Political gravity of She-politics in power games

In last days World was watching the maiden visit of  USA President Trump to King of Saudia for signing heavy weight arms and business deals between two countries.The technology sharing USA and spend thrift Saudia  displaying high gestures of brotherhood  which should be taken exemplary for those fanatic groups who are sponsored by  both countries  for killing people on the name of faith.Interestingly  both countries are known for their opposite methodology of state affairs.trumpUSA is known as champion of democracy,world leader of human rights,strong vocal of equal gender matters while Saudia owns typical backward patriarch cum monarchy culture since recognized by these so called democratic powers .While both countries are sharing nicest friendly gestures there are strong critics who are raising weak pinpoints to sling mud on high rated rendezvous.i.e Melinda and Ivanka were not wearing hijab, A preparation of new war against Iran Syria and their allied super powers etc but interestingly they all are ignoring the presence of she politics behind these vicious circle of deadly games of future wars specifically in Muslims areas .trump4Presence of two sensual ladies from USA at the holy land of Muslims where medieval treatment of women is common practice .Warm shake hands  and dine with elite Arabs of  western Senoritas  in a country where females cannot drive cars  and their every move, from travel to shopping, is overseen by male family members should be at least criticized by their local women groups.

Contrary to typical orthodox culture every norm of this society was thrown on back stage while welcoming  first ladies of Unites states of America.The only females seen among them welcome retinue were a pair of small girls presenting flowers and an African-American woman, who turned out to be a U.S. Secret Service agent.

Presenting back door commissions and sensual ladies of higher office to rulers of  other countries is a typical game of trump for elite powers and this time Mr Trump  used his home cards to extract desired results for his  nation and surly for his businesses too.The power elite is quite snug in such position where their counterparts are addicted to such bullshit and  by using such trumps would activate  emotional buttons of front men subsequently shutting down the logic and remaining common sense  of leaders sitting on the table.In this regard this research is quite interesting http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/news/6132718/    Its extract is

Men-lose-their-minds-speaking-to-pretty-women.html .It clearly tells that ”   Men who spend even a few minutes in the company of an attractive woman perform less well in tests designed to measure brain function than those who chat to someone they do not find attractive.Researchers who carried out the study, published in the Journal of Experimental and Social Psychology, think the reason may be that men use up so much of their brain function or ‘cognitive resources’ trying to impress beautiful women, they have little left for other tasks.This may be simply because men are programmed by evolution to think more about mating opportunities.

Women, however, were not affected by chatting to a handsome man.

This was not happened first time but since modern politics started recording itself on pages  it was seen many times that powerful elites of 20th century felt no shame of using their beautiful women as twisting actors for turning the table toward their sides.Hardly history pages compiled by male authors  revealed this ugly truth of super powers of past and present because most of time first ladies or so called honorable ladies declared by state are used for such political and personal interests.trump1

In ancient  centuries wars were usually focused on grabbing land ,  capturing beautiful women and treasures.Capturing each other beautiful women and kept them as sex slaves were considered the highest medal of bravery and as insignia of  strong masculinity which is now considered as  obsolete peculiarity of coward conquerors.Mohammed bin Qasim who given pathway to Arab culture towards Indian side had also such repute.Abducting emperor’s Dahar ‘s daughters was also in his task list after desolating the developed state of Raja Dahir.


Any how here the point of role of she-politics is main focus so we dig out some recent examples of using she-politics to turn the table of politics of Sub continent.

trump3The  popular scandal in our history pages is a between Nehru and Edwina Mountbatten.We can found many write ups throwing light on their suspicion relationship  of Nehru and Edwina. The love affair between Nehru and Edwina may seem outrageous, though there are many who claim otherwise. Many historians are affirmative that the British are the astute masterminds who have various methods to get things done. With the Edwina episode in India, they probably sealed their idea of getting India divided neither with the usage of the army nor the politburo. The literary confirmation cannot be obtained but, the depth in the logic with the behavior of the spouse and the turn of events suggested by many historians clearly indicate the architecture of a great agenda, in someone’s desire, existed and apparently, worked.Their intimacy scenes were quite recorded at that  period in national and  international pages .



ayubIn 1960s  when two countries Pakistan and India were moving with snail speed to makeup their  low  human development index  J.F, Kennedy former US president and his gorgeous wife Jacqueline  had planned trip for Pakistan under the rule of Gen Ayub. .Gen Ayub khan closeness with Jacqueline was closely observed by all national and international pages which was surly more than normal protocol and  no doubt was against the eastern and Islamic norms.ayub1

