Democracy Fool Pakistanis

Pakistanis is a unique nation that avoids to learn from history.. We are not in mood to change our repetitive mistakes, attitudes, and policies. Unfortunately, our so called political cum feudal and Military establishment  strictly followed such policies  which always restrained  Pakistanis to move forward towards peaceful and progressive future. Pakistani State got on name of Islams and Muslims remain fundamentally religious and security oriented despite of many falls originated  on the name of Jihad, sometime against Hindus then for Reds  and now operation sweep up for home-grown fanatics.Bhutto with all his political blunders had done a great job of setting up of Hamood-ur-Rehaman War Inquiry Commission, commonly known as the Hamood-ur-Rehaman Commission. It examined 213 witnesses, mostly Pakistani army officers, hundreds of classified documents and army signals between East and West Pakistan. The final report was submitted in November 1974, detailing how political, administrative, military, and moral failings were responsible for the surrender in East Pakistan.

This report has some great findings few are:

“The process of moral degeneration among the senior ranks of the armed forces was set in motion by their involvement in martial law duties in 1958 that these tendencies reappeared and were, in fact intensified when martial law was imposed once again in March 1969 by General Yahya Khan.”

“Due to corruption arising out of the performance of martial law duties, lust for wine and woman, and greed for lands and houses, a large number of senior army officers, particularly those occupying the highest positions, had not only lost the will to fight but also the professional competence necessary for taking the vital and critical decisions demanded of them for the successful prosecution of the war, “.

“In furtherance of their common purpose they did actually try to influence political parties by threats, inducements and even bribes to support their designs, both for bringing some of the political parties and the elected members of National Assembly to refuse to attend the session of the National Assembly scheduled to be held at Dacca on March 3, 1971.

“A fully civil government could not be formed in East Pakistan as had been announced by the ex-President. Dr. Malik an old man and politician had a weak personality. He could not annoy, the Martial Law Administrator (Lt. Gen. A.A.K. Niazi) also because of the unsettled conditions obtaining in the Wing. Gen Niazi, on the other hand, cherished and liked power, but did not have the breadth of vision or ability to understand political implications. He did not display much respect for the civilian Governor; the Army virtually continued to control civil administration”.

“The installation of a civilian governor in September 1971 was merely to hoodwink public opinion at home and abroad. Poor Dr. Malik and his ministers were figureheads only.Real decisions in all important matters still lay with the army. In the first picture of the new Cabinet. Maj. Gen Farman Ali was prominently visible sitting on the right side of the Governor, although he was not a member of the Cabinet.”

The East Pakistan army’s commander, Lt-General A.A.K.Niazi, who the commission said acquired a “notorious reputation for sexual immorality and indulgence in the smuggling of paan from East to West Pakistan”. The inevitable consequence was that “he failed to inspire respect and confidence in the minds of his subordinates with absolute absence of leadership qualities and determination; he also encouraged laxity in discipline and moral standards among the officers and men under his command”.

The Recommendations:

The Commission recommended Public Trial of the following Officers:

(1)   General Yahya Khan, Former Commander-in-chief

(2)   General Abdul Hamid Khan, ex Chief of Staff to the President

(3)    Lt. Gen. S.G.M.M. Pirzada, ex PSO to the President

(4)    Lt. Gen. Gul Hasan ex Chief of General Staff

(5)    Maj. Gen. Ghulam Umar ex Second-in -Command of NSC

(6)    Maj Gen A O Mitha ex Deputy Corps Commander

(7)    Lt. Gen. Irshad Ahmad Khan, ex Commander 1 Corps

(8)    Maj Gen Abid Zahid, ex GOC 15 Div

(9)    Maj. Gen B.M. Mustafa, ex GOC 18 Div

The Commission recommended Court Martial of the following officers:

(1) Lt Gen A.A.K. Niazi, ex Commander, Eastern Command

(2) Maj Gen Mohammad Jamshed, ex-GOC 36 (ad hoc) Division,

(3) Maj Gen M. Rahim Khan, ex-GOC 39 (ad hoc) Division.

(4) Brig. G.M. Baqir Siddiqui, ex COS, Eastern Command, Dacca

(5) Brig Mohammad Hayat, ex Comd. 107 bde. (9 Div)

(6) Brig. Mohammad Aslam Niazi, ex Comd 53 Bde (39 Ad hoc Div.)

