Popular Butcher-In -chiefs of Pakistan

General Rao Farman Ali

General Farman Ali, having been the Civil Affairs Adviser of Governor of east Pakistan during war of 1971, controlled the operation of such armed militia that operated in support of the Pakistani authority.He  blamed the trio, General Yahya, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and General Pirzada for the Bangladesh crisis. For the military defeat he blamed General AAK Niazi.The Hamood ur rehamn Commision Report (HCR), proved the involvement of Pakistan army personnel in the murders of Bengalis. Gen. Farman Ali categorically denied the charge leveled against him that he had 200 intellectuals killed. The Bengali’s claimed these killings occurred on December 14, and not on December 16 of 1971, as General Farman contends.
Farman Ali was asked about his role in the killings of the Bengali intellectuals on 14 December 1971, couple of days prior to the liberation. Farman Ali partly denied his connivance with this gruesome cold-blooded execution that rivals Hitler’s SS force but he inclined to make Niazi culpable for the crime. What the General said as an effort to clear his name was that it was the work of al-Badr anti-liberation militia, and he only came to know about that once he was in the Indian POW camp. He rather sheepishly agreed that he did control the movement of this militia raised and armed by Civil Affairs Adviser’s office. Al-Badr was essentially controlled by Jamat-e-Islami, but Farman Ali totally declined the suggestion that he did move or authorize any armed group to seize any one from Dhaka University area.


In the book ‘The Betrayal of East Pakistan‘, General Niazi described General Farman as an opportunist, a conspirator and a swindler. Niazi also said, implicating Farman’s involvement in the killing of the intellectuals, that Farman requested Niazi to send him back to Pakistan, for, “Mukti Bahini would kill him of his alleged massacre of the Bangalees and intellectuals on the night of 15-16 December. It was a pathetic sight to see him pale and almost on the verge of break down“

Brigadier Siddique Saliq, another senior military officer during the war, said,” ….He (Farman) was the major general in charge of civil administration. As such nothing would happen which he would not know?…“.

Siddique in his book, Witness to Surrender, wrote,”The plan for operation Searchlight-1 visualized the setting up of two headquarters. Major General Farman with 57 Brigade under Brigadier Arbab, was responsible for operations in Dacca city and its suburbs while Major General Khadim Raja was to look after the rest of the province. In addition Lieutenant General Tikka Khan and his staff were to spend the night at the Martial Law Headquarters in the Second Capital to watch the progress of action in and outside Dacca

Mr Hasan Zahir, a Pakistani civil servant wrote: “ Major General Farman Ali was the executioner of Dhaka part of ‘Operation Searchlight’. He succeeded in ‘shock action’ by concentrated and indiscriminate firing on target areas…….

General Zia ul Haq

Zia ul haq was Brigadier in 1969,  stationed in Jordan from 1967 to 1970 as a Brigadier, helping in the training of Jordanian soldiers, as well as leading the training mission into battle during the Black September operations as commander of Jordanian 2nd Division, a strategy that proved crucial to King Hussein’s remaining in power.. He is still highly respected in  royal circles of Jordan for his role in the Black September operations in support of King Hussein, where he commanded Jordan’s 2nd division. Zia’s troops were heavily involved in street-to-street urban fighting and are credited with killing scores of Palestinians.During Black September the head of Pakistani training commission took command of the 2nd Division and helped kill and cleanse the Palestinians (est. 25,000 dead) from Jordan.The butcher was awarded Jordan’s highest honor for the services rendered.

Democracy is KUFROn his return home, Zia commanded the first Armoured Division for three years. He was still relatively unknown however when he became head of the Pakistan army in the spring of 1976.

Zia launched the coup code-named “Operation Fairplay” against Bhutto on 5 July 1977 .The first elected PM was hanged under his reign and during this large amounts of political leaders and their followers were arrested,tortured, killed  to cease  the  political process inf Pakistan urban areas and Bhutto’s hanging was made an example for people of Pakistan. It ushered in Pakistan’s longest period of military rule.

What is Black September?
September 1970 is known as the Black September in Arab history and sometimes is referred to as the “era of regrettable events.” It was a month when King Hussein of Jordan moved to quash the autonomy of Palestinian organizations and restore his monarchy’s rule over the country. The violence resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of people, the vast majority Palestinian. Armed conflict lasted until July 1971 with the expulsion of the PLO and thousands of Palestinian fighters to Lebanon.

