of Faisalabad with a car bomb which exploded at a CNG filling station on Tuesday. At least 25 people were killed and 131 others injured. According to a Western agency report, the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

Feb 10 2011

A teenage suicide bomber killed up to 27 Pakistani army recruits at a parade ground on Thursday, an attack the Taliban said was vengeance for U.S. drone strikes and local military offensives.Wearing school uniform, the boy blew himself up at the parade inside a heavily guarded military compound in the town of Mardan, killing the soldiers with shrapnel and explosives, officials said.

25 Dec 2010

A woman suicide bomber targeted a World Food Programme distribution center in the restive Bajaur tribal region of northwest Pakistan today, killing at least 42 people and injuring over 70 others, in the first such strike in which militants used a female attacker.”The bomber was a woman who detonated her suicide vest when she was stopped by security personnel for a search.

Drone Attacks from Jan to March 2011 under supervision of Pak army

  • Jan 1, : US drones launched 3 separate strikes killing 18 people. In the first strike, drones struck a vehicle and a suspected militant compound in Mandi Khel, near Mir Ali, North Waziristan killing 9 people who are believed to be militants according to anonymous Pakistani intelligence officials. In the second strike, drones killed 5 alleged Taliban insurgents. In the last strike, a vehicle was struck in Boya village, in Datta Khel, North Waziristan killing 4 people
  • Jan 7, : According to anonymous Pakistani officials, a USA drone strike in north waziristan killed at least four alleged militants.
  • Jan12, : US drones fired 4 missile at a compound in Haiderkhel village near the town of Mir Ali in North Waziristan killing 6 people.
  • Jan 18,: A US drone strike kills at least five militants in north wazirstan.
  • Jan 23, :  Three drone strikes killed around 13 suspected militants in North Waziristan. In the first strike, two missiles hit a vehicle and a house in Doga Mada Khel village, killing four people. Hours later, another drone fired two more missiles, killing two people riding a motorcycle in the same village. In the third strike, a militant compound was struck at Mando Khel, 60km south of Miram Shah near Razmak, North Waziristan killing 6 people. The same day around 2,000 tribesmen held a protest in Mir Ali, demanding an end to the drone strikes, saying they killed innocent civilians
  • Feb 21, : Three drone-fired missiles demolished a house in the village of Kaza Panga, Azam Warsak district, South Waziristan killing seven suspected militants, including several Arabs and Turkmen. One of those killed was reported by Pakistani officials to be an Iraqi Al-qaeda finance coordinator named Abu Zaid al-Iraqi. Later that day, four missiles struck a house being used as a base by Taliban in the village of Spalga near Miran Shah in North Waziristan, killing eight suspected militants.
  • Feb 24,: Two separate strikes by drones kill 6 in North Waziristan
  • Mar 8, : Drone strike in Landidog village in South Waziristan kills 5 militants according to Pakistani officials.

High tides of target killing in Karachi:

Karachi has been through in state of rise in target killing mostly of  which are based on  ethnic and religious differences among armed groups  ruling  in different areas of Karachi.

There have been 1981 deaths in the first ten months of 2010 with the month of August witness to the highest death toll of the year with 162 people murdered. The month of June saw the second highest death toll of 135 people being killed in various localities of the city.

At least 60 to 70  persons were killed in the wave of violence continued as such in 2011 in the metropolis ,Wali Khan Babar, a reporter of private news channel, was also among the victims. He was shot dead in Liaquatabad in first month of 2011.

Baluchistan turmoil:

According to partial data complied  by different  groups thousand of people are being taken or killed by local law enforcing  agencies and in retaliation these armed baloch groups  start attacking govt personals and installations.In 2009, 277 persons including 152 civilians,88 security personals died in different incident.Same  kind of data of killing of Pakistanis Vs Pakistanis is seen in 2010 where almost 200 people were reportedly killed  in different incident of  target killing  and  armed rivalry between    govt and baloch groups.

Karachi Violence Toll Rises to 16

Crime Against woman

Some 6,221 cases of violence against women were reported in the country from January to August 2010 including 778 cases of murder, 302 cases of honor killing and 1,611 cases of sexual assault.

These are few heart breaking deadly event happening in Pakistan and this process of self-destruction is going on in our soil for last may years under supervision for our elected govt and Pak army 5th largest army of the world.


What is this going on around us.??

Our mosques are looking like barracks of war zones where prayers are held under armed security.

