Searching God and Rinsing sins in Grand cities of Mecca and Vatican

Everything begins in mysticism and ends in politics.

“Religion “word was originated from the Latin Religio, meaning ‘restraint’, or Relegere.According to  Cicero a Roman Orator its meaning  is to repeat, to read again’, or, most likely, Religionem, to show respect for what is sacred. It has  always been considered as set of  an organized system of beliefs and practices revolving around, or leading to a magnificent spiritual experience. For many centuries historians recorded that there is no culture recorded in human history which has not practiced some form of religion.

Seeing trends of 19th or 20th century it is seen that  being part of  ruling family of Religious state , few enjoy far greater spiritual and  materialistic  advantages than the  common citizens of this earth.These families raise their status on religious thorns are being followed by  masses for many centuries and no one will dare to correct their faults, or to point out their duties. All abstain from mentioning to them their defects, through fear of incurring  displeasure of elite groups and general public too who consider them heavenly creatures.Even their vices are applaud through religious innovations recommended by clerics, no matter these are considered sins for common man.vat

The religion of Christianity made standard  belief in an afterlife and set up an organized set of rituals by which an adherent could gain everlasting life.British and French monarchy had strong interlinks with religious beliefs and in both monarchies, religion played crucial role of binding public with these kings and queens  by portraying them as  messengers of God. Although Christians were simply following in the footsteps of the Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Phoenicians and the Greeks all of whom had their own stylized rituals for the worship of their gods. After the Christians, the Muslim  instituted their rituals for understanding the supreme deity which, though vastly different in form from those of Christianity, Judaism or any of the older religions, served the same purpose as the rituals once practiced in worship of the Egyptian style culture over five thousand years ago.These all religions mostly emphasized to lend human beings the understanding that they are not alone in their struggles, suffering and triumphs, and an unseen power always taken care of them.These all also focused the human thought that death is not the end of existence.

As Christians ruled the countries and huge masses through their monarchy and by setting  Vatican culture same like Muslim ruling groups tried their best to take control of Holy Kaaba through any means. These richest rulers through wars and conflicts are driving people faith and fate for last many centuries.It is seen clearly that  religious beliefs are always transformed into  political matters, bestowing  nobles,brining population to take an oath recognizing the king/chief/priest’s position as head of holy places and this way making  strongest almost untouchables from worldly laws which are used to tamed public.

Christians, Hindus , Muslims etc all are some kind of hypnotized  to search God in  extraordinary man-made lordly and magnificent setups .Whether it is magnificent city of  Vatican or highly paid package for Kaaba rituals as hajj and Ummrah , followers have to follow a strict system of ruling religious groups as sign of obedience of God Almighty.mecca

For rough estimation one can judge the religious income of Vatican’s wealth.Net earnings at the Vatican bank, known as the Institute for Religious Works, rose more than four-fold to 86.6 million euros ($116.95 million)The Institute for Religious Works (IOR) has declared that it earned a net profit of $117.2 million in 2012, as compared with its 27.4 million net profit in 2011. More than $67.7 million of its 2012 profit was given to the pope for his charitable works.

Now Come to richest land of Mecca.An estimated 2.5 million Muslims began the annual hajj pilgrimage annually and the total number of tourists to Mecca and Medina, home to the prophet Muhammad(pbuh), is expected to rise from about 12 million to almost 17 million by 2025.Business reports conclude that Saudi tourism, especially the religious variety is recession proof. The government’s commission for tourism and antiquities said revenue from tourism this year would reach $17.6bn, then almost double again by 2015.

The Saudis richest tycoons not only posses the income of religious rituals but enormous oil wealth raise their status to richest rulers of the world ruling the poorest community of world.Not a single time poor Muslims from poor countries are offered to pay their rituals less than fixed amount.Nor this huge heavenly income is spend to raise the living standards of weak Muslim population facing hunger and backwardness for last century.Nobody is bothering that construction mania of Arab rulers are trampling the archaeological heritage of holy cities of Mecca and Madina once a place where the Prophet Mohamed(pbuh)( insisted all Muslims would be equal, has become a playground for the rich and sinful characters of Muslim world.

 Sami Angawi, a renowned Saudi expert on the region’s Islamic architecture, is equally concerned. “This is an absolute contradiction to the nature of Mecca and the sacredness of the house of God,” he told the Reuters news agency earlier this year. “Both [Mecca and Medina] are historically almost finished. You do not find anything except skyscrapers.”

