All politcal cartoons'(APC) conference to defy American lords

It was  interesting to see that all political cartoons of Pakistan joined hands on lavish dinner table to challenge the out of control orders of their American lords.They were in  need  of a unanimous  resolution in front of all  national and international media channels while sitting  very cozy atmosphere of PM house where first time in the history of Pakistan serving army chief( 3 years extended) and ISI chief(2 years forced extension  ) had to sit among these  black listed  civilians who are known as political leaders of Pakistan.

Surely army management was not there for any kind of political resolution but for strict watch and control on few remote-controlled politicians whose urgent political shelter and statements at this time becomes dire need of such incompetent army Heads.Those deaf and dumb army heads not once or twice but throughout ignored the public anger against US and its atrocities in and outside territories of Pakistan but it is attraction of US military aid direct in the pocket of top army brass that  shifted  national interests of Pakistan army toward US’s political interests in the region.

Just few days back  in their so-called political meeting ,  all political and army people  were behaving as it is first time US bypassed our level of self-respect and sovereignty as a nation and after seeing this disorder , it started pinching  their dutiful conscience which  real intention has already been seen by general public in last many years.

The way” A group of 58 politicians and 2 generals” are challenging this super power  with whom  full  in-house cooperation, dollars and intelligence germs have been penetrated in all important fields of Pakistani management  or it can be said  US interests have breached our all national security barriers in last 20 years of spam due to greed cum incompetency of all these Pakistani jacks of all trades who are masters of none for their nation.

Even though they have  brought a semblance of short-term  self-respect stature but such political moves can’t bring back the stability and economic prosperity to Pakistan .Once again after seeing their priority of gathering on a forum for securing military interests and policies reveal their actual  failure to address any of Pakistan’s fundamental problems i.e like load shedding of power and gas, repetitive flood disasters, shortages of food supply,increased illiteracy and militancy rate in masses etc.

This political team under vigilant supervision of military leadership is ruling and fooling the people for last many years and when they can’t make it further they start political juggling like that as we had seen in this APC where visibly or invisibly COAS played the act of ringmaster – directing and stage managing our political jokers and  jugglers.
Who would deny this fact that it is our ringmaster who has all the political authority in the world but hardly owns  political responsibility for which NRO teams are grouped to lead them in cursed time .
What ever drama they created but fact remains that Pakistan is collapsing . The other reality is that there is so much combustible material present in the form of such  leadership  that can only produce more chaos and troubles to the existing problems..
Who will put an end to the fire of war and destruction of mismanagement due to their incompetency and ill will nature?
Pakistan cannot  survive without urgent reforms regarding  economic, social, political and military strategy. A trillion rupee annual deficit is coming ahead and would be act like whirl pool where we will lose our all remaining resources and courage of survival.
Pakistan and  Pakistanis primarily need personal and  economic security and dispensation of accountability and  justice. This pseudo democratic  show must end  to secure future of  Pakistan before it is too late.

About Nazia
I am in search of facts and truth.

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