Holy Cities of Prophet#profit

These days religious stunt of securing holy places of Mecca and Medina are being projected by Wahhabi supported government of Shairf. They are full-time in mission of convincing the emotional people of Pakistan that our holy nuclear power army is all time ready to go there for securing these holy lands. Interestingly Saudi Arabia,  other gulf states, US and Israel army have already launched airstrikes against rebel forces in Yemen’s capital and across the country in defense of what Riyadh called the nation’s legitimate government.Pakistani government is also trying hard to  participate in such war activities on the basis of ASAP.SAUDI1
What  important point which is being ignored or intentionally been cornered by ruling elites of muslim world that in recent years, the twin forks of Wahhabi doctrine and urban development have speared most physical reminders of Islamic history in the heart of Mecca.

The summary of these innovations are:

-The house of the Prophet’s first wife, Khadijah has made way for public toilets. A Hilton hotel stands on the site of the house of Islam’s first caliph, Abu Bakr. Famously, the Kaaba now stands in the shade of one of the world’s tallest buildings, the Mecca Royal Clock Tower, part of a complex built by the Bin Laden Group, boasting a 5-story shopping mall, luxury hotels and a parking garage.
-The Six small mosques in Medina where Muhammad is believed to have prayed have been locked. The seventh, belonging to Islam’s first caliph Abu Bakr, has been razed to make way for an ATM.
-Many of the Ottoman and Abbasid columns in Mecca were inscribed with intricate Arabic calligraphy marking the names of the Prophet Muhammad’s companions and key moments in his life. One column which is believed to have been ripped down is supposed to mark the spot where Muslims believe Muhammad began his heavenly journey on a winged horse, which took him to Jerusalem and heaven in a single night.
-Three of the world’s oldest mosques are about to be destroyed as Saudi Arabia embarks on a multi-billion-pound expansion of Islam’s second holiest site.
-Saudi Arabia’s annual revenue from organizing pilgrimage to Islamic holy places tops $30 billion, an Arab newspaper reported
-The pilgrims – including 3.1 million who made the hajj, including 1.7 million from abroad, according to official figures – spent 62 billion riyals ($16.5 billion), a rise of 10 percent over 2011 because of increased costs,
-The head of the transportation committee at the Makkah Chamber of Commerce and Industry said this year’s Ummrah season has provided a $1.6 billion boost to the local economy.

Captioned links clearly indicating that even earning billion dollars form pilgrimage income, historic and culturally important landmarks are being destroyed to make way for luxury hotels and malls,.Pakistani Ruling elite and religious groups like JI and JUI never ever raised a single slogan of objection against this destruction of Holy sites .Surprisingly Muslims of the world  who are r prone to delve into murderous rages over any slight offence to their religion, are remaining quiet when the  roots of early Islamic history are being erased.

There is long history of Arab uprisings which are now being reshaping inSAUDIto consequent civil wars (Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen,Egypt). The main concern  that is influencing the life of millions of Pakistanis is the steady increase in military actions within and  across the region by the policies of  US and Saudi-led Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states. These conservative states led by family rules historically , work discreetly and indirectly to achieve their  goals, which focus mainly on preserving a status quo across the region. These aggressive policy reveal that at any cost this dominance should not be disrupted for maintaining the prevailing patterns of energy flows, orthodox governance, and American-Western dominance.Stepping into this war would be an index that Pakistan’s  establishment is ready to throw its disposable holy force  for safeguarding the financial and family interests of  few Arab  and US -EU alliance only.


“One Bullet for each Child” was enough for them! Mr terrorist SVP

  1. Eighth-grader Uzair Ali  13 and half year old was shot 11 times – such was the brutality of the terrorists who attacked Army Public School (APS) on December 16 and killed schoolchildren and teachers with heartless premeditation.819808-UzairAli-1420911070-431-640x480

I am hearing and reading such kind of horrific news for many several weeks in which scary ways of  Peshawar massacre are being discussed in general public by victims, eye witnesses and through our out of control media channels.For last many years I am writing again and again to stop the war menace  going on in our borders .I strongly believe that  consequences of military actions are reversibly seen on unarmed civilians whom have no clues even at time of killing that why and who are going to attack them.Whether it is matter  of Internal displaced people or deaths of unconcerned people, each time I cursed my establishment and politicians to end this menace in any way.But nothing happened  and still not good  seeing in regards of public interests and each day is bringing more senseless real stories of deaths of  people in our surroundings.

