Bright and Dark views of organised and self-control living

To achieve organized living is some sort of ability to force and then reinforce ourself to do something that we  want to do at all cost, even if we don’t feel like it. In other words, we force our self-control mechanism  to resist the temptation of attractions spread in our surroundings, thereby allowing  ourselves to concentrate on some particular jobs and relationships. Practicing self-discipline may require lots of hard work and a strong will to master and practice  our inner strength, eventually the more we discipline our self to resist succumbing to the temptations of life, the more  self-discipline will strengthen.

To control one’s impulses, emotions, desires and behavior is not an easy job and a person need quite maturity ,guidance of elders and their practical demonstrations. It is being able to turn down short-lived  immediate pleasure and instant gratification in view of gaining the long-term better results of successful life and fulfillment from achieving higher and more meaningful goals.

Self-control  primarily begins with the managing   wrong directional thoughts can come in mind from many sources like poor upbringing, bad company or might be inherent nature.  Simply, self-control on fulfilling demands enables us  to think first and act afterward after carefully considering its dark and bright sides.

The Benefits

  • It surely  helps to build self-confidence on one’s decision-making ability

  •  Make more organize  life , more quantity and quality of work  can yield in same time frame.

  •  This would maintain a higher tolerance for frustration, obstacles and negative emotions.

  •  It allows us to obtain better healthy life styles, balanced budgeting and  good work ethics.

  • More leisure time to spend with loved ones, or time for our self.
  • There are more chances to achieve most difficult goals more efficiently.

  • Arranged and well planning living styles set  good examples in any community for improving its  civic standards.

So trying to improve self-control for having an arranged kind of living is just like improving any other skill in life through some effort .The life history of successful people mostly highlight their  strong self-discipline attitude as part of routine matter.

On the real side of  life  we can’t ignore that world is made up of largely undisciplined and lazy people (especially those living in developed countries). Here improper management of leadership , corrupt system and weak moral values lead people to  have disorganized way of living and tend people more toward  random self amusing and selfish approaches for satisfying their fake egos and complexes. People who welcomes odd attractions  and out of ethics habits in their life style forgets that behind every little disorganized or problematic approach  there’s a larger problem hidden, waiting for these little  wrongness  to grow into jungle of troubles. In fact  the solution  offered  by them itself breed sequence of problems.

It is said that more organized and  harder way one adopts  in teen and young ages  with some rules, principles etc, more secure and comfortable would be his/her  old-time. Adopting stupid practices again and again become fundamental driving force of , which explains that  stupid people not always ditch into whirlpool of self-made problems but become reason of creating tensions for organized minded people. For well-organized people it is almost  impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious and all time intrude in their lives to create highest kinds of disorders and troubles. Sometime it happens too that self-controlled people  have to pay price of these selfish and highly undisciplined people living  or working close to them.

The Drawbacks

  • Makes us to act intentionally or unintentionally  in ways that harm others or create problems in their systematic way of working and living

  •  Breeds dissatisfaction in conscious after seeing success of others due to their proper planning and self-control.

  • Generates conflicts between individuals, groups and generation.

  • Motivates  people to do harmful actions in a confused attempt to  achieve point of happiness , thus create negative patterns that bring undesirable situations. Usually current problems are the product of our past errors which can only modify with some disciplined and required change but here people have loosely bonded self-control conscious and they enjoy creating discomfort for disciplined people.

  • Impedes  spiritual progress of human mind  and prevents development of highest potential of human capacity in any system.

Futuristic approach of highly disorganized people is mostly to let down organized persons and disrupt sequence of  system where they have to live.For achieving this they try to develop messy tendencies, mental confusion, lack of order,  , feelings of hopelessness  and make blame game for others on failures .So in successful system individual attitude doesn’t matter but behavior of groups create an impression. It is the competency  of genuine people and groups  that is real cause of  setting and maintaining an organized system and majority of mediocre have to follow it as no other choice is available for them.


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2 Responses to Bright and Dark views of organised and self-control living

  1. Sara says:

    Pakistanis are expert in findong bright side of disorganised living and darken the brightness of organised living.

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