Holy Cities of Prophet#profit

These days religious stunt of securing holy places of Mecca and Medina are being projected by Wahhabi supported government of Shairf. They are full-time in mission of convincing the emotional people of Pakistan that our holy nuclear power army is all time ready to go there for securing these holy lands. Interestingly Saudi Arabia,  other gulf states, US and Israel army have already launched airstrikes against rebel forces in Yemen’s capital and across the country in defense of what Riyadh called the nation’s legitimate government.Pakistani government is also trying hard to  participate in such war activities on the basis of ASAP.SAUDI1
What  important point which is being ignored or intentionally been cornered by ruling elites of muslim world that in recent years, the twin forks of Wahhabi doctrine and urban development have speared most physical reminders of Islamic history in the heart of Mecca.

The summary of these innovations are:

-The house of the Prophet’s first wife, Khadijah has made way for public toilets. A Hilton hotel stands on the site of the house of Islam’s first caliph, Abu Bakr. Famously, the Kaaba now stands in the shade of one of the world’s tallest buildings, the Mecca Royal Clock Tower, part of a complex built by the Bin Laden Group, boasting a 5-story shopping mall, luxury hotels and a parking garage.
-The Six small mosques in Medina where Muhammad is believed to have prayed have been locked. The seventh, belonging to Islam’s first caliph Abu Bakr, has been razed to make way for an ATM.
-Many of the Ottoman and Abbasid columns in Mecca were inscribed with intricate Arabic calligraphy marking the names of the Prophet Muhammad’s companions and key moments in his life. One column which is believed to have been ripped down is supposed to mark the spot where Muslims believe Muhammad began his heavenly journey on a winged horse, which took him to Jerusalem and heaven in a single night.
-Three of the world’s oldest mosques are about to be destroyed as Saudi Arabia embarks on a multi-billion-pound expansion of Islam’s second holiest site.
-Saudi Arabia’s annual revenue from organizing pilgrimage to Islamic holy places tops $30 billion, an Arab newspaper reported
-The pilgrims – including 3.1 million who made the hajj, including 1.7 million from abroad, according to official figures – spent 62 billion riyals ($16.5 billion), a rise of 10 percent over 2011 because of increased costs,
-The head of the transportation committee at the Makkah Chamber of Commerce and Industry said this year’s Ummrah season has provided a $1.6 billion boost to the local economy.

Captioned links clearly indicating that even earning billion dollars form pilgrimage income, historic and culturally important landmarks are being destroyed to make way for luxury hotels and malls,.Pakistani Ruling elite and religious groups like JI and JUI never ever raised a single slogan of objection against this destruction of Holy sites .Surprisingly Muslims of the world  who are r prone to delve into murderous rages over any slight offence to their religion, are remaining quiet when the  roots of early Islamic history are being erased.

There is long history of Arab uprisings which are now being reshaping inSAUDIto consequent civil wars (Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen,Egypt). The main concern  that is influencing the life of millions of Pakistanis is the steady increase in military actions within and  across the region by the policies of  US and Saudi-led Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states. These conservative states led by family rules historically , work discreetly and indirectly to achieve their  goals, which focus mainly on preserving a status quo across the region. These aggressive policy reveal that at any cost this dominance should not be disrupted for maintaining the prevailing patterns of energy flows, orthodox governance, and American-Western dominance.Stepping into this war would be an index that Pakistan’s  establishment is ready to throw its disposable holy force  for safeguarding the financial and family interests of  few Arab  and US -EU alliance only.


Searching God and Rinsing sins in Grand cities of Mecca and Vatican

Everything begins in mysticism and ends in politics.

“Religion “word was originated from the Latin Religio, meaning ‘restraint’, or Relegere.According to  Cicero a Roman Orator its meaning  is to repeat, to read again’, or, most likely, Religionem, to show respect for what is sacred. It has  always been considered as set of  an organized system of beliefs and practices revolving around, or leading to a magnificent spiritual experience. For many centuries historians recorded that there is no culture recorded in human history which has not practiced some form of religion.

