Pak Army in dire need of another Mango delivery for purging smoke of uncertainity

Mango season is its full bloom .Every body is enjoying this season by eating and gifting this natural gift to near and dear ones.These mangoes are like heavenly gift  for many mango lovers  but in Pakistan , few families  perhaps wouldn’t have enjoyed this season as others do because for them mangoes had brought death warrant for their head of families  and after  23 years of en Zia’s air crash, no  culprit was found in whole army who  fixed exploded mangoes to C-130 carrying cream of jihad war in the region.

The General Zia and Akhtar Rehman under whom command strange and horrible incident of Ojri camp was occurred in which hundreds were died without knowing who had actually attacked the peaceful twin cities. The moustached and regular in saying prayers and Quran-reciting  General  was always found in the fear of a coup or assassination, just like typical dictators who have themselves risen to power through alien’s power  and by execution of rivals.

Such kind of  forced Pakistani leaders usually   lock themselves  up in Army or President  Houses, begins distrusting their  top commanders and  closest aides except for the man in charge of security and refuse to address any public function for fear of the assassin’s attack.

The crash of the C-130 Hercules aircraft carrying Zia, his top aides and US ambassador Arnold Raphael on Aug 17, 1988, suspected that one of the mango crates contained a canister of nerve gas, which, when dispersed by the plane’s air-conditioning system, killed both pilots.It was said that Zia during his last period always tried to kept an American official with him in flights as guarantee of his safety but this last flight negated his  apprehensions and he was  found only in shape of denture which was later on honorably buried near Faisal Mosque.

It was a perfect example of death of  chief whose all security were in hands of his under control agencies.The plane belongs to army, took off from army base it landed in army base,He was through out under surveillance of army but whole world see that one crate of mangoes has  swept way beneficiaries  of jihadistan movement of Subcontinent which was responsible of  production and supply of terrorists cum jihadis in fertile land of Pakistan.

Before this exploding mangoes incident Pakistan army has long  history of exploding flights of VIPS where all  blame was either put on account of technical fault or  sign of question mark is still found on its investigation reports.

Popular mysterious crashes are :
In 1951 Major General Latif Khan and Brigadier Mohammad Sher Khan died in an air crash near Jungshahi. Major General Latif was C-in-C designate of Pakistan Army. what was reason of this crash but its full beneficiary would be  Ayub Khan who later on appointed C-in-C Pakistan Army.Ayub khan was same person who  crossed all limits of cheating and abusiveness for giving defeat to Jinnah’s sister and had become Chief executive of Pakistan.

The death of Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir on February 20, 2003 was another air  tragedy . Whole nation  mourned for this crash which had killed 16 valuable trained professional of Air force. It was an interesting feature that in Nov 2000, Musharraf, who liked Mushaf Ali Mir tremendously, superseded five highly distinguished PAF officers and appointed him chief of the air staff. It was also rumored at that time that in June 1996 Bin Laden and Abu Zubaida meet with Pakistani Military Leaders including Musharraf  mir who later appointed as Air chief.This meeting was regarded as  importanct deal with between Alqaeda and Air chief on the issue of arms supply with the help.Nobody knew what was end of this commitment but Mushaf Mir was killed with 2 AVMs.
Like other  military protected  planes this Fokker crashed a few minutes before its arrival at Kohat Air Force base.Like one expected as routine matter no detail inquiry was made and every thing was put on mistake of unprofessional pilot who was on VVIP flight.

 In 1951 Mr Aitzaz-uddin I.G Special Police Establishment was traveling from Rawalpindi to Lahore with three other officials. He was carrying important inquiry documents about the assassination of Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan. His special plane crashed into hills near Jhelum. This crash has left two different kinds of mysteries surely link to one group who was behind the assassination of Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan.

From these incidents one can estimate that Pakistan army has special  hidden power of changing the table of power under its control.All elected prime minsters of Pakistan were killed in city of GHQ and area of cantonment.In Last years two army generals were shot down in same city and heavily guarded areas so what is problem these days   if high command of army is not functioning toward national interests???

Keeping Pakistani army in state of war for last 10 years, loss of 400o troops and double of them are handicapped, showing decline graph of support of citizens to Pakistan army leadership,Unjustified forceful swat war, commencement of drone attacks from Pakistani bases,Ghq attack, Osama found In Abbotabad, Raid of US planes in Abbotabad ,PNS meharn attack, destruction of P3 orions by highly trained terrorists than our navy men and many more, all are real events of incompetency and irrational approach of top  brass who regularly meet in GHQ to plan strategy of different military strategies and  operations in Pakistan.

