How humans are bombarding the natural chemistry of human body

earthHumans are strange natural entity of this universe who are unique in their creation in this regard that they always struggle to create  a system that would take them against cycle of nature.They call it modernization,  development or what ever name this  change but visible  effect is common in all major development that it gives life style against natural setups.Animals, plants all follow the timings and  resources of nature for their survival but credit goes to human mind that by interring in ecosystem and by creating abnormal human activities are becoming reason of destroyer of natural atmosphere of habitats of these living beings. There are few areas where excessive dependency of man-made creation has created havoc on Eco system and health of  human beings.

A: Dependency on electronic living.

Basic  reasons of electronic living is lied to make human life more productive, time-saving etc.For achieving this human creates more modern e- products which comes in circle of doing business but it is  camouflages under statement of  development for mankind .On the contrary health scientist  find that almost all modern gadgets produce electromagnetic fields or EMFs because these are powered by electric, electronic or battery sources.

All modern gadgets produce electromagnetic fields or EMFs, be they powered by electric, electronic or battery sources.

These producers of electronic a gadget hardly reveal that  EMR (electromagnetic radiation) from EMFs, can be disruptive to the human body’s own natural energy fields. Like x-rays, these waves are not blocked or weakened by objects in their way. They pass into our bodies upsetting normal cellular function and biological processes. EMR can cause headaches, tiredness and even immune system disorders. Even appliances such as electric hair dryers, shavers and bedside digital alarms are more dangerous due to their proximity to the human brain signals.People are kept ignorant about electronic Smog term.This e- smog is created by electricity and called as fastest growing environmental health hazard.This electric pollution is giving rise to cancer, birth defects,fibromyalgia,Alzheimer, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression and natural learning human abilities.In addition, a Swedish study has found that brain cells could be destroyed by mobile phone radiation, which means that the present generation of teenagers run the risk of going senile before their middle-age!earth2

Hours of computer work, spending maximum time with mobile phones, watching TV in free or working hours not only badly affecting the human health through eyes and ears but hold serious social repercussions like isolation and lazy life style.These electronic gadgets along with  creating havoc in human life are becoming  eco- burden.On the name of innovations, old ones are expired in small time  and have to junk.The dumping of used, obsolete devices itself is producing serious environmental threat as majority contains lead, platinum and heavy metals which directly hits human and agriculture products if dumped in under ground.

B) Dependency on  man-made artificial and processed food.

In the name of advancement of food technology, human body and its chemistry is being influencing by processed and genetically modified products which have now been stormed in our kitchen and stomach ,Businesses makers are swapping it with natural organic foods.

GMOs undergo a form of gene therapy under lab conditions whereby segments of DNA are spliced, rearranged or removed altogether. We have been eating genetically modified food products for years and not even know it.From cereal and crackers to baking mixes, veggie burgers, and even milk and cheese, GMOs have infiltrated our grocery demands largely without much study into their long-term health effects on our bodies.Spread of fried- outlets all over the world are forefront leaders of  completely changing the eating habits of locals as they start relying on global food products instead of focusing on natural food chains of that particular area.These foods are termed as strongest addictive foods with acute  health hazards. With the blessing of genetic engineering we are seeing the increase  levels of a naturally occurring allergen already present in a food or insert allergic properties into food that did not previously contain them. It can also result in brand new allergens we’ve never before known.Obesity and stress related diseases are production of this modern world where humans love to adopt modern e living and being addicted to unhealthy food habits.

C:Dosing  synthetic Drugs in Natural human body

Well with modern e- living and fake food products, the latest human body has been prone to sicknesses more than what our primitives faced.Before the expansion of Pharmaceutical industry human ailments were treated with natural local grown products that mostly emphasized not on treatments but on increasing human resistance toward sick germs and weakness on body possess.Drugs were made to heal people.They were  actually created to stop systems in the body from working that signal that something is wrong (i.e. anti-inflammatory). These drug companies are all time follow this myth that we are now living longer than before because of the advent of drugs. Hundreds of years ago people routinely lived into their hundreds.  Just over the last seven decades since the advent of antibiotics the lifespan appear to be lower side.Even Holy Books of different religion certified this fact of life too. The discovery of penicillin which was purely from organic sources had given clue to human minds to bombard the natural resistance of human body through medicinal analogs they called it as anti biotic. Anti-biotics simply means “against” your own “biology.”  So these medicines actually make the body work against itself.