On September 15, King Hussein declared martial law. The next day, Jordanian tanks (the 60th Armored Brigade) attacked the headquarters of Palestinian organizations in Amman; the army also attacked camps in Irbid, Salt, Sweileh,Baq’aa, Wehdat and Zarqa. Then the head of Pakistani training mission to Jordan, Brigadier Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq (later Chief of Army Staff and President of Pakistan), took command of the 2nd division. In addition, the Iraqi army in Jordan after 1967 war serving as a reserve forces supported the Jordanian army.

Arafat later claimed that the Jordanian army killed between 10,000 and 25,000 Palestinians.

Brigadier Zia ul haq, who was at that time heading the training mission to Jordan and headed the 2nd Jordanian Division, when came back to Pakistan his name was suggested for Court Martial due to his role in Black September and for the killings of Palestinians. There was anger among people regarding this act. But due to unknown reason than Chief of Army Staff General Gul Hassan removed his name from the list which was sent to then President Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Instead of a Court Martial he was promoted to the rank of Major General. He was than in next few years again get promoted to the ranks of Lt General by “special attention”. He was latter made Chief of Army Staff ahead of seven other senior officials. All this top flight from Brigadier to the Chief of Army Staff was completed in just 6 years after the Black September.

Unjustified political  promotions  in military ranks are one of reasons of political down fall in Pakistan  as  those were  incompetent and over ceded generals who then look for suitable opportunity and orders from CIA to  overthrow the elected political Government.

General Naseer ullah Babar

The Pathan Tablighi party known as the Taliban was created by Pakistan’s ISI out of the refugee community in Pakistan and shaped into a rebel force under Pakistan Minister of the Interior General Naseerullah Babar. General Babar was not leader of Jamait Islami but had a narrow minded approach of giving  Pusthun  supremacy in the region against growing Tajik popularity through support of  Russians.JI at that time was a political party that controlled the maddrasahs (religious schools) where the Talibs (students) we recruited to create Taliban.It was  idea of Gen Babar to  Benazir Bhutto to accept Taliban to get Jamiat-e-Ulema-i-Islami support for her coalition Government.Taliban nominally invaded Afghanistan but up until at least Kabul, Pakistani soldiers were dressing up as Taliban and supporting the rabble. Command and control was by Pakistani Army officers. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and the Pakistani airforce service Taliban MiG jets and helicopters.

The General was a covert warrior in Afghanistan. He advised Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to train Islamist militants in Afghanistan starting in 1973 – 6 years before the Soviet invasion. Later as Benazir’s interior minister he was the largest proponent of backing the Taliban in Afghanistan. Under his command operation of killing anti taliban  was swiftly carried out in 1980s in Kabul when Faisal Shezad’s father Vice marshal Bharulhaq was posted in Kabul as military Attache of Pakistan.Young Faisal Shezad learn  his basic lesson of jihad in the embassy compound of Pakistan where all time plans were made to  provide supremacy to newly built force Taliban under Pakistan army guidance.

Hundreds of young men were killed and tortured during this regime to maintain the supremacy of Naseeullah Babar ‘s platoons  of talibans.He was also a main suspect  of planning the assassination of Shiekh Abdullah Azam, a Palestinian preacher involved in the anti-Soviet jihad in Afghanistan. This does not negate his bull-headed courage. But a balanced assessment of his public life would be grossly incomplete without it.

Later on his service of butchery was used in Karachi .His legacy also includes being an architect of “Operation Cleanup” in Karachi. In this process , safe passage was provided to top leadership of  MQM to foreign  heavens and poor  misguided boys were left on the mercy of military operations which extensively used  principle  of extrajudicial target killing as per habit of Pakistan army for sweeping the irritating elements. The spree of extra-judicial murders reached at its zenith in 1994 when the then Interior Minister, General Naseerullah Khan Babar took the reigns of alleged operation in his hand. From1994 to 1996 (till the ouster of Ms Bhutto`s second government), the MQM had intended to nominate Mr Babar in almost all the FIRs in connection with extra-judicial killings of its activists, which understandably could not be done as the police had refused to register FIR against the former interior minister.

General Pervaiz Musharf

Musharraf was in power during the period after September 11, 2001 and the launching of the U.S.’s so-called war on terror. The old story of Pakistani management by superseding many officers he was upgraded by Shairf and then faced same consequences as seen by Bhutto but here the cowardice nature of Sharif guided him to flee to Saudia through their support, the only power that can shut up the mouth of military chiefs of Pakistan.

After 9/11, Pakistan was forced or manipulated  to play a central role in the invasion of Afghanistan U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, gave him a choice: “You are either with us or against us.” Powell’s deputy told a Musharraf deputy what would happen if he made the wrong choice: Pakistan “should be prepared to be bombed back to the Stone Age.” (From Musharraf’s autobiography, In the Line of Fire).

