Let’s find terrorists in Karachi airport attack.

Last week Karachi international Airport’s security was challenged by Tehrik e Taliban who hired the services of some uzbek warriors and they were equipped with special Indian arms(Declared by our security agencies who carried out operation against them)  .Some dare devils like flying companies still showing courage to enter its domain and taken businesses from this city which has considered as top ranked  disturbed city regarding it law and order conditions for last 25  years .This  attack on Cargo section has presented the same scene of horror and terror which Pakistan and people of Pakistani  have been quite used to and considering it normal as it  had come under control of our brave security men in one day resistance.After this, all ruling cocks have started  crowing on this incident that again proved to hit a common working men of Pakistan.The killers know their target but killed ones have no clue why they were being targeted and how much political and military gains would be made on their dead bodies.

Pakistanis are being forced to know  that highly trained attackers from Islamic group TTP having Indian arms.It surely  bringing Sharif govt in state of trouble  which  is trying to open businesses channels with  India.Now they are in out of frying pan into fire like situation as remaining airlines and air cargo services are revising their schedules  for Pakistan after this attacks.If we believe that these are Duffer Indian trained terrorists daring to enter with” Made in India” weapons then who are the officials , ordered obsolete security check apparatus and scanners for  these airports for last many years.

Those who know the surrounding of Karachi  international airport and have some experience of international traveling must know that this airport like other airports of Pakistan are the easiest targets for all kind of  attacks depending upon the caliber of terrorist team.The planners of such attacks even  can use local gangsters to breach any airport of Pakistan.No body has given slight trace of vision to these Indian arm laden terrorists that Pakistan has now filled with all kind of NATO supplies arms/US Arms/Home made FATA arms as they seem to taken lot of pain bringing them with their home made arsenals  with them  from our  cordon off borders.Why they were not stopped by this force know as ASF( which has been over hired for last many years by personals of retired armed forces and from all political parties  and most of time it is headed by retired army officers) is still unsolved mystery for people of Pakistan.As all these question come in circle of Blasphemy in Islamic republic of Pakistan so lets move to another discussion.

We try to  discuss the  surroundings of Karachi airports from all sides and we can find who can think of planning such attacks other than Indian or Jewish lobby.

Karachi international airport ‘s  almost more than half of its periphery is linked with Malir cantt which is considered as Mars Cantt or no go territory for Pakis.Pakis have to think many time and must be given two or three identity proofs before entering in this zone to become real Pakistani. .In last 15 years no body heard a single attack or terrorist activity in this side of Karachi just like we find  in Abbotabad as long as  US forces raided there to pick the most wanted terrorist of world .Furthermore highly expensive and luxurious housing schemes are being  introduced there  in same period of time when all Karachi and millions of karachitties are facing death and terror threats there on daily basis.KAR1

Then comes to other side of airport moving toward Gulistan Johar thru old airport and hanger sections. Nearby to these roads just  to ASF club, school and  hostel setup ,by the  ill wills of senior officials of CAA these official places are being used for marriages hall purposes for last 10 years.These marriage halls are not only providing security threats for aviation units but here accumulation of  eatable  wastes overs near landing /take off areas of airplanes are creating birds havoc for all kinds of planes.No body from high authorities nor any security agency has any courage to highlight this deadly threat for people as few influential are earning millions from these marriage halls made on govt property.

After crossing these marriage halls one can move toward blocks of Gulistan Johar after crossing a huge rain drain.Under  era of so called “honest ” and “dedicated” Mayor Mustafa Kamal, this rain drain land was  occupied by private university management and huge complex is now working here in full capacity just few meters away from runaway points of Karachi international airport.Thanks to God these terrorist are not very intelligent as they could have used wild bushes or top of roof of this campus to hit any flight with any cheap kind of Indian missiles to create more worst terror scenes.These terrorist were  surely following the legacy of warriors where they were  providing  plenty of opportunities to our brave army men to exercise their skills in such lengthy combats.Before paying homage to bravery of our army men we shouldn’t forget to weep on stupidities of terrorist group  who preferred to opt deadly option for themselves by leaving many easy options of terrorism.The Brave army men were doing full operation in this area of airport section where  unarmed civilians were also present in their working territory and later on their charred body were found in cold storage.