How the body heals itself is all about individual’s body chemistry. Its all how molecules interact with this divine system of ours.For example when one get a cold  or any kind of allergy in form of mucous or a fever these are symptoms showing that the body is trying to react against some odds going with it. No Pharmacist and doctor ever tells his patient that mucous is a good thing because it is a protective mechanism that allows the body to protect itself against pathogens, which are disease-causing agents.Same like that a fever raises the body’s response to an assault so we want to encourage these symptoms not knock them out by changing our diet and environmental conditions.  When one  understand  body’s response to sickness it makes it easier for  him to understand how it works and the is less likely to try to modify or change anything during the healing process.

One the other hand searching for prompt or immediate relief given rise to artificial medicinal analogs.Synthetic Drugs are the way that man has decided our bodies should heal which has already based on  very intelligent system.  A simpler yet more efficient system would be through nutrition. In oriental medicines before giving treatment it was focused on the proper functioning  of stomach that will  purify blood and  it would ultimately bring cure to all diseases. But with the expansion of drug industry ,the abnormal analogs  flooded the market which have enormous side effects (i.e. vomiting, nausea, headaches, nosebleed, liver problems , etc)  directly effecting the stomach.The ancient art of pharmacy involved making medicine specifically to fit a person’s ailment and termed as  medicinal chemistry. The western world’s first noted physician Hippocrates said, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be they food.”  This nearly means that we should be healing any ailment through nutrients. These don’t work like magic bullets and It is a gradual process when the body rebuilds itself through nutrition.  The fourth leading cause of death in the world  after cancer, heart disease and diabetes is prescription medicine.

pharmacy1 With drugs we get one benefit and perhaps a long list of side effects.  With nutrition you get one benefit and perhaps a whole list of side benefits. 

These are major contributory factors of human life those are now controlling human mind , its body ailments and its artificial ways of treatment leading people toward more stressful life.Simple rules like “excess of every thing is bad” and “prevention is  better than cure ” still rule of thumb for those who are interested to lead natural way of living in this modern world .


Mother Lies But her Child understands its depth when it is too late!

mother1It was a Jewish proverb “God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers”.

One can not understand the depth of motherhood until he or she gets the maturity of reaching to stage of  real parenting. It surly or in some cases often happens when it is too late to act or react in according to what mother actual deserves from her child/children without asking a single word.Mother is a child first seen god and if one gets away from his/her this protection , no other replacement can overcome this shortage of a child.On the other hand if we say like that all women can’t play the role of  mothers but all mothers are surely belong to women community then it would be enough to understand the real passionate strength of motherhood and its importance in child’s life and grooming.Retaining a  baby for 9 months and bearing delivery pains is natural phenomenon even animals bear it but the way a women negate her own, ignores her desires for raising her child and keeping family in high spirits make her real mother and here makes the difference between a woman and a mother.mother 2

Today read a heart touching story of a son about her  mother’s lies. As I have witnessed in my surrounding quite often this phenomena of continuous acts of negation of her own for keeping comfort of her children on priority specially for her sons,  so I think it is better to share it.It might touch the hearts of some careless sons /daughters who although some way accept the sacrifices of their mother and father but forget to give them some little gestures of love and comfort which they usually want to share their kids and spouses only.

