Who would rescue the emergency services in unsafe Pakistan?

Pakistan urban cities are showing mysterious kind  of law and order situation where along with hidden fear of terrorist attack, people are  all time ready to gun point robberies any time any where and can face  serious kind of incidents like bomb or suicidal blasts .If we say that Pakistan for last years have been turned into land of casualties or victims where all time people are at risk of  hazard of terrorism or deadly incidents as routine  scene of daily life.

At these crucial moments who come first to save people of Pakistan?

These are  either common people, traffic wardens or ambulances from 1122 and social sector provide immediate  services  to rescue poor Pakistanis.

Like other developed countries Pakistanis also have not very modern emergency services but if one overview the  continuous  disastrous situation in our roads, near mosques or army installations due to regular attacks of militants or planted bombs, one can say that Pakistan emergency services are more in forefront to counter effects of war of terrorism than any other institutes of Pakistan.The most common ambulances marked with name of Edhis, chippa, 1122(state sponsored), Khidmat khailq,  are all time seen whatever kind of disaster is  seen but the workers of these named organizations always are first on spot to help helpless Pakistanis.

It was not happened once or twice but many times it is seen that after each bomb blasts when these rescue teams are there to secure injured, second blast is proceeded to wipe off the operation of these servicemen who are in affected scenes to help their brothers or sisters leaving behind their own safety in most unsafe working  conditions of Pakistan.

There is not only one kind of hazard faced by these vehicles which are badly affecting the performance of these true daring Pakistanis who  have to face many threats during their line of duty like  snatching of vehicle by armed gangs  for doing some criminal activity like robbery, kidnapping etc . So one can imagine the extent of danger in this kind of service in most unsafe city of Pakistan.July, 20: A view of a traffic Jam at Jail Road Lahore, in all these vehicles two of the ambulances are also stuck, can any one imagine the pain of those inside these ambulances?

Along with such  apprehensions they have to slow down their services due to menacing halt of CNG gas stations in many days of week because due to high rates of petrol many organizations  have gas filled carriers in their vans.During gas load shedding these vehicles are also seen standing in long queues , surely sidetrack from their duties just due to mismanagement of civil administration whom should exempt these philanthropist venture from this weekly closures of CNG supplies.

Attacks on ambulances specially in Karachi have become common scene where in any kind of  tension, rioters even don’t hesitate to attack on ambulance or to burn the vehicle.The reason behind this deadly mess is given that in troubled areas arms or goons are also supplied through such ambulances or dead bodies of rivals are moved through in ambulances .

No doubt that criminal minded people do misuse the sanctity of this service but even then discontinue of this only hope of countless victims on our streets  can’t be ignored or bypassed for ceasing the way of  criminals.State should improve it check and balance procedures to curb such inhumane activities to improve trust of public on such emergency services.

Edhi service which network is started from Karachi and spread over all Pakistan, is internationally  recognized  but his ambulance, charity work of collection and distribution have been many times attacked and  even he himself  has got threats by some political groups.It was threat to his life that had once  forced him to quit Pakistan for short period but in such dangerous conditions he never halted his services for one day . So one can imagine the extent of danger in this kind of service in most unsafe city of Pakistan.

Furthermore people poor civic sense  many time becomes reason of creating blockage  for these vehicles and many times these ambulances are hit by another drivers who have no instinct of giving way or to side way their cars for fast speed ambulances trying to reach to victims of accidents or blasts. Many time  these scenes are witnessed on our roads that these life saving services itself face fatal consequences and no one is there to help them .

So whether it is matter of standing on long queues of traffic jams and gas stations or hit by other vehicles or terrorists this service is only hope of vulnerable Pakistanis for securing their life on the spot where even their love ones are unaware what has happened to them.So we should seriously consider the service of these  gentlemen who risking their lives are  all time  ready to serve this terrified nation in any kind of deadly circumstances.