After passing through this University campus the two roads are seen  from roundabout on going to Rabia city apartments and other other to  Sindh Baolch society.Before crossing the round about there is curved road which is going to Phelwan goth .These unsettled areas  are known for all kind of  extreme criminal activities including arms, drug, land grabbing, human kidnapping are seen among different groups affiliated with all political parties are abundantly found in surrounding of this international airport.People might forgotten that young  journalist Wali babar was also murdered after he given coverage to few drug and arms groups fully working in  all this vicinity.Here all kind of langra, kana, pappu gangs are found tickling each other with heavy arms twice or thrice a week without any interference from local police or highly trained rangers working under long live governor of Karachi.karachi

If we dare to enter Sindh baloch society just a  Km away from this cargo sections one can found modern and  huge Medresshs setup by  Mualaana Ashrafi group.They  have made  multistory buildings for their  activities where recruits from all over Pakistan and other Muslim countries on the name of Islamic brother hood are living for last 20 years.The basements of these buildings are filled with all kind of modern weapons and high tech communication equipments .This maulana Ashraf group with the help of Saudi tycoons and funding are expanding his network there for last 20 years without any check from govt side.When ever the guards of these medressahs feel any kind of insecurity they feel no hesitation  to showoff of use of these weapons to nearby community so that no one can dare to speak against them.

The purpose of  highlighting of such dark areas of near vicinity of Karachi airport is just meant to inform people what is real ground situation of our airports specially at a time when Pakistan is in state of war.Whenever  we would be able to eradicate such above mentioned real security threats from surroundings of our international airport then our government would be justified to blame  Indian, uzbeks or TTP from Wazirastan.


Quick Revision of History Pages For Musharraf and His Fb lovers

The day interim government came into being , Musharraf landed in Pakistan after fiver years of self exile.Some  say it is  part of deal made between last ruling group and him.Few are claiming that he was assured by foreign friends that he would be safe and alive in Pakistan  etc.

Surely he taken good decision to land in Karachi.Karachi his hometown, the town of his lovers on ethnic basis, a city of MQM, whom got extra ordinary support from him shown him cold response up to to level of humiliation and commando was packed to sent to capital city where already  active cases of  last 5 years come in action.Ex royal highness was immediately taken under state custody so that no ill will elements try to harm his little soul. From Jinnah's nation to General's Pakistan!Another surprising scene is seen on his door to door court visits that  group of  indeed friends of good times are absent from scene. Marvi Memon and his father, chaudry brothers, chaudry Fawad, and many m0re have already changed their nesting grounds long time ago but the way MQM members whom he always declared his closed ally on ethnic basis ,barrister Saif and Amaeer Maqam like die hard followers are absent from scene.

One should salute to courage of Dr Amjad and Raza Qasoori who in hostile environment of charred crowds and a serious threat from Lal mosque brigade are still bound to their friend.Another interesting feature is being  seen that in social media expected biased campaign against judiciary has been floated for increasing moral and courage of perplexed leader.These  e -men are trying hard to show that this dictator is innocent, sincere to his nation but trapped by wrong people.Along with throwing mud to judiciary these  faceless fellows try to create ethnic differences for gathering the lost support of  coward chief of Pakistan army.Lets summaries the major event that brought Musharraf in such unsolved puzzle of judicial complications.

Musharraf’s selection


Musharraf rose to national prominence after being appointed a four-star general in October 1998 by the Punjabi PM Nawaz shairf by superseding many Punjabi and Pukhtoon generals.


Kargil conflict

It was an  armed conflict between India and Pakistan that took place between May and July 1999 in the Kargil district of Kashmir.The war is one of the most recent examples of high altitude war fare in toughest mountain terrain, which posed significant  threat  for the combating sides.Since 1971, it was also the only instance of direct war between two states having provisions of nuclear arms. India had conducted its first successful test  in 1974 but Pakistan, which had been developing its nuclear capability in secret since around the same time, conducted its first known tests in 1998 when Musharraf was just taken over command of army.


Former prime minister Benazir Bhutto  had already confessed that t Pervez Musharraf had brought the Kargil plan to her when she was prime minister and he was the director general of Military Operations.

“Kargil was an absolute disaster,” Benazir said in an interview with the Third Eye Television.

“I asked Gen Musharraf what would happen after the execution of his plan. He said he would hoist the flag of Pakistan atop the Srinagar Assembly. I vetoed the plan because I knew we would have to surrender the territory when it would come to the international community and that’s exactly what happened.”

1999 Pakistani coupe d’etait

General Musharraf who organized the military coup against sharif on Oct 12 1999 was seeking to use the trial to try legitimize his rule.He alleged that Sharif ordered his plane returning from an official visits to Sri lanka to be diverted from Karachi airport to Nawabshah airport in order to facilitate arrest.Musharraf strongly claimed that the plane which was running low on fuel, would have crashed killing him and 200 passengers if it had not landed at Karachi. Sharif, who has been in military custody since the coup, had denied the charges. Others accused include Sharif’s brother and former Chief Minister of Punjab Province, Shahbaz Sharif, ex-chief of the disbanded Anti-corruption Bureau, Saifor Rehman, and ex-adviser on Sindh Affairs, Ghous Ali Shah. One of the accused, former chief of Civil Aviation Authority, Aminuddin Chaudry, is to give evidence against Sharif and in return has received a pardon.