After viewing deeply the extravaganza of our so-called religious gods of this world one should think it that whether it was Jesus or Moses or Mohammed(pbuh) they all went for mediation on high mountains or remote areas which were  strongly surrounded by power of nature .They all  developed their interconnection with God and heavenly creatures on simple God made land and always isolated themselves in process of  liberating   from heavy demands of materialistic world but instead of this, their followers love to follow all norms those are linked with artificially designed  Religious theme parks.



What Pakistan and Poor Pakistanis earned after misadventure of Kargil War?

Last week when  media of Pakistan was covering the issue-less visit of Zardari  in India ,the massive wall of snow engulfed a Pakistani military complex at Gayari sector close to the Siachen Glacier, cluing nation that  rescue teams have been unable to dig up any survivors.Since then there is now very little hope that even a small number of people will come out alive. This is this unique war front of the world where temperatures as low as minus 76 degrees,  frost biting winds and altitude sickness have killed far more than artillery fires. Casualty figures are not released by either military, but hundreds are believed to have died there.Army management of both side  always ignore these facts that these untouched  snow peaks are actually water reservoirs of  living beings of  subcontinent and more they would plan human and artillery movements there it would highly disturb the ecology of this precious natural treasures and we can see more avalanches and degradation of ecosystem of this snow-white region.

Siachen avalanche

Intellectuals of both India and Pakistan are asking to their  military management what they have gained after deadly  misadventures in Kargil in 1984 and then 1999 respectively.The result after seeing present status is  just a huge number of casualties, fatal injuries and massive defense budget on the name of national security.The nuclear-armed rivals have fought three wars since 1947 and then two major misadventures in Siachan in the name of attacks . So if we just ignore the  Indian point of views ,then one should just get a fair conclusion that what actually Pakistan and Pakistanis have earned  through such misadventures of wars.

This practice is done on regular basis in Pakistani soil just for reviving  emotional hate culture for India, weakening the political and social  development which furthermore reduces  human development and resources for common Pakistanis  and more vulnerable situation of internal security.India after triggering weakness of Pakistani establishment  fully avoids proper dialogues and  focuses more on its  military needs i.e funds and equipment to maintain a state of readiness against  cunning generals of Pakistan on the cost of ignoring people ‘s need .

This present  tragic incident in Gyari has again pricked the wounds of concerned Pakistanis which were subjected during defeat of Kargil war. Politically the Kargil operation which surely  a more direct military option,was used to bolster the morale of its forces, achieve political and tactical gains but instead of this one shouldn’t forget that Pakistan not only faced humiliated defeat and huge losses there under command of General Musharraf  and  it was first time Pakistan army had shown  lesser interest even in claiming the dead bodies of poor Pakistanis soldiers  who were  killed due to poor attacking strategy of their officers.Again in this snow blasting  incident that world scientists have  predicted many times,GHQ is  failed to apprehend  such an incident ensuing  large number of casualties  who were buried alive in a land where nature’s power fully dominant on man-made useless planning and  conflicts.

What this incident is  again warning  us?Have we ever conducted geological survey to monitor weather forecast and snow sliding of this kind of magnitude?

What we  learn from the intentional blunders of Pakistani generals regarding strategical and  tactical war maneuvering by completely ignoring the security and safety of their personals?

What a common Pakistani earned from this war game?

The simple and logical replies of these queries are just like , serious alarming, nothing,useless.

Pakistan political groups who are fully under  control of army management is showing more poor performance regarding solving such issues as they have been whirl-poled in more  problematic solutions of internal security and corruption related to state matters so no body bothered about  such huge losses  which are still going on in such abnormal war terrains.PTV and  ISPR  as usual  are  again doing its routine  job by creating emotional atmosphere  through  scenes of rescue efforts for such kind of forced and useless sacrifices.

Insecure  Pakistan is badly  in need of  real efforts to bring back  its powerful status in the area of power, energy and resources which  absences are creating havoc in life of common man and hammering the production capacity.Nation  requires precious lives  and working of her real sons of soil but instead of this Pakistani managers need such forced sacrificial  dead bodies  to maintain their fake game of  deadly politics for their personal and family interests.Pakistan in last years of turmoil , has been  sharply declined in number of its young workers, soldiers, manpower due to this war and terror like situation and contrary to this , Generals,  rulers,policy makers  and their families have become more dominant, rich and powerful in  Pakistan.