What ever happened to these planes crashes behind the scene and afterwards related inquires to above crashes, it is obvious that strong coverup was provided to all killings and their related assassinations. Not once many times whole team of top brass  were cleared on the name of technical faults.These unanswered inquiries surely weighed heavily on national conscience until proper answers wouldn’t be found but what is harm if same  will be repeated to present working team.

It is not unusual idea but practically applied  many time in our soil and no one is here to unravel  such eventualities  .This time nation is angry on present situation of chaos  and mango season is on its peak so what is harm in delivering  Mango packages to black BMW riders of Pakistan  who are 24/24 hrs under protection  by highly trained soldiers of Pakistan.


Benzair theray jannisar , baykar baykar(useless)!

Benazir’s   grand father Shahnawaz Bhutto , an UK returned feudal  had the reputation of being a representative of Sindh in British India.He was said to be  primarily responsible for the separation of Sindh from Bombay Presidency.In 1947 he moved to Junagadh, a small Princely State, and became the Dewan i.e Prime Minister of Junagadh, called Dewan Shahnawaz. In the official version of the story, in 1947 Dewan Shahnawaz forced his  master the Nawab to cede Junagadh to India. Shahnawaz became Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto, Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire, and Officer of the Order of the British Empire, for his help in the partition of Pakistan and India.

Coming from a wealthy agriculture  family in the days when taxation was reasonable, and practically non-existent for the big feudal lords  the Bhuttos had acquired a vast fortune.With some 10,000 acres of land being cultivated by a vast network of thousands of sharecroppers dependent on feudal largesse, the Bhutto family can count on a large turnout of supporters at the polls.Their real vote bank is  still the same area  where extreme kind of human atrocities  were/are  seen but like British ,the Americans too  the claimers of human rights always preferred to  have political friendship with these feudal lords of Pakistan.

Zulifikar Ali Bhutto,  served as President of Pakistan from 1971 to 1973 and as Prime Minister from 1973 to 1977 after breaking Pakistan in two on same pattern of getting power of premiership as his father did in 1947 with full cooperation with British rulers .

In 1977, he was ousted in a military coup by General  Zia-Ul- Haq and was arrested. He was hanged on April 4, 1979 for allegedly ordering the murder of a political opponent in 1974.

His daughter Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan twice after having deals with two military dictators.One dictator was same who orchestrated judicial murder of Bhutto and she took premiership from same man who was known to all her workers as murderer of Bhutto, her loving father.She was killed in Dec 2007 by unknown shooter followed by a suicidal  blast in city Rawalpindi

In 2006  she made 2nd deal of power sharing with the help of superpowers with same dictator whom in future  had to be recognized as her to be killer.This time history was repeated  again but characters were switched over and this  time beneficiary of her deals and dead body was her ousted and convicted husband Zardari .

He followed her true teachings of submission  with Pakistan  military men , along with concealing the facts of murders of Bhuttos and never looked behind that what were reasons of political down fall and political killings in Pakistan’s history Bhutto’s Son and Husband to Lead Party

Zardari an another corrupt feudal icon of Pakistan didn’t show any resistance ,full compliance with the old legacy of bhuttoism and it is to make  internal deals with those who want to control the state politics through all fake means.This way Feudal gets its sharing in power  and  maintains his/her  political character and personal assets which are privileged to them  by the real stake holders, the  foreign controlled Establishment of Pakistan

PPP under Bhutto or Zardari has  managed same kind of repute of abeyance to military policies of promoting war culture in region.Its  last three  tenures show that it is  always trapped in a web of sham and incompetence spun by an army of sycophants.After getting top seats leadership has same qualities like an arrogant by nature, unpredictable by inclination, suspicious by experience and manipulative by temperament and sooner or latter  they isolate themselves  by alienating many people and institutions. It is seen that  killed leaders  of PPP have less national agenda and more dominating factor one can judge is simply  projection of personal and family status in national and international community.

The one thing is found common that both Bhutto  had faced same kind of fate in drawing this line of deception for people of Pakistan that  establishment didn’t allow them safe passage after getting desired political down fall through these dealers of Fake politics.

None of PPP governments of past and present  had shown any kind of national political movement against military dictators other than projecting and protecting their own interests, nor  had not been able during part of ruling team  to track down  Bhutto’s assassins.

It is declaration of all  its leaders that reopening of the Bhutto cases would destabilize the country and create chaos. Zardari after transferring his get up from typical  goon to graceful idiot again and again declared  that he knew Ms Bhutto’s killers but never showed his courage to catch them  even having a state protocol of  President of Pakistan.Once know as murderer leagues are not his coalition partner enjoying state dinner with him and  other PPP jiyalas.