They deserve more national recognition and pride of honor than any other public services available in Pakistan.



Political anarchy in Pakistan

A very bad start to 2011 in Pakistan has left the country shaken and thrown the politics of reform into even greater doubt.Karachi is our major source  of financial activities  but throughout showing  disturbances towards highest side where target killings, strikes, political instability etc all contributing to shake the  economical infrastructure of Pakistan which has already been downsized due to war in our northern region. The present situation of Karachi where hold of political ruling groups are so obvious, call of army for take over its  control is itself explaining that once again Pakistan has been failed to reestablish its political writ in one of important city and paving way for international community to ascertain that Pakistan is a failed state and unfit for democracy. Also, Pakistanis themselves by now have their doubts about the sustainability of this type of political system. Their welcoming call of the take-over by the army from different walks of life is a revealing expression of their understanding that the  military reaction  is only solution of our all problems.zahoor_cartoon.gif

The hard realities of Pakistani domestic politics under incompetent politicians as usual creating horrible scenes of orthodox tactics  of controlling the state matters The fracture in the Pakistani political system has become more visible after each passing year  in which power remained in hands of one party and they unanimously  given three-year extension to Musharraf’s  choice  army chief. So the ruling party has its president, the prime minister,Speaker NA. senate chairman and the supportive army chief and all are witnessing political and security failures without considering its long-term effects  on stability of Pakistan. This troika of PM, President,COAS has long been fully  responsible for a weak and unstable mode of governance  destroying the living setup of common man.

Last 3 years have proved that NRO injection to political skeleton by army Establishment has made the nation’s political parties and national politics  weaker than before  and realistically speaking, there is apparently no option  looking for, to get rid of this political hunchback.

Under such kind of weak leadership it is sure Pakistan is on a trajectory of failure.In any organized system of governance it takes decades for a state to fail but Pakistani politicians prove it in few years that Pakistan is not  a suitable ground for breeding the democratic norms. Continuing political instability, rising social unrest, riots and protests, corruption of civil servants, bureaucrats and politicians all this in combine provide no surety and security to its people to have trust any of them.
For past 65 years, Pakistan view-point of making it as security state  have turned it as hub of militarism.Today one can’t count the mushroom growth of radical elements but it is very easy to find any rare progressive and liberal forum showing resistance to  such kind of increasing fanaticism. US operations in Afghanistan have destabilized its western borders as well as internal security situation raising our dependability on costly defense expenditures. Furthermore short cut and  rampant corruption of its political  ruling elites has totally jeopardized its economic  growth as well.

As a result of this kind of social, political and economical downfall  Pakistan today has arrived in a situation  where state functionaries  are  not able to perform its first and foremost duty: to provide security to the lives and properties of its citizens. It is increasingly seen failing  in Karachi, Baluchistan and KPK to provide quick and cheap justice to the people .The  economic performance is also controlled by wrong guidance of international donor agencies  which gives imaginary and  superficial surveys , data and not rooted in the local economy. The ignoring  trickle-down effect of this false economy is completely hidden in silvery covers of sumptuous living of rulers and people of Pakistan are day by day depriving of their normal or below normal standard of living in this insecure Pakistan.

Time has eventually come  to create a resistance force against such odds so that  transfer of power from this elite class to real people of Pakistan would go ahead.History has already proved that Pakistani people have capacity of turning the table of strong dictators so this time little effort is required to disqualify these political cartoons which are just becoming danger for Pakistan’s peace.Peace is a mandatory social practice and Without it no country or nation can proceed toward prosperity or minimum kind of respectable living .

Pakistan’s displaced status of honour and selfrespect

The thorns which I have reap’d are of the tree
I planted; they have torn me, and I bleed.
I should have known what fruit would spring from such a seed.
–George Gordon, Lord Byron, Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage

Where we stand in 2011 ?

On verge of civil war and ditch of terrorism…….

what is our criteria of self-respect?

