Preacher of peace but Demonstrator of terrorism

Yesterday full of suspense and thrill  Holly wood drama( Special core commander conference 143) played in house of lords(GHQ) of Pakistan. Here our uniform he-zeroes tried  their best  with the aid of media to show their extent of bravery to whole nation that how daringly they are challenging a super power, not allowing them their demands to be fulfilled  in our soil of north Waizirstan where US  seriously consider hideouts of  Haqqani and Co.

For sharpening  short memory of ISPR and poor people of Pakistan just few days back in last  core commander conference 142 this agenda was announced

and just after 2 weeks so much  aggressive  u turn is taken by same commanders whose nonsensical commands have become  real threat for Pakistanis.

Hmmm….. it means our khakis gods never considered south waizirsitanm, FATA and nearby areas  part of their domain as for last 5 years US and NATO forces are directly or indirectly attacking the targets on the basis of guidelines given to them through our all intelligence circles.

Excuse me! if I am not wrong whose forces and intelligence network  are actively working in too sensitive bases of Pakistan where  even no Pakistani officials are allowed to enter in such premises.

By the way, did  any body hear the whereabouts of more than 7000 US marines or spies  who have been entered in Pakistan for last 6 years?We the poor Pakistanis have seen only one top US-hero  having Fake ID of Raymond Davis.His bravery is still mesmerizing  witness of his day light accurate shooting  ,the way  he shot two ill-mannered Pakistanis just like our late hero Sultan Rahee who in his real life couldn’t tolerate single shot from robbers and killed on spot . In this  case of real action movie, nation is still not forgetting  that US spy man gorgeously and gracefully was protected and later on sent abroad with full protocol.funny news

In the latest past nation is still not forgetting the accurate  but the unilateral American raid to kill Osama bin Laden in northern Pakistan in May and nation is still in state of shock that what is purpose of this 5th largest army of the world leading 17 million Pakistanis.

So In last 10 years if we summarized our situation then under military running   deals of war on terror ,Pakistan’s economy is in free fall, and its major cities  have been  wracked by political violence, extreme religious polarization from Mastung to Dir and worst kind of corruption and mismanagement under NRO leadership sanctioned for Pakistan by military brass.

Who not knows about Haqqani group’s  relationship with  our intelligence groups.If any body has any doubt in his mind he can only bring General Hamid gul on any TV channel and he would tell the warrior and sacrificial skills of  this group for defeating another super power and their friendly ties with ISI.

Direct  order of  target killing of Haqqani group simply means  to hit central command of terrorism run by ISI people and  for which they have earned repute of specialization.The finding of OBL in sanctuary of Abbotbad is final authenticity to the  credibility which certification was first issued by same COAS and ISI chief who are now trying to challenge US on their sincerity . These are same Pakistan’s  officials who  see the network as an “asset” in its bid to counter Indian influence in Afghanistan and to ensure a say in what many Pakistanis fear will be more Afghan chaos once the United States withdraws.

After creating hell like situation due to complete   submission to US plans on our land and its people , our paper lions are showing us their growling capacity– still thinking that this way they would restore their statue of confidence and trust on people who are miserably tolerating economical setbacks due to this war games and  facing flood & dengue attacks cum religious killing .

In this chameleon like conditions  the best quote which fits on them says by same man who once worked obediently with  this military establishment on the name of  nuclear empowerment and he is our he- zero too.As he quoted once 10 years before actually depicts the present situation

AQ Khan on Pakistan: Bastards first used us and now playing dirty games with us

Pakistan is  always implicated in war games and its luxurious expenditures on the name of invisible  national interests i.e ,high defence budget, Nuclear arms for national interests, three wars for  securing Pakistan, war on terror is for  Pakistan’s bright future, drones attacks are for Pakistan’s sovereignty,Haqqani are Pakistan friendly organizations ,ISI works for Pakistan’s stability.

Where is our stability,bright future, level of sovereignty and sense of security?