Fate of Real Pakistanis vs VIP Like Aliens

Pakistan has faced one of worst kind of earth quake in 2005 leaving mas destruction on huge scale.Some facts of the earthquake  shows the magnitude of the devastation,

Total dead in Earthquake = 80,000 – 90,000
Estimated proportion of children amongst dead = 80 percent
(note: 18,000 children had died while at school)Pakistan Kashmir earthquake victims housing

Total displaced by Earthquake = 3,500,000
Affected still living in tents in camps = 35,000 – 40,000
At-risk families without permanent shelter = 60,000 – 100,000
Additional people who might need shelter this winter = 30,000 – 60,000

Pakistani government and private sector are still unable to  provide 100 percent rehabilitation facilities to  the affected people and still hundreds are living in homeless conditions as our war laden economy is not allowing state’s resources  to give them opportunity of resettling in their own lands.

Repeated Flood Disasters

In 2010, and this year too Pakistan faced the most catastrophic floods in the 60 year history of the country. When the country was in such intense disaster, there were reports that some influential landowners and feudal groups have diverted the floods to save their lands and properties  and drowned lands and harvested crops of poor people of Sindh Punjab and Baluchistan too.

Due to  lack of facilities as flood water receded, thousands remain without food or shelter—though foreign aid is on its way. The UN has called the flooding an unprecedented disaster.Worst-hit area was the north-western province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa..

A picture of Pakistani villagers evacuating their farms after the floods

 Last years at least 1,600 have died and up to 13 million people have been affected – two million more than the total five million in the tsunami and three million in each earthquake.

This year again the  monsoon floods that began almost two weeks ago made havoc in Sindh and  have washed away roads, bridges and communication lines, hampering aid efforts.Government is again looking helpless against this natural calamity which is always written in fate of poor.

Pakistan Flood 450 (Pic:AP)
A picture of Pakistani flood victims waiting for food
Furious survivors have been physically attacking government officials over the slow pace of the relief effort.
Internal Displaced Citizen Crisis

Since Pakistani top brass has decided to provide it services and land for war on terror activities to super power , the migration of local people toward peaceful areas have become a normal routine in unstable Pakistan.It was not happened  once or twice but still a continuous process of movement of people are being  recorded in last 8 years.Nato missiles and US drones are forcing people to vacate their homeland and move other parts of Pakistan.This IDP crisis has sharply change the demographic situation of our urban areas, changing their social cum economic scale and residential capacity more sharply  than what is being observed in last year.

Internally Displaced Person's (IDP's) travel by road as they flee military operations in Swat, Buner and Lower Dir on May 10, 2009 in Malakand, Pakistan. Hundreds of thousands of people are believed to be displaced as a result of these military operations against the Taliban. Over 150,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPÕs) who have fled Swat, Buner and Lower Dir, face harsh living conditions in camps.

The locals of  Wana, North waziristan, south wazirstan,FATA are all time in state of displaced since the war has been imposed in Pakistan.Swat war had produced 3.5 million IDPS who spread all over Pakistan which is some kind of world record and Pakistan army should be praised for  such kind of contingency planning within its boundaries to move highest number of displaced people for conducting 6 months operation for 4000 to 5000 insurgents.

Rise in Beggary

Beggars have started swarming the bazaars, roads, parking lots and even parks in all major cities of Pakistan creating nuisance for the citizens. Belonging to every age, these beggars encircle the visitor as soon as one enters the market and use every possible technique to persuade one to give alms. Almost in all main roads at a signal, beggars start tapping the car windows  forcing .

The militancy and measures to curb it in the tribal areas and other areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan have led to increase in number of beggars on Peshawar streets. The years-long civil war, use of deadly weapons,drone and missile attacks  in Pakistan has not only compelled the people on migration from their homeland but also made them disabled having no source of income except begging.

It is estimated that of the total alms seekers some 10 to 15 per cent people belong to the volatile regions and most of them are children

These beggars children are then used for other crimes like sexual abuse, drug trafficking , robberies or gun point harassment on streets.It is  said the number of beggars on different roads, bazaars, intersections and streets was increasing with each passing day and only in Peshawar/Karachi and Lahore their number had increased to 1,000 times, but the government was yet to devise a plan for their rehabilitation.

Pakistan’s VIPs Living styles

Whatever the circumstances in Pakistan due to natural calamity or man-made disasters VIPs of Pakistan are raising their living standards and increasing the numbers of those group who take rise in wealthy and influential class in very short period .