Beggars and traitors have no criteria of managing level of self-respect for whole nation.

What is least condition of Pakistani nation to maintain its status of  honor?

Just to claim which school of religious thought he or she belongs or what ethnic group he is proud to be part of

What is meaning of life in Pakistan?

Waiting for death from unknown bullet or unrecognized enemy

These are simple replies of  strong influenced militaristic  society  in Pakistan where dead bodies are fallen on our nerves like raindrops.Our newspapers have all times  headlines of number of dead bodies, found in Karachi Baluchistan and KPK.Some are victim of suicidal attack, some are target of killers and some are killed  as they are unsecured citizens of Pakistan where law and order is only meant for 1 to 2% elite class.


In a state where political and religious groups have centered their display of power and control  through killing each other or less than of it is not compromised then one can estimate easily that humanity is touching to extreme level of savagely attitude in Pakistani society.Everybody is accepting that it is all war of powers whose controllers  are not in mood of giving up their authoritative role in bhutta collection or land grabbing measures but in lust of power and money no one  from state level is interested to stop this deadly game which can only lead us toward civil war like situation.

What would be end of this deadly game??

Army would be pleaded or  forced to take over the charge of major cities of Pakistan reminding us  complete failures of political enhancement in Pakistan society and all the political groups except few  kept aside; would join the Military driven centralized administrative system.Corrupt would be secured or preserved and new kind of skin would be given to military setup for continue its long time struggle to control  Pakistan’s  fate .

The senseless  and vision less attitude of all leadership of political parties  is surely a basic reason of down fall of political infrastructure in Pakistan that even humiliated oust of military dictators  are not taken seriously  and almost all political groups after taking over ,carried  on same kind of dictatorial strategy with new outlooks of democracy.The disappearance of a sense of responsibility is the most far-reaching consequence of submission of political forces  to  military authority.

Today worst conditions of security in PPP ‘s administration was actually past of Musharraf’s  last days when nothing was coming in his  command and control.Such failures of incompetent rulers are borne to people of Pakistan who all time suffer due to collapse of any kind of government setup as first thing appears in our streets are  riots  of  armed gangs.These gangs suddenly disappear when change or replacement process is completed.So for Pakistani rulers  these games of violence are  nothing else than a tool for achieving their power-hungry and money-hungry goals. ...From a 'Failed State' to a 'Nailed State' to a 'Jailed State'...

Their irresponsible attitude itself has some intermediate link somewhere in chain of actions that generate violence in vulnerable areas of Pakistan.Such scenes of chaos tell us that there is no sense of readiness  is available  in-house of lords to secure their people but all are waiting that erupted fire of riots itself disrupts and in the meantime they make their political moves.

One has to accept this with heavy heart that  there is a complete detachment between the people and the present government come into being through NRO,. A major cause of this detachment is the government’s very unbalanced and underestimated short-term decisions and programs.The old feudal mentality or ruling group is not in mood of accepting the people’s reaction coming through  open media houses and they are still living in fool’s paradise that every thing would be clam after bloody rioting without disciplining governments acts.

The absence of  commands of democracy  is  quite  visible in such  pseudo democratic setup of Zardari and his bribed alliances .

Seeing this continuous  collapse this is the duty of people of Pakistan as we entering  the twenty–first century  first to organize our self above than difference marked for us by our leadership. It should be  expressed by the desire to give a noble and humanizing meaning to a community in which all folks should  define themselves not by their own identity but  on the basis of priority demand of nation or any community.

We all have dreams to live in peace and prosperity . But in order to make dreams into reality we have to show resistance to those black sheep of power mafia controlling our matters and resources, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self–discipline, and collective effort to sabotage  the typical game plans of Tom and Jerry which have been embossed on us since the division of 1947.