On the other hand Sharif accused the military ruler of carrying out a “personal vendetta” against him and his family and branded the coup as “totally extra-constitutional”. “The military coup was in progress while the plane was still in air and the whole story of plane hijacking is cooked up to dramatize the incident to justify the coup,” he said. “There is no doubt that I did say very clearly and categorically that the plane should land at the Karachi airport.”

When asked by the Time correspondent in the courtroom if he had ordered the hijacking, Sharif replied: “You hijack a plane with a gun. It is the democratically elected government, which has been hijacked. Parliament has been hijacked…. Who says plane hijacking? There was no hijacking.”

Pakistan frees Sharif to exile in Saudi Arabia
The deposed Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif began a new life in exile in Saudi Arabia last night after being released from prison by the military regime which toppled him from power.

He flew from Pakistan early yesterday after General Pervez Musharraf’s government unexpectedly announced that his life sentence had been commuted. He had been in jail since the military coup 14 months ago, convicted of kidnapping, hijacking and corruption.

He landed in Jeddah yesterday afternoon in a private jet belonging to the Saudi royal family. He was accompanied by 18 members of his family, including his wife Kulsoom, his three children and his elderly parents.


Confessions of close allies of general Pervaiz Musharraf


Referring to an interview published on 24th February 2008 in The News, a daily English newspaper of Pakistan, Maj Gen Ehtesham Zamir, the head of the ISI’s political cell in 2002, admitted manipulating the last elections at the behest of President Musharraf and termed the defeat of the King’s party, the PML-Q, this time ‘a reaction of the unnatural dispensation (installed in 2002).’ He categorically emphasized that the ISI together with the NAB was instrumental in pressing the lawmakers to join the pro-Musharraf camp to form the government to support his stay in power. Looking down back into the memory lane and recalling his blunders which, he admitted, had pushed the country back instead of taking it forward, Zamir felt ashamed of his role and conduct. He was massively embarrassed because he was the one who negotiated, coerced and did all the dirty work for PML(Q) on orders of Gen Musharraf.



The National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO)

It was a controversial ordinance issued by the General Musharraf, on 5 October 2007. It granted  amnesty to politicians, political workers and bureaucrats who were accused of corruption, embezzlement money laundering murder and terrorism between 1 January 1986, and 12 October 1999, the time between two states of martial law in Pakistan. It was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of Pakistan on 16 December 2009, throwing the country into a political crisis.

Selected NRO beneficiaries include: Asif Zardari, Benazir Bhutto,Altaf hussain,Fazlurehman,Nisar Khuro, Rehman Malik,Hussain Haqqani,Nawaz khokar,Chuadry Ahmed Mukthar,Jehangir Badar,Salman Farooqi,Siraj Shamsudin,Syed mohamed Ali Shah,Brig Imtiaz,Farooq Siittar,Saleem Sezad,Babar Ghouri and several Bureaucrats and politicians too.



So now Musharraf is here .Having complete VIP security as per his demand, getting free publicity round the clock on papers and electronic media and social websites  without doing any kind of effort.He came in when no politicians are in position to take stand against him few due to foreign pressures and rest are busy in election campaigns.His lawyers are trying hard to create self pity situation showing his pain and griefs to all world and still desperately waiting for public response that has always been claimed by Musharraf on public forums and found in social network forums too. l_pervez_musharrafMusharraf is surely expecting same kind of civic agitation as world had seen at the time of deposed Judge Ch Ifitikahr.So for all his ghost followers, It is right time to become real for him, a suitable field is there, their horse is ready to gallop, dummy interim government wont take serious action, army can’t dare to stop their ex COAS for his political juggling so only need is his supporters on whom trust he is back to take control of executive office.We wish  best of luck for all of  them and ready to help them through all civilized ways to give guide lines how to  prove their association with their runaway General.

Democracy Fool Pakistanis

Pakistanis is a unique nation that avoids to learn from history.. We are not in mood to change our repetitive mistakes, attitudes, and policies. Unfortunately, our so called political cum feudal and Military establishment  strictly followed such policies  which always restrained  Pakistanis to move forward towards peaceful and progressive future. Pakistani State got on name of Islams and Muslims remain fundamentally religious and security oriented despite of many falls originated  on the name of Jihad, sometime against Hindus then for Reds  and now operation sweep up for home-grown fanatics.Bhutto with all his political blunders had done a great job of setting up of Hamood-ur-Rehaman War Inquiry Commission, commonly known as the Hamood-ur-Rehaman Commission. It examined 213 witnesses, mostly Pakistani army officers, hundreds of classified documents and army signals between East and West Pakistan. The final report was submitted in November 1974, detailing how political, administrative, military, and moral failings were responsible for the surrender in East Pakistan.