Seeing trends of 19th or 20th century it is seen that  being part of  ruling family of Religious state , few enjoy far greater spiritual and  materialistic  advantages than the  common citizens of this earth.These families raise their status on religious thorns are being followed by  masses for many centuries and no one will dare to correct their faults, or to point out their duties. All abstain from mentioning to them their defects, through fear of incurring  displeasure of elite groups and general public too who consider them heavenly creatures.Even their vices are applaud through religious innovations recommended by clerics, no matter these are considered sins for common man.vat

The religion of Christianity made standard  belief in an afterlife and set up an organized set of rituals by which an adherent could gain everlasting life.British and French monarchy had strong interlinks with religious beliefs and in both monarchies, religion played crucial role of binding public with these kings and queens  by portraying them as  messengers of God. Although Christians were simply following in the footsteps of the Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Phoenicians and the Greeks all of whom had their own stylized rituals for the worship of their gods. After the Christians, the Muslim  instituted their rituals for understanding the supreme deity which, though vastly different in form from those of Christianity, Judaism or any of the older religions, served the same purpose as the rituals once practiced in worship of the Egyptian style culture over five thousand years ago.These all religions mostly emphasized to lend human beings the understanding that they are not alone in their struggles, suffering and triumphs, and an unseen power always taken care of them.These all also focused the human thought that death is not the end of existence.

As Christians ruled the countries and huge masses through their monarchy and by setting  Vatican culture same like Muslim ruling groups tried their best to take control of Holy Kaaba through any means. These richest rulers through wars and conflicts are driving people faith and fate for last many centuries.It is seen clearly that  religious beliefs are always transformed into  political matters, bestowing  nobles,brining population to take an oath recognizing the king/chief/priest’s position as head of holy places and this way making  strongest almost untouchables from worldly laws which are used to tamed public.

Christians, Hindus , Muslims etc all are some kind of hypnotized  to search God in  extraordinary man-made lordly and magnificent setups .Whether it is magnificent city of  Vatican or highly paid package for Kaaba rituals as hajj and Ummrah , followers have to follow a strict system of ruling religious groups as sign of obedience of God Almighty.mecca

For rough estimation one can judge the religious income of Vatican’s wealth.Net earnings at the Vatican bank, known as the Institute for Religious Works, rose more than four-fold to 86.6 million euros ($116.95 million)The Institute for Religious Works (IOR) has declared that it earned a net profit of $117.2 million in 2012, as compared with its 27.4 million net profit in 2011. More than $67.7 million of its 2012 profit was given to the pope for his charitable works.

Now Come to richest land of Mecca.An estimated 2.5 million Muslims began the annual hajj pilgrimage annually and the total number of tourists to Mecca and Medina, home to the prophet Muhammad(pbuh), is expected to rise from about 12 million to almost 17 million by 2025.Business reports conclude that Saudi tourism, especially the religious variety is recession proof. The government’s commission for tourism and antiquities said revenue from tourism this year would reach $17.6bn, then almost double again by 2015.

The Saudis richest tycoons not only posses the income of religious rituals but enormous oil wealth raise their status to richest rulers of the world ruling the poorest community of world.Not a single time poor Muslims from poor countries are offered to pay their rituals less than fixed amount.Nor this huge heavenly income is spend to raise the living standards of weak Muslim population facing hunger and backwardness for last century.Nobody is bothering that construction mania of Arab rulers are trampling the archaeological heritage of holy cities of Mecca and Madina once a place where the Prophet Mohamed(pbuh)( insisted all Muslims would be equal, has become a playground for the rich and sinful characters of Muslim world.

 Sami Angawi, a renowned Saudi expert on the region’s Islamic architecture, is equally concerned. “This is an absolute contradiction to the nature of Mecca and the sacredness of the house of God,” he told the Reuters news agency earlier this year. “Both [Mecca and Medina] are historically almost finished. You do not find anything except skyscrapers.”

