Torture of ventilator

Before passing through  personal experience of seeing ventilators’ patients in last months, I had thought it was any ordinary life supporting machine which can provide comfortable way of respiratory provisions or treatment to patients in critical state of shock and trauma conditions.But after experiencing dear ones in  ventilators and seeing the pierced conditions of patients with different invasive tubes including nasotacheal (a tube  inserted into the trachea through the nose and pharynx; used to deliver oxygen), orotracheal(that passes through the mouth. and tracheotomy tube(to be inserted; this tube allows a person to breathe without the use of  nose or mouth) ,I have come to conclusion it is one of painstaking scenario for caregivers to see the helplessness of love ones on the mercy of so-called modern medical life saving equipment.

Like normal practice before putting into ventilator and all its mandatory accessories  paramedics strongly justify the importance of ventilation that by creating negative or positive pressures this machine can overcome the respiratory resistance of person and would improve patients declining conditions but what ever data I had collected while staying in ICU this rarely happens and 80 to 85% patients can’t recover or if able to recovered pass miserable life than before  using this life saving device.

The illustration shows a standard setup for a ventilator in a hospital room. The ventilator pushes warm, moist air (or air with increased oxygen) to the patient. Exhaled air flows away from the patient.

In medical practice it can be considered the cornerstone of today’s treatment for  cardiac, respiratory failures but the day it is decided that patient is now being placed in ventilator, some kind of nightmare is started for attendants of patient who are strongly attached with him/ her.Along with seeing the continuous torture of insertion tubes into affected patient, the hectic demands of ICU staff for medicines. labs investigations, platelets, special diets all are started at once  adding more miseries to  already highly disturbed family members. So such kind of mechanical ventilation  can be considered an immediate mixed blessing but one can not deny the fact that it’s potential good is not always good enough.

While offering hope of prolonged life, mechanical ventilation along with high chemical dosing of life saving drugs has drastic implications for the quality of life. Whether a particular individual will get benefit from mechanical ventilation is initially based on medical judgement. Often, however no clear diagnosis is established, and even when one has, the individual’s prognosis may remain highly uncertain.

The patient, family members, physicians, nurses, and other professional caregivers may not agree with each other on the prognosis and thus,the decision-making reverts from the medical expertise to the realms of psychology, ethics, religion, economics, and law. Furthermore, the costs associated with this technology is enormous. So, for severely ill patients, their families, and those required to make healthcare decisions, the long-term use of this technology can be the source of considerable anguish and pain.

In country like Pakistan where disorganized medical services are available putting patient on ventilator for unpredictable time itself is some kind of disaster for whole family.Non availability of proper labs  which should be synchronized with requirement of this modern medical equipment or absence of life saving drugs in nearby pharmacy create more havoc in life of patients family and chances of other mishaps increases if patients life hangs on this machine for longer period.


Plots,Villas for Generals,graves and chowks for Lieutenants

Since the creation of  Pakistan people  are  seem to be  psychologically pressurized to accept  Pak army as holy cow of state whom all have to worship other wise enemies of Islam like Hindu, Jews etc would be successful to over come Muslims of Pakistan.

If we look into past it is quite confusing to estimate  that on what focal point our patriotism is based on .Love for our country or Islam or hate for India and Hinduism or Communism.Probably nobody has suffered as much at the hands of some corrupt, self-centered army officers and crooked bureaucrats  as common man of Pakistan who was intentionally  pushed to  this enmity phobias by creating different night mares in the name of patriotism.

Low literacy rate , less exposure to international politics  and  lack of independent media enhanced this articulated  concept of faithfulness and loyalty as PTV and Pakistan Radio like medium having control wavelength, kept in isolation the people’s judgment ability that  what was  actually happening to land and  people of Pakistan.

However,  it is time we should differentiate between the misdeeds of a few adventurists and their fear generated concept of patriotism and the hundreds of thousands of patriotic servicemen and officers who have sacrificed  and  are  still willing to sacrifice their lives for the country .

The  bitter truths of Pakistan’s history are based on this summary:

Gen Ayub by using all illegitimate  powerful means had overcome sister of Jinnah and people considered him messiah of Pakistan.

Pakistan was divided  due  to weak   political strategies  and extremely violent military actions but people of Pakistan were abusing Bengali and Indians for self destruction.

Zia’s systematically started pouring the germs of extremism on the name of religious movement in all areas of Pakistan and left a large number of Islamic fanatics preaching new version of Islam .

Musharraf  tried his best to project d new version of moderation by giving it injection of orthodox militarism.

