Hot News and Cold Views

Hot news:Dr Abdul Qadir Khan, renowned Pakistan’s nuclear scientist and father of atomic bomb, is all set to launch a nationwide campaign under the banner of Tehreek-e-Tahaffuz Pakistan (TTP).

Cold views:Pakistan’s nuclear scientist and father of atomic bomb, is all set to launch a nationwide campaign under the banner of Tehreek-e-Tahaffuz Pakistan SoPakistani merchant of atomic bomb will go for politics in Pakistan.After having dutch wife, foreign settled children, having enormous wealth and assets this 22 grade officer would lead political moves of Pakistan.

Hot News:As expected, Kayani is taking slow but deliberate steps to distance the Army from now civilian President Musharraf. Kayani announced that generals would need his permission to meet the President, issued public statements distancing the Army from civilian politics and is rumored to be considering a decision to remove active duty Army officers from civilian GOP jobs.

Cold views :That was first lesson of his training which Kiyani  received from his ex boss Musharraf who ditched elected Prime minister of Pakistan who selected him after bypassing many generals.I think it is fear of non cooperation of army that is not allowing Ex general come to come to his hometown.

Hot news: Former president Pervez Musharraf has vowed never to visit to India again after being denied a visa by the Indian government, a report said on Friday.

Cold Views:  Dil kay arman ansoon main bhay gay

Hum wafa kar kay bhee tanha rahy gay.

India denies visa to Musharraf!

Musharraf can claim Indian citizenship via his residence in India which he visited as President.Even then if he  is not given then give him proof of his loyalty to his ex homeland via international community.Musharraf is quite interesting and disgusting general and ex army chief of Pakistan who loved to Visit India while he was on ex exile but afraid of coming to his country whom he ruled all alone for not one tw or three years but continuous 9 years. He was given full guard of honour for his departure but he is not over powering his fear of coming  to “home alone”

Hot news: The king of Saudi Arabia, a close ally of Pakistan, has labelled President Asif Ali Zardari the greatest obstacle to the country’s progress.
“When the head is rotten, it affects the whole body,” King Abdullah was quoted as saying by the New York Times in leaked US diplomatic cables.–54.asp

Cold views: Vow!I t is impressive to hear that saudi kings have some brain and thinking mind other wise we thought they are just trained pets of US lobby.Any how glad to know that some international people also know the real character of our President.

When we poor Pakistani say like that Rehman malik put us behind bar under new laws of forced respect which are speacilly made to protect zardari.Now these cmments are coming from His excellency the major donor of Pakistan in all begging time.

So embarrassing situation for men of king like Malik and Haqqani  that now  how they save their king by this blunt and true   revelation.

Hot news: Rs 17 billion corruption in Hajj management.

Cold views:We are proving our best that why we had demanded separate homeland for muslims of subcontinent.This way we can kill non-Muslims, can harass other sects or can do free-lance corruption on religious matters like Zakat, hajj, construction of mosques and what ever available to us.Thanks to our religious minister a blue baba of our guddi nasheen prime minister that they proved their credibility through this way too.

It is very interesting that this is  same Saudi govt that  never raised a single objection when General Musharraf’s  son without having any official authority  was making big business deals with Saudi sheikhs with the help of Pakistani embassy but this time their authority showed quite vigilant move on  the open corruption of this govt which they surely inherited from corrupt setup of past as normal practice.

Hot news:A Christian mother of five has been sentenced to death for blasphemy, the first such conviction of a woman, sparking protests from rights groups on Thursday.Asia Bibi, 45, was handed down the death sentence by a court in Nankana district in central Punjab on Monday.

Cold Views.In one side talibans are killing our soldiers and innocent citizens on the name of Islam.Here our courts under Islamic law is persecuting non Muslim women and granting her death sentence. they are also protecting Islam so both are doing same and difference is only one is working in so called legal domain and other one  is spreading this culture as an independent group.

Who would take care of five kids of that women.the state or they are best future suicide bombers on mosques and Islamic congregation who made such laws which killed their mother.

Hot news: At least 17 people were killed and over 100 injured in a massive bombing that was preceded by a shootout and grenade attack at the Crime Investigation Department (CID) offices in Civil Lines on Thursday night.Among the dead was a woman from an adjoining neighborhood, policemen posted in the CID and some personnel of the Frontier Constabulary deployed at a security post at the entrance of the offices located on the Beaumont Road.

Cold views: So clear to All Pakistanis at work and officials who want to probe investigation regarding terrorism  that there is still  no space for them to work in fear free environment.No matter our army is in mode of operation for last 7 years against terrorism, ,they are buying defense equipments and modern war technology and our rulers are enclosing themselves in more secure surroundings, but strong message is being conveyed to our working class that their fate would remain the same as most vulnerable class of Pakistan in this lengthy wave of terrorism.

Hot news: Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik has announced 5 pride of performance for those who reveal corruption in any public department.
However, the minister also warned the mis-informants in this regard.

Cold views: The minister who got this seat after receiving pardon on the basis of NRO and has strong repute of corruption in his last jobs as director in FIA..He is such a man who was convicted in UN oil and food prograM along with Bhutto.

His billion dollar worth property and business ventures are known to all who work under him.So one should  estimate the  credibility of  such kind of awards given by  him.

Hot news: The National Assembly appeared shocked to hear from opposition leader Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Monday that two soldiers had insulted a federal minister in his flag-bearing car earlier in the day by training their guns at him at a checkpoint near parliament when a four-star general too was in the area.

Cold views: Ch Nisar is one of big liar of Nawaz group.This is same practice in Pindi/Islamabad area at the time of movement of 4 STAR generals since the time of Musharraf and Kiyani is very cautious about his personal security too.This is they way ordinary soldiers  are briefed when place on-line  of duty to provide civilian free security to their chief.Pakistan is wonderland where guard of nation are protected by nation.

Hot news : President Asif Ali Zardari on Monday asked the Federal Minister for Religious Affairs to submit a report on alleged mismanagement of the Hajj operations and directed that the facts be ascertained so that action could be taken against those whose dereliction of duty created inconvenience for the Hujjaj regardless of their positions.

Cold Views.Pakistanis are so lucky who has got such a concerned president taking care of them through such notices.It doesn’t matter whether some actions are taken or not but it is reflection of great concern of Pakistani president although he is not part of Governance.He can called on  even ministers in his presidency who is known for his corruption in  Hajj matters too.This matters are so grave that forced a Saudi  prince to intervene in private matter of Pakistani corruption.Nobody knows how much share  was offered to Presidency for serving people through Haj Packages after this meeting.

Hot news: Following a surge in price, sugar was being sold at Rs 120 per kilogramme in cities and Rs 110 per kilogram in rural areas.

Cold views: All sugar producers are either sitting in assemblies or have close relations  with sitting governments and influential groups so all are trying their best to earn profit as much in the time of this govt.Who knows what would be earned in future if this govt wouldn’t be in power. It is simple example that how much cartel mafia has been strong in our setup a gift of militarism in state matters.