A son tells his story

This story of mother’s lies started after my birth.I was the only son of  a poor family and often faced hunger situation.Sometimes if we got something little to eat my mother given up her share  and do say I’m not hungry, you eat it … it was my mother’s first lie.

when I grew up I had seen  that my mother was gone for fishing.One day she was able to caught two fish,she returned back and quickly cooked it and placed in front of me.When I ate first one she started eating leftover attached with skeleton of fish … I was very sad to see this .. I put the fish in front of the mother. returned to. but she said I fished for, you Son, you’ve .. I don’t like this .It was my mother’s second lie.
When I grew little older she started to work for a garment factory.She had to go door to door for selling her products.One day when she was late , not yet comeso I went around to find her. I left  for seeing her in the streets  and found her selling goods  while standing in the front doors… I said mama! Come on now .. cold .. must have been tired a lot of the time is enough .. Dear mother! But she said ” not at all I am not tired … it was my mother’s third lie
One day when I had my final exam she insisted to accompany me for school and then waited near to my school for hours in hot weather by continuing praying for my success.When I come out she hugged me and offered me cold juice pack which she had already bought for me.I took one sip and then offered her to share with me but again she said “Son you have it … I’m not thirsty .. It was my Mother’s Fourth Lie.

It was my father’s death my mother had to live life alone .. alone .. life was difficult and had to run the household expenses.. My uncle was a good man and he tried his best to support us as much as possible.Seeing our weak position, our neighbor asked my mother to remarry a person who can support her in this difficult time But she confidently said:I don’t need of any kind of support…..It was my mother fifth Lie.

When I graduated, I got a good job completed. I thought I should take a mother should rest now, and the cost of the House–they are very old. “I have sent them from their pay to work for them in the allocated, she refused and said to keep you…” I don’t need money—It was her sixth lie

I have also completed their studies with jobs and increased my salary and I went to work in Germany .Later on offered her to join me but considering my distress, and prohibited me by saying I do not have the habit of staying out. “it’s my mother’s seventh lie.

My mother was too old–she was diagnosed with cancer;  she was in  need of extra care for–I have to give up everything . ” she was on the bed–my heart was crying tears of blood on her condition.” I came out with tears. “she said.” I’m fine. son weep not; I have no pain .This is  my mother was lying eighth time and then my mother had his eyes closed forever.

Monsters still dancing in our fairy land Swat

Th fairly land like valley of Swat  was once the hub of tourism industry in Pakistan but now world is  seeing it as a  war zone where even  children are being picked to kill by trained terrorist and whole state is seeing it as dumped and handicapped force of a country which is in state of war for last 12 years.When Swat was voluntarily merged into Pakistan in 1979, it was more peaceful than other regions of Pakistan because it was urbanized. Mingora  had a well-established silk industry. When Swat joined Pakistan it had the highest literacy rate, particularly among women.People benefited from a good economy, as tourism gradually turned into an industry along with other cottage industries.

The early signs of this crises appeared in Oct 2005 when several formally banned Jihadist outfits infiltrated in the area under the premise of relief efforts. In the early 1990s, local cleric  Sufi Mohd started a movement called Tehreek-e Nifaz-e Shariat-e Muhammadi movement for the implementation of Muhammad’s Shari’a.But after the U.S. attacks against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda] in Afghanistan, many of his followers  under Sufi Mohd went to Afghanistan to wage jihad. Many of them never returned but  that old cleric was returned  and further continued his instigating plus recruiting  mission. Due to intentional or unintentional negligence of government and weakened state’s  writ  local population supported that movement, as it was supposed to be peaceful and on the name of Islam.

The regular  phase of militancy began with an FM radio station. Maulana Fazal ullah , the leader of the Taliban in Swat and his friends used their FM radio to mobilize people and spread their message. Some downtrodden classes found his message of Islamic justice appealing the less literate class. Other people from the eastern Pakistani province of Punjab and elsewhere also joined that movement. It gradually turned into an armed insurgency.Over the next two years these militants were able to gain strength due to preoccupation of government in South Waziristan and other tribal Areas.The geo strategic importance of this region should be kept in mind as the only ground link to China and the possibility of this region as a ground link between India and Afghanistan is a factor that cannot be ignored when we analyze the involvement of foreign hands in Swat and FATA.