Friday and  funeral prayers  are being attended by people in the fear that it might be funeral prayer for victims of next  terrorist attack.

Beard Pukhtoon men are  being  considered as death threat in our harassed society which are living in this phobia for last 6, 7 years

Our  schools, parks, recreation areas , shopping markets all are showing terrible scene giving us feel that we are passing life in insecure environment.These after effects of WAR ON TERROR is badly effecting the  psychological development of young minds who are witnessing blood bath on daily basis, so situation is more worst than our thoughts for survival of our next generation.

It does not matter where the terrorists or criminals are pouring in our system giving rise to all kind of criminal activities,but it is clear they could have hoodwinked the security system any where any time. They are  highly active in all big cities  where major concern of law enforcing and security  agencies are to provide security to only VIPs of state and people are left on the mercy of less force and their fate.

The issue of drone attacks taking flight from Pakistan and has woeful plights of all Pakistanis but  from ground realities we  get more heartbreaking facts that it claims that locals usually appreciate drone attacks when they compare it with the Pakistan Army’s attacks, which always result in collateral damages. People said that when a drone would hover over the skies, they wouldn’t be disturbed and would carry on their usual business because they would be sure that it does not target the civilians, but the same people would run for shelter when a Pakistani jet would appear in the skies because of its indiscriminate firing. They say that even in the same compound only the exact room — where a high value target (HVT) is present — is targeted and others in the same compound are spared.

It is also very interesting feature that for last 10 years Pakistan is  receiving the most post-9/11 U.S. military funding, yet has failed to ferret out al Qaeda. It is strong perception that Taliban leaders from our soil perhaps not be eliminated as it  could terminate supply of dollars directly into the pockets who are legitimizing this unreasonable war  in our territory.

All government measures   coming from Federal and   provincial  circles have been failed to end this wave of terrorism .Continuous  increase of drone and suicidal attacks all over the country specially in those areas where army is still controlling security situation is giving  us clear message that  we have been thrown into death valley where death angels have become more powerful than our proclaimed  leaders  and security agencies those  should  be held responsible for our in-house security.

Sincerity and kindness can’t be mistaken as weakness.

Sincerity and Kindness are unique human habits and serious  reason of building strong bonding and long-term relationship among people and groups. Such intrinsic  human qualities are quite rare or start diminishing in those societies which  evolve  in race of materialistic desires  and people start focusing  more on weak and short-lived  source of happiness.

kindness.png image by starliteny_photos

Kindness and sincerity are positive energies of human soul and diverge devilish approach of  any society for creating harmony among living beings .It surely keep away human nature  from extremism of animosity and resentment for fellow beings .It can be inherent feature or  acquiring trait through witnessing good acts while grooming in amiable atmosphere .This is very interesting that all want to be treated with kindness and sincerity but only few have capability to return this quality to people and system with same pace.

Some  people take it as their utmost right to  get the best of kindnesses and sincerity from their surroundings and its inhabitants  but  in process of receiving they forget how to  pass on to system or someones who need this as return.Arrogant and careless behavior  are antonyms of kindness and sincerity respectively  and people have more tendency to behave like selfish and cruel people. So we can observe in around that delivering kindness or fulfilling standard of  sincerity  is not  an easy  deal as it is related to giving or yielding which are traits of prophecy and  part of God ‘s act  so one can say through such acts we try  to  come near the lowest level of prophecy which always lead us to some standard of morality and ethics.

The arrogant people who take such acts of  kindness as weakness  is about making others responsible for their  sense of self-worth only .  Once one makes others responsible for defining whether he is  weak or strong,, competent or incompetent, worthy or unworthy, lovable or unlovable, then he/she  constantly tries to control  his/ her conditional acts of kindness and sincerity .


So kindness  should be groomed   from inner strength, compassion, and a strong sense of self control.Inner strength is about taking away others’ authority to judge us and giving that authority to the only entity who actually has that authority  is only our own spiritual guidance.

Bad experiences  might ridicule our acts or try to stop us for  further expanding  our circle of  kindness but  doesn’t mean this display of humanity should be ceased .A positive attitude and its aftereffects may not solve all our problems, it might stir our peace of mind as  it can  annoy enough people to make  worth this effort in same social circle where they want to  maintain  dominance through their self-made superiority complex on less privileged or dependent people .So before handling some extremely selfish people,one should be ready  to react with some self-defense mode while handling them with power of kindness.