PPP representatives like Sindh Assembly Speaker Nisar Khuhro and Babar Awan) had been in favour of Bhutto’s hanging but Bhutto’s PPP of 2008 version has given them high posts.

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

The last group of friends of Bhuttos who were with her until she was killed , were either got state positions or sidelined by Zardari group and no one in her millions followers tried to  probe her murder in right direction.Her killers were so easy to catch or even trapped but this negligence is proof that no one is interested on Bhutto’s leadership.All including her family members accepted this truth immediately after death of a Bhutto  that he/she was victim of failed deals between two greedy players.One had an opportunity to remove other one from scene and let other opportunist to try their faith in this bumpy road of politics in Pakistan.

The way  Zardari  overpowered the  office of  his wife  through her secret will that he is  to be her heir if something were to happen to her.  Saying the will is a fake is neither seen in any social circle of Bhutto,her family  and her followers.No body heard the sound of few , especially when the Central Executive of the party has accepted it as authentic. Sure the CEC comprises mute serfs – the mazaras, haris, chamachas, massalis and kammis of the Bhutto’s  political chess board  but they are still the CEC.
UrbanPK::.: Ghari Khuda Bux: Bhutto Family Mausoleum - .::UrbanPK ...

After seeing highly celebrated birthdays and funerals of Bhutto where all are chanting like parrots “bhutto thery jannasair ,bayshamar”,one can imagine how much low quality of jananasari of  Bhuttoism  is being shown there.They are best mourners,rioter, wailers, weepers, opportunists but richest family of Pakistan not have a single strong and sincere person or family member or group who dares to legally prove who are real killers of Bhutto.

Approach of Pakistani society toward status of woman

Pakistani society has variety of cultures and  same diversity is found in norms, laws, ethics and social impressions about status of women   in all over multiple cultures of Pakistan .Commonly in rural areas woman status as a mother is considered most respectable place in families but this level of respect varies depending upon the social and  financial status of family.In urban areas strong woman regarding money, education level and link with influential men can naturally raise her status in social circles.Here tag of masculine identity plays an important role to save her from  unexpected attacks of evil like character living in angel ‘s robe.

Being follower of Islamic ideology, Pakistanis  are more influenced  with their  inherent cultural norms like following, patterns of joint and extended family system waiting for men’ approval for final decisions, avoiding giving inheritance to females, different code of conduct and values for men and woman etc., than decrees of Islamic laws.Here extended family system is  linked to  typical social etiquette and don’t present the picture of Islamic society  .Pakistan majority has  suppressive way of living under poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, drug dependence  and psychological problems, and that traditional pressures and gender discrimination play a major role in producing psychological, physical and sexual violence.

Like other over populated and underdeveloped areas the South Asian  region has high tendency of crime against weak genders . In Pakistan, women are not only subjected to financial discrimination, but they are also victims of inhuman customs and laws such as Karo Kari, Hadood ordinance, Qasas and marriage to the Quran and half witnesses according to the state law.

In the rural areas, lower class living  women are like slaves to their men or influential men of their areas. They have  to obey their fathers, brothers and husbands. Being considered as  foolish creatures according to the dominant social and cultural norms men highly involve women  in decision-making and tried best to impose their wills to design life styles . Likewise marriage is also a sort of trade between different families both in the rural  areas. They are highly vulnerable to violation of their rights to life.

In the Punjab brothers, fathers and husbands subject 82% of women to domestic violence. The incidence of wife-beating  is so common that no one consider it  as a pernicious form of violence against women. Even in the cases where women receive serious injuries and want to file complaints, they are advised by the police /lawyers/relatives to reconcile with their husbands, as any matrimonial dispute would bring dishonor to them.

This violence against women begins in their childhood. Maximum social  pressures are inserted on girl child  that reduces her speedy mental and physical development. Another practice common in Pakistan, is cutting off her nose if she is suspected of having an extra-marital relationship. Sexual assault on women, including rape, remains one of the most common crimes. The Human Rights Commission estimated that rape occurs every three hours.

Basic needs in rural areas  such as education, health water supply and transport are insufficient or in poor shape. But on the other side it is the influx  of all forms of the latest technology, like satellite television and  mobile phones have  deranged the patterns of social and cultural development of these areas. In villages or underdeveloped areas one can see  forms of combined and uneven development i.e T.V ,satellite,mobile phones are available but way of living,their  tools and methods of farming are obsolete. These abnormal  patterns of development have further aggravated the lives of women in the rural areas. Social life in the countryside and the urban centers has actually worsened which further increasing intense social crisis giving  sharp rise in the molestation of girls, gang rape and violent crimes against women.This in interesting phenomenon observed in our underdeveloped areas that one side f females are considered as high-profile insignia of  family ‘s honor but for keeping this honor under ordeal of male members all kind of dishonor actions are taken to preserve this egoistic  man-made pride.