Hot news: Pakistan wicketkeeper Zulqarnain Haider has sought asylum in England after mysteriously disappearing hours before the fifth and final one-day international against South Africa in Dubai, says media reports.

Cold views: Well done Zulqirnain you have practically proved what ICC and international community is saying  about our cricketers and PCB management.In such a young ages he got an opportunity of wearing National color and projection that hardly comes in the fate of million Pakistanis.You have start earning repute as national hero and  millions  but you dejected this platform after creating high-profile drama in other country.

Thanks for uncovering the wounds of PCB  and enjoy the coward and runaway status from National team as an applicant of  taking asylum  in UK.Hope  for better and best of luck.

Hot news: The police on Saturday arrested Chairman National Highway Authority (NHA) Chaudhry Altaf, and two other senior officials after Additional District and Session Judge, rejected the interim Challan submitted by the investigation officer into the Shershah bridge collapse case, and ordered the arrest of the officials. However, former chairman NHA, Major General (Rtd) Farrukh Javed, and the project director of ECIL Company, which passed the architecture of the bridge, Mohammad Yousaf Barakzai, managed to flee from the court despite police presence.

Cold views: Big wigs are coming under the range of public prosecution.That is why civilized people demand independent judiciary that  first attack on influential people in the line of duty.This is true color of independent judiciary that is making” General on run” in matter of corruption and wrong doing.One can see that how difficult for these officials to face the procedures of accountability even after such deadly blunders in the line of duty.

Hot News: Suspended Pakistan Test captain Salman Butt and Mohammad Amir have accused the International Cricket Council (ICC) of having an anti-Pakistan agenda after their suspensions for alleged ‘spot-fixing’ were upheld.

Cold views: One should see that how obstinate attitude of country’s representatives are passing to young generation of players too. When PM and President  of Pakistan can’t see the real situation of Pakistani nation and deny all realities and COAS closes his eyes like scary pigeons for securing his people .Under the stubborn management of corrupt PCB management select on the basis of political backing can produce such gems like amir and butt who have no guilt or remorse on their past acts.This is hilarious that these immature minds are pointing fingers on the credibility of ICC and trying to creating sympathies on the basis of nationality issues.

Hot news: President Asif Ali Zardari on Monday asked the Sindh ministers belonging to PPP to step up their contacts with the masses and address their problems by holding open katcheries to brace for the local bodies elections.

Cold views: People of Karachi should  get ready for taking few more  dead bodies of human in your area.The Don of sindh(Zardari) and the Don of Karachi(Altaf) are coming for LB polls side by side .The first  political rule of thumb in coming LB polls is cleansing the enemies on street of Karachi on the basis of power politics and this process is going in Karachi  for last 5 years .

Hot News: Unidentified miscreants blew up a primary girls school in Mohmand Agency on Tuesday.The blasts damaged two rooms and veranda of the school completely.So far, of the 59 schools destroyed in Mohmand Agency, 21 were of the girls.

A study called ‘The Year of the Drone”  found that in a total of 114 drone strikes in Pakistan between 2004 and early 2010 approximately between 834 and 1,216 individuals had been killed, about two-thirds of whom were thought to be militants and one-third were civilians.

Cold views:What is luck of Pakistani people who on ground are attacked by terrorists and Pak army and through air they are targeted by drones any time any way.No body is thinking on large-scale that all such aggressive attitude  in particular areas and for typical class would produce long-term catastrophes effects on culture and economy of Pakistan in coming years.One can feel the heat of this abnormal war in our all major citie where  one social factor has been sharply developed and this is insecurity of citizens in their hometown.

Hot News:Punjab Chief Secretary expressed his inability to recover the accused detained illegally in Musharraf attack case in the Supreme Court.
During the hearing of a case against the illegal detention of the accused in Musharraf attack case despite the court orders, Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry warned that in case of non recovery of the accused, all the officials concerned would have to go to jail whether its DCO or Home Secretary.

Cold View:One can easily judge through careful study of this case that  how our intelligence agencies first falsely implicate people or servicemen on such false attacks to get projection of terrorism in Pakistan and then remove them from scene to cover their lies.All this is being done just to cover the weakness of ex COAS  and his cronies or  either put  in category of national interests.

Hot news: Around 35 such attacks since September 3 have killed more than 185 people, according to an AFP toll. Around 150 drone strikes since August 2008 have killed more than 1,200.

Cold Views: Pakistani army chief and team of 100 officials made a successful useful trip in last days.

Welcome back Gen kiyani your people are dying by US  drones.

You get pay from Pakistani account and aid from US and dollars are ruling the world so  you are right by ignoring these deaths.

Hot News: Bangladesh’s bettering the past year’s performance by moving two notches higher in the Human Development Index (HDI), 2009 to rank 146th among 182 countries speaks, and we believe, bodes well for the country.

Cold Views:  Killers of Bengalis  in 1971 massacres are  living like kings in west Pakistan should die with shame that where they have brought Pakistan where people recognize it in the row of corrupt nations or as exporter of terrorism.The discarded Muslims of south Asia  are proving heir credibility better than their ex masters.

Hot news: Senior lawyer and human right activist, Asma Jehangir on Wednesday won the election for the office of President of Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) here at Peshawar and Abbottabad with a clear margin.

Cold Views: She deserves that position.At least men in Black have  secured their 111 brigade for  a coming  year.There are least chances of military take over under her presidency of SCBA as she always stood against all military rulers.

Hot news:The country may not be performing well in several fields but it has moved up the corruption ladder, from the 42nd rung in 2009 to 34th this year.

Cold Views:After effects of NRO  in our system of governance.You would reap what you sow so what we can expect from this team which was known for its past scandals on corruption.Interesting  observation in this report is that here index of corruption is till lower than Musharraf period of 2005/o6.That is why I think it is said that flawed democracy is better than dictator ship. So  Pakistani people should enjoy this democracy as best revenge.

HOT NEWS:After getting a green signal from the Presidency, Federal Law Minister Babar Awan held a key meeting with the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) leader and former Punjab chief minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi at his residence, a private TV channel reported on Monday.

Cold views.So carrier of Bhutto legacy is joing hands with killers of Bhutto family.Zardari and Co used the  self created will of Benazir for making him chairmanship but he ignored her real online will in which she name the Pervaiz Elahia nd other members of Musharraf league as her killers if she died in unusual circumstances.

What more left in the minds of Bhutto lovers that who is real killer of their legacy.We are really nations of fool who avoid the writing of walls and keep ourselves save in self created imaginary thoughts.Bhutto’s popularity can be judged that hardly true jiyala has come out against this abnormal alliance with declared killers of Bhutto  which is nothing more than group of rats dying to eat the cheese cake.

Hot news: Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan on Sunday said his party would make Pakistan a welfare state if it comes into power.

Cold views:Khan is forgetting we are now welfare state always looking for aide and charity since the time of Afghan war.First we received donations to manage Afghanis in Pakistan territory. We provided them slum life and allowed them to live freely here just like their 2nd home.Then we worked on earth quake disaster and begged profusely in front of whole world to give us charity.We spent all charity in welfare of people and people are still waiting more welfare schemes to resettle in their homeland.Recent flood has turned our country a pure welfare state where we have left no other option except to think of our welfare only and to live on mercy of God.