The similar coincidence of influence of she politics was seen during 1960s era where glamour of Jacqueline Kennedy was highly utilized  for creating political tides in Pakistan and India’s  military and political platform respectively .Behind the scene deadly politics of  overpowering of US and  letting down communism  on both countries were the basic themes.From Pakistan side these charismatic meetings  in Pakistan and USA were in reward of Pakistan’s willingness to stand against Communism.These meetings given high tech military technology to Pakistan army which given superiority to  Pakistan in 1965 war and then both nation plunged into race of  war games with each other and neighbors  too.

Nehru sought US assistance during 1962 Indo-China war      https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/nehru-sought-us-assistance-during-1962-indo-china-war-nehru-sought.403064/

Whatever  foul play created by Donald Trump and his ladies  in recent Saudi Arabia has  already been  witnessed many times in cinema screens of past .It highlights the culture of  opposite sex intimacy ,double standards and wild promiscuity among power elites that lead a nation, a country or world peace towards disastrous situation  leading  to war like situations.In such alluring and gratifying moments leaders  stay focus at the outside world sweeping domestic issues under the carpet. Result is simply emerge as political chaos that sweep away all the good work related to public sector and individuals games are imposed on mind of general public through different brain washing techniques .The phenomena of distraction through  charismatic  first ladies of counterparts is an old technique where inbuilt beastly character of  male leadership is  tamed or tuned as per monetary desire of super powers.


Cruel past of east and Dark present of west Pakistan.

On Dec 1971 when 33-year-old Pakistan was going to fall,  human massacres were commonly seen on the streets of  Pakistan as these days we are witnessing horrific scene in different corners of  67-year-old Pakistan.Has  any doubt left that this disfigured and disgruntled Pakistan  come in grip of invisible dynasty of Talibans(home-made terrorist broth) whom come on surface on daily basis to remind us that we are now a scary nation.Is this  not happening to us as we didnt give justice to Bengali victims of 1971 genocide and now this fire is burning us in same manner which was once felt by people of east Pakistan. Can any body  deny from this open eye reality that Pakistan has become such an insecure place that where even saying prayer in mosque or Imam bargah  and giving polio drop have become life threatening .Can we link present situation with our hidden past  find in this report  https://boltapakistan.files.wordpress.com/2007/08/hamood_ur_rehman_commission.pdf

Lets go to back date of 14 th DEC 1971

The Liberation War of Bangladesh began on 26 March 1971 and ended with the liberation of Bangladesh on 16 December 1971. On December 14, sensing an imminent defeat, the Pakistani occupation forces and their local collaborators—Razakar, Al-Badr and Al-Shams—abducted and killed front-line Bengali intellectuals and professionals to cripple a newborn nation intellectuals. Renowned academics, teachers, literature, doctors, engineers, journalists and other eminent personalities were dragged out of their houses blindfolded and were killed before dumping the bodies in Rayerbazar, Mirpur and other killing grounds in Dhaks just two days ahead of the final victory of Bangladesh’s liberation war.

It is widely speculated that the killings of 14 December was orchestrated by Maj Gen Rao Farman ali. After the liberation of Bangladesh a list of Bengali intellectuals (most of whom were executed on 14 Dec) was discovered in a page of his diary left behind at the Governor’s House. The existence of such a list was confirmed by Ali himself although he denied the motive of genocide. The same was also confirmed by Altaf Gauhar, a former Pakistani bureaucrat. He mentioned an incidence in which Altaf requested Ali to delete a friend’s name from the list and Ali did that in front of him.

According to link  http://www.thedailystar.net/operated-like-gestapo-48000 ” Al-Badr traced houses of pro-liberation people, especially intellectuals of different professions, and dragged them out. Often blindfolded, the victims were then taken away only to be tortured and murdered with extreme brutality.


Dec 1971

“Their bodies were dumped in mass graves and other places. Such attacks were largely carried out on or around 14th December 1971,” said the charge relating to the killing of intellectuals.

The court mentioned discovering of nine human skulls from the Al-Badar headquarters at Mohammadpur Physical Training Institute in Dhaka and 100/150 gouged human eyes behind the camp on December 17, 1971.