In Pakistani society women in labor forces is high in demand because this way less paid labor is  available to raise profit margin of business minds.Midwives, sweepers, house maids all are low paid but long duration jobs without giving them any kind of respectable social status.

Urban women also face many unjustified response from so called   Islamic society. Secretaries, nurses and air hostess like jobs are imperative services of any society which suit to females due to their god gifted housekeeping and caring nature but it is seen that these status is considered as lowest category where large number of  lady workers have to please their dominating male bosses to resume their job in good financial position.

Exploitation of females on single status or from weak backgrounds is so common in our society that respectable woman has to think many times before going out in search of job when no male member is available to her due to some unlucky circumstances.This insecurity many time lead ladies to opt for unethical ways like to be 2nd or 3rd  wife, having extramarital affairs with influential men or to cross all limits of decency to get high-profile status in the society.It is one of difficult task for single woman to attain some kind of respectable position where she can save her from vulture like nature of men who change their skin and temperament  after seeing her  unprotected status i.e where tag of male partner in form of brother, father ,husband or son  has been detached by some mishap .

So Pakistani society from all sides need serious kind of modification in which individuality and identity of woman should be respected in the same way as this society encourage the influence of men.Muslims have to adopt the evolutionary process through which the mothers by being independent of religion, caste or creed can instill in their children from the very beginning that both the genders are important and ‘honorable’ and have a key role to play in the society. This is only possible when women  will  get empowerment through proper education and support of  their male members and legal  backup of the government  to contribute efficiently to the country’s uplift  as genuine sharing with  their male partners.

Allah has given clear message to all Muslim community through example of Prophet Mohammed(pbuh) where his focus of love was kept toward his daughter Fatima(a.S) .He could had been awarded by sons but it  is the divine message to His people through this strong example that girl child’s importance is equal in a society as male hold it and same was granted to Super human being of Allah The Prophet(pbuh).

It was his exemplary love for his daughter, his moral teaching  for securing and grooming girl child and his dependency on his mature wife that should be considered as light house for giving up orthodox living of subcontinent.Now it is experimentally proved in developed areas  that those societies who encouraged woman to come forward and shared goals  have less tendency of declining toward  corruption, wrong scandals and crook political maneuvering.

In these societies Parents prefer a girl child if choice of gender is asked to them. But these societies are either follower of Christianity or secular but follower of Holy prophet and Fatima(a.s )who  even ready to die or killed someone for dishonoring His name hardly seem following the high rated norms toward woman rights prescribed by his teachings.

In civilized society  secured men in their own conscious  who are grown-ups under liberal mothers, or  who are  the best husbands,  corporate  fellow workers, loving brothers  always encourage the role of feminism in their lives and society.

Islamic societies  is badly in need of practicing,restructuring  the real values  laws of Islam in which all genders irrespective of their financial, married or gender basis should get proper respectable place either by their choice or boundaries set to them by Allah through His verses and teaching of His Prophet.

Pakistani media in action in front of inactive Parliament.

Murder of Saleem Shezad and threats in practical ways to many journalist like him  has  created an absurd situation in front of parliament where  a strong sit- on  was held last week and people from  all walks of life joined hands and raised their voices against agencies of Pakistan.This murder is being  supposed to take place as an example to shut all voices of independent media reporting on successive failures of Pakistan military on matter of internal and external security issues.Although it can’t be  agreed fully that Saleem has written anything unusual about army ‘dubious or double role” in this war on terrorism  that  enraged few agencies and they reacted like that his tortured body was found in outskirts of Jehlum.There are many like him writing against  establishment for last many years in their local and national languages but nothing like is done to them.It is sure that matter has more depth than his  normal  reporting for foreign media as many times Saleem Shezad in his conversation also praised the same establishment  which is being considered as his murderer.

Syed Saleem Shahzad (right) and Mullah Hasan Rahmani. Mullah HasaThis man might hold on many secrets   which  become reason of his exemplary killing.Whether the killing was done by state or non state actors , it is clear that he was removed from red zone of Pakistan the most safest area in the posh locality but  one should remember this is same city that  has also witnessed the shooting of   Punjab governor and sitting minister without any check from any LEA deputing their 24hrs for clearing the routes of VIP class of Pakistan.

In a country where no one could have given justice to ex PM of Pakistan even her party is in government for last 4 years so expecting to reach to real killers in his case is very difficult in a land  where no one is in mood of taking responsibility of his assigned duty.It looks we are living in country of ostriches or turtles where all hide under sand or shell after asked to define their jobs.