Hot News:Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani revealed Friday for the first time that former military ruler Pervez Musharraf gave approval for US drones to make surveillance flights over the country.

Cold views: Excuse us Prime minister of Paksitan Musharf has gone a long time ago and now COAS (who is taking salary from account of hard money of People of Pakistan) and you are Chief executives of this state. You are head of such parliament which had already  passed the resolution against such attacks.

Come on Mr PM wake up, we cant afford more sleeping beauty like state head who is just becoming reason of fall of democratic norms in unstable country.

Hot news😛 PM Gillani said that despite political challenges, the PPP would not deviate from its re conciliatory policy.

Cold Views: Oh sure you and your team working under pressure of presidency is breaking the all records of reconciliation in your tenure,Like reconciliation on high-profile corruption scandals, compromises on target killing, generously awarding three-year extension to COAS,bowing head after each drone attacks, generously awarding more taxes to common man in each coming period and lot of other acts of reconciliation on the name of taking majority in parliaments.

We have no doubt on your reconciled  performance.

Hot News:The Obama administration is withholding assistance to some Pakistan Military units over concerns they may have been involved in human right abuses, including extrajudicial killings and torture, a senior U.S. official said.

Cold Views: The country who is popular in Masskiling of Muslims(Via Wiki leaks) and owner of Guantanamo gaol is warning Pak army for its little contribution toward human atrocities while military combats.

It is true masters and always masters and slavery attitude of beggary nations have no choice except to listen charge sheet produced by their masters.

Hot news:The United States on Friday plans a public show of support for war partner Pakistan including potential new military aid, as it tries to strike a balance with its growing ties to India.

Cold Views:This is our old theme of getting aid from US since Pakistan came into being.Its after effects are nothing more than it that now Pakistan is recognised as exporter of Terroism and this is same US who are investing heavily on economical and industrial development of India.

Difference is clear no vision of development is seen in Pakistani leadershipwhom main focus is to strengthen militarism in federation and Indians under strong leadership are becoming  economical giants of Asia with same policy of self defence and as top buyer of arms in south asia.

Can any body in Pakistan dare to ask Kiyani on what conditions that aide or loan package is granted to people of Pakistan.How much commision he and his team comprising of corrupt state officals will be granted to burden the nation with modern defense deals. It is just like old wine in new bottle as our Hafeexhas refused ADB loan for foold affected people and areas but kiyani want to take this money to stand against Indian arm strategy,

Difference is obvious only need to accept.

Hot news : Pakistan has turned down a $2 billion loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and another $1 billion loan from the World Bank to reconstruct infrastructure destroyed by the devastating floods. Islamabad has now decided to rebuild “from its own resources”.Finance Minister Hafeez A. Sheikh has conveyed to both the development banks that the government was not interested in using the loans for rebuilding infrastructure.

Cold views: What a shocking surprise for people of Pakistan that our tax free finance minister(last year his tax return is filled with zero numbers) refused such offer which is only linked to improve the affected people.There is something fishy with this kind of refusal or ADB Might put the  conditions of putting taxes on rich like hafeez or feudal  like our President,PM and their 100 thieves in their respective cabinets.

Hot news: President Barack Obama has told Pakistan that he would visit their country next year and wouldn’t be stopping there on a trip next month to Asia including a visit to India.

Cold views: Plan your visit and if some tension remain left  please ignite the issue just like British PM who in recent trip has labelled us as exporter of terrorism by ignoring the  role of US intelligence in our region.So please come with updated conflict issues so that both  rivalry nation become excited after such official trips.

Hot News“The situation in Karachi has become so grim that PPP leader Nabeel Gabol and ANP Sindh President Shahi Syed have called for army action as civil agencies have totally collapsed in the metropolis.

Cold views:Nabeel gabool is minister of running Government and ANP is coalition partner with people can see how sitting government encourage Army to takeover rule from them.Third ruling party has already invited Mohabawatan Generals to take the state control as soon as possible without moving a single motion of no confidence in higher and lower houses .So trend of leaders of political parties are obvious as they are real providers of circumstances to army establishment.

Hot news :President Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) Qazi Anwar on Tuesday returned a cheque, worth Rs1 million, earlier given to the association by Law Minister Babar Awan.

Cold Views:Qazi was cursing Babar awan for a last year, then he praised him on his advent to SC bar,He accepted his exchequer and then praised him.Next day on media fire he returned all  and come to same position of criticism.One can judge that people in top elected position  surely lack in possessing caliber of wisdom and judgment,no matter what is their age and experience.So one can assume what would be level of folks who elect them on the  basis of votes of majority.

Hot news:A 23-year-old Pakistani man has married two women simultaneously as a solution to his dilemma of deciding whether to marry the woman he loves or go ahead with the marriage his family arranged.

Cold views: People can watch the combination of sentiments of stupidity, love, compulsion, and possessiveness in one event .This would be fine example of foolishness where all characters, like parents, brides and groom shared equally the decision that would sooner turn into chaos like situation in the life of groom and his family.

Hot news:MQM chief Altaf Hussain said that if army Generals imposed Martial law his faction would support the step to rid the country of feudalism.

Cold Views: Sleeping beauty of Karachi is waiting for some uniform prince to come and wake him from his deep sleep stance in cozy environment of UK.By the way for his information army as per history of Pakistan  generals never put martial law for any feudal and any kind of feudalism.They come to treat and greet politicians like him.One thing more he and his faction is following the power sharing of sindh and federation with same  handful of feudal for last 18 years.These days his slogan Altaf – Zardari bhai bhai is the basic theme of firm friendship of this govt.Does he think that Zardari s any kind of tenant of Sindh??

Hot news:Shahbaz and Nisar secretly meet Kayani–il–13

Cold views: Surely both did act of suspicion but what about position and act of General kiayni. why he is not dared to criticize on same basis as on two.Does it suit to COAS who has no doubt more dominating position than two political  characters of Pakistani politics.

Why COAS   accepted this secret meeting.Lets  take people and position for equal level of cross-questioning by ignoring  their official positions.

Hot news: Former President Pervez Musharraf claims he can become the President of the country once again, though he also fears that returning to Pakistan can be risky.September 11, 2010

Cold views: 911  for Quaid Azam’s Pakistan when Musharraf thought of creating Muslim league

Why not any time he can come for this adventure too as he is most experienced President of Pakistan who ruled  there for 9 years and result of this he left the country after receiving  guard of honor.Since that time almost 2 years has passed but he is not coming back.So no harm in day dreaming what cost us but this way he is spending on others what he earned from dual account of presidency and as COAS.


69 Responses to Hot News and Cold Views

  1. Tucong says:

    Musharaf should come to Pak first and face the music where he will also realize his popularity in the country.