This report has some great findings few are:

“The process of moral degeneration among the senior ranks of the armed forces was set in motion by their involvement in martial law duties in 1958 that these tendencies reappeared and were, in fact intensified when martial law was imposed once again in March 1969 by General Yahya Khan.”

“Due to corruption arising out of the performance of martial law duties, lust for wine and woman, and greed for lands and houses, a large number of senior army officers, particularly those occupying the highest positions, had not only lost the will to fight but also the professional competence necessary for taking the vital and critical decisions demanded of them for the successful prosecution of the war, “.

“In furtherance of their common purpose they did actually try to influence political parties by threats, inducements and even bribes to support their designs, both for bringing some of the political parties and the elected members of National Assembly to refuse to attend the session of the National Assembly scheduled to be held at Dacca on March 3, 1971.

“A fully civil government could not be formed in East Pakistan as had been announced by the ex-President. Dr. Malik an old man and politician had a weak personality. He could not annoy, the Martial Law Administrator (Lt. Gen. A.A.K. Niazi) also because of the unsettled conditions obtaining in the Wing. Gen Niazi, on the other hand, cherished and liked power, but did not have the breadth of vision or ability to understand political implications. He did not display much respect for the civilian Governor; the Army virtually continued to control civil administration”.

“The installation of a civilian governor in September 1971 was merely to hoodwink public opinion at home and abroad. Poor Dr. Malik and his ministers were figureheads only.Real decisions in all important matters still lay with the army. In the first picture of the new Cabinet. Maj. Gen Farman Ali was prominently visible sitting on the right side of the Governor, although he was not a member of the Cabinet.”

The East Pakistan army’s commander, Lt-General A.A.K.Niazi, who the commission said acquired a “notorious reputation for sexual immorality and indulgence in the smuggling of paan from East to West Pakistan”. The inevitable consequence was that “he failed to inspire respect and confidence in the minds of his subordinates with absolute absence of leadership qualities and determination; he also encouraged laxity in discipline and moral standards among the officers and men under his command”.

The Recommendations:

The Commission recommended Public Trial of the following Officers:

(1)   General Yahya Khan, Former Commander-in-chief

(2)   General Abdul Hamid Khan, ex Chief of Staff to the President

(3)    Lt. Gen. S.G.M.M. Pirzada, ex PSO to the President

(4)    Lt. Gen. Gul Hasan ex Chief of General Staff

(5)    Maj. Gen. Ghulam Umar ex Second-in -Command of NSC

(6)    Maj Gen A O Mitha ex Deputy Corps Commander

(7)    Lt. Gen. Irshad Ahmad Khan, ex Commander 1 Corps

(8)    Maj Gen Abid Zahid, ex GOC 15 Div

(9)    Maj. Gen B.M. Mustafa, ex GOC 18 Div

The Commission recommended Court Martial of the following officers:

(1) Lt Gen A.A.K. Niazi, ex Commander, Eastern Command

(2) Maj Gen Mohammad Jamshed, ex-GOC 36 (ad hoc) Division,

(3) Maj Gen M. Rahim Khan, ex-GOC 39 (ad hoc) Division.

(4) Brig. G.M. Baqir Siddiqui, ex COS, Eastern Command, Dacca

(5) Brig Mohammad Hayat, ex Comd. 107 bde. (9 Div)

(6) Brig. Mohammad Aslam Niazi, ex Comd 53 Bde (39 Ad hoc Div.)

The Commission recommended Departmental Action against the following officers:

(1) Brig. S.A. Ansari, ex-Comd, 23 Bde,

(2) Brig. Manzoor Ahmad, ex-Comd 57 Bde 9 Div

(3) Brig. Abdul Qadir Khan, ex-Comd, 93 Bde. 36 Div

The Commission observed that the suitability of the following officers for continued retention in military service would not be justified:

(1)      Maj Gen M.H. Ansari, GOC 9 Div.,

(2)      MajGen Qazi Abdul Majid, GOC 14 Div.,

(3)      Maj Gen Nazar Hussain Shah, GOC 16 Div

(4)      Maj Gen Rao Farman Ali, ex Adviser to the Governor of East Pakistan.

(5)      Plus 19 brigadiers.

The Commission further recommended that Armed Services should devise ways  and means to ensure:

(a) That moral values are not allowed to be compromised by infamous behavior particularly at higher levels;

(b) That moral rectitude is given due weight along with professional qualities in the matter of promotion to higher ranks;

(c) That syllabi of academic studies at the military academics and other Service Institutions should include courses designed to inculcate in the young minds respect for religious democratic and political institutions;

(d) That use of alcoholic drinks should be banned in military messes and functions;

(e) That serious notice should be taken of notorious sexual behavior and other corrupt practices

The Action:  Nothing ever happened that matched with recommendations of this valuable report.

