Dr Rehman Malik ,a pride for fake degree holders of Pakistan

At last Interior Minister Rehman Maliky awarded with a doctorate degree for his excellence  services to bring peace to Karachi.It was recommended by Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad Khan who himself  awarded Malik with a doctorate degree in city of Karachi which has buried more than 5000 dead bodies as victim of target killing under the high quality regime of Dr Rehman malik and his friend indeed dr Zulfiqar mirza who later left him alone  for receiving all awards and rewards for maintaining all kind of peace process in this city of dead bodies and harassed people.So under these doctors of Pakistan including governor and two doctor ministers, residents of Karachi have witnessed all kind of lawlessness and at the end it is certified by awarding a doctorate degree to one of team member of doctors too .

Dr rehman malik ‘s parent living in hell or heaven would be surely proud parents who throughout  their life never enjoyed such kind of high quality literary success  of their son of gun  but now this decision of University of Karachi  surely has  fulfilled their hidden desire of seeing their son at highest level of education in his country.

It is being heard that some weak voices from Teacher’s association of the university critically opposed this decision and some dare-devil tried to protest with  some  disgusting and insulting placards in respect  of Dr rehman malik but the way Karachi University Vice Chancellor Dr Pirzada Qasim was proudly granting this  souvenir to Dr malik itself explains that administration of Karachi university is not in mood to hear the illogical pleas of some teachers of university.Some ill mannered and frustrated  groups on media are  taunting and  condemning this state of affairs and demanding the concerned authorities to retreat from their decision and never try to award honorary degrees to the  such people who are known for incompetency, dirty moves and  have a solid criminal record.


It is quite obvious that MQM power is behind this degree drama and  dr Usmani at his retiring age is not in mood of risking his life and life time career for defying this order while living in city of Karachi and working under dr Abad.Every one is aware of   tremendous power of MQM governor who can even twist the power games of President house with only  simple threat of resignation.Dr Usman would have  surely heard the incredible comments and commentary of Dr Mirza about  legendary dr Malik so easing down tension of Karachities he  surely brought this entertaining feature in the history of Karachi university.

After seeing the tolerance level of Dr Usmani  who never ever think for a while that what kind of impact he is creating on immature minds of thousands of students of KU by making such political move.For outsiders who know the extent of intellectual level of Dr Malik are in state of shock that what is criteria of KU management for staking its repute as they sheepishly accepted this political move as insignia of decline of repute of a known university of Karachi which has an honor of producing  finest sons of soil like Dr. Ishtiaq Hussain Qureshi , Dr Saleemuz Zaman Siddique  Dr Muhammad Jameel Khan etc

Majority of Pakistanis like me strongly believe that Mr. Abdul Rehman Malik is being awarded Doctorate degree on  account of patch work  between MQM and PPP top leadership after creation of mess by another Doctor  of Sindh or perhaps for telling lies  in abundance or might be reaction of  SC verdict that both central and provincial governments have been failed to restore normalcy in burning Karachi under his ministry . So  we should only request to management of KU that for future reference it would be better to change the discipline of Dr Malik’s degree  like it could be in mastery of lying or for restoring peace between MQM and PPP leaders over the dead bodies of Karachi people. Or it might be labelled as  Sindh is granting degree to Punjabi’s for setting new trends in educational culture as before this it has happened many times that doctors of KU were selected as State ministers and it is first time a serving minister of Punjab is made doctor by this university under enlightened management of highly educated class of Karachi.student-force

Karachi people should now not complain to Punjabis  for wrong  moves in politics as this time they accepted our talent by granting highest ward to our duffer but most crook character of Punjab who is even disowned by his fellows who are doctors too.So It is their  sindhi president and governor who highlighted  the talent of our coal like gem in one of to top university of Sindh.

In coming future there is chance that sooner Governor Khosa might announce degree of doctorate of restoring peace culture in Karachi to Dr Altaf  hussain of UK as a tit of tat friendly gesture between two rivalry province but I am sure that here  paindoos of universities of Punjab could  make serious revolt against its Governor too as it  has been many time happened in Salman Taseer time.

Any how thankyou Karachi and Karachiwalay for projecting  this talent hunt program and telling us that KU has quality of converting idiots into ingenious.


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10 Responses to Dr Rehman Malik ,a pride for fake degree holders of Pakistan

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  2. Ahmed says:

    This depicts the future of Pakistan. All was done in the city of literartes and not a single person on offiical level has guts to challenge it.

  3. Sara says:

    Pakistan are under attack of Dr Zagavo like him.They are practicing well in Pakistan and making Pakistani the most sick nation of the world

  4. united4justice says:

    this really sucks , why the heck we ve to study so hard for getting a degree. easy way is to do corruption , kill people and get a doctorate for peace degree. :@ :@

  5. kashif kashmiri says:

    alas!!!!! University of karachi has given R.H.D’s degree that person who cannot recite even Surah e Akhlaas.

    O Rahman baba mojaan karo.

  6. kashif kashmiri says:

    ashif kashmiri says:
    November 1, 2011 at 4:32 am

    alas!!!!! University of karachi has given P.H.D’s degree that person who cannot recite even Surah e Akhlaas.

    O Rahman baba mojaan karo.

  7. Hameed says:

    Check out this list of fake degree holders in Pakistan http://www.fakedegrees.zzl.org

  8. Ahmed says:

    Its now moral duety of Dr.Rehman Malik to recomend General Niazi and General Tikka Khan for the nominations of Nobel Peace Prize for their services in Dhaka.

    • Nazia says:

      RM ‘sname means in Pakistan politics more insult to moral values.He has no access to Pakistani general ‘s and their activities.So he is our symbol of insult and real revenge to democracy planted by bhutto in our field of politics..
      any how thanks again for activating again in this ID.

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