Wars on the name of occupying Kashmir was so wrongly publicized to coverup the military failures that still large population synchronized on the tunes of ISPR  is unaware  of real ground facts.

The misdeeds of Ayub Khan, Ziaul Haq and, worst of all, Musharraf has created black hole not only on professional credibility of Pak army but badly shattered the image of Pakistan in the whole world.

An efficiency of any institute  is  recorded by  performance and  character of its leadership.Strong leaders produce viable systems which have strong affinity of absorbing  leadership shocks for smaller duration but in longer period weak and corrupt leadership is the main reason of collapse of any system and that is what is happening in Pakistan since its creation.

Napoleon favorite quote  exactly reflects the quality of leadership in military setup in  true sense

If you built an army of 100 Lions and their leader will be a dog, the lions will die like dogs but if you built an army of 100 dogs and their leader will be a Lion so the all dogs will fight like lion…

so no matters it is team of dogs, mules or lions but it values  how  commander acts  and same  is  reflected in the performance of his team work.

Unluckily we  throughout  faced and still bearing  this poor leadership crisis without acknowledgement in real senses.Historically we didn’t accept our failures in right context and if some sane voices tried to raise accurate judgements of historical failures  either we shut them down using power tactics or labelled them as un Islamic or unpatriotic so that masses couldn’t  listen them due to their weak emotional upbringing.

That is why in this country  even responsible of  all kinds of failures villas, honor awards  and sumptuous way of living are allotted to highly incompetent generals, bureaucrats, political leaders. Whereas  poor victims or  martyrs’ names are hanged on chowks(roundabouts)or rebellions who tried to raise voices are labelled as traitors of nation or religion.

In last years of forced war on our soil one accept  it or not but it   has created a gloomy culture on all over Pakistan and while moving in cantonment areas or major roundabouts of Pakistan one can see the names of poor officers who given their blood to their motherland for the weakness and greed of Pakistani  Establishment .This feeling of sorrow is turned into uncontrollable  anger when one cross the huge villas of generals  and corrupt officers of same army under which command these sons of soil laid their lives and left their kith and  kin on the mercy of God and few state paid incentives.

From General Ayub to Kiayni and  all COAS  have built castles like residences  in the same cantonments which are decorated with name of these brave junior officers .Almost all sons of these chiefs are running billion rupees  business ventures on national and international scale but real sons of nation  are being buried  in army graveyards  with full military protocols.

In military politics such kind of sacrifices on the name of duty is highly  and in  charismatic way  projected  to boost the morale  and fighting spirit of of soldiers and officers .But if it would become  continuous habit of management having disease of more appetite of power this  feeling of loss  is transferred to officers and jawans  who are front men on line of defense and affected their performance.

I think in this regard this is best quote for martyrs of Pakistan from lady who had spent her most part of  life among victims of war.

The martyr sacrifices themselves entirely in vain. Or rather not in vain; for they make the selfish more selfish, the lazy more lazy, the narrow narrower.
Florence Nightingale

Lost parents of settled children

The old oriental culture of  Asia follows the principle of extended family system where three generations are attached together in some manner.Here young ones have  to work side by side on two  major tasks , one is to raise their family and other one is  to take care of parents at their old ages.

Today the  modern ages and its requirement has  gradually  replaced joint family system by independent living due to many reasons, same attitude of discarding the parents at old age is rapidly   seeing in distorted eastern culture on the needs of  a couple and their children .

Having a baby is one of  joyful moments in life of any couple no matter which class they belong.They forget their differences,  shortages in their lives  and search for happiness in the smiles of their new born.As the child  growing up this sense of enjoyment  tends to some kind of serious responsibility  in job list of new parents .The thoughts of his/her  eduction, career, his health ,daily activity’s  all are the major areas of concern for any normal parents .During this process of development of children, parents usually  set aside their needs,and focus only demand and timely services for their children.They work hard, cross all legal or illegal formalities, manage personal discomforts, pending personal interests to make bridge between present  and future  demand of their kids.