After viewing deeply the extravaganza of our so-called religious gods of this world one should think it that whether it was Jesus or Moses or Mohammed(pbuh) they all went for mediation on high mountains or remote areas which were  strongly surrounded by power of nature .They all  developed their interconnection with God and heavenly creatures on simple God made land and always isolated themselves in process of  liberating   from heavy demands of materialistic world but instead of this, their followers love to follow all norms those are linked with artificially designed  Religious theme parks.


Laws of Forgiveness for Rich in Muslim world

Attention Killers of Muslim Ummah: For your convenience and speedy justice Muslin nations are facilitating laws of forgiveness on the name of Allah and sharia .So one should read  latest updates of such laws and its details and act accordingly for improving  their  professional,intelligence and military skills.

In traditional Islamic texts, the price of a Muslim man was set at 100 camels.In Saudi Arabia, the minimum payment for a Muslim man is around $26,000—with the life of a Christian or a Jew valued at about half that. Women’s lives are typically appraised at lower amounts as well. A latest example one can quote while estimating the  practicality of such offers, one can quote he latest example of Fayhan al-Ghamdi  A ‘celebrity’ Saudi preacher accused of raping, torturing and killing his five-year-old daughter has reportedly been released from custody after agreeing to pay ‘blood money’.lamaFayhan al-Ghamdi, who regularly appears on television in Saudi Arabia, is said to have agreed to pay £31,000 to Lama’s mother.The money is considered compensation under Islamic law, although it is only half the amount that would have been paid had Lama been a boy. So Saudi Arabia’s famously strict legal system disallowing Women to Drive clearly says Muslim fathers cannot be executed for murdering their children in the country. Equally, Muslim husbands cannot be executed for murdering their wives.

Al-Azhar University President Osama al-Abd said Islamic law allows the families of the revolution’s martyrs to accept blood money in return for dropping their cases against police officers.

 Qatar recently raised the penalty for an accidental killing to around $55,000. It’s generally understood that if the accused can’t raise the cash himself, his extended clan will pitch in.

In Dubai Supreme Court has ruled that the blood money for a fetus should be calculated as 10 per cent of that of an adult, depending on the sex. Blood money for a female fetus would be Dh10,000; relatives of a male fetus that was killed would be awarded Dh20,000.compensation should be equal to that of a woman – Dh100,000. The blood money, or diyya, for a man is Dh200,000.

Courts in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Ras al Khaimah grant equal diyya for men and women. The rest of the emirates apply the gender variance system.

Like Saudi Arabia Iran is also known for its speedy justice under Islamic laws.Iran‘s recognized religious minorities — Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians — were awarded equal blood money status in 2003.Under Iranian law, a woman’s inheritance and legal testimony are still worth half a man’s.The blood money rate, which is calculated annually in Iran, has been set at 550 million rials (about 59,000 dollars) for the current year from March 2008.Convicted murderers can avoid being hanged by paying blood money to the victim’s relatives.
Now come to Islamic republic of Pakistan .Under Pakistani law, blood money is a legal means of securing forgiveness from victims. Under the qasas and diyat laws, derived from Islamic jurisprudence, a court can release an accused person if the victim’s family agrees to a satisfactory cash settlement as per demand of victim. If any body has any doubt regarding its successful implementation in Islamic society of Pakistan ,he can study the cases of Raymond Davis and Shehzab murder cases.raymondThe diplomatic standoff over CIA contractor Raymond Davis ended , after a Pakistani court acquitted and released Davis, who had been held for almost 2 months after shooting two men dead on the streets of Lahore in front of dozen witness. Civil society and media tried to create  scenario of national disaster but the resolution came only after a deal was reached to pay the victims’ families in accordance with Islamic law.Th same scene of  civic disturbance


was repeated in case of Shehzeb murder case.Here common educated men tried to grab only son of powerful family of Pakistan who just killed a young boy for saving his honorable feudal ego in one of posh areas of Karachi.Parents of Shehzeb first tried to resist them but in Islamic society it  again demonstrated that law of forgiveness through some materialistic deals should overrule all norms of justice.After seeing such bright examples of cash the justice one should always live in high spirits that we are heading towards peace of society  and equality of masses where blood money can easily balance the uneven status of killers and victims and can rinse all grievances of human sentiments.