The Commission recommended Departmental Action against the following officers:

(1) Brig. S.A. Ansari, ex-Comd, 23 Bde,

(2) Brig. Manzoor Ahmad, ex-Comd 57 Bde 9 Div

(3) Brig. Abdul Qadir Khan, ex-Comd, 93 Bde. 36 Div

The Commission observed that the suitability of the following officers for continued retention in military service would not be justified:

(1)      Maj Gen M.H. Ansari, GOC 9 Div.,

(2)      MajGen Qazi Abdul Majid, GOC 14 Div.,

(3)      Maj Gen Nazar Hussain Shah, GOC 16 Div

(4)      Maj Gen Rao Farman Ali, ex Adviser to the Governor of East Pakistan.

(5)      Plus 19 brigadiers.

The Commission further recommended that Armed Services should devise ways  and means to ensure:

(a) That moral values are not allowed to be compromised by infamous behavior particularly at higher levels;

(b) That moral rectitude is given due weight along with professional qualities in the matter of promotion to higher ranks;

(c) That syllabi of academic studies at the military academics and other Service Institutions should include courses designed to inculcate in the young minds respect for religious democratic and political institutions;

(d) That use of alcoholic drinks should be banned in military messes and functions;

(e) That serious notice should be taken of notorious sexual behavior and other corrupt practices

The Action:  Nothing ever happened that matched with recommendations of this valuable report.

The army’s role in creating disturbances and political set backs in Pakistan after its greatest military failure was totally ignored by successive Pakistani governments and many of those indicted by the commission were instead rewarded with state rewards and awards. Bhutto,  as Prime Minister personally ordered that each and every copy of the report be burnt. A copy of the final report was however saved, which was leaked and published in Indian magazine.So Bhutto was among the first leaders who fooled this nation by wearing clothes of democracy.His predecessors in games of Politics  also followed the same theme.So this democracy fool nation is again and again misused by its ruling elite groups who are supported  generation wise in this country by foreign hands.

The After effects of military and political somersaults : If few of above action had been initiated  sooner after release of this report by political groups against the accused, as recommended by the Commission, the nation could have averted the future coups d’etat  which not only completely devastated the political structure as well as the socioeconomic fabric of the state and society and wild elephant of military establishment would have kept  in its limits.History has proved that this army has most of time attacked and killed its own people and groups and spent billions on taking control in its own land.West Pakistan, Swat and now on our northern side this dirty games of playing wars were/ are  clear examples of “A bail mujahy mar”so as poor in calculation and reminding  history facts  Pakistani nation doesn’t realize that they have spent their resources on destroying their own-selves by empowering and enriching military.Besides many irreversible, it led to radicalization of the society, which is now clearly visible. The policies of military rules  empowered  foreign intervention which is so deep-rooted now and  the role of intelligence agencies from media management to missing persons is so pervasive that at this time it looks like complicated jigsaw puzzle which has become impossible to understand by  public.

What is happening in  2012

  •  The military still plays the important overt and covert role in ruling this country.
  • Illegitimate extensions to Army chief is done by so-called legends of Bhutto just to  secure their corrupt tenures.
  • Huge defense budget is still cutting down human development in weak and crippled Pakistan rest of Pakistan’s economy is gone into drain of corruption of bureaucracy and political groups.
  •  The military is in full control of  economic, defense and foreign policy.
  •  According to human rights groups, 5500 persons are missing in Pakistan  surely by its own agencies and nobody has any access to them.
  •  Political ruling group still backing the military unlawful and immoral decisions by giving them political shields.

Present dummy political situation clearly reveals that  this country still belongs to  1% people… who can  initiate wars, can make any law in this country for themselves , design any political situation which large portion favors military rules and rest give benefits to few political families who come on and off in parliaments

The way Zaradari and his team is trying to implement laws like  dual nationality and SC amendments, it is clear that they are backed by military establishment in the way that would create more political fragmentation in the ground level.Formulation of such laws  favoring ruling groups  shows that intention of ruling groups who are placing worst kind of dual nationality holders on important seats of Pakistan.

