Pakistan is tending toward Wahibistan under US guidelines

2013 has started on an even more dismal note for shia community of Pakistan whom have come under threat in existing Pakistan. Yesterday’s tragic blast killing more than 100 Muslims is clear indicator that  state  forces have been failed to put reign to it’s out of control whabi terrorist breed.2012 was the bloodiest year for Pakistan’s Shia  who are either being harassed to leave the land or indirectly  forced to take up arms  against state and  to those uncontrollable evils  who are recklessly and  in cowardly manners  attacking the unarmed civilians a, working class and pilgrimage of Hazra community.

As per data available to human watch groups , attacks against ordinary Shia have increased dramatically in recent years in 2012, well over 400 members of the Shia population were killed in targeted attacks. Over 120 of these were killed in Baluchistan province, the vast majority from the Hazara Shia community.Similar attacks targeting the Shia population have taken place repeatedly over the last year in Baluchistan, the port city of Karachi, predominantly Shia populated areas of Gilgit Baltistan in the northern areas, and in Pakistan’s tribal areas.

Basic reason of killing seems to be  is Ethno-Sectarian killing and has its deep  roots with the Sectarian killings that have been occurring in Pakistan  since its creation.Since 80’s  Pakistanis are seeing the  killings of non-Hazara Shias, which is happening in some other parts of Pakistan even nowadays.Today Shias are protesting in Quetta  but on the other side in same way Ahmieds have been prosecuted or  still persecuting in this Islamic republic of Pakistan. How long we will do the Selective type of Protest???? . Sooner or later Ahemids killing will be started  as warning banners  for them have already been spread  in different areas including Quetta but neither state nor others have any kind of moral or social responsibility to remove it or catch the culprit who are fixing it .

As Minorities members mostly belong to non whabi communities continue to be slaughtered in cold blood, the callousness and indifference of authorities  have been quite revealed in  such horrific incidents .The parameters of state’s  non seriousness can be measured that the  two high-profile terrorists Usman Saifullah Kurd and Shafeeq Rind belonging to anti-Shia Lashkar-i-Jhangvi organization, who were believed to be the killers of Hazaras, mysteriously escaped from a very well-organized jail of Anti-Terrorist Force in Quetta Cantonment area where no one can go without a pass, implying that their escape was facilitated by the security agencies.

Another proof of state intentional carelessness is seen when a Video of the killings of the Hazaras was released on the YouTube and Facebook in order to terrorize Hazara community in Quetta and all around the world but our govt ans its security agencies couldn’t trace the production source of this movie which only requires couple of hours from any vi glint spy agency.

Now people are pointing fingers toward  state  forces and its secret agencies that for what purpose they  support religious terrorists in Pakistan especially in Baluchistan .All time claims of indulging into war  that is destroying the peace and infrastructure of Pakistan,by ruling powers show that it is seeming  impossible for the GHQ/secret agencies/political representatives to detach themselves from the uphold of religious militant groups, as they help them in accomplishing local and regional political and militancy purposes. The intelligence agencies  have been addicted to  the existence of  religious militant groups in  Kashmir and Afghanistan for their  controversial plans. Now as per US polices it is clear seen they want to do same for Iran in coming years  because  effected communities all over Pakistan are blaming for such kind of merciless killings to GHQ sponsored groups.People have been known to this reality that  military ruling class  wants to engage civilians into political and sectarian violence in order to prolong its latent  rule over the country.

From local level it is said that Hazaras are targeted in Quetta, Balochistan because they favored international forces against Taliban in Afghanistan and Taliban after escaping Afghanistan took refuge in Pakistan and are now killing Hazara.People also call it that in Pakistan proxy wars of Saudis and Iran are being executed there where our state is going to play the role of double agent.

What ISPR and agencies say about these horrific incidents occurring in our soil on daily basis??What is purpose left of this nuclear army and huge intelligence network  if no services is available to common Pakistanis??

Such routine killings on  daily basis and mass damages prove that drones are doing very little collateral damage to Pakistan .This is GHQ provided allowances which made Raymond Davis and black water like killers to freely expand their network.This is ISI that backed Wahhabi terrorism in deprived  areas and now they all enjoying safe life in their  cordoned  barracks, luxurious living and making hell whole Pakistan.Naserullah  babar, Qazi Hussein and many like them would have surely get their hoor quota from their accounts in return of services what they have done for Pakistani Muslims which we are seeing on daily basis.

Time has come to mark the united condemnation to all state actors who are just enjoying miseries of common Pakistanis while living in safe heavens.All Pakistani must  fully condemned  such heinous crimes against humanity  being on the name of religious superiority complexes of ruling groups.State should be forced to take all necessary to curb the issue.Our media is also not putting proper focus on this issue and focus its attention toward long march of an imposter. Most importantly the religious scholars need to come forward as it is being done on the basis of religious sectarianism.

Government of Baluchistan and Pakistan must resign. Chief of Army staff, ISI Chief and FC chief of Baluchistan must be replaced immediately. A judicial inquiry should be ordered immediately and criminals must be given exemplary punishment after being prosecuted and found guilty. That would might bring some soothing effects on the inflicted wounds of Hazara  community who have lost their love ones in very cruel way.

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16 Responses to Pakistan is tending toward Wahibistan under US guidelines

  1. USA is fishing in Nuclear trouble waters of Pakistan and India also.

  2. Nazia says:

    US is surly fishing in our side but who is providing us(common Pakistanis) as bait for them.?
    We are asking this to our so called rulers whom you always say is democratically elected.