Warning”Poor of Muslim countries should refrain of reading details of such laws as no such provisions are available to them from state seeing their poor sources of living.As always prescribed to them,they should rely on mighty Allah for any kind of such facilities and wait untill the natural process of retribution is going to take place in their favor.Even then if it not happening  then wait  for life after  death where they will get fair and free entry for heaven and its related facilities”.

Mother Lies But her Child understands its depth when it is too late!

mother1It was a Jewish proverb “God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers”.

One can not understand the depth of motherhood until he or she gets the maturity of reaching to stage of  real parenting. It surly or in some cases often happens when it is too late to act or react in according to what mother actual deserves from her child/children without asking a single word.Mother is a child first seen god and if one gets away from his/her this protection , no other replacement can overcome this shortage of a child.On the other hand if we say like that all women can’t play the role of  mothers but all mothers are surely belong to women community then it would be enough to understand the real passionate strength of motherhood and its importance in child’s life and grooming.Retaining a  baby for 9 months and bearing delivery pains is natural phenomenon even animals bear it but the way a women negate her own, ignores her desires for raising her child and keeping family in high spirits make her real mother and here makes the difference between a woman and a mother.mother 2

Today read a heart touching story of a son about her  mother’s lies. As I have witnessed in my surrounding quite often this phenomena of continuous acts of negation of her own for keeping comfort of her children on priority specially for her sons,  so I think it is better to share it.It might touch the hearts of some careless sons /daughters who although some way accept the sacrifices of their mother and father but forget to give them some little gestures of love and comfort which they usually want to share their kids and spouses only.

A son tells his story

This story of mother’s lies started after my birth.I was the only son of  a poor family and often faced hunger situation.Sometimes if we got something little to eat my mother given up her share  and do say I’m not hungry, you eat it … it was my mother’s first lie.

when I grew up I had seen  that my mother was gone for fishing.One day she was able to caught two fish,she returned back and quickly cooked it and placed in front of me.When I ate first one she started eating leftover attached with skeleton of fish … I was very sad to see this .. I put the fish in front of the mother. returned to. but she said I fished for, you Son, you’ve .. I don’t like this .It was my mother’s second lie.
When I grew little older she started to work for a garment factory.She had to go door to door for selling her products.One day when she was late , not yet comeso I went around to find her. I left  for seeing her in the streets  and found her selling goods  while standing in the front doors… I said mama! Come on now .. cold .. must have been tired a lot of the time is enough .. Dear mother! But she said ” not at all I am not tired … it was my mother’s third lie
One day when I had my final exam she insisted to accompany me for school and then waited near to my school for hours in hot weather by continuing praying for my success.When I come out she hugged me and offered me cold juice pack which she had already bought for me.I took one sip and then offered her to share with me but again she said “Son you have it … I’m not thirsty .. It was my Mother’s Fourth Lie.

It was my father’s death my mother had to live life alone .. alone .. life was difficult and had to run the household expenses.. My uncle was a good man and he tried his best to support us as much as possible.Seeing our weak position, our neighbor asked my mother to remarry a person who can support her in this difficult time But she confidently said:I don’t need of any kind of support…..It was my mother fifth Lie.

When I graduated, I got a good job completed. I thought I should take a mother should rest now, and the cost of the House–they are very old. “I have sent them from their pay to work for them in the allocated, she refused and said to keep you…” I don’t need money—It was her sixth lie

I have also completed their studies with jobs and increased my salary and I went to work in Germany .Later on offered her to join me but considering my distress, and prohibited me by saying I do not have the habit of staying out. “it’s my mother’s seventh lie.

My mother was too old–she was diagnosed with cancer;  she was in  need of extra care for–I have to give up everything . ” she was on the bed–my heart was crying tears of blood on her condition.” I came out with tears. “she said.” I’m fine. son weep not; I have no pain .This is  my mother was lying eighth time and then my mother had his eyes closed forever.

Difference of living with shadow of love and shade of love

Martin Luther King, Jr.
The ultimate measure of a person is not where they stand in moments of comfort and convenience, but where they stand in times of challenge and controversy.