Furthermore the social and economical  problems for the local population were compounded by slow rehabilitation process and destruction of the tourism industry that was the major source of income for the majority .Failure of fake  government of MMA had deepened the  crisis  along with  the start of military operation by  the displacement of 1.5 million people who have lost everything they owned and  were become refugees in their own country.Musharraf for saving his soul highly ignored this area and started this war campaign during the caretaker government in November 2007.  Lack of justice, corruption of government institutions and lawlessness further compounded these problems. In this state of affairs people like Fazlullah were able to gain popularity in the eyes of people who were already facing ideological alienation from the center due to ongoing war on terror against the people by its own army.

Here again the blame was shifted to the  part of government, questions still need to be answered that where were the intelligence agencies at the time when such groups were tearing the writ of state by strengthening themselves with all kind of modern weapons ?

Why did the government do nothing to stop infiltration of weapons and foreign elements in the area when even the media had started giving hints of the worsening situation in the area .The poor people of Swat didn’t see any  kind of  reinforcement of  militia and police forces in the area well in time when their personnel were being abducted everyday and it was clear that government  forces will not be able to deal with better equipped militants?

The Musharraf careless or carefree  policy  only  worked to isolate the militants but the cost of this policy had to be paid by the innocent people of the valley. Destruction of families and social infrastructure  have provided the militants with fertile recruiting grounds.The Taliban of Swat now spread in different pockets  still  instigating the  landless peasants to rise up against the  khans who hold fertile lands of Swat. In a documentary for Al Jazeera(by Rageh Omar) the Army Brigadier states that the Taliban were immensely popular among the landless tenants and were being financed with jewelry etc donations by supporters. TNSM was holding the largest rallies in Swat history.

Malala Yousafzai injured

After 5 year of massive military operation the fairyland has  still  shown us the scene of horror and terror  and  last day daylight shooting of  A brave daughter of Swat ,Malala is self explanatory that where people is still living in mirage of peace that is all time  claimed by security forces many times in last years.This attack simply means that our forces  are still unable to clear that area that has almost dozen of security check posts and how easy it is for insurgent to do what they want and then flee safe from that area.

Now all establishment is running to save the soul of little girl whose presence there  is just like the candle in the wind .

Neither General kiyani(extended Chief) nor Rehman malik is ready to take the irresponsibility of such cowardly attack but still brain washing us as per habit that this war is compulsory for us and will continue until?? I am sure inside they want to die all of us like that as they , their spouses and children live in VIP security which are even not in dreams of brave little girl Malala.After seeing such kind of filthy leadership it is not clear  from which kind of dirty  mud Allah has made conscious of our ruling elite who never come forward to take the responsibility of this event as national crime but all time ready to declare war in our land where they enjoy they most secured environment.

Presently, the plight of the people of Swat  is not being highlighted as it should have been but Malala’s  murder plan has shown us real picture and clear apprehensions about  future of this area. There is  still need of social and moral rehabilitation programs other than Military -civilian friendship scenes. It is  proved social law that  poor regions that are isolated from the global community in terms of education, communication and commerce are the most fertile breeding grounds of terror networks. Making lies about real situation or failure  to initiate economic development  in destroyed valley surely culminate in victory of fundamentalist networks in this region. It is the need of the time to understand this that economy, welfare and development not military actions are the key to winning the war on terror bringing peace to this region.

Celebrities promote extremly harmful products in the society

Advertisements and then advertisements with top celebrities are 20th century’s  tools to sell of fool  man-made  products.Most advertisement helps in producing psychological effects and can help in changing only mental states of audiences and predispose them towards the purchase of  the  advertised product or service.Theoretically it is taught” in business that  Advertising is essentially a form of communication and its basic responsibility is to deliver desired information to the target audience” But in actual practice advertisers  often do bend and curve the truth for their own benefit and in order to promote and advertise  new but extremely unhealthy and environmental unfriendly  products”.

