Suu Kyi, A Proud and Real daughter of East.

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Aung San Suu Kyi is  popularly recognized as Burma’s pro-democracy leader and Nobel Peace winner during her arrest period.She truly  symbolizes the struggle of Burma’s people to be free from military rule. She has been detained for over 13 years by the Burmese regime for campaigning for human rights and democracy in Burma.

Aung San Suu Kyi was educated in Burma, India, and the United Kingdom. While studying at Oxford University, she met Michael, a Tibet scholar who she married in 1972. They had two sons, Alexander and Kim. On March 27 1999, while Aung San Suu Kyi was in Burma,her husband  died of cancer in London. He had petitioned the Burmese authorities to allow him to visit her wife  last time, but they had rejected his request. . Instead of this the  military government always  emotionally pressurized  Suu Kyi to join her family abroad, but she knew their black mailing game  that she would not be allowed to return.

Aung San Suu Kyi  who inherited her genes of fight for democracy from her late father, by chance had returned to Burma in 1988 to  give some time to  her dying mother and was immediately plunged into the country’s nationwide democracy uprising. Joining the newly-formed National League for Democracy (NLD).During her campaign  Suu Kyi gave numerous speeches calling for  restoration of human rights and democracy. The military regime violently responded to the uprising by  killing up to 5,000 demonstrators. Unable to maintain its grip on power, the regime was forced to call a general election in 1990.Aung  Suu  Kyi has been placed house arrest  on numerous occasions since she began her political career. She spent 15 years in confinement of the past 21 years. During these periods, she had been prevented from meeting her party supporters and international visitors.

In 1990 elections her party National League for Democracy (NLD) received 59% of the votes, guaranteeing 80% of the parliament seats. Being the NLD’s candidate, Aung  Suu Kyi under normal circumstances would have assumed the office as prime minister Instead this as per expectation , the results were nullified by the military and  Generals refused to hand over power to her party. This resulted in an international outcry. Aung  Suu Kyi was placed under house arrest at her home on University Avenue in Rangoon. During her arrest, she was awarded the Sakharov Award for freedom of Thought in 1990, and Nobel peace prize in 1991. Her sons  accepted the Nobel Peace Prize on her behalf. Aung San Suu Kyi used the Nobel Peace Prize’s 1.3 million$ prize money to establish a health and education trust for the Burmese people.Recently she has been released from her house arrest  and dialogs  are being offered to her for some kind of reconciliation.Last week  she met her younger son, Kim after 10 years.

Aung San Suu Kyi is a living political  legend of conservative Asian culture not only because she is fighting against dictatorial  regime which had put her under house arrest for 15 years but also because she kept her personal life on stake .She is an example of greed free politician who  sacrificed her all assets and relations for her people and movement. She is surely a  woman of strong nerve and  brave decision maker  by leaving  her family when it needed her but  this Iron woman preferred to stand for her people and country.  The whole world, media and military rules are mute witness to the struggle of this lone crusader of peace and democracy against arms and army of generals.

Military rulers had tried best to unpopular her but her graceful but strong stance is breaching the hearts of whole world democracy lovers and each year has brought more popularity pearls in her political treasures . Life has changed drastically for Suu Kyi ever since she was released. She is constantly under media glare and the world is watching her each political step.

She is an ideal political figure of 21st century and not a single match like her can be  found in a deep-sea of  political  breed of Pakistan who even cant  come near to her political struggle.This  fairy tale like lady is a real freedom fighter of Burma and true daughter of East. She  should be projected  and presented in our political circles as an example of real political character of third world to bring some shame to our corrupt and  fake political leaders.

Under such leadership running our major political parties we have  lost the sense of understanding politics and its importance in developing civilian  and welfare state like set up.Now  due to existence of worst kind of politicians and their way of governance,here  people are taking politics and democracy as some kind of abusive terms which  are  now in full mode of taking  revenge  to people of Pakistan.

Long live Pakistan .


Pakistan Nuclear Program and Blaspemy Laws, Boggeymen to haunt whom???