The army’s role in creating disturbances and political set backs in Pakistan after its greatest military failure was totally ignored by successive Pakistani governments and many of those indicted by the commission were instead rewarded with state rewards and awards. Bhutto,  as Prime Minister personally ordered that each and every copy of the report be burnt. A copy of the final report was however saved, which was leaked and published in Indian magazine.So Bhutto was among the first leaders who fooled this nation by wearing clothes of democracy.His predecessors in games of Politics  also followed the same theme.So this democracy fool nation is again and again misused by its ruling elite groups who are supported  generation wise in this country by foreign hands.

The After effects of military and political somersaults : If few of above action had been initiated  sooner after release of this report by political groups against the accused, as recommended by the Commission, the nation could have averted the future coups d’etat  which not only completely devastated the political structure as well as the socioeconomic fabric of the state and society and wild elephant of military establishment would have kept  in its limits.History has proved that this army has most of time attacked and killed its own people and groups and spent billions on taking control in its own land.West Pakistan, Swat and now on our northern side this dirty games of playing wars were/ are  clear examples of “A bail mujahy mar”so as poor in calculation and reminding  history facts  Pakistani nation doesn’t realize that they have spent their resources on destroying their own-selves by empowering and enriching military.Besides many irreversible, it led to radicalization of the society, which is now clearly visible. The policies of military rules  empowered  foreign intervention which is so deep-rooted now and  the role of intelligence agencies from media management to missing persons is so pervasive that at this time it looks like complicated jigsaw puzzle which has become impossible to understand by  public.

What is happening in  2012

  •  The military still plays the important overt and covert role in ruling this country.
  • Illegitimate extensions to Army chief is done by so-called legends of Bhutto just to  secure their corrupt tenures.
  • Huge defense budget is still cutting down human development in weak and crippled Pakistan rest of Pakistan’s economy is gone into drain of corruption of bureaucracy and political groups.
  •  The military is in full control of  economic, defense and foreign policy.
  •  According to human rights groups, 5500 persons are missing in Pakistan  surely by its own agencies and nobody has any access to them.
  •  Political ruling group still backing the military unlawful and immoral decisions by giving them political shields.

Present dummy political situation clearly reveals that  this country still belongs to  1% people… who can  initiate wars, can make any law in this country for themselves , design any political situation which large portion favors military rules and rest give benefits to few political families who come on and off in parliaments

The way Zaradari and his team is trying to implement laws like  dual nationality and SC amendments, it is clear that they are backed by military establishment in the way that would create more political fragmentation in the ground level.Formulation of such laws  favoring ruling groups  shows that intention of ruling groups who are placing worst kind of dual nationality holders on important seats of Pakistan.

The ground realities overtly and covertly indicate that they have designed and tailored the policy to weaken the foundation of the nation. They know very well that in the world of today economic backbone should be strong for the progress and prosperity of the country, whereas piles of arsenal are useless for a country with weak economy but Pakistani rulers still following the opposite path
Let us the claim of our leaders about democracy but when we see their performance toward serving their country and people they  members of the Parliament  do not look  the inhabitants of the country.  95 percent of population of the country is worried about the next meal, the education of their children and medical care. The price hike of the commodities of daily use has made the life of common men miserable. . The election has become only a ‘ show’ of democracy. In fact there never have been any genuine election under strong military establishment. Our election of National and Provincial Assemblies are  just to fool its public and foreign medias in the real sense of the word.

The  Pakistan  existing politics is considered a severe blow to Pakistan’s sovereignty . The stigma of military superiority and national humiliation  in democratic period is  still going on as we are neglecting our crimes and blunders of past.The US wants/ wanted Pakistan to break up by taking the umbrella of her friendship. It never came to rescue Pakistan at the time of crisis. Under her Dollar supplied friendship the democracy of  Pakistan is defined like that . It is a democracy   to make fool and buy the people.

Dr Rehman Malik ,a pride for fake degree holders of Pakistan

At last Interior Minister Rehman Maliky awarded with a doctorate degree for his excellence  services to bring peace to Karachi.It was recommended by Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad Khan who himself  awarded Malik with a doctorate degree in city of Karachi which has buried more than 5000 dead bodies as victim of target killing under the high quality regime of Dr Rehman malik and his friend indeed dr Zulfiqar mirza who later left him alone  for receiving all awards and rewards for maintaining all kind of peace process in this city of dead bodies and harassed people.So under these doctors of Pakistan including governor and two doctor ministers, residents of Karachi have witnessed all kind of lawlessness and at the end it is certified by awarding a doctorate degree to one of team member of doctors too .

Dr rehman malik ‘s parent living in hell or heaven would be surely proud parents who throughout  their life never enjoyed such kind of high quality literary success  of their son of gun  but now this decision of University of Karachi  surely has  fulfilled their hidden desire of seeing their son at highest level of education in his country.