Photo: Request Your Wallet Sized Boycott Guide: can’t say it often enough. If companies like General Mills, Kellogg’s, Pepsi, Coca-Cola and other giant multinational junk-food peddlers hadn’t dumped more than $20 million into the NO on 37 campaign, Prop 37, the California Right to Know GMO labeling initiative, would have passed.If we want to pass GMO labeling laws in Washington, Vermont and other states, we’ve got to keep these Big Companies – and their Big Money – out of the fight. Our best shot at doing that is to send them a clear message: We won’t buy your organic and natural brands unless you keep your hands off, and your money out, of our GMO labeling campaigns.Request Your Wallet Sized Boycott Guide: More About The Boycott in This Weeks Edition Of Organic Bytes:

Cigarettes was one of dangerous health hazard which was promoted to general public via media campaign and using attractive skills to addict people such a deadly usage as part of routine life. The teens were so much attracted by such advertisement that was getting the message  that taking this thing in your mouth, no matter what your age is, will make you look  healthy sexier. All that had the effect of pushing the consumer to take  in the hopes of becoming like those virile men and turning the heads of every female towards them : a perception that had no link to reality and health science has proved that  quickly turns to disappointment in the form of serious health disorders that can only keep females away from them.

Hormonal and processed meats have become demand of so-called modern world where advertisements are encouraging people to adopt this way of extremely dangerous cooked  products as normal dietary habit.Smoked and processed meats are nasty contributors to stroke risk in many ways: The preserving processes leave them packed with sodium, but even worse are the preservatives used to keep processed meats from going bad. Sodium nitrate and nitrite have been shown by researchers to directly damage blood vessels, causing arteries to harden and narrow. Stroke is not the only concern for salami fans; cancer journals have reported numerous studies in the past few years showing that consumption of cured and smoked meats is linked with increased risk of diabetes and higher incidences of numerous types of cancer, including leukemia.The abnormal hormone dosing to broiler animal products has created havoc in young lives and badly effecting their reproductive growths and leading them toward hormones imbalance disease at their  young ages.

Almost all the ads  specially related to processed and artificial flavoring food products put forth false claims of the targeted product. The creators try their best to point to the product’s unique features, but in a  very much exaggerated way.  They resort to this kind of deceiving for just  increasing the sales and thereby the profit. As for sure, they would never disclose any of its negative factors to us. Since all the ads are done perfectly,  people would never sense any fault either. Moreover, the companies on no account feel guilty of lying to its faithful an ignored customers.

As in the case of promotions of  Energy carbonated drinks like business giants of  Pepsi Coke and Red Bull like  throughout promoted their extremely unhealthy drink for last many decades.How slowly these groups have addicted the coming generations toward this bone decaying and diabetic promoted drink.In massive and influenced promotions  even supporters of healthy diets couldn’t stand against their strong campaign where top class international celebrities are forerunners  of their promoting campaigns.
Other Companies specially linked with synthetic food and home products  can exaggerate certain features of their products up to level of false claims about its safety issues or they can make vague and ambiguous claims that sound good to weak  people who are impressed by  participation of top class models, actors players for such unnatural products for human.

Advertisements focus on materialism and consumption and what are long-term effects of their products on human lives don’t matters for them. Ideally, advertisements are meant to create demand for goods that may not be of any value  to the consumer. Fast food advertisements do not show any obese characters in their advertisement, but show young children having fun while eating as much fast food as they can. Childhood obesity and other diet related complications are on the rise due to this.
Advertisements can be deceitful, especially for younger population who spends days in front of TV screen and watch aggressive and false advertising in between popular shows.Once a trend and its image for advertising purposes have been created, conditioning can begin. Customers become addicted to products that they usually don’t need, and then this become the  real image of our society of over consumerism.


Today, because of ad conditioning and trendsetting, judgments are made on what kind of  food people should take according to their class , what clothes people must  wear, what shampoo and kitchen cleaner they ought  use, and not on who we really they  are.Consumers get a wrong image of social dignity and acceptance. They proliferate that without using  a certain product the people start thinking that they we would be considered substandard in the society and  when consumers feel that certain products can make them more dignified they would naturally go for it.

This leads to a certain degree of social discrimination and project weakness of human minds  who only need outer driven forces to control their personal choices. False claiming advertisements are made in spirit of blind over consumerism without a soul.

