Political agenda of military propaganda behind Malala shooting

Pakistanis are  categorized  among  nations those hardly study the historical facts and its consequences on its last generation and keep on moving on short term plans and maneuvers  without considering whom they are following in state or personal matters.In our last few decades of  history, Jihad and religious sacrifices  like scenes  have been created mandatory for us to justify division of giant India on the basis of religion.With in passage of time this concept was reshaped, or re fabricated   toward more violent trends through different means of propaganda to keep people ignited in same pace as it was seen in the time of creation of Pakistan.Although we can say that we change the themes of this jihad terms as per demand of west and ruling elites but end results is that we always remained charred and hostile toward our neighbors and  weak communities .

Since many centuries brain washing  or controlling thinking of mediocre groups through wrong propaganda are  fairly successful techniques for driving the power of masses toward the decisions of individuals.On this basis  many  wars and human destruction plans were executed that ultimately seized the human development in any specified area of the world.This game of Bluff is still going on with modern versions showing that human intellectualism actually revolves around a circle and one can’t say that we are more wiser species than our last generations.In this business of propagandist  approach everything depends on whether the “agenda” is clean, that is to say, supported willingly by agents and representatives of the people whose lives and security are  all time at risk during creation of violent atmosphere through political webs.The  propagandists get high and  constant communication with the masses; they hear an echo, and sense the inner vibration of public and drive them accordingly. It is not a machine to make conflicts or  war, but  creation of an atmosphere to set the direction of  conflict zones.Rest is left on mood of public and need of their local leadership  that how they attain or maintain this hate culture among them.

This is also very interesting that one should clear in his/her  in mind that “propaganda” is not inherently a dirty word — it just usually is. Any time you are trying to convince anyone of something, you are using some kind of persuasion, debating, or repetitive  technique.e.g Just telling the whole truth about something is one simple propaganda technique, and a highly effective one for  driving masses toward developing positive atmosphere. But under false leadership  lying often works better, at least with some audiences having low approach of judging the long-term consequences of their  followings.For understanding the  hidden  philosophy of propaganda let’s try to understand the saying of few  popular icons of history.

Acknowledged by Aristotle .He said that  it would be better if we could make our case without either browbeating or flattering the audience; nothing should matter except “the bare facts., the other things affect the result considerably, owing to the defects of our hearers.”

Adolf Hitler once declared “Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.”

Joseph Goebbels quoted that ” If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

J.W.Bush told the troopsIt is wonderful to bravely, patriotically, serve your country and fight terrorism. I am committed to fighting terrorism. Some of you may die in this war, but that is a sacrifice that I am willing to make. Bring’em on!”

Stop Asking Questions Now just consider the shooting of Malala or video of whipping girl in swat in same context as mentioned   lats three war spreading characters of world.Basically both incidents were  scenes of law lawlessness in the area strictly under control of Pakistan army but such incidents  were finely propagandizing  best to convert into full-scale military operation by mis-using the power of social media.

So we see how leaders are  mastered of making propaganda to proselytize public toward their words and promote radical and religion politics just like old-time battles.

In response to this cleverly maneuvered techniques one can see the receptivity of the large masses are very limited and people who follow such emotional propaganda hardly reach to some intellect clues that what kind of web is being crafted around them  just to benefit  few individuals.These followers have another specialties like   having  enormous power of forgetting and  poor assessment skills .In consequences of these all, effective propaganda become limited to a very few points and repetitive style is followed until the last member of public can pick what is real purpose of typical issues for which slogans are raised or created.

.It is the art of the great propagandist to detect the  murmur and translate it into intelligible utterance and convincing action. If he/she can do this, his utterances and actions may be full of contradictions — because the contradictions lie in the  content themselves; these may be deceptive and misleading or highly volatile . The lies of the propagandists reveal the deeper truth of the whole world’s cynicism and dishonesty.

Time has clearly discovered the truths behind political agendas of military propaganda as we  saw in case of Malala shooting  that with many mistakes, deceptions and false statements,these are  planned to actually enhance war culture that we have seen in past.Through such wars one can see death traps were set and ethnic cleansing were planned on the name of spreading peace.Finally  the result of  such military agendas  directly  affect  the people or average person who suffers through all means  on the cost of  providing power and money to few individuals.

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19 Responses to Political agenda of military propaganda behind Malala shooting

  1. united4justice says:

    This whole war in Pakistan is designed to exploit social class and sectarian prejudices so that people will buy the war agenda.The whole game is of lies and deceptions. Again Malala shooting incident shows the same thing as if it was all about education…Huh!

    After killing hundreds of kids in madrissahs, making army posts in schools and bombing civilian populations to leave them in death and misery, they justify these war crimes and crimes against humanity by showing some faces and schools. Many people buy these things either because of their ignorance or because of their social class and sectarian prejudices. Nationalism and follow the troops mentality also play their due evil role in this game.

    • Nazia says:

      I know a lady who worked here in education sector for last 20 years.She has full history of down fall of education in swat via political groups and bureaucracy.She always highly admired the contribution of wali e swat in education sector as before 1979 swat had highest literacy rate and modern school structure than other areas of northern side but when Pakistan taken its control , local politicians, and bureaucracy had ruined all setup via making huge corruption.Rest is left undeveloped when military started its interest in the area via supporting Sufi mohammed like clerics who spread large number of medressahs culture devaluing the updated education system as it was set by wali swat.
      That lady has full reports of corruption detail of education sector there which one copy was submitted to UN and other is in Pakistan education boards.
      now you can conclude what I am trying to tell you via this writeup.