In this business of terrorism  on the name of national interest one should learn that
” the secret of success is always a sweeping failure of whole nation whose land is used for dirty tricks of terrorism”.

This  is a simple reason of complex  defeat of KGB and Nazis in their land.Sooner if not controlled ISI would come in this queue of destroying stability of  country which nurtured them.


Award Nishan-e-Tolerence to people of Karachi

Karachi is  still a residence  of different  cultures. Before 1947, the city was inhabited mainly by people from the areas near the city, the people basically being Sindhis, Baluchis, Mekranis and Gujaratis.

In 1947 most of the city’s Hindu population left, and a large number of immigrants(Mohajirs) came from India. Most of these are from the Urdu Speaking parts of India. But Memons from Gujarat and small quantities of communities from other areas also arrived. Giving Karachi variety  of all the provinces and parts of  India. After independence  immigrants has been coming to the city from different parts of Pakistan and made large Punjabi, Pathan, Bengali and Hazara communities to grow in Karachi.

In 1971  split of Pakistan,Karachi accommodated a large influx of mainly Urdu Speaking people from the former East Pakistan. Again in the 1980s a large number of Afghan refugees stormed into the city due to its business attractions and cosmopolitan culture.

This city started expanding without any demographic research and neither provincial govt nor central departments bother to  foresee the future problems of settling of such massive migrants from neighboring areas.

Karachi initially  descanted into mayhem, chaos and then tended toward continuous process of  violence just due to negligence of state management and  blood-stained politics of the so-called stake holders of Karachi. Scenes of clashes, violence, firing, deaths have become routine life of  harassed people of Karachi.

Ethnic and sectarian violence  surely reared it ugly head due to weak control of law enforcing units  and then apparently with the connivance of political and religious parties who fond violence a useful ploy to escalate their political agenda and commercial interests.After 198s owing to interest of military establishment Karachi political and religious groups were backed to  flourish armed politics in peaceful and business doing community of Karachi who  had no  history of ethnic or religious bloody  riots even at the time of blood soaked partition of 1947.

Our unstable Present is indication of Past blunders and wrong manipulation at right time. Karachi is once again burning, soaking  in blood and smoke. Killers are presenting themselves as real stake holders conducting non stop  human target killing. It is so interesting that every one knows what is behind smoke screen but no one is trying to cure it as aftereffects  of Naser ullah babar operation’s  are  still haunting the police men of Karachi.Not one or two dozens but 182 police inspectors were target killed who participated in operation of Babar -Suddle joint venture.It was all done in Musharraf regime who proudly supported MQM on the basis of his ethnic background and ruined all state efforts  did under a command of  pukhtoon general.

So present situation of Karachi under psychotic leadership of Altaf hussian, Zulfiqar mirza and Shahi sayyed is clear example that Karachi is under control of political mafia whose strings are moving from somewhere else.When their strings are moved they start  acted violently, abruptly untill the required situation of harassment is achieved and then they all sent each other flowers of friendship for showing us their intensity of so called Reconciliation to  further shock and terrify people of Pakistan.

Cartoon on clearance cell

It is so clear the puktoons , religious groups, MQM ,PPP and their  military wing responsible for this routine massacre of common people. Their land grabbing , drug mafia and target killers are involved in this violence. What is most  reprehensible is that in failures to public services they feel no shame to  use ethnic card to incite hatred between communities for their dirty politics. . The invitation to an army action in Karachi from same political dons is surely  meaning  the collective failure of the political forces to manage the affairs of the country satisfactorily.For the last 20 years short-lived orders like ban on pillion riding, shoot to sight , calling rangers after sweeping rivals and promise of  improved police infrastructure,nothing is improving the political and administrative structure of Karachi and its blood and terror situation.Rather than Govt is focusing to gather intelligence and information and then conduct targeted operations against the miscreants, it always looks busy to  disgusting politics of over obliged politics to its alliance groups for carry on weak and shaky government by ruining all kind of public and national interests.All parties in Karachi following the rule of killing and torture when they want to dictate  their  own political terms to political alliance and rivals or to the power structure. If they are unable to control the chaotic situation through habitual tactics of intimidation,they immediately  anointing itself as the victim of this system  which is under their control for last 3 and half-year.