The ground realities overtly and covertly indicate that they have designed and tailored the policy to weaken the foundation of the nation. They know very well that in the world of today economic backbone should be strong for the progress and prosperity of the country, whereas piles of arsenal are useless for a country with weak economy but Pakistani rulers still following the opposite path
Let us the claim of our leaders about democracy but when we see their performance toward serving their country and people they  members of the Parliament  do not look  the inhabitants of the country.  95 percent of population of the country is worried about the next meal, the education of their children and medical care. The price hike of the commodities of daily use has made the life of common men miserable. . The election has become only a ‘ show’ of democracy. In fact there never have been any genuine election under strong military establishment. Our election of National and Provincial Assemblies are  just to fool its public and foreign medias in the real sense of the word.

The  Pakistan  existing politics is considered a severe blow to Pakistan’s sovereignty . The stigma of military superiority and national humiliation  in democratic period is  still going on as we are neglecting our crimes and blunders of past.The US wants/ wanted Pakistan to break up by taking the umbrella of her friendship. It never came to rescue Pakistan at the time of crisis. Under her Dollar supplied friendship the democracy of  Pakistan is defined like that . It is a democracy   to make fool and buy the people.

About Nazia
I am in search of facts and truth.

23 Responses to Democracy Fool Pakistanis

  1. Omer says:

    Although mocking is cheap, criticizing and holding accountable for false claims is quite desirable and should not endanger democray in any way

    • Nazia says:

      As long as democracy remains in hand of feudal groups of Pakistan whose last generations were attached with Pakistan just for continuing family rules, no one can think of any kind of democratic system in Pakistan.Establishment influenced by foreign powers and these families are sharing this power game time to time by labeling it as per demand of west and some extent for general public.

  2. Omer says:

    PPP government, although elected and must complete its 5 years term, has lost legitimacy in the eyes of the public. When the most inefficient minister becomes the Prime Minister, mere reference to constitution or historical experience won’t cool down the angry masses.

  3. Nazia says:

    PPP is setting best example of saying yes to US and military,that is why they are being allowed to continue their term no matter how much failed governance they are giving to public or their voters.Victory of junior gillani is clear sign of acceptance of Establishment to Zardari group.Both are scratching their backs to cover each other.

    • Omer says:

      Untill Pakistan is completely and totally rid if these politcal touts, there will always be a chance of corruption creeping back. They are like a rattle snake. When you kill a snake, you have to crush his head. The head of all parties must be crushed so it can never ever come back alive

      • Nazia says:

        We have got old FG ibrahim to get rid of these political touts.Let see how this old man handle these professional swindlers.

  4. Omer says:

    At this crucial stage Pakistan should give up its craving for “strategic depth”, taliban a future threat should be brought in to the picture by the U.S as a helpful ally, ISI should refrain from intrusions into Afghanistan that might antagonize US and China must not signal the Taliban that it can fund them in exchange for mining rights. None of this is likely. But in despair one sometimes asks even for the moon.

    • Nazia says:

      This strategic depth concept have bring us into deep ditch where we can only find disturbance all where.We have come to so jig saw puzzle that only logical minds can lead us to get out of this mess.ISI lost its all credibility and even trust of locals so we are in need of drastic changes on all level.

  5. Omer says:

    Democracy did not take roots in Pakistan due to many reasons. The foremost being that no effort was ever made to politically educate the people for the foundation of democracy. Political education of the people remains weak due to mass illiteracy and extremely low standard of education.

    The other reason for weak democracy is false political process and hypocrite practice in the political parties that have been in power. Pakistan needs democracy to strengthen freedom. The real test of democracy is to make leaders less important than institutions. Unfortunately, the plant of democracy in Pakistan has not taken its roots yet. Corruption has become the name of Pakistani democracy. As an overall result of all these unethical practices and highly selfish attitudes of our politicians and vast disparities.

    • Nazia says:

      Pakistan’s present situation indicates that there was serious errors in her creation as we are still unable to get any track of development.Actually situation is being more worst with a passage of time and real working class has become frustrated to live in this country.It is like that some fast moving vehicle has been tracked in narrow street and a donkey cart is leading us and we have no way to move forward.Along with this we are feared of expected attacks by passersby seeing our modern /literate way of living

  6. Omer says:

    Pakistan’s democracy is fragile, and is likely to remain so.Any where i world democracy takes root when it is sustained by democratic institutions and by the civil society.All this is a reflexive process and for this requires stable politics and a general perception that the the rule of law is respected.
    You see any such frame work there??