We experience variety of passions and feeling in the form of love , hate, friendship etc throughout our lives.These surly  acts as catalyst, dragging and  motivated forces in ones’ life  .Some act as bonding and few  are irresistible attractions which come from unplanned timing and unexpected  people in one’s life. So each individual regardless of his/her class or status before dying feels the variety of shadows and shades of love which helps to maintain his/her life or sometime become reason of losing hopes.In this way human behave differently , it is their inherent quality, upbringing, natural chemistry or inner demand that they behave differently for getting or presenting their expressions.


Some people enjoy living with shadows of love in which they can vary their line and length of  desires. Just because  of their own sphere of thoughts they plunge into state of  “in love” with someone, totally captivated by  any real or unreal , experiencing  many heavenly symptoms of love.It is strange phenomena that it doesn’t mean that the other person has the same feelings for them . They may have no feelings for their lover and chance  in fact, even dislike .So living with shadows of love  in a sense, an illusion, a mirage a complete one side imagination which is not bound of any limit  of nearness and dearness .

Too many nights, too many days
I’ve hidden from the sun
And though I’ve tried to break away
You hold a leash just too strong
I love you in the shadow of love

It is this because it is deceptive, delusional and transitory. While under its spell one sees only the good side, only what one wants to see. Once the spell is broken one sees reality in the clear light. Such kind of  Love living is a subtle, complex mixture of elusive ingredients that can  include

1. spiritual feelings on a high spiritual level

2. sexual attraction and personal desire

In many ways  such a shadowed  fantasy can have the same effect on a person as a drug, it is attractive, time-consuming and often a solitary experience. The time spent thinking of a fantasy person even lead to the release of certain chemicals in the brain which can cause a person to feel happy and euphoric. Once this has been achieved the fantasy is now associated with a distinct feeling of joy and will be sought often.

Another obvious problem with a fantasy obsession is that because it is such a solitary action it may cause a person to move away from real life and many  social situations. Conversations with real people may become increasingly difficult because in the real  world individual has to face the uneven attitude of near and dear ones too.The inability to accept another human being because their personality and appearance do not match that of a fantasy character is where this obsession often becomes truly dangerous. Some individuals become convince that the image in their mind does in fact exist somewhere and refuse to allow anyone else to get close to them because they feel it is unnecessary to lower their standards.The inability to relinquish self  control becomes part of such  fantasy obsession and such imaginary figures keep outside world  less appealing as the desire to maintain control over every part of the desired  interactions becomes more intense.

Not necessarily but perhaps the  harmful result of a fantasy obsession is the inability to enter into a successful real life relationship. When a person indulges too often with a fantasy mate they begin to use that  his mind made shadows as standard of living. As each new  arrivals fail  to  live up to this standard the fantasy is reinforced.Without the ability to know real love, the precious taste of this life is thwarted, and a person may be doomed to living her days as a  lunatic or maniac.

Some times shadows take a person toward heavenly figure ,keeping him/hers more about being compassionate and it has more of a philosophical dimension to it. People capable of feeling this type of love can love those who are not close to them since it bring out  more from compassion than passion.Here lovers give love without even expecting their feelings to be reciprocated by the recipient of their love.stock photo : FamilyOn the other hand no one can deny that  Being in love or  living under different shades of real love is the most mature and realistic thing  one can enjoy because

It energizes  one’s life, fills  positivityy, creates generosity and makes every moment worth. when one chooses to live in real shades of love it never look back the meaning of life and always try to approach near to his/her life full of care and love.Human enjoys different shades of real loves in form of good parenting, unconditional friendships and happy married life etc; such kind of shades of  love don’t  make person senseless or  blind, or entering into fantasy.  Such life style is  waking up out of darkened  side of life  to enjoy the beauty which surrounds him as first protection in this world.

Oh sure for adjusting all love affairs in smooth and aligned manners a   little endurance is required, along with the willingness to accept the  changing shadows that would change as soon as light of revelation would fall on relationships and its demands.

The difference between real and counterfeit love is  that in real situation we try to approach to live a life of love and build relationships. In this process ups and downs give different bumps of life making that relation more solid and versatile. .

