Holy Cities of Prophet#profit

These days religious stunt of securing holy places of Mecca and Medina are being projected by Wahhabi supported government of Shairf. They are full-time in mission of convincing the emotional people of Pakistan that our holy nuclear power army is all time ready to go there for securing these holy lands. Interestingly Saudi Arabia,  other gulf states, US and Israel army have already launched airstrikes against rebel forces in Yemen’s capital and across the country in defense of what Riyadh called the nation’s legitimate government.Pakistani government is also trying hard to  participate in such war activities on the basis of ASAP.SAUDI1
What  important point which is being ignored or intentionally been cornered by ruling elites of muslim world that in recent years, the twin forks of Wahhabi doctrine and urban development have speared most physical reminders of Islamic history in the heart of Mecca.

The summary of these innovations are:

-The house of the Prophet’s first wife, Khadijah has made way for public toilets. A Hilton hotel stands on the site of the house of Islam’s first caliph, Abu Bakr. Famously, the Kaaba now stands in the shade of one of the world’s tallest buildings, the Mecca Royal Clock Tower, part of a complex built by the Bin Laden Group, boasting a 5-story shopping mall, luxury hotels and a parking garage.
-The Six small mosques in Medina where Muhammad is believed to have prayed have been locked. The seventh, belonging to Islam’s first caliph Abu Bakr, has been razed to make way for an ATM.
-Many of the Ottoman and Abbasid columns in Mecca were inscribed with intricate Arabic calligraphy marking the names of the Prophet Muhammad’s companions and key moments in his life. One column which is believed to have been ripped down is supposed to mark the spot where Muslims believe Muhammad began his heavenly journey on a winged horse, which took him to Jerusalem and heaven in a single night.
-Three of the world’s oldest mosques are about to be destroyed as Saudi Arabia embarks on a multi-billion-pound expansion of Islam’s second holiest site.
-Saudi Arabia’s annual revenue from organizing pilgrimage to Islamic holy places tops $30 billion, an Arab newspaper reported
-The pilgrims – including 3.1 million who made the hajj, including 1.7 million from abroad, according to official figures – spent 62 billion riyals ($16.5 billion), a rise of 10 percent over 2011 because of increased costs,
-The head of the transportation committee at the Makkah Chamber of Commerce and Industry said this year’s Ummrah season has provided a $1.6 billion boost to the local economy.

Captioned links clearly indicating that even earning billion dollars form pilgrimage income, historic and culturally important landmarks are being destroyed to make way for luxury hotels and malls,.Pakistani Ruling elite and religious groups like JI and JUI never ever raised a single slogan of objection against this destruction of Holy sites .Surprisingly Muslims of the world  who are r prone to delve into murderous rages over any slight offence to their religion, are remaining quiet when the  roots of early Islamic history are being erased.

There is long history of Arab uprisings which are now being reshaping inSAUDIto consequent civil wars (Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen,Egypt). The main concern  that is influencing the life of millions of Pakistanis is the steady increase in military actions within and  across the region by the policies of  US and Saudi-led Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states. These conservative states led by family rules historically , work discreetly and indirectly to achieve their  goals, which focus mainly on preserving a status quo across the region. These aggressive policy reveal that at any cost this dominance should not be disrupted for maintaining the prevailing patterns of energy flows, orthodox governance, and American-Western dominance.Stepping into this war would be an index that Pakistan’s  establishment is ready to throw its disposable holy force  for safeguarding the financial and family interests of  few Arab  and US -EU alliance only.


Cruel past of east and Dark present of west Pakistan.