After reading some reports  and pages of books of Saleem Shezad  this  perception comes in mind that he was some kind of “Paid journalist”. He  thoroughly accused middle levels of officers rank but exempted all top ranks in which all Kiyani, Tariq majeed and  senior diplomats included in this bluff games of war.
In Pakistan the army top brass is only authority genuinely exercised through hierarchical structures. For last 40 years the country’s other institutions — including representative democracy and the legal system didn’t function effectively due to strong interference of determination of army to keep the bridle in their hands, From Zia to Kiyani all did same kind of job and it is to follow the script and by reading articles of Shezad it is clearly showing that this game is providing skin to top brass and blaming middle order officers which is not possible in barrack life.Once you are terminated from the services, no connection is left as working officers while living in army barracks can give support to fired officers and if they would have tried to do so it is so easy to trace them.

His last report on PNS meharn has very weak points what he claimed about influence of jihadi group inside Navy circles.PNS naval attack has no deep conspiracy but show off of incompetency of army emergency handling units and dependency on US and its charitable technology which has become life line of weak and crippled army of Pakistan.The target destruction of P3 orions cant give any kind of benefit to war against Jihads but surely  give benefits to few seniors of armed forces and future defense deals  that would give high business to US industry.He surely given information about jihadi culture in Navy circles but forget to highlight American influence on senior Navy officers who are living in same bases with social security number of USA .

In his book  he declared that the Swat operation by the military was an eye wash and was a tactic to divert attention from the tribal region.

So he is defining through his words that no extremism or terrorism factor was lying behind that massive military operation in Pakistan’s history and a forceful war was in tricky way maneuvered   for handling few thousands insurgents in the area.

Shezad also pointed out the killing of general Alvi in such a manner which is also on same line as ISPR wanted to  tell public.There are strong chances he was doing the job which was once given to UK based journalist Ms Carey Schofield who  at Musharraf’s  time was lived in Serena hotel Islamabad for two years for writing what generals were wanted to tell western media.Her all expenses were paid by GHQ and  they have a list of known Generals who enjoyed her company while touring her different bases and zones under Pak military control

Poor general Alvi  who was fired from his active  position by direct order of Musharraf , his killing disturbed that lady journalist due to her  strong association with him and his few family members and she left this country with letter of Alvi  in  which he clearly mentioned the names of two generals who wanted to kill him.That surely annoyed the top brass and then they used  different channels of foreign media to hide their omnidirectional political and military bluff games.

This messy war was executed for many reasons which are still hidden from eyes of public.Time would  surely prove it was decision of few to project  terrorism with all kind of  stupidities done on the name of indispensable military operation in one of beautiful valley of Pakistan which all sides lie with in Pakistan. Where the hell these terrorist gangs vanished no body knows as all was sidelined after starting war on other fronts.

Whatever the ill will intentions  of Pakistani  establishment it is obvious that as  deadly consequences of misguided polices it is Pakistanis or Pakistani  journalists   are becoming victims of both state and non-state actors’ aggressive response.The media men occupies the top slot in terms of journalist killing in South Asia, despite freedom of speech has been declared by our rulers.
19 journalists and one media worker had lost their lives in year 2010, revealing  to intolerance of power players .Poor performance of counter terrorism is obvious to all as  none of killers have been traced yet  while living with reality that  we are having one of wide and expensive intelligence network in this war-time.

Pakistanis are free to kill any time, any where!

In Pakistan dead bodies are falling like seasonal rain fall.Hardly a day comes without blast or any kind of serious incident/killing that  brought uneasiness in the  minds of Pakistanis.Seeing this situation for last 5 years it is advised   people to  remove TV sets  and news channel from the range of  senior citizens and young kids because  nothing more than depression or  frustration is transmitting from it which is  creating in their fragile minds  from the chaos like situation of Pakistan.

911 is  said  the base event  of this continued wave of violence in Pakistan for last 1o years. Americans came here to fight against terrorism and  now terrorism fever is spread in region like viral disease and we have been  labeled as exporter of terrorism in this global world. People always see same kind of government’s response after all deadly incidents e.g typical quotes of condemnation,blaming on   foreign conspiracies , Alqaeda plans etc, even if it is accepted then actually these all are co related with  weak intelligence, poor counter-intelligence ,inadequate security measures for common people and ineffective but dubious foreign policy. Pakistanis, may be getting killed within a context of these weaknesses, but apparently they are being killed with bullets coming out of guns, and bombs strapped to young men pouring in streets from the  hidden areas which is still out of range of  our security forces who are in stigma  of war for last decade.