In this race of managing new life often old parents are  ignored or left at the mercy of time because children give importance to their own families  .Some times their spouses  due to careless or tricky  attitudes never give any kind of moral allowances to take care of their old parent. As a result, some sons start  neglecting their responsibilities whereas daughters either can’t perform their duty due to non cooperation of their  husband or in-laws .It is also seen that sometimes  daughters of east  are taking up the responsibility of caring for two couples of parents: parents of their own and of their husbands.
The modern industrial and materialistic economy might be responsible for the breaking-up of the old tradition of looking after the old parents, as it provides a disparity in earnings among the family members. The more fortunate and hard-working family members surely earn a number of times more than the less fortunate easy-going family members. Indeed the hard-working family members don’t  like to share his  earning  with the lazy siblings
In this case, the family splits on the issue of sharing responsibilities like taking care of parents when they are old and sick.All this ultimately make life miserable for old parents who spent all their resources and energy on their children but when the time to repay come most of them deny their utmost responsibility as equal as one consider for his/her kids.

It is old saying that new generation is always indebted to the old generation. We need to pay the debt to our parents taking care of them at their old age and then performing religious and social rituals after their death . Thus, our tradition Pakistani culture has made sons accountable to their parents at their old ages.It is virtually considered as reversible practice which will be revised  by next generation as would be  practiced in present.

However, the traditional family culture in urban life  has been gradually changing to the worst for the senior people. Sons have been no more a social security for the senior citizens as used to be. If they have more than one son it becomes disastrous to the old parents as every son thinks that the responsibility of taking care of parents is of another.

Our trsad-woman-K133-31-147traditional  extended family system itself generate a lot of provision for taking care of parent by many blood relations at a time so that this important responsibility is shared by many people tied with some kind of bonding,.Here intrusion of narrow-minded relations in the form of daughter or son in-law can bring jerks to old state of parents but siblings’ strong faith and stand on parents care duty can modify the conservative thoughts of other relations .

Some sons take care of old parents only to inherit their property. Wise parents usually keep their own portion of the family property for their old age. Such family property remains in the form of a hereditary family house or an ancestral land they inherited. Some sons keep their parents with them only to make sure that they leave behind the property for them to enjoy.

Daughters have begun shouldering the responsibility of looking after their parents. Daughters could not be indifferent to the plight of their old parents when sons are reluctant to take care of their parents. So, they extend their supporting hands to their parents. If the current trend of sons neglecting their responsibility of taking care of old parents continues soon daughters will be the only dependable offspring for old parents to rely on.

Taking care of old parents has become more a burden than a social obligation to sons. In many cases, old parents need to live with different sons in rotation; some sons fetch daily meals in a hot case at their home rather than living together with them. These are the best-case scenarios. The worst-case scenarios are none of the sons look after their old parents. Daughters-in-law denies old parents the contact with grandchildren for fearing of exposing their secrets to grandparents.

The so-called modern nucleus family does not  consider  the benefits of living together with old parents. A nucleus family becomes viable when both spouses work for earnings. . If they have parents at home they do not have to worry about baby-sitting and their next generation is more secure under love and care of  grandparent So, having parents together with a family might be a bonus than a burden some of us might think today.

For families who have made some advance preparations, elder care should not be a crushing burden. It may be a disruptive surprise, but professionals in the field have observed that most children  struggling with young children and midlife crises — assume their responsibilities willingly and without resentment. The caregivers who suffer most are those who try to do too much alone.

We should realize we will do ourselves and our parents a greater service by seeking help. When our turn come .be conscientious that sooner we would be in same position due to natural biological cycle. Remember, our own children will be watching. And someday we may be on the receiving end of elder care as history takes no time to reverse its wheel .


Paper marriage of MQM and PPP 2011 is over!

Every thing is unfair in love ,politics and war in Pakistan.

Political groups in Karachi were formed on ethnic and religious basis .They  shared or parted  their strength to misuse the government legal power in their favor and by betraying trust of people.The city, which generates nearly half of Pakistan’s total revenue, is plagued by extortion rackets, mafia-run land-grabs and turf wars waged by armed groups fighting for their share of resources.More than 1,100 people have been shot dead in political violence in the Pakistani city of Karachi since the start of the year.

Karachi was enjoying friendship of political parties only on  leadership level in present working scenario but nothing worked on name of political and administrative basis which could have stopped the  rainfall of dead bodies mostly due to target killing of political workers under this strong coalition government.If one side war and terror has given large numbers of victims of terrorism in whole country, here only in Karachi same numbers were killed by bullets of rival groups to show their armed political strength.

