Malik Riaz,A bleaching agent for black sheep and white collars of Pakistan

A giant tycoon of Pakistan this time again showed his cards to public and it surely reveals his indispensable powers on all stakeholders of power houses of Pakistan.

What ever he claimed about son of CJP in front of  journalists still not come to court officially but he has become successful of creating  confusion  and uncertainty in already disturbed minds of Pakistani public about Chaudry Ifitkhar and his norms of  judiciary.

Whatever would happen in future but give him credit that  he successfully diverted the attention of public ,supreme court, media and civil groups  on major internal and external issues.According to our past history such kind of assignments were first performed by intelligence groups to confuse the public for approaching toward conclusive decisions.This way our underprivileged and illiterate class remain in whirlpool of doubts about their leadership.Stylish Politician Funny Photos

Is it nor surprise seeing that these days Malik Riaz  is closely attached with Zardari group as it is clue of his success  that he knows well how to keep masters happy.It is also a fact that since he got Bahria projects he is under protection of military brass.No one can deny this that in his Bahria town large numbers of  retired generals  , either living or working in his empire , enjoying luxurious class privileges  e.g General shoaib,General Itihisham zameer,  General Shaukat Sultan working under his authority  after immediate retiring from their posts.

Last month ex-chairman of Army welfare trust Gen Imtiaz was found dead in his house in mysterious circumstances.During his tenure Mr. Malik Riaz  and t Lt. Gen (retired) Imtiaz Hussain  friendship has resulted in one of the biggest scam of 62 bn Rupees in the history of Pakistan  and that scandal has deprived  hundreds of thousands of civilians and army men lost their lifetime savings.It is said in army circles Gen. Imtiaz  was the first to facilitate Malik Riaz to play with the DHAI&II.Imtiaz also gave Malik Riaz benefits of billions of rupees while serving as chairman of Army Welfare Trust.

It was not matters of few Generals on his back but runaway  ex CAOS Musharf   fully supported him  in all cases which were made against hims in his long tenure.

Once Gen Musharraf had personally called General Shahaid as NAB chairman and asked him:

….  drop the name of one Malik Riaz Hussain from the exit control list. (Riaz Hussain was one of prime accused in a multi-million-forest land scam) As President of Pakistan, I give my personal guarantee that he (Malik Riaz) would not run away. Isn’t a personal guarantee of the President of Pakistan sufficient to satisfy you‘?       

       (Ref Dawn daily of 6th December 2009)

Malik’s name was removed from the ECL subsequently.

During Musharraf regime , one side his list of cases of land grabbing, deforestation etc  were going on , and on other side he was giving assignment to Sheba Musharraf, his son Bilal in his property and construction projects and  on parallel side Musharraf ‘s top leading generals were having villas and plots in his residential projects.

He has secrets of all top men but top-secret agencies of Pakistan never ever dare to probe his shortcut method of widening his business empires..At this moment this man has somehow and some ways trapped CJP through his son but it is not surprise that he has no clues of wrong doings of  hundreds of  military and intelligence men who are living under his umbrella.

Our intelligence groups and law enforcing agencies  never smell any wrong doings in cordon off areas of Bahria town  and they are even unable to produce genuine FIR of  bicycle theft for his son Ali in one of police station of Rawalpindi/Islamabad .Instead of this their officials are in race of getting  villas and luxurious cars form his exchequer.

Can Malik Riaz produce same slips of such Bribed deliveries  against them too in front of media men?

Who is this man?

For last two years he is escorting by rangers and Islamabad police.Almost 4 official vans and dozen state forces man are  giving him state protocol along with his own personal security.His convoy is not less than what we see on the security of our VVIPs.

His air fleet consisting of two aeroplanes and a helicopter is giving special place in Chakala base and it is said that black sheep and white collars whenever need immediate runaway, his services are always available to them.The ex air force officers are running his fleet.