Some people have extra ordinary quality of deceiving others by changing  facial cover of their personality as per demand of their mean attitude so the best criteria of  knowing his/her real content of personality and  attitude , one should see his /her  behavior of kindness and sincerity toward weaker people e,g status, class and social life .

World is running not because of modern technology but due to warmth of human gestures  of love, kindness, sincere friendship etc.Opting robotic life styles as per input of  controller which is our system or demand of modern world might give extra ordinary  rise to our selfish desires but deficiency of kindness and sincerity in human nature can ruin the development of positive attitude of  human  up to  lower level  .In the end of career or after all kind of earning phase  people are desperate for such responses which they keep on dark side while they are flying in sky.Actually it is true too to some extent that weak people or dream chasers can’t be sincere with others even for those who once cared,helped and raised  them .

A saying in this regard is quite precise to  know the real reason of spreading culture of kindness and sincerity implies oneself too.

If you were busy being kind, Before you knew it, you would find You’d soon forget to think  that someone was unkind to you. If you were busy being glad, And cheering people who are sad, Although your heart might ache a bit, You’d soon forget to notice it

The key to having this profound connections with other living beings   is our intent. As long as our intent is to control others  to get love rather than to be loving, and keep on  ignoring moments of kindness through immature acts, this connection between relationship can elude. So one has to come to “giving” mode based on non return and unconditional intent to  promote these acts of humanity which are strong binding force between two or more , and reason of building loving and caring  environment for good living.

Rehman Malik, a severe punishment for those who own him.

Rehman Malik! He is national proud of shame who surprisingly  has many important positions  in Pakistan ‘s politics for last many years as a   Pakistani politician, senator, and the current Interior Minister of Pakistan under the Prime Minister  Gillani administration.

rehman-malik-ap-313.jpgrehman malik funny

It was said that he was inducted to FIA at the time of 1980s in some lower cadre  job on the request of his father to a serving colonial of his same village.At that time that colonial had no clue what kind of  satanic jewel he was inducting in FIA who in future could be minister or even become prime minister of Pakistan.

His sudden rise in FIA( after thoroughly seeing his idiotic gestures and funny personality) shows that what was caliber of administration behind him, giving him all kind of promotions  so that  he  become indispensable director of FIA.During his job his first known victim was his real brother-in-law whom his sister  married without the consent of her family on some issue of cast difference.He put the husband of her sister in torture cells which were made in Zia regime for political prisoners and he surely used it in right way for setting  his family issues.The matter somehow solved after some agreement with his sister but he showed his talent .

In his job history it is very interesting that Benazir Bhutto appointed Rehman Malik as chief of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) which then launched a secret war against the Taliban supporters in Pakistan, and it was said that it mounted  a direct attack on the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). The FIA leadership under Bhutto also angered Taliban supporters because they allowed the extradition of Ramzi Yousef to the US for trial on the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Now it is  Zardari ‘s govt who appointed him interior minister, a ministry standing forefront against Taliban and its supporters and its linked religious organization.At the time of Bhutto , there was hardly a suicidal  or terrorist attack in  Pakistan but now there is hardly a day  when no  attack comes to headlines.

Malik village fellows still  remember him with very good names  when he was in FIA, many people of his village  were involved in human smuggling and turned out to be millionaire by human smuggling through fake passports and fully co-operative attitude of FIA people working with or under Rehman malik. He was the firs tcaught by his own team-mate when President  Leghari after dismissing Benazir Bhutto in 1996  imprisoned Rehman Malik on unspecified corruption charges,  at that time he was the additional Director General FIA .

Later on he was freed and continued  his job but couldn’t make an equation with Sharif brothers and got termination letter from Prime minister Nawaz on his 200 page report on corruption of sharif family he then fled to London.

UK or USA are always safe  destination for our runaway leaders and govt servants who have a strong repute of corruption in their respective departments or constituencies.Here he was involved in large business ventures, he bought property in expensive areas of England proving that allegation of corruptions were correct on him.

Both Bhutto and Malik had many joint ventures  and got famous through many international scams.Among one of those are oil and food scam .It is said that Benazir Bhutto, her nephew Ibrahim Jaafry and ex-FIA chief Rehman Malik t got contract of over US$150 million by giving US$2 million kickbacks to the ousted Iraqi president, Saddam Hussain.Under the recommendations of 623-page UN Report of an Independent Inquiry Committee of Oil for Food Programme for Iraq,Pakistan government had made written request to UAE and USA toto freeze the assets of Bhutto’s two companies — Petroline FZC and Temp Global — and belongings of Asif Ali Zardari in Florida.

