Preacher of peace but Demonstrator of terrorism

Yesterday full of suspense and thrill  Holly wood drama( Special core commander conference 143) played in house of lords(GHQ) of Pakistan. Here our uniform he-zeroes tried  their best  with the aid of media to show their extent of bravery to whole nation that how daringly they are challenging a super power, not allowing them their demands to be fulfilled  in our soil of north Waizirstan where US  seriously consider hideouts of  Haqqani and Co.

For sharpening  short memory of ISPR and poor people of Pakistan just few days back in last  core commander conference 142 this agenda was announced

and just after 2 weeks so much  aggressive  u turn is taken by same commanders whose nonsensical commands have become  real threat for Pakistanis.

Hmmm….. it means our khakis gods never considered south waizirsitanm, FATA and nearby areas  part of their domain as for last 5 years US and NATO forces are directly or indirectly attacking the targets on the basis of guidelines given to them through our all intelligence circles.

Excuse me! if I am not wrong whose forces and intelligence network  are actively working in too sensitive bases of Pakistan where  even no Pakistani officials are allowed to enter in such premises.

By the way, did  any body hear the whereabouts of more than 7000 US marines or spies  who have been entered in Pakistan for last 6 years?We the poor Pakistanis have seen only one top US-hero  having Fake ID of Raymond Davis.His bravery is still mesmerizing  witness of his day light accurate shooting  ,the way  he shot two ill-mannered Pakistanis just like our late hero Sultan Rahee who in his real life couldn’t tolerate single shot from robbers and killed on spot . In this  case of real action movie, nation is still not forgetting  that US spy man gorgeously and gracefully was protected and later on sent abroad with full protocol.funny news

In the latest past nation is still not forgetting the accurate  but the unilateral American raid to kill Osama bin Laden in northern Pakistan in May and nation is still in state of shock that what is purpose of this 5th largest army of the world leading 17 million Pakistanis.

So In last 10 years if we summarized our situation then under military running   deals of war on terror ,Pakistan’s economy is in free fall, and its major cities  have been  wracked by political violence, extreme religious polarization from Mastung to Dir and worst kind of corruption and mismanagement under NRO leadership sanctioned for Pakistan by military brass.

Who not knows about Haqqani group’s  relationship with  our intelligence groups.If any body has any doubt in his mind he can only bring General Hamid gul on any TV channel and he would tell the warrior and sacrificial skills of  this group for defeating another super power and their friendly ties with ISI.

Direct  order of  target killing of Haqqani group simply means  to hit central command of terrorism run by ISI people and  for which they have earned repute of specialization.The finding of OBL in sanctuary of Abbotbad is final authenticity to the  credibility which certification was first issued by same COAS and ISI chief who are now trying to challenge US on their sincerity . These are same Pakistan’s  officials who  see the network as an “asset” in its bid to counter Indian influence in Afghanistan and to ensure a say in what many Pakistanis fear will be more Afghan chaos once the United States withdraws.

After creating hell like situation due to complete   submission to US plans on our land and its people , our paper lions are showing us their growling capacity– still thinking that this way they would restore their statue of confidence and trust on people who are miserably tolerating economical setbacks due to this war games and  facing flood & dengue attacks cum religious killing .

In this chameleon like conditions  the best quote which fits on them says by same man who once worked obediently with  this military establishment on the name of  nuclear empowerment and he is our he- zero too.As he quoted once 10 years before actually depicts the present situation

AQ Khan on Pakistan: Bastards first used us and now playing dirty games with us

Pakistan is  always implicated in war games and its luxurious expenditures on the name of invisible  national interests i.e ,high defence budget, Nuclear arms for national interests, three wars for  securing Pakistan, war on terror is for  Pakistan’s bright future, drones attacks are for Pakistan’s sovereignty,Haqqani are Pakistan friendly organizations ,ISI works for Pakistan’s stability.

Where is our stability,bright future, level of sovereignty and sense of security?

In this business of terrorism  on the name of national interest one should learn that
” the secret of success is always a sweeping failure of whole nation whose land is used for dirty tricks of terrorism”.

This  is a simple reason of complex  defeat of KGB and Nazis in their land.Sooner if not controlled ISI would come in this queue of destroying stability of  country which nurtured them.

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5 Responses to Preacher of peace but Demonstrator of terrorism

  1. Asim says:

    After Zia regime the military leadership has attempted a “soft” takeover of Pakistanin contrast to “hard” takeovers earlier. Perhaps the generals have realised that direct forms of governance practised earlier can prove to be problematic as privileges come with responsibilities and this implies accountability.
    For these military mandrains, therefore, the exercise of power minus the accompanying backlash is possible only by moving out from front room positions like chief exective and presidents to a backroom style of management.

  2. Nazia says:

    I don’t know it is soft or hard take over but it all comes in crook and insincere intentions of Pakistan army to take over control of state matters and protect most corrupt political characters of Pakistan politics.The major task of our intelligence groups since the time of Ayub was to keep eye on political changes and get favor for army regime through all hook and crook ways.Zia tried to be Islami like saudis but completely ignored the social setup of subcontinent.So it created huge polarization with different religious and cultural setup and given new breed of fanatics to system.

  3. F16 says:

    In fall 2006, a leaked report by a British Defense Ministry think tank charged, “Indirectly Pakistan (through the ISI) has been supporting terrorism and extremism It was offically recorded whether in London on 7/7 in Afghanistan, or Iraq.” In June 2008, Afghan officials accused Pakistan’s intelligence service of plotting a failed assassination attempt on President Hamid Karzai; shortly thereafter, they implied the ISI’s involvement in a July 2008 attack on the Indian embassy. Indian officials also blamed the ISI for the bombing of the Indian embassy. Pakistani officials have denied such a connection but western spy reports are sure such links.

    • Nazia says:

      It doesn’t matter what outsiders say or proved about our agencies but it really matters what local affected by these agencies says and bring proof against them is worth to ponder that what they are doing with their own nationals

  4. Philip says:

    Are there risk from covert terrorist in the United States for indigenous Muslims who oppose them in philosophy?

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