So whether it is wrath of Allah in form of heavy rains or  bad mood of Altaf bhai and Zulfiqar mirza , it is only  people of Karachi who are front men victim of all God and man made disasters. After hearing latest blame game of  political leadership on each other labeling  each others as, traitor, killer, Bhatha khoor, land mafias etc and then issuing letter of reconciliation to same targets,  one must know that all are part of same plot but act and react differently as per personal and party gains. The city has become a cultural , economic and administrative  graveyard and will further down rated in all fields, if this kind of leadership will not be removed from the  political scenario of Karachi.Karachi people including traders, students, labors, workers should make joint efforts to sideline these paper lions living in sate security and placing their lives and future of next generation  at  serious risks.

Fate of Real Pakistanis vs VIP Like Aliens

Pakistan has faced one of worst kind of earth quake in 2005 leaving mas destruction on huge scale.Some facts of the earthquake  shows the magnitude of the devastation,

Total dead in Earthquake = 80,000 – 90,000
Estimated proportion of children amongst dead = 80 percent
(note: 18,000 children had died while at school)Pakistan Kashmir earthquake victims housing

Total displaced by Earthquake = 3,500,000
Affected still living in tents in camps = 35,000 – 40,000
At-risk families without permanent shelter = 60,000 – 100,000
Additional people who might need shelter this winter = 30,000 – 60,000

Pakistani government and private sector are still unable to  provide 100 percent rehabilitation facilities to  the affected people and still hundreds are living in homeless conditions as our war laden economy is not allowing state’s resources  to give them opportunity of resettling in their own lands.

Repeated Flood Disasters

In 2010, and this year too Pakistan faced the most catastrophic floods in the 60 year history of the country. When the country was in such intense disaster, there were reports that some influential landowners and feudal groups have diverted the floods to save their lands and properties  and drowned lands and harvested crops of poor people of Sindh Punjab and Baluchistan too.

Due to  lack of facilities as flood water receded, thousands remain without food or shelter—though foreign aid is on its way. The UN has called the flooding an unprecedented disaster.Worst-hit area was the north-western province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa..

A picture of Pakistani villagers evacuating their farms after the floods

 Last years at least 1,600 have died and up to 13 million people have been affected – two million more than the total five million in the tsunami and three million in each earthquake.

This year again the  monsoon floods that began almost two weeks ago made havoc in Sindh and  have washed away roads, bridges and communication lines, hampering aid efforts.Government is again looking helpless against this natural calamity which is always written in fate of poor.

Pakistan Flood 450 (Pic:AP)
A picture of Pakistani flood victims waiting for food
Furious survivors have been physically attacking government officials over the slow pace of the relief effort.
Internal Displaced Citizen Crisis

Since Pakistani top brass has decided to provide it services and land for war on terror activities to super power , the migration of local people toward peaceful areas have become a normal routine in unstable Pakistan.It was not happened  once or twice but still a continuous process of movement of people are being  recorded in last 8 years.Nato missiles and US drones are forcing people to vacate their homeland and move other parts of Pakistan.This IDP crisis has sharply change the demographic situation of our urban areas, changing their social cum economic scale and residential capacity more sharply  than what is being observed in last year.

Internally Displaced Person's (IDP's) travel by road as they flee military operations in Swat, Buner and Lower Dir on May 10, 2009 in Malakand, Pakistan. Hundreds of thousands of people are believed to be displaced as a result of these military operations against the Taliban. Over 150,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPÕs) who have fled Swat, Buner and Lower Dir, face harsh living conditions in camps.