These above weakness are still on low priority of leadership of both side civilian and military but both are willing to extend  aggressive stance which in their view would generate further suppressive actions to this wave of terrorism .Surprisingly no synchronization of such   claims with rate of violence is being observed  even  we have spent billions of dollars and borne  huge human loss which should  had been worth attending on urgent  basis.

The real after effects of this unrecognized and unreasonable killings are taking people, who are next to victims toward more sadistic attitude against  state and its functionaries and if it is not checked we might have more variety of fanatics due to sufferings and ignorant attitude  of state in coming years other than this faith producing destructive human bombs.

The problem is also not whether or not those dead people are victims of false tag operations by the CIA, RAW or Alqaeda Indeed, even if  many international operatives are working  in Pakistan with impunity and the approval of both civilian and military leaders, these operations would represent a grave problem as serious threat to internal security  which should be beefed up before pointing fingers on foreign elements

These truths are uncomfortable, because in Pakistan, we have spent  last years  on blaming each other and international forces for all this mess but without improving the local security system effective and updated. Innocent Pakistanis are still keep  on dying  and same kind of  narratives  are issued from the responsible people in accordance with the foreign agenda that Pakistan has become real hub of terrorism on the name of religious affairs.

Those who projected Pakistan like that should see that in recent incidents the more crowd had appeared to mourn for christian minister than its state governor and same sense of anger is being seen when poor unarmed  shia Chechens were targeted by brave armed FC and border police force.It was locals of different faith who took stand against state brutality regardless of their faith distinctions.The funeral prayer of these poor pilgrimage was offered by typical Wahhabi representatives who are labelled of this mess in Pakistan since the time of Zia’s Islamisation adventure.For giving judicial justice to some local criminal supreme court has to take stand against security agency which is deputed here to eliminate terrorism factors from the area.

From these example one  should see what people of Pakistan want other than projecting the Pakistan as division of liberals and orthodox groups.In this artificiality created philosophy here liberals are trying  to label terrorism as by-product of Islamic teaching  and conservative are shown as guard of this deadly vision  whom are determined to shut all voices raising against them  from the same system . Mainstream opinion actually reveals that the violence is externally funded and arranged internally through state actors , in order to destroy an orderly and peaceful society , and to take over Pakistan’s control as paid warriors by some war lords or Dons. These are the  extreme ends of the two poles that define the debate in the aftermath of this violence presented through fall of dead bodies and  become reason of escalated terror to ordinary citizens of Pakistan. We are wasting time resources and different  opportunities to come together and defeat this menace .

In trying to  create barrier against this trend that Pakistanis being killed due to violence and the Pakistani state (civilian and military) is  following the  foreign agenda. Impunity for violent killers exists because the state is either incapable  or unwilling of dealing with them. There is no other  explanation for this kind of colossal failures.

In present situation  LEA, courts and some non state  actors completely look in alliance with killers or terrorists whose main targets are local people attached with political parties  ,media groups and agencies.

SC recent action of directly charging  chiefs of security officers in Sindh should be commended action but more in-depth need to be done  for improving the fallen morale of people of Pakistan  to assure that state forces are not part of violence spreading process in whole deadly scenario.

In last years all kind of material assistance was provided to VIP culture where even retired generals or ex PMs are  protected by state which is reluctant to improve its   weak intelligence, poor counter-intelligence ,inadequate security measures as per acute demand of its insecure  surroundings. So this war has given nothing except for division of  classes, faith and concepts of parted  living for elite and normal class.  Pakistani society is bitterly divided as a serious consequence of this war. It is time to attempt the bridging of this divide as soon as possible through organized  political manipulation by  sincere leadership..

Real time to concentrate on  proper investigations for each incident without any fear of reaction of security agencies or pressure groups with proper reasoning.This would be worked  to bail out all kind of conspiracies theories hitting on nerves of people after seeing horrifying incidents in their surroundings..STOP VIOLENCE IN PAKISTAN

It is time to thoroughly estimate the  anger and sense of indignity that serving as fuel just because of  this lack  of interest toward proper investigations procedures.

It is time to start exploring what is the background of our down fall, why it exists and what can be done to deal with it.

It is time to accept truth in its real form and follow the laws of democracy and civil world where life of all citizens is as much valued and secured as VIPs of Pakistan are living since its creation.