It has become  continues process in Islamic republic of Pakistan  to take from the poor for the benefit of the rich and stronger groups. Its abolition will take more than lip service and can only come about from some fundamental reforms of the system.Our VIP culture, could be to cancel all the illegal allotments, sell the land at market rates and use the funds to building low-cost housing for poor urban dwellers but no body ever seen such situation. Our VIP culture has created an affluent class which appropriates for itself, most of the patronage of the state and believe all kind of shortcuts to get personal gains on the cost of  disintegrating national interests.

One can judge the approach of ruling people , that  the budget of the President’s House was set at Rs427.25 million at the time budget 2010-11 was approved but the actual expenditures of the President house ended up at Rs462.81 million. So for the upcoming fiscal year the expenditures have been earmarked at Rs482.63 million.

The same is found in PM account and  overall budget of the Prime Minister’s House is Rs1.37 billion for 2011-12 against Rs1.18 billion in 2010-11. An amount of Rs2.8 million will be spent on Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’s foreign tours in 2011-12 as against Rs2.6 million in the outgoing fiscal year. The overall budget of the Prime Minister’s House is Rs1.37 billion for 2011-12 against Rs1.18 billion in 2010-11.

One can produce same kind of statistics for all chief minister and governor houses where expenses are beyond imagination of poor citizens of Pakistan

Rockwood House

The new viral national disease on the name of VIPs security protocol in Pakistani culture  is again appearing  on people’s nerves. According to data available to , there are 945 troops in the Punjab Elite Police including three inspectors, 33 sub-inspectors, 20 assistant sub-inspectors, 292 head constables, 573 constables and 24 women constables.The force uses as many as 67 vehicles and operates round-the-clock for VIPs of Pakistan.that 248 elite personnel work for the Sharifs including 71 with Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif, 58 at the PML-Nawaz’s chief Nawaz Sharif’s Raiwind residence, 31 with the Punjab CM’s sons Hamza and Salmaan, six with Capt (retd) Safdar Mehmood (MNA), 55 with Mian Nawaz Sharif, nine with the CM’s nephew Imran Yousaf, 10 with the CM’s wife and eight at the CM’s wife’s Gulberg residence. VIPs.These so called shairf families are one of richest families of the world but have no shame of using money and resources of poor Pakistanis for securing their  families on the name of their right for country.

Almost same kind of statistics for  Capital Security Police that manages the safety of VIPs in Islamabad is more in number than the regular police with separate superintendents of police for VVIPs, the PM and president houses among others. It just shows the level of regard our government has for their citizens of a common stature.As many as 71 elite cops are deployed with the family members of Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, including 20 with his wife, 34 with his four sons, 10 with the PM’s daughter and seven with the PM himself.

The situation is the same all over the country without any concern of the general population. If the approximately 12000 police that are stuck with VIPs in shoving aside traffic in Karachi..

The residents of Rawalpindi daily witness the two times a day  road blockage by dozens of army vehicles to give way to  big  convoy of chief of army staff who is actually assigned to give security to Pakistani people.

So one should think after hearing such data that if these security personals would be put on regular duty, perhaps the security situation in the cities would improve in favor of poor people of Pakistan.

Due to some daring effort of supreme court Pakistani people know that it was Musharraf and Aziz have purchased two plots measuring five acres and 2.5 acres respectively worth millions of rupees, which were actually meant for boosting production of poultry and vegetables.

‘The court was informed by CDA officials that a total of 25,000 acres of precious land worth billions of rupees in the suburbs of Islamabad was given to 499 tops guns of the country including powerful generals, bureaucrats, businessmen and officials of the secret agencies at highly

But who will question this to these elites who are owners of Jati ummrah palace or Surrey palace or chak shezad Morocco living setups? We are used to a democracy that thrives on our coffers – we will curse and condemn and by the time of next elections we would have forgiven and forgotten  the lies of these ruling elites and hope again for their national services .

Who would rescue the emergency services in unsafe Pakistan?

Pakistan urban cities are showing mysterious kind  of law and order situation where along with hidden fear of terrorist attack, people are  all time ready to gun point robberies any time any where and can face  serious kind of incidents like bomb or suicidal blasts .If we say that Pakistan for last years have been turned into land of casualties or victims where all time people are at risk of  hazard of terrorism or deadly incidents as routine  scene of daily life.