The answer from Musharraf and the Pakistani ruling classes was not straightforward, however participating in the U.S.-led war on Afghanistan and the Taliban  took Pakistan in the opposite direction where it had been going in the previous two decades. Helping the Islamist jihadis  and considering them their strategic assets in its contention with India. Taking the 180 degree turn, to change the dimensions of old concept of    Pakistan’s ruling classes  which they  had achieved through years of investment and typical orthodox theme of jihad for Islam and Muslim brothers,  created serious kind of polarization political military and social circles of Pakistan

So Musharraf assigned task by CIA was different where he had to start and lead the campaign against those fundamentalist groups who were once are military partners of Pakistan army in supplying man power.  With this, Musharraf made himself the U.S.’s official most important “non-NATO ally.”‘ The reward was  billion dollars  U.S. aid, mainly to strengthen the Pakistani army .The  mass operation begun by on the same steps of arresting, torturing,  and killing of cavemen but now every thing was reversed and f or years Pakistan exported Islamist-based war to other neighboring countries; now it began importing it its home grounds and urban areas.

Swat operation, Lal masjid , Waziristan, bajur, Mohamannnd all  area/agencies were first come under attack of Pakistan army then were eventually handed  over to US and NATO forces spreading their military networks in all over Pakistan with the consent of Musharraf, a chief executive of Pakistan following the motto of Pakistan’s first for all kind of  US mercenaries.

06GGJDARCY.jpgSince now Pakistan has lost more than 40,00 people including 4000 army personal and displaced millions due to uncontrolled expansions of  war in all major parts of Pakistan.
Technically the burden of this genocide which is still continued in our soil is put on Musharraf’s shoulder  under whom leadership whole nation was ditched in to unseen deadly war of western fronts.

Mind and Body blowing strategies of ISI and Army chiefs of Pakistan.

While standing in whirlpool of complications owing  to worst militaristic polices it is  becoming  very difficult for  Pakistanis to reorganize and refurbish the declining quality of political  strategies and destroying infrastructure of Pakistan respectively.

Initially  we gathered our national spirit on pretext of  hate against India and wanted to be conqueror of Kashmir.Pakistani as a nation  has given lot of opportunities to army management to lead the state,  by impressing through their British style  silvery covering, added by Islamic  concept of Jihad and claim of  rhetorical guardian ship.Although Pakistan was  founded to maintaining democracy in the system but due to absences of sincere political leadership and their public support, army has remained the most powerful institute  who by hook and crook, and through deceptive measure  of emotional blackmailing on defense issues directly or indirectly taken control of Pakistan and its all major institutes.https://i1.wp.com/criticalppp.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/cartoon-pakistan-army-concerned-about-india-and-not-taliban.gif

Result of this repetitive adventures of militarism is now even  in front unaware and illiterate Pakistanis that  we are rising as  failed or one of dangerous state of the world. Planted or suicidal blasts , pieces of human flesh and national sovereignty have become part of  our lifestyles.All are  signs of living under barbaric reign and out of control state security.It is being easily conceived that  this nation has become victim of obsessions of planned massive military structure actually designed to  invade and control nearby territories. Neither it worked as per claim by all military chiefs but in additional chaos the weak  and obsolete structure of internal security has come in front of whole world. Time has proved many times that the United States  can work with  all kind of planted  Pakistani government  to spread   wider control over  terrorism and extremism in Pakistan and creating anarchy within state   by planting corrupt leadership  and through ISI like agencies.

In last 1o years Pakistan’s foreign and counter terrorism policies continue to be run by the army, ostensibly without government objection. Latest example of Zardari and his team , like  true opportunists who put themselves  before anything else just to be part of ruling elites.

They have no long sighted vision of  observing a  failed national security strategy under military control  or  viewing  Pakistan’s growing international and regional isolation or  apprehending the  impact of  any kind of  financial  crisis due  already collapsed economy.Their point of focus in state matter is  next year’s elections, which they believe can be won as long as they  can keep the army happy and content from any kind of dead and irrelevant political moves in houses .