  7. Nazia says:

    Pakistan system has become cocktail of anarchical systems but interestingly all ruling groups try to tag it as democratic system.Under such political cartoons no one expect any reflexive process which is being continued but contrary to any civilized system,

    • Omer says:

      The country belongs to everyone and we have to build it together, however, the rulers of Islamabad have not implemented the decisions taken with regard to uniform load shedding, unemployment and security issues. People are being fooled again and agin on the name of brining chnage in system but in actual situaion is more worst then last.

  8. 0mer says:

    We need a group of good men who would haul Pakistan out of its present demise. Corruption is rampant in the high and low of Pakistani politics and the demon of greed engulfed all areas of Pakistan,It can possible and it will take time and consistency of action but yes we believe it is, if you are willing to take that first step. Most developing nations are not immune to rogue elements which are a part and parcel of all societies, disinfect yours. Identify the pests putrefying your nation.

    The ancient Greeks had a word for individuals who were indifferent to public affairs; ‘idiotes’ or ‘idiot’. Don’t be one!
    see glimpses of idiots running Pakistan’s economic hub

  9. Nazia says:

    Where the Pakistan’s good men have gone.We hardly see them in right positions so how to place them in their upright seats.?

  10. Omer says:

    . The people responsible to perform the duties of governance cannot ensure a good and fair one unless they themselves are free of evils of dishonesty and corruption.

    The main reason of this wide spread corruption is lust for money. It is not just the politicians and government servants who are caught up in this pursuit but the general society as a whole is running after acquiring more and more money. A student of class eight may be telling you that his main aim in life is to earn more and more money.

    What are we teaching to our new generation? When the society in general is misguided and following a policy that may lead to ultimate destruction we cannot simply single out the politicians for their filthy aims. The whole society needs to reconsider and redirect its main aim and goal. Good governance starts at one’s own home. When an individual is conscious of his duties to his family and wants to carry them out in the most fair and honest way then he has contributed towards good governance. Such an individual will administer his home in such a way that all members of his family firmly feel a part of this noble process.

    Corruption cannot be overcome unless brakes are applied on the lust for acquiring more and more money. The society as a whole needs to understand that money is a means to an end but is not at all an end in itself. People need to adopt the noble quality of contentment and giving charity
    The country of Pakistan whose name in recent years has been marred with all round bad governance, corruption, intolerance, bigotry, violence, suicidal attacks, death and destruction

    • Nazia says:

      For me the big reason of corruption s that we have no sense of national spirit and we are extrmly self lover or slaves of our desires.Pakistan divion is favored by few feudal or elite groups and hardly middle working class come forward to this mssion.Reslut is same after 67 years that we are still unable to bring forward the real working class and being forced to follow feudal and miltiary character as our problem solver.

  11. Omer says:

    Keeping in view of ourabove mentioned s trend we can take corrective measures in the days of life we have in balance. No format is anywhere is available for such analysis and no technicalities are involved. Lying on one’s bed at night before sleep, simply recall what major good things and bug acts one has done during the day and balance them off to find out the surplus or deficit for that day.

    Even if we have surplus we should determine to eliminate any bad thing to happen tomorrow. Our self-care will encourage us to do good things and to refrain from bad things. Further, it will give us some idea what will our ledger show at that day.

    God may help us in this regard

  12. captainjohann says:

    Armed forces are a necessary evil in every country. It is only when they assume the role of rulers, absolute power corrupts them as seen not only in Pakistan but also in Egypt,Indonesia etc etc. Even in civilian democracies we see General patreus type incidents happening as also in Indian armed forces brass caught in corruption. A vigilant nation is the best protection against this.Transparency is also an answer as your expose of the hamidur Rehman rreport shows.

    • Nazia says:

      Armed forces become evil if they are bale to get absolute powers through different mafias.
      General Peterus ‘s is agent of a country that want to maintain its supremacy on weak nations through all hook and crook means.
      Why should he resign over an extra martial affair? It is not a crime of sin in their side. Roosevelt , Kennedy , Johnson,. Clinton didn’t do like that but why he followed this trail as it being reported that he has to testify on Benghazi before a closed-door Senate committee next week. Now he resigns.

      so it clearly shows that CIA chiefs have no courage to even speak truth on their personal matters too.

  13. Omer says:

    Pakistan was never a Democracy and I do not see it being one in the near future(even never).It requires 4 minimum pre-requisites.
    1) Civilian supremacy.
    2) Independent election commission.
    3) A fair and secular Constitution.
    4)majority has liberal vision

    Pakistan has none of it and there are just far too many forces at work to even fix one of the above requisites.

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