As read in our history that 1971 menace was started ending when Bengali initiated calling Indians for their help.This was same India and Hindu leading government which  they were always proudly declared to get independence since 1947.Indians came to rescue them and showed least interest to  reattached them with India and let them on their own after leaving behind unforgettable memoirs of defeat on minds of  corrupt establishment of remaining Pakistan.imran If we somehow start following this path and request our attackers to come and rescue us from impotent security agencies and corrupt politicians who are still in mode of collecting foreign aids and state earnings in their favour on the bazaar of dead bodies of common man and working class of real Pakistan.After seeing regular attacks on us we have been clear that so called militants are more organized and are crystal-clear about their objectives and indiscriminate in their tactics than our confused and polarised state departments.What else is required  to know that these made in Pakistan or USA militants are adaptive, creative and mean business seriously than our disloyal, inept and incapable Generals and politicians.coas

This funny photo of COAS(projecting on all newspapers) is telling us his helplessness and looks as he is hired by Pakistan army for reciting holy verses on mourning   deaths of poor children.He is forgiving that he has taken oath as a defender not for taking place in queues of mourners.The fake actions of government i.e  hanging of captives, bombardment on FATA and linked areas and setting of military courts like acts might reflect some performance in coming days but who is taking responsibility of performed human massacres  which  are being repeated on unarmed civilians time to time. Circumstances have proved that our memories are short. We will mourn the tragedy for few days and then everything will be back to business as usual until new scene of massacre will  be directed.

Lets ask killers to help us as our protectors are  unable to perform their duties.Lets ask these murderers to have mercy on us and spare us from those deadly conflicts which are being mishandled and mismanaged between them and our corrupt rulers.We surely allow them to  kill all those who come to their ways .We  can sign any kind of entreaty with them to not to use stairs of irrelevant human  dead bodies for inflicting their real enemies .This might work and they change their mode of operandi. If some how these monsters  not listen to our humble request then we can just ask them that ” Mr terrorist one bullet is enough to kill an unarmed child. Don’t waste heavy arms ,savagely tactics and patrol bombs to kill  educated class who even not heard a fire of any bullet in their whole life before dying just because of revenge factors of few.Kill us if they are pleased to do so but one bullet is enough to kill a cell once full of life.


From Jinnah’s nation to General’s Pakistan!

Another 14th August 2011 has been passed and the negative  evolution process of  Jinnah’s Pakistan  is still going on where morning starts with scenes of terrorism attacks or headlines are decorated with number of dead bodies fallen on Pakistan on the basis of religious and ethnic differences. I am sure that Jinnah had never though in his mind that one day drones of supper powers would have been flown from bases of Pakistan to kill the children of his country. Why it is happenings so as now this state has become Generals’ Pakistan where solution of all problems are  found or  hidden through military tactics.It  has yet to reach “failed state” status in international level but as military minds have no caliber to judge the situation beyond their barrack confined mental approach  so all is well in books of ruling group of Pakistan after creating chaos though unworkable decisions. The  so-called  puppet like elected government in Islamabad has little if any control over large sections of the country, especially, Karachi, Baluchistan and other  military covering areas like  Waziristan and FATA ,all have come under the influence of extreme disorders on the basis of community segregation. The agreements of peace are formed and dis formed , however, achieved the exact opposite of what these are intended to, in that nothing ends terrorist activities.People are just living on their own basis without any kind of support from state machinery. Pakistan nuke and extremists

The real vision of Jinnah’s Pakistan has been badly distorted  or reversed under the command of two military dictators.

Zia’s Islamic program and Musharraf’s decision to support the global war on terror led Pakistan to play a reactive role in assisting the United States to defeat Russia and then  al-Qa’ida respectively . In other words, not only Pakistan was helping to produce the monsters for super powers but had to take the mission of  destroying the same monster that it assisted in creating. Internally, this has placed  Pakistan in extremely  difficult position, as super power never leave nay option to do other than their real interests.So all these wars are actually kind of crusades where Muslim  decision makers are aiding non-Muslims to create Muslim  genocide on the basis of local mismatches.