Recent joint resolution of parliament demanding that Pakistan army should  shoot down U.S. drones that fly over its territory(which  actually live in the territory) in the future and that Pakistan would  suspend NATO supplies if US again dare to infiltrate in Pakistan, looks very attractive and sensible but what is actually happening in ground is opposite to it and all controlling powers of Pakistan are behaving in their manners e.g

  • Army is still not  responsive against any kind of infiltration  happening via insurgents or US after passing this parliament joint resolution and only busy in trivial moves to satisfy whom still not sure to public.
  • The other wild power, Taliban and al-Qaeda appears to have little sympathy for this gross resolution.  Their highly unjustified  attack  killing  98 paramilitary troops and wounded 140—all young men in training— in Shabqadar in Khyber-Paskhtunkhwa province only shows their determination  on  revenge attack for the death of OBL.  They  are least  in the displays of  honor  by Pakistani politicians.
  • Pakistani media and  some opposition parties  little bit of it seemed some sane voices in this cacophony  who are calling for accountability and changing policy of security  on urgent basis.
  • President Obama is even looking   ambiguous,  assuring more attacks in Pakistan to kill or capture other al-Qaeda leaders .

Something left remain unclear  is filled by intermittent current of WikiPatents which  are certifying many times through different cables that existence of Anti-India terror camps are run by the ISI in Pakistan and trainees of these camps are allowed into India to fight and to set off bombs in areas chosen by the ISI itself.

Now the scenario  arising from the burning situation is the  ISI’s official function may be that of an intelligence agency, but its last years love affairs with CIA for  providing efficient services ,picking and killing al qaida operatives  has successfully projected  her  image as Terrorist  Protection Agency(TPA) .This is surely being done through  an organized campaign of CIA with practical demonstrations .They are  superbly  playing double games, one side encouraged ISI/army chiefs to control all matter of Pakistani politics and other side they are  using  its services to make US a super power in the region by making Pakistan one of dangerous country of the world.So  the global political community is now  looking  into the legitimacy of the institution and whether such activity can ever be put to an end.

Last days crisis situation in form of casualties , huge financial loss and  observing  the counter reactions and actions  of responsible state people, it is obvious to us that  Pakistan would remain at  deep-sea without a  proper life guard. There is little sense of a direction or expressions of   sense of responsibility  of anyone  is seeing that how will they respond to the next provocation from the U.S., India or terrorists. This is  a country of 17 million people and richest rulers who are not looking  in a hurry to change its mind about its strategic direction.

Beggary a lowest kind of living but highly popular in Pakistan.

It is not difficult to judge that among  few over growing features in Pakistan and Pakistani culture  are show off of beggary and self-pity like expressions on public,official and in private places of   Islamic republic of Pakistan.Every where you go in Pakistan from posh locality to public places, the crowd of beggars,wearing rags or branded suits and official uniforms  are all time there in a mission that they or Pakistan both are in dire need of aid and charity for normal living.

In this regiment of beggars all ages and genders are included showing deep interests of large population toward this highly popular profession in Pakistan.Actually they have become important part of our culture and if one see any deserted street or market and official meetings  without presence of these beggary attitude  one would think that he or she might be in wrong place of real Pakistan.

Philanthropist  of Pakistan are very much worried about the rate at which large population is tending toward this beggar business which itself is start of many criminal lifestyles as after coming to this people would jump or train toward  serious criminal activities including drug trafficking, prostitution, kidnapping, robbery and even murdering.
Beggery nature obstructs the growth of self respect and self reliance like human qualities which on wide scale help groups and nation to erect their fallen ethical and moral values,
There are many reasons seeing for this sharp increasing of beggary attitude of people  like.
  • Migration of rural area people to urban areas which have no capacity and opportunity for them for some kind of respectable survival.
  • Easy way of earning for unskilled  people.
  • Extreme rise in prices of  food and commodity items not matching with meager income of people having large family.
  • Failures of family planning methodology which is unable control the over population of inactive  people of state  who have no proper living setup.
  • Corruption and highly degraded moral values of ruling groups.
  • Government policy of behaving like beggars in front of international financial institutes of providing debit for making up deficit of budget without reducing sumptuous of  way of living of government, military and political representatives.

It would be incorrect if we assume that Pakistan has the distinction of having highest ratio of beggars population in the world.Pakistan has already come in the race of winning  reputation of having suited and uniform beggars with an arrogant   attitude in streets and official places that when they don’t get the  charity on their terms , they start  cursing  the givers or donors. This way they might able to  keep alive  their dying guilt and try to  restore the fake  honor and dignity for show off.
Very unfortunately, the average Pakistani only seeks to defend honor in order to protect one’s reputation, all time try to  boost  one’s shallow ego, to raise  an  imaginary strength to counter reality of actual  weakness,  to  live in state of  revenge and retribution for past offenses, and for easy living options etc.All of these reasons are  signs of  the weakness of the society  and it is human weakness that tend  people toward beggary like attitude even living in moderate conditions. Pakistani since getting identity of  a separate nation  is unable to prove its credibility in the area of self-reliance and self building. The so-called honor most often displayed in Pakistani society has little to do with real  ethical values or right and wrong but actually a  feeling of great weakness and humiliation on global platform.