The findings are “envisaged to be vital and material which prove beyond reasonable doubt” that Al-Badr men exterminated many Liberation War supporters, including intellectuals of different professions, brutality at the training institute.The martyred intellectuals include Alim Chaudhury and Azharul Huq, the doctors who had secretly treated wounded freedom fighters during the war.”


It is era of 2015


Dec 2014

We are in state of war for last 10years. Pakistan has lost  8 thousand troops, more than 50,000 civilians and three times this figure thousands have been injured and vanished from this soil. Millions of Pakistanis are living on status of internally displaced people as we are doing military exercises to curb the  home terrorism.From Dec 1971 to Dec 2014 what we have achieved so far??? land marks of war within country on the name of fighting against terrorism.On daily basis we are taking dead bodies of our politicians, doctors army officers intellectual,teachers and religious clerics  us that we are actually heading towards devilish reincarnation which was once practised in west Pakistan and then  we put all crimes against humanity under the carpets.We given top ranks and officials places to all who were forefront leaders  in this crime against humanity and now our generations are reaping what our elders  have sown in our soil.If ex army chief is going to accept this crime then what else remain  left for our saying!

ISI spies cultivated Taliban, says Musharraf.The former army chief said spies in Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) had given birth to the Taliban after 2001 because the government of Ghani’s predecessor had an overwhelming number of non-Pashtuns and officials who were said to favour India.


If one has some moral courage to act as bone collector he  would come to know that As a common Pakistani we are standing on same death trap as we were stuck in 1971.If we again give way or benefit of doubt to our corrupt politicians or crook military and bureaucratic establishment this process of reincarnation would as such go on and sooner educated class would be wiped off from this region of the world.

“One Bullet for each Child” was enough for them! Mr terrorist SVP

  1. Eighth-grader Uzair Ali  13 and half year old was shot 11 times – such was the brutality of the terrorists who attacked Army Public School (APS) on December 16 and killed schoolchildren and teachers with heartless premeditation.819808-UzairAli-1420911070-431-640x480

I am hearing and reading such kind of horrific news for many several weeks in which scary ways of  Peshawar massacre are being discussed in general public by victims, eye witnesses and through our out of control media channels.For last many years I am writing again and again to stop the war menace  going on in our borders .I strongly believe that  consequences of military actions are reversibly seen on unarmed civilians whom have no clues even at time of killing that why and who are going to attack them.Whether it is matter  of Internal displaced people or deaths of unconcerned people, each time I cursed my establishment and politicians to end this menace in any way.But nothing happened  and still not good  seeing in regards of public interests and each day is bringing more senseless real stories of deaths of  people in our surroundings.

As read in our history that 1971 menace was started ending when Bengali initiated calling Indians for their help.This was same India and Hindu leading government which  they were always proudly declared to get independence since 1947.Indians came to rescue them and showed least interest to  reattached them with India and let them on their own after leaving behind unforgettable memoirs of defeat on minds of  corrupt establishment of remaining Pakistan.imran If we somehow start following this path and request our attackers to come and rescue us from impotent security agencies and corrupt politicians who are still in mode of collecting foreign aids and state earnings in their favour on the bazaar of dead bodies of common man and working class of real Pakistan.After seeing regular attacks on us we have been clear that so called militants are more organized and are crystal-clear about their objectives and indiscriminate in their tactics than our confused and polarised state departments.What else is required  to know that these made in Pakistan or USA militants are adaptive, creative and mean business seriously than our disloyal, inept and incapable Generals and politicians.coas

This funny photo of COAS(projecting on all newspapers) is telling us his helplessness and looks as he is hired by Pakistan army for reciting holy verses on mourning   deaths of poor children.He is forgiving that he has taken oath as a defender not for taking place in queues of mourners.The fake actions of government i.e  hanging of captives, bombardment on FATA and linked areas and setting of military courts like acts might reflect some performance in coming days but who is taking responsibility of performed human massacres  which  are being repeated on unarmed civilians time to time. Circumstances have proved that our memories are short. We will mourn the tragedy for few days and then everything will be back to business as usual until new scene of massacre will  be directed.

Lets ask killers to help us as our protectors are  unable to perform their duties.Lets ask these murderers to have mercy on us and spare us from those deadly conflicts which are being mishandled and mismanaged between them and our corrupt rulers.We surely allow them to  kill all those who come to their ways .We  can sign any kind of entreaty with them to not to use stairs of irrelevant human  dead bodies for inflicting their real enemies .This might work and they change their mode of operandi. If some how these monsters  not listen to our humble request then we can just ask them that ” Mr terrorist one bullet is enough to kill an unarmed child. Don’t waste heavy arms ,savagely tactics and patrol bombs to kill  educated class who even not heard a fire of any bullet in their whole life before dying just because of revenge factors of few.Kill us if they are pleased to do so but one bullet is enough to kill a cell once full of life.