After activation of corruption cases of strong political groups and same as missing people case( a strong blow  for our secret   agencies )it has been obvious that annoyed  power tycoons would miss no chance of  discrediting Chief Justice by some  means.This time these ruling elites taken the support of Malik.Neither any  intelligence group  nor Malik Riaz never showed the public or media that   Justice Javaid Iqbal who is leading the case  of missing person, has recently moved to luxurious villa of Bahria town at this time when SC is taking strong steps to produce missing persons  for whom the relatives are sure taken by our very secret agencies.

Pakistani nation  all time recording/ seeing this  practice of making accusations  based on disinformation and unsupported by proof or based on slight, doubtful, or irrelevant evidence on popular personalities and  each other as political stunts. This  practice of making unfair allegations or using unfair investigative techniques, especially in order to restrict public support or political criticism  are quite normal scenes of our past history.In such movements of disinformation  we have many times defeated India, won war against terrorism, made Pakistan a champion , etc and time proved that real facts are contrary to this what was actually produced as strong campaign .

Such kind of tactics involving personal attacks on popular  individuals by means of widely publicized indiscriminate allegations  main purpose is to sabotage public momentum  toward any idea or faith.

The same scene was repeated when Ch Ifitkhar tried to  take  stand against the  actions of Musharraf and his team.Allegations with documents all were provided in front of public and media but all went in vain nothing would stop the  downfall of  a King.

Now again for such games bleaching agent of our black sheep and white collars   has come forward to save his saviors and promoters who are all time on his back to hide their official state crimes. Time has again come to support  judiciary whose reins are in hands of Ch Iftikhar.

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I am in search of facts and truth.

29 Responses to Malik Riaz,A bleaching agent for black sheep and white collars of Pakistan

  1. Hussain says:

    Pakistan is under the grip of money now

    • Nazia says:

      Pakistanis is under control of typical mafias which are by products of military rules.Even deaf an dumb know who is behind malik riaz?

  2. faisal says:

    Assault on the judiciary by Malik Riaz seems to be fully backed by establishment who don’t want an independent judiciary in the country due to the cases of missing person, lal masjid, NRO and Mehran gate.

    It seems that there is also international backing on this issue by those powers who don’t want a change in the country and want Pakistan to stuck in the NRO setup and war on terror. All the NATO supply thing is a drama and we all know (except some mentally blind people) that drones were flying from Pakistani airbases given to CIA/US Army by Pakistani Armed Forces (Mercenaries).

    These forces of evil need to know that they can plan evil but someone above is the best of planners and insaAllah he will not let the evil win.

    “Remember how those who bent on denying the truth plotted against you to imprison you or kill you or expel you: they schemed but God also schemed. God is the best of schemers.” (Quran, Al-Anfal 8:30 )

  3. faisal says:

    It’s a big test of the people of Pakistan especially who are justice loving to prove their existence as human beings not as insects or blind sheep.

    • Nazia says:

      Pakistani people are tortured by lengthy power break down as load shedding , exhausted in long queues of CNG and losing their buying power of normal commodities.Criminals of power shortages, RPP and all other matters are enjoying state facilities so why you think that people again would qualify for this test

  4. Nazia says:

    Media and judiciary both credibility have been questioned through this case.Both are great hurdles for this mafia groups who want to rule this country generation wise.Bilwal, moonas, hamza are new masters of this country and their credibility has been questioned too so why not for son of CJP.No harm of it but it should be prosecuted and if found guilty should be punished on merit which seems to be difficult as group behind Arsaln is very influential and they would try their best to save him for strengthening this campaign that CJP actually protect his son.This would be strongly used in coming elections for justifying their corruption cases.
    so ball is in court of CJP and it has become mandatory to punish this son who become billionaire through short cut.

    • faisal says:

      yes, arsalan should be prosecuted and should be punished but this doesn’t show any signs of dishonesty for CJP especially when he has brought his own son to justice. arsalan is an adult and can make his own decisions. CJP is responsible for his decisions which i think he is taking well based on the limitations SC has in the presence of corrupt executives and military.

