Pakistan’s politicians are Mirasi(low-class comedians) and faujis are Siyasi(politicians)

Last days a Swiss Bank director was telling the world that Pakistanis are having more than $97 billion in their banks. It simply  raises the question in ordinary minds that whose money is this and for what purpose it was hidden there? It can’t be the government fund or the legal transactions then of course it would be the looted black money, kickbacks and commissions.It’s amazing the nation is dying due to poverty ,hunger and diseases and is begging the world but least bothering to probe for such hidden treasure of Pakistan in Swiss accounts.

. It is not an a surprise that such news  ignored by the media, civil society and above all the oppositions and so-called middle class representatives of JI and  MQM leaders who are  creating hues and cries  in decrying Dr Mirza and his charge-sheet against their party. In this verbal attacks Pakistanis and foreign media are watching the excellent comedic  performance of Pakistan politicians who are using quaranic power of display to impress the religious centered people.These are behaving like farewell brides whom are traditionally covered by this Qur’an as symbol of good blessings but there the brides are silent and here these are clamoring clowns who are undressing each other on political issues.The stories of corruption and plundering of this country are as fresh as it was happened in the past  and this huge amount seems to be the work of same folks who all time declared themselves Patriots.
In one side these political jokers are diverting the people attentions toward real social, political and security problems and other side mullah brigade  are forcing people and state to give righteous place to bigotry and hatred in the name of religion and  declare it  as no crimes at all  which cannot be deemed guilty in state laws.It is  very interesting in Islamic society  it is compulsory to write ” peace be upon him” in front of  name of Prophet but this group of fanatics are interested to spread culture of violence and killing for securing His  respect in circle of non believers and ignorant people .They are justifying through public rallies that  the genocide of non-Muslims , religious minorities and some time weak Muslims too is right act under sharia laws  and  mandatory part of Islamic society.

These are same religious gangs who never gathered a rally when state and agencies respectably arranged pardoned departure under the tag of sharia law for CIA agent who killed two Pakistanis just for keeping eyes on his suspicious movement .

Theses mullah brigade never come out for sharing the irreversible grievances of   Hazaras of Baluchistan and Shias across Pakistan or gruesome head chopping activities of  Taliban.

The logical outcome of such train of thought is  highly illogical, ghastly and comes in treason charges. It  straightly  wipe out the possibility of discussion, debate or divergence within the realm of religion.

Since  independence in 1947,In Pakistan a military-bureaucratic establishment has always governed the country. Army generals usurp power at their own convenience and quit only when they are forced to quit by mass political movements or by a sudden unexpected death.Recalling the last 64 years of Pakistan, democracy in traces  is found only as an interval before the next military general comes to the scene.Repeated martial laws  with different motives  has ruined the state structure of Pakistan as a whole with only the elite benefiting from the system and no benefit being passed over to the general public.

Historical facts have proved that Pakistan has lost territory while under direct military rule and  indirect military intervention is creating ethnic and sectarian divisions all over Pakistan. That is why various separatist movements in the country are getting fertile nurturing grounds and we are putting blames to RAW and CIA for our weakness . National economy has got serious set backs of high inflation, increase bankruptcy  and huge deficit in national budget which  has become all foreign aid dependent. Despite having the largest chunk of the national budget and being the seventh largest army of the world, Pakistan army is now in a mess of its own creation with little of its hard-earned prestige left to its professional credibility.The officers who  should be court-martial or expel are either getting extensions or in case of retirements are being allotted military awards and benefits.

So under these  incompetent political faujis and comical politicians Pakistan’s ruling elite is growing like monster who are shamelessly eating Pakistan’s resources and destabilizing  Pakistan’s political interests. Their deeds are easily detected and propagated.  The Pakistani ruling elite’s use the cover of  political jokers, the venomous mullah and unprofessional bureaucrats and  soldiers,just to create anarchical situations and then wait for military take cover which subsequently covers all past crimes of  brutal ruling elites.

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7 Responses to Pakistan’s politicians are Mirasi(low-class comedians) and faujis are Siyasi(politicians)

  1. Yasser says:

    i heard about this 97 Billion $ figure too from Pakistan today i guess, but i have doubts on the authenticity of this news especially figure of 97 Billion. Mullah brigade has definitely become most annoying when their slogan mongering is just restricted to US and neglecting the damage being done to minorities and ppl being targeted based on Sectarianism.

    • Nazia says:

      I just pasted the few clips of newspapers sand here worth is not its authenticity as people including politicians, bureaucrats and military men surely have it but to show deaf and dumb reaction of state.The existence of NRO and its impression in our system to protect the ex ruling culprit by present rulers is itself evidence that all are black in workshop of blacksmith.For getting the knowledge of such accounts only in Musharraf period many officials of NAB foreign office and FIA made thousands trip to Switzerland and earned millions of rupees on the name of investigation.They got all but as it was disclosing name of all friend and foe so this was only used to black mail few and when they successfully did it on the name of NRO every thing was hidden under the carpet.Now it would be disclosed when next army coup is going to be executed .so throwing of such errors on media is for some purpose to get the response of public and acidifying more hatred for them in general public.
      But I covered all miscreants under my topic.

  2. I know that politicians have Swiss Bank accounts but the news reports telling the figures of $97 billion are not true.

    We made a full research and came to a SHOCKING conclusion:

    • Nazia says:

      There was nothing shocking for us any more after seeing the pathetic performance of political government.Pakistanis have these accounts and NAB and FIA have all kind of details.This ticker is just to haunt few whom political future all depends on these accounts.

  3. Mani says:

    Zulfiqar Mirza…
    .( ‘,’) ______
    \< <="""""'
    // \\
    ……….Dhuz.. Dhuzzz..
    ….Dhuz…. Dhouzzz…
    Hat jao nhi choron ga….
    Dhuzz.. Dhuzzzz….

    Altaf Hussain & Rehman Malik
    jay gi
    Kys kar raha hai??

  4. Ahmed says:

    AL over the world poticans are cartoon like characters,It is system that should make them accointable and somehow productive. But when fauji tend to be politiican then it is very alarming.

  5. Farah says:

    Pakistani rulers military and civilian live on US dollars and it is their main attraction for grabbing all power and its sources.when US decides to unplug this ‘charity’ Pakistan they all behaving starve to death will help either. it had never done it any away). It is that simple. You can keep on debating, but the reality doesn’t change. Why waste time and energy on this issue when Pakistan just cant stand on its own feet even after 61 years!! Period.

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