Pakistan in start of its journey as an independent Muslim state took no time to  focus its all efforts and resources to convert as  strong military state  against giant India.We fought three wars against India and it somehow justified heavy defense budget .These days we are internationally known as  having  5th largest army in the world which is now fighting within Pakistan for last 6 years to eradicate home-grown terrorism.

Pakistan and its officials always feel  proud to declare that they we are first nuclear power of Islamic world no matter our majority’s living without  basic facilities which are always responsibility of state to provide to its citizens.

We made strong blasphemous laws to harass weak people, minorities to secure our religious beliefs as we have made Pakistan on the name of Islam.

We always welcome and praise  our army whenever it comes to conquer its own state.111 Brigade is secured and nurtured through public money to conquer Islamabad on the order of Chief of army and demand of people of Pakistan.

Since 1960s we started chasing nuclear technology mostly to get the nuclear arms as our military heads were highly impressed by destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Via US technology .They thought it was best way to harass India and others through  such nuclear arms.Since that time we have spent millions of Dollar on making nuclear arms and its accessories to run side by side with India in this deadly arsenals.

Our desperation for  getting this lethal technology is so strong that we didn’t bother to sign NPT(The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty).The objective  of this NPT is to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and weapons technology, to promote co-operation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and the goal of achieving nuclear disarmament and  complete disarmament. Some 180 countries thus agreed not to pursue nuclear weapons but Pakistani govt was resilient to use this technology against its enemies specially India.

The hiring of en ex Indian scientist for Pakistani nuclear program for making such dirty bombs and threatening his last mother land itself showed the abnormality of that program where designers earned billion through private deals while sitting in govt offices and US had cashed its research program by selling this one of dangerous technology against humanity to  our goof Head of states.This NPT has been ratified by 187 countries who in past fought against each other, more than any other arms limitation but along with Pakistan,India, Israel and Cuba didn’t sign it and  after 40 years all poor countries like Pakistan are spending billion dollars for maintaining nuclear facilities and its updated accessories.

These arms were initially  marketed on the basis that it would reduce the expanding military costs and give protection to smaller countries,Time has shown that nothing happened like that .None of country that didn’t sign NPT  reduced its military expansion plans. In addition to this different  kind of atrocities have also  been reported in their accounts on the basis of having nuclear arms.Israel is on the top of list , Pakistan is now labeled as exporter of terrorism in civilized  nations under umbrella of this nuclear arms and India is still busy in expanding its all kinds of arms deals by provoking country like Pakistan where military is all in all in state matters.

.Now through exposure to outer world even a child of Pakistan is  now aware that  possessing something  like that is so deadly. These radiation bombs can destroy most life on Earth and  better describe as national and global suicide devices rather than weapons.

A photograph of  back injuries taken in January 1946 by a U.S. Marine photographer.

Our leadership in past took one of dangerous move of   making  nuclear arms without judging its complexity.

The cost of  Nuclear research, development, testing, deployment, maintenance and associated intelligence activities  have overpowered over major human necessities and then completely  swapped our human development projects  .It is just like that for creating a bogeyman for enemies we discarded our own citizens which were reached   in millions.

A sensible and qualified Nuclear scientist is quite sure that Nuclear attacks can’t restrict war’s extent to only regional level but can bring immediate integrated and  irreversible global damages in form of massive retaliation through continuous chain reaction of nuclear reactants.But our team of experts ignored all  seen disasters of Japan cities and followed this path by politically brainwashing poor nation as it is only ultimate goal of our lives to threat India through nuclear war heads.

If some how we think of using it against India then one can accept silence of lamb like situation against it?.What could have   happened to our region if both have used it against each other?

The countries which didn’t sign on NPT has ever assessed such huge damage of earth ,its inhabitant and its surrounding ?

If some sensible team of management tries to estimate the costs of damage to the land, illnesses of exposures, cancer deaths from nuclear pollution, and storage of nuclear waste for centuries are added, the price becomes unaccountable.

Some countries have already given up nuclear weapons, showing that it is possible for a nation to be secure without them.i,e Three former Soviet republics, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, became nuclear weapons free states by voluntarily transferring their nuclear warheads to Russia . South Africa developed a small nuclear arsenal  and then dismantled it. Argentina and Brazil have also eliminated their nuclear weapons programs even though they achieved initial success in these programs.