On present situation it looks that wrong policies of militarist has created   the three key groups and uncontrollable  factors those have become real  threats to the Pakistani state.These are Islamist, agitated tribes, and ethnic religious nationalists.For almost two decades, the Northern Areas have been afflicted by sectarianism; in recent years Shia-Sunni violence has increased markedly.Baluchistan and Karachi are showing worst kind of ethnic divide where almost all groups have pointed guns on each other to restrain supremacy.It is just a scene of  the long-term damage to social harmony under code of lawlessness  and  is not allowing Jinnah’s nation to take stand against corrupt governments and military intervention in nation building process.  It is because of their divergent  and narrow-minded views, which posing a clear and immediate threat to Pakistan’s survival as a homogenous state. The  ethnic -nationalists  all time seem to advocate either growing autonomy or independence, while the Islamists want to strengthen Pakistan’s Islamic character in their prescribed rigid modes. All political stunts are by products of military rules and political anemia Pakistan suffering since its creation.This are making strong centered groups but tending Pakistan as  a weak state, bordering on failure. The longer Pakistan remains in this vulnerable position, the more powerful the ethnic groups and Islamists will become dominant in Pakistani politics.

After the  CJ restoration movement and access of modern media to public a new group  other than orthodox ideas labeled as the pro-democracy group starting emerging in urban areas of Pakistan but it lacks in serious and sincere leadership so can’t be coming in proper shape to take stand against typical feudal, bureaucratic and military led setup.

The situation in Pakistan is becoming increasingly dire, as tensions within the country rise while the government appears helpless to control events. In many ways, the government and army are  playing  with fuel and fire  for trying  to put out fires.

The best way to get rid of this situation of uncertainty and to achieve some stability there is dire need of  the enhancement of democratic norms and economic growth in Pakistan by ending the paranoia of an Indian  enmity which is directly influencing the financial liabilities of Pakistan toward its unlimited defense deals.

Nothing is impossible if Turkey and Malaysia like Muslim countries can embrace secularism and sidelining military pressures while promoting economic and social development then why we Pakistani can’t just follow such exemplary footsteps????

Energy Disaster is coming ahead in Pakistan

Pakistan is setting accurate  example of disaster mismanagement in all sections which are directly or indirectly related to security and  power and energy sectors.As a sixth largest country in the world with its population will exceed to 200 millions by 2025 ,there is no mega project coming ahead to manage this rise in population with income and per capita  energy used in industrialization or agriculture purpose.Both are showing negative trends with high growth of unproductive population increasing the militancy factors in our cities and towns.[energy-crisis-solution-+(4).jpg]

Since 1947 India whom we try to equate with us  has raised its number of dams from 300 to 4000 but Pakistan has halted its number on 18 dams with few like Neelam jehlum is under construction which storage would depend on discharge of flow from Indian side.

We have already reduced our one fifth capacity of water storage by not properly maintaining the already existed faculties .In future it  not  be nuclear bomb that would be considered as symbol of our power but India will  just use of this water bomb to break our  shaky structure of agricultural and power  for our complete collapse.Non developmental approach toward adopting cheap and environmental friendly  Hydel power in glaciers encircled  Pakistan is kept on low priority and  direction of exploration  has been  focused to utilize more or import Oil and Gas for major production units .

Pakistan is known for its unused  high natural reserves and  hidden  energy resources including fairly sizable natural gas reserves, some proven oil reserves, coal (Pakistan has the fourth-largest coal reserves in the world.It is said that single Thar Coal Reserve of Sindh is about 850 Trillion Cubic Feet which is more than Oil Reserves of Saudi & Iran.
Each year billion cu secs of precious water has been wasted to sea without using it for energy or agriculture sector .
List can  go on without thinking a second that how naturally rich country we are. The geographic placement of Pakistan in south Asia gives great edge over other nations in the area and piece of attraction for foreign forces.

The inability to explore resources and implement energy projects has been attributed to fiscal constraint is but it is just due to lack of vision or intentional negligence for strengthening typical cartels in Pakistan who are front driver of nation’s economy for their personal gains.

Wrongly manipulated gas industry has already created havoc for all IPPs, fertilizer industries , textile and , paper production units as all resources and facilities  have been passed on to  provide CNG to million of consumers of Pakistan in the name of cheap and environmental safe fuel.Now its massive use by public  is being  exploited by corrupt management which on weakly basis is torturing its consumers by unplanned load shedding and monthly rise in prices of gas.

Mushroom  growth of CNG pumps in thick residential areas, manufacturers of  CNG kits, and its related services, have  involved millions in this business  which is now being teased  by tension creating regulatory policies of petroleum and gas ministry under the corrupt political leadership.