  2. Nazia says:

    Our generals and corrupt politicians don’t follow the word “should “or “could” but they prefer to keep them in state of ifs and buts due to their coward nature.So that man is hanging in this state until sure guarantee would be given to him and this guarantee can only come form his old offices I mean GHQ and CIA

    • Fayaz says:

      You are quite clear in your analysis Nazia. Big wigs of the country are indifferent to the troubles and grievances faced by the ordinary man of Pakistan. The supposed be the protector of the country and countrymen are themselves prone to the possible attacks on them. In such situations, they prefer to protect themselves through bullet proof vehicles.

  3. faisal says:

    hmm interesting.

    Its just Musharraf’s nacissism but still i think he should come back so that people who suffered in his tenure can get a chance of some justice. if proper trial is conducted against the former american pet dictator then it will help in calming the chaos in baluchistan, fata etc. also a trial on him based on article 6 will help the cause of rule of law. but i think this all is a dream …. :@

    • Nazia says:

      Musharraf has neither any guilt nor any kind of civilized senses that he did something wrong with any body during his tenures.He was clear about his military actions for which he was trained to kill or remove his opponent through use of force.This is strategy of military rulers so nothing to surprise.if somehow he did worst than what kiyani and zardari are doing with Baluchistan .FC is still controlling all law and order situation since the time of Musharraf and rate of killing and kidnapping has been increased under FC taken orders from GHQ.
      Before Musharraf the trail of some ex generals is due including aslm beig, asad durrani, hammed gul, gen ihtasham and many more

  4. faisal says:

    *narcissism not nacissism 😀

  5. united4justice says:

    cases should run againt other generals but it shouldn’t be made an excuse to delay cases on the biggest culprit alive. musharraf’s crimes were by far more serious than rest of them. violation of Article 6 is probably the biggest crime which can happen in this country and if we look at the rest of crimes like missing persons, extra judicial killings, allowing drone and missile attacks the severity increases more.
    yes , current government and army chief both are toeing the same policies and thats y i ve doubts that they will conduct any trial and i blame musharraf more for this as he laid the foundations , current rulers are just building upon it as they were given the tasks to do so. we need to understand the NRO-Safe Exit-War on Terror deal as this deal ensured the transaction of power to kiyani/zardari in return for Musharraf safety and continuation of imperialist slave policies.

  6. Nazia says:

    All want to make accountable those who made such anarchy in our state as rulers.But this time passing strategy under military control is basic reason of devoid of accountable procedures in our weak system of governance.Zardari become president as energy drink was made by ISI so it would support this clown as long kiyani and CO would achieve his targets in local and international circles.We have no vain imagination that Kiyani has any courage to summon Musharraf as his ex boss and dominant accomplice in many miltiary and political decisions but this would take us toward more anarchy like situation so civilian and political groups on provincial basis should strengthen their political ideology to retrieve the power games of our country.
    This is only solution of our survival on least basis

    • united4justice says:

      anarchy for good may lead to some conclusion. no justice no peace no stability.

      گر حشر بپۃ ہوتا ہے تو حشر بپۃ ہو لینے دو
      گر ظلم خفا ہوہے توظلم خفا ہو لینے دو
      اے عدل کے ایوانوں کے منصف سن لو

      انصاف قتل نۃ ہونے دو انصاف کوزندہ رہنے دو

      • Nazia says:

        the meaning of justice to all is quite distorted in our society for last many years.We have different criteria of laws and justices when we move in different areas of Pakistan.In Karachi area other than 17 cantonment areas, laws are made by controlling political parties by using power of gun.Street justice is popular phenemona gaining popularity among all power groups.
        Cantonment of Karachi show different scenes of legislation and living setup and it ahs no connection with other population of Karachi.Here in Islamabad rulers and laws are different for VIPs state officials and diplomats.People on Bikes are time subjected by the torture of law enforcing agencies which have no courage to stop 4 wheelers , mercedez, lexus and show them law books.
        In this country where president and ex COAS both have history of breaking law in context of national interests and parliament and courts are unable to prosecute them under article 6 so people follw legacy of prominenet figures and that is what Pakistanis are following in their available approach

      • Nazia says:

        the meaning of justice to all is quite distorted in our society for last many years.We have different criteria of laws and justices when we move in different areas of Pakistan.In Karachi area other than 17 cantonment areas, laws are made by controlling political parties by using power of gun.Street justice is popular phenomena gaining popularity among all power groups.
        Cantonment of Karachi show different scenes of legislation and living setup and it has no connection with other population of Karachi.Here in Islamabad rulers and laws are different for VIPs state officials and diplomats.People on Bikes are all time subjected by the torture of law enforcing agencies which have no courage to stop 4 wheelers , Mercedes, Lexus and show them law books.
        In this country where president and ex COAS both have history of breaking law in context of national interests and parliament and courts are unable to prosecute them under article 6 so people follow legacy of prominent figures and that is what Pakistanis are following in their available approach.

  7. lee says:

    Pak needs to change its position as far as so called war on terror is concerned

  8. javeria says:

    people dun trust him…!!

  9. @Nazia

    then questions come like: how long it will continue? how long it can continue?whether our country can survive this if it is not stopped?

    Yugoslavia, USSR , East Pakistan are not that old history.

    • Nazia says:

      East Pakistan you say?
      see the update
      Bangladesh’s bettering the past year’s performance by moving two notches higher in the Human Development Index (HDI), 2009 to rank 146th among 182 countries speaks, and we believe, bodes well for the country.

      It is clear example that time has proved who is right and who is real criminal.Nature has done its justice and we Pakistanis are still living in dilemma of confused leadership.

  10. Nazia says:

    How long it can continue?
    that is same question I indirectly ask people who crumble the law when ever they want or when they need.They always said this is our part of life and we would remain as such and this is our way of survival in this world of might is right.

  11. faisal says:

    whitney’s comment is a spam 😀

    • Nazia says:

      sorry I am in experience blogger. thanks for close check.

    • Nazia says:

      Thanks again for your free advice via email on using fake Ids for my personal security.
      I have placed your highlighted mistakes or piece of mockery on my page without any kind of guilt or sense of embarrassment.
      I have no intentions like that nor a single sense of fear comes in my mind before commenting on sensitive issues(for others) you know why?
      Because I am not alien of Pakistan .I born here live here and mark my place of my grave here.
      Those who will try to insecure me in my home for my bold stance should need more national spirit which I strongly and proudly posses so I am ready to face him/her with my approach .
      If we are afraid of living or speaking in our boundaries then we should leave this place
      I love to comment on bold issues with my real and genuine ids.

  12. united4justice says:

    ur comments were deleted only because they were unrelated to the thread or post(telling us about emailing to ur cousin).u mentioned emailing to some person so instead of them i directly emailed u.
    just to let u know u4j is not one person team. though admin is one but v ve got other members too, thats y sometimes when logged in as u4j comments come as u4j and if we are logged in with our own ids or just randomly visit some blog or own blog v use our own ids or name. i mentioned the general idea about that thing which doesnot include n e thing related to personal security(i dont know what u meant by dat). it was simply on id protection thing and the comment swapping with the other person u mentioned and the simple point was even if it is done deliberately and not by mistake , its not a problem for us at least.