At these crucial moments who come first to save people of Pakistan?

These are  either common people, traffic wardens or ambulances from 1122 and social sector provide immediate  services  to rescue poor Pakistanis.

Like other developed countries Pakistanis also have not very modern emergency services but if one overview the  continuous  disastrous situation in our roads, near mosques or army installations due to regular attacks of militants or planted bombs, one can say that Pakistan emergency services are more in forefront to counter effects of war of terrorism than any other institutes of Pakistan.The most common ambulances marked with name of Edhis, chippa, 1122(state sponsored), Khidmat khailq,  are all time seen whatever kind of disaster is  seen but the workers of these named organizations always are first on spot to help helpless Pakistanis.

It was not happened once or twice but many times it is seen that after each bomb blasts when these rescue teams are there to secure injured, second blast is proceeded to wipe off the operation of these servicemen who are in affected scenes to help their brothers or sisters leaving behind their own safety in most unsafe working  conditions of Pakistan.

There is not only one kind of hazard faced by these vehicles which are badly affecting the performance of these true daring Pakistanis who  have to face many threats during their line of duty like  snatching of vehicle by armed gangs  for doing some criminal activity like robbery, kidnapping etc . So one can imagine the extent of danger in this kind of service in most unsafe city of Pakistan.July, 20: A view of a traffic Jam at Jail Road Lahore, in all these vehicles two of the ambulances are also stuck, can any one imagine the pain of those inside these ambulances?

Along with such  apprehensions they have to slow down their services due to menacing halt of CNG gas stations in many days of week because due to high rates of petrol many organizations  have gas filled carriers in their vans.During gas load shedding these vehicles are also seen standing in long queues , surely sidetrack from their duties just due to mismanagement of civil administration whom should exempt these philanthropist venture from this weekly closures of CNG supplies.

Attacks on ambulances specially in Karachi have become common scene where in any kind of  tension, rioters even don’t hesitate to attack on ambulance or to burn the vehicle.The reason behind this deadly mess is given that in troubled areas arms or goons are also supplied through such ambulances or dead bodies of rivals are moved through in ambulances .

No doubt that criminal minded people do misuse the sanctity of this service but even then discontinue of this only hope of countless victims on our streets  can’t be ignored or bypassed for ceasing the way of  criminals.State should improve it check and balance procedures to curb such inhumane activities to improve trust of public on such emergency services.

Edhi service which network is started from Karachi and spread over all Pakistan, is internationally  recognized  but his ambulance, charity work of collection and distribution have been many times attacked and  even he himself  has got threats by some political groups.It was threat to his life that had once  forced him to quit Pakistan for short period but in such dangerous conditions he never halted his services for one day . So one can imagine the extent of danger in this kind of service in most unsafe city of Pakistan.

Furthermore people poor civic sense  many time becomes reason of creating blockage  for these vehicles and many times these ambulances are hit by another drivers who have no instinct of giving way or to side way their cars for fast speed ambulances trying to reach to victims of accidents or blasts. Many time  these scenes are witnessed on our roads that these life saving services itself face fatal consequences and no one is there to help them .

So whether it is matter of standing on long queues of traffic jams and gas stations or hit by other vehicles or terrorists this service is only hope of vulnerable Pakistanis for securing their life on the spot where even their love ones are unaware what has happened to them.So we should seriously consider the service of these  gentlemen who risking their lives are  all time  ready to serve this terrified nation in any kind of deadly circumstances.

They deserve more national recognition and pride of honor than any other public services available in Pakistan.


Political anarchy in Pakistan

A very bad start to 2011 in Pakistan has left the country shaken and thrown the politics of reform into even greater doubt.Karachi is our major source  of financial activities  but throughout showing  disturbances towards highest side where target killings, strikes, political instability etc all contributing to shake the  economical infrastructure of Pakistan which has already been downsized due to war in our northern region. The present situation of Karachi where hold of political ruling groups are so obvious, call of army for take over its  control is itself explaining that once again Pakistan has been failed to reestablish its political writ in one of important city and paving way for international community to ascertain that Pakistan is a failed state and unfit for democracy. Also, Pakistanis themselves by now have their doubts about the sustainability of this type of political system. Their welcoming call of the take-over by the army from different walks of life is a revealing expression of their understanding that the  military reaction  is only solution of our all problems.zahoor_cartoon.gif

The hard realities of Pakistani domestic politics under incompetent politicians as usual creating horrible scenes of orthodox tactics  of controlling the state matters The fracture in the Pakistani political system has become more visible after each passing year  in which power remained in hands of one party and they unanimously  given three-year extension to Musharraf’s  choice  army chief. So the ruling party has its president, the prime minister,Speaker NA. senate chairman and the supportive army chief and all are witnessing political and security failures without considering its long-term effects  on stability of Pakistan. This troika of PM, President,COAS has long been fully  responsible for a weak and unstable mode of governance  destroying the living setup of common man.