This way state actors  are controlling the nerves of masses by paralyzing their normal activities which is ceasing their national approach on the matters of political and security failures.This way Government is successful to restrain the People’s  ability  not to think more than their own daily problems for normal or under normal living.
Complete picture  of failure is trying to be drawn in successful manner that democracy in Pakistan  is just revenge of insane minds and democratic norms can only bring down fall as far as growth development is concerned.Three to five major power projects have been set in five years but couldn’t  give production as gas supply was not given t o them as deals were made five years ago.Fertilizer industries are either shit down their plants by shedding their staff or running it low load which would ultimately give benefit to TCP like corrupt department to offer more tenders for supply importing fertilizers.

Textile mill owners are quicker in their response against this black out of power as most of them have shifted their business either to Bangladesh or far east Asian countries by closing down their units leaving thousand unemployed and frustrated. Small unit owners daily come to roads and abuse government policies which are behaving like lame duck and dumb buffaloes who is more interested in eating fodder rather than milking for the people.

Contrary to this extremely high defense deals are being made in military circles on the name of defense as top priority and in similar manners GE like companies are being  called on to bring power plants of 3 to 4 mega watts near to all major army units for supplying non stop powers to security equipments and personals only.These plants are being designed on basis of gas or air fuel  supply which US and Saudis are assuring our military chiefs so that high cost defense deals would be successfully get its shape with US .

That  is not matter of concern or ponder  if in future they show defiance of their deals  because today’s  puppets would get their share and leave the places for new crook evils of Pakistan.

The problem is not lack of resources in our side but  we face  dearth  of fair and clean leadership  .Since its creation Pakistan has been  hijacked by  political opportunists cum American touts whom are here for filling their accounts on short cut bases.That is why  no even flow  of development and its strategies are  seen in almost all fields. Authorised people first set their personal targets and then spare some for public.It gives short-lived solution of our problems.This imported  war is  going on in our region is  some kind of  attempts  to gain the economic supervision  of satanic forces by letting down demand of locals.

The day Pakistanis are able to get rid of them, one can think of change and that change will be first felt from grass root level .

Pak Army in dire need of another Mango delivery for purging smoke of uncertainity

Mango season is its full bloom .Every body is enjoying this season by eating and gifting this natural gift to near and dear ones.These mangoes are like heavenly gift  for many mango lovers  but in Pakistan , few families  perhaps wouldn’t have enjoyed this season as others do because for them mangoes had brought death warrant for their head of families  and after  23 years of en Zia’s air crash, no  culprit was found in whole army who  fixed exploded mangoes to C-130 carrying cream of jihad war in the region.

The General Zia and Akhtar Rehman under whom command strange and horrible incident of Ojri camp was occurred in which hundreds were died without knowing who had actually attacked the peaceful twin cities. The moustached and regular in saying prayers and Quran-reciting  General  was always found in the fear of a coup or assassination, just like typical dictators who have themselves risen to power through alien’s power  and by execution of rivals.

Such kind of  forced Pakistani leaders usually   lock themselves  up in Army or President  Houses, begins distrusting their  top commanders and  closest aides except for the man in charge of security and refuse to address any public function for fear of the assassin’s attack.

The crash of the C-130 Hercules aircraft carrying Zia, his top aides and US ambassador Arnold Raphael on Aug 17, 1988, suspected that one of the mango crates contained a canister of nerve gas, which, when dispersed by the plane’s air-conditioning system, killed both pilots.It was said that Zia during his last period always tried to kept an American official with him in flights as guarantee of his safety but this last flight negated his  apprehensions and he was  found only in shape of denture which was later on honorably buried near Faisal Mosque.

It was a perfect example of death of  chief whose all security were in hands of his under control agencies.The plane belongs to army, took off from army base it landed in army base,He was through out under surveillance of army but whole world see that one crate of mangoes has  swept way beneficiaries  of jihadistan movement of Subcontinent which was responsible of  production and supply of terrorists cum jihadis in fertile land of Pakistan.

Before this exploding mangoes incident Pakistan army has long  history of exploding flights of VIPS where all  blame was either put on account of technical fault or  sign of question mark is still found on its investigation reports.

Popular mysterious crashes are :
In 1951 Major General Latif Khan and Brigadier Mohammad Sher Khan died in an air crash near Jungshahi. Major General Latif was C-in-C designate of Pakistan Army. what was reason of this crash but its full beneficiary would be  Ayub Khan who later on appointed C-in-C Pakistan Army.Ayub khan was same person who  crossed all limits of cheating and abusiveness for giving defeat to Jinnah’s sister and had become Chief executive of Pakistan.

