War Mania 911

As the US  was preparing to invade Afghanistan after the 9/11 terror attacks in 2001, the Pakistan  military ruler Pervez Musharraf accepted “unconditionally” in 24 hours all  demands made by the US such as stopping al Qaeda at the border, providing the US with blanket landing rights to conduct operations , territorial , naval  and aerial access and help in destroying Osama Bin Laden.After 9-11 Musharraf guided by General Mahmood  tried to save the Taliban, pleading with the US to be patient with Mullah Omer Brigade.But time proved that US had its war plans in the regions in continuation of holy wars which were also designed by them when Soviet was superpower.But this time  the Afghans are not the only victims of this war mania 911. pervezThis time Pakistan  under Musharraf become as the key front-line state in the Afghan war suffered irreparably in multiple ways in terms of refugee influx, socioeconomic burden, nonstop  terrorism and highly disturbed civic life in its big cities and border areas with Afghanistan.Musharraf and his team no doubt has ditched Pakistan in no ending war like situation where traces of return are still no seen.This is same land and military of Pakistan which has produced world-class terrorists through international funding.On the name of war on terror Pakistani army was fully engaged in a full-scale war within its own territory. It deployed roughly  more than one lakh troops  along its Afghan border, most of them in the desolate mountains of North and South Waziristan where so-called  al-Quaida militants had reportedly been operating alongside Taliban sympathizers’ tribes. It also pledged to work more closely with NATO-led forces in southern Afghanistan supporting them through ground intelligence and  smooth military supplies through Pakistani routes.talibAlthough change over of military regime taken place swapping them with Zardari and Sharif so called democratic alliance but people of Pakistan hardly seen any change in military and foreign Policy that could led peace process for people of Pakistan and Afghanistan.This region has become dangerous zone for living of common man but become safe heaven for all kind of mafias regarding war, land , drug etc in last 15 years.Conflicts and confusions are being created by creating different schools of thought from govt level and even opposition here playing role of dividing the nation on basis of sectarian and ethnic differences.

Talibans are not some kind of localized force which can be terminated by small-scale or large military operations.Military operations are just excuses of failed foreign policies and out of track internal security matters. It is some kind of a scattered religious theme to facilitate typical aggressive mind-set  ,to produce a proxy force just to counter opponents of capitalist and rich groups of the world.This hypocritical concept of Islamization has fairly penetrated in our fake and hypocrite society and for digging out there is need to run a parallel force based on modern and secular approach.talib1

One can think that professionally trained warriors  stuck in Wazirastan still be awaiting that this military operation will start and they would show their strength.No it is not like that they are expert of guerrilla wars and don’t believe on planned activity.They change their places with the first call of movement from other side and hide in safe populated areas but gather again when given calls.

The aftershocks of 9/11 have already impacted on Pakistan severely necessitating radical revisions in some of its key foreign policy goals. . There is urgency for Pakistan to undertake far-reaching domestic reforms as only political, economic and social stability under a real democratic dispensation.This will enable it to overcome the internal and external threats that it now confronts. Political parties should shed their fake leadership which come to power through foreign help as through them, space and political support are given to particular foreign hands to conduct terrorism against their unlike groups.Pakistanis should take stand against wrong military decisions which always push the nation to war like situation and at the end it is nation which face deadly consequences and few get their lions’ share from this war businesses.

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  1. faree says:

    all muslims veco,e vulnerable to any kind of terrorist attack

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