A great proverb states, “Humility comes before honor and Humility is the beginning of wisdom .Both ultimately give strength to conscious and self-respect of human mind.Only weak, defeated and humiliated people is in need of justification or creating self-pity like scenes to  defend honor for publicity and to gain sympathies. The strong, confident and successful have nothing to prove nor defend as the results, successes and strong character speak for themselves.

A crowd of  people  and nation to build its  character and internal strength has little use for superficial and medieval ways  to pursue standards  of honor. They can  prefer to  live with in the range of  pride and ego, should   follow the principles of  truth and justice and , must keep back up plans for surviving in harsh times and never   let any kind of  addicted dependency or help in difficult situation as last choice of survival .

Sleeping Chiefs and Hyper-Active terrorists of Pakistan

Nothing to  shock for people of Pakistan but again Pakistani terrorists  have overpowered one of popular and so called modern base of Pakistan.Pakistan Naval base Mehran located  at  main area of Karachi  has been attacked by dozens of  terrorists having all kind of modern equipments, breaching all extra security measures and news are  coming that they successfully destroyed two modern plane of Pakistan Navy provided to them by US  for keeping vigilance on our sea borders.

PNS Mehran operation would surely come to end as two dozens can not technically claim overpowering against thousands of army men but few questions would remain unanswered for people of Pakistan who for last 10 years are suffering the real life trauma of this terrorism by feeding the one of expensive army of the world.

So in next budge nation should be ready to extract the expenses of new orders of same plane like them from their pockets as 5th largest army of the world was unable to secure this plane landed in one of airbase under strict security measures. This infliction of insult would sooner be  tried to lessen on the name of new defense deals, new tenders, new team  would be selected for choosing modern  equipments for defense purpose.Few would be handpicked and  selected for  deputation to US for some times and  this way  we would get new technology for helping air force and Navy which all time have been technically   failed to secure Pakistani soil from intrusions of local and international attackers.

Would this be right  time to ask for a transparency and re-appointment?

  As usual all blame  would be put on the account of tehrik taliban who have access to our  all military bases and in  GHQ.Even after breaking back bone of terrorism (Claimed by Pakistani COAS in last months) these handicapped terrorists  successfully raided one of strictly cordon off areas of Pakistan.Parliament and its puppets would come forward and passed a resolution against terrorism and would assure  in favor of full military support of present chiefs of armed forces for their incredible performance in the line of duty.Sooner we might heard that President the Commander of Armed forces would also grant extension for Admiral Noman Bashir who was left behind after same was granted to COAS and ISI chief.

Whom we should blame,?

whom we should call for accountability?

All chiefs are busy in praising each other performance while living and working under million rupees security circles  granted to them by state and if they are unable to secure our real  military strategic assets because  it is not their fault as all unfair happens in state of war and love.Our army throughout  claim to  real lover of Pakistan that is why always wants to see it in war state.

We  will be  surely dosed by  same baby formula  that Pakistan is in state of war and nation should stand behind army.Actually it is not army but it is our nation  and crippled parliament which are  standing in front of l Pak army and its failed strategy.

In whole scenarios victims are only common Pakistanis whose nerves and noose  have been  tightened enough after coming into situation out of frying pan in to fire for last 10 years.

In the past two decades  four times political  governments have been sacked in Pakistan , ostensibly on charges of corruption.Insiders know that under the tag of corruption their dismissals always took place when the PM’s appeared to over stepping its line of authority over issues involving foreign and military policy.The Pakistani generals whether ruled as dictator or acted as silent  puppet runners had never faced  interference from political  pressures on the issues of performance and credibility and remain supported as what they perceive to be their patriotic ‘and powerful domain.The unqualified  extensions granted to Kayani  and Pasha means that Zardari and Co  also  following the principle of” all is well”  just to enjoy the state positions irrespective of interfering   what is going on under the nose of GHQ.This is high time when Kiyani and Co is eating the fruit of NRO  which by design  has  set a most corrupt and weakest political government which is all time ready to provide shield to incompetent , unprofessional and real followers of US policy in Pakistan defense strategy.

Time and events have already proved that modern technologies, updated equipment and ostentatious expenditures on the name of defense deals are no certification of performance and credibility of Pakistan army which has been trying its best through false propaganda that she  is the  only sole protector of country.Its  imperative and critical time to politically review the weak military structure which is professionally going down without thinking  to depth of technical details of military combats being executed against violent acts of terrorism.