So Pakistan under military rules created many bogeyman like issues to haunt its enemies and even local masses .For harassing weak and illiterate class special kinds of Blasphemy laws were created on the basis of history facts and then imposed wrongly on public . Since the time of Zia these laws are being used and abused to settle personal scores, killing Christians , Qadiaynis and  Hindus .Later on their  homes and properties are burnt to escalate this violence and projecting Islamic laws as threat for non-Muslims living in Pakistan.

Most victims of such bomb laws are  from minorities or poor classes who are  throughout being considered  as lower mutilated citizens of Pakistan and that would naturally pass superiority complex to brain washed Muslim majority.

Any how in all ways Islam is secured in Pakistan by activating Blasphemy laws and India is threatened by our Nuclear arsenals.This is main theme of our governance under military rules without giving any check and balance to  all kind of state corruption and malpractices .

Final result of all such polices  have been achieved .Today our Hero  nuclear scientist is now declared as international criminal for selling technology to open market, our army is chasing the idols of Islam in our mountains who for last 8 years are blowing and killing Pakistanis in the name of Islam.

We entered in 21st century with our hand-made bogeymen.But this time they have been switched to backlash mode and now we being a first nuclear Islamic power is living powerless in our insecure houses.We are still unable to create any kind of road map for human development for managing 170 million people.Outside our homes,  soldiers of Islam are roaming there  and  misusing  these mullah made  Blasphemy laws to drive the Pakistani folks in particular direction of their choice.

Incompetent Boss ,A Major reason of down fall of any company

When some incapable or ineffective person is promoted to higher ranks on the basis of personal links and under social pressures or directly hire for any kind of job and project it is clear sign of failure of that project or one can simply assume that  down fall of organization begins..

Another visible feature which is prominent in ineffective managers are their poor response toward  contingency handling procedures and  inadequate  standby crash planning for countering difficult situation due to political, social and financial crisis either on company or in country.

So no doubt Companies  are first crippled and then ‘paralyzed’ by poor leadership.


Why operational organizations can’t afford liability of  inadequate managers?

Right person for right place is insignia of any strong company so by picking inadequate supervision it is just like placing  productivity barrier in front of goals of company.

Inept managers can be recognized very easily and quickly with the help of their ineffective habits, most of the time!

* Absence of skills for  handling people of different nature.

*Poor time management for anticipating and preventing problems.

* Too much involvement in hands-on operations and personally dealing with detail

* Lack of understanding the supervisor’s role as a Guide and facilitator

* Poor communication skills

* Giving unclear instructions

* Accepting slack work ethics

* Lack of urgency

* Inadequate management training

So under such working conditions if 90% of above points are found in top cream of managers ,one wouldn’t take time to estimate that organizations is working under theme of ineffective management.

"A sense of humour is important here. If he tells a joke - laugh."

There are few prominent and dominant traits of ineffective managers and these are

1. Constantly Shifting Goals and Priorities:

When goals and priorities keep changing faster on short-term basis, One should know  he/she is working under an ineffective manager. Lack of proper planning or even an ability to do any planning causes this habit and uncertainty  is

2. Playing Favorites and One Against The Other:If bosses are busy in multidimensional irrelevant jobs like playing favorites, computer or mobile games, playing one employee against another, remain in contact with out of office people for personal jobs,   focus mostly on  personal benefits and foxy ways of his/her advancement in early promotions.

3. Inadequate Activity planner: There are some managers who don’t know the difference between workers putting in the time at the office versus getting the work done.They start work lately and stay offices for late hours engaging large number of lower staff to work under them in odd hours.This can produce financial burden for company if over time is paid to them,Other wise lower staff will highly grumble to work under such worth less boss

5. The Social bug: . It is the classic ineffective  boss who thinks he is cool, is everybody’s friend, and says and does socially unacceptable things at work. This kind of character does more to retard progress at work than anybody else  and people under such kind of bosses highly focus to actual goals but always look chasing the extra official activities in offices.