  2. Nazia says:

    Malala ‘s father was just an ordinary worker of ANP and handpicked by some NGO surely seeing Malala’s bright performance and now she is being projected as once Dr afia’s family was picked for promoting religious themes in Karachi.One can learn lesson from their fate that how these powers use such opportunists for their dirty games.

  3. sahir says:

    What a crap really??!! I just cud not believe that why most of our compatriots love to seek conspiracies in everything big or small!! just ridiculous!! a merely 14 years old girl cud be a puppet playing in the foreign hands?????? For God’s sake!! there’s a limit to malicious thinking! as far as her father is concerned Zia ud din Yousaf Zai is a renowned political activist as well as a poet of Pushtu language beside being an educationist. I wud suggest sincerely that ppl like you must stop seeing things where there are none..

    • Nazia says:

      There is no love seen in seeking such conspiracies but it is our track records.You people are ignoring history of dr Afia and Faisal shezad.Same like her , their families were picked by foreign hands and now same situation is being repeated by changing characters.We are in state of blind and handicapped war so all big and small scenes can carry any kind of conspiracy and the way Malala was raised to giant issue itself speaks that something fishy is going on behind creating such scene

  4. sabahat says:

    What abt lying, really i hav seen many people lying even though they r very educated and apparently decent. and such people lie on small issues just to keep their monopoly and authority on other people. even truth becomes a lie in front of such brazen-faced people. shamelessly they tell lies and keep on telling in every breath the same thing untiringly. they live in falsehood, they speak, eat, drink falsehood.
    i know a woman she says that she is the most truthful person existing on this face of the world and all the time she is telling lies abt other people, finding faults in other people. this is the polluted, filthy mentality of cheap propagandists around us. they malign others and think that they win respect in others eyes. infact everyone dislikes such idiots and in reality do not believe anything uttered by them. may God cure such people!

    • Nazia says:

      Oh so sad to hear that people start lying you by taking all kind of energy drinks. don’t worry treat them with sweetness of truthfulness and you will feel good change around you and it may make liars more diabetic or become sugar allergic so that might not turned toward you.
      You know only “a woman” who claim to be truthful with you?? very shocking surprise the big lot in your social circle they too try to copy your mode.I mean just speak lies with youuuuu.
      from where you get these group of lady liars to haunt you like that.
      Its better not to listen, see, or meet that self claimed truthful lady.God will surly protect you from such she- evils but you have to adopt the policy of prevention which is always better than cure.

  5. sahir says:

    All big and small things ‘can’ carry conspiracy but ‘must’ not always be a conspiracy. Be clear about your own argument. Talking without any evidence on the basis of hearsay or rumors is another kind of propaganda. mind it!

  6. Nazia says:

    I am not spy of any reporting or acting agency who should gather evidences to prove his/her claims or arguments.I just generalized whole situation of war by reviewing events/references/ quotes and live scenes. so there is no harm of bringing this ‘can” to some “must” conclusion as I strongly believe if there is smoke there must be fire.

  7. sahir says:

    Ha ha! I am genuinely laughing! Sometimes the smoke is made artificially by the smoke machine!! Dont presume too much.

    • Nazia says:

      This is same way that a weeping man can laugh like you if he is exposed to laughing gas or drink some prohibited drink in Muslim country
      You see you are exactly favoring my argument that why smoke machine is brought to action like that.
      Simple ans is to bring smoke shield for some SERIOUS reasons.Now it is capacity or job of human minds to find multidimensional options of such reasons.

      • Sahir says:

        Baseless and lame argument! You are blinded by your own over-active imagination. How do you know weather the smoke is real or not?? It is the fog that is blinding your sense and sensibilities. Give evidence or stay quiet but don’t come up with useless, idle, logic less statements!

      • Nazia says:

        Imagination cant be overactive. it has strong constraint that it cant be active whatever mental capacity you have of building castles in the air.Smoke hints you some kind of annihilation but fog is some kind of representations like estrangement,isolation,blindness, retreating into one’s self.You just need common sense to distinguish between two states.
        By the way it looks today some liar lady break you lie record and that is making you bitter or sour and asusual purging anger on poor guy like me.

  8. sabahat raza says:

    This kind of people r everywhere in our society. they cud not haunt others but themselves are haunted. wat i want to say is that propagandists hav opened their shops in every nook and corner. these women are the smaller, private propagantist enterprises!

    • Nazia says:

      You are wrong here.these people have strong capacity to haunt others and that is what we see in our society going on for last many decades here.Advertisement companies/media groups are some kind private propagandists cum enterprises for marketing/creating situations all kind of products/events.Same technique is used by spy agencies, weak leadership and corrupt rulers for justifying their wrong doings in front of masses and international forums.

  9. Sahir says:

    I still could not digest your point of view as it has no solid foundation. Taunting on others is not a part of blogger’s ethics, I dont approve of it.

    • Nazia says:

      Actually it is problem of your digestive system that cant swallow my simple explanation.
      That is good to hear that
      Taunting on others is not a part of blogger’s ethics,

      just begin this kind of charity at home and then come to my desk.At least I have courage to approve it.Before commenting just read your all comments with all IDs.thanks

  10. shahid says:

    Did malala ever talk against ruthless army operation in her valley or say single word against US or drones in her writings on bbc?? You must understand now y Malala and Qadri are in action these days..

    Be careful to this malla& Qadari Co fraud,
    keep it up

    • Nazia says:

      Malala is quite planted character same like Qadri but what one should think that where we stand in this year 2011 that UK and Canadian national holders are meddling in Pakistani politics for some very serious purpose.

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