On Dec 1971 when 33-year-old Pakistan was going to fall,  human massacres were commonly seen on the streets of  Pakistan as these days we are witnessing horrific scene in different corners of  67-year-old Pakistan.Has  any doubt left that this disfigured and disgruntled Pakistan  come in grip of invisible dynasty of Talibans(home-made terrorist broth) whom come on surface on daily basis to remind us that we are now a scary nation.Is this  not happening to us as we didnt give justice to Bengali victims of 1971 genocide and now this fire is burning us in same manner which was once felt by people of east Pakistan. Can any body  deny from this open eye reality that Pakistan has become such an insecure place that where even saying prayer in mosque or Imam bargah  and giving polio drop have become life threatening .Can we link present situation with our hidden past  find in this report  https://boltapakistan.files.wordpress.com/2007/08/hamood_ur_rehman_commission.pdf

Lets go to back date of 14 th DEC 1971

The Liberation War of Bangladesh began on 26 March 1971 and ended with the liberation of Bangladesh on 16 December 1971. On December 14, sensing an imminent defeat, the Pakistani occupation forces and their local collaborators—Razakar, Al-Badr and Al-Shams—abducted and killed front-line Bengali intellectuals and professionals to cripple a newborn nation intellectuals. Renowned academics, teachers, literature, doctors, engineers, journalists and other eminent personalities were dragged out of their houses blindfolded and were killed before dumping the bodies in Rayerbazar, Mirpur and other killing grounds in Dhaks just two days ahead of the final victory of Bangladesh’s liberation war.

It is widely speculated that the killings of 14 December was orchestrated by Maj Gen Rao Farman ali. After the liberation of Bangladesh a list of Bengali intellectuals (most of whom were executed on 14 Dec) was discovered in a page of his diary left behind at the Governor’s House. The existence of such a list was confirmed by Ali himself although he denied the motive of genocide. The same was also confirmed by Altaf Gauhar, a former Pakistani bureaucrat. He mentioned an incidence in which Altaf requested Ali to delete a friend’s name from the list and Ali did that in front of him.

According to link  http://www.thedailystar.net/operated-like-gestapo-48000 ” Al-Badr traced houses of pro-liberation people, especially intellectuals of different professions, and dragged them out. Often blindfolded, the victims were then taken away only to be tortured and murdered with extreme brutality.


Dec 1971

“Their bodies were dumped in mass graves and other places. Such attacks were largely carried out on or around 14th December 1971,” said the charge relating to the killing of intellectuals.

The court mentioned discovering of nine human skulls from the Al-Badar headquarters at Mohammadpur Physical Training Institute in Dhaka and 100/150 gouged human eyes behind the camp on December 17, 1971.

The findings are “envisaged to be vital and material which prove beyond reasonable doubt” that Al-Badr men exterminated many Liberation War supporters, including intellectuals of different professions, brutality at the training institute.The martyred intellectuals include Alim Chaudhury and Azharul Huq, the doctors who had secretly treated wounded freedom fighters during the war.”


It is era of 2015


Dec 2014

We are in state of war for last 10years. Pakistan has lost  8 thousand troops, more than 50,000 civilians and three times this figure thousands have been injured and vanished from this soil. Millions of Pakistanis are living on status of internally displaced people as we are doing military exercises to curb the  home terrorism.From Dec 1971 to Dec 2014 what we have achieved so far??? land marks of war within country on the name of fighting against terrorism.On daily basis we are taking dead bodies of our politicians, doctors army officers intellectual,teachers and religious clerics  us that we are actually heading towards devilish reincarnation which was once practised in west Pakistan and then  we put all crimes against humanity under the carpets.We given top ranks and officials places to all who were forefront leaders  in this crime against humanity and now our generations are reaping what our elders  have sown in our soil.If ex army chief is going to accept this crime then what else remain  left for our saying!

ISI spies cultivated Taliban, says Musharraf.The former army chief said spies in Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) had given birth to the Taliban after 2001 because the government of Ghani’s predecessor had an overwhelming number of non-Pashtuns and officials who were said to favour India.


If one has some moral courage to act as bone collector he  would come to know that As a common Pakistani we are standing on same death trap as we were stuck in 1971.If we again give way or benefit of doubt to our corrupt politicians or crook military and bureaucratic establishment this process of reincarnation would as such go on and sooner educated class would be wiped off from this region of the world.