6. The Birds Eye View Thinker: This is the manager who does not get down in details but  watch the situation through his/her superficial ways of observation or rely on friends suggestions for improving his quality. This can bring very dangerous  situation in future because goals  can be confused and  every person at the office may have their own version of how the project should be executed.

7. The  Superior Manager: This is the manager who has built class differences at work in his own mind! Superior-Subordinate artificial class structure is created, maintained and enhanced with subtle things like calling meetings only of supervisors, etc. They forget that they are all there as team to get certain things done and the other structures are all only organizational structures to be used if it makes sense.

Such kind of Mangers are the requirement of  the armed forces,as in  military institute it is needed,as no country can afford that her soldiers all fighting their own wars with their own strategies and tactics. Here only need is a command structure and a hierarchy whether the decisions  turn right or wrong.

.In  other civilian working areas , this  philosophy hardly work properly and managers have to concentrate on consultation and quality of team work before execution of any command and projects..

Impact of ineffective management:

The real effects of inefficient managers are seen on the time of trouble shooting and troubled times in company and country level.It directly increases level of stress in the workplace. Ineffective management mainly go for two options .It either goes for over staffing on the basis of poor judgment and  social pressures or prefers under staffing mainly for concentrate pays and perks on higher management.

Both ways ultimately affect poor performance of company as first one  takes employees toward relaxed and casual attitude and can cause the financial burden to any organization without expanding production and optimal outputs. Later choice of under staffing option surely   increases the stress level of  employees   through pressure of  insecurity of job and excessive workload on their nerves for reaching the targets.

The shocks or after shocks of bad governance is only controlled by following the strict code of merits before promoting or hiring Managers.Standard of merits should be based on experience of professionals and   quality of work done in last years.Giving shortcuts to few individuals is one of high risk of error and trial basis and it rarely can improve the performance of any company .So who ever is behind the wrong selection of managers on the basis of nepotism, favoritism or personal gains should be placed in the category of national crime against human development,

Altaf Bhai hanging on roundabouts and Walls of Karachi

Karachi  was once known for its huge absorptive capacity for people of  all kinds of culture,languages and background are now presenting the picture of horror and terror for its residents.This city was known since 1880 for its huge business ventures ,harbor activities and secular culture.Even violence of 1947 didn’t produce any impact of spreading   riots related to cast, religious and cast basis to its locals and financial activities.Since the  creation of MQM this city of wonders has been  slowly losing the environment of peace and harmony for its  locals and migrants who were moved here in search of jobs, trade and different economical ventures.

This city  never stopped its journey of economic struggles and still maintain its top position as only financial hub of Pakistan through which more than 50%  of trade and business deals of Pakistan  are done .One day suspension of its financial activities due to  riots and scenes of violence costs billion rupees loss, but this surprise city again rise its financial status within few working days of peace .

My Visit to this city after two years has brought me in state of despair  that nothing has improved here so far that can be acknowledged in terms of peace and harmony which are the utmost requirement of this burning city for last many years .

Some say that Mustafa kamal has spread the network of fly overs in Karachi and now people are enjoying signal fee corridors.

Is that only requirement of any huge city to be presented through its number of flyovers or overheads by neglecting the maintenance of street roads and street lights in almost all areas of Karachi.

Law and order is showing the worst  picture, a strong indicator of failures of working of Law enforcing agencies in all civic and industrial areas of Karachi.

Mushroom growth of armed gangs in all areas of Karachi has destroyed the secular history of Karachi.All major parties are backing these gangs who just need a minor reason to pull trigger on each other any time any day.

Few medressahs have widened there networks by grabbing or purchasing nearby homes and land area.Residents living close to them are seeing suspicious containers unloading their  and nobody ever bothered or dared to check what is inside these containers.

Power and water shortages are creating extreme kind of frustration among residence of this city.

Expenses of generator and water tankers are extra burden on Karachities along with depressing utility bills.This is so disgusting to see that govt that  has been failed to check the illegal connections of Electricity theft and  now people are using domestic gas connections to  run their generators .It  provides them less cost of power in lengthy period  during absence of electricity but has rapidly increased the gas demand on domestic rate.