In such kind of living  emotional and  romantic expectations  are more realistic,long-lasting  and practical so their relationships generally do not fail.In such option persons don’t go for search  of compatibility but try to adjust each other incompatible traits and try to bring each other match and catch  for making smooth equation of life .Such kind of relationships grow gradually and with a slow pace of emotions

Toward its disadvantageous some persons want to store these shades of love , for some kind of insecurity in their minds and sooner their passion tend to  possessiveness .This  type of love is characterized by a lack of passion and  becomes conditional.

In all love matters one’s  words should match with deeds. By giving each other the necessary space and time in order to overcome the initial setbacks and resentment which do come in path of partnerships we fill the gap between human temperaments.Honesty, caring attitude and truthfulness all are binding  intentions in any kind of love affairs and strongly imprints the shades of real love on life .

Understanding that the ideal  love environment reflects a desire only and not a strict guideline to follow that can help others not only to meet some very interesting people, but perhaps allow them to grow as well. While the excitement and pleasure that is felt when submerged in a fantasy life may help to create an ideal for romance and attraction, but to achieve success in a real relationship one must be willing to surrender the fantasy and look for the truly amazing traits inside the real people all around them.

Lost parents of settled children

The old oriental culture of  Asia follows the principle of extended family system where three generations are attached together in some manner.Here young ones have  to work side by side on two  major tasks , one is to raise their family and other one is  to take care of parents at their old ages.

Today the  modern ages and its requirement has  gradually  replaced joint family system by independent living due to many reasons, same attitude of discarding the parents at old age is rapidly   seeing in distorted eastern culture on the needs of  a couple and their children .

Having a baby is one of  joyful moments in life of any couple no matter which class they belong.They forget their differences,  shortages in their lives  and search for happiness in the smiles of their new born.As the child  growing up this sense of enjoyment  tends to some kind of serious responsibility  in job list of new parents .The thoughts of his/her  eduction, career, his health ,daily activity’s  all are the major areas of concern for any normal parents .During this process of development of children, parents usually  set aside their needs,and focus only demand and timely services for their children.They work hard, cross all legal or illegal formalities, manage personal discomforts, pending personal interests to make bridge between present  and future  demand of their kids.

In this race of managing new life often old parents are  ignored or left at the mercy of time because children give importance to their own families  .Some times their spouses  due to careless or tricky  attitudes never give any kind of moral allowances to take care of their old parent. As a result, some sons start  neglecting their responsibilities whereas daughters either can’t perform their duty due to non cooperation of their  husband or in-laws .It is also seen that sometimes  daughters of east  are taking up the responsibility of caring for two couples of parents: parents of their own and of their husbands.
The modern industrial and materialistic economy might be responsible for the breaking-up of the old tradition of looking after the old parents, as it provides a disparity in earnings among the family members. The more fortunate and hard-working family members surely earn a number of times more than the less fortunate easy-going family members. Indeed the hard-working family members don’t  like to share his  earning  with the lazy siblings
In this case, the family splits on the issue of sharing responsibilities like taking care of parents when they are old and sick.All this ultimately make life miserable for old parents who spent all their resources and energy on their children but when the time to repay come most of them deny their utmost responsibility as equal as one consider for his/her kids.

It is old saying that new generation is always indebted to the old generation. We need to pay the debt to our parents taking care of them at their old age and then performing religious and social rituals after their death . Thus, our tradition Pakistani culture has made sons accountable to their parents at their old ages.It is virtually considered as reversible practice which will be revised  by next generation as would be  practiced in present.

However, the traditional family culture in urban life  has been gradually changing to the worst for the senior people. Sons have been no more a social security for the senior citizens as used to be. If they have more than one son it becomes disastrous to the old parents as every son thinks that the responsibility of taking care of parents is of another.

Our trsad-woman-K133-31-147traditional  extended family system itself generate a lot of provision for taking care of parent by many blood relations at a time so that this important responsibility is shared by many people tied with some kind of bonding,.Here intrusion of narrow-minded relations in the form of daughter or son in-law can bring jerks to old state of parents but siblings’ strong faith and stand on parents care duty can modify the conservative thoughts of other relations .