“One Bullet for each Child” was enough for them! Mr terrorist SVP

  1. Eighth-grader Uzair Ali  13 and half year old was shot 11 times – such was the brutality of the terrorists who attacked Army Public School (APS) on December 16 and killed schoolchildren and teachers with heartless premeditation.819808-UzairAli-1420911070-431-640x480

I am hearing and reading such kind of horrific news for many several weeks in which scary ways of  Peshawar massacre are being discussed in general public by victims, eye witnesses and through our out of control media channels.For last many years I am writing again and again to stop the war menace  going on in our borders .I strongly believe that  consequences of military actions are reversibly seen on unarmed civilians whom have no clues even at time of killing that why and who are going to attack them.Whether it is matter  of Internal displaced people or deaths of unconcerned people, each time I cursed my establishment and politicians to end this menace in any way.But nothing happened  and still not good  seeing in regards of public interests and each day is bringing more senseless real stories of deaths of  people in our surroundings.

As read in our history that 1971 menace was started ending when Bengali initiated calling Indians for their help.This was same India and Hindu leading government which  they were always proudly declared to get independence since 1947.Indians came to rescue them and showed least interest to  reattached them with India and let them on their own after leaving behind unforgettable memoirs of defeat on minds of  corrupt establishment of remaining Pakistan.imran If we somehow start following this path and request our attackers to come and rescue us from impotent security agencies and corrupt politicians who are still in mode of collecting foreign aids and state earnings in their favour on the bazaar of dead bodies of common man and working class of real Pakistan.After seeing regular attacks on us we have been clear that so called militants are more organized and are crystal-clear about their objectives and indiscriminate in their tactics than our confused and polarised state departments.What else is required  to know that these made in Pakistan or USA militants are adaptive, creative and mean business seriously than our disloyal, inept and incapable Generals and politicians.coas

This funny photo of COAS(projecting on all newspapers) is telling us his helplessness and looks as he is hired by Pakistan army for reciting holy verses on mourning   deaths of poor children.He is forgiving that he has taken oath as a defender not for taking place in queues of mourners.The fake actions of government i.e  hanging of captives, bombardment on FATA and linked areas and setting of military courts like acts might reflect some performance in coming days but who is taking responsibility of performed human massacres  which  are being repeated on unarmed civilians time to time. Circumstances have proved that our memories are short. We will mourn the tragedy for few days and then everything will be back to business as usual until new scene of massacre will  be directed.

Lets ask killers to help us as our protectors are  unable to perform their duties.Lets ask these murderers to have mercy on us and spare us from those deadly conflicts which are being mishandled and mismanaged between them and our corrupt rulers.We surely allow them to  kill all those who come to their ways .We  can sign any kind of entreaty with them to not to use stairs of irrelevant human  dead bodies for inflicting their real enemies .This might work and they change their mode of operandi. If some how these monsters  not listen to our humble request then we can just ask them that ” Mr terrorist one bullet is enough to kill an unarmed child. Don’t waste heavy arms ,savagely tactics and patrol bombs to kill  educated class who even not heard a fire of any bullet in their whole life before dying just because of revenge factors of few.Kill us if they are pleased to do so but one bullet is enough to kill a cell once full of life.