Let’s find terrorists in Karachi airport attack.

Last week Karachi international Airport’s security was challenged by Tehrik e Taliban who hired the services of some uzbek warriors and they were equipped with special Indian arms(Declared by our security agencies who carried out operation against them)  .Some dare devils like flying companies still showing courage to enter its domain and taken businesses from this city which has considered as top ranked  disturbed city regarding it law and order conditions for last 25  years .This  attack on Cargo section has presented the same scene of horror and terror which Pakistan and people of Pakistani  have been quite used to and considering it normal as it  had come under control of our brave security men in one day resistance.After this, all ruling cocks have started  crowing on this incident that again proved to hit a common working men of Pakistan.The killers know their target but killed ones have no clue why they were being targeted and how much political and military gains would be made on their dead bodies.

Pakistanis are being forced to know  that highly trained attackers from Islamic group TTP having Indian arms.It surely  bringing Sharif govt in state of trouble  which  is trying to open businesses channels with  India.Now they are in out of frying pan into fire like situation as remaining airlines and air cargo services are revising their schedules  for Pakistan after this attacks.If we believe that these are Duffer Indian trained terrorists daring to enter with” Made in India” weapons then who are the officials , ordered obsolete security check apparatus and scanners for  these airports for last many years.

Those who know the surrounding of Karachi  international airport and have some experience of international traveling must know that this airport like other airports of Pakistan are the easiest targets for all kind of  attacks depending upon the caliber of terrorist team.The planners of such attacks even  can use local gangsters to breach any airport of Pakistan.No body has given slight trace of vision to these Indian arm laden terrorists that Pakistan has now filled with all kind of NATO supplies arms/US Arms/Home made FATA arms as they seem to taken lot of pain bringing them with their home made arsenals  with them  from our  cordon off borders.Why they were not stopped by this force know as ASF( which has been over hired for last many years by personals of retired armed forces and from all political parties  and most of time it is headed by retired army officers) is still unsolved mystery for people of Pakistan.As all these question come in circle of Blasphemy in Islamic republic of Pakistan so lets move to another discussion.

We try to  discuss the  surroundings of Karachi airports from all sides and we can find who can think of planning such attacks other than Indian or Jewish lobby.

Karachi international airport ‘s  almost more than half of its periphery is linked with Malir cantt which is considered as Mars Cantt or no go territory for Pakis.Pakis have to think many time and must be given two or three identity proofs before entering in this zone to become real Pakistani. .In last 15 years no body heard a single attack or terrorist activity in this side of Karachi just like we find  in Abbotabad as long as  US forces raided there to pick the most wanted terrorist of world .Furthermore highly expensive and luxurious housing schemes are being  introduced there  in same period of time when all Karachi and millions of karachitties are facing death and terror threats there on daily basis.KAR1

Then comes to other side of airport moving toward Gulistan Johar thru old airport and hanger sections. Nearby to these roads just  to ASF club, school and  hostel setup ,by the  ill wills of senior officials of CAA these official places are being used for marriages hall purposes for last 10 years.These marriage halls are not only providing security threats for aviation units but here accumulation of  eatable  wastes overs near landing /take off areas of airplanes are creating birds havoc for all kinds of planes.No body from high authorities nor any security agency has any courage to highlight this deadly threat for people as few influential are earning millions from these marriage halls made on govt property.

After crossing these marriage halls one can move toward blocks of Gulistan Johar after crossing a huge rain drain.Under  era of so called “honest ” and “dedicated” Mayor Mustafa Kamal, this rain drain land was  occupied by private university management and huge complex is now working here in full capacity just few meters away from runaway points of Karachi international airport.Thanks to God these terrorist are not very intelligent as they could have used wild bushes or top of roof of this campus to hit any flight with any cheap kind of Indian missiles to create more worst terror scenes.These terrorist were  surely following the legacy of warriors where they were  providing  plenty of opportunities to our brave army men to exercise their skills in such lengthy combats.Before paying homage to bravery of our army men we shouldn’t forget to weep on stupidities of terrorist group  who preferred to opt deadly option for themselves by leaving many easy options of terrorism.The Brave army men were doing full operation in this area of airport section where  unarmed civilians were also present in their working territory and later on their charred body were found in cold storage.