The locals of  Wana, North waziristan, south wazirstan,FATA are all time in state of displaced since the war has been imposed in Pakistan.Swat war had produced 3.5 million IDPS who spread all over Pakistan which is some kind of world record and Pakistan army should be praised for  such kind of contingency planning within its boundaries to move highest number of displaced people for conducting 6 months operation for 4000 to 5000 insurgents.

Rise in Beggary

Beggars have started swarming the bazaars, roads, parking lots and even parks in all major cities of Pakistan creating nuisance for the citizens. Belonging to every age, these beggars encircle the visitor as soon as one enters the market and use every possible technique to persuade one to give alms. Almost in all main roads at a signal, beggars start tapping the car windows  forcing .

The militancy and measures to curb it in the tribal areas and other areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan have led to increase in number of beggars on Peshawar streets. The years-long civil war, use of deadly weapons,drone and missile attacks  in Pakistan has not only compelled the people on migration from their homeland but also made them disabled having no source of income except begging.

It is estimated that of the total alms seekers some 10 to 15 per cent people belong to the volatile regions and most of them are children

These beggars children are then used for other crimes like sexual abuse, drug trafficking , robberies or gun point harassment on streets.It is  said the number of beggars on different roads, bazaars, intersections and streets was increasing with each passing day and only in Peshawar/Karachi and Lahore their number had increased to 1,000 times, but the government was yet to devise a plan for their rehabilitation.

Pakistan’s VIPs Living styles

Whatever the circumstances in Pakistan due to natural calamity or man-made disasters VIPs of Pakistan are raising their living standards and increasing the numbers of those group who take rise in wealthy and influential class in very short period .

It has become  continues process in Islamic republic of Pakistan  to take from the poor for the benefit of the rich and stronger groups. Its abolition will take more than lip service and can only come about from some fundamental reforms of the system.Our VIP culture, could be to cancel all the illegal allotments, sell the land at market rates and use the funds to building low-cost housing for poor urban dwellers but no body ever seen such situation. Our VIP culture has created an affluent class which appropriates for itself, most of the patronage of the state and believe all kind of shortcuts to get personal gains on the cost of  disintegrating national interests.

One can judge the approach of ruling people , that  the budget of the President’s House was set at Rs427.25 million at the time budget 2010-11 was approved but the actual expenditures of the President house ended up at Rs462.81 million. So for the upcoming fiscal year the expenditures have been earmarked at Rs482.63 million.

The same is found in PM account and  overall budget of the Prime Minister’s House is Rs1.37 billion for 2011-12 against Rs1.18 billion in 2010-11. An amount of Rs2.8 million will be spent on Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s foreign tours in 2011-12 as against Rs2.6 million in the outgoing fiscal year. The overall budget of the Prime Minister’s House is Rs1.37 billion for 2011-12 against Rs1.18 billion in 2010-11.

One can produce same kind of statistics for all chief minister and governor houses where expenses are beyond imagination of poor citizens of Pakistan

Rockwood House

The new viral national disease on the name of VIPs security protocol in Pakistani culture  is again appearing  on people’s nerves. According to data available to , there are 945 troops in the Punjab Elite Police including three inspectors, 33 sub-inspectors, 20 assistant sub-inspectors, 292 head constables, 573 constables and 24 women constables.The force uses as many as 67 vehicles and operates round-the-clock for VIPs of Pakistan.that 248 elite personnel work for the Sharifs including 71 with Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif, 58 at the PML-Nawaz’s chief Nawaz Sharif’s Raiwind residence, 31 with the Punjab CM’s sons Hamza and Salmaan, six with Capt (retd) Safdar Mehmood (MNA), 55 with Mian Nawaz Sharif, nine with the CM’s nephew Imran Yousaf, 10 with the CM’s wife and eight at the CM’s wife’s Gulberg residence. VIPs.These so called shairf families are one of richest families of the world but have no shame of using money and resources of poor Pakistanis for securing their  families on the name of their right for country.