  5. MAK says:

    Nidia, I am highly impressed from your blog which atleast speaks the truth – though quite sour.
    I had the opportunity to skimmed through some writings about Malik Riaz and feel that whatever has been written is quite close to reality. Please accept my heartiest congratulations on such a great endeavours. I do wonder as to what inspired you to take this plight. GOB Bless and wish you a very successful, prosperous, health and peaceful 2013 and many years ahead.
    Is there is any way or chance to have more closer interaction with your kindself.

    Kind regards

    • Nazia says:

      Thanks but you know truth is always bitter and for digesting it we have to have hard time but after that we are used to of this bitterness.Malik riaz and his actions are open to all and his projects are excellently working in Pakistan so one should not deny his credibility as builder and business men. Rest of his activities are in hands of establishment and for his survival he is committed to do it as obedient servant.Thanks for your appreciation and I am all time interacted with visitors who come here and more than it is not an affordable option for me.Goodluck

  6. MAK says:

    Yes, I admit that physical infrastructure and quality of projects created by Malik Riaz are of high standard. But at what cost? At the cost of depriving thousands of small land owners, ripping off millions of aspirants who wanted to live in Bahria Town, in collecting money from them in different ways and delivering the projects after substantial delays. Mass level of tax evasion. Please refer to the third report of Dr. Shoaib Suddle report will has been able to estimate over Rs.110 billion tax evasion of Malik Riaz. He has obviously not been able to point out the that there have been no deposits of tax deducted by Bahria Town at the rate of 6% from the invoices of all its contractors and subcontractors. The amount deducted so far on this head of account needs to be investigated. I am sure this will run into billions of rupees. Besides Bahria Town is also collecting CVT (capital value tax) on all house/plot transfers made by Bahria Town in its own record. All these irregularities, excesses, exploitation and gross violation of the rules by Malik Riaz, will Insha Allah be corrected by the Nature itself – if nobody on earth.

    I am cognizant of the fact that that other housing societies also do delay development of projects more than Bahria Town, but there is a major fundamental different. Bahria Town is a private limited company who built its own empire on other others money whereas other housing societies work on ‘no profit no loss’ concept. How come a private limited company involve itself in ponny schemes (double shah) which is totally illegal. What SECP have been doing all these years?

    All said and done, nobody seems to have deeply reviewed the negative impact of mass level of corrupt practices that Malik Riaz have been involved in achieving all this. Our younger generation is likely to copy his practices. I am afraid our management universities might totally change the syllabus to include business practices adopted by Malik Riaz. I strongly disagree with your notion of “Malik Riaz being business man of credibility”. This totally negates the entire writings at your blog. Hope you will reconsider and withdraw the words “businessman of credibility”.

    Good luck

  7. Nazia says:

    Dr shoaib did excellent job as per his repute but in all your arguments first judge who is real is our senior officials of tax department who get their share from malik riaz and he givesthem their price.Look in dr Suddle case he couldn’t buy this man so every thing has appeared as black and white then why other officials couldn’t do so as they themselves are creator of hurdles for setting their price.
    Another interesting thing I want to share that I almost visited all areas of Bahria town Rawalpindi and couldn’t find a single victim of land grabbing.Even in his Phase 5, 7 and 8 you will find few village set ups which are just cordoned off and these are enjoying their old style in parallel modern living of bahria town.People are usually motivated by their chuadries and they are compensated by high price and alternative livings.Few cases were seen but those were planted by another land owners Pakistan who couldn’t get this index success and development as we are seeing in bahria town.
    I think businessmen of even developed countries have same approach as we see in case of Malik Riaz to cross all limits for getting their desired goal.i am quite familiar that multinational companies like Siemens, Honeywell, pharmaceuticals etc all adopts same measure of hook and crook to get and expand their business.It is job of govt to restrict their unlawful activities and unluckily Pakistan corrupt system favor hurdles that is why we cant see projects like Bahria town.
    Malik riaz’s CVT is known to all bureaucrats, generals, judges living in his vicinity and no one least bothered to check this unlawful act and that is real reason of his cross limit policy.