  13. ahmed says:

    Corruption didn’t first time done in hajj activity but its rate increases each might be its height but we are proud muslim country that has set high standard of coruption in haj like matters.

    • Nazia says:

      This is not pride but wall of shame for all of us as our heena beard maluvi minister still not accepting his acts of fraudulent in this obligatory religious affair

      • united4justice says:

        one of the most interesting part is the way mr. minister tried to portray this issue as a conspiracy against him and tried to mix the issues of corruption in arrangements by paying above than normal rent and the issue of mina camps. the attack on hamid saeed kazmi was also a result of one of his disputes in hajj business deal but to make mr. kazmi a hero it was linked with war on terror.

  14. ahmed says:

    This haj ministry is highly corruptm it is fault of primeminister to pick right person for this position. But shah jee picked a man of his city and all know he is abig fraud. Sowhat should expect other than this.

  15. Nazia says:

    It was not interesting part but our real representation of ministers working only personal basis under the nose of elected PM of Pakistan.
    This trend is prominent in all national level as nobody accepts its failure and put blame on others to secure his/her skin.
    Tell the name of any minister who doesn’t follow this pattern.
    The azam sawati who reacted against him is known for his hanky panky in land deals of pinidi/ Islamabad areas,he has almost 9 residential lands and tow houses in bahria town where such plots are awarded to govt people by malik riaz as bribe to please high military officials specially working for intelligence agencies.

  16. Sheraz says:

    Any information about the Tahaffuz-e-Namoos-e-Rasalat Act (its history and contents)?

    • Nazia says:

      this act was modification of blasphemy law which has passed many amnedments through different govts but got height of extremism during Zia’s time.
      Blasphemy laws 295 forbids damaging or defiling a place of worship or a sacred object.
      295-A forbids outraging religious feelings.
      295-B forbids defiling the Quran.
      295-C forbids defaming Muhammad.
      295-C, the provisions of 295 require that an offence be a consequence of the accused’s intent. Defiling the Quran merits imprisonment for life. Defaming Muhammad merits death with or without a fine.
      298 states:
      Whoever, with the deliberate intention of wounding the religious feelings of any person, utters any word or makes any sound in the hearing of that person or makes any gesture in the sight of that person or places any object in the sight of that person, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine, or with both.
      298-A prohibits the use of any derogatory remark or representation in respect of Muslim holy personages. 298-B and § 298-C prohibit the Ahmadiyya from behaving as Muslims behave, calling themselves Muslims, proselytizing, or “in any manner whatsoever” outraging the religious feelings of Muslims. Violation of any part of 298 makes the violator liable to imprisonment for up to three years and liable also to a fine.

      The only law that may be useful in coutering misuse of the Blasphemy law is
      PPC 153 A (a), whoever “by words, either spoken or written, or by signs, or by visible representations or otherwise, promotes or incites, or attempts to promote or incite, on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, caste or community or any other ground whatsoever, disharmony or feelings of enmity, hatred or ill-will between different religious, racial, language or regional groups or castes or communities” shall be fined and punished with imprisonment for a term that may extend to five years.

      History of Blasphemy law in Pakistan.

      In 1951, the Majlis-e-Ahrar, a group of clerics who had ceded from the Indian National Congress , initiated an agitation calling for members of Ahmadiyya sect to be declared non-Muslims. It also demanded the removal of Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Chaudhuri Zafarullah Khan, an Ahmadiyya. In the view of its mullahs, Pakistan was an Islamic state — and in an Islamic state, the minorities could not enjoy equal rights.
      In March 1953, Pakistan’s Prime Minister was compelled to reject the demands of Islami groups, leading to massive violence. Punjab declared local martial law.
      first get place in Pakistan legal system via bhutto assembly when he declared Qadiyani non muslim to prove his strong relgious ties with rich Saudis.
      AfterwardSunni Tehreek which is a political Islamic organization founded in Pakistan in 1990 to promote the interests of Barelvi Sunni Muslims in conflicts against competing Deobandi and Wahhabi sects endorsed this law.The are the front runners of using this law to create harassment against minorities.
      Background of ST
      Sunni Tehreek was formed in Karachi in 1992 under the leadership of Muhammad Saleem Qadri was unusual to see the Sunni Tehreek (ST), a group that claims to represent the Barelvi school of thought, protesting the excesses of the Taliban, in Peshawar recently. Observers say the party, which is run from Karachi, has almost no members in other parts of the country. iT WAS TIME OF FRAGMENTATION OF MQM so all its leader were well spken against urdu speaking leadership of MQM.
      However, of late, the ST is making waves all over Pakistan and with good reason. Suddenly members are appearing from nowhere. Party offices have been set up in places all over the country. Some say the intelligence agencies are behind this new popularity for the party. Others say it is the current government, which helping the Tehreek into becoming a national force.

      Some say, the government and some intelligence agencies are supporting the Barelvis. Even as others suggest ST members are being given logistical support and funds to widen their base. Journalist Shamimur Rehman scoffs at the suggestion. “It is the same story happening all over again.” Many like him argue that the government is creating another monster, which it will lose control of in the coming years.

      No judicial execution of a person charged with blasphemy has occurred in Pakistan
      Since the implementation of this law 118 cases have been registered ,among them 88 were freed with honour from high courts after trial for many years. So data collected from different social services groups is that this law has been highly used for personal enmity and grudge like issues.

  17. Nazia says:

    If you need more details then I would sent you in the form of wrte up via mail.

  18. united4justice says:

    “first get place in Pakistan legal system via bhutto assembly when he declared Qadiyani non muslim to prove his strong relgious ties with rich Saudis.”

    thing was not as simple as it is presented today. as far as i know issue got worst when leaders from Ahmadiya community were called in parliament to tell their view point and in that they clearly said that those who don’t accept Mirza Ghulam Ahmed as prophet are Kafirs so the issue for many parliamentarians become that either to declare them Kafir or call theirselves as Kafir.

    even then i say if some one is convinced of their beliefs then they should stick to their teachings labelling doesn’t make any harm as for a Christian or Hindu or others I am a Kafir (person who rejects faith and obviously i dont accept their faith as my faith). Kafir means a person who rejects so those who reject Mirza as prophet are kafirs for those who accept and vice versa. The issue is persecution based on religious views which shouldn’t be there and the rights given in our constitution and religion should be given to minorities but here the thing is that majority and minority all are facing the consequences of absence of Rule of Law and Justice.

    • Nazia says:

      Clapping is always done by both hands.
      If qadiaynai did stupidity then good leadership should find the root cause of such stupidity and masses should be educated by leaders to ease tension .Even if state is not in position of educating the nation then at least illiterate and unstable people should nt be flared or instigated.
      Bhutto and his family if would have seen the poor and worst living condition of their haris and then compared it with their Royal life style, then they should oust form Islam.But by directly legalizing whole qadiayni as kafir have created spark in all kind of minorities because it was done by ruling majority.
      I many times ask religious people where is Islam’s spirit in whole Pakistan.
      We use name of Islam and Prophet for exploiting or harassing others but hardly follow the true principles of Islam.
      1970s or back from this time, Pakistan had no strong history of religious riots and people enjoyed liberal culture in public areas all over the Pakistan. This is what a state requires having multiple faith in similar geographical boundaries.
      Have you ever heard a case in pakistan and all over world where a qadiyni group issued death warrant fro those who didnt accept heir Mirza as Prophet.
      have you heard any case where any muslim was persecuted by qadiayni group.
      difference is obvious and it is on the basis of applying might is right rule by controller of Islam.