Almost same kind of statistics for  Capital Security Police that manages the safety of VIPs in Islamabad is more in number than the regular police with separate superintendents of police for VVIPs, the PM and president houses among others. It just shows the level of regard our government has for their citizens of a common stature.As many as 71 elite cops are deployed with the family members of Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, including 20 with his wife, 34 with his four sons, 10 with the PM’s daughter and seven with the PM himself.

The situation is the same all over the country without any concern of the general population. If the approximately 12000 police that are stuck with VIPs in shoving aside traffic in Karachi..

The residents of Rawalpindi daily witness the two times a day  road blockage by dozens of army vehicles to give way to  big  convoy of chief of army staff who is actually assigned to give security to Pakistani people.

So one should think after hearing such data that if these security personals would be put on regular duty, perhaps the security situation in the cities would improve in favor of poor people of Pakistan.

Due to some daring effort of supreme court Pakistani people know that it was Musharraf and Aziz have purchased two plots measuring five acres and 2.5 acres respectively worth millions of rupees, which were actually meant for boosting production of poultry and vegetables.

‘The court was informed by CDA officials that a total of 25,000 acres of precious land worth billions of rupees in the suburbs of Islamabad was given to 499 tops guns of the country including powerful generals, bureaucrats, businessmen and officials of the secret agencies at highly

But who will question this to these elites who are owners of Jati ummrah palace or Surrey palace or chak shezad Morocco living setups? We are used to a democracy that thrives on our coffers – we will curse and condemn and by the time of next elections we would have forgiven and forgotten  the lies of these ruling elites and hope again for their national services .

Mirza-Zardari- Malik Three dangerous political cartoons of Pakistan.

Pakistan is unfortunately one of those countries where traitors masquerade as politicians/feudal  and treachery is deemed to be ‘legitimate politics.The top class absconded political figures  become selective Representatives of millions with clear vast majority in such a legitimize way that whole nation has become dumbfounded that why Pakistan still khappy under the supervision of  such  kind of evil political maneuvering.

Pakistanis these days are seeing  different kind of traumatized situation after watching  the emotional somersaults of Zulfikar Mirza, the diehard former PPP home/senior provincial minister, Sindhi nationalist and Zardari ‘s buddy  against both the MQM and the PPP’s interior minister, Rehman Malik.Pakistanis are also in state  of shock that it was same Rehman malik who was business partner of shaheed Rani Bhutto as claimed by mirza in his all time buttering style to Zardari family. has confounded friends and foes alike.

In one breath Mr Mirza is accusing  the MQM’s Altaf Hussain of being an “American agent to split Pakistan and Rehman Malik of being “anti-Pakistan”.

For last three years these are same Pakistanis who are seeing that he is same Altaf Bhai who  is Mr Zardari’s coalition brother like partner and  Malik his  representation and key negotiator of PPP with top brass and political parties .

But recent bomb shells of Mirza is creating confusion,compounded by the fact that Mr Mirza  is going  against both gentlemen on the Quran in front of media , giving  his words  the authority of truth as per standard code of Pakistan’s social norms it should be considered as , the whole truth and nothing less than the truth.

People are still in whirl pool of confusion that  Zardari and Mirza are school buddies. Mr Mirza  claimed publicly  owes his great wealth (sugar mills sanctioned during the PPP’s regimes) and power (his wife is the Speaker of the National Assembly)  due to extraordinary blessings of  Zardari..Malik, on the other hand, was Ms Bhutto’s FIA chief from 1993-1996 and her business partner, confidante and political adviser during her decade-long political exile in London from 1997 to 2007. How can people forget that he was security chief of Bhutto tours in Pakistan where she was attacked twice  and then killed under his provided security package.