After passing through this University campus the two roads are seen  from roundabout on going to Rabia city apartments and other other to  Sindh Baolch society.Before crossing the round about there is curved road which is going to Phelwan goth .These unsettled areas  are known for all kind of  extreme criminal activities including arms, drug, land grabbing, human kidnapping are seen among different groups affiliated with all political parties are abundantly found in surrounding of this international airport.People might forgotten that young  journalist Wali babar was also murdered after he given coverage to few drug and arms groups fully working in  all this vicinity.Here all kind of langra, kana, pappu gangs are found tickling each other with heavy arms twice or thrice a week without any interference from local police or highly trained rangers working under long live governor of Karachi.karachi

If we dare to enter Sindh baloch society just a  Km away from this cargo sections one can found modern and  huge Medresshs setup by  Mualaana Ashrafi group.They  have made  multistory buildings for their  activities where recruits from all over Pakistan and other Muslim countries on the name of Islamic brother hood are living for last 20 years.The basements of these buildings are filled with all kind of modern weapons and high tech communication equipments .This maulana Ashraf group with the help of Saudi tycoons and funding are expanding his network there for last 20 years without any check from govt side.When ever the guards of these medressahs feel any kind of insecurity they feel no hesitation  to showoff of use of these weapons to nearby community so that no one can dare to speak against them.

The purpose of  highlighting of such dark areas of near vicinity of Karachi airport is just meant to inform people what is real ground situation of our airports specially at a time when Pakistan is in state of war.Whenever  we would be able to eradicate such above mentioned real security threats from surroundings of our international airport then our government would be justified to blame  Indian, uzbeks or TTP from Wazirastan.

Pakistan is tending toward Wahibistan under US guidelines

2013 has started on an even more dismal note for shia community of Pakistan whom have come under threat in existing Pakistan. Yesterday’s tragic blast killing more than 100 Muslims is clear indicator that  state  forces have been failed to put reign to it’s out of control whabi terrorist breed.2012 was the bloodiest year for Pakistan’s Shia  who are either being harassed to leave the land or indirectly  forced to take up arms  against state and  to those uncontrollable evils  who are recklessly and  in cowardly manners  attacking the unarmed civilians a, working class and pilgrimage of Hazra community.

As per data available to human watch groups , attacks against ordinary Shia have increased dramatically in recent years in 2012, well over 400 members of the Shia population were killed in targeted attacks. Over 120 of these were killed in Baluchistan province, the vast majority from the Hazara Shia community.Similar attacks targeting the Shia population have taken place repeatedly over the last year in Baluchistan, the port city of Karachi, predominantly Shia populated areas of Gilgit Baltistan in the northern areas, and in Pakistan’s tribal areas.

Basic reason of killing seems to be  is Ethno-Sectarian killing and has its deep  roots with the Sectarian killings that have been occurring in Pakistan  since its creation.Since 80’s  Pakistanis are seeing the  killings of non-Hazara Shias, which is happening in some other parts of Pakistan even nowadays.Today Shias are protesting in Quetta  but on the other side in same way Ahmieds have been prosecuted or  still persecuting in this Islamic republic of Pakistan. How long we will do the Selective type of Protest???? . Sooner or later Ahemids killing will be started  as warning banners  for them have already been spread  in different areas including Quetta but neither state nor others have any kind of moral or social responsibility to remove it or catch the culprit who are fixing it .

As Minorities members mostly belong to non whabi communities continue to be slaughtered in cold blood, the callousness and indifference of authorities  have been quite revealed in  such horrific incidents .The parameters of state’s  non seriousness can be measured that the  two high-profile terrorists Usman Saifullah Kurd and Shafeeq Rind belonging to anti-Shia Lashkar-i-Jhangvi organization, who were believed to be the killers of Hazaras, mysteriously escaped from a very well-organized jail of Anti-Terrorist Force in Quetta Cantonment area where no one can go without a pass, implying that their escape was facilitated by the security agencies.

Another proof of state intentional carelessness is seen when a Video of the killings of the Hazaras was released on the YouTube and Facebook in order to terrorize Hazara community in Quetta and all around the world but our govt ans its security agencies couldn’t trace the production source of this movie which only requires couple of hours from any vi glint spy agency.