Few parks have been developed in last tenure of Mustafa kamal but still lots of  residential areas have  no such facility for residents of Karachi to enjoy their evening and free times in green areas.Extreme insecure  civic condition is one of reason people confined them in their homes as no body knows when and where riots would get its start and in an hour whole Karachi is seized by horrific scenes of firing, and target killing.

There is still rise in kidnapping, street crimes and armed robbery and people are making self barricades, hiring personal guards  and using fire arms for their personal security.

In this situation of insecurity, confusion and mistrust on Govt functionaries ,one funny thing is seeing on rise and that is Altaf bahi new pictures with variety of latest  dress get up are hanging all alone on all major roundabouts, big buildings and major govt buildings.From far away side  it looks advertisement of some dress show or some sort of marketing of fair and lovely cream but when one comes closer to picture  ,he/she can see the false slogans of mqm  representing the bravery of  his runaway leader .Such pictures  are the height of mockery on insecure and  affected citizens of Karachi who has completely lost sense of his civic rights under the mafia games of political parties  in which MQM is the leading the race of terror and horror.

Can any one think that by showing the picture gallery of their coward leader they can win the heart of People of Karachi or this kind of show is being arranged for foreign forces that are backing and financing MQM leadership to keep  control of Karachi for their future plans .

I still searched for real  mahajir, Urdu speaking or  a real Karachi person who actually praised this leader absent party .This is also a record which should be placed in Guinness book of world record that Altaf bhai never led his party for a tenure within its local premises as  much period  of 19 years  he is controlling it through his UK telephone line.

Some people claim to MQM workers are  openly taking political gains,government jobs and illegitimate business deals via this party.They are bestowed by such  offers without passing any kind of merits or eligibility criteria and only merit before their selection is to raise the slogans like JIYA mqm or Altaf bhai when and where require as per demand of MQM in charges.

Just due to such kind of leaderless  leadership where even its only  leader is absent from the scene,MQM can not get rid of its label of  heading this horror and terror Party.The impression of Altaf hussain is still dominant as a cult of Karachi politics and his fake type  exhibitions through funny pictures are supporting such past repute as such.

The wave of target killing of Karachi people that has gripped this city for last many years has become a real fear factor for its working class..On the other hand both lawlessness and this target killing have become controlling factor for all political parties, mafia gangs and mini criminal groups to control the area of their choices.In local terms it is known as operation clean up of opponents by seizing all kind of actions of LEA and even force of Ranger become ineffective in maintaining law and order situation of Karachi.

So Karachi people are living on igniting dynamite.Nobody knows when it would be blown  and killed many innocent or political rivals for satisfying  egoistic nature of political people who are known as leaders of Karachi.

Altaf bhai started his journey on old bike and now owner of UK branded vehicles and luxurious villas of London are controlling billion of Karachi people like sting puppets. Shahi Sayeed a rickshaw driver  now purchasing high-rise buildings in UAE, Babar ghauri our all time  shipping minister started his career as waiter is now big buyer of property of Karachi. Raza abidi who was known for his old cars in Gulshan Iqbal residence is now moving in different kind of latest 4 to 6  4 wheel drives with all govt facilities.So all are dipping fingers on personal greed without judging the severity of situation.Every street and state crimes and  sectarian riots are being successfully executed under the smiley photos of Altaf Dada, one and all in all controller of Karachi with the help of local agencies, bhutta,kidnapping and land mafias and few MQM  claimed leaders.

Craze of Pakistani Muslims of sacrificing animals without judging the circumstances.

Apart of Eid ul Fitr the festival most grandly celebrated in Muslim world is Eid Azah or Adah. In Pakistan is more commonly known as Eid Qurban or Barri Eid  usually a three-day a public holidays are observed.The follower of  Sunah Ibrhahim actually was granted by  a favorite reward to His followers in acceptance of real sacrifice  of Hazrat Ibrhaim. Actually Allah had  turned that act of prophet to one of best choice of Muslims so that they  enjoy this festival by eating meat of their choices. This Sunnah instructs the Muslims to feed people from the sacrifice, but not necessarily by holding lavish feast to show our superiority on other weak classes of society. However, to many people, the Eid day is an occasion to meet friends and relatives, and to celebrate together and enjoy the taste of animal meat.This old tradition was always  considered luxury in  an Arab world.