There is no doubt that Zulfiqar Mirza always  shown aggressive attitude to  MQM. He tried to emulate MQM’s torture cells, bhatta collection and killings by creating and nurturing his  own political group naming it as Peoples Aman Committee, which collected booty for him every week. He also collected monthly from organized crime in Karachi as Home Minister, in which position he enjoyed 80% of the powers of Provincial Government with Qaim Ali Shah . It was only after he was removed from the Home Ministry losing everything and after his failure to stop Malik from Rangers operation in Lyari that he got frustrated. His awakening  conscience and sudden jerk of  patriotism after three years of   smooth coalition with MQM  are appearing as shocking surprises for nation who are unaware what   has been unusual happened in his recent US visit when  he was oust there with her wife  after he tried to take some stand against MQM.

His revaluation as an impotent ex – interior minister looks quite complicated  and not easy to understand. In the presence of Police stations and 80 units of Ranging  under his control with all kind actions it is not digesting  outsiders that all  of them do not know what is going on there for last 3 years; he had no clue what  was  good  or bad for the city and was unable to see through the machinations of parties with anti-Pakistan agenda.

Indeed,  Mirza might not have enjoyed such prominence if Benazir had lived to be prime minister or who thought when Bhutto was alive that Malik would lead Zardari and PPP in all matters.

The public and the press must have a debate on that what is the role of LEAs and intelligence groups in all abnormal conditions of Karachi when such kind of negative forces are asserting their efforts on each other and rival parties. The Karachi peace is too important for Pakistan’s financial growth but such serious matter of law and order is  left entirely to politicians of suspicious background who have come to seats due to shortcuts like corrupt deals of NRO and  killing of Bhutto.

No body can deny this fact that for an attack on Malik is an attack on President  Zardari, who is all time Malik’s ultimate protector. Malik is a  bhutto’s  discovery, owing everything to him, being of no account in political terms on his own. If Mirza says that if anything happens to Pakistan, Malik will be responsible,  then Bhutto/Zardari indirectly is also touched by the accusation.

Karachi  politics have been ethnic based since the creating of MQM and they are promoting ethnicity to achieve their vested political and financial interests.There is called some kind of  dearth of nationalism amongst political parties pertaining to their role in establishing peace Karachi.

Who can negate this practical situation that PPP is supporting sindhis, MQM mohajirs, ANP pushtuns, PML Punjabi, and along with this large groups of religious parties are grouping or organizing in more dangerous form than their previous track record..

It seems  that all  above the events are being in place to undo Pakistan from the back door by creating lot of confusions. It seems the parties in the ruling coalition are in a hurry to fulfill the agenda of international plotters. The puppet masters had been relying on gang wars target killing and generating bhattha for their party’s income that would  ultimately destabilize the political grooming of  the  city and country too.

Karachi has been city of opportunities being a great business center or money generating hub in Pakistan.The existence of opportunities has attracted the people from all over the country.Owing to which the city of Karachi has become overpopulated with less allied facilities and greater law and order problems.All armed gangs take advantage of this situation and highly charred the whole station by putting fuel of ethnic differences .In this situation failure of political strategies from state houses is looking quite obvious that priority should be to maintain writ of state at all cost first and then they can put blame on other alliances. But here situation is vice versa.Nothing is going on in-spite of target accusations and clearly looking that Mirza, Zardari and Malik alliance are inviting military leadership to takeover this city and favor them in coming elections as they did in Musharraf regime to MQM.

Thoroughly use the free light of Sun for making life more convenient

If we say that humans are the top class rebellion of nature’s cycle and its forces then partially it can be considered true for vast population.In other words we can say that human after using his intelligence  and creative skills prefers to opt for life which is either against nature or out of equation with the standards  rules of nature.Nearly all living creatures, including human beings, have been designed to function and thrive in natural light.Scientifically it is also proved that perfect design structure of  living creatures has strong dependency on solar rays  Therefore, it should be no surprise that powerful biological and psychological effects  on growth of living beings that are strongly dependent on the presence of natural light.