Now people are pointing fingers toward  state  forces and its secret agencies that for what purpose they  support religious terrorists in Pakistan especially in Baluchistan .All time claims of indulging into war  that is destroying the peace and infrastructure of Pakistan,by ruling powers show that it is seeming  impossible for the GHQ/secret agencies/political representatives to detach themselves from the uphold of religious militant groups, as they help them in accomplishing local and regional political and militancy purposes. The intelligence agencies  have been addicted to  the existence of  religious militant groups in  Kashmir and Afghanistan for their  controversial plans. Now as per US polices it is clear seen they want to do same for Iran in coming years  because  effected communities all over Pakistan are blaming for such kind of merciless killings to GHQ sponsored groups.People have been known to this reality that  military ruling class  wants to engage civilians into political and sectarian violence in order to prolong its latent  rule over the country.

From local level it is said that Hazaras are targeted in Quetta, Balochistan because they favored international forces against Taliban in Afghanistan and Taliban after escaping Afghanistan took refuge in Pakistan and are now killing Hazara.People also call it that in Pakistan proxy wars of Saudis and Iran are being executed there where our state is going to play the role of double agent.

What ISPR and agencies say about these horrific incidents occurring in our soil on daily basis??What is purpose left of this nuclear army and huge intelligence network  if no services is available to common Pakistanis??

Such routine killings on  daily basis and mass damages prove that drones are doing very little collateral damage to Pakistan .This is GHQ provided allowances which made Raymond Davis and black water like killers to freely expand their network.This is ISI that backed Wahhabi terrorism in deprived  areas and now they all enjoying safe life in their  cordoned  barracks, luxurious living and making hell whole Pakistan.Naserullah  babar, Qazi Hussein and many like them would have surely get their hoor quota from their accounts in return of services what they have done for Pakistani Muslims which we are seeing on daily basis.

Time has come to mark the united condemnation to all state actors who are just enjoying miseries of common Pakistanis while living in safe heavens.All Pakistani must  fully condemned  such heinous crimes against humanity  being on the name of religious superiority complexes of ruling groups.State should be forced to take all necessary to curb the issue.Our media is also not putting proper focus on this issue and focus its attention toward long march of an imposter. Most importantly the religious scholars need to come forward as it is being done on the basis of religious sectarianism.

Government of Baluchistan and Pakistan must resign. Chief of Army staff, ISI Chief and FC chief of Baluchistan must be replaced immediately. A judicial inquiry should be ordered immediately and criminals must be given exemplary punishment after being prosecuted and found guilty. That would might bring some soothing effects on the inflicted wounds of Hazara  community who have lost their love ones in very cruel way.

Terrorism service at your doorstep!

Before 2002 Pakistanis hardly heard any  kind of suicidal attack  around them  but today hardly a day passed without hearing news of such horrific scenes.These  increasing number of suicide attacks jolt Pakistan’s major cities and arising serious concerns  on the security of country .Once it was known as  acts of Alqaida, then Afghan taliban got fame as time passed  many more  many new terrorist groups have emerged showing how fertile our land is for such kind of services. During this process of  formation several existing groups have reconstituted , and a new crop of militants has emerged, more violent, barbaric and less conducive to political solutions than their predecessors.All have different agendas but one goal is common  and it is to destabilize the region where typical rivals and warriors are  known for their aggressive warrior nature.Pakistan  and Pakistanis participation  in  international terrorist events and then related indirect involvement also reveals that  the growing ambitions toward such profession of many of these groups working inside or outside of Pakistan.

sri-lanka-team-attacked-300x192Pakistani military establishment has long had ties to militant groups,most of time  focused their efforts in Afghanistan and India. But with slogan of” Amercia huma labbaik” Pakistan joined the United States  in its “war on terrorism” to eradicate US claimed discovery of terrorists and terrorism  in our side of land.

 Islamabad  harsh blow back on its policy of backing militants operating abroad itself generated a flexible and conducive environment for this business where alike mind and faith people become comfortable of confronting each other with same enthusiastic for which once they were trained to fight against radical forces of Islam. Leadership elements of al-Qaeda and the Afghan Taliban, along with other terrorist groups, have made Pakistan’s northern areas their safe houses  and now working  closely with a wide variety of Pakistani militant groups.
On May 1, 2011, al-Qaeda leader and 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden was killed by a U.S. raid in Abbottabad, a military town not far from Islamabad, confirming excellent performance of e Pakistani government and intelligence services in the line of duty to support and export terrorism.