So  try to get personal  data of advertised products  found in our society One  will find that advertising today indeed has become very showy, shadowy and false and your would see that advertisements set false trends in the society.Human minds most of time used this attractive and active tool to negatively triggers the mind toward highly artificial synthetic products including instant foods,  plastic products, etc.

Next time you go shopping, or see an advertisement, ask yourself if you really need that product. Also, ask yourself what it all really costs.
And is it worth?

What Pakistan and Poor Pakistanis earned after misadventure of Kargil War?

Last week when  media of Pakistan was covering the issue-less visit of Zardari  in India ,the massive wall of snow engulfed a Pakistani military complex at Gayari sector close to the Siachen Glacier, cluing nation that  rescue teams have been unable to dig up any survivors.Since then there is now very little hope that even a small number of people will come out alive. This is this unique war front of the world where temperatures as low as minus 76 degrees,  frost biting winds and altitude sickness have killed far more than artillery fires. Casualty figures are not released by either military, but hundreds are believed to have died there.Army management of both side  always ignore these facts that these untouched  snow peaks are actually water reservoirs of  living beings of  subcontinent and more they would plan human and artillery movements there it would highly disturb the ecology of this precious natural treasures and we can see more avalanches and degradation of ecosystem of this snow-white region.

Siachen avalanche

Intellectuals of both India and Pakistan are asking to their  military management what they have gained after deadly  misadventures in Kargil in 1984 and then 1999 respectively.The result after seeing present status is  just a huge number of casualties, fatal injuries and massive defense budget on the name of national security.The nuclear-armed rivals have fought three wars since 1947 and then two major misadventures in Siachan in the name of attacks . So if we just ignore the  Indian point of views ,then one should just get a fair conclusion that what actually Pakistan and Pakistanis have earned  through such misadventures of wars.

This practice is done on regular basis in Pakistani soil just for reviving  emotional hate culture for India, weakening the political and social  development which furthermore reduces  human development and resources for common Pakistanis  and more vulnerable situation of internal security.India after triggering weakness of Pakistani establishment  fully avoids proper dialogues and  focuses more on its  military needs i.e funds and equipment to maintain a state of readiness against  cunning generals of Pakistan on the cost of ignoring people ‘s need .

This present  tragic incident in Gyari has again pricked the wounds of concerned Pakistanis which were subjected during defeat of Kargil war. Politically the Kargil operation which surely  a more direct military option,was used to bolster the morale of its forces, achieve political and tactical gains but instead of this one shouldn’t forget that Pakistan not only faced humiliated defeat and huge losses there under command of General Musharraf  and  it was first time Pakistan army had shown  lesser interest even in claiming the dead bodies of poor Pakistanis soldiers  who were  killed due to poor attacking strategy of their officers.Again in this snow blasting  incident that world scientists have  predicted many times,GHQ is  failed to apprehend  such an incident ensuing  large number of casualties  who were buried alive in a land where nature’s power fully dominant on man-made useless planning and  conflicts.

What this incident is  again warning  us?Have we ever conducted geological survey to monitor weather forecast and snow sliding of this kind of magnitude?

What we  learn from the intentional blunders of Pakistani generals regarding strategical and  tactical war maneuvering by completely ignoring the security and safety of their personals?

What a common Pakistani earned from this war game?

The simple and logical replies of these queries are just like , serious alarming, nothing,useless.

Pakistan political groups who are fully under  control of army management is showing more poor performance regarding solving such issues as they have been whirl-poled in more  problematic solutions of internal security and corruption related to state matters so no body bothered about  such huge losses  which are still going on in such abnormal war terrains.PTV and  ISPR  as usual  are  again doing its routine  job by creating emotional atmosphere  through  scenes of rescue efforts for such kind of forced and useless sacrifices.

Insecure  Pakistan is badly  in need of  real efforts to bring back  its powerful status in the area of power, energy and resources which  absences are creating havoc in life of common man and hammering the production capacity.Nation  requires precious lives  and working of her real sons of soil but instead of this Pakistani managers need such forced sacrificial  dead bodies  to maintain their fake game of  deadly politics for their personal and family interests.Pakistan in last years of turmoil , has been  sharply declined in number of its young workers, soldiers, manpower due to this war and terror like situation and contrary to this , Generals,  rulers,policy makers  and their families have become more dominant, rich and powerful in  Pakistan.