It is being heard that some weak voices from Teacher’s association of the university critically opposed this decision and some dare-devil tried to protest with  some  disgusting and insulting placards in respect  of Dr rehman malik but the way Karachi University Vice Chancellor Dr Pirzada Qasim was proudly granting this  souvenir to Dr malik itself explains that administration of Karachi university is not in mood to hear the illogical pleas of some teachers of university.Some ill mannered and frustrated  groups on media are  taunting and  condemning this state of affairs and demanding the concerned authorities to retreat from their decision and never try to award honorary degrees to the  such people who are known for incompetency, dirty moves and  have a solid criminal record.


It is quite obvious that MQM power is behind this degree drama and  dr Usmani at his retiring age is not in mood of risking his life and life time career for defying this order while living in city of Karachi and working under dr Abad.Every one is aware of   tremendous power of MQM governor who can even twist the power games of President house with only  simple threat of resignation.Dr Usman would have  surely heard the incredible comments and commentary of Dr Mirza about  legendary dr Malik so easing down tension of Karachities he  surely brought this entertaining feature in the history of Karachi university.

After seeing the tolerance level of Dr Usmani  who never ever think for a while that what kind of impact he is creating on immature minds of thousands of students of KU by making such political move.For outsiders who know the extent of intellectual level of Dr Malik are in state of shock that what is criteria of KU management for staking its repute as they sheepishly accepted this political move as insignia of decline of repute of a known university of Karachi which has an honor of producing  finest sons of soil like Dr. Ishtiaq Hussain Qureshi , Dr Saleemuz Zaman Siddique  Dr Muhammad Jameel Khan etc

Majority of Pakistanis like me strongly believe that Mr. Abdul Rehman Malik is being awarded Doctorate degree on  account of patch work  between MQM and PPP top leadership after creation of mess by another Doctor  of Sindh or perhaps for telling lies  in abundance or might be reaction of  SC verdict that both central and provincial governments have been failed to restore normalcy in burning Karachi under his ministry . So  we should only request to management of KU that for future reference it would be better to change the discipline of Dr Malik’s degree  like it could be in mastery of lying or for restoring peace between MQM and PPP leaders over the dead bodies of Karachi people. Or it might be labelled as  Sindh is granting degree to Punjabi’s for setting new trends in educational culture as before this it has happened many times that doctors of KU were selected as State ministers and it is first time a serving minister of Punjab is made doctor by this university under enlightened management of highly educated class of Karachi.student-force

Karachi people should now not complain to Punjabis  for wrong  moves in politics as this time they accepted our talent by granting highest ward to our duffer but most crook character of Punjab who is even disowned by his fellows who are doctors too.So It is their  sindhi president and governor who highlighted  the talent of our coal like gem in one of to top university of Sindh.

In coming future there is chance that sooner Governor Khosa might announce degree of doctorate of restoring peace culture in Karachi to Dr Altaf  hussain of UK as a tit of tat friendly gesture between two rivalry province but I am sure that here  paindoos of universities of Punjab could  make serious revolt against its Governor too as it  has been many time happened in Salman Taseer time.

Any how thankyou Karachi and Karachiwalay for projecting  this talent hunt program and telling us that KU has quality of converting idiots into ingenious.

All politcal cartoons'(APC) conference to defy American lords

It was  interesting to see that all political cartoons of Pakistan joined hands on lavish dinner table to challenge the out of control orders of their American lords.They were in  need  of a unanimous  resolution in front of all  national and international media channels while sitting  very cozy atmosphere of PM house where first time in the history of Pakistan serving army chief( 3 years extended) and ISI chief(2 years forced extension  ) had to sit among these  black listed  civilians who are known as political leaders of Pakistan.

Surely army management was not there for any kind of political resolution but for strict watch and control on few remote-controlled politicians whose urgent political shelter and statements at this time becomes dire need of such incompetent army Heads.Those deaf and dumb army heads not once or twice but throughout ignored the public anger against US and its atrocities in and outside territories of Pakistan but it is attraction of US military aid direct in the pocket of top army brass that  shifted  national interests of Pakistan army toward US’s political interests in the region.

Just few days back  in their so-called political meeting ,  all political and army people  were behaving as it is first time US bypassed our level of self-respect and sovereignty as a nation and after seeing this disorder , it started pinching  their dutiful conscience which  real intention has already been seen by general public in last many years.

The way” A group of 58 politicians and 2 generals” are challenging this super power  with whom  full  in-house cooperation, dollars and intelligence germs have been penetrated in all important fields of Pakistani management  or it can be said  US interests have breached our all national security barriers in last 20 years of spam due to greed cum incompetency of all these Pakistani jacks of all trades who are masters of none for their nation.

