Zardari and his Forty thieves Visited India on expenses of Poor Pakistanis

Zardari and his Forty thieves Visited India on expenses of Poor Pakistanis

It is a common sense clue in any intellectual  and civilized  circles that Pakistan India smooth and friendly relationship is one of important key factor for development and prosperity of million of people suffering on both sides of border because of  huge defense budget which is just curtailing the basic human needs of large population in this area.

So as our leadership both military and political totally lacks in such kind of common sense blessings so one shouldn’t hope any kind of  sincere and long-term political moves to develop even or any kind of uneven relationship in economical and social fields with India. So present rip of Zardari and his forty thieves is nothing more than charismatic drama ,surely created to camouflage something happening among Pakistani establishment, Indian interest and US dominance in the region.So this one day trip is just an expensive leisure trip, a burden on poor Pakistani budget as usual planned by its senseless leadership

Pakistan has been ditched into economic, social and serious security issues in last 15 years and before settling these grave issues up-to some extent Pakistani management is completely helpless to maintain a balanced or dignified relationship  with growing India specifically in economic areas which is urgent need of  declining Pakistan business and industrial communities.

This weak and corrupt political and military leadership can’t even think of any kind of reasonable political solution that can surely benefit real people of Pakistan.


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2 Responses to Zardari and his Forty thieves Visited India on expenses of Poor Pakistanis

  1. بلوچ says:

    Nice to see you in-form once again ,No comment on the article yet , as i could not read it thoroughly,

    • Nazia says:

      Thanks I am just trying hard but not very successful.
      Anyhow this writeup is just part of discussion that was done on BBC by me and others just a day before and then I wrote this one after six months.

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