Last 3 years have proved that NRO injection to political skeleton by army Establishment has made the nation’s political parties and national politics  weaker than before  and realistically speaking, there is apparently no option  looking for, to get rid of this political hunchback.

Under such kind of weak leadership it is sure Pakistan is on a trajectory of failure.In any organized system of governance it takes decades for a state to fail but Pakistani politicians prove it in few years that Pakistan is not  a suitable ground for breeding the democratic norms. Continuing political instability, rising social unrest, riots and protests, corruption of civil servants, bureaucrats and politicians all this in combine provide no surety and security to its people to have trust any of them.
For past 65 years, Pakistan view-point of making it as security state  have turned it as hub of militarism.Today one can’t count the mushroom growth of radical elements but it is very easy to find any rare progressive and liberal forum showing resistance to  such kind of increasing fanaticism. US operations in Afghanistan have destabilized its western borders as well as internal security situation raising our dependability on costly defense expenditures. Furthermore short cut and  rampant corruption of its political  ruling elites has totally jeopardized its economic  growth as well.

As a result of this kind of social, political and economical downfall  Pakistan today has arrived in a situation  where state functionaries  are  not able to perform its first and foremost duty: to provide security to the lives and properties of its citizens. It is increasingly seen failing  in Karachi, Baluchistan and KPK to provide quick and cheap justice to the people .The  economic performance is also controlled by wrong guidance of international donor agencies  which gives imaginary and  superficial surveys , data and not rooted in the local economy. The ignoring  trickle-down effect of this false economy is completely hidden in silvery covers of sumptuous living of rulers and people of Pakistan are day by day depriving of their normal or below normal standard of living in this insecure Pakistan.

Time has eventually come  to create a resistance force against such odds so that  transfer of power from this elite class to real people of Pakistan would go ahead.History has already proved that Pakistani people have capacity of turning the table of strong dictators so this time little effort is required to disqualify these political cartoons which are just becoming danger for Pakistan’s peace.Peace is a mandatory social practice and Without it no country or nation can proceed toward prosperity or minimum kind of respectable living .

Paper marriage of MQM and PPP 2011 is over!

Every thing is unfair in love ,politics and war in Pakistan.

Political groups in Karachi were formed on ethnic and religious basis .They  shared or parted  their strength to misuse the government legal power in their favor and by betraying trust of people.The city, which generates nearly half of Pakistan’s total revenue, is plagued by extortion rackets, mafia-run land-grabs and turf wars waged by armed groups fighting for their share of resources.More than 1,100 people have been shot dead in political violence in the Pakistani city of Karachi since the start of the year.

Karachi was enjoying friendship of political parties only on  leadership level in present working scenario but nothing worked on name of political and administrative basis which could have stopped the  rainfall of dead bodies mostly due to target killing of political workers under this strong coalition government.If one side war and terror has given large numbers of victims of terrorism in whole country, here only in Karachi same numbers were killed by bullets of rival groups to show their armed political strength.

There  throughout  people seeing  that little is  done to reassure the scared-to-death citizens of Karachi that there is a government and leadership in some kind of plan to counter this 24/24 horror and terror scenes. No wonder, then, that while people are being mowed down on the streets of Karachi like stray dogs,  millions of concerned citizens  only rely to Allah to save the city and their souls. No one had any hope that this government is in any way capable of wisely planning anything to  the situation other than decorating their political pawn shops by showing the number of victims of killings. If that is not a no-confidence vote for a government, in which MQM always claim to be party of largest mandate of Karachi  stands on forefront to blame others for this kind of acute lawlessness dominant in Karachi culture since the birth of Altaf Hussein as political leader of Karachi.He is now British citizen but this is fair example of interference of vested interests of foreign powers that even in state of exile for last 20 years  he is controlling his ruling party in very violent and effective way that can any time roll down the peace of city.