  19. Sheraz Haider says:

    As far as Qadiyanis are concerned, everybody knows who sponsored Mirza Ghulam Ahmed and why. For Muslims, our BELIEF in Islam can not be completed unless we confirm that Hazarat Muhammad(SAW) were the last prophet. So,if we believe in this statement,it is absolutely clear that Qadianiat is all based upon false assumptions and fictitious stories.It means Qadiyanis are not the followers of any Divine Religion but a Man Made Religion which does not give them the right to declare any one as Kafir. Moreover, if they declare Non-Qadianis as KAFIRs, they will loose their sponsors as well which are also not Qadiyanis.History of Islam has many examples to clarify actions to be taken against any individual who claims to be a Prophet after Hazarat Muhammad(SAW) or his followers.
    Question which arises now is how to deal with this issue once it has strengthen its roots in our society.Is declaring them as a minority is the final solution or some other actions are also required ?

    • Nazia says:

      Have you ever stayed in company of any Qadiayani or their meetings.
      if you have time try to to spend time with them without discussing your hatred sentiments for them.
      Yes we believe that Prophet’s Mohammed(pbuh) was last Prophet and we wont accept less than it.
      So new group had been formed with new methodology declaring new kind of prophecy.
      In initial history of Islam lot of pressure was made on Hazrat Hassan to declare prophecy as he was only blood relation of Prophet who survived.Even one group tried to did this too by providing history links but nothing happened like that.
      So if a group declared like that then what is matter of afraid.?
      Can securing the name of Prophet whose Ist identity for the world is Rehmat ul Almeen we justify to cut their heads on the basis of few recorded incidents,Nothing like that is mentioned in any verse of Holly Quran.
      It is not community of thousands but only in Pakistan there numbers are 18 million so maintaining hatred relations means you are in mood of religious riots in comparatively little Pakistan which has already burning on the name of Talibnasiions.
      Do these Qadiyanis are more more dangerous than these talibans whose leaders are still in the pockets of Pak army.
      Has any cleric declared these Taliban kafir for suicidal attacks on unarmed Muslims of Pakistan or spreading deadly chaos in all Pakistan.
      have you heard any decree that Any QadAynai group announced killing of Muslims of any other sect?
      There aremany questions like that which would create diversions in the mind of any conscious living being living under multiple faith culture as we have .
      My grand father and your maternal grand mother had strong friendly ties with Qadiyani head and his family and they had family gatherings before creation of Pakistan in very amiable ways.No body ever pointed fingers or attacked on each other faith and gave respect to each other.It means our elders are more tolerant then our generation who is wandering here and there to Kill who would dare to deny our ruling concept of religion.

  20. Sheraz says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing a very brief and comprehensive information on the issue. Please send the remaining details via e mail

  21. Nazia says:

    I have sent some details via mail.I hope it is enough for you.

  22. An interesting discussion on its way , and again am a late comer to join 🙂
    For Musharaf , or any ex General / Ruler to tried in a court you need a judicial system , a law , a constitution. What is the ground reality , In Pakistan you can not see any thing.
    The constitution : A piece of paper can be thrown in trash by any ruler whenever he wants.
    Physical Border : Pakistan is the worst ever border-less country in the world. Any one from anywhere can enter inside and get the nationality for a few rupees .
    Nation : Since her existence Pakistan failed to develop any nation called “Pakistani ” , this word exists only on passports.

    Country is being run through outdated imperialist approaches. The powerful armed forces are thought to be the guaranty to survive. Dictators are honored , accommodated , and given safe passages whenever needed. Forces are not accountable to any one , not even to your judiciary.

    Let see when the dictatorship sinks itself , of sinks the country in dark waters , time is to decide.

    • Nazia says:

      No you are not late to join but it is free time blog and have no fixed timing.You can share your valuable comments any time.
      For trial on Musharraf we have article 6 , we have bold judges who already stood against him, We have officially made Islamabad court for his convenience .We only lacks in courage that who would bell the monsters whose friends are serving generals.Zardari govt and NRO are his main shield who can only proceed in this regard so actually you are accepting honesty from professional thieves and that is our national problem too.
      Constitution is only piece of paper for those rulers who come via UFO or NRO or jumped in Presidency via 111 brigade.
      Public representatives have to follow this Constitution, that is why our poor PM is tumbling here and there to fulfill constitutional requirement.
      That is power of constitution that had flew CIA chief from Islamabad.
      This is attack of LAW on wrong doers which made recovery of of 10 billion rupees from RPP company.
      Pakistan is surely border less nation as its border forces have forgotten their duty and come inside the country by breaching all state laws.So the day our army the guard of borders would know their job goals they would start securing our borders.At this moment all kind of smuggling is done under the nose of army men who are more interested in internal matters then external affairs.
      Pakistan is failed to make a nation because of its military rule and corrupt leadership .
      Armed forces all powers are restricted to HARASS HER unarmed public only.
      How long this oppression would continue that is million dollar question
      .I think its answer is till now until Break even point of Pakistanis reaches to its maximum point.
      Dictatorship has to sink, otherwise it will sink all nation.

  23. Thanks for a such a detailed response Nazia .
    Yeah at last you really asked a question worth millions of dollars , and replied so wisely.
    Once I was listening Tariq Jameel ( a well known Islamic scholar , though I am far away from religion and a proud “kafir” but my passion to learn drives me to such crazy stuff as well ) , he asked the same question but phrase was a little change . He asked ” why some 700,000 armed personal are ruling 150,000,000 people of Pakistan , let we agree all the army is corrupt with their all civil bureaucratic allies of almost 20,000,00 . They hardly make a total of 2700,000 . whats the reason comparatively very small bunch is ruling us without our will? and his reply was ” because majority of us is really guilty to tolerate them so we are more corrupt then the formers.”

    I honestly feel close agreement with Tariq Jamil.

  24. Nazia says:

    It is my pleasure to share my personal observation and experience.
    I completely believe that God has given enormous power to intelligent people, blessed class of society, key positions holders of states, provided class to lead the people who have less opportunity to rise.Mediocre only follow the trends of prominent people so it highly matters what is quality of that groups that have to lead the nation.
    I never heard Tariq jameel but know his followers who are our top cricketers who earned a lot through match fixing and then have long beard and this get up to impress others how honest and religious they are.
    Our popular singer junaid jumshaid is his listener who is running one of expensive outlets of men and women wear in big cities.Being a Lahori I know his colourful past which made his wife collapsed twice due to his extra martial affairs.
    Now it is good for all of them to teach modesty and honesty to others and their next generation in this religious gild.
    I cant say you Kafir as it is not my authority and in my range .Let Allah to handle you in your life that give you vision of setting your opinion about any religious themes based on humanity which I think is your specialty.
    Sorry you have to hear my straight forward comments i.