Sincere,logical and wise people,a genuine asset in one’s life

Human a social creature needs company of alike mind fellows in the form of friends and companion sometimes to share their joys, sorrows or  to take guidance in difficult times. Mankind cannot live alone, every individual must live and interact with others.Good companionship, choosing and having good companions is extremely important for many reasons and from many aspects. Much part of our lives is spent in interaction with others. Befriending righteous and virtuous person is an essential means for staying in the content mode as  having good company is some kind of drain of frustration of hardships of life .More the  individuals are able to get strong, sincere and wise friends in his /her social circle, it would be more comfortable for him/her to counter the difficult situation of life.Sincerity : honesty roadsign arrow pointing towards reliance and truth honest people pure integrity

Friends are  some kind of those people in our surroundings who feel for their companions, in both happy and sad moments. If we try to trust or  share our feelings and problems  with the wrong-doers whose actions are worthless and based on risky and uncertain attitude there are chances that we  can follow them in same ways and standards as they are. Affection which results from acts of kindness and passion  indeed help the people to develop love and closeness between two or among  many friends. Mixing with followers for some social pleasures , for sake of guidance and help can appear as a clear  change in one’s behavior, morals and conduct.

This way one society is able to produce  a  core of a strong community, something that people should always strive in the form of effective social circle.That is why Islam always talk about brotherhood and its importance  , focusing better way of communication and  help to each other.On the other hand western societies due to broken family circles and weak social bonds rely on state community services where trained  people are recruited for this job to give assistance to other fellow beings.So both actions are same but one is dependent on nature of individuals and other is on the quality of state services.But one thing is common behind this kind of social need is that it should be based on sincerity and wisdom.Those people who eventually come in friendship circle or qualify for such jobs are usually put in two categories:Sincerity : Flowchart of leadership - many uses in the manufacture industry

Either they are good individuals who guide and encourage friends or people toward what is correct difference between good and bad or  those fellows who take the person toward wrong side by misusing their weak areas of life.So it is very important to select a proper person  in our circle of social acquaintance.

Right advice, logical solutions,appropriate  counseling based on experience and encouragement at the time of fall are unexplainable treasures of human guidance which  one is able to get at right time: can make him/her in correct directions of life.It doesn’t matter how many times a person faces abnormal circumstances in his/her life but what matters is how he/she tackles the difficult situation in life  while taking help of wise people.So  genuine companion is some sort of heavenly  gift which all time available to successful and content person of any society.
Muslims ‘real  leaders always focused on importance of good company in their ways:

In an authentic Hadith, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “A person is likely to follow the faith of his friend, so look whom you befriend.”

Hazrat Ali (AS) said: “Mix with the noble people, you become one of them; and keep away from evil people to protect yourself from their evils.

Ibn Hazm said: “Anyone who criticizes you cares about your friendship. Anyone who makes light of your faults cares nothing about you.

For picking people on the basis of their  sincerity level is more worth than following them on the basis of their temporary social status. The materialistic person , whether living in western or eastern society  finds difficult to have  a true, sincere friend in his own society on whom to bestow his love and affection.His/her  choice of  selecting typical company fluctuates with the demand of conditions he yearns for his success .

Good friendship always integrate human values in the way of affection,compassion  and divide griefs and sorrows True companions are those who are there for us  unconditionally where all other turn their faces. Never look for our weaknesses, but always offer support no matter what the circumstances are  coming ahead.

Good parenting/partnership  or brought up of child  in positive environment  itself makes person  to  find the right friends in his/her social circle but sometimes it is achieved on trial and error process or in some cases  accidentally we meet the right persons of our lives.It should be considered as heavenly gift,perhaps as return of our good and sincere deeds which we unconditionally offers to others come in our way .Positive attitude always give way to genuine persons to attracts toward positive mindsets  and this way one is able to get the reward of loving, caring and dignified kind of living in this mean and  materialistic world too.

From Jinnah’s nation to General’s Pakistan!