Pakistani Establishment in 60 years of experience thoroughly  proved that  it can  nurture and breed among Pakistan’s Islamist masses, and then uses their thirst for jihad as a foreign policy sledge-hammer against Pakistan’s neighbors and allies, which has no purpose on national level besides just creating chaos.

The last years performance of army chiefs fully given  hope that Pakistan will continue to do a dry run of terror activities  with in or on its neighbors.W e have not been sufficient on availability of  trained groups but retired senior citizens and young mind are  willing to join this invisible Institute of Terror as it provide ample prospects to  project typical faith and   as highly paid  grooming industry especially with a favorable environment offered by poor Intelligence and inept administrative Officials of Pakistan.

Its  batch of students  comes from  a diversified set of Countries, with Sudan, Britain, Afghanistan, Chechnya and Indonesia. The Director of ISI is awarded by service  extension with  full expectations  that the Institute’s growth in future will enable it to set up franchise in other parts of the world.

In  such part time hobbies  Pakistani management usually relied on indigenous resources or local teams for training these jiahadsi but under Musharraf regime this pattern of training terrorist were fully made on modern grounds where highly trained western agents were called on to  update our officials and unofficial fighters.Black waters, US marines, seals , British royal team all were invited, provided by all materialistic and logistic support  and for their all time help  military bases were given to them to boost the industry of terrorism in Pakistan with confidence of ownership.
One can see the overconfidence of our brain of  establishment the most wanted terrorist Osama bin laden who was always projected as horrible and unbeatable warrior in the west and Arab world  was found  living  unarmed and  in harmless way in one of top military town of Pakistan.

So peacefully his body was taken from his safe house that even neighbors were not harmed who were shocked to hear that most renowned terrorist were their nearest neighbor for last 5 years after hearing the urgent verification statement from all chiefs of Pakistan.

The main theme of all terrorism industry was / is intentionally based on radicalism and Islamist  philosophy so that no one involve as mainstream batch remained in guilt of any social crime and  they  consider  themselves from the core of heart  as special convoy of Allah’s fighting team who is allowed to kill and eradicate all in the name of Allah and Islam. We successfully proved this theory applied in our soil where in last 10 years Pakistanis had seen hundreds of suicidal attacks on Muslims by Muslims in Muslim occupied areas.

Pakistan being first nuclear power state kept this honor by not isolating his nuclear capability of  warfare under his control but under Mr. Khan’s services this technology was handed over to other aggressive countries as a part of social work.Purpose is just to  to establish state of terror for superpowers and neighbors under our esteemed ideas and technologies. with the ability to build and detonate nuclear weapons.

This is another greatness of Pakistani establishment that they never show off on having and preserving this natural talent and cordially  project  this field of terrorism in international world.The keep their head low with humility and always consider it as holy services in the line of faith.

This performance level of terrorism and its after effects were thoroughly discussed in monthly corps commander conference held regularly under the command of Chief of army staff  where they all show  their satisfactions  with  confidence that  this country has an innate ability to meet the global demand for terrorism and would surely continue this process as long as  whole Pakistan wont divide as much as areas on the basis of faith and ethnic differences.

Benzair theray jannisar , baykar baykar(useless)!

Benazir’s   grand father Shahnawaz Bhutto , an UK returned feudal  had the reputation of being a representative of Sindh in British India.He was said to be  primarily responsible for the separation of Sindh from Bombay Presidency.In 1947 he moved to Junagadh, a small Princely State, and became the Dewan i.e Prime Minister of Junagadh, called Dewan Shahnawaz. In the official version of the story, in 1947 Dewan Shahnawaz forced his  master the Nawab to cede Junagadh to India. Shahnawaz became Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto, Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire, and Officer of the Order of the British Empire, for his help in the partition of Pakistan and India.

Coming from a wealthy agriculture  family in the days when taxation was reasonable, and practically non-existent for the big feudal lords  the Bhuttos had acquired a vast fortune.With some 10,000 acres of land being cultivated by a vast network of thousands of sharecroppers dependent on feudal largesse, the Bhutto family can count on a large turnout of supporters at the polls.Their real vote bank is  still the same area  where extreme kind of human atrocities  were/are  seen but like British ,the Americans too  the claimers of human rights always preferred to  have political friendship with these feudal lords of Pakistan.