Petroline FZC is a Sharjah-based company and former FIA joint director, Rehman Malik, and a nephew of Ms Bhutto, Hassan Ali Jaafry, are the directors of the company.

He established and successfully run a Security consultancy firm in UK namely SHAFFAF LIMITED, duly registered in UK, to provide consultancy in the field of security, anti-terrorism, Aviation security, bank frauds, money laundering and assets tracing worldwide which attained international recognition.

He was also president of  DM Digital Network  UK which was aided twice by immigration officers and caught illegal immigrants from Pakistan. . He had to claim that he had resigned from this company  before his appointment as Adviser/Minister to the Prime Minister for Interior

After having billionaire like  career in above UK businesses ,Rehman emerged as the ‘deal broker’ in Benazir-Musharraf reconciliation talks in Abu Dhabi in July 2007.Before the arrival of Bhutto to Pakistan she was in full compliance with Rehman malik in all kinds of political deals with military govt of Musharraf.When the deal was made known as National Reconciliation Ordinance, Malik was the top beneficiary of this pact and real first one who got state protocol from same military govt.All knows he was the chief of the security of Benazir Bhutto when she returned home in 2007.She faced two severe attacks and couldn’t survive in 2nd target shooting under the protection provided to her by the team  selected by Rehman Malik.

So soon after the assassination there were many accusation against Rehman Malik for lax security, his blunt lies  and his absence from the scene of attack on Bhutto.



The process of terrorism  is still continued in his regime with some low pace but Under his ministerial regime the popular events of terrorism attacks were

  • Attack on FIA buildings
  • Attacks on Shia processions
  • Killing of Shanshah, other witness of Bhutto’s murder and PPP die-hard worker
  • Attack on GHQ
  • Attacks on popular shrines of Pakistan.
  • Killing of two important political figures of PPP Salman Taseer and Shabaz Bahtti, his party in his jurisdiction Islamabad.
  • Non stop target killing in Karachi under his talented leadership.


It was not once or twice but many times he was publicly humiliated by common people or victims of terrorism but his quality  of obstinacy never let him to feel degraded or ashamed but always looks  firm on his obstinate stand that he is doing extra ordinary job.

One of Baloch leaders has already claimed about him like that:

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik, the civilian face of the country’s powerful military establishment is a continuation of the former dictator General Pervez Musharraf’s policies in Baluchistan. He is the one who sanctioned and devised the policies of empowering Frontier Corp (FC), the Pakistani paramilitary, in Baluchistan involved in enforced disappearances and the ‘kill and dump’ activities.

So whether here is disturb area of Punjab or jurisdiction of Islamabad or one can check his repute in highly disturbed provinces of  KPK or Baluchistan, people remember him with bad repute and worst performance.

He is  real punishment for country and its citizens who have left on option  but to accept  him and present uncertain security conditions is real sign that his presence is like a punishment  for his party people and whole nation.

Exploitation of name”Islam” in Pakistan.

When Christians kill Muslims, it’s the Crusades. When Jews

kill Muslims it’s murder, and when Muslims kill Muslims??

Nobody really cares about it.”

Dan Gillerman

Pakistan is very unique country which was separated by giant India on the basis of setting an ideal Islamic ideology.What could be the Islamic ideology of 1947??

Protecting rights of Muslims and securing religious rights of non-Muslims or non believer??

Did we achieve this goal by setting laskhar of immature and fanatic minds to conquer Muslims or non-Muslim areas through creating jihadi brigade or by making laws of blasphemy where not less than death  penalty should be given to those who disagree to  flag bearers of Islam in land of pure Muslims ??


Today’s killing of a Christian minister Shebaz Bhatti   by runaway monsters might be planned for some other reasons but  one  political motive is very clear and it is to  present  Pakistan as  an appropriate place of extremism under the tag of Islam where no other norm of justice can be applied other than killing or shooting  of rivals through act of terrorism .

The Alqaida ideology was  made by US  and ISI actively paved way for this idea in our soil is basic reason of militant groups supremacy in Pakistan.All we are seeing around us in the name of terrorism are side reactions of that policy,  just showing more adverse  effects  in Muslims world and Muslim population.Pakistan army having dream of winning Kashmir or Kabul has actually radicalized our disillusioned youth and society by keeping them under narrow-minded clerics and then Alqaeda like organizations provided  them willpower, purpose and guidance to act against state and its people on the basis of differences of faith.