State of Fools, Rule by Greedy Foxes

 Pakistan surely comes in circle of Banana republic where scared monkeys are clinging to top seats and when something starts happening to this country and its people these monkeys start jumping and crying  like that as they are in more pain ,After  creating dust of chaos and confusions they  go back  to their jobs for eating more bananas.shar2Ruling group of Pakistan equally shares the  responsibility of attack on poor unarmed students as they are on those seats which are meant to provide security to their land and people .This school was not near to Indian border but in heart of cantonment n a city which is far away from borders of Pakistan and has 24/24 hrs vigilance of army only.No body on top seats are willing to own this massacre,All top officials of Pakistan regarding internal security of Pakistan are on highly paid privileges n which are not even available to first world prime minister but they are living here like royals i.e 24/24hrs having cover of human shield, bomb proof cars, world-class travelling etc but no doubt without any responsibility  other than their own deeds and greed and without accountability.shar4Obstinacy of ruling group is so much obvious after seeing the reaction of state  that none of them  come forward to yield his  duty , Furthermore along with this they all are in mission of shedding more pearls of stupidity in front of nation by ordering the resuming  death penalty of few criminals. Is this the solution of our grave problems?? This way they are proving that duffer always takes such decisions at the end  which should have been  taken at initial stage of policy making toward any particular issue.sharif
Seeing the wrong propaganda through major media channels on this Peshwar massacre a  crime against humanity, it should be  clear to literate class of Pakistan that its army is again in process of exploiting this internal security problems just to draw international intention that if this is going to fail the state  ultimately couldn’t provide security arrangement to international forces of world in Afghanistan..More tragic situation is that all so-called  political representatives or you can say cartoons are fully covering them shield of false statements of rhetoric dialog instead of pointing grave errors of law enforcing agencies. After seeing confuse orders of actions it seems that all are in mission of creating camouflage like situation by scratching the backs of each othersshar.More the ruling class tries  to justify that Pakistan is tending towards failed state ,more rapidly that Pakistan is becoming too dangerous for its working class and peace-loving citizens. So by cultivating this kind of fake clouds of  insecurity, the military and political groups would again be able to ensure a near-incessant lifeline, and  funds  from the international community will keep the rest of the state and its inhabitants literally on life support.
No doubt that the whole political and military scenario of Pakistan is deplorable and quite obvious that in the absence of fundamental changes toward past policies of failure ,there is little hope that Pakistan can emerge from the category  as failing state and its  working class(from civilian and military circle) would remain be used as disposable entity for state and its state actors.. f 

Searching God and Rinsing sins in Grand cities of Mecca and Vatican

Everything begins in mysticism and ends in politics.

“Religion “word was originated from the Latin Religio, meaning ‘restraint’, or Relegere.According to  Cicero a Roman Orator its meaning  is to repeat, to read again’, or, most likely, Religionem, to show respect for what is sacred. It has  always been considered as set of  an organized system of beliefs and practices revolving around, or leading to a magnificent spiritual experience. For many centuries historians recorded that there is no culture recorded in human history which has not practiced some form of religion.

Seeing trends of 19th or 20th century it is seen that  being part of  ruling family of Religious state , few enjoy far greater spiritual and  materialistic  advantages than the  common citizens of this earth.These families raise their status on religious thorns are being followed by  masses for many centuries and no one will dare to correct their faults, or to point out their duties. All abstain from mentioning to them their defects, through fear of incurring  displeasure of elite groups and general public too who consider them heavenly creatures.Even their vices are applaud through religious innovations recommended by clerics, no matter these are considered sins for common man.vat

The religion of Christianity made standard  belief in an afterlife and set up an organized set of rituals by which an adherent could gain everlasting life.British and French monarchy had strong interlinks with religious beliefs and in both monarchies, religion played crucial role of binding public with these kings and queens  by portraying them as  messengers of God. Although Christians were simply following in the footsteps of the Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Phoenicians and the Greeks all of whom had their own stylized rituals for the worship of their gods. After the Christians, the Muslim  instituted their rituals for understanding the supreme deity which, though vastly different in form from those of Christianity, Judaism or any of the older religions, served the same purpose as the rituals once practiced in worship of the Egyptian style culture over five thousand years ago.These all religions mostly emphasized to lend human beings the understanding that they are not alone in their struggles, suffering and triumphs, and an unseen power always taken care of them.These all also focused the human thought that death is not the end of existence.

As Christians ruled the countries and huge masses through their monarchy and by setting  Vatican culture same like Muslim ruling groups tried their best to take control of Holy Kaaba through any means. These richest rulers through wars and conflicts are driving people faith and fate for last many centuries.It is seen clearly that  religious beliefs are always transformed into  political matters, bestowing  nobles,brining population to take an oath recognizing the king/chief/priest’s position as head of holy places and this way making  strongest almost untouchables from worldly laws which are used to tamed public.

Christians, Hindus , Muslims etc all are some kind of hypnotized  to search God in  extraordinary man-made lordly and magnificent setups .Whether it is magnificent city of  Vatican or highly paid package for Kaaba rituals as hajj and Ummrah , followers have to follow a strict system of ruling religious groups as sign of obedience of God Almighty.mecca

For rough estimation one can judge the religious income of Vatican’s wealth.Net earnings at the Vatican bank, known as the Institute for Religious Works, rose more than four-fold to 86.6 million euros ($116.95 million)The Institute for Religious Works (IOR) has declared that it earned a net profit of $117.2 million in 2012, as compared with its 27.4 million net profit in 2011. More than $67.7 million of its 2012 profit was given to the pope for his charitable works.