Now One should look how we Pakistani  celebrate this festival after surrounded by all time crisis like situation  for last many years

We are state of war.We are passing hard financial times due to lengthy war operations and management of corrupt governments.We are facing after effects of worst kind of flood The miseries of shortcoming of food and food chains are being strongly apprehended by our economists and social scientists.In one side rehabilitation of flood effectees is going on snail-like speed and other side government is showing high scandals of corruption and poor management of countering this situation.But as a Muslim we are focusing our efforts to please Allah for following his non obligatory Sunnah.In this year of crisis when whole world is trying to help our victims of flood disasters, record number of pilgrimages for ummrah and haj are being gone for this period of turmoil.   goat, awaiting (eenar_6) Tags: india festival muslim islam eid goat kerala slaughter slaughterhouse

Duty (taqi_cronoz) Tags: eve red feast canon eos cow buffalo islam eid egypt goat slaughter sacrifice islamic adha eiduladha taqi 450d mansoura taqiyuddin taqicronoz crononz
Along with this in this year of disaster of live stock we have butchered  major part of live stock on the name of this festival.Not a single religious party or group have ever said to stop this  process of sacrificing animals for sake of 2crore people who are still in need of help of government and people.All are chasing for hides, bones and fats to earn money in these three days of depleting animal folk in faster rate.
Eid al-Adha Mubarak (M.Omair) Tags: pakistan eid creative goat karachi omair mubarak eidcard eidulazha

All bigger to smaller cities have been turned to slaughter houses just for enjoying this eating festival as necessary part of Islam.

TUM KITNAY BAKRAY KAATO GE.... (fullmoonshadow) Tags: pakistan light nikon kill islam eid knife goat ground sharp equipment gathering coolpix khan mandi karachi effect ahmed sindh murdered prayers allah hammad namaz bakra sacrifies eidgah bakreid eiduzadha badieid

Nobody is bothered to keep the standard of cleanliness and hygiene on performing this act.I am sure that Pakistanis were among the most filthy nation of the Muslim world who make all kind of  mess that day while slaughtering animal on roads or open areas, throwing waste of tripe and fats on the side ways and  by killing each other on the issue of collecting hides. Majority completely ignore the side effects of  eating and storing rapid cut meat without draining its excessive meat .

peaceful touch..  (~pearl~) Tags: kid peace eid goat soe blueribbonwinnerFeeling of senseless attitude is so obvious that I have no words to explain  the horrible moments of  this year festival of sacrifices .At this time of food crisis even illiterates know that we have lost our major live stocks in this  flow of water and people have lost their livelihoods for their minimum survival but we the Muslims can’t foresee  our real shortages coming ahead due to our mismanagement and ignorant attitude.

At this critical situation we should think above than as an ordinary Muslim but need to behave like part of affected nation.At his moments, butchering a large amount of animals could decrease our animal  breeds which are source of different life support in our rural areas.Instead of sacrificing large animal like bull and camel which can provide useful support of living to remote area people,these should have been  gifted to flood hit victims so that they can be used effectively in fields for their farming.

As per Mullah’s saying blood should be shed so that Allah would accept our act of loyalty.We are daily shedding our blood in suicidal attacks, target killing and now due to hunger owing to bad governance of our rulers.Almost on daily basis our soldiers and law enforcing men are martyred on the line of duty.So how much more blood this country needed to understand the cruelty of Present which can be strongly felt in our future if we wouldn’t  design our contingency plans to safe our food chains

As a nation we don’t deserve to follow such act of Sunnah Ibrahimi which is insignia of purity, love and true sacrifice .