There  throughout  people seeing  that little is  done to reassure the scared-to-death citizens of Karachi that there is a government and leadership in some kind of plan to counter this 24/24 horror and terror scenes. No wonder, then, that while people are being mowed down on the streets of Karachi like stray dogs,  millions of concerned citizens  only rely to Allah to save the city and their souls. No one had any hope that this government is in any way capable of wisely planning anything to  the situation other than decorating their political pawn shops by showing the number of victims of killings. If that is not a no-confidence vote for a government, in which MQM always claim to be party of largest mandate of Karachi  stands on forefront to blame others for this kind of acute lawlessness dominant in Karachi culture since the birth of Altaf Hussein as political leader of Karachi.He is now British citizen but this is fair example of interference of vested interests of foreign powers that even in state of exile for last 20 years  he is controlling his ruling party in very violent and effective way that can any time roll down the peace of city.

Leaders of all political parties including MQM   have fully enjoyed government positions, perks, luxuries but couldn’t seize the human killing in one of most lively city of Pakistan .Here the decision of “who would rule the Karachi” is decided by the power of bullets because  long time ago ballots have lost its credibility under Musharraf- MQM political alliance on the basis of ethnicity.

MQM after seeing  cleansing operation of MQM die-hard workers  through  Pukhton general,  taken no risk of depending on only  one support for their future survival as political power of Karachi  during Musharraf era.They took no time to arrange their engineered  mandate under their control through longest tenure governorship and  undue support  from law enforcing agencies work under governor of Karachi.

People of Karachi are harvesting the crop which military establishment  had sown there since 1980s and it is to form armed gangs in political groups of Karachi. Firstly it was JI then it was MQM which had  facilitated  hit ,killing  squads and established the torture cells to subdue their opponents.

Such examples are many  time seen in Karachi First Pukhton Mujahar then Muhajar, sindhi(MQM-PPP) then PML MQM and even non party  lawyers movement couldn’t be allowed to  carry its one procession with the fear that it might have lowered down graph of MQM leadership controlled by telephone calls from UK-based station.

Not once but many times it was seen that whenever any cleanup operation was under taken by the Government, it had to stopped half way due to the hue and cry raised by MQM. MQM piled up weapons under the cover of  Peace  Committees and soon after flight from coalition government it  had opened a battlefield in Karachi to vilify other political groups. The flawed policies of MQM to control city on the barrel of the gun also provided a great opportunity to many other gangs working  under other political groups and alqaeda  operatives to  breach in the security issue with same violent ways as it is being adopted by ruling groups.

  • Political Cartoons

On the other hand the role of the media and LEAs is far from satisfactory and they literally play the role of  dumb and deaf in whole scenario .Instead of exposing the culprits both refrain from calling  the culprits in the name of impartiality because these  they all know  that the culprits belong to all political parties .MQM being the biggest seats holders having 42 seat in provincial and 10 members in National Assembly shares this burden of terror on their shoulders more than other political representatives of Karachi.

There is always seen a unique kind of consistency in MQM leadership,  their principles and these are like that

  • Always stay with ruling party in all kind of military and political governments.
  • Never goes against wind of polices of establishment .
  • shake hands with all feudal but habitually speak against them.
  • Always be in wailing state.
  • Never accept any failure and blame to opposition/government policies while living as rulers.

No administrative and reasonable political  plan is provided   to curb and catch the killers. The provincial cabinet under totally mentally expired chief minister  is almost  non-existent as far as public interests are concerned.Absence  of strategy in all fields has become reason of this chaos as all parties are working for personal gains keeping aside the  interests of city holding millions of real working class of Pakistan..

As workers are holding guns on streets of Karachi, party leaders of same parties  are holding gun on loose talks and blame games in talks shows and telephonic  public rallies.

Zardari ans his team after having refresher weeks in UK has come back with a  plan to fully sideline MQM first in front of  foreign powers and then as main drivers of city administrative by using all state powers through his political icons known for MQM enmity.

This is the way one of our beautiful city is controlled by political and military planners since 1980s.All who claim of be champions of democracy or military strategies only added  red(blood) and black(fire smoke) colors to its gloomy and fearful attitude.

We are sorry Karachi we can’t give you back your lively living setup as your past  and peace of mind to its citizens.

we are really ashamed of our leadership and their characters.

Energy Disaster is coming ahead in Pakistan

Pakistan is setting accurate  example of disaster mismanagement in all sections which are directly or indirectly related to security and  power and energy sectors.As a sixth largest country in the world with its population will exceed to 200 millions by 2025 ,there is no mega project coming ahead to manage this rise in population with income and per capita  energy used in industrialization or agriculture purpose.Both are showing negative trends with high growth of unproductive population increasing the militancy factors in our cities and towns.[energy-crisis-solution-+(4).jpg]

Since 1947 India whom we try to equate with us  has raised its number of dams from 300 to 4000 but Pakistan has halted its number on 18 dams with few like Neelam jehlum is under construction which storage would depend on discharge of flow from Indian side.