The death of Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir on February 20, 2003 was another air  tragedy . Whole nation  mourned for this crash which had killed 16 valuable trained professional of Air force. It was an interesting feature that in Nov 2000, Musharraf, who liked Mushaf Ali Mir tremendously, superseded five highly distinguished PAF officers and appointed him chief of the air staff. It was also rumored at that time that in June 1996 Bin Laden and Abu Zubaida meet with Pakistani Military Leaders including Musharraf  mir who later appointed as Air chief.This meeting was regarded as  importanct deal with between Alqaeda and Air chief on the issue of arms supply with the help.Nobody knew what was end of this commitment but Mushaf Mir was killed with 2 AVMs.
Like other  military protected  planes this Fokker crashed a few minutes before its arrival at Kohat Air Force base.Like one expected as routine matter no detail inquiry was made and every thing was put on mistake of unprofessional pilot who was on VVIP flight.

 In 1951 Mr Aitzaz-uddin I.G Special Police Establishment was traveling from Rawalpindi to Lahore with three other officials. He was carrying important inquiry documents about the assassination of Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan. His special plane crashed into hills near Jhelum. This crash has left two different kinds of mysteries surely link to one group who was behind the assassination of Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan.

From these incidents one can estimate that Pakistan army has special  hidden power of changing the table of power under its control.All elected prime minsters of Pakistan were killed in city of GHQ and area of cantonment.In Last years two army generals were shot down in same city and heavily guarded areas so what is problem these days   if high command of army is not functioning toward national interests???

Keeping Pakistani army in state of war for last 10 years, loss of 400o troops and double of them are handicapped, showing decline graph of support of citizens to Pakistan army leadership,Unjustified forceful swat war, commencement of drone attacks from Pakistani bases,Ghq attack, Osama found In Abbotabad, Raid of US planes in Abbotabad ,PNS meharn attack, destruction of P3 orions by highly trained terrorists than our navy men and many more, all are real events of incompetency and irrational approach of top  brass who regularly meet in GHQ to plan strategy of different military strategies and  operations in Pakistan.

What ever happened to these planes crashes behind the scene and afterwards related inquires to above crashes, it is obvious that strong coverup was provided to all killings and their related assassinations. Not once many times whole team of top brass  were cleared on the name of technical faults.These unanswered inquiries surely weighed heavily on national conscience until proper answers wouldn’t be found but what is harm if same  will be repeated to present working team.

It is not unusual idea but practically applied  many time in our soil and no one is here to unravel  such eventualities  .This time nation is angry on present situation of chaos  and mango season is on its peak so what is harm in delivering  Mango packages to black BMW riders of Pakistan  who are 24/24 hrs under protection  by highly trained soldiers of Pakistan.

Sleeping Chiefs and Hyper-Active terrorists of Pakistan

Nothing to  shock for people of Pakistan but again Pakistani terrorists  have overpowered one of popular and so called modern base of Pakistan.Pakistan Naval base Mehran located  at  main area of Karachi  has been attacked by dozens of  terrorists having all kind of modern equipments, breaching all extra security measures and news are  coming that they successfully destroyed two modern plane of Pakistan Navy provided to them by US  for keeping vigilance on our sea borders.

PNS Mehran operation would surely come to end as two dozens can not technically claim overpowering against thousands of army men but few questions would remain unanswered for people of Pakistan who for last 10 years are suffering the real life trauma of this terrorism by feeding the one of expensive army of the world.

So in next budge nation should be ready to extract the expenses of new orders of same plane like them from their pockets as 5th largest army of the world was unable to secure this plane landed in one of airbase under strict security measures. This infliction of insult would sooner be  tried to lessen on the name of new defense deals, new tenders, new team  would be selected for choosing modern  equipments for defense purpose.Few would be handpicked and  selected for  deputation to US for some times and  this way  we would get new technology for helping air force and Navy which all time have been technically   failed to secure Pakistani soil from intrusions of local and international attackers.

Would this be right  time to ask for a transparency and re-appointment?