Leaders of all political parties including MQM   have fully enjoyed government positions, perks, luxuries but couldn’t seize the human killing in one of most lively city of Pakistan .Here the decision of “who would rule the Karachi” is decided by the power of bullets because  long time ago ballots have lost its credibility under Musharraf- MQM political alliance on the basis of ethnicity.

MQM after seeing  cleansing operation of MQM die-hard workers  through  Pukhton general,  taken no risk of depending on only  one support for their future survival as political power of Karachi  during Musharraf era.They took no time to arrange their engineered  mandate under their control through longest tenure governorship and  undue support  from law enforcing agencies work under governor of Karachi.

People of Karachi are harvesting the crop which military establishment  had sown there since 1980s and it is to form armed gangs in political groups of Karachi. Firstly it was JI then it was MQM which had  facilitated  hit ,killing  squads and established the torture cells to subdue their opponents.

Such examples are many  time seen in Karachi First Pukhton Mujahar then Muhajar, sindhi(MQM-PPP) then PML MQM and even non party  lawyers movement couldn’t be allowed to  carry its one procession with the fear that it might have lowered down graph of MQM leadership controlled by telephone calls from UK-based station.

Not once but many times it was seen that whenever any cleanup operation was under taken by the Government, it had to stopped half way due to the hue and cry raised by MQM. MQM piled up weapons under the cover of  Peace  Committees and soon after flight from coalition government it  had opened a battlefield in Karachi to vilify other political groups. The flawed policies of MQM to control city on the barrel of the gun also provided a great opportunity to many other gangs working  under other political groups and alqaeda  operatives to  breach in the security issue with same violent ways as it is being adopted by ruling groups.

  • Political Cartoons

On the other hand the role of the media and LEAs is far from satisfactory and they literally play the role of  dumb and deaf in whole scenario .Instead of exposing the culprits both refrain from calling  the culprits in the name of impartiality because these  they all know  that the culprits belong to all political parties .MQM being the biggest seats holders having 42 seat in provincial and 10 members in National Assembly shares this burden of terror on their shoulders more than other political representatives of Karachi.

There is always seen a unique kind of consistency in MQM leadership,  their principles and these are like that

  • Always stay with ruling party in all kind of military and political governments.
  • Never goes against wind of polices of establishment .
  • shake hands with all feudal but habitually speak against them.
  • Always be in wailing state.
  • Never accept any failure and blame to opposition/government policies while living as rulers.

No administrative and reasonable political  plan is provided   to curb and catch the killers. The provincial cabinet under totally mentally expired chief minister  is almost  non-existent as far as public interests are concerned.Absence  of strategy in all fields has become reason of this chaos as all parties are working for personal gains keeping aside the  interests of city holding millions of real working class of Pakistan..

As workers are holding guns on streets of Karachi, party leaders of same parties  are holding gun on loose talks and blame games in talks shows and telephonic  public rallies.

Zardari ans his team after having refresher weeks in UK has come back with a  plan to fully sideline MQM first in front of  foreign powers and then as main drivers of city administrative by using all state powers through his political icons known for MQM enmity.

This is the way one of our beautiful city is controlled by political and military planners since 1980s.All who claim of be champions of democracy or military strategies only added  red(blood) and black(fire smoke) colors to its gloomy and fearful attitude.

We are sorry Karachi we can’t give you back your lively living setup as your past  and peace of mind to its citizens.

we are really ashamed of our leadership and their characters.

Helplessness of Pakistanis and dumbfounded response of State

Pakistan, the  country of millions, has  30% literacy rate which means that a  big majority of the population is  uneducated and unexposed. This therefore means that traditional cultural practices which have over time been mixed in with  multiple existing  faiths  are still widely in practice.Strong characters on the basis of religious, power and  land  affiliations lead the masses on the basis of division of population contrary to any national motives which are mandatory for uniting a huge population on some focal agenda. It is not only seen that through strong characters of society and  Pakistani govt herself is involved  on abusing  or denying common rights of public for respectable survival and  both leading groups encourage VIP culture where all facilities are preserved or passed on for few people who should had been placed on  responsibility to provide art of normal living to common man of state.

Proudly claiming nuclear power Pakistan has been surplus in acute kind of problems related to  normal living setup of common citizens.Majority has reached into stage where even thinking of normal 3 meals a day,  a day with electricity , some kind of reasonable medical treatment, sending kids to appropriate school have  come in some kind of high luxury in  Pakistan.