Now Come to richest land of Mecca.An estimated 2.5 million Muslims began the annual hajj pilgrimage annually and the total number of tourists to Mecca and Medina, home to the prophet Muhammad(pbuh), is expected to rise from about 12 million to almost 17 million by 2025.Business reports conclude that Saudi tourism, especially the religious variety is recession proof. The government’s commission for tourism and antiquities said revenue from tourism this year would reach $17.6bn, then almost double again by 2015.

The Saudis richest tycoons not only posses the income of religious rituals but enormous oil wealth raise their status to richest rulers of the world ruling the poorest community of world.Not a single time poor Muslims from poor countries are offered to pay their rituals less than fixed amount.Nor this huge heavenly income is spend to raise the living standards of weak Muslim population facing hunger and backwardness for last century.Nobody is bothering that construction mania of Arab rulers are trampling the archaeological heritage of holy cities of Mecca and Madina once a place where the Prophet Mohamed(pbuh)( insisted all Muslims would be equal, has become a playground for the rich and sinful characters of Muslim world.

 Sami Angawi, a renowned Saudi expert on the region’s Islamic architecture, is equally concerned. “This is an absolute contradiction to the nature of Mecca and the sacredness of the house of God,” he told the Reuters news agency earlier this year. “Both [Mecca and Medina] are historically almost finished. You do not find anything except skyscrapers.”

After viewing deeply the extravaganza of our so-called religious gods of this world one should think it that whether it was Jesus or Moses or Mohammed(pbuh) they all went for mediation on high mountains or remote areas which were  strongly surrounded by power of nature .They all  developed their interconnection with God and heavenly creatures on simple God made land and always isolated themselves in process of  liberating   from heavy demands of materialistic world but instead of this, their followers love to follow all norms those are linked with artificially designed  Religious theme parks.


Dirty game of world powers behind two human tragedies(MH17&MH370)

In last five months Malaysian two Boeing 777 planes packed with almost 300 passengers  have been destroyed in air.One was found missing in china border and other near Russian border where world knows that pro Russian groups are fighting with Ukraine govt which has strong inclination with US and EU.

After this tragedy the blame game has begun in Ukraine. Russian news agency Interfax quoted rebel representative Sergey Kavtaradze as blaming the Ukrainian side for the Malaysian plane crash.Their argument simply followed this technical weakness that they have no air defense systems of this kind.On the other hand, Ukrainian news website Censor.net quoted a Ukrainian army source as saying the Malaysian airliner was downed by the Russians, not the Ukrainians.

The same incident happened back in 2001 when Ukraine shot down Siberian plane; Initially Ukraine denied but then after through investigation it was proved who was after that catastrophe. So far Putin  surely never engaged himself in such diplomatic night mare; this could be  conspiracy of west( executed by govt. of Ukraine) to nail the anti Kiev forces in eastern Ukraine. Those who are linked with warfare matters know well that it is not  possible that rebels target a plane without radar support; which under Ukraine border is available only with Ukrainian ATC.MH17

Any how those who blaming Russia and Putin for all this must find the answers of these questions

What Benefit Russia could have achieved for targeting a civilian jet near to its territory that was filled with Europeans in the time when he is going ahead for biggest trade deals with China and Ukraine? SEE CLIP 1 & clip4

Why Malaysian airlines  are losing its high tech jumbos(hardly boarded with  US citizens)near to China and Russian borders when Cold war between US and Russia/China is showing high trend?Is it coincidence or super power is using its allies to create tension with  Russia and China?. See Clip2 &clip3.

US latest  interests with Malaysia and its military collaboration with this Muslim country  has some connection with these  human tragedies.??(See Clip 3 and clip5)

Could this deadly sabotage start  war games via Ukraine to engage Russians toward defense matters, by cornering their  latest  economic ties with Ukraine and China.(see clip 1 and clip4)?

