Naked Emperors of Pakistan

Pakistan ruling elite  is real live picture of  a short tale by Hans Christian Anderson written almost 200 years back .It is about two weavers( Establishment ) who promise an  Emperor(Political cartoons) a new suit of clothes that is invisible to those unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent. When the Emperor parades before his subjects in his new clothes, all his subordinates and ruling elites praised his naked get up but a child cries out(General public ) that he was wearing no dress and is just naked.

Emperor’s new clothes  reveals  a standard metaphor for anything that smacks of pretentiousness, pomposity, social hypocrisy, collective denial, or hollow ostentatious styles of ruling groups. Historically, the tale established  that  rulers are all time subjected to self foolishness and  crookedness of  surrounding people who avoid speaking truth in front of power icons .They try best to be fool already fool characters .

Along with this story the Khalil Gibran  almost 100 years before depicted the nation which has strong similarities with our Pakistani  style.

Pity the nation:

Pity the nation that is full of beliefs and empty of religion.
Pity the nation that wears a cloth it does not weave, eats a bread it
does not harvest, and drinks a wine that flows not from its own
Pity the nation that acclaim the bully as hero, and that deems the glittering conqueror bountiful.
Pity the nation that despises a passion in its dream.
Pity the nation that raises not its voice save when it walks in a
funeral, boasts not except among its ruins, and will rebel not save when its neck is laid between the sword and the block.

Pity the nation whose statesman is a fox, whose philosopher is a
juggler, and whose art is the art of patching and mimicking.

Pity the nation that welcomes its new ruler with trumpeting, and
farewells him with hooting, only to welcome another with trumpeting
Pity the nation whose sages are dumb with years and whose strong men
are yet in the cradle.
Pity the nation divided into fragments, each fragment deeming itself a nation.

If One’s read thoroughly these  master pieces  one can say Pakistan and Pakistanis are not a  stranger for  both authors who have exactly predicted  about Pakistan and its rulers ‘ real intentions  hundreds years before. Since its creation Pakistan is suffering from a fatal problem that is simply described by  above  story and a poem and it is its ruling class or “Establishment”.  Over the years every vital department in Pakistan is controlled by the so-called “Establishment” This network provides support and safe backing to their “touts” to ensure that they remain in control. The roots of this establishment may very well be deep inside underworld and secret agencies of the dominating nations.All these Bhutto, Pagaras, Gillanis,Zardaris etc are  political disposable clones of these typical establishment icons who are treated on the basis of their obedience and service record.

Pakistan ruling class is always popular to create political crisis ,mostly caused by military establishment and sometimes  caused by  political leaders and or political parties.The pseudo-intellectuals or democrats  have hijacked the nation and are fully responsible of creating confusion and instability in Pakistan.
It is interesting to note that due to the foreign power’s  interference and manipulation the very same people  who are declared  as corrupt just sometime ago, blame and rebuke, come back to govern us after a couple of years again and people welcome them  forgetting their past . A common English Prover fits here as “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”.
This is probably also the main reason why the political process in Pakistan is not let to prosper. Soon after its inception the sincere and loyal politicians were removed from the main stream and only dummy agents and rubber stamps are put in place, while all the decisions are made outside the country.These Naked kings bring more instability  in country’s unity, economy and stability and then all runaway when time for them is over.

On Pakistan political scenario the powerful, influential, moneyed, landed, Industrialists, Businessmen, Feudal lords and the Establishment join hands for their personal and family interests, have in fact grown in their greed for money and power.Our past history of rulers shows that  somewhere in our genes there is this one that continues to contaminate and multiply throughout the Motherland like a gangrene that has now virtually infected all strata of our existence.


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11 Responses to Naked Emperors of Pakistan

  1. Its the fault of the people too who always fall to the traps set by ruling elite. Why people don’t user their own judgment? Why they give up their freed thought so easily?

    • Nazia says:

      You can say fault of people but I say caliber of people who is only confined to limited or short term solutions.

      • agreed with the short term solutions part. people have become corrupt themselves. they support corrupt parties, military with a zindabad mentality just to satisfy their prejudices and short term greed.

      • Nazia says:

        If you are in touch with lower class or street people they are willing to vote you for just few hundred rupees or just for commodities.Same as you come to some upper class they are desperate for one job or any small amount , higher class go for their personal ventures to secure their families inside and outside of Pakistan so to whom you will find any national spirit or vision before casting their votes.

  2. That’s why I think the institution of state should be limited. The solution is to come out of this rule of govt. situation and go for decentralization of economy, legislation and governance based on rule of law.There has to be system of merit where people of only those places who are supportive of corruption should for their decision. Those who don’t vote for corrupt parties should stand up for their rights in their areas even if they have to face their corruption supporting friends as opposition.

  3. Nazia says:

    Pakistani society lacks in honest personals.We have laws, system, state and private departments but things are look better one among thousands department where we get a honest and hard working person.Our past record also state that our system never let this person to work in his line of actions under state laws.So there is need of sincere leadership arise from grass root matter they make blunders but their all interests should be with Pakistan only.

  4. united4justice says:

    Apart from reducing the size of state (don’t confuse it with country), we need some real decentralization of economy, legislation and governance so that at least at local level people people should only suffer from their own bad selection and rest of the country shouldn’t face much of the bad consequences.

    • Nazia says:

      In Pakistan this idea has already been failed as Pakistani cities showed some better response and selection of political people but Musharraf regime has made malignant all .Now power of fake votes has become real change in all big cities of Pakistan.Secondly if distribution of resources and political development would not be spread people would concatenate on better areas and Karachi and Rawalpindi are most affected towns of Pakistan for this reasons where 50% voters belong to other underdeveloped areas of Pakistan.

  5. waseem says:

    Measured on any scale, the social contract in Pakistan has virtually collapsed. The state exists only to obstruct people’s rights — bureaucratic and others. It is non-existent when it comes to providing security and protection. A vast chasm separates rulers from the ruled. While they both live within the boundaries of Pakistan, they are so far apart in thinking, outlook and the day-to-day concerns of life that they might as well be living on two separate planets. For the masses making ends meet is their most pressing problem; the elites’ overriding preoccupation is the plunder of national wealth and to live their extravagantly opulent lifestyle.

    • Nazia says:

      very heavy weight comment
      the solution of all this honestly educate the people as before this our already existed education and training system proved that we producing unfaithful and dishonest breed of citizens who either work against national interests or for personal gains only.

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