Bhutto’s vision has surely made Pakistan a grass eater nation  on the cost of naming it as  a  nuclear power country. Pakistanis are eating grass and cake eating establishment  always found brainwashing  their minds to follow the law of  protecting nuclear bomb as last option of victory to enemies which has made few Pakistanis  billionaire and hundreds of millions others are  living on poverty line.

For last five years Pakistan army, bureaucracy and parliamentarian are bringing worst kind of management and humiliation figures into the account of Pakistan but in all budgets helpless people see that  they get rise in their perks and privileges from public funds.Contrary to this  debit of loans  and curse of bad management are burdened on the  people  and next generation of Pakistan in the name of unseen progress of Pakistan.

Since start of year 2000, first we were indulged in war on terror, then massive earth quake shaken our Kashmir side, almost destroyed all infrastructure of affected areas  and then last year heavy floods have wiped off our all claims that Pakistan can be managed by its elected and selected people as each time people saw worst kind of rescue and rehabilitation services.Contrary to this Pakistan did survive in earthquakes, terror-wars and floods,just  because of the resilience and generosity of common  Pakistanis come forward to help their fellows.

The difference between the problems of other countries with Pakistan is that in this country the tradition of  avoiding accountability and responsible optimism as both  have been completely found   non-existent in our system. Our realism seems only to propel us to declare moral, economic and political bankruptcy for each other.Negligence of govt representatives are being observed and revealed on daily basis but birds of feather least bothered about their responsible national role and keep firm on  saying  parroting like  words that all political and military juggling are being done to secure national strategy and sovereignty.

Whether it was  case  of Raymond Davis or low flying adventures of US choppers  for Osama hunt whole world saw that failed and non attempted security measures are signs of failures of responsible officials  and even then  insecure people of Pakistan are still  being pressurized by army favoring groups  to support them   for protecting nuclear assets.
The way Pak army respectably and honorably returned the tail of destroyed US chopper is unique example of  obedience where in one side they are trying to show their heroism to their nation who is arranging 80% defense budget over their falling dead bodies and lost honor.
One of modenr bases PNS mehran security was breached  that brought another black star in wall of shame of Pakistan but interestingly neither Chief of air force  nor  Navy is there to take responsibility of this criminal negligence in line of duty which not only cost Pakistan billion of rupees loss but showed  the true picture of  professional command and security control of their efficient institute .These are same chiefs who always compete each other on buying in arms race of their respective areas  and  never fed up of demanding BMWs and VVIP state protocol but in show off of bad performance all behave  like ostrich digging his head under the sand of obstinacy.
Pakistan is really in deep trouble taking it toward  uncertainty of future of capable working class. Pakistanis must insist on being responsibly optimistic about  to foresee the future mishaps There are a lot of things that call for a realistic, responsible and constructive approach in Pakistan.But for following this path we need not close our eyes to any brutal truths coming in front of us regarding bad performance of controllers of state.
There are also no metrics on how complex it must be to grow up in Pakistan with multiple kind of identity as religious, jihadi or terrorists etc –which surely highlights the urgent need for restructuring of legal and political reform that addresses equality and dignity of citizenship in Pakistan.

We  have to be given up our colonial forms of governance. This war in terror has increased our  sense of insecurity where common persons are tending towards criminal attitude ,service men become highly overworked and frustrated but  higher class creating barricades and concrete wall between public and few thousands living ostensibly in same country. This is high indication of master slave culture. Now civil bureaucrats/military top brass and parliamentarians  of a free and poor country are living like colonial masters at the expense of  high deprivation Index of   masses of this poor country. They enjoy luxuries from the taxes paid by all Pakistanis. As our top professional occupying govt offices lack professional capabilities so do our politicians are devoid of courage, foresight, patriotism and sense of democratic duty.

Impartial  Rehabilitation Commission under experienced professionals  people  should be formed for all major departments  as top priority that could study, analyze and dissect every governing system and suggest reforms so we can conform to the norms of other free and advanced democratic countries of the world.

Pakistan is a third-world country with a third-world army. Third-world armies  cant t fill the void of poor political  affairs in a system   They usually do not even gain the confidence of own countrymen  if trying to artificially pose like builder or developer of nation so it is extremely imperative to improve its  selection and promotion criteria strictly based  on merit . The simple principle of  “right man for right place “with strong accountability effective procedures is only chance of getting out this whirlpool of problems taking us toward seen destruction.