Pakistan’s politicians are Mirasi(low-class comedians) and faujis are Siyasi(politicians)

Last days a Swiss Bank director was telling the world that Pakistanis are having more than $97 billion in their banks. It simply  raises the question in ordinary minds that whose money is this and for what purpose it was hidden there? It can’t be the government fund or the legal transactions then of course it would be the looted black money, kickbacks and commissions.It’s amazing the nation is dying due to poverty ,hunger and diseases and is begging the world but least bothering to probe for such hidden treasure of Pakistan in Swiss accounts.

. It is not an a surprise that such news  ignored by the media, civil society and above all the oppositions and so-called middle class representatives of JI and  MQM leaders who are  creating hues and cries  in decrying Dr Mirza and his charge-sheet against their party. In this verbal attacks Pakistanis and foreign media are watching the excellent comedic  performance of Pakistan politicians who are using quaranic power of display to impress the religious centered people.These are behaving like farewell brides whom are traditionally covered by this Qur’an as symbol of good blessings but there the brides are silent and here these are clamoring clowns who are undressing each other on political issues.The stories of corruption and plundering of this country are as fresh as it was happened in the past  and this huge amount seems to be the work of same folks who all time declared themselves Patriots.
In one side these political jokers are diverting the people attentions toward real social, political and security problems and other side mullah brigade  are forcing people and state to give righteous place to bigotry and hatred in the name of religion and  declare it  as no crimes at all  which cannot be deemed guilty in state laws.It is  very interesting in Islamic society  it is compulsory to write ” peace be upon him” in front of  name of Prophet but this group of fanatics are interested to spread culture of violence and killing for securing His  respect in circle of non believers and ignorant people .They are justifying through public rallies that  the genocide of non-Muslims , religious minorities and some time weak Muslims too is right act under sharia laws  and  mandatory part of Islamic society.

These are same religious gangs who never gathered a rally when state and agencies respectably arranged pardoned departure under the tag of sharia law for CIA agent who killed two Pakistanis just for keeping eyes on his suspicious movement .

Theses mullah brigade never come out for sharing the irreversible grievances of   Hazaras of Baluchistan and Shias across Pakistan or gruesome head chopping activities of  Taliban.

The logical outcome of such train of thought is  highly illogical, ghastly and comes in treason charges. It  straightly  wipe out the possibility of discussion, debate or divergence within the realm of religion.

Since  independence in 1947,In Pakistan a military-bureaucratic establishment has always governed the country. Army generals usurp power at their own convenience and quit only when they are forced to quit by mass political movements or by a sudden unexpected death.Recalling the last 64 years of Pakistan, democracy in traces  is found only as an interval before the next military general comes to the scene.Repeated martial laws  with different motives  has ruined the state structure of Pakistan as a whole with only the elite benefiting from the system and no benefit being passed over to the general public.

Historical facts have proved that Pakistan has lost territory while under direct military rule and  indirect military intervention is creating ethnic and sectarian divisions all over Pakistan. That is why various separatist movements in the country are getting fertile nurturing grounds and we are putting blames to RAW and CIA for our weakness . National economy has got serious set backs of high inflation, increase bankruptcy  and huge deficit in national budget which  has become all foreign aid dependent. Despite having the largest chunk of the national budget and being the seventh largest army of the world, Pakistan army is now in a mess of its own creation with little of its hard-earned prestige left to its professional credibility.The officers who  should be court-martial or expel are either getting extensions or in case of retirements are being allotted military awards and benefits.

So under these  incompetent political faujis and comical politicians Pakistan’s ruling elite is growing like monster who are shamelessly eating Pakistan’s resources and destabilizing  Pakistan’s political interests. Their deeds are easily detected and propagated.  The Pakistani ruling elite’s use the cover of  political jokers, the venomous mullah and unprofessional bureaucrats and  soldiers,just to create anarchical situations and then wait for military take cover which subsequently covers all past crimes of  brutal ruling elites.