Helplessness of Pakistanis and dumbfounded response of State

Pakistan, the  country of millions, has  30% literacy rate which means that a  big majority of the population is  uneducated and unexposed. This therefore means that traditional cultural practices which have over time been mixed in with  multiple existing  faiths  are still widely in practice.Strong characters on the basis of religious, power and  land  affiliations lead the masses on the basis of division of population contrary to any national motives which are mandatory for uniting a huge population on some focal agenda. It is not only seen that through strong characters of society and  Pakistani govt herself is involved  on abusing  or denying common rights of public for respectable survival and  both leading groups encourage VIP culture where all facilities are preserved or passed on for few people who should had been placed on  responsibility to provide art of normal living to common man of state.

Proudly claiming nuclear power Pakistan has been surplus in acute kind of problems related to  normal living setup of common citizens.Majority has reached into stage where even thinking of normal 3 meals a day,  a day with electricity , some kind of reasonable medical treatment, sending kids to appropriate school have  come in some kind of high luxury in  Pakistan.

Bhutto’s vision has surely made Pakistan a grass eater nation  on the cost of naming it as  a  nuclear power country. Pakistanis are eating grass and cake eating establishment  always found brainwashing  their minds to follow the law of  protecting nuclear bomb as last option of victory to enemies which has made few Pakistanis  billionaire and hundreds of millions others are  living on poverty line.

For last five years Pakistan army, bureaucracy and parliamentarian are bringing worst kind of management and humiliation figures into the account of Pakistan but in all budgets helpless people see that  they get rise in their perks and privileges from public funds.Contrary to this  debit of loans  and curse of bad management are burdened on the  people  and next generation of Pakistan in the name of unseen progress of Pakistan.

Since start of year 2000, first we were indulged in war on terror, then massive earth quake shaken our Kashmir side, almost destroyed all infrastructure of affected areas  and then last year heavy floods have wiped off our all claims that Pakistan can be managed by its elected and selected people as each time people saw worst kind of rescue and rehabilitation services.Contrary to this Pakistan did survive in earthquakes, terror-wars and floods,just  because of the resilience and generosity of common  Pakistanis come forward to help their fellows.

The difference between the problems of other countries with Pakistan is that in this country the tradition of  avoiding accountability and responsible optimism as both  have been completely found   non-existent in our system. Our realism seems only to propel us to declare moral, economic and political bankruptcy for each other.Negligence of govt representatives are being observed and revealed on daily basis but birds of feather least bothered about their responsible national role and keep firm on  saying  parroting like  words that all political and military juggling are being done to secure national strategy and sovereignty.

Whether it was  case  of Raymond Davis or low flying adventures of US choppers  for Osama hunt whole world saw that failed and non attempted security measures are signs of failures of responsible officials  and even then  insecure people of Pakistan are still  being pressurized by army favoring groups  to support them   for protecting nuclear assets.
The way Pak army respectably and honorably returned the tail of destroyed US chopper is unique example of  obedience where in one side they are trying to show their heroism to their nation who is arranging 80% defense budget over their falling dead bodies and lost honor.
One of modenr bases PNS mehran security was breached  that brought another black star in wall of shame of Pakistan but interestingly neither Chief of air force  nor  Navy is there to take responsibility of this criminal negligence in line of duty which not only cost Pakistan billion of rupees loss but showed  the true picture of  professional command and security control of their efficient institute .These are same chiefs who always compete each other on buying in arms race of their respective areas  and  never fed up of demanding BMWs and VVIP state protocol but in show off of bad performance all behave  like ostrich digging his head under the sand of obstinacy.
Pakistan is really in deep trouble taking it toward  uncertainty of future of capable working class. Pakistanis must insist on being responsibly optimistic about  to foresee the future mishaps There are a lot of things that call for a realistic, responsible and constructive approach in Pakistan.But for following this path we need not close our eyes to any brutal truths coming in front of us regarding bad performance of controllers of state.
There are also no metrics on how complex it must be to grow up in Pakistan with multiple kind of identity as religious, jihadi or terrorists etc –which surely highlights the urgent need for restructuring of legal and political reform that addresses equality and dignity of citizenship in Pakistan.

We  have to be given up our colonial forms of governance. This war in terror has increased our  sense of insecurity where common persons are tending towards criminal attitude ,service men become highly overworked and frustrated but  higher class creating barricades and concrete wall between public and few thousands living ostensibly in same country. This is high indication of master slave culture. Now civil bureaucrats/military top brass and parliamentarians  of a free and poor country are living like colonial masters at the expense of  high deprivation Index of   masses of this poor country. They enjoy luxuries from the taxes paid by all Pakistanis. As our top professional occupying govt offices lack professional capabilities so do our politicians are devoid of courage, foresight, patriotism and sense of democratic duty.

Impartial  Rehabilitation Commission under experienced professionals  people  should be formed for all major departments  as top priority that could study, analyze and dissect every governing system and suggest reforms so we can conform to the norms of other free and advanced democratic countries of the world.