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Helplessness of Law Enforcing Officials and Agencies

Again Pakistan is  under attack to demoralize the working class of Pakistan.The attack on CID building in Karachi is clear signal to those officers who were trying to chase the footsteps of target killings and terrorism  in Karachi.Nobody knows how long it would take to  end this situation which is  harassing  our worthless and insecure lives  for last many years and its trailer  just shown in Karachi.

For the last 9 years Pakistan and its people are under attack of terrorists ,target killing , planted bombs and other prevailing civilian insecurities like rise in street crimes, robberies, kidnapping and rape cases.In this  volatile situation  even secured buildings were attacked , high security was easily  breached and mostly victims of terrorism are front security men or guards.In viewing such crisis like situation the country should have made its security plan  updated and modern to counter one of deadliest  wave of terrorism for unarmed and untrained civilians.

The non seriousness of all governments including Musharraf and Zardari led  were/ are complete reluctant of providing updated facilities  to police so that they can adequately and efficiently secure the  life and property of citizens who are actually real victims of war.

Instead of this due to clear negligence and distributing  police strength to guard the VIPs of this country,this force has shown declined performance and this department is still known for its backward procedures of  investigation or  for poor security plans for themselves and  to people of Pakistan.

Police even  fighting and dying first  still retained the title of the most corrupt amongst all the departments of the Pakistani government for the fourth time according to the recently released National Corruption Perception Survey 2010 conducted by Transparency International Pakistan.

Pakistan’s ill-equipped, poorly trained force including more than corrupt 300,000-officers had suddenly been thrust into the front lines of the American-led war against terrorism for which neither they were ready nor trained to handle such kind of deadly insurgency.Due to their in capabilities and ignorance that was first human shield provided to local people.

This police killing was started at the time of first attack on Musharraf where almost 20 police men were died and 50 were seriously injured.After this chain of killing of police force was started on regular basis , forcing policemen to escape from critical areas at the time of duty.This is the main reason behind introduction of this lucrative shauda package to give moral uplift to policemen who were running and escaping from duties in the line of street terrorism.

Some provided Photos  below showing the helplessnesss performance of Pakistani police that is just telling us that  how our security men are trained  and deputed  on streets to handle the frustrated people of Pakistan. These Photos are telling us real performance of poor souls who are completely  untrained and capable of such kind of terrorism.

Such an innocent force only handle local crimes and criminals who are unarmed and untrained like them and have some fear about traditional torture procedures which are still in 21st century is considered as an ultimate investigating  procedures of our police force handling the terrorists of war on terror.

In last years the Punjab police budget has been more than doubled in the past five years to roughly $500 million, largely from salary increases. But officers are still short of many basic resources, including communications equipment and armored personnel carriers. There are only 5,000 bulletproof vests for a force numbering 170,000.
Training skills are far behind than the standard, which should have been provided to them as soon as this war was initiated on our soil.
Here in same country where  Pak army is all time busy in high deals of defense regarding purchase or maintenance of F16s, missile system, modern air defense and radar system, submarine and tank deals which are hardly required in this kind of unconventional war but nobody bothers to strengthen the local intelligence network and serious working on modernization of police force which is mandatory required to unarmed civilians who are almost 90% being victimized in such terrorists activity.So negligence of state in this regard has further demoralized the working policemen who are all time vulnerable to all kind of attacks.

How to Improve the moral values and performance of Police Force:

We are too late but it is urgent need of time to restructure and prefabrication of our intelligence agencies .

Capable, honest officers and police men should be sent abroad for crash courses to counter such kind of local insurgency.
It is high time to produce harmony and coordination among working agencies and civil groups against this war of terrorism.

They should be equipped with updated arms and security items.

Police force along with ISI competent officers should make coordination committees with civil society ,NGOs students’ wings and private sector to enhance their actions regarding investigation, training and contingency planning  into public circle that are still unaware how to judge or handle this  situation emerging from this wave of terrorism

Such kind of coordination would help the tense environment to counter the  trends of extremism .This wave of extremism can only be countered by introducing the moderation tactics though strong civil groups under protected by police force.

Modernization  and moderation in police force should be nurtured carefully. It can’t be retrieved from the backward and corrupt minds so overhauling of top officers should be done on the basis of merit instead of nepotism and political bases.