The name of Islam is actually politically exploited in Pakistan and Muslim world too , where double and triple standard were/ are made  and in system radical power is  being supplied by  creating religious differences.

Islam  itself means peace was  once practiced  to spread peace, equality, justice and love to all as long as it was kept under divine’s dynasty .What has done to its real spirit  is now out of question but it  is quite obvious that  Pakistan has just got the repute of exploitation of word Islam.Now our country is popular for exporting terrorism on the name of securing its man made rules .

It is not only  war on terror ‘s statistics but whether it is Iran Iraq  or Iraq Kuwait or Iraq Kurd all mentioned conflicts, wars, massacres, and atrocities, the primary and majority of victims have been Muslims killed by other Muslims in the name of Islam and jihad.

In a different perspective, some 11,000,000 Muslims have been violently killed since 1948, of which 35,000, or 0.3 percent, died during the sixty years of fighting Israel, or just 1 out of every 315 Muslim fatalities. In contrast, over 90 percent of the 11 million who perished were killed by fellow Muslims.

It is very interesting to see that where  Muslims have been at high risk of displacement and under attack in  states like Afghanistan, Pakistan , Russian state  and  gulf  , their rescue or war actions are  made possible only by the efforts of the United States.

Among 4 caliphs of Islam,  three were killed by fellow Muslims belong to different faith.

All rich Muslim countries follow the dictatorial or monarchical rule  to control Muslim majority  that is against the  real spirit of Islam.

Pakistan in last twenty years followed the deadly  policy of  direct and indirect wars , on the name of self-protection first  against Russian and then against those who fought against Red army.

What simply mean from such conclusive  facts!

Islam may  be a peaceful religion, but the people who dominate the religion   , the  icons world sees as representation of the religion, surely are far from peaceful attitude and hardly follow the rules of giving justice, equality and  empowerment of common Muslims as given in  Book of Allah or Sunnah of Prophet(pbuh) .

The latest   incident of Christian lady Aasia is being highly projected   to secure the Blasphemy law  that  only created confusion and harassment in our  society so far where minorities  like Christians or Hindus become   an easy bait for religious organization for defending this law.Poor lady’s  mistake in  ignorance and deprived state  has become reason of  reason of killing of  two leaders of ruling political groups.The government instead of chasing the real killers or motives of uneven killings, also accept its failure that so-called Taliban are behind such killing.

These killings were done in one of modern city of Pakistan where more than half of population is known as liberal or follower of western trend.This is same city where large set up of ISI is  setup. In last months not once but  many times thousand citizens from this city were gathered and supported Asia bibi and demanded amendment in Blasphemy  law so our so-called Talibans would pick and killed  all Pakistanis who are arguing for  little change?

Nobody is thinking that it is our  US- military  alliance that was behind such motivation and this faith  was preserved and bred in our soil first in  fear and hatred of India, then USSR and now for Alqaida.If govt accepted that it was done by Taliban then Pak army and its related agencies should accept their  failure to counter all acts of terrorism being continued in our soil for last 10 years.

These killings  mean sooner the Judge and lawyer would be killed too by unknown terrorist who are seeing this case in court where Qadri had already has  accepted his crime.

This is same city where our runaway Huj mullah was fired(once by attackers second time  by his PM) who was found in big scam of looting even middle class pilgrimages.

Why Haj mullah is spared by these Real Muslims ?.Looting Haj pilgrimage is allowed in Islamic ideology??

Same like that,in Islamabad  there are huge villas of Chaudry  brothers, Gen Hamid, Ijazulhaq, Wasi zafar and all who were in Govt benches at the time of f Lal mosque attack but no one ever tried to killed any one of them!!

Confession with guilt

After seeing all this we have to confess that Pakistan has  become  an ideal “theater of terrorism in the name of  jihad”  under the joint effort of the fundamentalists  and imperialistic  mind people. The connection is clear. The terrifying, Muslim terrorist  grew his anger as  faith of destroying enemy of Islam and  it is our  military establishment   that interfered, manipulated, and  further  helping  radicals to grow freely and show their  anger on those who are not in agreement with them.Lack of economic development done intentionally has caused resentment in few areas . In Muslim countries  Islamic charitable organizations have provided education, health and welfare services as per their targets that governments have failed or have not been able to afford to provide. The price for these services was more zealous  and  has given birth to monstrous breed of  fake Islamic world.