  8. Nazia says:

    Malik riaz is one of unique entity of business world of Pakistan.Here so called successful seth or businessmen did/do huge tax evasion, money laundering and corruption in all sectors but in return never returned to this nation in any form.From all big names of business to top feudal class all treat their juniors, haris, subordinated on sub humane level for getting maximum profit in business ventures but what I observed( might be wrong) that he set an good signs of development and standard in his field only along with mega projects of public welfare.I never claim that he is patriotic or work on non profit basis but as far as his business field is concerned you would hardly find any reasonable competitor of his level.I clearly mentioned the name and acts of real culprits of state who sit on lap of MR or hide behind his name by discrediting their faith and national duty for which they are assigned

  9. MAK says:

    Nazia, thankyou for your take. I would like to point out few more points for your consideration before we proceed to resolve:

    1. I am living within Bahria Town and have many practical experiences.
    2. The so called “security” system of Bahria Town is totally flawed. Commodore Ilyas himself accepted that there were over 115 decoities, thefts, road accidents and lately kidnapping within Phases 1-6 of Bahria Town alone during the last two years. This has never come to the knowledge of Bahria Town – because of media being in total control of MR.

    3. MR has removed and taken away Zoo out of Phase IV and shifted it to Phase VIII thus depriving residents of Phases I -VI from a facility once provided.

    4. Cost of Security is paid for by the Residents. Whoever makes any complaint to the management of Bahria Town (since MR is not accessible now), he is marked and entire security is used against that person.

    5. MR is using his own private secret services for intelligence gather to snub and exploit anybody who made even think of raising any fair vice as we are doing here on your BLOG.

    6. Policy is not allowed to enter into Bahria Town unless they themselves called Policy to lodge FIR or fix somebody.

    What would you like to add to this?

    Kind regards

  10. Nazia says:

    Bahria twon security is still much better than other areas of Pakistan and you can get comparison from Lahore and Islamabad.There are more worst cases of abduction and dacoity even in DHA1 and 2 where even ISI director was kidnapped on day light.Any how if you are resident of bahria town , you must know that 90% of dacoIty were done by domestic servants, hired by owners.Phase 1 is linked with airport police station and from 2 to 6 come under sihala police station.Same is for 7, 8 where a police station is full in action contrary to your information.
    MR. In last Nov even high class brothel was raided by MP and Airport police in phase 1 and many bright stars of influential families were caught on the spot along with army officers.
    One of reason of this crime rate is mostly corrupt and suspicious personals mean having double and triple characters are preferring to live in this vicinity and servants they hire become familiar with their activities after some time.
    secondly such groups are very senseless with servants and treat them in quite inhumane way so tit for tat like scene is quite common in such areas.
    MR is all in all of his estate as I earlier mentioned that he got indispensable powers through secret groups and bureaucracy and there is no final commitment of having ZOO in phase 4 vicinity.
    Phase 4/3 of bahira town was one of bad land in the whole area Almost 20 feet digging is required .High power tension lines network is also spread in this side and that is why not favorable for human living so he tricked the people through this zoo or golf club attractions and people thought they are preferring high class living.So he cashed the ignorance of people.
    MR , his son and quershi, and his all team is accessible to all and there is resident association who represents public complain into bahria offices.There is no such scene as you are describing.
    I again say that I am not giving undue favor to malik raiz for his underground activities specially his actions against judicairy but I again say that baria town is some kind of proxy of intelligence groups who are taking shelter of Malik riaz.