  25. Well Nazia let me clear I am not a follower of Tariq Jameel , I got my own concept of religion and the religious stuff which proves me” Kafir” not ” non Muslim” in the eyes of so called Islamic scholars .
    Your comments got nothing to hurt so you must not use the word sorry . I am glad to hear you straight forward as I like the people to be less diplomatic.

    • Nazia says:

      I know you are not follower of tariq jameel.
      and listener of all but doer of your experience and skills.
      But 180 degree turn of people by separating them from their family setup and brought up is very serious matter and one should think several time to listen and follow their way of living or preaching.

  26. Nazia if we don`t listen and observe any one how can we analyse rights or wrongs?

  27. Nazia says:

    I don’t know I am right or wrong but I have attended many sessions of clerics and house meetings for listening and observing people that how Islam and its teaching influence them and their fellow people.My impression was that people just attend such sessions for fake impressions or they are involved in serious kind of guilt of past sins.
    I have given you name of few follower of Tariq jameel and I am sure these people were involved in serious wrong doings while they were on some kind of nation duty.
    Secondly I observed that practical life it is very difficult to put such inputs in your life which people are discussed in such meetings.In real life there are many deviations what we shouldn’t do as a part of any faith so now I restrict myself to busy routine life as per my social norms and basic obligations of Islam instead of taking opinion of different clerics.

  28. Yeah it is the inner guilt which makes such religious meetings attractive for some one. I know all the preachings of these guys are impossible to get practiced . But to reach such conclusions they deserve to be listened .

  29. Nazia says:

    I listened them surely but only on serious national issues.
    We cant be conclusive on religious issues as we have so much variety of clerics and faith healers that just create confusion in public.Recent killing of Taseer has invoked some of stupid or we can say deadly division in already polarized nation. This is all result of newly kind religious icons who are spread all over Pakistan and preaching in their innovative styles to divide nation as much as possible on their basis of their faith.

  30. You right , religion ever divided the nations and ruined the civilizations . any way my meager knowledge in religious stuff prohibits me for any active contribution in this discussion .

  31. Nazia says:

    It is not religion but man made conflicts, political moves inserted in religious beliefs which are tried to impose on weak groups by ruling icons, divide and ruin the community.
    I really enjoy all kind of religious rituals belong to different religions.Like burning candles in church praying area, Hindus colorful dances in their praying mode, buddha’s peacful caves of preaching,Sikhs gidda dance in warm mehndi functions etc.
    Religion is very important to control the character of individual or in process of self development and self realization.All are thinking of mature minds but we impose strict religious beliefs on immature an young minds and then cry that why number of fanatics are raised in our surroundings.State control groups and majority that is why make laws and system that restrain the people within limits of state laws.
    So both have importance in any system and only need is to handle with care for maintaining peace and harmony in any community and civic structure.

    • Saleem says:

      Very few bloggers themselves actively participates in discussions, as you do. Good practice. 🙂

      • Nazia says:

        I think it is courteous way to reply people who come to your domain and give some time and effort.You are right people avoid to reply might be as they copy their content of writing or using fake ids and name so cant carry on this bluff games,
        I feel no hesitation to reply as sometime we cant explain accurately in our writeup and I also believe we have to show some manners when someone comes to our area.

  32. Maria Khan says:

    nice medley of hot news.

  33. Saleem says:

    Please write on recent incident of killing unarmed man in open air…same like 1960’s and 1970’s in East Pakistan. When Pakistanis will get independence from MILITARY INCORPORATION OF ARMISTAN.

    Do you think, in present situation, people will feel sad if Pakistan breaks…Be realistic and think on it. I don’t think a common man will face more problems than today…even if this ARMISTAN breaks.

    I’m in great pain dear…a man is pleading for his life and these guy shot him dead….WHAT is thisssssssssss!

    • Saleem says:

      What is the meaning of STATE…forget about ISLAM state etc etc…I am just talking about simple state.

      What are main main duties of STATE running authorities?

      Who are the real terrorists of Country, external forces, taliban, or our own Military?

      Who is gona change this system? If no body, then lets get back to the state of 13th Aug 1947…at least people were safe under British rule…even in India…people are more safe than here.

      So many questions comes in my mind…seriously I get confused that this country is made for keeping one HELL in south asia…rest all countries are almost safe…only here are problems.

      Hum say acha to Nepal hi hai…kam aza kam log sakoon say roti to kha laitay hain…yahan to na bijli, na pani, no petrol, no zindgi….sirf maut he maut.

      • Nazia says:

        Pakistanis are facing one of lawlessness and highly disorganized state in Pakistan since the separation.
        More we would keep on busy in war – war games, more senseless and brutal scenes would become our fate as violence around citizens produce chain reactions of same kind of killing unarmed by armed and aggressive groups have become common practice in our unlawful society.Pakistan is so much barren land in any kind of positive leadership which is urgent requirement of this time as pressure pockets of people’ anger have been built all over the country, just need to channelize toward positive side.So Pakistanis are desperately looking for any move from any honest person as true leader would bring some change the whole scenario of Pakistan and expecting goodness from these exhausted leadership is. like living in fools world.

    • Nazia says:

      How much we have to write against such killings which is now become routine life of Pakistan.
      Both men who shot and who aimed to shoot are sons of same soil but it is state policy who allowed armed son to shoot unarmed criminals on the spot.
      Long time ago this unofficial order was passed to these jawan to shoot any one who is caught red handed or trying to interfere in the security matters of VIPs.That is why there is sharp rise in extra judicial killings in all over Pakistan.

  34. Penny says:

    When reading through all these comments, I was a little confused as I don’t understand lots of the policial views, but get the gestures and some reasons of it. My problem with understanding may have lots of barrier to my understanding the why’s of it all. I don’t understand the killings of the innocent to get their points across, or for whatever their reasoning. We go to war, to help the innocent to be able to live their lives in freedom, protecting the innocent, and etc. But, at what cost ? One day, we will all see the whys and the truth to all of this destruction in this world.

    I like looking at the bright side of life, if I lived my life based on all the this destructionaround me, it would be a sad world to exist, let alone live my life. Every day we are faced with problems, some less then others, some with destruction, some filled with fun and adventure. it sums up, we have choices each day on how we want to live our life. Let’s all learn to love-live-and pray that one day we will all live in peace and harmony.

  35. Nadeem says:

    Thanks for enlightened truths.

    • Nazia says:

      you are welcome here

      • Nadeem says:

        I am not seeing anything on kamra base, may be its there and perhaps i couldnt find it. So please say something before anything new happens nd attention goes towards that.
        On eid day president has special instructions for rahman malik, to ensure safety of every pakistani….this shall be actually a breaking/shoking news for every citizen of pakistan

      • Nazia says:

        Actually I am awaiting response of some personal working in this base that what was actually done there but as all their phones are being taped so people are avoiding to discuss on phones, so time is required what was done there, But both Rehman malik and Zaradir are just trying to create some harassment surely on the request of their bosses who are controlling them and

  36. abdul says:

    nazia what you can teach me?