We have already reduced our one fifth capacity of water storage by not properly maintaining the already existed faculties .In future it  not  be nuclear bomb that would be considered as symbol of our power but India will  just use of this water bomb to break our  shaky structure of agricultural and power  for our complete collapse.Non developmental approach toward adopting cheap and environmental friendly  Hydel power in glaciers encircled  Pakistan is kept on low priority and  direction of exploration  has been  focused to utilize more or import Oil and Gas for major production units .

Pakistan is known for its unused  high natural reserves and  hidden  energy resources including fairly sizable natural gas reserves, some proven oil reserves, coal (Pakistan has the fourth-largest coal reserves in the world.It is said that single Thar Coal Reserve of Sindh is about 850 Trillion Cubic Feet which is more than Oil Reserves of Saudi & Iran.
Each year billion cu secs of precious water has been wasted to sea without using it for energy or agriculture sector .
List can  go on without thinking a second that how naturally rich country we are. The geographic placement of Pakistan in south Asia gives great edge over other nations in the area and piece of attraction for foreign forces.

The inability to explore resources and implement energy projects has been attributed to fiscal constraint is but it is just due to lack of vision or intentional negligence for strengthening typical cartels in Pakistan who are front driver of nation’s economy for their personal gains.

Wrongly manipulated gas industry has already created havoc for all IPPs, fertilizer industries , textile and , paper production units as all resources and facilities  have been passed on to  provide CNG to million of consumers of Pakistan in the name of cheap and environmental safe fuel.Now its massive use by public  is being  exploited by corrupt management which on weakly basis is torturing its consumers by unplanned load shedding and monthly rise in prices of gas.

Mushroom  growth of CNG pumps in thick residential areas, manufacturers of  CNG kits, and its related services, have  involved millions in this business  which is now being teased  by tension creating regulatory policies of petroleum and gas ministry under the corrupt political leadership.

This way state actors  are controlling the nerves of masses by paralyzing their normal activities which is ceasing their national approach on the matters of political and security failures.This way Government is successful to restrain the People’s  ability  not to think more than their own daily problems for normal or under normal living.
Complete picture  of failure is trying to be drawn in successful manner that democracy in Pakistan  is just revenge of insane minds and democratic norms can only bring down fall as far as growth development is concerned.Three to five major power projects have been set in five years but couldn’t  give production as gas supply was not given t o them as deals were made five years ago.Fertilizer industries are either shit down their plants by shedding their staff or running it low load which would ultimately give benefit to TCP like corrupt department to offer more tenders for supply importing fertilizers.

Textile mill owners are quicker in their response against this black out of power as most of them have shifted their business either to Bangladesh or far east Asian countries by closing down their units leaving thousand unemployed and frustrated. Small unit owners daily come to roads and abuse government policies which are behaving like lame duck and dumb buffaloes who is more interested in eating fodder rather than milking for the people.

Contrary to this extremely high defense deals are being made in military circles on the name of defense as top priority and in similar manners GE like companies are being  called on to bring power plants of 3 to 4 mega watts near to all major army units for supplying non stop powers to security equipments and personals only.These plants are being designed on basis of gas or air fuel  supply which US and Saudis are assuring our military chiefs so that high cost defense deals would be successfully get its shape with US .

That  is not matter of concern or ponder  if in future they show defiance of their deals  because today’s  puppets would get their share and leave the places for new crook evils of Pakistan.

The problem is not lack of resources in our side but  we face  dearth  of fair and clean leadership  .Since its creation Pakistan has been  hijacked by  political opportunists cum American touts whom are here for filling their accounts on short cut bases.That is why  no even flow  of development and its strategies are  seen in almost all fields. Authorised people first set their personal targets and then spare some for public.It gives short-lived solution of our problems.This imported  war is  going on in our region is  some kind of  attempts  to gain the economic supervision  of satanic forces by letting down demand of locals.

The day Pakistanis are able to get rid of them, one can think of change and that change will be first felt from grass root level .

Terrorism service at your doorstep!