Even though they have  brought a semblance of short-term  self-respect stature but such political moves can’t bring back the stability and economic prosperity to Pakistan .Once again after seeing their priority of gathering on a forum for securing military interests and policies reveal their actual  failure to address any of Pakistan’s fundamental problems i.e like load shedding of power and gas, repetitive flood disasters, shortages of food supply,increased illiteracy and militancy rate in masses etc.

This political team under vigilant supervision of military leadership is ruling and fooling the people for last many years and when they can’t make it further they start political juggling like that as we had seen in this APC where visibly or invisibly COAS played the act of ringmaster – directing and stage managing our political jokers and  jugglers.
Who would deny this fact that it is our ringmaster who has all the political authority in the world but hardly owns  political responsibility for which NRO teams are grouped to lead them in cursed time .
What ever drama they created but fact remains that Pakistan is collapsing . The other reality is that there is so much combustible material present in the form of such  leadership  that can only produce more chaos and troubles to the existing problems..
Who will put an end to the fire of war and destruction of mismanagement due to their incompetency and ill will nature?
Pakistan cannot  survive without urgent reforms regarding  economic, social, political and military strategy. A trillion rupee annual deficit is coming ahead and would be act like whirl pool where we will lose our all remaining resources and courage of survival.
Pakistan and  Pakistanis primarily need personal and  economic security and dispensation of accountability and  justice. This pseudo democratic  show must end  to secure future of  Pakistan before it is too late.

Pak Army in dire need of another Mango delivery for purging smoke of uncertainity

Mango season is its full bloom .Every body is enjoying this season by eating and gifting this natural gift to near and dear ones.These mangoes are like heavenly gift  for many mango lovers  but in Pakistan , few families  perhaps wouldn’t have enjoyed this season as others do because for them mangoes had brought death warrant for their head of families  and after  23 years of en Zia’s air crash, no  culprit was found in whole army who  fixed exploded mangoes to C-130 carrying cream of jihad war in the region.

The General Zia and Akhtar Rehman under whom command strange and horrible incident of Ojri camp was occurred in which hundreds were died without knowing who had actually attacked the peaceful twin cities. The moustached and regular in saying prayers and Quran-reciting  General  was always found in the fear of a coup or assassination, just like typical dictators who have themselves risen to power through alien’s power  and by execution of rivals.

Such kind of  forced Pakistani leaders usually   lock themselves  up in Army or President  Houses, begins distrusting their  top commanders and  closest aides except for the man in charge of security and refuse to address any public function for fear of the assassin’s attack.

The crash of the C-130 Hercules aircraft carrying Zia, his top aides and US ambassador Arnold Raphael on Aug 17, 1988, suspected that one of the mango crates contained a canister of nerve gas, which, when dispersed by the plane’s air-conditioning system, killed both pilots.It was said that Zia during his last period always tried to kept an American official with him in flights as guarantee of his safety but this last flight negated his  apprehensions and he was  found only in shape of denture which was later on honorably buried near Faisal Mosque.

It was a perfect example of death of  chief whose all security were in hands of his under control agencies.The plane belongs to army, took off from army base it landed in army base,He was through out under surveillance of army but whole world see that one crate of mangoes has  swept way beneficiaries  of jihadistan movement of Subcontinent which was responsible of  production and supply of terrorists cum jihadis in fertile land of Pakistan.

Before this exploding mangoes incident Pakistan army has long  history of exploding flights of VIPS where all  blame was either put on account of technical fault or  sign of question mark is still found on its investigation reports.

Popular mysterious crashes are :
In 1951 Major General Latif Khan and Brigadier Mohammad Sher Khan died in an air crash near Jungshahi. Major General Latif was C-in-C designate of Pakistan Army. what was reason of this crash but its full beneficiary would be  Ayub Khan who later on appointed C-in-C Pakistan Army.Ayub khan was same person who  crossed all limits of cheating and abusiveness for giving defeat to Jinnah’s sister and had become Chief executive of Pakistan.

The death of Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir on February 20, 2003 was another air  tragedy . Whole nation  mourned for this crash which had killed 16 valuable trained professional of Air force. It was an interesting feature that in Nov 2000, Musharraf, who liked Mushaf Ali Mir tremendously, superseded five highly distinguished PAF officers and appointed him chief of the air staff. It was also rumored at that time that in June 1996 Bin Laden and Abu Zubaida meet with Pakistani Military Leaders including Musharraf  mir who later appointed as Air chief.This meeting was regarded as  importanct deal with between Alqaeda and Air chief on the issue of arms supply with the help.Nobody knew what was end of this commitment but Mushaf Mir was killed with 2 AVMs.
Like other  military protected  planes this Fokker crashed a few minutes before its arrival at Kohat Air Force base.Like one expected as routine matter no detail inquiry was made and every thing was put on mistake of unprofessional pilot who was on VVIP flight.