In response of hostile reaction of EU and US without any investigation and proof, Can Russia  opt or fabricate any other catastrophic event led any more human tragedy for balancing her  tit for tat policy?.See clip2mh

Lets find  clues with the help of  few Clips find below what is happening around us on the name of peace .No matter what will be gained by few groups  for running their businesses in 1st world  but in meantime it is sure to people that their dead bodies are used to get reasons of war and deals between few in this  brutal world of power.


China and Russia struck a $400 billion gas deal amid mounting tension between the United States and both countries. Jeffrey Brown talks to Geoff Dyer of Financial Times and Julia Nanay of IHS about why China and Russia chose this moment to reach an agreement and its potential geopolitical sway on the U.S. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/russia-china-gas-deal-may-influence-u-s-strategy-ukraine/

Clip 2

President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that trust between Russia and the United States had been damaged before the crisis in Ukraine, but that he wanted to restore their cooperation.

“To a certain extent trust has been lost, but we do not think we are to blame,” Putin said in a televised phone-in with the nation.

He said it was US hypocrisy that had brought relations to their worst level since the Cold War: “The United States can act in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya but Russia is not allowed to defend its interests.”

The two countries have been at odds over a range of issues, from US missile defence plans to NATO expansion and the civil war in Syria. To improve ties, Putin said, the United States should respect others’ interests and international law.

“I want to emphasize once again, Russia is interested in growing relations with the United States and will do everything to ensure that this confidence is restored,” he said.


Clip 3

President Barack Obama has said the US and Malaysia are at the start of a “new era of partnership”, on the second day of his official visit.

Obama was speaking at a state banquet with Malaysian King Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah. He is due to meet Prime Minister Najib Razak later.

It is the first such visit by a serving US president for nearly 50 years.

US ties with Malaysia have improved after years of antagonism under former leader Mahathir Mohamad.


Clip 4

These protests in Ukraine in Kiev were against the Ukrainian government’s decision not to seek, not to go ahead with further economic integration with the EU but rather to seek to join Russia’s new economic union with neighboring Eastern European countries and that is a great concern to the United States and to the EU,” Basham told Press TV on Thursday.

“America and the EU strongly wish that the Ukrainian government had made a different decision,” he added.



This is a wake-up call for Europe, warns Obama as U.S. President calls Malaysian plane disaster an ‘outrage of unspeakable proportions’


Let’s find terrorists in Karachi airport attack.

Last week Karachi international Airport’s security was challenged by Tehrik e Taliban who hired the services of some uzbek warriors and they were equipped with special Indian arms(Declared by our security agencies who carried out operation against them)  .Some dare devils like flying companies still showing courage to enter its domain and taken businesses from this city which has considered as top ranked  disturbed city regarding it law and order conditions for last 25  years .This  attack on Cargo section has presented the same scene of horror and terror which Pakistan and people of Pakistani  have been quite used to and considering it normal as it  had come under control of our brave security men in one day resistance.After this, all ruling cocks have started  crowing on this incident that again proved to hit a common working men of Pakistan.The killers know their target but killed ones have no clue why they were being targeted and how much political and military gains would be made on their dead bodies.

Pakistanis are being forced to know  that highly trained attackers from Islamic group TTP having Indian arms.It surely  bringing Sharif govt in state of trouble  which  is trying to open businesses channels with  India.Now they are in out of frying pan into fire like situation as remaining airlines and air cargo services are revising their schedules  for Pakistan after this attacks.If we believe that these are Duffer Indian trained terrorists daring to enter with” Made in India” weapons then who are the officials , ordered obsolete security check apparatus and scanners for  these airports for last many years.

Those who know the surrounding of Karachi  international airport and have some experience of international traveling must know that this airport like other airports of Pakistan are the easiest targets for all kind of  attacks depending upon the caliber of terrorist team.The planners of such attacks even  can use local gangsters to breach any airport of Pakistan.No body has given slight trace of vision to these Indian arm laden terrorists that Pakistan has now filled with all kind of NATO supplies arms/US Arms/Home made FATA arms as they seem to taken lot of pain bringing them with their home made arsenals  with them  from our  cordon off borders.Why they were not stopped by this force know as ASF( which has been over hired for last many years by personals of retired armed forces and from all political parties  and most of time it is headed by retired army officers) is still unsolved mystery for people of Pakistan.As all these question come in circle of Blasphemy in Islamic republic of Pakistan so lets move to another discussion.

