One eyed Raja amongst all Political Blinds(Andhoon main kana Raja)

Zardari is all time winner of this revenge race known as Pakistani  democracy which reins have been given to his team by our hidden masters.Bad, worse ,worst these are  levels of adjectives which we have learn from our childhood lessons but practical examples of these stages are stepwise applied  in our so-called democratic system by inserting more worst characters time to time.Selection of another cartoon like Raja Pervaz Ashraf is another big slap to those people who blindly follow the name of Bhutto for showing their vote- given  skills in electoral process.Such hidden jewels are abundantly found in Zardari’s pocket  and each time when his jewel becomes faded  he replace it with new one.Induction  of Raja in PM  block clearly indicates that Zardari is most powerful political juggler sitting in President house  and monkeys like Raja or Gillanis have excellent skills to dance on his tunes.His indispensable powers for securing his assets and seat is quite obvious after such moves of removing  elected PM through humiliation. His alliance with establishment looks perfect as  none of more than 200 members have any courage to speak against this selection show.

After the announcement  for Raja RENTAL or Mental as PM except parliamentarians, whole nation is either crying or hitting their heads in walls that our this rental king has already been announced naked and completely naked but applause to foolishness of PPP members and its coalition partners who reveal their complete blindness before casting votes in his box.These political blinds have no more than caliber of those audience of Naked king ,kept on praising  until one child given them wake up call that their king was actually naked.So this repeated history is part of our process of forming pseudo democratic system which is nothing more than a big fraud or eyewash.

In 18 million population, majority (other than public representatives)l are saying  like that child who pointed nakedness of king but salute to obstinate attitude of our ruling groups who keep on praising king with his full nakedness .MQM  all time  claims to be party of working class but always  found providing support to military rulers or corrupt characters who either belong to feudal class or popularly known for their corrupt governance. So this time crown is put on the dumb head of one-eyed Raja, showing the cleverness of Zardari and his intention for this country and  citizens.The way Raja jee was selected it is obvious that before taking oath as PM he might had to take oath on Quran in Zardari house for showing his loyalty to Zardari and his Swiss bank reserves.

It is being told that  Supreme Court ignored  the National Assembly’s resolution endorsing the Speaker’s ruling  and showed disrespect for the parliament. Behind this  elimination of PM , the mission of  khaki dictators and their henchmen  is being apprehended  and its purpose is  to sack an elected PM. It is also being blamed that  the  apex court has the monopoly over interpretation of the constitution and the law.

But these ideas don’t hint that whose stupidities produce such kind of situation.If such elected PM prefers to give undue extensions to military heads then it surely means that they are signing their death certificates.

If this elected PM has no courage to make accountable those military chiefs who were responsible of Osama operation, Salala Attack or attack on our bases but despite of accountability, awards, promotions and extensions were granted to unprofessional officers by this elected government.So those who  should have been court-martial were intentionally  ignored just to safe their seats or prolonging  their tenures  .Such weak characters call their insult due to their shaken behaviors and they should be humiliated by another pillar of state.If this coward Gillani ever charged these khakis who are also facing tough time in same courts,there are chances  he could have become hero in public eyes  and if then backfired he might have heard some supporting voices from streets of Pakistan but for such cowards none of jiyalas even come to roads to show their solidarity with fired and incapable prime minister.


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2 Responses to One eyed Raja amongst all Political Blinds(Andhoon main kana Raja)

  1. Raja says:

    It is shameful for the nation that a corrupt man has been made a prime minister.
    Now the doubt has been shunned away that the rulers are exploiting the country for their vested interests

  2. Ayub says:

    Quaid-e-Azam must be kicking his grave. What a country where Asif ghaddari and Raja Rental are ruling the life out of people.Ab humare itne Bure AMAL hain ke Raja Rental Humara PM ban gaya hai . Ya Allah hunain maaf karna AMEEN SOMA AMEEN !!

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