Pakistan is a third-world country with a third-world army. Third-world armies  cant t fill the void of poor political  affairs in a system   They usually do not even gain the confidence of own countrymen  if trying to artificially pose like builder or developer of nation so it is extremely imperative to improve its  selection and promotion criteria strictly based  on merit . The simple principle of  “right man for right place “with strong accountability effective procedures is only chance of getting out this whirlpool of problems taking us toward seen destruction.

Dangerously Duffers or Crook Evils of Pakistan

A recent extempore  comment  about Pakistan army generals  by Asima Jahangir, a leading Pakistani lawyer, advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, President Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan and human rights activist, is   worth to ponder in which she labelled Pakistani top brass  as “dangerously duffer“.She has such a high status of showing resistance to dictatorships and  ruling elites that ordinary persons can’t think of challenging her pick of words as suitability for particular class.She is throughout  known for  her work  in Pakistan and internationally to prevent the persecution of religious minorities, women, and exploitation of children.

But after making little bit of research on “Duffer “words taken from duff word which  means  To treat or manipulate so as to give a specious appearance to; to fake; hence, to cheat or dough like substance.

Then meaning of  Duffer represents,  incompetent , ineffectual awkward and clumsy person.

In English literature duffer are invisible dwarfs in the chronicles of Narina (children fantasies stories.

In Australian English, a person occupied in cattle raiding like activities.”Duffer”,

In another way duffer is used for mediocre golfer.

So by observing all I think she is making little mistake as duffers or dangerously duffer are not exact termed which should be used for our top brass after seeing their long time horrific and unlawful regimes.

The politicians of Pakistan have such a caliber and political upbringing that these can be tagged as dangerous duffer of Pakistan who even in dramatically political setup comes usually through deals can’t understand the  military moves and keep on giving them unaccountable environment and extensions on the basis of their dangerous moves for collapsing political structure.The easiest thing  which is popularly  facilitated in our culture is  to blame the politicians not for their incompetence and corruption only but for all kind of mismanagement and curses done by military evils.Bhutto has taken responsibility of 1971 division.Benazir proudly took  over the responsibility of talibansiation from the legacy of killers of her father .Sharif got tag of  failed  Kargil operation . Zardari  proudly attached himself along with corrupt team to pass on the Musharraf legacy as acting  like strong proxy of US in this war of terrorism.

The politicians  nothing more than touts and are only a reflection of the people at large.One just make visit to streets of Pakistan  out there and found that people  would behave in no different a manner.

Evil.jpg image by Donnie29

In my view the best appropriate words for these  working generals can be like that Crook evils of Pakistan who are hiding in fortified buildings and exposing  billions of Pakistanis on dangers like, insecure living, state of deprivation and even on direct  death threats.

Crook Evils can be defined as  those character who by intention  have a strong  perception of deliberately violating some moral code. The question of whether morality is absolute or relative leads to questions about the nature of evil that through  falsely and crook ways   would proceed its  mission of destruction.Our crook evils don’t come in range of natural evils but surely motivated driven  or perpetrated by some agents or perhaps due to some kind of matured  mental sickness .A Crook evil must have following characteristics which are very dominant and prominent   in our top brass are :
evil_smilie.jpg image by PatC_pics
  • they should be  consistently in state of  self-deceiving, with the intent of avoiding guilt and maintaining a self-image of perfection in barrack life
  •  Feel no hesitation to deceives others as a consequence of their own self-deception
  •  Feel complexes to projects his or her evils and sins onto very specific targets, scapegoating others while appearing normal with everyone .
  • Abuse political (emotional) power by imposing  one’s will upon others by overt or covert coercion
  •   always insist to maintain a high level of  self respectability and lies incessantly in order to do so.
  •  Prefer to remain  consistent in his  sins. Crook evils  are characterized not so much by the magnitude of their sins, but by their consistency of destructiveness.
  •  unable to think for a while from the viewpoint of their victim and effected groups.
  • Have  a covert intolerance to criticism and other forms of narcissistic  injury

So leaders  or groups of Pakistan having such  a state of mind has given birth to an unprecedented  strain of neurosis in the society in which a hollow and delusional sense of religious fanaticism , patriotism and ideological self-indulgence  are ruling on the people  .Such negative perceptions generating from influential groups  have helped evil minds to create  cartels  in  all  sections of Pakistan  which are strongly attached with a persecution complex and  fairly presenting an obsessive-compulsive  behaviors  to deny ones failures and all time involved in blame games for shifting fulcrum of responsibility to past people and foreign elements without cleaning the internal mess created by their own evil nature..