Another 14th August 2011 has been passed and the negative  evolution process of  Jinnah’s Pakistan  is still going on where morning starts with scenes of terrorism attacks or headlines are decorated with number of dead bodies fallen on Pakistan on the basis of religious and ethnic differences. I am sure that Jinnah had never though in his mind that one day drones of supper powers would have been flown from bases of Pakistan to kill the children of his country. Why it is happenings so as now this state has become Generals’ Pakistan where solution of all problems are  found or  hidden through military tactics.It  has yet to reach “failed state” status in international level but as military minds have no caliber to judge the situation beyond their barrack confined mental approach  so all is well in books of ruling group of Pakistan after creating chaos though unworkable decisions. The  so-called  puppet like elected government in Islamabad has little if any control over large sections of the country, especially, Karachi, Baluchistan and other  military covering areas like  Waziristan and FATA ,all have come under the influence of extreme disorders on the basis of community segregation. The agreements of peace are formed and dis formed , however, achieved the exact opposite of what these are intended to, in that nothing ends terrorist activities.People are just living on their own basis without any kind of support from state machinery. Pakistan nuke and extremists

The real vision of Jinnah’s Pakistan has been badly distorted  or reversed under the command of two military dictators.

Zia’s Islamic program and Musharraf’s decision to support the global war on terror led Pakistan to play a reactive role in assisting the United States to defeat Russia and then  al-Qa’ida respectively . In other words, not only Pakistan was helping to produce the monsters for super powers but had to take the mission of  destroying the same monster that it assisted in creating. Internally, this has placed  Pakistan in extremely  difficult position, as super power never leave nay option to do other than their real interests.So all these wars are actually kind of crusades where Muslim  decision makers are aiding non-Muslims to create Muslim  genocide on the basis of local mismatches.

On present situation it looks that wrong policies of militarist has created   the three key groups and uncontrollable  factors those have become real  threats to the Pakistani state.These are Islamist, agitated tribes, and ethnic religious nationalists.For almost two decades, the Northern Areas have been afflicted by sectarianism; in recent years Shia-Sunni violence has increased markedly.Baluchistan and Karachi are showing worst kind of ethnic divide where almost all groups have pointed guns on each other to restrain supremacy.It is just a scene of  the long-term damage to social harmony under code of lawlessness  and  is not allowing Jinnah’s nation to take stand against corrupt governments and military intervention in nation building process.  It is because of their divergent  and narrow-minded views, which posing a clear and immediate threat to Pakistan’s survival as a homogenous state. The  ethnic -nationalists  all time seem to advocate either growing autonomy or independence, while the Islamists want to strengthen Pakistan’s Islamic character in their prescribed rigid modes. All political stunts are by products of military rules and political anemia Pakistan suffering since its creation.This are making strong centered groups but tending Pakistan as  a weak state, bordering on failure. The longer Pakistan remains in this vulnerable position, the more powerful the ethnic groups and Islamists will become dominant in Pakistani politics.

After the  CJ restoration movement and access of modern media to public a new group  other than orthodox ideas labeled as the pro-democracy group starting emerging in urban areas of Pakistan but it lacks in serious and sincere leadership so can’t be coming in proper shape to take stand against typical feudal, bureaucratic and military led setup.

The situation in Pakistan is becoming increasingly dire, as tensions within the country rise while the government appears helpless to control events. In many ways, the government and army are  playing  with fuel and fire  for trying  to put out fires.

The best way to get rid of this situation of uncertainty and to achieve some stability there is dire need of  the enhancement of democratic norms and economic growth in Pakistan by ending the paranoia of an Indian  enmity which is directly influencing the financial liabilities of Pakistan toward its unlimited defense deals.

Nothing is impossible if Turkey and Malaysia like Muslim countries can embrace secularism and sidelining military pressures while promoting economic and social development then why we Pakistani can’t just follow such exemplary footsteps????