Historical Muslim warriors Vs Modern Jihadis of Islamic world

Islamic history is filled with the stories of very fine commander-in-chief and warriors who not  only conquered wars in difficult circumstances but were real successors of winning the hearts and minds of people whom they attacked and confiscated their mother land.As as Muslim I could be  biased of projecting our real heroes so I collected some historical facts of  legendary Muslim warriors  from pages of non-Muslims , that how they  explain their view points about real Heroes of Islamic world.

Few of them are

khalid bin Waleed listed in Islamic history as Companions of Prophet in Heaven It was under his military leadership that Arabia for the first time in history, was united under a single political entity, the Caliphate . He is one of three military generals in history to remain undefeated in battle in over a hundred battles, against the numerically superior forces of the Persian and Roman, and their allies, in addition to other Arab tribes.! He fought many decisive battles, humbling his opponents and bringing victory to the religion of Islam.. In 629 A.D, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) sent an expedition under the command of Zaid bin Harith against the Syrians. At some critical juncture, Khalid bin Walid took over the command and by superb strategy he succeeded in retrieving the position and bringing back the Muslim forces safely to Medina. During the battle, Khalid bin Walid broke 8 swords. Because of this, the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) gave him the title of “Saifullah” or “The Sword of Allah.” The sword that could not be broken ! 

His tomb is now part of a mosque called Kahild Bin Waleed  Mosque.Khalid’s tomb stone depicts a list of over 50 victorious battles that he commanded without defeat (not including small battles) It is said that he had wanted to die as a martyr in the field of battle, and was apparently disappointed when he knew that he would die in bed.Khalid expressed the pain of this sadness through one last, anguished sentence:

I fought in so many battles seeking martyrdom that there is no place in my body but have a stabbing scar by a spear, a sword or a dagger, and yet here I am, dying on my bed like an old camel dies. May the eyes of the cowards never sleep.
—Khalid ibn Walid

  Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi, the hero of hundreds of battles, was the person who for twenty years braved the storm of the Crusaders and ultimately pushed back the combined forces of Europe which had come to swarm the Holy Land. The world has hardly witnessed a more chivalrous and humane conqueror. Saladin had captured almost every Crusader city.Jerusalem was occupied by  his forces on October 2, 1187.He  fully allowed the Jews to resettle in the city. In particular, the residents of Ashkelon, a large Jewish settlement, responded to his request. salahuddin ayubi

The Saladin was highly  respected by Christian lords, Richard especially. Richard once praised Saladin as a great prince, saying that he was without doubt the greatest and most powerful leader in the Islamic world.Saladin in turn stated that there was not a more honorable Christian lord than Richard. After the treaty, Saladin and Richard sent each other many gifts as tokens of respect, but never met face to face.In April 1191, a Frankish woman’s three-month old baby had been stolen from her camp and had been sold on the market. The Franks urged her to approach Saladin herself with her grievance. According to Bahā’ al-Dīn, Saladin used his own money to buy the child back.

Muhammad bin Qasim was among the finest colonialists in the Arab history, and a worthy soldier.Under his command very first muslim attack were made on India in Sindh in 715AD.They displaced Raja Dahir who was ruler of  Sindh.This  successful invasion had become the reason of 300 year rule of Muslim leadership in Subcontinent.31 December 695 – 18 July 715 Mbq.jpg

After the conquest, Muhammad bin Qasim’s task was to set up an administrative structure for a stable Muslim state that incorporated a newly conquered alien land, inhabited by non-Muslims.He adopted a conciliatory policy, asking for acceptance of Muslim rule by the natives in return for non-interference in their religious practice,so long as the natives paid their taxes and tribute. He established Islamic  law over the people of the region; however, Hindus were allowed to rule their villages and settle their disputes according to their own laws and traditional hierarchical institutions Non-Muslim natives were excused from military service and from payment of the religiously mandated tax system levied upon Muslims called Zakat.

Modern Jihadis of Islamic world

Osama Bin Laden and Alqaida leaders.

In the eighties bin Laden and his near groups were  seen as heroes  of the Afghan Jihad. They were  very much admired and respected for their  announcement of wars against Muslims ..Their public images were  boosted as True Islamic warriors during early days of the Gulf War. In the period  1996 they were  almost forgotten by the public. The elite and especially the jihadis were still admiring him and following up their news. Some were settled in Afghanistan, tribal areas of Pakistan even made their way to Sudan.