  37. abdul says:

    in sense of computer languages N different tuttorials…

  38. Nadeem says:


    so what if qadeer khan is joining the band wagon…..already we have so many. He is most welcome to join the saviors. Serve the purpose, earlier the better now. Its better to die fast and swift then to get teased for 100 years.

    Right now i think we have only one problem i.e MALALA, not only pakistan but world over the media is showing this case as the only thing that has happened. I think they should be regular on pakistan news channels to find lots of malala s daily. It was a great effort to make a reason to attack north waziristan. The leaders like imran after protest against drones has gone so numb, media has actually failed him miserably.

    People have forgotten about karachi, which since last three days is ,like as usual, a butcher house. We have target identification and killing there as well, but the media duty finishes after just telling us how many killed in last 24 hours. The death merchants are among the mourners for malala. Come on , its such a bleak picture. The wested interests of media are killing us.

  39. ILHAAD says:

    You are simply a Biased person, Just trying to prove your point.
    We have agreed you on points which are facts and which are decent and related to post.
    We are not taking names as you are exposing in your amateur replies.
    But you are just trolling and spamming on unrelated content on our blog.
    You just want to accept what literature you have read.
    So we don’t reply to spams.
    First have some good bunch of references for your claim then comment.

    • Nazia says:

      Just answer me that if you agreed that why you are deleting my points again and again.
      I am 100%sure that my comments were absolutely related to your posts with full arguments of common sense.I have many times told you that surely I am amateur in Islamic teaching but not immature to understand the real reason of creation of your blog.
      why I give your references as you have extra ordinary information of Islamic references but you are projecting it as negative phenomenon for showing your hatred toward a community.I have given you examples of brutality of top class atheist Hitler and Stalin, although Hitler sometime used religious themes in his favor but history remembered him as atheist .Can you consider him more barbaric then Mehood ghaznvi??/

      • ILHAAD says:

        If the represented image of Islam is not what you adhere, then You can just ignore as its not representing you. Indeed there are different branches of every religion so are different Islams.

        Your Islam must be much more Humanitarian and we respect it. We simply wish that you continue your hard Humanitarian work.

        If this version is representing you, then surely its our right to fight it back as its nothing but oppression. Its also your right to defend this version of Islam, as freedom of speech is for every Human. Nor you can steal it from us nor we want to steal it from you.
        You can refute anything you want but not on our blog unless its decent.
        When ever we will find you have find peace and wouldn’t exhibit pro-conspiracy mindset, and will be ready to have unbiased communication, we will let you post your comments.

    • Ahmed says:

      they dont belive on words.did you hear this about them
      How many atheists does it take to screw in a light bulb?
      None…they don’t believe in light.

      Why did the atheist cross the road?
      He thought there might be a street on the other side, but he wouldn’t believe it until he tested his hypothesis.
      so first they will test their theory and then believe it .It is part of their faith too..

  40. Nazia says:

    If the represented image of Islam is not what you adhere, then You can just ignore as its not representing you. Indeed there are different branches of every religion so are different Islams.

    Look mr Illhad if you quote same kind of examples for others religions too or for icons of atheists then it would be ok for me that you are talking in generalized terms of religious themes designed or fabricated for controlling the masses but your blog is only meant to hit my religion and that is why I am taking this stance that instead of deleting my comments which are completely in equation with your cursing tone to particular religion.

    Your Islam must be much more Humanitarian and we respect it. We simply wish that you continue your hard Humanitarian work.
    I have full confident that not mine but majority of religion works on humanitarian themes unless these are reshaped through ruling or evil minded groups for their interests.You have typical interests too not for correcting the history facts but with humiliating tone.There is clear difference between humanitarian and humiliating work.I think you can feel the difference better than me now

    If this version is representing you, then surely its our right to fight it back as its nothing but oppression. Its also your right to defend this version of Islam, as freedom of speech is for every Human. Nor you can steal it from us nor we want to steal it from you

    Then why instead of proper respond you are deleting my comment again and again.There is clear difference between your words and acts not mine.

    When ever we will find you have find peace and wouldn’t exhibit pro-conspiracy mindset, and will be ready to have unbiased communication, we will let you post your comments.

    I have no intention to hurt any faith unless I feel that it is being misused in wrong hands.that is what I am doing in your blog.Show me a single biased comment of mine for typical group or any community and I will accept my mistake on the point but deleting is not a fair option mr messenger of hatred.

    • ILHAAD says:

      You tried to mention a reference about Ayubi but there is no content there.

      Well I would advise you to please read your religion’s Original “Holy” Books and device your instance on it then it would be more helpful for you to know more about your version of religion than being an amature.
      You would become fluent to quote the references your self with little bit of search.
      Hope you would start reading the original books of your religion rather than the filtered version of some literature and interpretation of some person, who himself has no direct relation to the Original book of your religion.
      This will help remove much of the perceptional prejudice.

      There are bad Atheists good atheists. I may be bad one to you. You may be good Muslim to yourself.
      But golden rule will not change “Do as you want to be done to yourself”
      Many religion carry this rule with biasness alongside.

      Our instance is just reformation of society, broad minded to accept diversity, even its criticism within.

      • Nazia says:

        You tried to mention a reference about Ayubi but there is no content there.

        I provided the reference but you have deleted the whole so dont blame me .
        try to review this

        Well I would advise you to please read your religion’s Original “Holy” Books and device your instance on it then it would be more helpful for you to know more about your version of religion than being an amateur.
        You would become fluent to quote the references your self with little bit of search.
        Hope you would start reading the original books of your religion rather than the filtered version of some literature and interpretation of some person, who himself has no direct relation to the Original book of your religion.

        I am born Muslims and practicing my faith with all modern version and updated demand keeping my limits within religious domain.You people want to dig the evils so kindly do same for Christianity, Hinduism or even for atheism. you will find same or more pieces of human bruality which you are trying to link with islam only.
        if you dont believe on this you can go to lourve museum and can read detail of Ayubi there. along with other historical achievements of Islamic world.

        This will help remove much of the perceptional prejudice.
        your blog is best example of prejudice and narrow minded approach but as a Muslim you can find that even I hit all kind of weakness related to religious theme in my system too. so try to know who is prejudice you or me

        There are bad Atheists good atheists. I may be bad one to you. You may be good Muslim to yourself.

        you weigh both sides toward you .Have you seen such kind of superiority complex in my lines any where

        Our instance is just reformation of society, broad minded to accept diversity, even its criticism within

        lie. totally lie as your all time deletion to my comments itself showing your negligence or unbearable attitude for my harmless comments which are not acceptable to you .

  41. says:

    I intend to save this blog post, “Naziaiftikhar’s Blog | Hope is life” on my own web-site. Would you care in case Ido? Thanks ,Tania

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