    • MAK says:

      Dear Nazia

      Your take raised many questions, concerns and even more confusion in my mind. Are you advocating that all thefts, decoities, brothel houses, shifting of zoo, land grabbing, exploitation and all other ills whatever is being done by MR is fully justified and legitimate as such things are happening every where else in the country? I continue to agree that MR has provided good quality hardware but obviously not out of his benevolence but is continuously, increasingly and repeatedly charging for it. Your seem to hold the view that since there are terrorists in the countries, every one else including MR have got an automatic license to become terrorist? I beg to disagree with you here.

      The Residents association!!! I am afraid you are projecting and in fact protecting all ills of MR on one pretext or the other and putting all blame on receiving end. This approach disbalances the equation. The Association has never been accepted by MR. In fact he tried to create a proxy association comprising only his blessed ones to seek justification to his (mis)deeds. The truly representative association, has never been accepted or supported by MR for the last over two years ever since it came into being as a result of continuous excesses of MR. Lately when a 12 years old girl of kidnapped, the residents gathered at its command and control centre located within the police jurisdiction of Rawalpindi, to find out what follow up actions were being taken by the security. In fact even the incharge security did not turn up at the site at all, instead a large police contingent was called by Bahria Town management to harass the residents . It was after over about three hours that Commodore Ilyas came to the site and promised to look into such issues seriously in consultation with the association. However, it is learnt that an FIR was lodged particularly against the office bearers of the association by Islamabad Police for creating so called obstruction in official work, whereas in fact the the association was performing its duty and obligation. What do you say about this?

      You seem to have conveniently ignored my view on the far reaching affects of standard SOPs of MR in inculcating corruption in the country and changing the ways of doing business both in theory and practice. In fact if we continue to support the practices of MR, the theory shall have to be changed. What is the type of education that our future generation should get to survive – is that honesty, fair play, rule of law or corruption, deception, and all those ills presently being practiced by MR?


      • Nazia says:

        You are expert of expanding the discussion as per your mood.
        why you are making research on Bahira town.if I take an appointment for you with Mariam she can reply you in better way than me.Then it would be ok for you/??

        I have specifically replied your all queries without giving undue favor to Malik riaz.It is not once or twice or many times I have mentioned that MR is evil genius tool of establishment.He comes in the category of ex touts like haji ayub, seth abid, daud Ibrahim etc but as he has some innate toward development so he is showing his performance in this field.That made him different.
        Your establishment has given him license of everything and it is his quality that how he maneuver things in his favor using his money. brain and power.
        For your kind information kidnapping of this girl of ACE school was halted by security men and family knew who were chasing their girls.Thats why case was dissolved quietly.
        you might don’t know that in ACE school bahria town a boy was murdered by his fellow in school building and that case was also kept secret by family of this boy not bahria management.
        I can go and make complain to any police station or high authority to bahria town and DHA on matter of real problems as prescribed by their provided packages and all modern organization is doing this.try to sdo this with CDA or RDA and then see their response and let me know in same manner.You might dont know that MR even compensated people( some army men )about their loss in burglary and regular warning are issued in this regard.I think you are not familiar that even in cantt areasDHAs but no body least bothered to compensate and people are left on the mercy of police who get their share too on the name of speedy hunt.
        Your are right that resident association is fraud but it is not made by MR actually people first organized it and then organizer tried to black mail MR for getting their booty and I have already told you he is expert of setting price of greedy crows.that is why he is successful in this game.

  11. Nazia says:

    I am not ignoring your query and as per habit replying you as per my information.
    He is matric pass and confessed many times in media without any shame and guilt but he is taking services of hundreds of qualified staff and he leads them in all.Once in a meeting I was surprised to see that how his subordinates including brigadiers, air commodores, colonials were listening orders from ali riaz in an obedient manner where he was conducting the meeting in quite manner less style.
    Do you know how much and what kind of top generals are his employees soon after retirement and how they praise his qualities.Just 30 years before he was just an ordinary clerical job and even common captain or lieutenants humiliated him many times while purchasing this bahria foundation land files but now he is leading the top generals in this company. so what else god gifted talent you want to see in this king maker who is leading one of big empire state of Pakistan.Can you deny this?
    Dont go to theory.he has proved all wrong and setting unusual example in his field.

