US S-O-R-R-Y= Price of Pakistani flesh

We all are well aware of the mistake that US did on Nov 2011 when NATO attack on Pakistan, is also known as Salala incident. In this incident NATO forces entered in the Pakistan across Afghanistan border and opened the fire on Pakistan military posts, in this 24 Pakistani soldiers died and 13 got injured. This attack resulted in deterioration of relationship of Pakistan and US,  presumably some political, religious  groups and people of Pakistan badly reacted on this incident and they pressurized the govt. for the closure of NATO supply line. This closure was  supposed to be great lost for US, as they have to use the routes for NATO supply line.

357739-kabul-1333155491-276-640x480 Just two days back our Dummy Defence Cabinet Committee  D(DCC) session  attended by federal ministers from the Defence, Foreign, Finance, Interior and Information ministries, as well as Deputy Prime Minister Chaudhry Pervez Elahi finally paved the way of this supply that is affecting the life  and performance of NATO soldiers.This routine way these political touts directly present themselves in front of nation for such kind of inhumane and illogical cooperation with their masters.In a light way it was mentioned that  leaders of the armed forces, including the Chairman Joint Chief of Staff,were also be attending the high-powered session, just to give support to political groups who are all in all in this humiliating decisions.It is quite obvious that in military academies it is being  lectured to young soldiers  that behind all this action it is intention of civilian government who are ignoring the sacrifices of soldiers and paving way for their benefits on the name of national interests.

People and even some media groups are ignoring that just few days back U.S. Marine Gen. John Allen the top US commander in Afghanistan visited Pakistan and had talks with military officials.Results of such  non highlighted meetings was seen in DDCC.The final verdict of Hillary Clinton matches with Marine Gen. John Allen who  cautioned that ”we need to be careful about overstating the progress that we’re making, but I think that we’ve made real progress in the last several weeks with respect to having conversations with Pakistan we were not even having before.”

Then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated officially:” We are committed to working closely with Pakistan and Afghanistan to prevent this from ever happening again,” . She added that Pakistan has agreed not to charge additional transit fees in the larger interest of peace and security in Afghanistan and the region.She described Islamabad’s latest decision “tangible demonstration of Pakistan’s support for a secure, peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan and our shared objectives in the region,” and noted that it will help the US and the NATO to complete their planned troop withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014 at a much lower cost.

If anybody has little political vision then it clearly explains that they might have little regrets on this attack but in future they can carry on this type attack just for sake of peace and security of region.So it means license to kill Pakistanis has got fair extension by our rulers, might be for securing their seats.

We have got further assurance of such actions from US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta who  made it clear on last week that Washington intends to continue using drones to target militants inside Pakistani territory, and dismissed claims made by Islamabad that such cross-border strikes violated Pakistan’s sovereignty.Marine Gen. John Allen, the top US commander in Afghanistan gestures during a news conference at the Pentagon, Monday, March 26, 2012. (AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari)

It is interesting that on official note there is not a single word  of sorry but different media sources highlighted as US bowed down in front of our government.and  US is willing to apologize for the Salala attack, however, the apology will be tendered by civilian and not military officials.

From all this and last years performance it is again assured that besides conquering their own country and making fool their own nation, Pakistan Army has become  drain hole for the country’s honor and economy. Just imagine that a staggering repetition of such incidents and  increase in the defense budget for  last years none of single action is seen either to end this war situation or proper response to intruders by our nuclear power army.Lets remind ourselves again & again after seeing conclusions of above drama created by our ruling groups that ,final decision  to  reopen routes came after “military meetings” not “democratic” or “diplomatic”

This humiliated  decision has proved that Pakistan that is always seen itself as anti-India,pro Muslim group  but no other matter is superior to this image for its army. Once again it is proved that our army is not for the country and its countrymen; in fact the army is above all and everything in Pakistan revolves around it.

The bottom line is that the U.S.-Pakistan compact of the last ten  years has been a disaster.Pakistan is losing its level of self-respect and resources in same pace that was happened in past .No body has any courage to make charge sheet against COAS of our nuclear power army who kept deaf and dumb for such a long time and demanding only sorry from killers of his soldiers deputed on critical area on his orders.
No matter US make sorry with us but please offer bangles to our Military brass who are in forefront for demanding compensation of those martyred  Pakistani men whom should have been protected by backup support by their fellowmen.

God save Pakistan from such leaders and soldiers,!


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