Some sons take care of old parents only to inherit their property. Wise parents usually keep their own portion of the family property for their old age. Such family property remains in the form of a hereditary family house or an ancestral land they inherited. Some sons keep their parents with them only to make sure that they leave behind the property for them to enjoy.

Daughters have begun shouldering the responsibility of looking after their parents. Daughters could not be indifferent to the plight of their old parents when sons are reluctant to take care of their parents. So, they extend their supporting hands to their parents. If the current trend of sons neglecting their responsibility of taking care of old parents continues soon daughters will be the only dependable offspring for old parents to rely on.

Taking care of old parents has become more a burden than a social obligation to sons. In many cases, old parents need to live with different sons in rotation; some sons fetch daily meals in a hot case at their home rather than living together with them. These are the best-case scenarios. The worst-case scenarios are none of the sons look after their old parents. Daughters-in-law denies old parents the contact with grandchildren for fearing of exposing their secrets to grandparents.

The so-called modern nucleus family does not  consider  the benefits of living together with old parents. A nucleus family becomes viable when both spouses work for earnings. . If they have parents at home they do not have to worry about baby-sitting and their next generation is more secure under love and care of  grandparent So, having parents together with a family might be a bonus than a burden some of us might think today.

For families who have made some advance preparations, elder care should not be a crushing burden. It may be a disruptive surprise, but professionals in the field have observed that most children  struggling with young children and midlife crises — assume their responsibilities willingly and without resentment. The caregivers who suffer most are those who try to do too much alone.

We should realize we will do ourselves and our parents a greater service by seeking help. When our turn come .be conscientious that sooner we would be in same position due to natural biological cycle. Remember, our own children will be watching. And someday we may be on the receiving end of elder care as history takes no time to reverse its wheel .


Liars! weakest kind of humans .

Pakistanis society is  quite surplus in liars majority and from Head of state to a beggar of street the one of  most common trait found is majority are  lairs.  Liars are usually recognized as persons who  devoid of conscience , inhabits a fantasy world where anything is possible. Full of grandiose ideas about themselves.It is also seen that people who based their dealings on lies and deception  make terrible companions and partners. Unfortunately they are often charming and influential people  and others  have fallen for them before the reality of their unreality hits  their relationship.

People  tell lies when  they are living with many fears like , afraid of what others will think, afraid of what will be found out about them,afraid of losing advantages and gaining benefits ,afraid of taking responsibility etc.  But every time they are unaware that telling  a lie make that  fear grows stronger.These liar don’t tolerate emotional honesty in communication and go for settlement of superficial type relationship, neither long-lasting nor have any contribution of giving peace of mind. That is why it is said that liar only lives in his present and has no stable future . Broken_Wall_Mexico.jpg Broken Wall

Human history reveals the human beings are born to lie: It means we cannot live without deceit and most of deceitful attitude is adopted to dodge the people who are close to these-cursed human called Liars.Developing habit of telling lies is like creating cracks on walls of confidence and love of people ,that would ultimately collapse and expose all kind of human weakness at extreme moments of troubles.

There are numerous reasons why lying is not always wrong, and why telling the truth is not always the main priority. Nevertheless, it is vital to remember that in language of spirituality  ultimately truth matters only. We might concoct a hypothetical situation in which we have to choose between lying or creating misery for people  living near or relying on us, but until and unless we  come in position to evaluate the value of  truth,  as the real  detriment of some happiness and solid terms for building relationships.

That is why we should develop the habit of telling truth, and distaste for lies as much as possible. Truth should be in the default of human mind and  lying ought be considered as  an exception that must require a special justification.

Full disclosure is never possible and one sometimes has to conceal some facts and realities to avoid high level disorderliness by virtue of extreme circumstances and it should not be  dependent on personal gains and interests.

Truthfulness is largely a matter of deciding what it is reasonable to withhold as long as it can sustain genuine and long-term deals between human living under some oath and relationship.

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