Ablees(Satan) was dancing while Pakistan observing Youma Ashiq- e-Rasool (SAW)

Yesterday whole Pakistan observed yoma Ashiq- e -Rasool  a public  holiday was announced  to allow tens of thousands to protest in defense of Islam and the Prophet, security forces fanned out across major cities, sealing off Western and government targets.The whole  world is watching Islam at its best  of actions against  Terry Jones, Sam Bacile, Steve Klein who should be decapitated within 24 hours was the highest demand of angry mob  moving in Pakistan areas.

The violence on Friday in Pakistan began with a television station employee dying from gunshot wounds during a protest in  Peshawar, and  uncontrollable riots / protests in  Karachi, left between 30 people dead. More than 150 injured.

A church at Mardan was burnt by lovers of Prophet and warned the poor Christians of Pakistan that more can be attacked if their demands are not fulfilled by US govt.

Several police and private vehicles and cinema houses torched to inflame the burning hearts of these Muslims who were furious on  movie maker.

An insurance company ,4 Banks and many  shops were  looted and vandalized. Infrastructure worth millions of rupees damaged along with billion rupees loss to Pakistani economy for one day holiday.

I am neither word maker or some kind of scholar but can easily perceive through basic human values that what  we are witnessing in Islamic state and its framework  by so-called  mad lovers of Allah and  Rasool(saw) is highly, inhumane , inappropriate or disgusting.They and their acts on the name of protest are real pacts of  ex- chief of angels  who has taken command of this army of violent mob just   activated to secure the  fake castle of Islam.These highly charred followers of Ablees whom are secretly and securely gathered through some phenomenal process of evil human minds   behave like Jini of Alladin come and do their job when there is special call for them .

Yesterday’s actions were unique reaction that  whatever happened in outer world relating to their inner politics but reaction would be shown here.These followers of Ablees was justifying that surely the Islam preaches peace and tolerance and shuns violence but as some miscreants/ non believers living in other part of world  didn’t listen to their demands, leaving the only option of violent reaction for Pakistanis to observe Youm-e-Ishq-e-Rasool (saw). In Islam, the punishment for intentional and planned blasphemy against any prophet  is death sentence, by decapitation to whom still not clear as those have been  killed in mob violence wouldn’t have nay idea of this movie and its related objections .

It is clear that from yesterday’s  bloody protest that like in past , agitated  groups are  always kept behind screen in  Pakistan and are brought out to create  uncontrolled violence on the name of religion while state would give them little resistance.Switching off mobile phones, announcing public holiday and providing poorly equipped weak security force for protecting unarmed public against extremely dangerous goons itself explains  that our so-called greedy establishment have some vested interests to escalate this violence at a time when our puppet President and foreign minister are  on trip to US.

It is interesting that  US Obama is making electronic appeal to Pakistanis(  perhaps considering Pakistan as US 51st  but departed state) but  here our political leadership was absent from scene while such shows were on air for whole world. This kind of dis reputed  level it self speaks that Pakistan is most unreliable nation where no security force, no civil or military group can put reign on these fanatics  which are neither caught nor afraid of anyone while breaking law in daylight.This is truly the show of establishment for backing the visits of President and Foreign minster that Pakistan is still under control of fanatics that can turn table of liberals any time so never ever think of divorcing this  relationship nor stop its alimony that has been decided long years ago since Musharraf rule.

Any how what ever the dirty politics but on overall basis Pakistan is degraded as  lower as possible to listed in any civilized group .This day made it  clear that any one can use our illiterate masses in the name of religion…how unfortunate for its literate and liberal class who are fighting hard to come out of this ditch of backwardness but salute to  victory of our rulers who are fooling the nation and their masters with same card of fanaticism.


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13 Responses to Ablees(Satan) was dancing while Pakistan observing Youma Ashiq- e-Rasool (SAW)

    • Nazia says:

      I just tried to share my helpless anger on that day

      • faisal says:

        I never got a complete sense of that day and what happened on that day. Perhaps because most of them didn’t make any sense. Its like they ve made a thing to tease us and we are becoming a source of enjoyment for them by responding in a way which damages our economy and overall image of Islam and Muslims.

      • Nazia says:

        It is basically a senseless day or as I said earlier day of hate.

  1. 0mer says:

    Are we muslmaan or momin or alien of this land

  2. 0mer says:

    by the way, I was wondering how the love was expressed throughout the day from morning till evening – with burning tires ,sticks in hand and jammed mobiles!!!! Amazing……

    • Nazia says:

      God save us from such kind of love expression but I am quite sure this is state run show to clear west and allies of our ruling group that Pakistan is still under control of fanatics.Here role of political leader specially who are against the govt was very important but they didn’t come out with any solidarity plan and world has to believe what our govt has tried to show them

    • faisal says:

      may be its because of the crap philosophy of every thing is fair in love and war. on a serious note, they should think that violating the principles taught by Prophet (S.A.W) in protests is not a good way of showing love to the Prophet (S.A.W).

      • Nazia says:

        This is not some kind of show of love but clear expression of Hate for their country, fellowmen and Holy Prophet.And interestingly our state seemed helpless on that day in front of charred crowd comprised of illiterates

  3. Shahid says:

    we appreciate your contribution

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  5. Sam says:

    satan dances in your all religious places

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