  3. Nazia says:

    This is real root cause of our all problems since creation and I tried my best to dangle it before readers in very summarized way

  4. nota says:

    Might I point out one little issue I have with this: Why only point out killing of minorities? Are Sunnis any safer?? If you look at the number of dead, I am sure you will find, proportionally speaking, enough dead among them. Even in Balochistan, can you tell me how many “sunnis” have died vs “shias”? So why only cry about minorities? WE are ALL being slaughtered by the powers that be…the only reason minority killings are highlighted IS to create strife between the two.

    Yes, these are “proxy wars of Saudis and Iran are being executed there where our state is going to play the role of double agent,” as you very rightly point out…and the puppeteer of both (directly) Saudi Arabia and (indirectly) Iran is U.S. without doubt.

    Oh, sorry: coming to what I really wanted to say about “mujhay katiloN say gila nahiN, mujhay muhafizoN say sawal hay”, I ask: WHO is being refered to as “muhafiz”? I have seen NO proof of the existence of any “muhafizeen” around here. Ask around in Balochistan and northern areas and they’ll laugh at your face. Ask any East Pakistani…..Oops! 🙂

    No they are just merceneries, just like Blackwater/Xe.

    BTW: Do you know WHO has the contract for NATO containers going through Pakistan? None other than Mr. Kiyani himself (of course, in his brothers’ names 😉 )

    • Nazia says:

      You are trying your best to give me hints but I know it
      Sunnis hardly come in context of target killings which have become routine of Pakistan.In mass murders all come in line and there is no different for any body who come under such threats,One overall basis we can say we are under serious threat as long as this proxy war will remain on our side.
      No I full rights to ask my mahafazoon about my security because I am giving them my 30 to 35% income and on national level 70 to 805 budget is gone in their accounts.they are on national payroll and US aids so they are accountable and answerable to us but my qatil are unknown and they are here to kill us in disguised forms but I am giving arms to my mahfaiz only for me .

      • nota says:

        Yea you do have the right but they don’t think so, you ‘bloody civilian’!!!! 😀 They think they are only answerable to their true masters (and the Raymond Davis case was a perfect illustration of who they work for).

      • Nazia says:

        we “civilized people” have to wait for right time to act rightly.And for this purpose efforts should be carried on instead of siting like deaf and dumb.At this time we are in mode of pointing fingers toward them and their performance because we bloody civilians give them our hard money.In next step we are able to march when we will gather our civilian strength.

      • Nazia says:

        one thing more Kiynai’s brothers got fame in DHA and bahwalpur land scams and this NATO supply contract was in hands of company of ex NLC army officers.There might be chance that 3 notorious general of NLC were handling this company but in front middle officers are handling this along with corrupt Afghan officials.

  5. nota says:

    Government of Baluchistan and Pakistan must resign. Chief of Army staff, ISI Chief and FC chief of Baluchistan must be replaced immediately. A judicial inquiry should be ordered immediately and criminals must be given exemplary punishment after being prosecuted and found guilty. That would might bring some soothing effects on the inflicted wounds of Hazara community who have lost their love ones in very cruel way.

    Pretty naive, I say. Many governments have come and gone, as have CoA, ISI, FC chiefs and many an inquires done by the old and the new “free” judiciaries too but NOT A SINGLE CHANGE towards the positive and none is expected….

    • Nazia says:

      We never punished any one as per state laws and ignored their crimes.that is why they should be fired with all kind of court martial should be acted on them.

      • nota says:

        “all kind of court martial should be acted on them” Ah, but a court martial would be useless as history proves, for the gangsters protect their own. Did you forget the recent example when the names of ex-Generals came to fore and the courts tried to bring charges against them? Kiyani RE-INSTATED THEM and said they will be “court-marshalled”…of course that was just a ruse to protect them and clear them….

  6. Nazia says:

    Kiyani is corrupt but it doesn’t mean that we should stop raising genuine objections and relevant penalties for their unlawful attitude. we are not terrorist to act violently against them but would go to all civilized extent that will come to our range,
    Among three one is already on death bed and other one ha finely chopped their case like that which will show that this come in circle of bad decision not corruption.So Kiayni cant charge them as it would reveal his weaknesses too.That is why he got extensions to secure corrupt officers who ultimately secure US interests in the region.

  7. taurus says:

    Your recommendations are a utopian wish list, irrelevant and impractical. Removing the Army Chief or ISI Chief etc has no connection with the issue. Your ignorance is amazing. It is a civilian, democratic setup; either vote correctly or accept a failure in governance. Whats happaned to the Police, IB, FIA, provincial government and the governor? Will their performance improve by sacking military commanders who have nothing to do with the issue? By the way the Army is supposed to look after external tbreat and its ‘use’ is not determined by policing unless it is called for under 245 of the constitution. Why dont you people call for it?

  8. Nazia says:

    Yes it matters under present chiefs Pakistan had worst kind of security breach from inside or outside but they are awarded with rewards and extensions.
    Police IB FIA all are kept under rehman malik.Who bring him in.From which constituency he was picked.yes from dubai he was born as interior minister BY illegitimate relationship of chiefs and Bhutto.
    army should be supposed to look external affairs but Pakistani army has many specialization of internal affairs and seeing its performance, external affairs have hidden their head under stand so that army wont diver their attention from field internal affairs of politics,
    who would bell this cat for charging them under 245. Zardari, gillani or raja or farooq naik who WERE born with NRO VACCINATION.

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