  12. MAK says:

    Well Nazia, Thankyou for your time in trying to reply to my views about how bad was the corruption trend set by MR for our future generations. Unfortunately you have not been able to pick up my point which has far reaching affect. Obviously nobody including MR is going to be here for ever. And bahria town will not be managed in the same manner in which it is being managed by MR. It will be a totally different then. BUT my problem is that the impact of mass level of corruption, corrupt practices, and shine of all wealth gathered by MR in short period of time by hook and crook , will have far reaching negative impact on the thinking, ways of doing business, theories and practices. After seeing all that, WILL OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS EVER REVERT TO rule of law, fair play and good governance?

    I am sure Maryam or anybody else having close nexus with MR will never be able to appreciate or understand the impact of all such wrong doings after availing so many concessions, big bangalows, in-house swimming pools etc. being enjoyed by them. And I am sure whenever their ZAMEER will reflect, they will either commit suiside or become proovers against MR as has been recently done by one of the General in DHA 1.

    By the way is this same Maryam who has joint secret bank account with MR as pointed out in Dr. Shoaib Suddle report? If that is the case, I have no interest in meeting her or anybody else having close nexus with MR. I know what their explanation would be – obviously no different than yours.

    Kind regards

  13. Nazia says:

    Again your needle stuck to MR?
    why don’t you get data of those army officers/bureaucrats who turned this bahria foundation land into bharia town private venture by placing MR as front man and they had paved ways for him to turned into biggest land scam of Pakistan.
    You heard the baldia town incident.Did you know the assets of these business men who preferred to burnt down hundred human beings just for securing their productions.They have billion rupees bank balance but they didn’t spent a million for safety measures of these poor workers who were working their in meager income.
    so this is all mentality of business men whose target is all time to get max profit through all ways but it is responsibility of state and its nominated officials to create hurdles in front of these profit makers as per state laws.I have seen same kind of approach among big industrialists, and business men means quite senseless attitude toward nation and people.
    in MR case, all state nominated officials encouraged MR to go ahead and that is why you are seeing him one of ever green major figure of Pakistan.
    You are right that no one ever live in this temporary world but we are discussing present and past and there he played/playing major role in Pakistani politics.
    I have no interest what is Bharia town future but I am concerned about my country and I want to see Pakistan too in same manner as bahria town is showing its standard of living where even 5 marlas owners are getting same kind of residence privileges as we are seen for big villas’ residents. So one should appreciate him for maintaining this standard.
    Yes she is same mariyam whose name is mentioned in dr suddle report.She was on paper known as PS of MR but his close mates know that she is more that PS that is why lives in DHA2 vicinity in neighbor hood of Generals along with 4 security guards.If any body wants to meet MR she arranges his meetings.She spent last two months in USA for setting her accounts which come in dr shoib suddle .SC is trying best to bring MR under rule of law but as I told you he is maker and care taker of establishment so SC find lot of hurdles in this regard.
    I am watching these corrupt people for last 4 years.When their Zameer strike they opt religious gild for its coverup but I feel no regrets in their action unless great setback is happened to their kids.Try to read the articles of general Zameer in Jang, from where you can judge that how bay zameer general he is even acknowledging what he did to Pakistan under Musharraf.But now he is preaching us nationalism and patriotism.:))
    That is why I say Allah is only great in this country.

  14. MAK says:

    Nazia, we are going in circles. My needle is stuck on MR and so is yours. At many occasions I have accepted that MR has provided good quality housing project. Apart from that he is involved in every type of crimes which have far reaching impacts on our future generations. Unfortunately you continue to force and press upon the only point that MR is “untouchable”
    due to he being sponsor and boss of every Haves including many generals.