After  declaration of jihad in 1996  by Alqaida  against US and her allies the  public image had a surge. There was a lot of controversy about them as few consider them relics of CIA operatives prepared for Red war who were ignored by US regimes after breaking of USSR.

This image went on with occasional boosts by the media  as staunch Islamic warrior but  his fatwah against US and US people  did not attract much attention. Through out years all  were found  involving their activities against western forces and its allies to secure their faith and against those Muslim groups who deny their level of faith . People’s reaction, however, was mixed. While many felt triumph for scaring the Americans, many others felt upset by the picture of hundreds of civilians killed and injured in the attack. They felt that this can never be justified.

Post 911 period had surfaced  a long list of Islamic jihads who felt proud of killing  unarmed citizens of US working in world trade centers or traveling in planes which were hit to buildings.So in 2000s the concept of Islamic jihad  has been mingled with terrorism.Millions of people mostly including Muslims of middle or lower class were affected , displaced and suffered either from wrath of these so-called Islamic jiahdis or from the hands of US,NATO ,Pakistan and Afghanistan military.The military force and land of Muslim countries are extensively being   used by  Commanders in chief of Muslim armies  against these Islamic jihadis and western forces to kill  as much Muslims as possible under the tag of terrorists..

The climax of  whole drama was seen when US forces raided in one of house  near military compounds of Pakistan army and declared” Eurkea Osama”. So the world knew that he was living lavishly in a fortress like house  located in top hill station of Pakistan with all kind utilities of life.He was not living there in some kind of jihad brigade but  with an army of kids and three  young wives .So the world top Islamic leader was found under the protection of same army whose 25000 soldiers are playing war-war games with his Alqiada contingent  spread in between mountains of Pak Afghans.They claim to  war against US but in actual it is Muslim majority who faced and still bearing  deadly consequences of  guerrilla jihad while  the top leader was enjoying honeymoon with three wives and  dozens kids under luxurious setup provided to them by Pakistani sources for last 5 years.

So I think Islamic historians need a lot of time and effort to give space to such kind of warriors of Islam who had complete opposite  military strategy than our legendary Muslim warriors.

Sleeping with friends or foes??

Once upon a time Pakistan was   producer , director and strongest supporter of   Talibanisation  against Reds  by giving favor to White master and in her supportive idea  she provided all kind of strategic, political,  and social support to  promote this faith-based movement in different  selected areas of Pakistan .

Then a time come ,It was same Pakistan and its establishment who proudly announced war against same groups of believers ,once they were considered as strategic assets or non-commissioned soldiers of Pak army.

What is  happening today  to Pakistan and Pakistanis,  is  not less than wonder of this global world and literate class of Pakistan is again and again coming to this point that whether there is any legitimacy at all  exists in  this military political  joint ruling system. All heads and chiefs  are unwilling to own their mistakes which come in context of incompetency, shear negligence and criminal obstinacy.

Pakistan has strong history of defamation track record starting from horrible defeat and further division of Pakistan in 1971 and it has now come  in the midst of acute discomfort which has been tying itself in knots over the charge of sheltering al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden, who was killed in a unilateral US special forces action in Abbottabad.

Between this era of 1971 to 2011, we have many other events written on our wall of shame including, Ojri camp incident, kargil war defeat, discovery of Aq Khan network,uncontrollable suicidal attacks, successful raid on GHQ,unchecked drone attacks, Raymond davis shooting and easy escape and now discovery of Osama in  Pakistani military pyjama.

If we look back to history ,Before Osama hunt Aimal kasi arrest drama was also played in Pakistani soil in 1997, when he was caught to CIA and then flown away to US for murder  of CIA  officials .There were many conspiracies behind his arrest but apparently, the Pashtun tribe who had been sheltering Kasi were   seemed to accept the multi-million dollar reward offer for his capture.Other sources claim they were pressured by the Pakistani government.

His arrest scene was completely opposite  to Raymond case who was caught red-handed on crime scene and tried to  trial but our agencies made underhand deal on the name of sharia law and safely handed over this VIP killer of Pakistanis to CIA.

In Kasi case  Pakistani sources claim it was the US embassy in Islamabad where he was kept— before being flown to the US in an air transport.There he was awarded death sentence and his dead body was repatriated to Pakistan.His funeral was attended by the entire civil hierarchy of Baluchistan, the local Pakistan Army Corps Commander Lt Gen Abdul Qadir Baloch; Governor of Baluchistan Amirul Mulk Mengal; Pakistan’s ambassador to Washington Ashraf Qazi; high court judges and several other government officials.