Bright and Dark views of organised and self-control living

To achieve organized living is some sort of ability to force and then reinforce ourself to do something that we  want to do at all cost, even if we don’t feel like it. In other words, we force our self-control mechanism  to resist the temptation of attractions spread in our surroundings, thereby allowing  ourselves to concentrate on some particular jobs and relationships. Practicing self-discipline may require lots of hard work and a strong will to master and practice  our inner strength, eventually the more we discipline our self to resist succumbing to the temptations of life, the more  self-discipline will strengthen.

To control one’s impulses, emotions, desires and behavior is not an easy job and a person need quite maturity ,guidance of elders and their practical demonstrations. It is being able to turn down short-lived  immediate pleasure and instant gratification in view of gaining the long-term better results of successful life and fulfillment from achieving higher and more meaningful goals.

Self-control  primarily begins with the managing   wrong directional thoughts can come in mind from many sources like poor upbringing, bad company or might be inherent nature.  Simply, self-control on fulfilling demands enables us  to think first and act afterward after carefully considering its dark and bright sides.

The Benefits

  • It surely  helps to build self-confidence on one’s decision-making ability

  •  Make more organize  life , more quantity and quality of work  can yield in same time frame.

  •  This would maintain a higher tolerance for frustration, obstacles and negative emotions.

  •  It allows us to obtain better healthy life styles, balanced budgeting and  good work ethics.

  • More leisure time to spend with loved ones, or time for our self.
  • There are more chances to achieve most difficult goals more efficiently.

  • Arranged and well planning living styles set  good examples in any community for improving its  civic standards.

So trying to improve self-control for having an arranged kind of living is just like improving any other skill in life through some effort .The life history of successful people mostly highlight their  strong self-discipline attitude as part of routine matter.

On the real side of  life  we can’t ignore that world is made up of largely undisciplined and lazy people (especially those living in developed countries). Here improper management of leadership , corrupt system and weak moral values lead people to  have disorganized way of living and tend people more toward  random self amusing and selfish approaches for satisfying their fake egos and complexes. People who welcomes odd attractions  and out of ethics habits in their life style forgets that behind every little disorganized or problematic approach  there’s a larger problem hidden, waiting for these little  wrongness  to grow into jungle of troubles. In fact  the solution  offered  by them itself breed sequence of problems.

It is said that more organized and  harder way one adopts  in teen and young ages  with some rules, principles etc, more secure and comfortable would be his/her  old-time. Adopting stupid practices again and again become fundamental driving force of , which explains that  stupid people not always ditch into whirlpool of self-made problems but become reason of creating tensions for organized minded people. For well-organized people it is almost  impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious and all time intrude in their lives to create highest kinds of disorders and troubles. Sometime it happens too that self-controlled people  have to pay price of these selfish and highly undisciplined people living  or working close to them.

The Drawbacks

  • Makes us to act intentionally or unintentionally  in ways that harm others or create problems in their systematic way of working and living

  •  Breeds dissatisfaction in conscious after seeing success of others due to their proper planning and self-control.

  • Generates conflicts between individuals, groups and generation.

  • Motivates  people to do harmful actions in a confused attempt to  achieve point of happiness , thus create negative patterns that bring undesirable situations. Usually current problems are the product of our past errors which can only modify with some disciplined and required change but here people have loosely bonded self-control conscious and they enjoy creating discomfort for disciplined people.

  • Impedes  spiritual progress of human mind  and prevents development of highest potential of human capacity in any system.

Futuristic approach of highly disorganized people is mostly to let down organized persons and disrupt sequence of  system where they have to live.For achieving this they try to develop messy tendencies, mental confusion, lack of order,  , feelings of hopelessness  and make blame game for others on failures .So in successful system individual attitude doesn’t matter but behavior of groups create an impression. It is the competency  of genuine people and groups  that is real cause of  setting and maintaining an organized system and majority of mediocre have to follow it as no other choice is available for them.