    My view is that no human being is indispensable and untouchable. Since he got a a very good and strong clout, why dont you advise him to use all that power to build the country for which you are very concerned. You must be aware of the proverb “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Yours, mine and his own view about himself is not different that this proverb, as he has been advocating the same openly on media and so are you!.

    On your repeated insistence I can accept that he has got absolute power and is capable to do any thing. Why cannot now he focus on using all that power and initiate Kala Bagh Dam project? I am sure there are many other projects of national importance which he could take on to save the country. I can suggest many of them if he is willing to know and work on them with patriotism.

    Besides there is another piece of suggestion. No matter how strong a man may become, he is always weaken from inside his family. MR’s family consists all those who are living within the heavenly place Bahria Town to which he continue to exert administrative control.

    To me his down fall has started, not because of his head on with SC, or hundreds of criminal and civil litigation cases him, but because of his increasing conflict with the residents living within the Bahria Town. I have heard myself someone saying that residents will act as small mosquito in the nose of elephant. It was only yesterday, that in a dinner party within Bahria Town one of member of the association (headed by some ambassador) created by MR himself was complaining that residents are being asked for additional payment of Rs.40,000 each with a view to build new gas pipeline in Safari extension, which they will never as they have already paid all development charges. All those living in safari extension and having receive such notice must have same view. He was speaking against this move so strongly that I started hearing buzz of mosquito.

    Can we jointly advise and save this ‘evil geneous” (as you said) so that he lives long for execution of other similar projects of high standards in the country. The only way forward would be to take even more care of ‘Bahria Town family’ than generals and other Haves, rather than trying to teach them a lesson through baseless FIRs and unnecessary demands on payment of additional development charges every now and then etc.


  15. Nazia says:

    Without my advice he is building the country as per his field and caliber.
    if he will be assigned to some water or power related job I am sure that he can go to all extent for getting his target as he achieved different land mark in hi construction projects.
    But I have already told you that he is picked for dirt job who raised him for their means.
    I think that you are not aware that now Bhria rwp case is seen by his son and his cousin and he has diverted his interest on other mega projects.It is not once or twice but dozen time he demanded different budget for construction jobs but people living there dont give him so BT is no focusing on hunts who sells of buys homes or land there and there no choice is left for them.It is not interesting that many FBR officers, ambassador judges or military men do make such deals but they didn’t challenge it.I once did it same in RDA and got good response from both side and got my target.
    Why you want to see downfall of this man and interesting;y never ever blame to those who are using this belching agents for rinsing their black deeds.Give me a name a single builder iN Pakistan who strictly obey the govt polices in this regard.Even RDA, CDA and ;DA are one of white elephant of Pakistanis giving Pakistanis the least facilities of good living but here again he is taking the responsibility of Gas, power and water for BT resident and he is still fulfilling his offers from phase 1 to 7.
    we can make comparison from other housing societies too and you can evaluate that he has still an edge for all others.

    • MAK says:

      Dear Nazia, hope every thing is fine at your end. I have been busy so could not respond earlier. Nazia i have never thought of complete or partially ignoring any wrong doer – may it be general, tax collector or a judge. Besides I also do not want down fall of any person and more so that of MAlik Riaz – who after all provided good living standards. Please be accordingly advised!

      I however continue to focus more on Malik Riaz since he is the ultimate beneficiary. I am sure you will not disagree me atleast on this point. Do you?

      • Nazia says:

        its ok from my side So you are resuming your mission on MR again.are you making some kind of investigative reporting on him.?MR didn’t take any kind of official oath to any office of govt but all officers who are paid by Pakistani tax payers hard money come and take oath of his faithfulness under his umbrella.He was nothing unless protected by big wigs of this country.He is not ultimate beneficiary but reason of giving benefits to many but surely and solely ready to get all kind of blame on him.
        His downfall means that almost 2 millions have been invested on his national and international ventures so all would get huge setback,You know before execution of orders of SC (regarding Shoib suddle’s report )to state bank for sealing his accounts from all banks, he was informed earlier and he had moved his money to foreign banks before reaching the order of state bank. so he is more crook and efficient than our thoughts as his like minded people are all time with him sitting in govt offices.