Contrary to his acts of killing and shooting his funeral venue had  given an impression that he was martyr   and labelled as brave son of  Baluchistan.Indeed, a cult of devotion seems to have sprung up around Kansi. People throng his grave daily and carry earth from there as symbol of  spiritual reward. Pashto poets have now taken to writing elegies for Kansi, hailing him as second only to Osama bin Laden in the popular pantheon of Muslim heroes.

Mosque  was built in the name of Kasi in his home province of Baluchistan.

So US is behind killing of two Muslim heroes who were caught in Pakistan .Sooner we would see same kind of mosque on Osama’s name   built-in Pakistani soil without his dead body as CIA this time  was not in mood of hand over of  dead body of a top Islamic militant and using  official consent of all chiefs of Pakistan that they have caught right man at wrong place.

It really doesn’t matter to   our heads of state and parliamentarians who are declaring  this US operation  in Pakistan military areas  as great success .No body was apprehending that  who is cashing this success after letting down 1st Islamic nuclear power that was just  over powered by one US operation completed   by  just  a dozen of US seals and three helicopters.

This act of  embarrassment is giving free space to India , turning more heat on Pakistan, who after a week  released a list of 50 “most wanted fugitives”, including underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, 26/11 mastermind and LeT founder Hafiz Saeed and dreaded terrorist Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, hiding in Pakistan.Hafiz Saeed, who is involved in Mumbai terror attack and various other attacks in India, tops the list which also includes Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Maulana Masood Azhar, the principal accused in the 2001 Parliament attack after his release in exchange of hostages in the Khandhar hijack episode in 1999, five Pakistani Army Majors .

Where should now top military brass  go who is trying  best to get  shield of political government which they had created through NRO.Their  immediate acceptance that Osama was in local  safe house arising  serious question mark on their already dying credibility as a broker which shows that if Osama could have entered and enjoyed such kind of life with three Arab hoors  and dozens of his little DNA samples then why other terrorists can’t find safe house in Pakistani soil.

International community is now calling  Pakistan as proxy govt that is all time ready to harbor the Islamic heroes  and then dumping   them as Islamic terrorist.The international groups or countries alleging Pakistan need examining of their grey matter in their policy . Terrorist hiding in Pakistan may be problem for others or not but first hand they are menace for Pakistanis. Ironically in operations of evicting these terrorists some 34000 Pakistanis have been killed in which there are about 4000 Pakistani soldiers and their officers. and completely destroying our financial infrastructure  and developmental growth for entering in the line of even underdeveloped countries.

Liars! weakest kind of humans .

Pakistanis society is  quite surplus in liars majority and from Head of state to a beggar of street the one of  most common trait found is majority are  lairs.  Liars are usually recognized as persons who  devoid of conscience , inhabits a fantasy world where anything is possible. Full of grandiose ideas about themselves.It is also seen that people who based their dealings on lies and deception  make terrible companions and partners. Unfortunately they are often charming and influential people  and others  have fallen for them before the reality of their unreality hits  their relationship.

People  tell lies when  they are living with many fears like , afraid of what others will think, afraid of what will be found out about them,afraid of losing advantages and gaining benefits ,afraid of taking responsibility etc.  But every time they are unaware that telling  a lie make that  fear grows stronger.These liar don’t tolerate emotional honesty in communication and go for settlement of superficial type relationship, neither long-lasting nor have any contribution of giving peace of mind. That is why it is said that liar only lives in his present and has no stable future . Broken_Wall_Mexico.jpg Broken Wall

Human history reveals the human beings are born to lie: It means we cannot live without deceit and most of deceitful attitude is adopted to dodge the people who are close to these-cursed human called Liars.Developing habit of telling lies is like creating cracks on walls of confidence and love of people ,that would ultimately collapse and expose all kind of human weakness at extreme moments of troubles.

There are numerous reasons why lying is not always wrong, and why telling the truth is not always the main priority. Nevertheless, it is vital to remember that in language of spirituality  ultimately truth matters only. We might concoct a hypothetical situation in which we have to choose between lying or creating misery for people  living near or relying on us, but until and unless we  come in position to evaluate the value of  truth,  as the real  detriment of some happiness and solid terms for building relationships.

That is why we should develop the habit of telling truth, and distaste for lies as much as possible. Truth should be in the default of human mind and  lying ought be considered as  an exception that must require a special justification.

Full disclosure is never possible and one sometimes has to conceal some facts and realities to avoid high level disorderliness by virtue of extreme circumstances and it should not be  dependent on personal gains and interests.

Truthfulness is largely a matter of deciding what it is reasonable to withhold as long as it can sustain genuine and long-term deals between human living under some oath and relationship.

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