We try to  discuss the  surroundings of Karachi airports from all sides and we can find who can think of planning such attacks other than Indian or Jewish lobby.

Karachi international airport ‘s  almost more than half of its periphery is linked with Malir cantt which is considered as Mars Cantt or no go territory for Pakis.Pakis have to think many time and must be given two or three identity proofs before entering in this zone to become real Pakistani. .In last 15 years no body heard a single attack or terrorist activity in this side of Karachi just like we find  in Abbotabad as long as  US forces raided there to pick the most wanted terrorist of world .Furthermore highly expensive and luxurious housing schemes are being  introduced there  in same period of time when all Karachi and millions of karachitties are facing death and terror threats there on daily basis.KAR1

Then comes to other side of airport moving toward Gulistan Johar thru old airport and hanger sections. Nearby to these roads just  to ASF club, school and  hostel setup ,by the  ill wills of senior officials of CAA these official places are being used for marriages hall purposes for last 10 years.These marriage halls are not only providing security threats for aviation units but here accumulation of  eatable  wastes overs near landing /take off areas of airplanes are creating birds havoc for all kinds of planes.No body from high authorities nor any security agency has any courage to highlight this deadly threat for people as few influential are earning millions from these marriage halls made on govt property.

After crossing these marriage halls one can move toward blocks of Gulistan Johar after crossing a huge rain drain.Under  era of so called “honest ” and “dedicated” Mayor Mustafa Kamal, this rain drain land was  occupied by private university management and huge complex is now working here in full capacity just few meters away from runaway points of Karachi international airport.Thanks to God these terrorist are not very intelligent as they could have used wild bushes or top of roof of this campus to hit any flight with any cheap kind of Indian missiles to create more worst terror scenes.These terrorist were  surely following the legacy of warriors where they were  providing  plenty of opportunities to our brave army men to exercise their skills in such lengthy combats.Before paying homage to bravery of our army men we shouldn’t forget to weep on stupidities of terrorist group  who preferred to opt deadly option for themselves by leaving many easy options of terrorism.The Brave army men were doing full operation in this area of airport section where  unarmed civilians were also present in their working territory and later on their charred body were found in cold storage.

After passing through this University campus the two roads are seen  from roundabout on going to Rabia city apartments and other other to  Sindh Baolch society.Before crossing the round about there is curved road which is going to Phelwan goth .These unsettled areas  are known for all kind of  extreme criminal activities including arms, drug, land grabbing, human kidnapping are seen among different groups affiliated with all political parties are abundantly found in surrounding of this international airport.People might forgotten that young  journalist Wali babar was also murdered after he given coverage to few drug and arms groups fully working in  all this vicinity.Here all kind of langra, kana, pappu gangs are found tickling each other with heavy arms twice or thrice a week without any interference from local police or highly trained rangers working under long live governor of Karachi.karachi

If we dare to enter Sindh baloch society just a  Km away from this cargo sections one can found modern and  huge Medresshs setup by  Mualaana Ashrafi group.They  have made  multistory buildings for their  activities where recruits from all over Pakistan and other Muslim countries on the name of Islamic brother hood are living for last 20 years.The basements of these buildings are filled with all kind of modern weapons and high tech communication equipments .This maulana Ashraf group with the help of Saudi tycoons and funding are expanding his network there for last 20 years without any check from govt side.When ever the guards of these medressahs feel any kind of insecurity they feel no hesitation  to showoff of use of these weapons to nearby community so that no one can dare to speak against them.

The purpose of  highlighting of such dark areas of near vicinity of Karachi airport is just meant to inform people what is real ground situation of our airports specially at a time when Pakistan is in state of war.Whenever  we would be able to eradicate such above mentioned real security threats from surroundings of our international airport then our government would be justified to blame  Indian, uzbeks or TTP from Wazirastan.