Before 2002 Pakistanis hardly heard any  kind of suicidal attack  around them  but today hardly a day passed without hearing news of such horrific scenes.These  increasing number of suicide attacks jolt Pakistan’s major cities and arising serious concerns  on the security of country .Once it was known as  acts of Alqaida, then Afghan taliban got fame as time passed  many more  many new terrorist groups have emerged showing how fertile our land is for such kind of services. During this process of  formation several existing groups have reconstituted , and a new crop of militants has emerged, more violent, barbaric and less conducive to political solutions than their predecessors.All have different agendas but one goal is common  and it is to destabilize the region where typical rivals and warriors are  known for their aggressive warrior nature.Pakistan  and Pakistanis participation  in  international terrorist events and then related indirect involvement also reveals that  the growing ambitions toward such profession of many of these groups working inside or outside of Pakistan.

sri-lanka-team-attacked-300x192Pakistani military establishment has long had ties to militant groups,most of time  focused their efforts in Afghanistan and India. But with slogan of” Amercia huma labbaik” Pakistan joined the United States  in its “war on terrorism” to eradicate US claimed discovery of terrorists and terrorism  in our side of land.

 Islamabad  harsh blow back on its policy of backing militants operating abroad itself generated a flexible and conducive environment for this business where alike mind and faith people become comfortable of confronting each other with same enthusiastic for which once they were trained to fight against radical forces of Islam. Leadership elements of al-Qaeda and the Afghan Taliban, along with other terrorist groups, have made Pakistan’s northern areas their safe houses  and now working  closely with a wide variety of Pakistani militant groups.
On May 1, 2011, al-Qaeda leader and 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden was killed by a U.S. raid in Abbottabad, a military town not far from Islamabad, confirming excellent performance of e Pakistani government and intelligence services in the line of duty to support and export terrorism.

Pakistani Establishment in 60 years of experience thoroughly  proved that  it can  nurture and breed among Pakistan’s Islamist masses, and then uses their thirst for jihad as a foreign policy sledge-hammer against Pakistan’s neighbors and allies, which has no purpose on national level besides just creating chaos.

The last years performance of army chiefs fully given  hope that Pakistan will continue to do a dry run of terror activities  with in or on its neighbors.W e have not been sufficient on availability of  trained groups but retired senior citizens and young mind are  willing to join this invisible Institute of Terror as it provide ample prospects to  project typical faith and   as highly paid  grooming industry especially with a favorable environment offered by poor Intelligence and inept administrative Officials of Pakistan.

Its  batch of students  comes from  a diversified set of Countries, with Sudan, Britain, Afghanistan, Chechnya and Indonesia. The Director of ISI is awarded by service  extension with  full expectations  that the Institute’s growth in future will enable it to set up franchise in other parts of the world.

In  such part time hobbies  Pakistani management usually relied on indigenous resources or local teams for training these jiahadsi but under Musharraf regime this pattern of training terrorist were fully made on modern grounds where highly trained western agents were called on to  update our officials and unofficial fighters.Black waters, US marines, seals , British royal team all were invited, provided by all materialistic and logistic support  and for their all time help  military bases were given to them to boost the industry of terrorism in Pakistan with confidence of ownership.
One can see the overconfidence of our brain of  establishment the most wanted terrorist Osama bin laden who was always projected as horrible and unbeatable warrior in the west and Arab world  was found  living  unarmed and  in harmless way in one of top military town of Pakistan.

So peacefully his body was taken from his safe house that even neighbors were not harmed who were shocked to hear that most renowned terrorist were their nearest neighbor for last 5 years after hearing the urgent verification statement from all chiefs of Pakistan.

The main theme of all terrorism industry was / is intentionally based on radicalism and Islamist  philosophy so that no one involve as mainstream batch remained in guilt of any social crime and  they  consider  themselves from the core of heart  as special convoy of Allah’s fighting team who is allowed to kill and eradicate all in the name of Allah and Islam. We successfully proved this theory applied in our soil where in last 10 years Pakistanis had seen hundreds of suicidal attacks on Muslims by Muslims in Muslim occupied areas.

Pakistan being first nuclear power state kept this honor by not isolating his nuclear capability of  warfare under his control but under Mr. Khan’s services this technology was handed over to other aggressive countries as a part of social work.Purpose is just to  to establish state of terror for superpowers and neighbors under our esteemed ideas and technologies. with the ability to build and detonate nuclear weapons.

This is another greatness of Pakistani establishment that they never show off on having and preserving this natural talent and cordially  project  this field of terrorism in international world.The keep their head low with humility and always consider it as holy services in the line of faith.

This performance level of terrorism and its after effects were thoroughly discussed in monthly corps commander conference held regularly under the command of Chief of army staff  where they all show  their satisfactions  with  confidence that  this country has an innate ability to meet the global demand for terrorism and would surely continue this process as long as  whole Pakistan wont divide as much as areas on the basis of faith and ethnic differences.