Studies have estimated that 5-20% of the  population of developed countries  now suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD), a serious disorder that can cause  symptoms of depression that occur during the winter season and reduces during the spring and summer months.  Depending on the severity of the disorder, SAD sufferers may display one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Sleep DisordersBrain
  • Overeating
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Family/Social Problems
  • Lethargy
  • Joint/Stomach Pain

The cause of this disorder is  linked to less exposures  in the natural light  that humans experience with the changing seasons.  By spending a significant amount of the day under artificial lighting, a resident  can become disconnected from the seasonal and daily variations in natural lighting levels that regulate the body’s functions.  This eventually results in a disruption in the production of melatonin hormone levels from the pineal gland.

For it treatment “Bright light” therapy is the recommended and involves exposure to intense lights for a prescribed period of time each day (to stimulate or reset the production of the pineal gland.One of the major benefits of sunlight is that it  soothes  tense nerves and boost  mood leaving with a fresh sense of well-being. Sunlight increases the production of endorphins and serotonin in brain cells which definitely changes one’s mood well.

God has made this powerful energy cell as life-giving energy  for all  organs and the way it helps to strengthen and vitalize  body of living objects  . So absence of sunlight and adopting artificial measures  in the name of human development has brought major set back in physical and mental health of human and quality life of other living beings of earth. It is that  help  fruits, vegetables, and grains to grow and be healthy. It also  protects  animals and humans to grow infection free  and develop as well.

Along with this sun light surely improves the life of exposed humans in many ways like

  • Benefits-of-Sunlight-for-Our-HealthSunlight improves the function of  liver and helps it to break down toxins and wastes that could lead to cancer and other diseases.
  • It provides remedy to swollen arthritic joints and  may help lower its pain levels.
  • Sunlight is an effective treatment for jaundice.
  • According to some studies on the benefits of sunlight, exposure to the sun may decrease risk of breast, colon, and prostate cancers.
  • Sunlight helps  body convert a form of cholesterol that is present in skin into vitamin D.

Sun has supported life on our planet since ages and also venerated in multiple cultures due to its myriad curative and restorative properties.In old civilization and religious themes  the sun had significant effects on the  nature’s  ability to reach goals in life.

Its powerful and bright effects were considered  vital  for the strength and  health of humans and rulers.Like other religions Islam also focuses on importance of sun through implementing mandatory  Fajar prayer to its followers.This prayer is basic wake up call for humans to start their daily life with first ray of sun and reduce human activities in Mughreb prayer when sun  end its journey in the typical areas

However, in recent times modern development and  majority of the individuals  have to change their life styles in artificial lighting .Invention of beauty products arisen and   fearful  apprehensions of sun exposure due to reasons like being causal to skin cancer and untimely aging.The artificially created  impact of exposure to the sun’s rays being overly projected by physicians, beauty specialists and those involve in businesses of vending sunscreen & age-defying products has resulted in sun, the innate potent life-giver being wrongly reputing  as nature’s detrimental force affecting the life of human beings.Along with man-made fears still  figures reveal that nearly a million individuals face death and develop grave ailments yearly due to dearth of sunlight exposure.

Pakistan’s  present situation where severe kind of load shedding of power due to disaster mismanagement of power managers have made havoc in life styles of average person who have been used to of  misusing human inventions under the tag of their  updated need of time.Late night necessary or unnecessary shopping, night roaming and outings in working days,and late night functions specially marriage events have become normal practices of Pakistani nation and it  all is  showing  ignorance of Pakistani nation toward importance of sunlight.

Avoidance of sun light for normal routine activities also contributed more of aggravating our problems of increasing load shedding in underdeveloped areas where life patterns are representing more decline form of living which are still more depending on sunlight for giving agricultural products to whole nation.So unrealized civic sense of Pakistan urban population indirectly  affecting the life of rural work force who still are following the rule of nature to feed the one of thickly populated region of world.

Sun light is one of precious asset of this mother nature along with water and air and all are symbols of life so one should enjoy and utilize it as much as possible and remain intact with free gifts of nature  while working or resting hours as much as possible by applying modern techniques.