Altaf Hussain’s titanic is sinking ???

In the map of world,Pakistan is proved example of  Murphy law that states that “things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance,” or more commonly, “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong .Here usually  wrong is  planned by incompetent people.Liars promote wrong culture through fake publicity to general public.This wrong is practiced by  criminal minded people in the system and in the meantime when disastrous effects are seen everywhere then blame is put on God, foreign hands etc .

This evaluated case of Altaf Hussian that how a monster was first transformed into leader of  an ethnic community, promoted to highest rank of leadership via fake campaign in economical hub of Pakistan.altaf phone After minting required results  this so called leader was given safe passage to British kingdom where along with long list of crimes he was given first class  privileges and later on  given red passport.No-one should think  all such happened by any kind of default or as per demand of public. In 1991 when Altaf hussain fled from country after leaving behind his highly charred followers on the mercy of state forces that was on mode of operation clean up against his armed group.Altaf Hussain was already convicted in Pakistan for multiple murder extortion organized crime and terrorist offenses when he applied for political asylum in UK.He opted  mohajir(immigrant) status again in his political career and UK govt accepted  this status.  In fact he is chief suspect in over 100 murder cases, including in England in the murder of one of his own leading comrades.His political titanic was  sailing well in British sea   until  it was  hit by iceberg of PTI  that was emerged in  dead sea of Karachi politics in recent elections.

What ever British police and media trying to present these days  is known to people of Pakistan for last 20 years.Agencies of two countries have kept same kind of  record  since 1980s .It was first cleared by COAS General Musharraf and then Zardari govt had hidden it under the carpet of reconciliation.It is not only Pakistani government who kept silence on his imported politics via UK but biggest democracy of world tolerating the presence of a mafia style chief making regular broadcasts from London ordering crimes to be committed in Pakistan.This was same British govt that shut their eyes on his huge money laundering activities ,happening there for last two decades .

altaf accountSo can we ask one of developed and democratic nation of the world that why was Altaf Hussein being allowed to mastermind terrorist operations in Pakistan from London in full view of the authorities? And why was he awarded British citizenship even having same allegations when he was landed there or settling there by running one of biggest mafia gang of Pakistan.It simply proves that the civility of British lawmakers only lie within the boundary of British kingdom and  their hostility omit  for  so called Muslim terrorist found in poor nations.Altaf Hussian and General Musharraf like runaways having clear track record of crime against humanity are welcomed there just they brought a huge sum of black and illegal money in their bank accounts.This is same UK govt that in first call joined hands with US army to attack on Afghanistan and Pakistani territory in search of international terrorist Osama Bin laden but take no second thought to become first shield  for the scared soul of Altaf hussian under whom the peace of Karachi showing deteriorating trend  bringing all time fear factors of  kidnapping,Bhatta, target killing etc.. in the city of 10 millions.So simple to understand the real core of  philosophy of international terrorism that  terrorists get breeding grounds in third world countries as a result the mafia leaders having full support and protection of so called democratic and developed nations as long as they are viable to them.faraz

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