      • mak says:

        AoA nazia.its been long time when we last communicated. Hope every thing is fine at your end. Wish you and all your readers a very blessed, and peaceful eid ul Fitr. God bless us all.

  16. MAK says:

    Dear Nazia, Thefts, decoities and other related crimes have tremendously increased in Bahria Town and Malik Riaz has so far succeeded in keeping the Media quite and not reporting any such incidences.

    During the moth of Ramazan, a theft of about 15 – 20 million rupees took place in Phase-II. Another incidence took place on during early hours of 23 August 2013, when four dacoits entered into the house 1764, St 61, Phase-III, Bahria Town and overpowered, mishandled, beated and scuffed hands and legs of Mr. Farhan Haider and looted everything from his house including his Honda City Car loaded with all his valuables and conveniently drove away around 4.14 am in the morning.

    The people live in Bahria Town under the impression of full security and safety whereas reality on ground is totally different. There are divergent views on this. As per one school of thought, Bahria town management itself is involved in such crimes. Some blame it to be the act of BT Security and others term it as joint and coordinated effort of BT management, its security force and police.

    I wonder where do the poor residents stand with respect to the security and safety of their lives and valuables.

    • Nazia says:

      You are only worrying about theft and dacoity and didn’t know that even a Brigadier living at Phase 1 was killed by his two servants when he was tried to interfere in their business.By the way those who come under attack of theft or dacoity were not poor and those who breached in their house are well informed that their targets have secret accounts at their homes.Bharia town and DHA are hub of corrupt people who are known as Black sheep and white collars of this system.You dont get surprises when seeing a colonial or brigadier, bureaucrats(either serving or retired) are living like their businessmen by saying that this is either from their inheritance or having good business ventures.They are worst in their human side specially for their domestic servants and majority of these cases look reaction from is quite natural phenomena and has old history.The chief security head( retired army officer) of Bahria is known as gangy icon but MR cant afford such scams so in such cases he wont take a minute to change team that can harm his repute.There is sharp increase in residents of BT so same graph of criminal activities are on is not easy to tame the spoil broths and same problem BT management is facing.

  17. MAK says:

    Thankyou Nazia for your comments which are always thought provoking. I agree with all of your views except that even if the people living in Bahria Town are rich and are not poor, that does not mean that others have right to deprieve them of their wealth and lives. I also agree with your view that Chief Security Head is a gangy icon. There is another one – Head of Services North. Can you kindly help in bringing ever increasing serious security, theft and dacoities issues to the knowledge of MR with a view to get rid of these two persons. May be this will reduce such incidences if not completely eliminate and restore peoples confidence on so much hardware installed by MR for security purpose? Kind Regards.

    • Nazia says:

      First I make you clear that I am not in contact with MR and his family in any way so cant convey your message to him nor I have any security related problem since I arrived there as I strictly follow standard security procedures wherever I live and I dont rely on them .I am quite sure that there is no threat of security to residents from shahid and Fiaz din as both are providing offered services to their residents as per demand.If I will ever have complain I know whom I have to hit and all time solve my problems if come in my way.You are not getting my point that 90% of security incidents have record that they are done by domestic servants and known people of that family.Rest were by nearby labours, guards or for unknown persons.So in cases of domestic servants what is fault of bahria town management.Bahria administration all time giving warning to residents for their safety tips specially regarding choice of servants.Second thing you are ignoring that people living in such vicinity are known for their black money accounts which is caption of this writeup too and when these people hire workers on meager salary , the chances of robbery theft become more as compare to areas where people have simple and honest earnings.Even then harsh economical conditions around us is major factor of disturbed law and order of any area.This is social issue and you people ignore it all the time.

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