What Pakistan and Poor Pakistanis earned after misadventure of Kargil War?

Last week when  media of Pakistan was covering the issue-less visit of Zardari  in India ,the massive wall of snow engulfed a Pakistani military complex at Gayari sector close to the Siachen Glacier, cluing nation that  rescue teams have been unable to dig up any survivors.Since then there is now very little hope that even a small number of people will come out alive. This is this unique war front of the world where temperatures as low as minus 76 degrees,  frost biting winds and altitude sickness have killed far more than artillery fires. Casualty figures are not released by either military, but hundreds are believed to have died there.Army management of both side  always ignore these facts that these untouched  snow peaks are actually water reservoirs of  living beings of  subcontinent and more they would plan human and artillery movements there it would highly disturb the ecology of this precious natural treasures and we can see more avalanches and degradation of ecosystem of this snow-white region.

Siachen avalanche

Intellectuals of both India and Pakistan are asking to their  military management what they have gained after deadly  misadventures in Kargil in 1984 and then 1999 respectively.The result after seeing present status is  just a huge number of casualties, fatal injuries and massive defense budget on the name of national security.The nuclear-armed rivals have fought three wars since 1947 and then two major misadventures in Siachan in the name of attacks . So if we just ignore the  Indian point of views ,then one should just get a fair conclusion that what actually Pakistan and Pakistanis have earned  through such misadventures of wars.

This practice is done on regular basis in Pakistani soil just for reviving  emotional hate culture for India, weakening the political and social  development which furthermore reduces  human development and resources for common Pakistanis  and more vulnerable situation of internal security.India after triggering weakness of Pakistani establishment  fully avoids proper dialogues and  focuses more on its  military needs i.e funds and equipment to maintain a state of readiness against  cunning generals of Pakistan on the cost of ignoring people ‘s need .

This present  tragic incident in Gyari has again pricked the wounds of concerned Pakistanis which were subjected during defeat of Kargil war. Politically the Kargil operation which surely  a more direct military option,was used to bolster the morale of its forces, achieve political and tactical gains but instead of this one shouldn’t forget that Pakistan not only faced humiliated defeat and huge losses there under command of General Musharraf  and  it was first time Pakistan army had shown  lesser interest even in claiming the dead bodies of poor Pakistanis soldiers  who were  killed due to poor attacking strategy of their officers.Again in this snow blasting  incident that world scientists have  predicted many times,GHQ is  failed to apprehend  such an incident ensuing  large number of casualties  who were buried alive in a land where nature’s power fully dominant on man-made useless planning and  conflicts.

What this incident is  again warning  us?Have we ever conducted geological survey to monitor weather forecast and snow sliding of this kind of magnitude?

What we  learn from the intentional blunders of Pakistani generals regarding strategical and  tactical war maneuvering by completely ignoring the security and safety of their personals?

What a common Pakistani earned from this war game?

The simple and logical replies of these queries are just like , serious alarming, nothing,useless.

Pakistan political groups who are fully under  control of army management is showing more poor performance regarding solving such issues as they have been whirl-poled in more  problematic solutions of internal security and corruption related to state matters so no body bothered about  such huge losses  which are still going on in such abnormal war terrains.PTV and  ISPR  as usual  are  again doing its routine  job by creating emotional atmosphere  through  scenes of rescue efforts for such kind of forced and useless sacrifices.

Insecure  Pakistan is badly  in need of  real efforts to bring back  its powerful status in the area of power, energy and resources which  absences are creating havoc in life of common man and hammering the production capacity.Nation  requires precious lives  and working of her real sons of soil but instead of this Pakistani managers need such forced sacrificial  dead bodies  to maintain their fake game of  deadly politics for their personal and family interests.Pakistan in last years of turmoil , has been  sharply declined in number of its young workers, soldiers, manpower due to this war and terror like situation and contrary to this , Generals,  rulers,policy makers  and their families have become more dominant, rich and powerful in  Pakistan.


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6 Responses to What Pakistan and Poor Pakistanis earned after misadventure of Kargil War?

  1. بلوچ says:

    Well Nazia they have strengthened the enimity , expanded blood pool, enlarged the poor population , what else do you expect from Kargil wars ? and Pakistan got her hero “Pervaiz Musharaf” from Kargil yar.

    • Nazia says:

      here the culprits are people of Pakistan who consider zeroes.
      as heroes.Musharraf is quite unique hero of GHQ as he is first runaway of GHQ who is so afraid of coming to his own home.Past ones at least lived and died here as legends of Pakistan

      • Baloch says:

        Well Nazia legends of Pakistan got the same fat , Gen.Sikander Mirza and Gen.A.A.K.Niazi are part of this legendary history.

  2. Nazia says:

    I think we both and all who are running state matters are victims of reading and teaching wrong history in our student time.
    This down fall accounts in such lies which have made them compulsive traitors who even don’t understand what is right and wrong in our line of duty.
    it is true that lie has no foundation that is why Pakistanis are baseless nation always try to find crutches or support on foreign hand to raise our status.

    • Baloch says:

      Nazia where is the nation itself ? let a nation exist first than question of base may arise ,I am afraid if there any nation exists by the name of “Pakistani” ?

      • Nazia says:

        The senseless and vision less attitude of leadership of political parties of Pakistan is surely a basic reason of down fall of political infrastructure in Pakistan that even humiliated oust of military dictators are not taken seriously .
        All political groups after taking over ,carried on same kind of dictatorial strategy with new outlooks of democracy.The disappearance of a sense of responsibility is the most far-reaching consequence of submission of political forces to military authority.
        Military rules in crook manner when nation goes to fragmentation and that is key of ruling mafia in Pakistan.

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