Zulifikar Ali Bhutto,  served as President of Pakistan from 1971 to 1973 and as Prime Minister from 1973 to 1977 after breaking Pakistan in two on same pattern of getting power of premiership as his father did in 1947 with full cooperation with British rulers .

In 1977, he was ousted in a military coup by General  Zia-Ul- Haq and was arrested. He was hanged on April 4, 1979 for allegedly ordering the murder of a political opponent in 1974.

His daughter Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan twice after having deals with two military dictators.One dictator was same who orchestrated judicial murder of Bhutto and she took premiership from same man who was known to all her workers as murderer of Bhutto, her loving father.She was killed in Dec 2007 by unknown shooter followed by a suicidal  blast in city Rawalpindi

In 2006  she made 2nd deal of power sharing with the help of superpowers with same dictator whom in future  had to be recognized as her to be killer.This time history was repeated  again but characters were switched over and this  time beneficiary of her deals and dead body was her ousted and convicted husband Zardari .

He followed her true teachings of submission  with Pakistan  military men , along with concealing the facts of murders of Bhuttos and never looked behind that what were reasons of political down fall and political killings in Pakistan’s history Bhutto’s Son and Husband to Lead Party

Zardari an another corrupt feudal icon of Pakistan didn’t show any resistance ,full compliance with the old legacy of bhuttoism and it is to make  internal deals with those who want to control the state politics through all fake means.This way Feudal gets its sharing in power  and  maintains his/her  political character and personal assets which are privileged to them  by the real stake holders, the  foreign controlled Establishment of Pakistan

PPP under Bhutto or Zardari has  managed same kind of repute of abeyance to military policies of promoting war culture in region.Its  last three  tenures show that it is  always trapped in a web of sham and incompetence spun by an army of sycophants.After getting top seats leadership has same qualities like an arrogant by nature, unpredictable by inclination, suspicious by experience and manipulative by temperament and sooner or latter  they isolate themselves  by alienating many people and institutions. It is seen that  killed leaders  of PPP have less national agenda and more dominating factor one can judge is simply  projection of personal and family status in national and international community.

The one thing is found common that both Bhutto  had faced same kind of fate in drawing this line of deception for people of Pakistan that  establishment didn’t allow them safe passage after getting desired political down fall through these dealers of Fake politics.

None of PPP governments of past and present  had shown any kind of national political movement against military dictators other than projecting and protecting their own interests, nor  had not been able during part of ruling team  to track down  Bhutto’s assassins.

It is declaration of all  its leaders that reopening of the Bhutto cases would destabilize the country and create chaos. Zardari after transferring his get up from typical  goon to graceful idiot again and again declared  that he knew Ms Bhutto’s killers but never showed his courage to catch them  even having a state protocol of  President of Pakistan.Once know as murderer leagues are not his coalition partner enjoying state dinner with him and  other PPP jiyalas.

PPP representatives like Sindh Assembly Speaker Nisar Khuhro and Babar Awan) had been in favour of Bhutto’s hanging but Bhutto’s PPP of 2008 version has given them high posts.

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

The last group of friends of Bhuttos who were with her until she was killed , were either got state positions or sidelined by Zardari group and no one in her millions followers tried to  probe her murder in right direction.Her killers were so easy to catch or even trapped but this negligence is proof that no one is interested on Bhutto’s leadership.All including her family members accepted this truth immediately after death of a Bhutto  that he/she was victim of failed deals between two greedy players.One had an opportunity to remove other one from scene and let other opportunist to try their faith in this bumpy road of politics in Pakistan.

The way  Zardari  overpowered the  office of  his wife  through her secret will that he is  to be her heir if something were to happen to her.  Saying the will is a fake is neither seen in any social circle of Bhutto,her family  and her followers.No body heard the sound of few , especially when the Central Executive of the party has accepted it as authentic. Sure the CEC comprises mute serfs – the mazaras, haris, chamachas, massalis and kammis of the Bhutto’s  political chess board  but they are still the CEC.
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After seeing highly celebrated birthdays and funerals of Bhutto where all are chanting like parrots “bhutto thery jannasair ,bayshamar”,one can imagine how much low quality of jananasari of  Bhuttoism  is being shown there.They are best mourners,rioter, wailers, weepers, opportunists but richest family of Pakistan not have a single strong and sincere person or family member or group who dares to legally prove who are real killers of Bhutto.