Poor soldiers or military robots of Pakistan

History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives

Pakistan has long history of wars where large number of casualties have come in fate of soldiers or para military personals  working under commissioned army officers .This cycle is still going on and even in this internal war on terror our more than 3000 solders have been consumed and more than double of this figure has been either handicapped or in missing numbers.

More than ten years ago, the Pakistan armed forces has been involved int a tough battle against an assumed enemy, against the forces of nature, not only to defend the nation but to get rid of  terrorism in one of the most challenging internal war Pakistan has ever fought. Pakistani people are always  in state of hearing news  as common head lines in which a number of soldiers are provided who embraced “Shadaaat” on the line of duty. The ages of these combatants are hardly 19 to 30 years  who  at the peak time of their ages are put into front line of war zones after taking this oath.

(In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful.)
I,  do solemnly swear that I will bear true faith and allegiance to Pakistan and uphold the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan which embodies the will of the people, that I will not engage myself in any political activities whatsoever and that I will honestly and faithfully serve Pakistan in the Pakistan Army (or Navy or Air Force) as required by and under the law.

May Allah Almighty help and guide me (A’meen).

The battle for recognition continues, as well the battle for remembrance  is going on since Pakistan came into being and an emotional and  confused nation seems to think that giving floral tributes and gratitude on paper is enough, as well as is comfortable in a lasting memory or  just that, a momentarily  memory.

After taking this oath the lives of million Pakistanis should act like legal pawn of Pakistan who has  to obey a legal order of their seniors to fight in what they  rightly believes to be a war.Their mental aptitude never allow them to assess the justice or injustice of a provided  war.They are mentally and virtually pressurized through military tactics  of coercion and manipulation which renders them incapable of forming a judgment on the matter.

It is universal fact that war ignites the sentiments of soldiers ,  paralyzes courage of humanity  and kill the spirit of true manhood.Historically, the most terrible things war, genocide and slavery have resulted from obedience of pawns under excellent military leadership, not disobedience.To fight, one  must be brutal and ruthless, and if it is prolonged process then the spirit of ruthless brutality will enter into the very fibre of national life and start showing its effects on sadistic human minds living  under influence of war atrocities.

These  actions of charged Pakistani soldiers are  reflection of living in prolonged  senseless  environment of war and terrorism zones .These are not act of individuals but as per explained  army setups surely have come from hierarchical orders.

  • A member of Pakistan’s paramilitary Sindh Rangers has been sentenced to death in the killing of an unarmed teenager whose fatal shooting was caught on video.Five other soldiers, also members of the Sindh Rangers, and a civilian were given life sentences for their roles in the June killing of 17-year-old Sarfraz Shah
  • A Pakistani military court has convicted seven people of launching a siege on the army headquarters and sentenced the alleged ringleader to death.
  • Islam Sadiqqui was among several soldiers arrested after alleged al-Qaeda operatives and domestic militants — including army officers — tried to blow up President General Pervez Musharraf’s motorcade as it was traveling near Islamabad on Dec. 14, 2003.
  • In June 2009, the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) confirmed that it had arrested or dismissed from service at least 57 employees in connection with botched attempts on the life of the former president.
  • Pakistani  nation has witnessed the cold-blooded shooting by Pakistani soldiers under command of colonial  against five Muslim  Chechnya one of them a pregnant woman-in Quetta.

These are simple indications that how civilized society is perpetually menaced with disintegration through such  primary hostilities of men towards one another. Here in case of blunders, blame game is put on account of soldiers and order of defiance is considered  treason  against state security on those officers who try to raise the issue of anti humanism or rule of wars.No matter what political reasons are given for war, the underlying reason is always economic.Supremacy of controller of war  and slavery  of defiant local group create this tower of dead bodies and label it as sacrifices of martyrs where floral and verbal words are showered on national days.That is attitude that every victory in terms of human development turns into a defeat which would remain part of us too as long we are stick to our military policies of GHQ and CIA.