  As usual all blame  would be put on the account of tehrik taliban who have access to our  all military bases and in  GHQ.Even after breaking back bone of terrorism (Claimed by Pakistani COAS in last months) these handicapped terrorists  successfully raided one of strictly cordon off areas of Pakistan.Parliament and its puppets would come forward and passed a resolution against terrorism and would assure  in favor of full military support of present chiefs of armed forces for their incredible performance in the line of duty.Sooner we might heard that President the Commander of Armed forces would also grant extension for Admiral Noman Bashir who was left behind after same was granted to COAS and ISI chief.

Whom we should blame,?

whom we should call for accountability?

All chiefs are busy in praising each other performance while living and working under million rupees security circles  granted to them by state and if they are unable to secure our real  military strategic assets because  it is not their fault as all unfair happens in state of war and love.Our army throughout  claim to  real lover of Pakistan that is why always wants to see it in war state.

We  will be  surely dosed by  same baby formula  that Pakistan is in state of war and nation should stand behind army.Actually it is not army but it is our nation  and crippled parliament which are  standing in front of l Pak army and its failed strategy.

In whole scenarios victims are only common Pakistanis whose nerves and noose  have been  tightened enough after coming into situation out of frying pan in to fire for last 10 years.

In the past two decades  four times political  governments have been sacked in Pakistan , ostensibly on charges of corruption.Insiders know that under the tag of corruption their dismissals always took place when the PM’s appeared to over stepping its line of authority over issues involving foreign and military policy.The Pakistani generals whether ruled as dictator or acted as silent  puppet runners had never faced  interference from political  pressures on the issues of performance and credibility and remain supported as what they perceive to be their patriotic ‘and powerful domain.The unqualified  extensions granted to Kayani  and Pasha means that Zardari and Co  also  following the principle of” all is well”  just to enjoy the state positions irrespective of interfering   what is going on under the nose of GHQ.This is high time when Kiyani and Co is eating the fruit of NRO  which by design  has  set a most corrupt and weakest political government which is all time ready to provide shield to incompetent , unprofessional and real followers of US policy in Pakistan defense strategy.

Time and events have already proved that modern technologies, updated equipment and ostentatious expenditures on the name of defense deals are no certification of performance and credibility of Pakistan army which has been trying its best through false propaganda that she  is the  only sole protector of country.Its  imperative and critical time to politically review the weak military structure which is professionally going down without thinking  to depth of technical details of military combats being executed against violent acts of terrorism.

Historical Muslim warriors Vs Modern Jihadis of Islamic world

Islamic history is filled with the stories of very fine commander-in-chief and warriors who not  only conquered wars in difficult circumstances but were real successors of winning the hearts and minds of people whom they attacked and confiscated their mother land.As as Muslim I could be  biased of projecting our real heroes so I collected some historical facts of  legendary Muslim warriors  from pages of non-Muslims , that how they  explain their view points about real Heroes of Islamic world.

Few of them are

khalid bin Waleed listed in Islamic history as Companions of Prophet in Heaven It was under his military leadership that Arabia for the first time in history, was united under a single political entity, the Caliphate . He is one of three military generals in history to remain undefeated in battle in over a hundred battles, against the numerically superior forces of the Persian and Roman, and their allies, in addition to other Arab tribes.! He fought many decisive battles, humbling his opponents and bringing victory to the religion of Islam.. In 629 A.D, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) sent an expedition under the command of Zaid bin Harith against the Syrians. At some critical juncture, Khalid bin Walid took over the command and by superb strategy he succeeded in retrieving the position and bringing back the Muslim forces safely to Medina. During the battle, Khalid bin Walid broke 8 swords. Because of this, the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) gave him the title of “Saifullah” or “The Sword of Allah.” The sword that could not be broken ! 

His tomb is now part of a mosque called Kahild Bin Waleed  Mosque.Khalid’s tomb stone depicts a list of over 50 victorious battles that he commanded without defeat (not including small battles) It is said that he had wanted to die as a martyr in the field of battle, and was apparently disappointed when he knew that he would die in bed.Khalid expressed the pain of this sadness through one last, anguished sentence:

I fought in so many battles seeking martyrdom that there is no place in my body but have a stabbing scar by a spear, a sword or a dagger, and yet here I am, dying on my bed like an old camel dies. May the eyes of the cowards never sleep.
—Khalid ibn Walid

  Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi, the hero of hundreds of battles, was the person who for twenty years braved the storm of the Crusaders and ultimately pushed back the combined forces of Europe which had come to swarm the Holy Land. The world has hardly witnessed a more chivalrous and humane conqueror. Saladin had captured almost every Crusader city.Jerusalem was occupied by  his forces on October 2, 1187.He  fully allowed the Jews to resettle in the city. In particular, the residents of Ashkelon, a large Jewish settlement, responded to his request. salahuddin ayubi

The Saladin was highly  respected by Christian lords, Richard especially. Richard once praised Saladin as a great prince, saying that he was without doubt the greatest and most powerful leader in the Islamic world.Saladin in turn stated that there was not a more honorable Christian lord than Richard. After the treaty, Saladin and Richard sent each other many gifts as tokens of respect, but never met face to face.In April 1191, a Frankish woman’s three-month old baby had been stolen from her camp and had been sold on the market. The Franks urged her to approach Saladin herself with her grievance. According to Bahā’ al-Dīn, Saladin used his own money to buy the child back.

Muhammad bin Qasim was among the finest colonialists in the Arab history, and a worthy soldier.Under his command very first muslim attack were made on India in Sindh in 715AD.They displaced Raja Dahir who was ruler of  Sindh.This  successful invasion had become the reason of 300 year rule of Muslim leadership in Subcontinent.31 December 695 – 18 July 715 Mbq.jpg

After the conquest, Muhammad bin Qasim’s task was to set up an administrative structure for a stable Muslim state that incorporated a newly conquered alien land, inhabited by non-Muslims.He adopted a conciliatory policy, asking for acceptance of Muslim rule by the natives in return for non-interference in their religious practice,so long as the natives paid their taxes and tribute. He established Islamic  law over the people of the region; however, Hindus were allowed to rule their villages and settle their disputes according to their own laws and traditional hierarchical institutions Non-Muslim natives were excused from military service and from payment of the religiously mandated tax system levied upon Muslims called Zakat.

Modern Jihadis of Islamic world

Osama Bin Laden and Alqaida leaders.

In the eighties bin Laden and his near groups were  seen as heroes  of the Afghan Jihad. They were  very much admired and respected for their  announcement of wars against Muslims ..Their public images were  boosted as True Islamic warriors during early days of the Gulf War. In the period  1996 they were  almost forgotten by the public. The elite and especially the jihadis were still admiring him and following up their news. Some were settled in Afghanistan, tribal areas of Pakistan even made their way to Sudan.

After  declaration of jihad in 1996  by Alqaida  against US and her allies the  public image had a surge. There was a lot of controversy about them as few consider them relics of CIA operatives prepared for Red war who were ignored by US regimes after breaking of USSR.

This image went on with occasional boosts by the media  as staunch Islamic warrior but  his fatwah against US and US people  did not attract much attention. Through out years all  were found  involving their activities against western forces and its allies to secure their faith and against those Muslim groups who deny their level of faith . People’s reaction, however, was mixed. While many felt triumph for scaring the Americans, many others felt upset by the picture of hundreds of civilians killed and injured in the attack. They felt that this can never be justified.

Post 911 period had surfaced  a long list of Islamic jihads who felt proud of killing  unarmed citizens of US working in world trade centers or traveling in planes which were hit to buildings.So in 2000s the concept of Islamic jihad  has been mingled with terrorism.Millions of people mostly including Muslims of middle or lower class were affected , displaced and suffered either from wrath of these so-called Islamic jiahdis or from the hands of US,NATO ,Pakistan and Afghanistan military.The military force and land of Muslim countries are extensively being   used by  Commanders in chief of Muslim armies  against these Islamic jihadis and western forces to kill  as much Muslims as possible under the tag of terrorists..

The climax of  whole drama was seen when US forces raided in one of house  near military compounds of Pakistan army and declared” Eurkea Osama”. So the world knew that he was living lavishly in a fortress like house  located in top hill station of Pakistan with all kind utilities of life.He was not living there in some kind of jihad brigade but  with an army of kids and three  young wives .So the world top Islamic leader was found under the protection of same army whose 25000 soldiers are playing war-war games with his Alqiada contingent  spread in between mountains of Pak Afghans.They claim to  war against US but in actual it is Muslim majority who faced and still bearing  deadly consequences of  guerrilla jihad while  the top leader was enjoying honeymoon with three wives and  dozens kids under luxurious setup provided to them by Pakistani sources for last 5 years.

So I think Islamic historians need a lot of time and effort to give space to such kind of warriors of Islam who had complete opposite  military strategy than our legendary Muslim warriors.