 In 1951 Mr Aitzaz-uddin I.G Special Police Establishment was traveling from Rawalpindi to Lahore with three other officials. He was carrying important inquiry documents about the assassination of Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan. His special plane crashed into hills near Jhelum. This crash has left two different kinds of mysteries surely link to one group who was behind the assassination of Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan.

From these incidents one can estimate that Pakistan army has special  hidden power of changing the table of power under its control.All elected prime minsters of Pakistan were killed in city of GHQ and area of cantonment.In Last years two army generals were shot down in same city and heavily guarded areas so what is problem these days   if high command of army is not functioning toward national interests???

Keeping Pakistani army in state of war for last 10 years, loss of 400o troops and double of them are handicapped, showing decline graph of support of citizens to Pakistan army leadership,Unjustified forceful swat war, commencement of drone attacks from Pakistani bases,Ghq attack, Osama found In Abbotabad, Raid of US planes in Abbotabad ,PNS meharn attack, destruction of P3 orions by highly trained terrorists than our navy men and many more, all are real events of incompetency and irrational approach of top  brass who regularly meet in GHQ to plan strategy of different military strategies and  operations in Pakistan.

What ever happened to these planes crashes behind the scene and afterwards related inquires to above crashes, it is obvious that strong coverup was provided to all killings and their related assassinations. Not once many times whole team of top brass  were cleared on the name of technical faults.These unanswered inquiries surely weighed heavily on national conscience until proper answers wouldn’t be found but what is harm if same  will be repeated to present working team.

It is not unusual idea but practically applied  many time in our soil and no one is here to unravel  such eventualities  .This time nation is angry on present situation of chaos  and mango season is on its peak so what is harm in delivering  Mango packages to black BMW riders of Pakistan  who are 24/24 hrs under protection  by highly trained soldiers of Pakistan.

Pakistan’s monkey Heads are really in trouble!

Great wanted terrorist Osama was  enjoying his life near to Pakistan military academy.It is so interesting finding for people of Pakistan that such a high-profile world terrorist was  living few kilometers away from PMA, Ayub Medical facility and all military installations in any ordinary house with his many wives , friends and family.

Common Americans enjoying this victory might be fooled by their media and US officials but in Pakistan this bundle of lies would be exposed in few  days as all happened in some sort of semi urban areas of Abbotabad where  people know well about each other and their movement.

So for Pakistani people it is quite clear that last US president Bush made this character of  world-class terrorist  Osama to get presidential term twice and now it is Obama and his team who presumably killed this monster to have 2nd term again.

smart monkey full size1 Are You Smarter Than Tom & Maria?

Through such evidences one can conclude that there is a common point between Pakistan and US that it is so easy to make fool citizens of both countries by its foxy leadership and establishment.They just believe on seeing and hearing via CNN,PTV and all other officials statements after creating such combat drama to impress the public that how vigilant their defense and intelligence network is which has taken more than 10 years after creating  mass murders of Muslims in three countries, loosing 3000 US troops and more than double have become handicapped in this search of Osama.

Pakistan establishment is in state of shock who are still not in good mood of accepting this landslide victory but Americans are all time  passing officials statements to share this success with Pak army. Osama Bin Laden

There are now deep thoughts in army and political cells  how to counter this unplanned and aggressive situation which has triggered to many terrorist groups working in and out of Pakistan.

Few of are surely like that:

What to say public that from which military base that operation was planned and conducted and why Pakistan high-profile air defense(Always claimed by COAS and Air chief) system couldn’t locate the presence of  many US helicopters moving in Pakistan for more than 2 hours?

What would be new planning to haunt the US forces as this time  CIA given then check mate.They still  have no answer that  why   Pakistani Agencies didn’t know about OBL’s whereabouts in the midst of Pakistani military town?

Bin Laden was found not in the  border regions of Pakistan/Afghanistan but living in a mansion right  near to military setup in Abbottabad.why the US never informed Pakistan a major ally in advance of the operation?

What now for US relations with the Pakistani government if, as seems likely, Osama bin Laden was enjoying the protection of elements in the Pakistani military?

Osama hunt in Pakistani soil has made   Pakistan Govt dumb like situation. Neither the government, nor the military and civil intelligence appear to have a role in this operation. so answers are still in process of making and deleting  in ISPR to present it to stunned public.

Another million dollar question is haunting our dollar hungry leadership that would US and NATO  pull out its army from Pakistan and Afghanistan to fulfill Obama’s  first promise to his nation before taking charge as President of US.

If it would happen then how US aid would be assisted which has become life line of Pak army and corrupt leadership.

As seen  in history many times  there are bright chances that to lessen the high-class embarrassment,Kiyani and his team mates would be planning to make another coup against Pakistan Political structure as this is only area where they can’t be declared defeated and all time conquered through their 111 Brigade.

Oh my lord this time god father has  really put us in deep-sea .