Celebrities promote extremly harmful products in the society Part II

The havoc of advertisements in so called modern world costs nation more than estimated thoughts.It changes the lifestyles, eating habits and  etiquette of any living being specially the immature minds.The dream merchants of advertising are blindly  weaving a web of false and deceptive mirage of prosperity in Pakistan where millions of people are living in  below  poverty line. Here one can use  the term puffery advertisement which is an American slang for false and deceptive advertising .This slang can  mislead the consumer through over ideas which can a actually create hazardous or imaginary  effects on society and its living beings.

Pakistan is probably the only country in South Asia where products which are recognized health hazards are being advertised unchecked through “puffery” and false and misleading claims. There is no agency, official or otherwise to check and control such harmful advertising, nor are there any pressure groups in society to provide protection to the unsuspecting consumers.

Shahrukh Khan in advertisement

The biggest example one can quote her is the product of the skin-lightening industry is worth at least billions in south Asia and the Fair-and-lovely creams are  the latest products from one of the market’s big players.Shahrukh Khan and Katrina kaif like superstars whom people adores  more than their religious belief in subcontinent  and their  endorsements on such products will no doubt raise the profile of this product..One can thoroughly perceive by drastic social changes in the society that the cult of media personality, especially cricket or top models  movie stars, is a much bigger phenomena in  and so brands are much more partial to celebrity endorsements.

Just  for earning money these crowd puller stars are  essentially doing, is confirming and promoting the condescending attitude that many  south Asians  have towards dark-colored skin. Their endorsements are completely immoral and serious creating the negative effects on psychology and skin of  dark color  youth who are  blind followers  of stars of the time.

The Mobile phone companies are acting the same. They are just making youth addicted to such things such as romantic sms, prank calling, opposite sex friendships and ultimately to phone sex.You might can not see the impact it has made to our society but everyone else can see it.It has become status symbol or what people say updated fashion statement– It is a way that people have their phone in a style, color, cost and features and feel that a phone can enhance their looks. Although mobile phones have long been a part of the business community, they are quietly becoming entrenched in personal lives. Cell phones play a crucial role in relationships among a group of young people. Mobile phones also influence the trend toward relaxing the traditional amount of contact permitted before marriage. Cell phone is also in the use of people who are working 24/7 environment and always remain on the go.The immature generation has become addicted to avail these kind  of night  packages.Whole night they spent in useless, ungraceful conversation it’s all beyond morals. These kind portable platform providers are taking away our youth from family/Cultural/Traditional/Religious values, they don’t even care about their health though they know how these RF radiation would be harmful as for as continuous use is concerned.

So it all comes in some kind of social crimes where producers, promoters and celebrates contribute equally to misguide the people toward serious wrong trends.Grabbing our new generation  towards attractive but  serious threat on long-term basis are  some kind of services provided by  different Companies.It seems they  get silvery cover for their weak products to spoil the future and health of  our youth.So one should  just give it a thought which kind of  people provide and promote  these services and what is their only purpose of doing this??

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